You can revive one person, but they can only live for 24 hours, who are you picking and what are you doing?

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I’d bring back that guy’s dead wife for him.


Confucius. Ok dude, what did you really say?


A young medieval child, I don’t care who. Just some lad from the ages of knights and horses n shit. I will take them to my kitchen, show them my toaster, feed them a toaster strudel, and then let them go explore the world freely. Like a weird social experiment but they probably get hit by a car or something


My husband, I would tell him that I did my best to give him the best medical care but it wasn’t enough, that I did my best to help his daughter, that she is starting university next fall, that he was an amazing husband and will never be forgotten by all that knew him and loved him. That my life is so much richer by having him those 13 years in my life. That I have tried my best to fulfill all those promises I made him on his last moments, so that he would pass in peace. Just talking and tell him that he was and is loved so so much! Edit: thank you each and every one, you made my day with your kindness, if I may ask, please consider becoming organ donors!


My grandfather. My father speaks highly of him and I never met him as he died before I was born.