In Australia it will soon be OK to discriminate as long as you do it under the guise of “religious freedom”. List of things that will be allowed under the proposed “Religious Freedom” bill.

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Has someone tried the it’s against my religion to pay taxes to the government yet?


> A doctor may tell a transgender patient of their religious belief that God made men and women in his image and that gender is therefore binary

Doesn’t that mean god is gender fluid?


All “religious freedom” bills are actually “freedom to discriminate” bills. Anyone supporting them is an asshat.

Source: That’s what my religion says. (/s)


Best idea is to join the pastafarians, so you can counter each idiotic religious argument with a prayer to the flying spaghetti monster. Make the pastafarians an official religion!


There’s a whole lot of this being taken seriously in Australia and also an excellent undercurrent of pure disdain.

Seen a lot of comments today in line with: Religious people can use their job to bully other people?? Fuck it we wont hire religious people then.

Wait, no, not like that


The prohibition of sex before marriage in church as a means of continuing the objectification of women.

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Religion and modern culture both shit on women.


I’m not criticizing, just wandering why should we lost time reading the Bible, if people who says that abide by it never touch it. They are not interested in analize it. They don’t read it because they don’t know how to do with all the bs it is in it. Why do we lost our time in it?


yes, they’re teaching girls that their worth is tied to their virginity and once that’s gone, they’re damaged goods. I was even given the analogy in sunday school once that my virginity was like a pearl; if i passed it around before marriage, it would get all dirty and dinged up and only a really special man who could look past that might want to marry me eventually. We needed to keep our “pearl” pristine for our husband so he would love us better. It was insane and this was 1988, not the 50’s.


It’s an attempt to control sexual access and to force people to follow the rules set by the ingroup to become adults and start a family. It is also – wether voluntarily or bot is up to you – a way to get people to marry very young, with all that is likely to follow.


_The Purity Myth_ touches on this. If you’re interested in further study on the lengths that fundies go to in order to control women I suggest it.


Half of evangelicals support Israel because they believe it is important for fulfilling end-times prophecy

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Fucking fairy tales have ruined our world


I replied to a post, speculating on why Evangelicals support Jews in Israel, based on something I’d heard several years ago. A little digging, and what I thought seems to be the case. Evangelicals support a Jewish Jerusalem in order to hasten-forth the second-coming of Jesus, Upon which, the Jews (and all non-Evangelicals) will burn in hell. The Evangelicals will get beamed up to heaven in a fanfare of trumpets.

Edit: Please no anti-semitism, political and religious agendas are okay to critique, but not individual’s beliefs and life experience.


They are insane.


One way or the other, unhinged religious conservatives are going to burn the house down. It’s only a matter of time.


The other half probably support it because it’s the most liberal country in the mideast, has two gay pride parades a year, recently had a slut walk, has a relatively high % of open atheists, is the only country in the mideast where the christian population is increasing, is actually the most diverse country in the mideast, has an booming economy not based on oil, and is the only center of science and technology in the mideast.

Yea, these are not necessarily christian values, but there are liberal christians.

Edit: and most evangelicals would probably prefer gays and atheists over conservative muslims anyway.


My parents think that the only reason I am an atheist is because of autism.

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If you are too young to have disbelief then why are they so fine with religions forcing it on literally billions of infants and children?


Well, let’s say it IS because of “the” autism. Then the logical conclusion is that God himself made you an atheist.

Unless . . . would they blame vaccination? If so, then your mom made you an atheist when she allowed you to be vaccinated.

Either way, sounds like God’s will that you’re an atheist and your mom was either the agent of that will or not and she and your step-dad will therefore just have to roll with it.

Seriously, though, best of luck to you. Sounds rough. Here’s hoping it gets better.


>They go even further by saying that autism hinders emotional connections, and so therefore, in there eyes, it hinders my connection to their god.

Well, thats GODS problem.


If autism hinders your connection to God, that was a real bright idea of his to give it to you, eh? What a circus of a society we live in.


> “you are too young to form beliefs such as this”

Contrary to their belief about atheism, I’m 54 and I don’t believe in fairy tales. Never have, never will.

> “it’s because of the autism”

There are a lot of people without autism and are still atheist’s.


The Vatican only uses about 10% of donations on the poor – The rest goes to the Vatican admin budget

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They need a lot of money to keep their porn collection current!


This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. It’s honestly laughable how fucking scummy their operation is


It’s always blown my mind that non-profit charities aren’t required to spend a certain percentage of donations on the programs they claim to support. Give a dollar and 2 cents can go to the claimed beneficiary and it’s totally legal. It’s a little trickier with the Catholic church but the outcome is the same. People who give thinking they’re helping are only helping the organization. It won’t matter though. Believers will still willingly give over their money to religious charlatans because they’ve been told god wants it that way. Suckers.


*Kiddie Rape Lawyers


The star of the second act of the bible says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” It’s not surprising that Catholics employ a very thick blind spot when it comes to seeing what their beloved church truly values.


