What is something everyone should know how to do at age 30?

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not throw water on a grease fire


Accept responsibility for their mistakes.


Shut your mouth. Not every thought is appropriate in every situation. Know what to say and when it’s okay to say it



It amazes me how many grown ass adults still rely on their parents to do their laundry.


Have a hobby that doesn’t make life miserable and can help balance out work life stress (if any)


You accidentally fall into a cryogenics chamber, and don’t get opened until the year 3000. Technology is so advanced, that everything you knew is now completely primal. What are you doing on your first day?

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Go to a museum. Look at what I have missed.


Selling the 1984 quarter I had in my pocket to rich ass people who love historic items.


Sell my knowledge of 1000 years ago to a historical society.


Befriend a robot, accidentally wander into a suicide chamber, become a delivery boy, fall in love with a one-eyed mutant karate lady.


Finding out how much money I have in my stock account.


You become 6 inches/15.24 centimeters tall for the next 48 hours. How would you take advantage of the next 48 hours? What is your plan for food, drinks and staying alive?

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Damn i would fuck my girl with my whole body, then leave the tiniest nut inside her.

^(Thanks for gold, i’d give you a tiny nut too.)


I’m supposed to call a doctor if I stay 6 inches for more than four hours.


I’m staying at a friend’s house and she’s really into elves and fairies and what not. I’d likely spend the 48 hours swimming in homemade soup and doing awesome photo shoots in her garden.


first thing i’ll have to figure out is how to safely get off my bed. after i slowly climb down i would very quietly make my way to my cats litter box. making sure i don’t wake her up, i would pee. then i would make my way to her water bowl and wash my hands/drink some water. as for food i would try to find something in the pantry like a granola bar and pray i have enough strength to open it. if not i would throw it at my cat hoping she would scratch it till it’s open. then when it’s safe, eat as much as i can and get the fuck out of there. last thing i want is my cat eating me.

i would slip through the door and spend the day outside. exploring the world but being careful not to get stepped on/ate by any animals. walk through the museum and actually get to touch the items. go to the fanciest restaurant and try to sneak eat any scraps. hell, even go to costco and go to town on all those sweet free samples. i would end the night at the park eating bread with the pigeons. with a new found respect for them.

the next day i would spend it doing random things. going into a piano store and stepping on the piano keys. walking into a computer store and tap dancing on the keyboards. finding a small pond and having a swim. walk into a toy store and steal a new pair of clothes. i would end the night watching the sunset on a rooftop with my pigeon friends. enjoying the last few hours as we share our last bites of bread.

edit: so many ppl want my cat to kill me 🙁 i just want to explore, eat & bond with pigeons.


Priority #1: Avoid the fuck out of my cat, because that dude would play with me for about six hours before wholesale eating me.


What kink did you think you had, until you tried it? [NSFW]

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F here. Riding my M partner like a real champ. Felt amazing. I was feeling a little extra hot and I told him to slap me across the face.

He did. And I instantly burst into tears.


Haha this made me think of that one post about some dude paying a hooker to shit on him because he thought he was into that.

Edit: Thanks for the gold stranger!


Hell I’m in here looking for new ideas.


Having a (willing of course) sex slave. I thought it would be hot as hell to have a naked girl in the apartment following my every command. In the end though, it just felt awful. Instead of “Suck my fucking dick bitch!” it was “Suck my dick now! If…if you want to. Please?”


Thought I had a foot fetish until I actually tried playing with my girlfriend’s feet.

Turns out I just like how pretty feet look — from a distance.


Americans that voted for Trump in 2016 but will not be voting for him in 2020, what changed your mind about him? [Serious]

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I was honestly hoping for something different with him. I can understand being rough around the edges, but my expectation as someone that has run many businesses, he would want to streamline the government as much as possible, making it more efficient and smaller. While there has been some positive movement in that direction, there has been plenty of unneeded regulation added. In addition, federal spending is out of control, something that no private business owner should be OK with. There is more that I am disappointed in, but that’s the big part. I can already hear the downvotes piling up…..


EDIT: So just wanted to say a few things:

1) OP, thanks you for posting this. I think it started some good conversations, which is wonderful.

2) Thank you to all that gave me awards. I really appreciate it.

3) I wanted to apologize. I posted this to answer OP’s question, and got a lot of wonderful feedback initially. Eventually I got a lot of “lolz, you should have known better” comments, and I got defensive. I never had intended to get into the politics of this, just to answer a great question with an honest answer. That said, I made the best decision I could at the time with the information I had available to me at the time. I would 100% make the same decision again at that time. That will be the last I will be discussing that with anyone.

