Scarlet Road: A sex worker’s journey (2016) a lovely documentary about a sex worker who focuses on clients with disabilities

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This is a much needed service, man. In 10th grade Mrs. Douglas, a true badass of a woman, told us she supported prostitution. When someone asked why she said some very impactful shit, “Well it’s a great way for people with disabilities to get a natural human anti-depressant.” She was one of the only teachers to ever like me, which is awesome because she was the coolest person.


This was really interesting to watch. I can’t lie, some parts made me really squeamish. But Rachel’s commitment to ensuring everyone has normal sexual experiences is so affecting, she seems like such an interesting person, and so do her clients.

It makes me feel so torn… I obviously support what she is doing and the legalization of prostitution. But I also wish all the disabled people in the documentary could have partners if they wanted them. I know that prostitution gives them a means to express themselves sexually but probably a lot of people also just want a partner that they can talk to about their day, EVERY day. I feel so genuinely lucky for having a husband and even though I have my own health issues it puts into perspective how privileged I am. I hope everyone can find happiness with themselves and what they do.


Guy has great sense of humor.

Otto’s mom is a great mother and an extraordinarily understanding person.

Rachael is always cheerful and bringing happiness to people who would never get it otherwise.

And disabled aren’t the only “forbidden to have sex” people. The ugly, the socially impaired, the old, the secluded etc.


I work with people with disabilities and it’s nice to see documentaries like this.


At around the 47 minute mark during the shower the emotions were so powerful I started crying. She is amazing. She is giving these beautiful souls a chance to have intimacy, and she really cares about them. This is beautiful.


Salesman (1969) – A documentary on door to door bible salesmen

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Was this the doc that Documentary Now parodied with the globes?


This gives great insight into the grind of door to door sales. And also a look into 1960s life.


$50 in 1969 is the equivalent of $342 in 2019.


I remember cringing a lot during this


Watched this in college. It’s really good.


Louis Theroux Weird Weekends Looking for Love (2000). Louis peers into the world of Thai brides and the men who desire them.

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I wish he still made these documentaries. They’re so good


Classic Louis Theroux, love it. One thing they don’t explain is the Thai women keep saying that Thai men are awful, for certain cultural reasons. Can anyone elaborate on why that is?


3min in and Ronny seems quite creepy. “Oddly enough, under 20yo they’re harder to place”. 😬


I’ve lived in Bangkok for 17 years. In my early broke years, I lived less than 100m from the building Ronnie’s agency was located in… it was home to the biggest Internet Cafe in Bangkok. I once caught a pedo uploading porn to an ftp server there & called him out. I wish I’d done more.

In any case, this sort of thing (creepy dating agencies for lost / pervy westerners) doesn’t happen like it used to. Thailand is essentially 4 x as expensive as it was back then & that tends to weed these types out.


I got as far as the part where the dude (55) was essentially spoon feeding his soon to be wife (21).

Stopped there.


The Assassination of Julius Caesar (2019) – The Ides of March, 44 B.C.E.

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There’s only one YT channel than can make me feel so much emotion for little colored squares.


His videos have been leading up to this moment with great detail. I jumped for joy when I saw he had a new one, because I knew it was time for Cesar to die. Now I’m jonesing for the aftermath video!


hands down my favorite YouTube channel.


I really hope he does Marius & Sulla instead of Octavian next. While Octavian is a great story, I feel showing *how* the Republic was weakened to make the Triumvirates possible might be far more useful/relevant to today


Stabbed in the groin. Brutus is a pile of excrement.


Stealing A Nation (2004) – About the British–American clandestine operation that saw the expulsion of thousands of the native Chagossian population of Diego Garcia and neighbouring islands in order to use the land for a US/British airbase.

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And people wonder why so much of the world hates us.


Xi Jin Pig has the most to gain from this post


Great documentary, and very sad story. awfully familiar to what happen to the Hawaiian Kingdom.


Clandestine? Your title is misleading, I read about this in the Sunday Times, a UK national paper, in the early Seventies.


2nd great documentary I’ve found on Reddit in 2 days is there an accredited list we can recommend to add this to and to find other great documentaries?


The dinosaur village (2019) – “More well-preserved dinosaur fossils have been found in Thuringia, Germany, than anywhere else in the world. Almost every skeleton find has become a global sensation. As the archaeologists keep digging, they may have discovered a new species.”

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I have to be a bit nitpicky here, but your title makes it seems as if Thuringia was a town in Germany. It’s a full state, even though it’s on the smaller side.


Archaeologists don’t study dinosaurs


Thanks for sharing. Really interesting!

Edit: I obviously stepped on some toes with this comment…..


Can’t watch someone who actually knows about dinosaurs how does Alberta Drumheller area aka dinosaur/death valley compare to this?

I grew up always being told where the capital of Dinos in the world and such. Was that just tourism trap stuff or what?


I recently found out that CO2 level in the dinosaur era was 5 times higher than today. Wonder what the temperature was in Germany during this time since the dinosaurs seems to have thrived there..


Tell Me Who I Am (2019) – After losing his memory, Alex relies on his twin brother to teach him who he is, but the idyllic childhood Alex paints is hiding a traumatic family secret.

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Is the title right? It says Alex twice


Just watched it. Feel a little sick. Can’t help but feel the “right” brother was the keeper of these memories.




I just watched this documentary and had a very strong reaction to it. Just wondering if anyone else can relate….

