TIL about the Gibson Nine, an Australian aboriginal family who were still living a traditional nomadic lifestyle in the outback until 1984, when they settled in a town. The children have gone on to have successful careers as painters, although one of them later returned to the desert.

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Theyre know as the Pintupi Nine, this is in stories headline and in the text. Theyre not called the Gibson Nine. Pintupi is their tribal name. Why change the common name for the group?


But are they painters or painters? Because once I was a house painter and I told a girl I was a painter whilst chatting her up, and she thought I meant *painter,* and she was impressed and asked if she could see some of my work. So I took her to see a house that I’d just painted, and she was like WTF is this


“We were sitting down, I saw a whitefella, he was so white,” he says. “‘This bloke is white, this one,’ I thought. ‘He is white, this bloke.” Seeing an Australian city must have blown their minds. The benefits of the modern world to humankind are undeniable but there has to be something said for a simple life where you are content with some good tucker and the company of family and friends.


woah. fascinating read!!


ha, woah didn’t expect this in my Reddit, I’m actually related to them and my grandfather drove the truck to help find them.