Sad Case of Karen Garner (2021) Police Officers are Laughing watching The Tragic Arrest of Mrs. Karen Garner [00:17:22]

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This is both horrifying and depressing. She’s elderly, 5’0 tall and 80lbs. She was picking flowers and allegedly walked away from walmart without paying for a $13 item. At what fucking point does any of that warrant throwing her to the ground and aggressively handcuffing her? Then throwing her in a cell alone crying for 6 hours in pain.
It’s infuriating and shameful. All those involved and the ones who laughed about this abuse need to be charged criminally.


These people are absolute degenerate sociopaths. The way they have such flagrant disregard and take pride on brutalizing a frail old woman is disgusting. Very disturbing stuff here.


This is why Police Unions need to pay for their own MALPRACTICE INSURANCE.

This lady will be paid on the taxpayers dime and the cops will file for PTSD and never face any financial consequences for their criminal behavior.



Those officers were fired and arrested.


7 ads in a 17 minute video? nuts to that.


August Vollmer: The Father of Modern Police (2021) – The story of the German immigrant who revolutionized the American Police Force into what it is today. Vollmer has also been accused of militarizing the police along with establishing criminal justice as field. See his reforms. [00:15:51]

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Dude was way ahead of his time:

>Vollmer was against police involvement with the problem of drug addiction,[13] which he viewed as a medical and regulatory issue rather than a criminal one: “Like prostitution, and like liquor, drug use was not a police problem; it never has been and never can be solved by policemen.”[14] Vollmer wrote that enforcement of moralistic vice laws leads to police corruption and “engenders disrespect both for law and for the agents of law enforcement.”[15] Vollmer supported the establishment of federal distribution, at cost, of habit-forming drugs.[16] Vollner’s views, however, found little favor in the prohibitionist-dominated consensus of the time.[14]


He wasn’t an immigrant, he was born in New Orleans.


Dang. I always thought Sir Robert Peel was the father of modern police. But maybe that’s just cuz I’m British lol




So he taught them to shoot black people?


Misfits of Science (1985) American superhero fantasy science fiction television series created by James D. Parriott that aired on NBC from October 4, 1985 to May 16, 1986. It broke barriers by having the first Africa American Kevin Peter Hall playing a superhero but got lost in the media [00:41:49]

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Not many people know that Kevin Peter Hall was the first African American.


What was Space Sentinels then? Astrea was on TV a decade before.

Spamming your YouTube channel all over Reddit isn’t going so well, is it.


It didnt get lost in the media, series was halted because the lead actor, which was the son of Dean Martin, died in an experimental rocket car, or some drag race of some kind.


This was my teenage self’s introduction to Courtney Cox well before Friends. I loved the series as a whole though and remember being quite disappointed when it didn’t return. I watched a couple episodes last year while on a retro kick.


[Edit] Actually you know what, fuck this video and fuck this guy for shoe-horning in an irrelevant rant concerning his opinion about genders in superhero movies.

~~This was my absolute favorite show when I was a kid and I was so disappointed when I realized there were no more episodes. Back in the day it wasn’t like you got news of a show being cancelled, so as a kid, you’d slowly realize that you hadn’t seen show x in forever, and that you likely never would.~~

~~They were trying *really* hard to capture the tone of Ghostbusters (a recent hit) – the type of humour, the spooky scenarios, the super-hero team being up against “the man” – but in retrospect I can see how it didn’t really work.~~

~~Myself and my best friend were absolutely besotted by Courtney Cox in this show and years later when she turned up on Friends, to us she was “That girl from Misfits Of Science”.~~


The Biggest Eastern White Pine Trees In Massachusetts (2021) – The Extinction of New England’s Eastern White Pine Mega-forests [00:07:08]

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In the sleepy west of the woody east

Is a valley full, full o’ pioneer

We’re not just kids, to say the least

We got ideas to us that’s dear


I know … I love trees that much too


Interesting – well done.


The picture immediately below on my feed was someone with an axe…


This is a great watch for anyone. It’s incredible how fast humans can just devastate things….


The Blue People of Troublesome Creek (2021) – In the 1960s, people with naturally blue skin were discovered in a remote part of Kentucky. An investigation revealed an incredible story of a rare genetic trait, passed down the generations through inbreeding in a small isolated community. [00:06:04]

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Some notes:

– Seeming lack of original video content: The reenactment clips still have a Travel Channel watermark, and stock video makes up most of the rest of the video. I am not sure about the animation.

– The music is mixed way too loudly.

– Narration is not bad, but delivery is a little awkward.

– The content is already well documented, and no new information is provided. I would assume the creator used mainly secondary sources, rather than primary ones.

– At 6 minutes, this is very much on the short side for what would traditionally be considered a documentary, and consequentially the depth and scope are fairly shallow/narrow.


So uh, no pictures of the blue people?


Inbreeding is how you get Smurfs


Spend a lifetime looking for them but failed to take a decent photo. In the 60s when man was in space.


It takes 200 years of careful inbreeding to produce a line of beautiful blue daughters and only a madman would turn them out to the commoners.


