Christians Are Telling a Gay Priest How Happy They Are That His Partner Died

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We will be welcoming him to our forums soon enough.


I am in the least surprised. Sometimes I see their face brighten up at the thought of a non-christian going to hell. Seriously, why would a normal person be happy that an individual would be tortured for eternity? I don’t get it.


Nasty sounding people.


He was a pop star back in the eighties, “the Communards” were a gay band. He is often on comedy panel shows and comes across as an open minded, funny and likeable guy. Disgusting that his own people turn on him, but that’s religion…


gays for xianity is like turkeys for xmas

prove me wrong


Youth pastor sentenced to over 1,000 years for sex abuse

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That’s OK, as long as he “accepts Jesus in his heart” all will be forgiven (of course all of us will burn in hell for all eternity).


Chose the wrong flavor xtian cult, didn’t he, now? Had he only been a Catholic priest, he’d simply be off on a new exciting assignment somewhere conveniently out of the way, with impunity, the blessing of his superiors, and plenty of fresh booty…


Those youth pastors are the worst. Never ever leave your kid with a youth pastor.


burn in Hell, motherfucker.


I bet he voted republican.


State of Washington Rep. Shea’s “Biblical Basis for War” document called for replacing the U.S. government with a theocracy, as well as the “killing of all males who don’t agree.”

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He’s calling for genocide. He should be not only removed from office but put in prison for serious violent threats.


And keep the women as sex slaves right?


>independent investigation has concluded that Washington state Rep. Matt Shea “participated in an act of domestic terrorism against the United States

Radial christian terrorists. In government. Plotting to overthrow the U.S. and install a religion controlled government.

This is what many of them actually want to do. It’s not some made up shit, the FBI investigated this and confirmed it. They don’t just want to do it. They have plans. They are attempting to carry out the plans. They’re actively working on this right now.


That traitor needs to be publicly hung by the neck until dead. Preferably with a knot tied specifically to make him dangle and dance until he chokes to death.


And he hasn’t been charged with or locked up, for domestic terrorism why?

Domestic terrorism is still terrorism, and this guy is simply being given slaps on the wrist… WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?


My 8-year old son told me last night that he doesn’t believe all of those crazy Jesus stories.

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Well you have managed to develop logic and critical thinking with your kid, instead of taking facts for granted he questions it, good job as a parent


>This has bitten me back on several occasions when he has called me on my own BS.

(A) You should be very proud.

(B) Don’t BS that kid. 😉


A lot of times I cringe when atheists post that their kids share their same beliefs.

To me it’s the same as a Christian being happy their child loves Jesus. It’s essentially “my kid believes what I believe, Yay!”

This is not that post. Sounds like you’ve managed to instill a healthy dose of critical thinking in that kiddo already and it sounds like you are letting them be exposed to all sorts of different viewpoints.

I commend you for creating an environment where your child feels safe to discuss these things with you.

I’ve always wondered what it would have been like to be raised without people telling me what the absolute truths of life were and instead letting me find them on my own.

Seems like you’re doing just that. Kudos to you.


Religion only works if children are indoctrinated. Not if they learn to think for themselves.
Good job.


When I was a child I found ancient Greek myths far more believable than those bullshits Bible stories about Jesus.


Ronald Regans son’s FFRF advertisement that played during last night’s Democratic Debate.

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> …Not afraid of burning in hell.

…Since you can’t burn in a figment of some black robed conman’s imagination.


The ending is a bit much but this is cool. TIL Ronald Reagan has a son…and that he’s atheist.


In case anyone was wondering….. if you use instead of the regular site you can set FFRF as your charitable recipient. A portion if all purchases made through Amazon’s smile site go toward a charity of your choice


Waw! those genes are from Nancy and Ronald? Amazing! The apple fell a mile from the tree.


He’s got a very George Takei delivery.


Party of White Jesus family values: Kentucky’s Republican ex-governor pardoned a child rapist because the 9-year-old victim’s hymen was intact | When a radio host asked him why he pardoned the convicted child rapist, he responded “which one?” because he pardoned two of them.

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Between this guy and McConnell, Kentuckians need to rethink their voting habits.





There should be hell for this kind of abominations


Has no one told this man that the hymen can grow back and they aren’t an accurate check for virginity. Hell, some women are born without hymens.


Get this, teachers in Kentucky went to Frankfort to protest and this asshat had the nerve to say “I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them,”


Opinion | Trump’s rage at Christianity Today gives away his scam

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Evangelism is morally bankrupt.


Absolutely on spot analysis.


THAT’S what gives away his scam?!???


Locked behind a paywall.


> his only discernible reigning ethic is that if you can get away with grabbing something, it’s rightfully yours.



Brazil ‘spiritual healer’ known as John of God jailed for 19 years for raping four women

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Relevant news to the American public that might not know this quack.

His “patients” include Naomi Campbell and Shirley Mclaine, and most famously Oprah Winfrey, who I believe even did an interview with this human excrement.

Dude preyed on the weak and desperate, sold everything from spiritual surgeries to magical fruit seeds, and basically controlled his whole town’s commerce and political institutions through money.

Oh yeah, he also abused some 300 hundred women.


Who ever thought that a psychic surgeon might victimize innocent people ?


Oprah is a quack promoter.


“I was trying to heal them with my penis”


I secretly wish to hear something like this about joel Osteen.


The fucking mafia is being better than religion

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The Catholic church is the original Italian mafia.


This gives a new visual to “Pay up or Joey here is going to give you a pounding to remember”.


The catholic church has been accepting gay pedophiles since forever.


The Italian Mafia are a bunch of has-beens. It’s not the 1930’s anymore. They’re probably doing this to gain attention.


No, they are both scum organizations that hurt individual people and society as a whole. Each one has discriminated against gays in the past so severely it has completely ruined the life of gay people.

So one boss has a gay kid and now they’re gay friendly? C’mon, they could change this back tomorrow and nobody in the mafia would give a shit.

Someone’s giving out free passes a little too early for such scumbags.


today I left Christianity

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It truly is liberating, isn’t it?

Congratulations, and thank you for not raising your children to be bigoted Christians.


Benefits include: more free time, less fake guilt, lesser chance of your kids being raped, and 10% of your salary back!


Do you feel that? That burden of not having to be afraid, subservient and meek? That’s freedom. Enjoy.


Good for you. I’m so happy for you! I award you silver (you know, like 30 pieces, lol)


You are a good parent for putting your precious girls before an imaginary friend. How others do that is well beyond my comprehension.

Best of luck as you continue your journey.