U.S. forgives 40,000 student loans, provides aid to 3.6 million more

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What if they just cut the ridiculous interest rate on the student loans and make them interest free.


Isn’t this just catching up the existing programs that Wicked Witch of the West Betsy DeVos had ratfucked? There’s not anything new here, is there?


They’ll do anything but forgive student loans, while pushing this *literal propaganda* through the media like this is some massive win. The most obvious it’s been yet.


Calling it now, it’s that program where you give a decade of your life to a government program or nonprofit. ——— Opened the article, yup, PSLF. Unless there is forgiveness that is non-PSLF, all these feelgood articles are moot. Joe didn’t say “I’ll forgive student loans (if you started working 6-8 years ago in a government job)”. He said he’d forgive 10k. I mean this is after he walked back 50k, but lets start with 10 since that seems…acceptable to the powers that be. If he doesn’t deliver in the fall he will lose millennials. My shit’s fully paid, I’m just telling it like it is.


They need to force universities to cap tuition costs. If you make loans easier to get, universities just increase their costs because they know there’s easy money to get.