McDonald’s employees of Reddit, what happened to the ice cream machine?

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Former McDonald’s employee, it’s either down for cleaning (it takes hours), it’s overheated (happens a lot during the summer when it gets used too much), or lastly, it’s genuinely broken (happens from time to time)


The machine is rarely broken down. McDonald’s has a regular cleaning schedule for it and the cleaning takes a long time.


it takes an hour to clean, and management doesn’t want to pay people to stay after closing, so the manager would tell us to break it down for cleaning an hour or two before the place closed.


This is knowledge from 20+ years ago, but I doubt the ice cream machines have changed that much since I started my wage slave life at the Golden Arches.

Ice cream machines take liquid soft serve stuff in big tubs at the bottom. They get pumped into the main cylinder of the machine where they are chilled/frozen to the consistency that comes out of the ice cream machine. You know that party of twenty kids who just came in from some sort of activity? They’re the third group in the last 30 minutes, and the liquid ice cream mix that is currently replacing the frozen ice cream hasn’t chilled down to be solid yet, so if we pull the handle on the machine, you’ll just get melted ice cream soup all over. You want ice cream? Wait another 30 minutes or find somewhere that isn’t a McDonald’s on a busy night in the summer in the Arizona desert.

The machine never actually broke down over the 3 years I was there, probably thanks to us actually going through the cleaning and breakdown process at closing each night and doing it right. But it sure as heck couldn’t keep up with the demands of youth groups who wanted their 39 cent cones.


Can they just make a neon sign that says when the machine is working or not? That makes it breaks a visit.


What’s the nicest way to ask a toddler to leave you alone?

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“go find your mom /dad”


Pick him up, slowly raise him above your head then throw him as far away as you can


Send them on pointless tasks. Find the biggest pebble. Help me organize these straws. Ball up some construction paper and ask them to make it flat. I don’t have kids, this is just stuff I ask my friends kids to do.


Fuck off ya spooky midget


We keep a hairbrush on our night table. “want me to brush your hair?” poof he’s gone


Redditors with thin walls, what have you heard in your apartment?

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My upstairs neighbors taking turns zapping each other with a stun gun, hitting the floor, groaning in pain, and then laughing like Beavis and Butthead.


Someone sneezed.

We said bless you.

They laughed.


I’ve heard my neighbor giving his granddaughter a xylophone, for birthday I guess. She could play it well and kept playing for a while. Immediately after she left I could hear him trying to play something his granddaughter played. He practiced for a solid hour until he managed to play this song correctly and stopped with a joyful“Yes!“. It was one of the purest things I’ve ever experienced.


“You’re only with me for the crack!” – My next door neighbours

Edit: Guys, they’re not Irish. They’re white trash Dartmouth folk in Nova Scotia


What can only be described as my flat mate having phone sex while using Christian bales batman voice


Which psychological tricks should everyone know about?

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If someone is trying to make you decide in a hurry, they are probably giving you a bad deal. Walk away.


Nervousness and excitement have the same body reaction so if you’re nervous for a speech, instead convince yourself you’re excited. Its proven to give better speeches too.


“Get people to contribute to an idea and they will be more likely to accept it”. Studies show that it doesn’t take that much involvement in the creative process to get people to take possession of a proposed plan.,,,


If you need to remember something, think about it while doing something noticeably unusual. This will pair the memory with the “something”, so that when it is noticed later on it will trigger that particular memory.

e.g. I need to take out the garbage before going to bed.

*Put your pillow at the foot of your bed.*


Tried and true! Looking straight ahead while walking in a crowd usually makes people move out of your way.


You’re teleported to an alternate universe where all brands are 1 letter off. What brands do you find?

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Coma Cola

Kids throwing a temper tantrum? Just give them a glass and instant silence.


Burger Kink


I Can’t Believe It’s Pot Butter


Berenstein bears


Dairy Queef would be so different.

EDIT:Thanks for the shiny stuff!


What did NOT age well?

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There’s a scene in the movie Baby Driver where Kevin Spacey’s character says “I was blinded by the balls on that kid.”


Most Cosby movies and shows. Generally, family friendly works tend to turn creepy after you learn one or more of the main characters was played by a sex offender.


I am watching Jimmy Neutron for the first time in 15 years and holy crap this show is a lot cooler when you’re a kid.


Ugandan Knuckles, it died within 2 weeks


My back


Was there anything you did that got quoted as an r/thathappened (or equivalent) that actually happened, if so, what happened?

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At school in 8th grade a kid brought some kiddie piano to class and kept playing the star wars theme on it while his friend followed behind him with a remote control car with a mannequin head on it. I told someone this happened and they immediately said I was making it up. It happened. It was weird


I wrote a comment about being out one night. There was this woman yelling at a man to back off and how she had said she wasn’t interested. I was with a group of friends, some of them women. And those women were getting visibly uneasy with the situation. I happened to be closest to the guy. Now, I’m not big. And I’m not a fighter at all. But I went over and stated that she made it clear she wasn’t interested, so maybe find something else to do? The odd part is what happened next: the woman turned to me and yelled, “I’m playing hard to get, asshole!” To which I told her she sure had me, and just about everyone else within the place, damn fooled.

Anyway, someone posted r/thathappened, and to be honest, I get it. It is a true story though, but years later I still wonder what the hell that was about.

