Our Cashew Story (2020) – pesticide awareness documentary about cashew plantations in India [00:41:14]

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Can someone who has watched this tell me if I can eat cashews?


Damn, can’t enjoy anything these days.


One of my tween sons just completed a paper on the problems of cocoa and chocolate harvesting and the slave labor they and all kinds of pesticides. He told me we shouldn’t eat chocolate any longer unless it is certified free trade! He really got passionate about it.


I heard that cashews were grown by slaves in some countries so I tried finding some that weren’t grown in those places.

Every package I could find listed about 10 countries that the cashews were potentially produced in, so it seems like there’s no way to avoid it if I want to keep eating them.

I absolutely love cashews and eat them daily for years, there has just go to be a better way. I think maybe I live too far north to grow them myself, IDK.


First almonds, due to all the water they require, now this. Added to the ever-growing list of otherwise-healthy foods we can’t really enjoy. Avocado cartels, palm oil forest destruction………..fucking sucks.


In Search of the Frog Boys (2020) – In 1991 five boys went missing in Korea. Part 1 CC [00:45:00]

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Killer options for me would be;

a) a soldier on the near by range killing one child.
This has a few issues for me.
1. They should be registered as at the range with QM signatures for weapon and ammunition. This could have been avoided in some scenario’s if the range officer didn’t check for unfired rounds and they simply signed in their rifle as “all rounds expended”.
They would need the weapon in their possession, however cleaning & training drills could account for rifle being signed out.
Still noise not noticed on the range?
Unless the boys were standing on the range, the round has effectively left the range into the surrounding bushlands.
How would they know they shot someone?
Did the children run out and ask for help?
Maybe they thought they could get help at the range?

Still, one accidental death leading quickly to blunt force murder of the others is a huge leap in criminality.

Could the soldier have been someone of influences son that would dishonour the family significantly?

b. I would think maybe an illegal poacher accidentally shooting one of the boys, then murdering the others to cover up. They would be far closer and would want to pick up their kill, so would “find” the boys. I imagine this person would need to be either a person of honourable authority in the local area, this would destroy their reputation/ jail time etc. Or someone on a 10/20/life final strike, if they are caught they are to be executed/ hard labour for life.

I doubt this is a secret that could be kept easily. Would be interesting to see which staff/personnel discharged/transferred from the base soon after the disappearance or someone of authority/respect in the local area who suddenly “travelled” never to return. Likewise any deaths in the 1-3 years following from accident or disease, could be the killer who never lived long enough to remorse.


You ever see a frog-kid?


part 2 is brutal


Found the bodies 11 yrs later nearby in a place that had been searched. Super sketchy.


Damn, that part 2.


Oil promises how oil changed a country (2020) – A case study in globalization. When oil was discovered in Ghana in 2007, the country began to dream of economic upswing and long-awaited prosperity, but dreams die fast against globalization [1:25:00]

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The govt just want money and does not care about anything such as environmental standards and etc.


Let me guess, suddenly there’s a dictator in Ghana and good guy USA is ready to help ?


globalization… now that’s a word i haven’t heard in a long time.


Typical African story, corruption, dictators, corruption, bad governance, corruption.

Typical rest of the world, blame the West for the above … oh, and corruption.


I haven’t watched it, but did the USA go to Ghana and make them a democracy and give them freedom?


Walking Britain’s Roman Roads – Watling Street (2020) – (Series) Telling the Roman’s history in Britain whilst traveling the paths of their ancient roads [00:44:44]

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Yeah but what have they ever done for us?!


Same guy that presents Secrets of Great British Castles on UK Netflix. Which is great too. Highly recommended.


Saved for bedtime.


Man, youtube’s algorithms suck. This is a channel I would love and already watch some other history based channels, but it has never once shown me anything like this before. It’s always the same channels over and over, when I know there have got to be thousands of other, interesting channels out there.


As a proud American who loves history, I have always been extremely jealous of our neighbors on the other side of the pond in Europe. To have that much history all around you at all times would be mind-blowing.


Magic Medicine (2018) – TRAILER | In 2012 a team of medical researchers asked themselves, “what would happen if we gave psilocybin (magic mushrooms) to people suffering from severe depression”? It took them three years to get the necessary permissions to find out. [00:02:02]

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Cured my alcoholhism, agoraphobia, and depression in just one trip.

Well ‘treated’ the depression, it was gone for a long time. But when it did come back there was something ‘extra’ in the brain that made things different, an inner strength…an extra network.

Literally can just go over to /r/mushroomgrowers and feel better and that’s a real thing, just recalling and/or talking about the mushroom experiences recreates the benefits. It’s like if you feel your first love again and share it with someone as a good thing instead of the tragic heart ache or cold dispassion it ended with.


I took part in a trial being overseen by Robin Carhart-Harris in 2015.


Shrooms are very cheap and easy to grow . There’s lots of info on Reddit on how to do it . If you can follow a recipe , then you can grow your own “ medicine”.


before organized religion, all the ancestors used nature’s medicine, religion is one of the most evil corrupt and tyrannical tools used by the people in power to dictate good and bad


I don’t trust any guys with that haircut.

And for that reason… I’m out.


The New Corporation (2020) – TRAILER | Sequel to multi-award-winning 2003 doc ‘The Corporation’ [00:01:50]

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I think we’re in such a rough spot as we’ve never lived in this style of government.

When you play Civilization, there is no selection for ‘Corporate Oligarchy’ in the modern era (although, I would love to see that happen).

One of the best ways to keep people off balance is to take away the ability to define what is happening to them…without the language to share something, it becomes impossible to properly communicate.

