What just makes 0% sense in 2019?

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The fact that some people dont vaccinate their kids


Indian people polluting their most holiest river

Like why? If you think it is holy, then why are you throwing trash in it?


People. someone on linkedin messaged me regarding a job role (IT), we spoke for 2 hours I gave my cv, asked requirements etc. only to at the end hear “are you a born British citizen?” to which I said no but i lived here for 13 years… “Oh sorry we only hire British born citizens”


Bad CCTV footage. HD cameras are so cheap nowadays and the storages is pennies, you can get a decent low cost CCTV system.


Having to dress up and drive into an office to do a job that could easily be done from home.

I get it, you want to make sure your employees are actually working. But fucking seriously… wouldn’t you KNOW by seeing the work hasn’t been done? Why do I have to waste gas and time when the internet… you know… exists


You’ve been recruited for a heist – what special skill do you bring to the team?

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I’ll be the guy the leader shoots first to show he’s not messing around


I can knit everybody some nice gloves, that way we will leave no fingerprints


Im a trumpet player, I could play the Mission Impossible theme while the heist montage is taking place.


I’m a recreational pilot, so I guess I could fly away…?


Meet The Distraction


If flying economy is one of the most expensive ways to feel poor, what’s one of the cheapest ways to feel wealthy?

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Ordering avocado without asking if it’s extra, and when they say “that’s an extra .50” say “i don’t care”.


Getting tickets to anything last minute during a snowstorm. I live in Boston, and you wouldn’t believe where you can sit at a Bruins game or an opera for next to nothing when all the folks from the burbs realize they can’t make it at like 3pm for a 7pm thing.

Edit because of all the attention and questions, a clarification, this is secondary market (people selling their tickets because they can’t make it) on websites like SeatGeek, Stubhub, Ticketmaster, and Craigslist not primary market (venues generally doesn’t drop prices because it pisses folks who paid full freight and season ticket-holders off). Also this isn’t just a dusting, or even a normal snowfall that gets plowed quickly, it’s when local news starts talking about BLIZZARD, it’s when schools get closed, and more importantly it’s enough snow to make getting back to the suburbs a potential nightmare so people decide to stay home and get whatever they can for their tickets so they don’t sit on the highway for two hours. Also once you get in keep an eye out for empty seats and you can probably move to even better ones.


Tailored clothing. Taking in the sides of a shirt or pants is pretty easy with a sewing machine, some tutorials, and practice. I learned all the basic stuff from a YouTube channel called Stylish Dad.


Well trained wait staff can make you feel like a millionnaire.

Paid a minimal amount recently to hear a talk and have lunch at a historical house hotel that is posh enough to host heads of state.

For what we paid I expected lunch to be a buffet served in the cafe at the spa. Nope, two courses with silver service, served in a wonderful Georgian room looking out over the 15th century parkland.

Treated as though we were the most important people in the world. The talk was interesting, but the hospitality was priceless.


Book a hotel in Las Vegas during the week. Pick like a Tuesday night. There is a big supply-demand problem in Vegas- they need enough rooms to host a ton of folks on the weekends, but weekdays are usually way less busy- so rooms can be had for pennies on the dollar. You can snag a five star hotel for 30-40 bucks, if you time it right, per night.

Then, learn the $20 trick.

For $58, I stayed in a penthouse suite in a 5-star hotel on the Las Vegas strip, and have had 100% success rate with the trick over multiple stays.


[serious] They say everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about… so we should always be kind. What battle are you fighting?

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I don’t know but I feel like I’m losing.


Diagnosed with 2 different types of cancer this year. And surgery, radiation. Starting to recover and figuring out what life will be like from here on out as I turn 40 in 3 months.

Edit: woke up to so many encouraging words! Thank you so much. I’ve been extremely lucky with everything so far. I still have a lot to learn about my diagnosis of Mesothelioma and what it will exactly mean for me, but I’ve had a very encouraging result on my recent scan. Meeting with my oncologist this week and hopefully I will learn more.


My kid is dying. Incurable, fatal disease. My wife and I decided to tell no one, not even family, because at that point our little boy will find out, and why does he need to know? He just needs to be a little boy and enjoy the life he has.

EDIT: Wow. I’m not a big poster and have never had a response like this. You all are awesome. Your kind words and thoughts mean more than you can imagine.

