France and Germany agree to block Facebook’s Libra

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Facebook can’t even manage to keep their data from being exploited. The last thing anyone should do is trust them with a currency.


Facebook needs to be shut down. It evolved from a poor social network into a straight up data mining operation.


Not only will it be blocked by many countries but I doubt that many users will trust FB with their money.


Was this a popular trend of significance like Bitcoin? Barely heard of this e-currency.


sell sell sell


YouTube’s algorithm promotes fake cancer cures in a number of languages and the site runs adverts for major brands and universities next to misleading videos, a BBC investigation has found.

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If you want information that has been verified on some level, then you should look at traditional news sources or topical publications. YouTube is not in and should not be in the business of journalism or vetting sources


And the DJT ads are getting ridiculous, I must be labeled as a swing voter in some algorithm somewhere. He’s starting to slur his words in them as well. Super weird times were in.


Wait wait wait…. so you’re telling me YouTube doesn’t care about facts, but only promoting whatever bullshit people will watch to keep making money?

Colour me shocked!


Incoming youtube sweeping changes to tackle this issue that are equally or even more unpopular that will enrage reddit and the media. I think we should push rewind on youtube and go back to 2015 or even 2006 the golden era when viacom was the main villain.


Youtube’s only job is to increase view count so it can sell more ads. Sensationalism achieves that quite nicely. Win-win! /s


What made you unsubscribe from YouTubers that you used to love watching?

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Drop in content quality


“ok guys, Jimbobjoeschmoe here with my latest video, today we’re gonna focus on making nuclear weapons, but FIRST guys, remember to SMASH that like button and subscribe! And don’t forget to leave me a comment down below saying how much you want to SUCK MY DICK! Ok guys, just real quick, gotta tell you about this super awesome product placement. I can’t tell you how much I love using dildos from Bobby’s Dildo Co. They’re so veiny and realistic! Ok, thanks Bobby’s Dildo Co for making this video possible, anyway, now, where was I? Oh that’s right! Making nuclear weapons! Ok, so I bet you’re wondering what a nuclear weapon is! [5 minute description of the history of nukes] And I thought it was SOOOOO COOOL that my grandpa died by getting nuked in WW2, so I decided to celebrate his death by making nukes [10 minute history of some random fucking shit] [also at least 2 or 3 youtube ads too]. Ok guys, now, to the real part of the video. here’s me making some nukes, see, you glue slot A into tab B and voila you’re done! Alright guys don’t forget to SMASH that like button, subscribe to my channel, and leave some comments down below how much you want to eat my ass. Don’t forget to buy my merch too!”

Repeat. **x100**

I don’t really like youtube anymore


A shift in focus that is no longer within my interests.

It happened with Vsauce, which is a shame because all of Michael’s DOT videos were super informative. Now those sorts of videos are called Mind Field and it’s a premium exclusive, and at the time I unsubscribed, he’s moved on to mathematical videos… which doesn’t interest me much at all.


I’m sure this happens everywhere on YouTube but the makeup community on YouTube when someone gets too much fame all they do is make stupid sponsored videos and you can’t trust them anymore. then they start showing off their huge houses and cars even tho no one asked for it and they just change as a person so I unsubscribe when I sense that. Jaclyn Hill is a great example



After growing up a bit, and realising asshole humour was just being an asshole, I cant watch him. Thank god I realised this years ago


How were the front-men chosen for the Boar Snout formation during Anglo-Saxon/Viking warfare shieldwalls?

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One thing people rarely consider is how short the fighting actually lasted in these clashes.

The idea being the shock of having the most dangerous warriors pointed directly at you caused a fairly quick retreat which broke the integrity of the line and would lead to flanking/envelopment.

If this didn’t happen and the line held then you’d either end up with a typical line fight as the warriors behind the tip of the snout spread out to find space to fight, or the attack would be repulsed.

It’s a similar idea with cavalry charges. A shock tactic designed to overwhelm another force quickly rather than to get stuck in.


People who are generally very experienced + willing + heavily equipped = less likely to die.


If you put reluctant or poorly equipped men at the tip it would never work. Combine this with the fact that leading from the front was very much a thing, it would have been the job of experienced men.


In laymen’s terms: absolute units. And interestingly the hyper aggressive nature of this tactic likely lent to the warrior’s survival. We tend to think of medieval battles in Hollywood terms but the casualties rarely went above 15 percent. Check out On Killing by Grossman for the psychology of warfare.