The Battle of Haifa (2021) – The Jodhpur Lancers and the last great cavalry charge of World War 1 [00:06:51]

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Just came here to talk about how terrifying cavalry charges must have been…..


Cavalry not make charge great


Waiting for this to turn into an anti Israel thread… One , two….


Is it a cultural thing, why Indians are so proud of being English vassals?


The Pension Gamble (2021) – The role of state governments and Wall Street in driving America’s public pensions into a multi-trillion-dollar hole [00:53:15]

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The kicking the can down the road policy. It’s not just the US. Here in the UK, teachers have paid into the “teachers pension scheme” for decades. The money was never invested, it was spent alongside general taxation with the “promise to pay” being kicked down the road to future governments. As a result pensions which are paid come from taxation and non-teacher taxpayers are unhappy about that. No pension “pot” was created. If it had, it would be worth a fortune.

Even though the amount paid in is more than that which has been paid out even BEFORE any potential investment growth is considered, the system was predicted to fail. The failure is being caused by the failure to plan and the way the scheme over-rewarded those who were promoted late in their career. It’s not because they’re living longer because the teacher’s life expectancy hasn’t changed so much – it’s not as hazardous an occupation as coal-mining.

The “correction” to this has been to move the teachers pension age up seven to eight years, double their contributions and to reduce the pension income they get. The original scheme was considered sustainable for most teachers but removal of the pay cap for senior teachers led to their final salary pensions making the scheme unstable. (Hutton Report) The pay cap was lifted to encourage private investors to become involved in state education. We now have non-teaching multi-Academy “CEOs” on huge salaries.

The “correction” exempted most of those higher earning people from the new scheme and dumped the new costs back down the chain to the lowest earning and younger teachers.

As a result the average pension paid out from the Teachers Pension Scheme in the UK is around £8000. (Slightly different for men and women. Men tend to have worked more years)

The pension my old headteacher will receive is £52,000.

It is the £52,000 that gets quoted when critics attack the teacher’s scheme. There have already been two rounds of changes in the last 15 years to cut the payments. If new teachers choose not to contribute (it’s not compulsory), the system will collapse. Many private schools have already taken their teachers out of the scheme, using their own schemes instead. This can be cheaper for the school and more beneficial for the teacher.


Yeah, go after those greedy public schoolteachers instead of tax-dodging billionaires. They get summers off!


Need to change title to 2018. This is a reup




It’s a much better idea to have pensions funded by investments in companies than by pay-as-you-go systems, since those will be so dependent on future tax income, which will be affected by many things.


Naomi Uemura (2021) – The Missing Arctic Explorer Who Survived Bear Attacks & Ice Collapse [0:08:32]

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Nsimilar Uemura was taken from this planet as a legend. He now resides on a planet more suitable for his lust for wilderness and open space. Sadly, the earth did not survive and was destroyed so a few people could have really big houses and home movie setups. Enjoy the beauty Uemara, you tough son of a bitch.


Wow, incredible to say the least!


Naomi is the family name .


Naomi is a girl’s name. This is clearly a dude…. Or not a dude???? 😳🤷‍♀️


Why The Media Can’t Tell The Truth On Israel & Palestine | The Bastani Factor (2021) [0:12:58]

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I was listening until he said that there was peace for hundreds of years with Jews and Palatines living peacefully. They were not living peacefully, they were both subjects to whatever empire controlled the land, but mostly The Ottoman Empire.


No, this whole proposition that “all of media” is self censoring and biased is hard to take serious. At best, its very US-centric.

Sure, there is lobbying and propaganda, but if you actually follow credible international media, they are often (rightfully) critical of Israels actions.

I mean the fact that Israels public image abroad is as bad as it is pretty much shows how ineffective this alleged universal pro Israel campaign really is.


“Why media can’t tell truth” . Fills his video with his own misinterpretations and biases.

Yes, there was no full blown war between Muslims and Jews before Jews started to immigrate en masse because Jews were second class Dhimmi citizens who had special laws and regulations for them just to put them beneath Muslims. As soon as Jews refused to be second class and started to work towards their independence Muslims started killing them. It’s the same for all non-Muslim non-Arab communities in ME who dare to want to be independent. Same with Kurds and anyone else who tried.

So fuck his lack of truth.

I stopped the video there. Anyone who wants me to analyse the rest and find any lacks of truth that he uses to further his political agenda: feel free to ask me! Salam!


I quit after he set the basis for his argument as being “maybe she was fired because of this random tweet”.


I like the statement by Hamas from their charter that the trees themselves would call out to kill all the Jews hiding behind them. So funny how the obvious wouldn’t possibly occur to this dimwit, and he would never in a million years be able to acknowledge all the incentives aligned in the other direction. If given the choice, would you rather be a Jew living under Arab occupation or an Arab living under Jewish occupation? An Arab delegation just got elected to the Israeli government. That should tell you something about the difference. Name a Jewish delegation elected to an Arab government, and I’ll humbly eat my words.