TIL that in 2019, a Windows XP computer infected with six types of malware was sold at an art auction for 1.3 million dollars.

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Ha! You shoulda seen my mom’s computer hoboy you couldn’t even see the browser window there were so many toolbars!


we all had that relative with 12 advertisment bars and every known popup and virus, how much for uncle joes old desktop?


Not any 6 malwares but the most catastrophic malwares ever coded. The device has no network card and no other known way to transmit these viruses. I am unsure as to why it exsists but still think it’s interesting nonetheless.


>whoever purchases the laptop will receive it only once its ports and internet capabilities have been “functionally disabled”, according to the auction web page. Ah yes, because the person buying a laptop with some crazy malware definitely won’t know how to undo that


I used to work at a computer repair shop back in the day and would routinely repair systems with hundreds of malware files present. One time, out of absolute boredom, I decided to install as much adware as I could on a newly built system. I did the job too well. I had Bonzi Buddy, toolbars for days, and periodic dancing stripper pop-ups. You couldn’t get to Google anymore without redirects, sounds were just happening from unidentified sources, and pop-ups were happening without any form of browser being open. The system became completely unresponsive so I killed it and brought it back up with a live cd. Malware scan only found 150 or so files. Anyway, where’s my $1.3 million dollars?