>!I’m sure the memory loss that Alex went through was very difficult, and especially that moment over a decade later, when he learned the truth and lost the absolute trust that he had in his brother. But the way he kept going on and on about how he didn’t know who he was and couldn’t stand the secrets anymore and just kept talking about how his life was incomplete and a lie and PUSHING Marcus to tell him…just really made me so angry! You DO know who you are – you are the person you have been from 18 years on – you are the person you are right now. Did the accident damage the part of his brain that contains empathy?!? How can he not understand what his brother did for him and why he had to do it?!<

>!Marcus did the absolute best that he could being an 18-year-old and shouldering the UNBELIEVABLE burden of years and years of horrifying sexual abuse, and then suddenly being completely alone with that burden when Alex lost his memory. And he coped by compartmentalizing all his trauma and constructing what he knew would be a better life for his brother… And then when I saw how Marcus was able to move on and start a family of his own and live a fairly healthy normal life, and THEN when he told the story about how he STOPPED the abuse at the age of 14 – he stood up to one of his abusers because he KNEW it wasn’t right, and he SAVED his brother from all future abuse – it just honestly solidified this man as one of the strongest people I have ever heard of. What he did for his brother was a GIFT – he SAVED him twice – and honestly I think Marcus is a fucking hero.!<

>!YES, it’s not healthy that he held his story in for so long, and I am glad he finally got it out, but it fucking broke my heart when he was beating himself up about betraying his brother, and hoping that one day Alex would forgive him?!?!? You have absolutely nothing to apologize for, nothing to be ashamed of Marcus! You RESCUED your brother TWICE! You coped using all the tools you had available to you at the time! And your story is yours to tell, and YOU should be able to decide how and when and where and who to tell it to.!<

>!I’m going to have to give Alex the benefit of the doubt and assume that the filmmakers may have played up the rift between the brothers and encouraged Alex to keep pushing Marcus and making it seem like his burden was just as bad as Marcus’s. And I suppose I am completely biased because I understand a bit more about the shame of sexual abuse, being a survivor, while I understand nothing about memory loss. But the gift Marcus tried to give his brother was a beautiful thing. And Alex just didn’t seem to understand that at all. You can see it clearly in their faces, in their bodies, in their emotional reactions, that Alex has been spared SO MUCH by the courage and strength of his twin brother.!<

Okay, RANT over.


Has anyone seen this and can review?


Fascinating idea, wondering if replacing the memories can cure PTSD from trauma?


BBC: The Story Of Skinhead (2016) – Black British filmmaker Don Letts tells the story of a widely misunderstood subculture.

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This was a good one. Thoughtful and nuanced.
Anyone who enjoyed *This is England* would be interested in this.


Amazing Documentary! As a 40 y/o white dude from America, this is completely new knowledge to me. I definitely feel for the people of this sub-culture, who had their name and image overrun into something so negative.

Very well produced! I LOVE all the historic footage in this doc, a TON of just candid film from the different eras.

One criticism, is they cover a lot of different versions and changes in the music genre, and there is always background music playing that really does an excellent job of bringing you into that era, but I wish they gave more info on the music being played, so you could follow along. Becuase the music is so important to this documentary.


I had a really long argument/discussion about this with my friends English aunt. I kept trying to explain that the roots of the skinhead movement weren’t racist and she kept acting like I was praising Nazis.

She had interactions with racist skinheads in her youth and couldn’t except that both her experiences and what I was saying could be true.

She also was arguing that politics within music was a uniquely American thing and that English music had no political stance until American influence, it was a frustrating conversation.


boots and braces don’t make a racist, oi oi


I knew a bunch of cool skinheads in high school and they would always differentiate themselves from what they called boneheads, the Nazi pricks that gave them a bad name.


Living With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (2019) A Conversation With My Brother

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I went to high school with a guy who had fetal alcohol syndrome. 20 years later he has a job as a cleaner at a local grocery store. He lives alone in a small bachelor apartment and he’s a super nice guy, isn’t shy at all, and he’ll talk to you like you’ve been friends his entire life. I see him quite often and even though he doesn’t know my name, has no recollection of us going to school together, he’s always so happy to see me. It’s unfortunate that people I went to high school with didn’t know about his condition and he was bullied quite often in the hallways and made fun of for his slurred speech and his appearance. His condition is no fault of his own but kids are so very mean. It would be nice for fetal alcohol syndrome to be discussed more and to raise awareness that this is a very real and preventable thing.


Box of timbits, milk in a bag, and the maple leaf in a single shot. Congratulations on reaching peak Canadian.


Thanks, this was really enlightening. FAS is an underserved situation in the public eye. Very well done 🙂


This is a very intimate documentary. I’m ashamed to say I never knew this was a thing. This is great work from both of you.


Your brother sounds a bit like Jeff Goldblum. Great video!


Bush’s War (2008) – a great look at the administration that left us with the aftermath of wars we are still dealing with today.

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George W Bush lied about Iraqi WMD’s to take heat off of Saudi Arabia after Saudi Arabians financed by Saudi Arabians attacked the United States on 9/11. W’s play in Iraq cost 600 thousand Iraqi lives.


I say this as someone who voted for Obama, but I think it’s unfair to put the blame on Bush, when Obama, and now Trump each have the opportunity to get out of those wars.

Hell, Obama not only bombed more countries, but also dropped more bombs per day than Bush.

The wars in the Middle East were the biggest reason I didn’t like Bush. But the fact that Obama seems to not only get a pass, but the Nobel Peace Prize, for dropping more bombs per day, over the course of more days, and in more countries than Bush… it just seems like… something isn’t right.

I’m not trying to shit on either of the presidents. I don’t know that the public bias is their fault, but it clearly exists.


I remember going to an anti-Bush march in London years and years ago when he visited. It always strikes me as strange when media tries to show him in a good light – like that picture of him and Michelle Obama. Reddit had, what seemed like, a PR push a few months ago I recall.

The man is a war criminal.


Also Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton’s War.

Both voted in Congress to go to war in Iraq as Senators.


Ah yes, the Iraq War, otherwise known as Revenge for Daddy