POLL: 33% Of White Evangelicals Find Trump Infallible

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That’s surprisingly low from a group with historically poor critical thinking skills…. things are looking up?


Hey Protestants, didn’t you split from the Church to get away from a central authority who is infallible?


Damn, I thought only the Pope was supposedly Infallible. The bar for infallibility must have been lowered to the ground to include Trump!


Evangelicals…..fucking idiots.


Well that means at least 33% of Evangelicals can’t define infallible.


The more I think about it, the more God just seems like everyone’s abusive boyfriend

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Here we go again pointing out the logical catastrophe that is religion.

Religion isn’t based on logic. It is belief in an ancient fairytale perpetuated by quirks in the human mind and social behavior.


>When you put it that way, does it not seem like textbook gaslighting? The deflection of whose fault it is, the lying, making you doubt your own morality.

This is 100% correct. The Abrahamic religions rely on emotional manipulation, both good emotions and bad, to exist.


“He didn’t mean to kill those quarter of a million people with that tsunami fifteen years ago. He’s not violent now. He’s changed.”


I would say he’s more like an abusive girlfriend, but whatever.


The more that I think about it, the more I think that god is an imaginary construct. But that’s just me, an atheist. In an atheist sub.

Let’s posit for the sake of argument that god truly foe not exist. Why? Because we are atheists in the sub and this is an atheist sub. Not an apologist sub. Do you get where I’m going with this?

There for, we reject both of your premises as spurious and unprovable. So, if you can prove neither claim, why even make them?

Then to conclude how some deity might feel is outrageously laughable.


Being an Atheist in the Bible Belt

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For reasons like this, it’s really hard for me to not be specifically anti-religion.

I understand many athiests just dont care and let it be, but these psychos are not harmless, especially to children! Their impressions on little kids’ minds can be detrimental.


I’m from Mississippi, I know exactly what you mean. That shit gets in my nerves. I can’t go into any store with out someone trying to bless me or convert me to Christianity. Keep religion where it belongs. In a church


Lol I told a coworker once that there were two things you didn’t discuss in the office. He said what that? I said politics and religion. He said what about football? I told him I said no religion.


“Dear Jesus, please help me find customer service that doesn’t make me attend church before I’m allowed to pick up my sandwich.”


Right? My husband is bisexual as well and I think if he came out to his family about his sexuality they would be more supportive than if he came out that he was no longer a good Catholic boy.


When do we stop calling it religious belief and start calling it mental illness?

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Honestly probably when they become a small minority


I’m there. Religiousity = mental illness for me. Anyone who actually believes that nonsense has rejected reality for a fictional world. It almost might be acceptable if they kept all that bullshit separate from society but no religion in the history of mankind has even come close. Their fantasy always, **always** ends up negatively affecting other people.

I’m done trying to quibble over where the line is. I’m so very done attempting to logic out how someone who actually believes that an invisible person controls all of their actions is a sane individual.

I’m done listening to religious psychiatrists hedge their bets and pretendind that any mass movement must be, by defintion, sane.

I’m done. Worked on that one for decades. No more need to waste time on that one.


It’s technically not mental illness if the beliefs are culturally accepted. I think it’s more fair to call it a superstition.


Religions don’t meet the criteria for mental illness.

Yes, there are false beliefs involved, but it’s not deviation from the normal behavior of the others around them.


Don’t hold your breath. Calling it mental illness does a disservice to those who are genuinely mentally ill.


Muhammad Syed “It’s your duty to come out as an ex-Muslim.” – #AwesomeWithoutAllah

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Come out from a religion that is known to murder apostates.


“It’s liberating to be able to attack the root of a problem rather than try to trim a branch here or there.” – Great quote 🙂


I get the point he’s making here, but given what the punishment for apostasy in islam is I can also understand why people would rather keep it to themselves that they no longer follow it.


Be safe!! Do not go against the wave from within a radical muslim country. The change should come from within the brain of the individual and not from outside. Nobody can convert me to become a believer or otherwise.


Kudos to you for doing this. Hope you’ll be an inspiration to many more.


NJ Mayor Refuses to Resign After Delivering Anti-LGBTQ Sermon in Church

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if i learned about my people then maybe i wouldn’t been so fucking ashamed to be who i am…


Heaven forbid we talk about LGBT people who made huge impacts in history like Alan Turing and Harvey Milk.


Refuses to resign? Then it’s time to be fired.


“Religious leaders need to be held accountable for their ideas.”

**Lawrence M. Krauss**


Oh no now kids could possibly learn and respect about people like Alan turning aka the father of modern computers or James tynion who is known for his work on the Batman franchises.


