The Man Who Used HIV As a Weapon (2019) Guy goes on a deliberate campaign with sabotaged condoms to infect his Grindr dates with AIDS. Then taunts his victim’s by telling them after.

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Well that’s fucked up.


Why the fuck would someone do that.


I would not feel sorry for him if a victim went ballistic and fucked him up in a parking lot. Retroviruses can mess you up even if you are on your meds.

A warped evil man who deserves whatever karma has in store for him…


This is no longer a felony in California but rather a misdemeanor with punishment equal to public intoxication.


I learned some life advice from the show Blue Mountain State and I will always respect it till the day I die. ALWAYS USE YOUR OWN CONDOMS.


The rise of Vladimir Putin (2019) – This documentary shows some interesting confidential chats in the Kremlin that reveal Putin’s attitudes towards power and leadership. The filmmaker Vitali Manski now lives in exile in Riga. [42:25]

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Putin should die in a fire.


Hopefully not four more years of Putin here in America.


The true antichrist.


He likes dogs


Mushrooms man


Rick Steves’ European Christmas (2005) From England to Wales, France, Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy, you’ll see the bright Christmas markets, hear local choirs, share holiday traditions with families…and even play in the snow

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My first trip to Europe I brought the Rick Steves Guide to Italy which my mom gave me for Christmas. I had never heard of the guy before that. My friends made fun of me relentlessly for being a nerdy tourist walking around with this travel book. After a couple days I convinced them to go to the Capuchin Crypt in Rome on Rick Steves recommendation. It was this metal as fuck crypt underneath a church that is built out of 4000 skeletons of monks. There are bone chandeliers, mummified monks, altars made out of skulls, a skeleton grim reaper with a shoulder blade scythe hanging from the ceiling… We were completely blown away! The entire rest of the trip my friends treated the Rick Steves book like the fucking Bible and wanted Rick Steves input on every place we went to. This was pre-cellphone days so we had literally just this book to get us around the country – Rick Steves is a legend! My mom was pretty stoked that we actually used her book too!


Rick Steves has my dream job.


Rick is an excellent human being. He’s been a family friend for decades since he taught my aunt piano lessons before he ever got in the travel game. I went to school with his kids growing up and happen to currently be waiting to fly to Europe tomorrow in my hometown of Edmonds, Wa where he resides. Since he’s found fame and fortune he has remained extremely down to earth and contributes generously to a significant amount of causes close to his heart. He’s well loved in the community and is just as giving with his time as he is his money. He’s the kind of human story that makes sense from a just universe point of view. You wouldn’t begrudge him becoming wealthy by touring around Europe and telling people all about it if you knew him. I think that comes through in his video persona but just in case it doesn’t I can tell you that he is the real deal.


If you ever have the chance to experience Christmas in Austria don’t miss it! It is magical.


Rick Steves is a fucking boss. I’ve always loved his travel docs, ever since I was a little kid. It would be a blast to smoke a joint with him and hear the travel stories he doesn’t put on camera.


A Mile an Hour – Running a Different Kind of Marathon (2018) – Good-natured Aussie dude runs 1 mile every hour for 24 hours, completing projects and little tasks in-between every hour. Will make you rethink how you can spend your day.

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Why is he running in miles if he’s Australian?


I have a loop at home that is 6.2 miles. I use it as mt 10k days.

Anyways, i was preparing for a loop ultra coming up, so i decided to do loops on it one Saturday.

Of course it was my gf’s week to work. So i decided to do chores while running.

I would run a lap then spend 20 minutes resting and doing laundry and dishes and vacuuming.

It was my first marathon ever. Took my me 5 hrs and 40 minutes to do 4 laps and complete 3 loads of laundry, dishes, and cleaning up the house.


People like this really do inspire me. I wish I could kick depression’s ass and do stuff like this. One step at a time. Just lovely.


This is cool. Would anyone like to do this with me? Idc who you are. We can just pick an hour to start and talk about what we’ve done in between. I’d need to wait for June to begin though, unless you wanna be my moral support for a 24-hour gym drop-in.


I do this with Runescape minus the running.


Father’s Kingdom (2017) – a handful of senior citizens are the last members of their once massive cult and currently live as a communal family on a magnificent estate. The past and present history of their cult and it’s leader (who used to refer to himself as God incarnate) is examined. [1:33:59]

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Watching now, thank you.


Being a non-procreating group tends to do that


Not watchable in EU, got a mirror?


“The past and present history”


So their leader Father Divine is dead. Does that officially make them a religion instead of a cult?


The Group – A Documentary (2015) – “This organization, while claiming to have rescued thousands of teens from the horrors of drug addiction, has been repeatedly accused of using cult-like practices to control its teenage followers and their concerned families.” [01:35:51]

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Holy shit. I did not know this documentary existed. I was in one of these groups. One of the guys caught on hidden camera was my counselor! I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but the first little bit is very accurate. In fact, if I do speak of it anymore I refer to the as “the cult I was in”. Crazy! It was extremely cultish


Is this what that cult from that episode of Boy Meets World was based on.


I think I listened to a podcast about these guys. Creepy stuff.


