Reddit Detectives: Failing to Catch the Boston Bomber (2014) – Following the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, amateur internet sleuths took to Twitter and Reddit, intent on identifying the individuals responsible. The ensuing investigation led to an innocent young man being charged. [01:01:44]

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we did it reddit!


Meanwhile, 4chan is out there tracking down ISIS training bases from plane contrails in the background of a flip phone photo.


Everything about this event was sketch


That’s what happens when you have a bunch of self righteous pricks hanging out in the same echo chamber.


There’s a really great & touching documentary called “Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi” where his friends and family talk about the search for him and what he was like as a person. I highly recommend watching it if you’re interested in this case – it also covers how he was falsely identified and how that impacted his loved ones.


Here’s How Putin Hides His $200 Billion Fortune (2022) – Vladimir Putin’s lovers and childhood friends funnelled over $200 billion dollars from Russia through a hidden banking network. [00:08:58]

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Thing i dont know is why he invaded ukraine instead of you know, enjoyed 200bn doing jack shit and saber rattling.


And yet that 200 billion couldn’t buy him a decent army


And it doesn’t matter since he is a dead man walking. Russia is just a zombie corpse of the USSR that never died properly.


He’s wearing the headphones upside down what an idiot


I thought he had closer to $800 billion


The Twisted World of Dr. Phil (2022) – How Dr. Phil Exploits his Patients [00:19:42]

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I’d recommend the podcast behind the bastards, who do a couple of episodes on Dr Phil. He’s a bigger piece of shit than you might already think.


He’s Jerry Springer for people who think they’re above Jerry Springer.


Oprah needs to come forth and acknowledge the shit list of people she propelled to fame..I have no issues with Oprah, 37,000 guests-she did a lot of good, but she was also responsible for many quacks and them becoming popular.


I loved the episode where a guy charged for organizing homeless fights dressed up as Dr. Phil to go on the show, and then accused Dr. Phil of essentially profiting off people’s misery too, saying they are the same.


Oprah has introduced the world to human garbage.


UN Peacekeepers & Sexual Violence in Haiti (2018) – For nearly a decade UN peacekeepers have stayed immune to criminal liability while facing allegations of rape and sexual exploitation across the globe. [00:26:43]

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Fun story:

I went to Haiti in 2010 as part of the humanitarian relief effort following the earthquake. One of my guys spoke Spanish and asked the Brazilian peacekeepers what they thought of the Haitians. We were both surprised when the Braz soldier said he hated the Hatians and that they were “fucking monkeys.”

Racism is real as heck in Haiti.


Un peacekeepers have a bad track record for messing things up in the dumbest ways. I recall a story where people were suddenly getting very sick and the town couldn’t figure it out in Haiti. Eventually they found out that Un peacekeepers were urinating and pooping in the water upstream, while villagers were bathing and drinking downstream. Also Un peacekeepers are notorious for stds and spreading them, particularly the Nepalese peacekeepers.


Isn’t there a similar correlation with American soldiers abroad generally?Any stats people?


Symptomatic of the UN overall.


Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers (2006) – Delves into the alleged war profiteering and negligence of private contractors and consultants who went to Iraq as part of the US war effort. Looks at four major contractors who were over-billing the U.S. government and doing substandard work. [01:15:22]

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Anyone wanna bet they had strong connection with influential people inside the government?


I had a contractor swing through our CHU to fix AC units. He told me he was getting paid $175k/yr to do his job…which ended up being just identifying which AC units needed to get fixed, and then someone else did the repairs. Meanwhile, I met another dude who was working on helicopter systems making $140k/yr but he actually worked his ass off.

Their pay scales aren’t the problem, most of that is consideration for the time away from family and being in a military environment as a civilian with no health benefits…the problem is that the organizations connecting these guys to the work could pay that and still make a hefty profit! Like, how much was that company getting paid with tax dollars to have a guy say “yup, this swamp cooler is fucked”.


So we were wrong in Vietnam, Nicaragua, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan, but luckily we have it right this time!


Yes Reddit, please tell me once again how George W. Bush is such a nice guy because he tell jokes and paints soldiers…


I’m still waiting for an explanation on why we invaded. George W was the worst President in modern American history


When 60 Minutes went on the Moskva Battleship (2015) – 60 Minutes newscrew abroad the recently sunken flagship of the Russian Black Sea Navy [00:12:36]

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Damn that was a actually an important ship they managed to destroy. Does anyone know how they did it? What weapon did they use?