He’s 9 years old and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. It means his muscles are slowly dying. He’s weak and continuing to get weaker. Typical progression is that he will be unable to walk and be confined to a wheelchair sometime around age 12-13, and then his lungs and heart will stop working sometime around 20-25.

Right now he’s a happy little guy who just seems like he’s un athletic. We tell him he has sick muscles (we see a lot of doctors, he’s been in clinical trials, etc). Sometime in the next few years it will become obvious and we will tell him what’s really going on. Doesn’t seem like there’s any hurry on that though.

Again thank you all. Just talking about it here is cathartic, and I am grateful for your love and kindness.


It’s been a while since my husband died and no one talks about him anymore, it’s as though he never existed but I still grieve for him every single day.

Edit: GOLD Thank you kind stranger.


Going through methadone treatment while my two brothers are still using drugs. I’m clean now but it’s still a tough battle, especially because we live together.

I appreciate all the support and kind words reddit peeps. I’m in the middle of tapering down already, 30 mg left, and if anyone is facing a similar struggle just know YOU CAN DO IT! You’re the master of your own destiny.


What’s something that everyone, absolutely everyone, in the entire world can agree on?

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#The Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell


Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes.


cancer fucking sucks


Clean water is good


swallowing too big a piece of chip and having it slowly scratch it’s way down your throat is *not* an enjoyable experience

edit: ‘crisps’ for all you chaps across the ocean


Men of reddit, what do women do during sex that is an instant turnoff?

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Lay there like a fuckin starfish.


Try to sound like a porn movie. I appreciate it, but usually it just makes me have to try to not laugh.


Be upset if I didn’t cum. My medicine makes me into a marathon man, but it also makes it hard to get off. You are beautiful. I like you, and I wouldn’t be having sex with you otherwise, so believe me when I say it’s my medicine.


Complain about their body.


Had a girl that squeezed my junk like she was trying to choke a baby

….definitely killed the mood, but 5 second later I forgave her….because I’m a guy and wanted sex


What is your most embarrassing moment from high school?

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Ripped my shirt off after our varsity squad won an important basketball game, & threw said shirt into the opposing crowd. This was in a very conservative community close to the Amish. I had to be escorted out of the building.


I accidentally sat in someone else’s car after school, thinking it was my moms car. I even buckled my seatbelt before looking to my right and seeing a baby, and looking to the front and seeing a horrified woman. I apologized quickly and ran out only to see that my moms car was the one behind it..


I had to have a lunch date in front of the entire school with a random girl . Two names picked out of a hat.


I was sixteen, and I had recently starting dating my first “real” girlfriend.

Now, granted, I’d had other love interests before then, and some of them had even referred to themselves as my girlfriends, but it wasn’t until age sixteen that I actually starting *sleeping* with my romantic partner… and let me tell you, the mind of a sixteen-year-old who has just been granted access to sex is a force to be reckoned with. It didn’t matter where I was, what I was doing, or what the circumstances were: If I was with my girlfriend and we had fifteen minutes to spare, we *would* find a way of getting it on, no matter what extreme steps we’d have to take.

This led to a number of borderline absurd scenarios (and quite a few questionable choices), but for the most part, we escaped from our liaisons unscathed. Then, one day, we somehow got it into our heads that it would be a good idea to fool around in the women’s bathroom of a park we used to frequent.

Honestly, we should have seen the problem coming from a mile away. As it happened, though, we were both too preoccupied with the idea of having uncomfortable sex to think to ourselves, “Gee, I wonder if anyone else will want to use this single-stall restroom at any point?”

Needless to say, someone else did.

By the time my girlfriend and I had finished, a line of about five women had formed outside the bathroom door. Upon realizing this, I started to panic, wondering if I was going to get arrested for having been in there. There were no windows through which I could make an escape, and it wasn’t as though there was anywhere that I could hide… but then, a solution occurred to me. See, at the time, I had *very* long hair, and with a little bit of creative clothing rearrangement, I could give myself the appearance of having breasts. True, my face wasn’t especially feminine (and I was already over six feet tall at the time), but I figured that if I just *rushed past* the line of waiting women, I could be home free and no-one would be any wiser.

It might have worked… had it not been for the fact that one of the people in the line turned out to be our school’s counselor… and she recognized me.

The following Monday, I got called to the office for “a little chat.”

**TL;DR: A cross-dressing sex romp in a single-stall public bathroom.**


Not high school but in middle school I told everyone I got signed by Nike.