Oh wow, these folks took some of my friends in the 90s


I hit a rough patch when I was 19/20 (putting it mildly) and I was sent for a year to a program just like this. Insane, surreal, and certainly a cult. They hide behind Jesus’ name to avoid taxes and transparency. It’s a clever cloak to hide the ethical violations of a “non-profit” (501c3)


(2015)Tulsa Oklahoma Black Wall Street Race Riots.(42.30)

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Race *Massacre



Watchmen on HBO touches on this. Very good series!


My great grandfather and his family lived through this. He hid his family in a giant commercial ice cream freezer. It worked. Otherwise I may not have existed.


They systematically kept us down, not only with citizens and violence, but with politics as well. There were factions in congress after the civil war that were against giving colored people rights. They robbed black people of their labor power, robbed native americans and asians of their resources, then blocked us out of the prosperity that produced. Then somehow said it’s our fault we’re down 😒. They act like just cuz it’s 2020 we all started from square 1, and completely disregard all this past plundering and oppression that created our different monetary and social standings in the first place


Massacre. It was a massacre. Not a riot.

It’s actually amazing that blacks and whites get along as well as we do in this country when you consider all of the lynchings and violent bullshit like this that went on.

Just finished a podcast on this event. We never talked about it in school, and I had only ever heard about it in passing. Holy shit…


‘The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story’ (2019) A YouTube Originals documentary about the man behind the Backstreet Boys and *NYSNC, and how he ripped them off and many others. Now free to watch.

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It’s weird growing up and learning things that creeped you out as a kid were actually creepy


pretty good. Lance and his mom are cute af. Didn’t know Lance was so cute.


Really interesting documentary, I had no idea that was going on behind the scenes.

Lou was definitely shitty, but there are a couple points that should be mentioned:

* Almost none of these group members read their contracts. The couple that did were advised against it but still signed anyway.
* I can’t totally fault the members on this one, because it wasn’t known then, but from Lou’s perspective he was putting his own money in–not investors or an existing company’s money. The recoupments were excessive and shady with Lou, but standard in these types of music contracts. An investment was made in the group and the investor wants their return. Everything that was mentioned; rent/dancers/studio time/etc, that all has to be paid from somewhere and in the end it was all in the contract.
* Investments are always a risk, especially when returns are curiously high. These people sunk everything they had into this one thing; they could have invested a portion of their total funds to test the waters before going all in or diversified with other funds (not with Lou) that had more of a solid track record and history.

I felt bad for Allan, that guy just wanted a fellow aeronautics friend. The scariest part of this documentary was Aaron Carter; I heard about him a little but there’s something very wrong there.


I used to listen to *NSYNC when they were underground…


(2019) ‘The Hum’: The Unexplained Noise 2% of People Can Hear (25.14)

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“Watch a video about people who want to feel special while being unable to accept the fact that they have Tinnitus”

Yeah, I’m good.


Before today’s lcd/led TV’s I could always “hear” TV’s and some other devices if they we on without seeing the screen or even being aware there was a tv in the vicinity. I don’t think I can hear the newer models now


This documentary is a perfect example of how conspiracy theorists justify their actions, and OCD can ruin your life. A tiny background noise in his house bothered him so much that he was driving around 6-7 hours on saturdays and sundays, and using audio equipment to “track” it miles away.

His science throughout is conducted very poorly, to the point that I have to believe it was done on purpose, for confirmation bias. First he fails to isolate his sound source from a turned-on laptop (which obviously has a fan). Then he talks over the recordings other times and uses that as data. When his assumptions are proven wrong, the next rational step he goes to is a widespread conspiracy against him and other people around the world. Driving far away from his house and the original problem, because he can’t give up his fixation.

After assembling huge amounts of “data” he writes many complaint letters about the closest scapegoat, and forces Iroquois Gas to check if their nearby compressors are responsible, due to the “harmful physical and mental effects” of this hum. The doc’s highlighted sections of their report are not the parts you should read, it’s a lot funnier to see how frustrated they are getting with him, and the complete lack of evidence he has to support his claims. Even the sound he’s complaining about at his house is coming from nearly the opposite direction!

It only goes downhill after his case gets thrown out. He takes global surveys of people who hear the hum, and lines it up with the map of gas pipelines, **without accounting for population!** Like, no shit dude, the places with more people are also going to have more gas pipelines. Immediately after that he says mental illnesses are the hum’s fault, so even if he or anyone else he surveyed does have schizophrenia or alzheimers or autism, it was probably due to the sound. The last straw for me was when he smugly suggested that Sandy Hook wouldn’t have happened if people had listened to him earlier, because the sound was “particularly bad” a few days before.

It’s scary as hell to me that conspiracy theories start up like this. He repeatedly failed to prove that this was anything other than his own personal madness, but just used each failure as an opportunity to expand the conspiracy further. Now he has a support group of people around the world that agree with him, and an echo chamber for his shoddy science. And it probably all started because of imperceptible sounds coming out of his household electronics on standby, that most people can easily tune out. This is an engineer’s mind gone rogue, when there’s no problem for it to solve, and it’s terrifying what that can do to you.


Would like to see an actual measurement and freqency they are looking at. A $20 decibel meter is laughable.


“Isn’t it strange? Birds chirping in the middle of the night?” Um… buddy, those aren’t birds, they are frogs.