I Was a Sex Slave to Europe’s Elite at Age 6 (2017) [00:06:57]

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I think we would all agree that sex trafficking is a horrible thing, but there are a lot of questions here that no one seems to be asking. Verification is also important, and I don’t see any here.


How does this qualify as a documentary, what is the definition used here? It’s one person telling a tale with nothing else at all. There’s no details, no facts, nothing ‘real’ that can be looked into or verify. There is nothing else at all provided, no other footage, there’s nothing.


I have an ex with BPD who writes these weird blogs where, alternately she was abused by me, her father, her mother or all three.

She now sells essential oils and claims she can ‘open her third eye and see the winged serpents in people that make them sick’.

Unfortunately for a lot of actual abuse survivors, there are plenty of sick people who love the power a good victim story seems to give them.


Hmm, she speaks in very vague terms about all of this. No names, no places, nothing that can be verified in any way. And she says she knew a place where they literally slaughtered hundreds of children, but now she… teaches prison yoga. Because all her rapists are dead, according to her. How convenient.


From the first time I heard this woman speak years ago… I had a weird feeling about her. I couldn’t prove she was lying and that she’s mentally ill but I’m inclined to believe she’s completely unstable and lying (or entirely delusional).

There are real victims out there but I don’t think she’s one of them. Saying that she won’t name names even after these supposed predators have already died is what made me decide she’s lying.


Cody “Country Boy” Legebokoff (2020) – A teenage Serial Killer who preyed on women along the Highway of Tears in Northern British Columbia, finally being incidentally apprehended in 2010 after dumping a 14 yr-olds body on a popular poaching road [00:17:15]

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This is basically a video of a dude reading the wikipedia page

>Legebokoff’s trial on four counts of murder was originally scheduled to begin in September 2013, but was delayed a month until October, and then again until June 2014. Legebokoff pleaded not guilty to all four counts of murder.[14] The judge and 12 jurors heard testimony from 93 Crown witnesses and the defendant.[1]

>Legebokoff testified during the trial that he was “involved” in three of the deaths but claimed that he did not commit the killings. He alleged that a drug dealer and two accomplices, whom he would only name as “X, Y and Z”, were the actual murderers.[15] Prosecutors did not accept this attempt to plead guilty to the lesser charge of second-degree murder.



I knew this kid. Played hockey with his older brother. Cody came on hockey trips with us. His Dad was one of my coaches and was one of the funniest, down to earth human beings I’ve ever met.


The trial happened in my hometown and I went to the courthouse because I was curious. The guy is huge, tall and big and those poor girls never stood a chance. The Human Monsters podcast on him is really good and has lots of detail on the case.


Check out the Canadian True Crime podcast. There’s an episode on him and it’s really good. And the four part episodes on Robert Pickton are absolutely unreal! It’s a really good podcast. I was addicted to it until episodes 12-14 really fucked with my head and I needed to take a break.


I worked with him at the Ford dealer in Prince George, although he wasn’t a mechanic there, he worked in receiving for the parts department. This was shortly before he got arrested. Was definitely a little creepy realizing afterwards that you worked and talked with a serial killer. He seemed like a pretty normal guy, we never suspected a thing


Thai berry pickers in Sweden | DW Documentary (2020) – Exploitation of international labor by fake contracts [00:25:56]

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Slave Labor and Slave wages are the same thing.


This documentary could’ve been filmed in any western country.
Example, Eastern European workers doing the ‘Bio’ grape harvest for Italian Barolo wines.
The wineries charging huge prices for that fashionable BIO label yet paying well below minimum wage with workers working in open spaces at 40°c temperatures and living in cramped, shared accommodation for months at a time away from their families.

It’s sad, disgusting, abhorrent….insert preferred adjective here.


Not sure why the title says fake contracts? I’ve watched the documentary and the contracts guarantees them at least minimum wage, but they all want to work more to earn more. It seems… at least transparent,? There is nothing illegal and the workers seemed happy to work there. Even their accommodation seemed nice. Much better than what many eastern europeans experience in Germany, for example. Or Italy, or Spain.
Just to not give the wrong impression: I still think they are doing a super hard job, and they should earn more.


“They need the Thai to do the jobs the Swedes won’t do.”


With so many countries locking out non residents, I wonder what will happen to cross/harvests this year. All countries rely on foreign labor workforce for special visa contracts.


Light Falls: Space, Time and an Obsession of Einstein (2019) – Take a theatrical journey with physicist Brian Greene to uncover how Albert Einstein developed his theory of relativity. Science is illuminated on stage and screen through innovative projections and an original score… [01:24:50]

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Hey, I went to high school with Einstein. Well, with that actor anyway. Strange to see.

Anyway there is another story about Einstein, which is that he read a book for boys when he was young inviting the reading to imagine himself as an electron travelling through a telegraph line.

Also, there were some men repairing the roof out his window when he had the idea about falling off the roof.


You know, I like Brian, but Jesus – does he have to be in everything?


I’ve just done my research. Looks like you guys are just going off of what you were told in school.


Einstein was a tool


The Coldest Place on Earth (2020) – The short story about how people are living in the coldest town in the world [00:03:59]

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Damn, this place is way colder as well as warmer than where I live.


Do you guys get a lot of tourists? besides the festival period? Seems like a cool place to visit!


Jesus Christ anything below 70F/21C is chilly for me lol bless these folks


I live in Winnipeg which is always on the same list as this place for coldest cities on earth. Summertime heat and winter absolutely freezing. I work outside year round and in the winter I sometimes have on 4-6 layers of thermal clothing on just to keep warm. This is while doing forestry work which is labour intensive lol.