There is no evidence that such a formation was ever use by Saxons or Vikings … it’s just a dramatic addition in stories written long afterward. The Romans used a wedge shape but only after a targeted bombardment in the area they were attacking. But to answer the essence of the question, the leader and best troops would be in the center of a shield wall; it’s quite possible that the weaker troops on the outside would begin to lag behind.


My family disowned me for being a leftist and an atheist

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It’s fucking appalling that this sort of thing still happens, but “blood ties” are nothing but a slightly higher DNA share.
“Family are people who act like it.”


That’s tough.

What does leftist mean?


I think that disowning your family member just because you hold differing opinions or views from them is wrong and messed up, that said i have an odd sense that there is something either not right or possibly just unsaid about this video but cant quite put my finger on it.


Didn’t know these things still happened in the west


Poor kid man idek how to help


Saudi Arabia is shutting down half of its oil production after drone attack, WSJ says

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This is why every other country should take note and understand the concept of energy independence.


How about ending the war in Yemen and stop starving millions of people?


**Yemen’s Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for this attack**


Oh yeah I remember reading Saudi Arabia were hoping to raise oil prices. Weird way to do it.


Are we going to have a boom in US oil production again because of this?


70% of married women in Japan support same-sex marriage.

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This is a curious demographic to use to show support for same sex marriage. But if it’s 70% for married women, I imagine in the general population it can’t be that low.


Huh… What a targeted demo to use for a statistic.


The problem with gay rights in Japan is that nobody cares. If you go around asking the average Japanese person here I would guarantee most would take a “sure, why not” approach to gay marriage. But gay marriage is so far from the public discourse that even if people nominally support it, there is never going to be enough pressure on Abe and the rest of the LDP to implement it.
It’s not that they hate gay people, they just don’t care.


I’d be really interested how different the results are to married men


Won’t they have to get a divorce first


What was a huge trend that everyone forgot about?

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That weird time when everything was moustache themed.


Inflatable furniture was all the rage in the 90s


Water beds. Watching media from the ‘80s and you’d think they were in every home.


The Panama papers.

EDIT: 1 gold and 2 silvers. ¡GRACIAS, AMABLES DESCONOCIDOS (con cuenta en Panamá igual de desconocida)!

*Translation: Thanks, kind stranger (with a bank account in Panama as unknown as them).




TIL in Spain, a thief found child pornography on some tapes he had stolen from a 64-year-old football coach, among other electrical goods. He left the incriminating tapes in an envelope for the police to find, notifying them of where he had burgled them from, leading to the coach being arrested.

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The coach had reported the robbery, but hadn’t listed what had been stolen. There was a similar case in 2009 where two thieves turned in a laptop they had found child pornography on.


Good thief.


honor among thieves..


“Just because you are bad guy, does not mean you are *bad* guy.”




TIL in 2007, the Autralian Goverment spent $84 Million developing and launching an internet porn filter – only for it to be cracked by a 16 year-old student in less than 30 minutes. A second filter was released as a reaction, which was bypassed by the same teenager in 40 minutes.

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“Are you 18?” Pops up. 16yo clicks “yes”.

Guy that spent $84mil, hangs head in shame.


You’ll never separate a teenager and their porn.


If there’s one thing our government is good at, its taking ideas (good and bad) from other countries, then spending twice as much implementing a half arsed version.

Oh look, Germany has multiple practical driving tests and lower road toll, let’s implement a test on crash statistics that doesn’t teach you anything about driving a car, only tests ones ability to memorise statistics.

Oh look, many countries are building a public internet backbone using fibre, let’s use copper wire for half of it to save money. Now Kazakhstan has better internet.

Can’t wait to see our $3 billion dollar rocket reach the lower stratosphere and explode.


Porn, uh, finds a way.


The article says absolutely nothing more than the title. Anyway, from another link, this tom _wood_ (hehe) seems also wise, other than capable:

>The filters are designed to stop access to sites on a national blacklist, bar use of chat rooms, and can be tailored by parents to stop access to sites.

>Filters ‘don’t address bigger issues’

>Tom stressed the filters were missing the mark by a long way regardless of how easy they were to break.

>”Filters aren’t addressing the bigger issues anyway,” he said.

>”Cyber bullying, educating children on how to protect themselves and their privacy are the first problems I’d fix.

>”They really need to develop a youth-involved forum to discuss some of these problems and ideas for fixing them.”

edit: seems like it was a local program, probably just used a proxy