Finding Vivian Maier (2013) – A documentary on the late Vivian Maier, a nanny whose previously unknown cache of 100,000 photographs earned her a posthumous reputation as one of the most accomplished street photographers.

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This documentary is captivating. My and my husband saw it by ‘mistake’ at the cinema few years ago. We were in the wrong room, and by the time we realised it wasn’t a preview we were so much into it we decided to stay. Well worth a watch!


From what I understand, she was a shit nanny? Not very Mary Poppins like


I watched this several years ago, having no background in photography or any real idea what the documentary was really about. I have to say, I found it completely engaging. It made me want to look at the world from different perspectives and use my camera more,

Nice recommendations!


I loved this doc.


This lady took pictures of me and my brothers as children in Roger’s Park area of Chicago. The documentary about her is absolutely fascinating.


Dig! (2004) – The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre

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Bjm is awesome the dandy’s were a bunch of fucking posers


Everyone in this movie was annoying.


Highly recommend the commentary tracks if you can find the DVD.


I freaked out when I saw Anton on an episode of parts unknown. That dude is living such a crazy life.


What is this about? Could someone give me a pitch?


A silent war (2011) documentary on how india is causing flood and water crisis in Bangladesh

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Just a warning. There are images of dead children in this video.


Florida, Georgia and Alabama have been arguing about the aquifer for years. Has anybody considered not rebuilding new Orleans which is FIFTEEN feet below sea level. What about Manhattan?

China will take the water from India- is that the solution?

Truly a global crises.


I don’t know how India can control nature when states like Assam itself are ravaged by deluge every year. The river Bhramaputra carries so much water especially during rainy season that it floods every year. I hope the govt finds a solution to it.


Is it still happening?What’s the status now?


Is this documentary’s title a reference to the classic bleak geographical book about Bangladesh published in the 1970s called *A Quiet Violence*?


The Mysteries of Hieronymus Bosch (1980) If you have ever wondered why the paintings of Hieronimous Bosch are so intriguing, watch this. It’s is, by far, one if the best analysis of his life, character, and work I have ever seen. Hats off to Nicholas Baum, wherever he may be.

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The Garden is my favorite painting, Bosch is absolutely fascinating. I love this documentary.

Thank you so much.


So, a handful of the images have found to be sayings or insults of the day. The way this is known is by the few that made it into the literary books of the time and region he was doing these works.

The images are depictions of phrases kind of like:

1980’s phrases like, “gag me with a spoon” or “eat my shorts”


1990’s phrases like, “talk to the hand” or “all that and a bag of chips.

Due to pop-culture not being forever due to its slang nature, the pop-culture slang of Bosch’s era is likely gone to the ashes of linguistic evolution.


TiL the origin of Harry Bosch’s (fictional detective in novels and Amazon’s TV series) name.


\>”Such an ordinary, boring, commercial town”

\>Footage of the most beautiful little village

Do Europeans not understand how pretty their continent is?


Zeg maar gewoon Jeroen, hoor.


If I Were From Beijing (2019)- In China, there’s no goo gle, face book, you tube, wiki… Instead, the regime has built its own online offer. Let’s take a look at it. How is world portrayed to Chinese people? What occupies their screens? Through the eyes of a Chinese…

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Can anyone here who’s currently living in mainland China or uses their social media tell us what the average person thinks about the situation in Hong Kong


It’s very sobering to observe the total control that the rulers in China have over their population. The mind control and programming is far more pervasive than that which we endured as JWs. I am watching the events in HK and wondering just how they will pan out. Control will be paramount.


Something that no one is talking about is that this is how “terrorists” (or freedom fighters) are made.

If you have 2-3 generations that went through oppression, a taste of freedom and then the original bully wants to take that freedom away again, you have had enough taste of a democracy to know that you don’t bow down to the original bully.

If someone gets a taste of freedom that they pass onto their children, and then that freedom is stripped from them, you have a generation that remembers and a new generation that knows freedom is a right.

If there’s anything worth fighting for or getting revenge over its that.


“they are satisfied because they dont know whats missing”


Don’t really miss facebook at all. I pretty much use VPNs 99% of the time. Some websites I use aren’t banned (yet) so that’s nice I guess. Google, reddit, and wiki works fine with VPN but the problem is youtube. Having a slow youtube in China sucks real bad.

The great firewall sucks. Another thing that sucks is how inconveinent life is without having an ID card or a debit card linked to a foreign passport.


Planet Earth 2 (2016) [Clip]: Wilson’s Bird of Paradise courtship is unreal

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He mates, and then begins calling out for more females immediately after.

What a player!


That green reveal! I was ready for “showing off his colors” to be his bright red and blue we could already see and his fancy little tail feathers but then BAM

The only for her green got me, not gonna lie.


Nature is sooo stunningly beautiful


Dude bird: Hey



Are you kidding Im on my fifth date with this girl and so far I’ve bought dinner, danced (I can’t), talked foreign languages, played guitar (badly), sang (tolerably), and did it all in varying uncomfortable outfits.

This bird is on fuckin easy street


Born To Kill? Serial Killer Herbert Mullin (2012) In 1973 Herbert Mullin was arrested for killing 13 people. He claimed that the voice of god told him to do it to prevent a catastrophic earthquake.

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well it obviously worked


Why doesn’t God ever tell someone to trim my hedges?


Funny how God’s always looking for hitmen.


