TIL Mariam Soulakiotis, a Greek serial killer known as the Women Rasputin. She was a nun and allegedly killed 177 people at her monastery. She would torture wealthy women, making them donate all their money, before killing them. She also allegedly caused the deaths of 150 children by mistreating TB.

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*Greek civil authorities first arrested Soulakiotis on two charges unrelated to serial murder, but rather regarding allegedly illegal business practices: export of olive oil to Cyprus and import of tires* She shouldn’t have messed with the tire syndicate.


Reading the headline I assumed this happened centuries ago. It’s crazy it was so recent.


I realize the potato quality of the photos….but she looks like a freaking alien.


It is a bit unkind to call her a “Woman Rasputin” when Rasputin never killed anyone.


I bet newspapers hated having to print that photo 1000s of times. Killed their ink budgets too.