What happened to that person that took your virginity? Where are they in life?

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She joined the circus.

In an administrative capacity, but it’s less fun to say that way.


He is now an OB/GYN…. sometimes it makes me laugh that he sees dozens of vaginas a day, but mine was the first.


It’s very sad really, he’s married to me.


She married some military dude, and had a hard life. Last I found her on Facebook she was promoting a GoFundMe so she could get new teeth. Had recently lost everything in a house fire. Has a couple of kids.

ETA: I’m not entirely sure of her husband’s military involvement, the pictures I saw could have been taken at a Halloween party for all I know. It makes sense though that a military spouse should not have to crowdfund a set of chompers.

Also, she didn’t lose her teeth in a fire. I’m pretty sure the tooth loss was a much more gradual process.


Laying here next to me 26 years later not wanting to have sex tonight

Edit: Wow… That went off the rails fast! She did finally “give in” BTW…

And no, this wasn’t a /r/deadbedrooms thing.


Dentists and Dental Care Professionals of Reddit, what oral hygiene products out there are gimmicks, and what are some underrated products that people should use more often?

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Dentist here, another thing nobody has mentioned: if you ever puke, don’t brush right afterwards since the pH of your stomach acid can temporarily soften your teeth and you can then damage your teeth when you brush. Instead you should rinse with a baking soda solution to neutralize the acid. and then you can brush your teeth maybe 30-60 minutes later.

Also, i agree. Use electric toothbrush, brand doesn’t matter as long as it is a real one that doesn’t use a AA battery. Also use real string floss every day. Lastly, cavities come from FREQUENCY of sugar exposure, not AMOUNT of sugar exposure, so sipping a soda/juice/gatorade/redbull for hours is much worse than drinking it in five minutes.

Edit: by “real” toothbrush, i mean a Sonicare or Oral B, not one of those $5 jobs from the grocery store that you put a AA battery into.


Xylitol (usually found in gum) is good for generating more saliva, which helps your natural defenses against bacteria (by washing out debris from your mouth). Just don’t chew gum so consistently that it fucks up your TMJ (temporomandibular joint).


Get an electric toothbrush. Seriously. A good electric toothbrush is an excellent tool for dental hygeine. Don’t get a water pick, floss pick, or any other replacement for floss. Just use floss. It’s super cheap, and if you haven’t been flossing it will be sensitive for the first couple of weeks. Just keep with it, it will get better. Whitening strips work, but you can risk bleach burn if the strips overlap your gums. Same with power whitening. You will likely be sensitive as hell after power whitening. The best thing you can do for whitening is get professionally made trays and use them AS DIRECTED. Bleach burns suck, and they can happen if you aren’t careful. Aside from that keep up with your cleanings. There will be things that you miss when brushing and flossing, and the point of cleanings is to catch what you can’t reach and to examine for carries while they are (hopefully) small.

EDIT: Got a lot of responses on this one. I want to take the time to clarify a few things

I am a dental assistant. I have experience and have been around the dental field for most of my life, but am in no way a dentist. As such I can only give general advice that I would give most patients.

After reading a few responses regarding water flossers and floss picks I should clarify. You should do what is best for your situation. Something you technically *shouldn’t* do but will is better than something you technically *should* do but won’t.
That being said floss picks and water flossers get the job done, but aren’t ideal. Effectively they do not have the level of manual manipulation that floss has. Aside from that floss picks are only one small length of floss that you are using for your entire mouth. It is similar to re using a washcloth. You could be reintroducing bacteria and food particles that you would not with a longer length of floss.

Most importantly listen to your dental provider. They will be able to give the best advice for your situation as they can see inside your mouth and see your Xrays.

EDIT 2: more floss stuff


So far what I have learned from this thread is that I should invest in an electric toothbrush.


Dental student here.

1. Get an electric toothbrush Oral B or Sonicare
2. Dont buy charcoal toothpaste (it will destroy enamel)
3. Chew xylitol gum like Ice breakers, Mentos, ie Pur
4. All toothpaste is basically the same just make sure it has fluoride! (Dont rinse with water after you brush. Just spit as much toothpaste out as you can and leave the rest)
5. Listerine first before brushing!
6. Use ACT restoring mouthwash as a fluoride boost during the middle of the day
7. BRUSHING AT NIGHT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME! ( your teeth have time to repair themselves )
8. After eating anything acidic or sugary, rinse with water.