Is Trumpism a cult?

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A Christian analytical philosopher at Chicago Loyola named Paul Moser says it every single day on his FB page. You dont have to be atheist to think this.


1) Refusal to acknowledge tRump’s mistakes.

2) Refusal to acknowledge his misconduct.

3) Refusal to acknowledge info which contradicts one’s cognitive bias.

4) Acceptance of conditions which harm oneself.

5) Self-identification even tho he doesn’t know you exist.

6) Emotional reactions to alternate viewpoints.

7) Advocating violence for political issues.

tRumpism definitely seems like a cult.


Yes. A significant amount of his base believes he was sent by Heaven to fix this country. People underestimate the danger he poses. Remember, the Romans at one point had no idea that an exotic cult for slaves would end up taking over and destroying all the other pagan traditions.

Someday, people may be paying oblations at altars dedicated to the Trump bloodline.


It’s a personality cult.



Every President or political leader has their deranged fans, but Trumpism is FAR beyond anything I’ve seen in my lifetime. It’s not even close. We’re to the point where people are ignoring objective reality to support someone who embodies the complete opposite of what his followers claim to believe (e.g., Evangelicals). It’s truly bizarre.

And the reason for this is very simple, and two fold:

1. He is very good at controlling the narrative. He controls the flow of information, who has it, and how it is delivered. He’s also very good at avoiding situations where he could be exposed or forced to defend his actions. That’s why he almost exclusively talks to Fox news and Tweets so much: because he doesn’t have to defend himself. And in the rare occasions where he does have to defend himself, he simply says “fake news” or attacks them for the very thing he has done. And people buy it, not because it’s true, but because they want it to be true. Their cognitive dissonance won’t allow them to think otherwise.
2. He identifies people who are gullible and exploits their gullibility by playing into their biases and fears. That’s what he’s done with many Christians and racists/white supremacists. These people often see themselves as victims (despite, in many cases, being the oppressors), and he plays into that. He also very adept at using “dog whistle” language as a mechanism to get his point across without actually overtly saying bad things. Michael Cohen testified that Trump has his own language, where the people around him know what he wants without being explicit. That’s in part why he gets away with so much.


I shoot people because God tells me to “and I hate who he hates”.

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God delusions are so damn scary.


*”Me and my god happen to hate the exact same people.”*


Always convenient how god wants you to kill the people you hate because he hates them too.


I want to ask a religious person is what he doing ok? Who are we to judge, right? Didnt Abraham almost kill his own son until God said JK!


You and God are fucked up


Brazil’s Bolsonaro: God, a fellow Brazilian, Made Me President

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The opposite of Democracy is Theocracy.


What? EVERYONE knows God is ‘muricun!

Silly Brazilly!


Right wing nutters are taking over. Totalitarians like the orang dotard are encouraging and enabling them.


How can that be? God is White. /s


sometimes I’m ashamed of being brazilian


Are there any other Christmas loving atheists out there?

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I think it’s pretty common in America.. most of the popular Christmas stuff has pagan roots and was just usurped by Christians to help evangelize pagans. So Christmas trees, lights, Santa, Rudolph, etc all really have nothing to do with Christianity


Right here. Xmas is such a huge deal to me every year. Try to go all out if I can. I don’t need Jesus to enjoy spending time with my family, and watching my kids open presents.


The Victorians transformed Christmas from a solemn holiday (celebrated in the wrong month) into a big family festival. The Americans commercialized the hell out of it, and turned it into a big gift-giving party. Who needs religion for any of that?


Dude, the war on Christmas is a lie, atheist don’t dislike partying.


I love Christmas because of all the childhood memories it solicits. I love Christmas music because it’s happy and makes me feel good. I don’t think it’s any weirder to be a Christmas-loving atheist than it is to be a modern medicine-loving Christian. If prayer were so great and people truly believed in Jesus healing lepers and making the lame to walk, you’d think the faithful had about as much use for hospitals as a dog had for deodorant. And yet, here we are.


Minnesota woman (already with 5 kids) sues two pharmacies for refusing to fill emergency contraception prescription | the pharmacist refused to fill it based on his “beliefs” and “warned” against trying another nearby pharmacy

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Those pharmacists need to be fired for not doing their job.


If you can’t do your job because your beliefs don’t align with it, then DON’T. DO. THAT. FUCKING. JOB.

I don’t believe in a god, so I’m not a pastor. See how that works?

Take notes evangelicals. STFU and do your jobs.


If your beliefs prevent you from having an abortion, don’t have an abortion. If your beliefs prevent you from using birth control, then don’t use birth control.

That doesn’t entitle you to tell other people what they should do.


It’s interesting that the pharmacist’s beliefs don’t include (1) doing the job he was hired to do, and (2) judge ye not lest ye be judged, and (3) as you treat the least of these, so do you treat me. It always amazes me how unchristian christians can be.


Good. Sue the hell out of them. Money is the only god they really respect.

Let’s see how they feel when they realize their ridiculous belief can make them *lose* money!