Nothing Will Persuade White Evangelicals to Support Impeachment: New polling suggests that Trump’s base is totally unified behind the president, no matter what investigations might reveal

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Well let’s be honest, the presence of evidence (or lack there of) has not really had much persuasion in other aspects of their life so…


This is consistent with authoritarian behaviors. In the authoritarian mindset, the authority is literally the font of right and wrong, thus they cannot do wrong because if they say it is right it is right. These are the same folks that still think there were WMD found in Iraq or that Nixon was framed. Their world view cannot conceive of a scenario where their authorities are at fault.


Cultists gonna cult.


It’s one of my only joys in this whole admin, seeing the true colors of the evangelicals.

I always disliked them, but man, seeing them standing there basically worshiping a dude whole adorns himself in gold and exemplifies the 7 deadly sins makes me realize that even if they’re correct in their beliefs – and im not – i’ll be seeing them down in hell.

They’ve shown unequivocally that they’d blissfully follow the antichrist, assuming revelations occurs, as they’re already worshiping a golden calf. Good job, idiots!


We used to call these “White Evangelicals” “The Klan” back in my days.


A look into how the Church of Scientology is taking over Clearwater, Florida. Buying up properties in downtown, creating their own bus system for members only, menacing security guards dressed exactly like police officers.

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They’ve bought that much of the downtown for only 103 million? Looks like the city has been on hard times.


Isn’t it illegal to look like a copper?


Unreadable website. Too much design, not enough content.


This is very similar to what’s happening in Rockland County, NY. We are the first county right outside of NYC and a significant amount of land is being bought by the hasidics. They already own the entire town of Monsey and they are spreading heavily into the neighboring towns of Spring Valley, Suffern, chestnut Ridge.

To make it much worse none of them have to pay property taxes because all of their houses are “religious institutions”. Property taxes around here are on average $15k a year.


When I first visited Florida, I was so shocked to see so many churches. Is that a thing?


Northern Ireland: Within hours, same-sex marriage and abortion will be legal

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WOOOOOOO!!! hurray for basic human rights


“Churches and pro-lifers argue…”

They can go fuck themselves and shut the fuck up.


“Waaahh,my marriage is getting destroyed because two dudes are getting married.”

“How is this affecting your marriage?”

“Because they’re getting the same benefits we’re getting.”

“Oh, yeah, I can see that’s tough!”


Hope they enjoy the 20th century.


Cool. Good for the people of Northern Ireland. This is long overdue, but I’m glad they’re getting around to it sooner rather than later.


Christians are boycotting Adams Family movie over “demonic content”

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Damn they’ll boycott everything except child molestation.

Edit- ahhhh thanks for the award it’s my first ever!!


I’m not sure that people should click this.

Site is pjmedia.com

Categories for articles are


People who have a “FAITH” category generally aren’t the ones that I want to support.

Viral Video: Christian Walks Out of ‘The Addams Family’ for ‘Demonic’ Content


OCTOBER 20, 2019

>Christian musician Bryann Trejo made viral waves on social media when he livestreamed walking out of The Addams Family movie.

So *contra* the title, it’s one Christian walking out of a film.

>”The first thing that startled me was that they had the voice of a demon growling,” Trejo said.

<clutches pearls>

>”Second, the little boy in the cartoon started crawling up the wall, possessed.

>Strike three was when they pulled out the Ouija board.”

>At that point, Trejo and his wife walked out of the movie.

>Trejo has faced much mockery on Facebook for standing up for Christianity. Over 100,000 people shared the video and there are thousands of snarky comments. The most troubling are the ones from “Christians” claiming that he is wrong and has “weak faith” for not subjecting his children to demonic themes. Others insist that demons can’t hurt them.

>This is bad theology and the majority of Christian faiths are at fault for not teaching what the Bible has to say on the issue. Demonic possession and influence is well-documented both in the Bible and through the Church. The Catholic Church still employs exorcists and they are so overwhelmed by the need for their services that they are currently recruiting more.

>On a positive note, Trejo is making Christian rap that’s actually fun to listen to


Infantile “Christian rapper” can’t distinguish between fiction and reality.

Millions of fellow Christians agree.

People might want to avoid clicking on / supporting this site.



They’re always boycotting something.


Meh, the patience gets thin when these idiots scream “PERSECUTION” at every available fucking opportunity. When will they learn that their cult doesn’t save them from criticism?


“Trejo has faced much mockery on Facebook for standing up for Christianity.”

… and probably an equal amount of mockery for playing Christian music.