> Unavailable outside the U.S.

EDIT: Seems like just Canada got left out of the party…


Heard russia explain on the news: “they did not sink our ship, we did…crew did not know how to operate it properly”. Yeah. Thats much better. Clowns operate your “best” ship and sink it themselves.


I thought it was a cruiser, not a battleship.


It wasn’t a battleship. No one has built a battleship since the 40s.


Fraud Fighters: Hackers expose illegal call centres and phone scams (2022) [00:42:31]

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Good doc, and great to see due credit to JB. He deserves his weight in gold.


Jim is a legend (big fan of his channel), always nice to see him get more recognition and see more of a spotlight on these scams. These days it’s rare if i can go a few days without a scam call to the landline, one day it’s Microsoft, next it’s loft insulation, then it’s HMRC, and so on, there’s a different scam and different scumbag every week, some days it’s 2, 3, 5+ calls. Rudeness doesn’t help, your number is just one in a long list of numbers in an auto dialer, they’ll come back around and try again, maybe a different caller, on a different number (spoofed to look local or at least in the same country), with a different scam, but they’ll always come back around.

CBC is a bit behind the times with this piece, JB, KitBoga (and many others) have been battling againt these some scumbags for quite some time now, but it’s nice to see them covering it (albeit cheesily) nonetheless.


Wait… I think the real story is ~18:05 mark… I need to know more about her tinder dates… that was the most honest and very very personal analogies I have ever heard.


Why do they always depict hackers dressed like ninjas??!


Hhhhhwell then take matters into your own hands since police bluntly say they’re not going to.

Actually, it would make sense to share the personal information of multiple RCMP officers and leadership on the dark web so those that take these stupid decisions have to face the consequences.


Short Documentary (2022) Revisiting The Case Where BodyCam Shows An Ohio Officer Belittling A Man After Assaulting Him, 5 Officers Named In Lawsuit, Chief Retires In Disgrace [00:13:04]

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Now, just think about how long this shit has been going on before body cams were a thing. Innocent people in jail because of some corrupt fucking cops.


“Why don’t people respect cops?”


I used to believe in the whole “respect all police and comply” camp. But after watching countless YouTube videos of constitutional violations by police, well, If every cop on earth fell into an active volcano, I’d watch with pleasure.




The police in this country are out of control. We have to re-imagine law enforcement and demilitarize the cops. We have to get rid of qualified immunity and make them carry their own insurance like doctors do. We also need to have civilian panels conducting investigations instead of internal affairs, cops cannot police themselves. We need a national list of cops that have been found to have used excessive force or broken laws so they can’t move to another county or state and continue with their careers.

Additionally, police need to stop using citations as revenue streams. Giving citations or towing cars because their windows are tinted is just a way to make money and it NEEDS TO STOP. A lot of the time when someone gets hurt or killed it’s because of petty little misdemeanors to pull people over like an expired inspection or something else just as inconsequential.

Also, we as citizens should stop calling police to bring guns to every situation just because we’re butthurt about something. Let’s make sure it’s an actual crime before we call them.

One last thing, FTP.


The Spectacular Career of Nate Diaz (2022) A closer look at a kid who grew in a violent and poor environment to become one of the most entertaining UFC fighters of our generation [00:26:20]

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Should have used a thumbnail of him slapping someone or talking trash instead of him getting punched lol


I have a soft spot for Nate. I have quite a few family members in Stockton and I’m happy he was able to escape that shit hole.


I’ll always have a soft spot for Nate Dogg because in 2016 I bet the most money I’ve ever dropped on a single bet on him to beat McGregor and he gave Conor McGregor his first loss, the entire world thought Nate would lose, dude won me so much quiche I’ll never forget him lmao

Of course when Dana White they went over to talk to him after the fight he said one of the most iconic dumb guy quotes ever, being like “eyyyy I’m not surprised, motherfuckers” lol


If they hire an actual human to narrate this I’ll be sure to come back & finish watching. Can’t do these robots anymore, just can’t listen to it.


The ole “get beat up until the other guy gets tired” trick.