Seattle police captain arrested in his own department’s undercover prostitution sting

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This sounds like a Reno911 sketch


“Oh yeah uh, I was just checking out how the sting was going. Great job everyone!” 😳


Forgive my ignorance but wouldn’t it make more sense to try and catch sex traffickers rather than those who pay a sex worker for sex? I’m genuinely curious


Not sure if really good sting operation….
Or really stupid police Captain.


Ok but seriously, why isnt prostitution legal everywhere? Itll cut down on sex trafficking and other illegal activities that take away basic human rights, as well as if taxed itll bring in a fuck ton of money


6 Trump associates have been convicted in Mueller-related investigations

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Total is now around 40 arrests or resignations.


Technically overfilling the swamp until it overflows is kinda sorta emptying the swamp, right?

I’m just waiting for the Trump admin to come to that point


Any American who believes that the Mueller report exonerated trump seriously did not read the report. He is a criminal. He will fall.


And now Trump quislings are shifting their defense again.

One of them just told me that I “can’t prove that any of these Trump associates *actually committed these crimes.*”

I actually laughed at that one. They’re desperate.


Life would be so much easier if I was a stupid thick fucking headed trump supporter. I could just live in my own reality. Every thing that gets me down is fake news.


California bans government purchases of most gas-powered cars under Newsom climate order

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I read the article to answer the two questions I had. In case you were also wondering:

1. Exempts public safety vehicles
2. This is a policy change in what is essentially the state’s purchasing department. There was no law or regulation passed that affects all the local and county governments.


People who get company cars generally drive a lot.

This is going to be pretty annoying for the guys who regularly make 300 mile trips.


The irony is that the production of the batteries cost a lot in terms of environmental impact. Also, how do you think they generate electricity? ..with fossil fuels. When its all said and done, electric cars are actually slightly worse than gasoline powered ones.


TIL dogs are prosocial, meaning that they volunteer to help or share with others, even when there might not directly be any benefit to themselves.

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My dog won’t even share other dogs toys with the other dogs.


This is a bit lengthy, but it is a cute story if you have the patience to read it.

Several years ago, my wife’s best friend suggested that we join her and her husband on a neat vacation idea she had – they planned to join a tour group that was going to Transylania for Halloween. We threw in.

None of us had ever been to Europe before, so I did some research. I learned, among other things, that Romania doesn’t celebrate Halloween. No big deal. 50 Americans bearing costumes would be enough of a party no matter where we were. The info that is pertinate to this story is that, unlike America, there are a lot of stray animals in eastern Europe.

According to the what I found, many people carried walking sticks to keep dogs from getting too…let’s say, “friendly”. The dogs, educated by the literal school of hard knocks, were aware of this and always kept their distance unless invited to approach. I’m not much of a dog person. It isn’t that I don’t like them; it is that I am aware of how much care and attention they require to keep them happy. I’m barely domesticated myself – having a dog of my own would be unfair to it, so I haven’t had one since I was a kid. However, there were many in our group who were emotionally activated by the sight of these dirty, ragged creatures. Some went so far as to carry bags of treats to offer the urchins and waifs. This was seldom a good idea. In most cases, the benevolent act soon had the generous human swarmed by a sea of grateful doggos who were quick to take them up on their offer. This left the human feeling terrible – racked with guilt when they looked in the faces of those disappointed when the cupboard ran dry. Perhaps it would have been better to not get their hopes up.

…Anyway, by day four of our trip, gaggles of stray dogs had become a fairly common sight. Also on day four, our bus deposited us in the medieval village of Sighişoara.

Sighişoara is the Romanian counterpart to our Colonial Williamsburg. The city features reenactments of medieval practices, replete with residents in period clothing. The streets are lined with merchant’s carts and souvenir stands. Our group had been shuttled here to watch an open-air performance of a genuine Middle Ages Witch Trial.

In this particular scenario, guards armed with pikes and halberds, forcibly drag an elderly, disheveled woman kicking & screaming to the town square.

The actress who plays the accused wears makeup to look beaten and bloodied. Her clothes are torn and tattered. Her hair is a fright. Her demeanor is a mix of outrage and abject terror as she attempts to resist the guards. And, this is where it gets good.

The woman, knowing her fate is certain doom, is crying out in distress for mercy and/or help, while we just stand there spectating.

As part of the show, the old lady manages to momentarily break free of her captors and falls to the ground as she tries to flee.

And, that is when it happened. Before anyone else could react, a small, scraggly little dog, not much bigger than standard housecat leapt and inserted himself between the woman and her tormentors. He was undernourished, unappreciated, and fully aware of the beating that was to come, but he would not have it. He lowered his anterior and raised his posterior – digging in so he had good traction should the time come for him to pounce.

He bared his teeth and emitted a low guttural warning to the guards, that to get to this woman, they would first need to go through him.

The entirety of the townsfolk, with the exception of yours truly, erupted into spontaneous, hearty laughter. I was too busy standing there agape with amazement at the bravest act I had ever witnessed.

The guard who had been standing directly in front of me, turned around, still chuckling, and said to us in accented English, “That was surprise. Not part of the show.”

