Jenin, Jenin (2002) An Israeli court Banned and ordered all copies seized of this documentary covering the aftermath of the Israeli soldiers clashes with Palestinian fighters in Jenin refugee camp, so here it is [00:53:55]

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Good thing Jared Kushner brought peace to the middle east so this will never happen again.


Oh no! israel doing something terrible? I am shocked I tell you shocked lol.


Seems crazy to say, but these Israeli nazis need to be exposed.


Reddit is so obsessed with Israel


Hamas is a terrorist group


Evangelical Christians in the USA (2021) – German documentary about religious extremism [00:42:25]

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Trump believe in god? ROFL. You were being used, pawns.


Thanks for sharing. These people have no relationship with truth and reality and as we have seen, that is dangerous.


As a Christian raised in a very liberal United Church in Canada, I see these folks as extremists without any other perspective on life and spiritually. I was raised to learn about Jesus and his teachings. I was also encouraged to learn about other beliefs and spirituality. I figured out that Jesus was chill and accepted everyone, he didn’t force his views on anyone. I don’t see any of his influence on these people. Just be good and selfless if you can.


Ya’ll need less Jesus


Fucking scary. These people need to be stopped.


How Bison Are Saving America’s Lost Prairie (2021) – Short PBS doc featuring amazing drone footage that follows a herd of Bison as scientists reintroduce them to the wild (and attempt to bring back America’s grasslands) [00:08:28]

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I never understood why America didn’t just keep Bison as their main livestock.


I cannot for the life of me remember where I read it, but I remember an article about a large tank training area in the Soviet Union. All the tanks driving about unintentionally simulated the herds of large animals that lived there in n prehistoric times, and a whole load of rare plants and insect populations bloomed because of it. Then the cold war ended, and it all went back to modern grassland.


Enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing.


Take a gander at the Sandhills of Nebraska – many ranchers are good stewards of the ground with grazing as the land will then take care of you. Drastic overgrazing is a short term benefit for long-term detriment, many ranchers have finally caught on.


I want the chasing bison in a truck and burning fields job.


Where to Invade Next (2015) – Michael Moore shows where the US should “invade”, and policies the US could take such as: less homework/standardized testing in Finland, Norwegian humane prisons, Portuguese drug policy, Italian paid holiday/paternal leave, German work/life balance [02:00:23]

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Portugal’s drug policy is AMAZING. I say this as a retired cop from California. I worked the front lines of the drug war and we will never win. I live in Portugal now and the drug laws changed my opinion. Everyone should look at thier policy and how much of a success it is.

I’ve never seen a obvious drug addict here and I live 20 mins from Lisbon and it’s been 3 years. In the US I would see one every day


The two hour lunch breaks that some places have here only cater to the whims of those employers who want such thing for themselves. I’d rather eat a bit more quickly if that means going home earlier in the evening and not having to commute in the middle of the day just to go home, eat and go back to work again (no oftentimes they won’t let you stay there).


As a left-leaning centrist, I’ve grown to hate Michael Moore. He’s occasionally entertaining, but mostly he’s a cherry-picking provocateur, and laughs all the way to the bank while doing it. He just goes around saying “Look how great it is over here!” almost always disregarding that those countries have made the collective choice to prioritize those things *and the money to make them happen, and the sacrifices that go with it.* He routinely commits the fallacy of suggesting these things can get done with the flick of a pen. He’s one of the main drivers of liberal thinking becoming completely detached and dishonest about sound fiscal policy.


Moore always struck me as a guy who caught lightning in a bottle once, and has just kept trying to no success since.


Michael Moore is so full of shit lol