Edit: antim0ny down below has a good point, so I’d like to add to my original post.

My post isn’t meant to imply that any woman saying no really means she’s playing hard to get—chances are they aren’t, and 99.9% aren’t in such a way where nobody can tell. In my case, for all I know, they may have known one another and were role playing. I didn’t stick around to find out.

While the end result was uncomfortable, the alternative is always worse. I’d do it again if something similar happens.


One morning in 7th grade, I was chatting with a friend before class started and he mentioned that he was sooo excited because the new Britney Spears CD was coming out that day. He had preordered it and was going to pick it up after school. I bragged to him that I already had the CD. He didn’t believe me and told everyone in the class that I was a liar. I said I would bring it to school tomorrow to prove it, but as he pointed out, I could have just gone and picked it up that afternoon so it wouldn’t prove anything.

But I *did* have that CD, dammit! My best friend’s sister was about 10 years older than us and she worked in the music industry—she had managed to swipe a few copies of the “Britney” album about 2-3 weeks before it came out, which she gave to me and her sister. But I wasn’t able to prove it and everyone thought I was a liar 🙁


Many stories. Honestly, Reddit seems to be a site where people think nothing ever happens to anyone. That none of us are living lives of turmoil or unusual circumstances. That maybe some of us have lived longer than each other and had more life changes.

I told a deeply personal story about a female student assaulting then blackmailing me when I was a tutor and how how it impacted me etc. Somebody decided to work through my post history and post “In another post you told a story of working as a bouncer and another as a medical student, in another you said you were married and in this you mention a GF, you’re a liar!” and others started piling on. They posted my account to at least 3 subreddits and people were following me around downvoting me and calling me a liar for weeks until I just abandoned the account. I can’t put my finger on why, but it made me really mad.

I am 35 years old. I have had many different jobs.

When I was 18, I took a gap year before college and worked as a teacher. In my first year of college, I worked as a tutor and as a camp counselor that summer. My second year of college I worked in a research lab. In my 3rd and 4th, I worked for a non-profit doing research/admin. I studied liberal arts, primarily biology, psychology and CS. I got married in my senior year. After graduation I moved to the west coast and joined a startup, focusing on user testing/ research.

I got fired when the company was tanking. My wife had a miscarriage. I didn’t take it well. She began hitting me. We divorced. I tried to kill myself. I began seeing escorts, maybe 1-2 a week. An escort I was seeing regularly got me a job as a bouncer at her strip club. I moved to the east coast a year later, and went back to school part-time. Throughout those three years I was a pizza delivery driver, library assistant, admin/glorified coffee boy for a local councilman, a sandwich artist at subway and a wordpress site designer. I got into medical school after 2 years of trying. While in medical school I was once again a tutor. I was also a web designer for the sex industry, volunteer coordinator for a non-profit and a video-editor for a wannabe wikileaks blog on Tor.

I moved back to California after graduating to begin residency, and am now married again. Baby on the way.

These various facts are all true, and it was very cathartic to have them all typed out. It’s incredibly painful to have your lived experience be called a lie. Please think carefully when you go saying things that happened to people didn’t happen. Some of us have lived tumultuous lives and have had a variety of experiences.

Biggest rant of the year, but felt good to get it off my chest. That whole series of events made me mad and I was carrying that anger.


As a kid, my entire family was chased by a bear in Yellowstone. No, we weren’t being those awful tourists who got up in the bear’s business. We were walking around on a sidewalk not far from the big Yellowstone Hotel, and the bear was far away across a field when we noticed it. It started coming toward us and we ran all the way back to our cabin, warning other families with kids as we went. The bear circled the little area of cabins for awhile until some park rangers were able to relocate it.

The r/thathappened part of the whole situation is that the next day (or maybe the day after, this was twenty years ago), we had yet another bear encounter where we had to run back to our car. No one believes me when I tell this story, but it’s 100% true.


What’s the nicest way to tell someone to F off?

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I was at a festival and this guy came over and started talking to our group about God knows what. He was really enthusiastic about it all. I didn’t want to ruin his vibe so I told him to “Go spread the word!”. He was really happy to hear that, and off he went. My friend literally said “that’s the nicest way you could’ve told him to fuck off.”

Edit: Wow guys, thanks for the platinum and gold. This has been heartwarming, everyone go spread the word!


“I’ll take that into consideration, thank you.”


“I’m sorry, but we have chosen to pursue another candidate for this job”.


Man someone told me something that happened to them and even I felt the burn. He was in a meeting and the higher ups were discussing what to do with the company moving forward. My friend decided to chime in and give all of his thoughts on it. The higher ups sat there quietly until he was done and then immediately continued on with their conversation. He said he slunk so deep into his chair that he was practically on the floor.


Among the UK middle classes, being slightly over polite is a good fuck off.
For example. ‘It was so lovely to see you again’ in the right tone does wonders.


What’s the biggest red flag when meeting new people?

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They don’t really listen to you or pay attention to what you’re talking about, but expect you to be totally engaged with whatever they say and act put out if you aren’t.


When they try to one up you in everything you say.


When they’re judgmental and critical of others, but never of themselves.


They don’t listen to what you say and respond accordingly, they only wait for you to stop talking so they can talk about whatever they want to talk about.


When they start talking about the tons of money I am going to be making with their new business venture in selling knives door to door