The players broke character to assure the little hero that the woman was safe and no harm would come to her. Once mollified, the little fellow was given a sausage and led away. Then, we all stood in line to get a turn petting him.

He couldn’t figure out what was going on but he loved it. Each person who approached he greeted as if they were his newest and bestest friend.


For the right kind of treat, my dog will straight up murder a baby. I think the authors are mistaking an inability to foresee consequences for some kind of altruism. Or maybe my dog is a sociopath.


The alternate is such an odd concept. Viewing even family like actual objects, just tools to complete a job like a computer. Really makes you think.


I knew a one eyed Doberman who was best friends with a vulture. They shared food and the vulture would ride on its back.


Using AI to see which Celebs Photoshop/Facetune their Instagram pictures.

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So, does this pic up the built in manipulation most phones apply for portraits? Or just what’s done in Photoshop?


Looks like it’s about $8 to buy on the App Store otherwise I would have tried it with a few legit photos. Interesting concept though.


This will force people to deal with the harsh realities of who they are, even celebrities. We’ll look back on this era of digital manipulation with nostalgia.


Why doesn’t the video show 2 images at once? Somebody uses their phone in portrait mode. My monitor is in landscape mode, so there is enough black on both sides of the image to show 3 images at once.


Video has a great concept, but very poorly implemented. A simple slideshow of side to side pics and labels for their names would work.

Also not the future, this tech is already so advanced we can make deepfakes. This is Presentology maybe even Pastology.


Flu Outbreak Reduces Class Sizes To Level Appropriate For Learning

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Dark. I like it.


I remember when I was in junior high during the swine flu breakout. There was a week where about half of my school was absent due to being violently ill. The class sizes were really small, probably about 10-15 people per class. Rather than having us watch movies or something , the teachers just taught us cool stuff that wasn’t on the curriculum. It was a really special experience that I can only describe as weirdly intimate, that I never experienced again until certain college classes. I wish every kid could have just one class that small.


About damn time this happens


Bill Gates tops Jeff Bezos as richest person in the world

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Breaking News: Rich man gets a little richer than other rich man.


Tax the fuck out of them both.


Gates is willing to pay 10% in taxes while the average middle class family pays closer to 30%… what a guy. 🙄


And bill just looks like a nicer person, bezos looks like he would steal your kids lunch money.


Its because I just bought Age of Empires 2 for the 4th time. Enjoy your empire, bill!


Pope Francis says today’s ‘culture of hate’ reminds him of the days of Hitler

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Me too and I wasn’t even alive during Hitler


Almost like no one studied the rise of fascism between WWI and II and how it was intrinsically tied to flatlining quality of life and the threat of hardship such as recession, and as a result democracies everywhere were left open to exactly the same playbook Hitler used ninety fucking years ago


Bunch of mad people in the comments because they know he is talking about their small handed cheeto god.


Not the days of Hitler in Germany. He isn’t old enough to remember that… He’s talking about the days of Hitler in Argentina, where he grew up.


That would be a nice statement if it wasn’t coming from the head of the world’s largest pedophile ring who protected child rapists en masse. Fun fact: he also called trans people abominations.


TIL that Socrates, most well known as an elderly philosopher, was a soldier in the Athenian military up to the age of 48. Serving as a hoplite, he fought in the Peloponnesian War, where he was noted for his bravery.

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“Take heart Master Socrates, someday hundreds of men will use your image as their avatar when they are arguing on the internet.”




Also one of his students, Alcibiades, was a very important figure in the war and quite a good general/leader in general. (Though lots of bad luck and a few bad decisions on his part forced him jump sides quite a few times which ended up with him being assassinated)


Edit – Socrates’ was Plato’s teacher, and Plato never made it to the Olympics

Plato wasn’t the name of Socrate’s teacher. Plato means “broad shouldered” – besides being a philosopher, Plato won several Olympic wrestling competitions. His real name is forgotten.


I am reminded of the immortal words of Socrates when he said “I drank what?”



TIL Dennis Farina was the only cast member of Law & Order who was actually a Cop. He served in the Burglary division of the Chicago Police Department from 1967 – 1985.

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Cousin Avi? Fish, chips, cup of tea, mary fucking poppins, LONDON.


Its funny in one of his first movies *Midnight Run* he plays mobster Jimmy Serrano who hates the Chicago police department.


>Farina was arrested on May 11, 2008, for carrying a loaded .22-caliber pistol through Los Angeles International Airport security. Farina was taken to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Pacific Division and booked on suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon, and bail was set at $25,000. He claimed he had simply forgotten the weapon was still in his briefcase and had never intended to take it on a plane. After police determined the weapon was unregistered, the charges were upgraded to a felony and bail was increased to $35,000. After reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors, Farina pleaded no contest and was sentenced to two years’ probation on July 17, 2008.

Imagine being in the airport when they search your luggage and find that.


His character on the show was a Chicago cop who moved to New York and joined the NYPD.

And TIL he died in 2013.


If only they gave out Lifetime achievement awards for F-bombs. No one used them as authentically as Dennis Farina.