I would love to talk more about how we can find common ground in the future. Thank you all for reading this, commenting, and being good to one another, and thank you again OP for posting this.


I was 18 and didn’t understand anything and was just listening to my conservative parents. Pretty much my only reason I voted for him was because “Hillary bad.”

I still don’t understand anything about politics, but I understand things a little more than I did when I was 18. At this point, I actually try to form my own opinion rather than having people tell me.


Honestly, it was my first election, and I was dumb.

How dumb? I voted the way my dad did and then I justified it.

I’ve since done independent research and found other candidates that have views more similar to my actual views and ones that I like that I never knew existed before.


I started noticing a significant divide happening which he was the start of, and I began actually doing my own research on politics to form my own opinion instead of just hearsay from my conservative coworkers.

I never really realized how much of a douche he was either. I just thought it was all “liberal propaganda”, but turns out that’s actually just conservative propaganda.

The dude is fucking insane and pathetic and completely regret voting for him.

I was part of the blue wave and this will be the first time I’ve ever voted for a Democrat presidential candidate. I have the internet to thank for having so much info available.


walking away from the Kurds did it for me


Those of you who were around in the 70s, what was it like seeing Star Wars for the first time?

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I was 13 and it was amazing to see something that looked ‘real’. The dirt and grime on everything, it felt like a whole real universe. No shiny silver suits and big finned rockets. The designs were amazing and Vader was the first ‘cool’ bad guy. And of course the lightsabers just blew everyone away.


It was more awesome than you could possibly imagine. I was 10. We talked about it and played out scenes and lines from the movie for months.


In my small town theater, Star Wars was the only thing playing for what I remember to be over 2 months. I would scrape together enough to buy a ticket ($1.25) and I would walk downtown and watch Star Wars 3-4 times a week. In all, I saw Star Wars several dozen times during it’s first run.

The very first time I saw it, I remember being in awe at the size of the Star Destroyer. I was hooked from the very beginning.


I saw it in the theater when I was 5. It’s one of my first fond memories.


i actually quit a job to go see the opening in my area.


it was a shitty busboy job at some horrid restaurant in a mall. A York Steak House, actually. I told them i was going. they said they couldn’t get anyone else to work that night, i said goodbye.


it was a generational jump in movies, at the time.


What would be a Christmas miracle to you?

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It happened last night.

I have son who I have never seen (not entirely my fault) he is currently in his 20’s. I’ve moved more then 800 miles away from where me and his mother lived.
I found him and reached out to him a few months ago and last night he responded, we both live in the same city.

Edit: WOW thank you for the support!! He said he is not ready yet for a face to face I am hopefull we will get together early in the new year. This is better then I could have hope for. Most imporantly he wants a relationship and if you think about how many times we might have seen each if we lived a few states apart compaired to living in the same city, I really can’t stop thinking about what a blessing this is.


The miracle of happiness and inner peace for those who feel lonely and isolated during this holiday season.


My mum giving up drinking


A bus ticket home to see family


Thank you for the gold kind redditor !


Finding people who would like to hang out with me in NYC


The year is 2126, Queen Elizabeth II has just turned 200. Buckingham Palace are forced to give a statement, what is their explanation?

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God saved the Queen


She is cursed to live until. Brexit is complete.


It’s a well known fact here in England that any time someone sings God save the Queen she absorbs a fraction of our life force. But we willingly give it over in fear that the cost of reprinting all our currency would bankrupt us.


Just to piss Prince Charles off.


Netflix needed more materials for The Crown


If you were being accused of fantasising about making love to a dolphin by your whole school and they found your dolphin fan fiction online, what would you say to make them think you were just doing it as a joke to get them to focus on something else?

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I mean, I think you’re just gonna have to lay low for a while pal.


Ask them why they were reading dolphin fan fiction online.




“Some guy paid me $500 to write that story.”


Start a rumor that you were writing it for the football teams starting quarterback. He paid you $150 and had some WILD requests.


What is your go to hangover cure?

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Water. Before bed and first thing waking up.

If I plan on drinking I’ll put a couple bottles on my nightstand.


Sleeping for AT LEAST 14 hours.


An orgasm is a remarkably effective way of relieving the foggy, head is going to explode sensation of a hangover.

So, in this order, gatorade or water, an orgasm, and greasy food.


You only get a hangover if you quit drinking ^never ^stop


A glass of water for every drink you have will usually do it, but it’s not super practical. If I wake up rotten I’ll put down a couple advil, drink as much water or gatorade as possible and smoke some weed. The weed helps me go back to sleep so the water and advil can work their magic. All of this depends on not having shit to do that day, if I’m busy it’s all fucked.