What should I keep in my bedside snack drawer?

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Replace your nightstand with a mini fridge and throw your leftovers in there


Pretzels, small crackers like wheat thins, dry cereal like Cheerios, dried fruit, pudding cups with a spoon, I think Ensure makes pudding too. Fresh fruit or vegetables in a container if you’ll eat it in a reasonable time (sliced apples rinsed in water so they don’t go brown, grapes, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, sliced cucumber, sliced bell pepper) Dry pepperoni sticks, beef jerky, homemade protein balls (peanut butter, seeds, honey, nuts, protein powder, etc)


A decade ago my husband broke his pelvis and was basically confined to his bed for 10 weeks. I still had to go to work. He could not walk to the kitchen. So, I moved the microwave and a small “student” fridge into the bedroom. While I worked, he snacked on basically a charcuterie board of sliced apples, pears, oranges, cherries, nuts, cheeses, hard boiled eggs, cold cut meats, whole wheat cracker, and such I put in the fridge for him. I also bought him those individual serving microwave soups. And packets of single serving oatmeal. He was sad when I took the microwave back to the kitchen.


Baked/dried chickpeas are a good source of protein! You can get different flavours too. They’re kind of like nuts though aha. Popcorn is another option (like that pre popped stuff that has preservatives so it won’t get stale). Or Lara bars, which you can make from scratch but it’s probably just easier to buy some (they’re basically dates & ground up cashews, no crumbs because it’s a fudge like consistency)—although they are on the more expensive side, even if you make them yourself. I’m pre-diabetic, so I’ve always kept an eye on my blood sugar and kept snacks in various spots.


if the drawer is sealed tight, an apple or banana in a zip loc Peaches in juice (fruit cups) Dried mango PEANUT BUTTER there are individual packs for single servings Plastic spoons. Canned fizzy waters like Lacroix are good even room temp