God’s asked for crazier.


Reminds me of the book 11/22/63


The Strange Death of American Civility: Pt1 – Democrats vs Republicans | People and Power (2019) A documentary that looks into the polarized state of American society and why division is arguably at its zenith in recent history.

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Civility isn’t actually dead in America, the media just likes to make it look like that by running every negative event they can. They will always run the one guy yelling racial slurs over the twenty guys voluntarily cleaning up their whole town. Or the one trash mom getting into a fist fight at walmart over the one who donates all her time helping other moms in the area with raising their children.


If anyone thinks that American politics has ever been civil, they should read the history of this country.

I think there are very few times it has ever been civil. But, it’s not America that is not civil, it’s humans.


Honestly, I’m really disappointed in this documentary. It seems less interested in uncovering the truth and presenting facts than smearing republicans. There was a right-wing radio host later in this part that talks about whether technology has had an effect on increasing polarization, but the documentary seems to gloss over that to focus on the juicy racism.

Honestly, looking back, the whole of the documentary seems to be focused on making the case that white people are going republican from racial identity fears. This could be true, but I think they did a terrible job presenting it, if that’s the case. They didn’t touch on why people might vote for Obama in one election and Trump in the next, but they really went on about gerrymandering (as if both sides don’t do that), how that gerrymandering causes us to get far-right republicans (as if the same doesn’t happen everywhere), and how white people will be a minority in 30 years. They also focused a lot on voter suppression laws.

All and all, it wasn’t that good if you ask me. I was really hoping for something insightful and this wasn’t it.


Man I remember the good old days back in the 1950s when black people didn’t have rights and were regularly lynched in the streets in the Deep South. People were just so much more CIVIL in those days. Where the hell is this country headed?


Wow, what a totally unbiased exposé that was


Long Shot (2017) – An innocent man is accused of murder, leading his attorney on a wild chase to confirm his alibi using raw footage from a television show “”Curb your Enthusiasm”. [40:02]

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I loved this Documentary but it’s terrifying that in all likely hood an episode of Curb saved this guy from life without parole…


How can a good person support the death penalty knowing that at least 4% of those convicted are innocent? We are all murderers.


I can’t believe composite sketches are admissible as evidence in court. I bet I could describe my own brother to 10 composite sketch artists, and most of the sketches wouldn’t look anything like him.


Watched this quite some time ago, but it stuck with me. Great doc.


Amazing it worked


Roll Red Roll (2018) – An underage girl is raped at a party in Steubenville, Ohio by two football players. The town tries to protect the boys and the team, but the evidence exposes a culture ingrained with a “boys will be boys” mentality. [1h20m]

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Man when I was a kid boys will be boys meant schoolyard fights, daring each other to eat dirt and doing generally stupid things without realizing the danger upon your own life. Boys will be boys never meant raping someone or anything that harmed anyone else.


I remember this story coming out. The cover ups were happening years before this finally came out. Anonymous was involved with airing it out as well. Theres a video of a confession to the acts as well. The boy literally said we raped her so hard. And the boys on the football team had a favorite song as well. Rape Me by Nirvana. You can not write shit this crazy.


Story Time: My schizophrenic brother went off his meds while living with a girl in Steubenville. She kicked him out and he became homeless. He would call me from random strangers phones and I would try and locate him so I could drive down from NYC to rescue him. My family and I begged the local police for help. We were always polite and they were always aggressive and unhelpful.

After weeks of trying to pin my brother down I gave up and took a week off work to search the area. My first stop was the Steubenville PD. Big mistake. When I showed up and explain ed who I was and who I was looking for the put me in a room and made me wait over an hour. Then some sergeant or captain showed up and lectured me for 30 minutes for harassing the police department and waiting the time of the police. I was flabbergasted. I didn’t even know how to respond. After his assurances the department would do zero to help find my missing brother I was allowed to leave.

I then spent the rest of my week searching the rotting underbelly of Steubenville for my brother with no success.

About a month later he popped up in Pittsburgh, PA. He had walked there on foot and I was able to track him down and pick him up before he froze to death.

Steubenville, OH is the asshole of the earth. I hope that I never have to set foot in that God forsaken place again.


My gf was raped at Liberty University by a football player. She and a few others came forward to the school, but they didn’t do jack shit since he was one of the better players. Fucking hate that place.


When i was in high school, the drug sniffing dog caught 2 football players. Absolutely nothing happened to them. No suspension, no booted off the football team. Apparently, the school didn’t want to suin their lives. One of them got a full ride to a large school, and proceeded to get kicked out before even finishing his first freshmen semester for drinking too much, and not going to class or practice (which, if you ever met him, you would be shocked how he even passed high school, because he was honestly just stupid as fuck). The other one didn’t play football after high school, and just partied took like 6 years at a junior college.

Edit: for the people saying it’s not a big deal, it actually is. This was in california in the time before even medical marijuana was legal, and they basically taught these guys that rules don’t apply to them. When you teach that lesson to people, then you get people like the affluenza teen, stealing beer from a walmart, then driving drunk and killing 4 people, and paralyzing his friend. To say “oh, its just weed, they don’t deserve to get in trouble”. They were minors, and it was illegal. It doesn’t matter if you think its a stupid law, it’s still a law. The school had a “zero tolerance” policy, not enforcing a policy equally is the epitome of a class system, and its something that current politicians try to get away with.