According to Wikipedia Yakutsk, the town in the video, is actually the second coldest town. Norilsk is currently the coldest with an average temperature of -9.6C or 14.7F. Whereas Yakutsk is only -8.8C or 16.2F.


I Am Not A Rapist (2020) – This gripping BBC documentary tells the dramatic story of three young men falsely accused of rape, and the devastating consequences the allegations had on their lives [00:43:54]

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I didn’t really think of the long term ramifications of being accused of rape but not convicted. The internet is forever, and any time they go to apply for a job, a Google search will bring up the trial. That poor woman whose brother and mom committed suicide suffered horribly.


I know people will argue about the anonymity side in regards to others coming forward.

It’s bullshit, until someone is PROVEN guilty they should have an automatic right to it. Too many have turned out innocent and had their lives destroyed.

Also anyone found guilty of false allegations should receive a hefty sentence and have to pay a substantial amount of damages to those they accused.


Having been accused myself its soul destroying that someone that you cared about for so long can be so evil and lie. She claimed that she even went to the police about it and they did nothing which is an absolute lie. The stuff she was accusing me of, I would have been questioned. She said this stuff over social media without naming me but everyone knew who she was talking about. She did it for the attention, she was the one with tons of friends, every guy wanted to be with her type, looks completely innocent and then me with no friends so easy for people to point the finger.

It scares the shit of me basically, I feel like I can’t achieve anything big in my life, like if I wrote book that did well, or got something I wrote made into movie/TV and I’m in the limelight, she would be the type to jump out and point the finger claiming all this stuff just because she would get tons of attention with the media and my life would be destroyed.


Trials should honestly be private until the verdict is made. It’s disgusting how no one cares anymore about “innocent until proven guilty”. Now even if you’re proven innocent social media and google will archive you forever and your life is still ruined. This is the part of rape culture people don’t want to talk about and it has affected more than people realize.


How is it that wrongly accusing some people of rape can ruin their lives, while other people can be accused and proven to have raped someone and still go on with their lives like nothing happened?

Is being rich the sole factor?


PBS American Experience “The Big Burn” (2019) – In the summer of 1910, hundreds of wildfires raged across the Northern Rockies. By the time it was all over, more than three million acres had burned and at least 78 firefighters were dead. It was the largest fire in American history. [00:52:11]

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*until now


Moved out of California 14 years ago. Been back several times, each time shocked at how much dryer the Valley and the Sierra west slope seem to be. Similar experience visiting the Rockies every year. Larger and larger swathes of dead trees from the bark beetle infestation, and at higher elevations. Last 5 years layering in huge burn areas. The landscape is changing rapidly.

I used to picture desertification as an imperceptibly slow process, but it’s happening quickly. Go see the forests while you can.


This year more than 4 million acres have been burned in just Oregon and California.


Read the book The Big Burn by Timothy Egan!


1910 was a singular massive flare up that raged. We are seeing a clear trend that west coast fire season is growing longer every year and the forests are getting drier every year causing mass wildfires. It’s easy to correlate warming weather patterns with these extended dry seasons. We should absolutely be doing controlled burns to prevent the massive loss of property and life that we are seeing, but here in California we have a backlog of maintenance that is being done, NFS received budget cuts and aren’t able to effectively manage the land, and Sierra Club lobbying has held back all owners of our forestry from making significant gains.


Selling the Girl Next Door (2011) – This takes viewers into the world of underage American girls caught up in the violent sex trade. Thousands of girls under the age of 18 are ensnared into lives of prostitution annually, according to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. [00:42:55]

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Even the thumbnail for the video is pretty questionable.

I work with young people who actually have been trafficked/pushed into sex work. Most of them are very young and doing it for survival purposes. Many have been pushed out of their homes due to being LGBTQ. A few have been lured into it by a “boyfriend” and threats of violence. A very large number of them are POC, some are undocumented. Not all of them are girls.

There are a lot of these people and they need help. But they DO NOT need QAnon bullshit, or massive law enforcement raids. They need a functioning social safety net. But when you tell a well-meaning supporters that the sex worker who needs her help is a 17 year old HS dropout who struggles with drug use disorder and has already escaped three group homes, their interest suddenly evaporates.

And of course, most human trafficking is in adults, for labor, not sex trafficking.

There are some decent sources out there if you want to learn more about the myths around trafficking (some promoted by this video), but I recommend the podcast You’re Wrong About and their episode on human trafficking.


It’s called sex work sweety and it’s heckin valid.


PBS American Experience “The Eugenics Crusade” (2018) – The story of the eugenics movement and its long history in the US, weaving through the wide state sponsored sterilization of the 1900s, to the immigration laws designed to close our borders to groups deemed genetically inferior [01:53:12]

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Sweden practiced forced sterilization until the 1970s. Sweden was still practicing eugenics long after MLK and JFK were shot, a generation after WW2 ended.


This was an incredible documentary. I did not know that these ideas were borrowed by Nazi Germany


Jebus, I thought this sounded like an interesting documentary and stopped in to read some discussion and what I see is a thread flooded “everything bad in the world throughout history was caused exclusively by current political opponents.”


So race aside obviously, is there any evidence to suggest that humans as a species would be better if only the best (smartest, fastest, strongest, etc.) were the ones having all the babies? Would humans just get better over time? FYI this question is prewatch.


Holy shit this thread is a dumpster fire. Abandon hope, ye who enter here.