Not to mention, we have no history to go off of and no national history of corporate control to have taught us lessons and the dangers of this happening. It sucks.


The guy at the end is Anand Giridharadas and his 2018 book **Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World** was pretty decent


The 2003 film was so powerful. This sequel should be no less effective given that it has so much material to work with.


That bit at the end annoys me, what was your role in this moment in history?

These documentaries are great as they highlight stuff a lot haven’t a clue about. Sadly the majority that would need to change prob will never even consider watching this, like they don’t with most documentaries.

What exactly can this minority do to change things, fighting against corporations who have media, government in their back pocket.

What can I, an autistic 38yr living with his parents with no friends, no one who listens actually do. I’ve already chose to not have kids, I’ve switched to a vegan diet, I try to recycle as much as possible. I try to tell others but I just get branded conspiracy theorist


As long as the workplace remains a tyranny democracy is a farce.


Do You Have An Unrelated Identical Twin? (2020) – Strangers meet their doppelgangers for the first time as researchers search for the most identical strangers [00:47:10]

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I got mistaken for a bank robber by the FBI once at an airport.

We cleared it up in like 5 minutes.

Had a good laugh, then they showed me a picture of the guy’s drivers license.

I honestly thought it was a picture of me I forgot taking.

I was very involved in sports at the time, and I was on film playing a multiple games when some of the roberies took place. Very easy alibi to check out


I saw my doppelganger sitting across from me on a bus once. We both kept staring at each other the entire ride like, “gimme my shit back”.


I used to get told by a LOT of people that they know my brother, or that I look just like my brother. I am an only child. Never did meet this relative.


When I was younger I was checking out some online porn and came across a male actor that looked unnervingly like me. Not a “hey that guy sort of looks like you” and then you see him and say “nah.” It was, “But I don’t remember banging that porn actress.” And I am adopted so…


These people don’t look alike though? They dress them the same, and do their hair the same, but they are pretty noticeably different people. Am I the only one seeing this?


Crumb (1995) – Crumb is a 1995 American documentary film about the noted underground cartoonist Robert Crumb (R. Crumb) and his family (including his two brothers) and his outlook on life. [01:56:17]

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Back in the late 90s early 2000s, my friend and I got high and went for a walk on a local trail.

We were pretty darn high, and quietly singing theme songs from the 80s, like The Greatest American Hero and Family Ties (“Shalalalaaah”). The pot made us pretty paranoid, too.

Anyway, as we were walking a guy was walking toward us in the opposite direction. He looked sketchy. He looked kind of disheveled and he was walking with a look of determination and intensity. He was wearing camo pants and a kind of cheap olive poncho, like a rain blocker. I whispered to my friend, “Whoa, this dude looks a little suspect, man. Be on guard.” He said, “Yeah, totally. Keeping cool but ready.”

So we passed by the guy, ready to run like jack rabbits if need be, but nothing happened.

And then suddenly something cut through the pot smoke. And it hit me. I spun on my heels and said, “Hey!”

He turned around.

“You’re Crumb’s brother!”

The guy said, matter-of-factly, “Yes, I am.”

My friend gave out the biggest high-as-fuck “whoooooooooaaahh it IS him.”

It was the brother who lived in SF and sat on boards with nails and all that. Not the pedo one who committed suicide.

I said, “Uh, well, we really liked that movie, that’s all.”

He said, “Thank you.”

“Okay, well, goodbye.”

And that’s how I met Crumb’s brother.


This is a fantastic documentary about one of the most important and influential artists of the 20th century. Crumb is completely open and unrehearsed about his frailties, and what really struck me in watching this movie was how, for all his obvious mental health issues, Robert is clearly the healthiest and most functional member of his entire family.

The director of this documentary, Terry Zweigoff, also directed the excellent 2001 film, “Ghost World” featuring a young Scarlett Johansson opposite Thora Birch and Steve Buscemi, adapted from the work of another outstanding comic book artist, Daniel Clowes.


I’d also throw in a plug for the narrative film American Splendor which talks about Crumb’s friend and fellow artist Harvey Pekar.


One of the best documentaries ever made! R. Crumb is an extraordinary man, even though he doesn’t perceive himself as such.


Says something bout copyright blah blah fuck youtube.


The Jefferson Bible- Thomas Jefferson (2020) [1:02:00]

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it wasn’t that Jefferson just cut out the un-important controversial parts of the bible: he cut out ALL of the supernatural parts. Jefferson was not a Christian, and did not believe Christ to be the son of god. and the narrator doesn’t seem very well educated on that fact.


Scrolling by I thought this Civ loading screen looked a bit odd.


Federalists attacked Jefferson as a godless heathen who slept with his slaves.


This narrator/producer is funny and interesting. Where can I find more documentaries from this guy?


so much for the christian nation gimmick by neocons


Daniel Boone and the Opening of the American West (2015) – Follows the life of Daniel Boone. Against the backdrop of the American Revolution, he explored the beautiful but often fiercely unforgiving wilderness of Kentucky that became known as “the dark and bloody ground”. [00:57:14]

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Am I too late to post the reddit hot takes on colonialism


I was a kid in the 1950’s, when Daniel Boone was a Disney hero to all of us elementary school kids. We worshipped Westerns the way kids today worship sci-fi and video games.

I wonder what people will find politically incorrect about sci-fi and video games in 2080?


I’m actually a great grandson 6 generations removed from him and never thought much of it until I went to school at appstate in boone, nc. Unsurprisingly everyone thought I was full of shit haha.




My dad always said we were related to him ::shrug::