Religious Revenge from Reddit

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And he said onto them, “if OP does blaspheem, cast down votes upon OP, and upon OP’s wife and children, down vote his cattle and his ox”

“Oh and cut off his foreskin too while you’re at it! For I am Yahweh, the giver and taker of Karam!”


Ssshh they’re watching 👀


I’ve had that happen to me before too, although not quite to your extent! I often find that you can be having a nice discussion with a thiest, but as soon as you get to a question they can’t answer, or point out a glaring logical flaw in their beliefs, it’s not uncommon for them to suddenly get very angry, stubborn and surprisingly abusive!

In my experience, theists sometimes seem very emotionally tied to needing to be right, and you can see a very ugly and aggressive side of them by just asking questions.


Have an upvote I guess.


Your discussions must have somehow either confirmed or upset their firmly held belief that atheists are morally degenerate menaces to society.


I just read this quote of Marcus Aurelius…

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But the biblical God has named himself a jealous God, and seeks retribution against the unbelieving. Which makes him unjust, and not worthy.


It’s actually apocryphal. It’s commonly attributed to Marcus Aurelius but it’s not found anywhere in his writings.

It is, nevertheless, a marvelous quote.


this is my all time fav quote. after i read it, it changed my life.


This is called apatheism. The argument from irrelevance. A just god will give you a just afterlife, and an unjust god will be unworthy of your praise, so whether god exists or not nothing about how you should live your life changes.


EVANGELICAL ‘CHRISTIANS’ WORST NIGHTMARE: Judges Rule Trump Has To Give Caged Kids Soap, Sleep, and Toothpaste

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Toothpaste? Next they’ll want food…


It’s amazing how the supreme court even had to make the decision that you have to give children basic amenities.


We f$@#ing needed a legal opinion?


Humph… what’s next? Human rights too?


This means that Trumps administration was arguing against providing basic hygiene to children and adults in detention centers. Let that sink in.


The standard conversation with a Christian.

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All while they’re passing out flyers on the street.


I’ve started pointing out to the JWs at the bus stop that they’re protecting paedophiles and rapists, and will continue to point it out every time they’re there.


You accidentally omitted the final step:

Atheist: You can shove your opinion up your ass.


A bunch of Christians I see daily know I’m atheist.

One likes to greet me with a loud “Hallelujah” and depart with an “Amen” .


Where are all of you at that have these crazy conversations with religious people? I have never spoken to anyone about their beliefs…


Franklin Graham thinks schools teaching LGBT history is an affront to God.

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Good thing I don’t give a shit what a snake oil salesman thinks.


Then his god can sue.

The rest of us will carry on.


Let that all powerful god speak for himself. Why does he need all these weak minded preachers speaking for him?


So teaching LGBT history offends God? What about teaching about the holocaust? I imagine that the slaughtering of six million of his chosen people would get him all hot and bothered, but apparently he’s fine with it.

If we were restricted to teaching only subjects that do not offend God, we’d be left without a curriculum. Seeing as how idiotic fundamentalists hate learning anything outside of the Bible, though, a pile of blank textbooks would be the ideal basis for what they consider an education.


If your parent left for 2000 years they’re gone right?


Pope admits clerical abuse of nuns including sexual slavery

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Who would think that forcing men to be celibate, while putting them in a position of power, and having subordinate women around who have devoted their life to the church might lead to sexual abuse?

Edit: submissive->subordinate as suggested


The Catholic Church makes me sad and angry


Almost like the church is not the humanitarian or respectful organization they claim it is!


And now watch as nothing happens.

I think they know that there’s nothing they can’t do.


Seize the Vatican.


Ricky Gervais on Hot Ones: ” this is athesim in a nut shell: one person says ‘there’s a god’, and the atheist says ‘can you prove that?’ and the person says “no.” and the atheist says: ‘then I don’t believe in it’ ” …thats it.

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Christians think they prove it all the time. The problem is they always fail miserably.


Hot ones always makes me think I want spicy chicken, then I remember I’m completely intolerant to spice xD


Doubting Thomas was made to deal with that shit.

“Believe in me without any solid evidence, that makes you the best believer!”


What a badass, the atheist community is proud of him


I find it hilarious and infuriating when a christian/apologist tries to say something like “but atheism says…” Or “the atheist worldview gives you….” Stop right there. If there was one thing that could prove you know nothing about what you are talking about, that would be it. Atheism has no dogma, no core values, no instructions, no code to live by etc etc. Its just a statement that says “i dont believe you”, full stop. Its like saying you are a hobbyist. Certainly being a hobbiest may influence your decisions, but the decisions you make are yours alone, with no threat of punishment or reward built in. Atheism is the same.


A Record 60% of Americans Say They Could Vote for an Atheist President

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It looks like most of the people who wouldn’t vote for an atheist are older Republicans. That group isn’t going to vote for any Democrat so their views shouldn’t influence who Democrats run for office.


Yeah, but we’re up to 80% who are okay with evangelicals now. So, that’s not great.


As long as people care about identity more than experience and ability, nothing will change.


Don’t mean to dunk on y’all but as a NZer this is insane. I can see that enough of America is backwards enough to prefer a god-botherer but 40% of Americans would actually *disqualify* a candidate over atheism? A mind-eff for sure.



An AVOWED atheist.

Many historians believe that Jefferson was an atheist, he just did overtly admit it. It’s probably the reason why he was never a freemason, unlike most of the other founding fathers. One of the qualifications to being a freemason is the belief in a God.


Ed Smart, father of Elizabeth Smart, announces he is gay, getting a divorce, and leaving the Mormon Church

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This should be a non-issue in the 21st century, but for religion supporting people’s prejudice, it isn’t.


Given that Elizabeth Smart has said that the lessons she received from the LDS Church (women have no value once they are used for sex, and no one will ever want her again) directly led to her being unwilling to escape after bring raped, it’s a trouble tragedy that her father is leaving the LDS Church now instead of much earlier in his life. But, at least he is free of Mormonism now. Hopefully, some of his adult children will follow him out.


The congregation of the Moremen church is waving hello.


I hear these stories and just think about the lies that had to be lived for so long. What a waste of time.


When is Lyndsey Graham coming out?


Report: Over 300 Predator Priests, More Than 1,000 Child Victims In Pennsylvania

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The details are sad beyond measure. Those priests are lucky that hell is as fictional as the rest of their religion.


How many fucking priests are there?


Disgusting. Pedophilia really occurs in all religious communities. Pakistan even had its constitutional Islamic religious body shoot down laws that would prevent child marriage and state sanctioned pedophilia, citing them as “unislamic”.


For every child who comes forward this is dozens who dont come forward. And others don’t know what happened


This article is about a year old. It’s the same 300 we’ve been ranting about and no one has done anything yet.