what was the worst scandal of your school?

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The teachers were tired of cleaning wet grass out of the carpets so the school would put up portable fence standards that were painted red with a red flag on them to mark if the grass was wet. If the flags were up we weren’t allowed on the grass. The school had them for years, looking back I’m surprised it took so long for them to be used as a weapon, in order to stick into the ground the standards have a 5 inch steel spike on the end. One student had the bright idea to drive said spike into another students head, it was very serious, blood everywhere, the kid who got injured is now disabled.


Multiple girls accused same teacher of getting them pregnant, teacher is fired without investigation due to the sheer number of accusations, girls give birth, teacher demands paternity tests, none of the kids are his, girls admit to lying and make up story as revenge, teacher sues school, and most of those babies have grown up without knowing their biological dads. Some of them have claimed that the teacher bribed the lab that did the paternity test and threatened them into admitting they’d lied.


A dude stabbed someone in the lunch hall. Same guy later went on to murder and partially cannibalise his best friend. He was killed in prison, I think.


A teacher lost control of a class which just wouldn’t settle down, I don’t know to what extent, but it resulted in him storming out to get the (pretty feared) principal to intervene. Unfortunately before he reached the principal’s office, he collapsed in the staff corridor of a heart attack. He didn’t survive. His son was in the same year as the class in question, just not in the same room. I can’t imagine what he thought about his peers for the next two years in the school.


Some kid in middle school threatened to bring his dads gun to school and shoot another kid. He was taken to the principal’s office and the principal took out his own gun, pointed it right at the kids head and asked him if he still felt like a tough guy. From what people said it was a fake airsoft gun another teacher had confiscated and they thought it would scare him straight or something. He told his parents. Parents filed a lawsuit. He “resigned” shortly after. Idk what happened after that.