Lemon Water from Lemon Peels!

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I never would have thought of that! I thought it would be bitter like lemon peel is if you eat it. Ill have to try that! I always feel wasteful throwing out the peels. Thank you!! 🙂


This is how I make lemonade, peel (minimising the quantity of pith) then soak the peels in sugary boiling water overnight. Keep a lid on the container to reduce the losses of any tasty volatile components.

Then juice the lemons into the strained peel water and fridge.

You just need to check that they are unwaxed lemons.


We do this with orange peels and a stick of cinnamon around Christmas time. Makes the whole house smell AMAZING. we could probably drink it, but I never have.


I drank lemon water almost every day after my doctor prescribed it to me when I was diagnosed with prehypertension and it really helped me a lot. Sad that right now I’m acidic and I need to avoid citrus fruits.


I have a large lemon tree, endless lemons always tryna make use of them


What Single Ingredient Was An Absolute Game Changer To Your Cooking?

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Sesame oil in my fried rice.


freshly ground pepper. Growing up my family always had grey dust and I thought I hated pepper. Now I put copious amounts in.


I freaking love garlic. It can go into almost all dishes in my opinion. (Maybe not many sweet dishes though.)



Haha, in all seriousness though: miso paste or a couple of green onion bundles cut into topping sized widths.

I cook a lot of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean food at home so those are for sure worth the money. Makes everything taste better.



It makes uninteresting food taste good. It should be a staple in every kitchen.


How do I make good rice like the restaurants?

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To be 100 percent honest, the culinary decision i have ever made was to purchase a rice cooker. Perfect rice every time.


Get a job at your favorite rice restaurant and find out all their secrets and quit. Report back to us too


Rinse it? Cooking it in chicken stock is nice too.


Rinsing it does make a big difference. Try Basmati rice for texture.


Which kind of rice? Like, if I cook basmati rice in my rice cooker, it comes out just the same as when I order from my local indian place as long as I use the right water to rice ratio but that’s a different ratio than I use for my sushi rice in there.


I just discovered Overnight Oats (Swiss Bircher Oats is another name) and I think it’s cheap and relatively healthy.

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Cheap? Check. Healthy? Check.


When I get bored of overnight oats, I make baked oats in a bread tin and cut into 4 portions. I use one large mashed banana, 100g oats and 200ml of milk. You can add anything to it (I usually add raisins, cinnamon, nuts, peanut butter as a topping) and then bake for 20 minutes at 200°c.


do…do you heat this up or not i’m sorry this is such a stupid question but i am big dumb and only just learning to cook

edit: tysm to everyone who replied and gave their input! i’m 19 and recently a lil homeless so this subreddit and nice ppl not laughing at me helps so so much


Also putting in a plug for regular muesli (bc I‘m lazy at night and refuse to prep for breakfast 😂) grab some oats. Grab some milk. Grab some other shit (cinnamon, blueberries, banana, dried fruit, nuts, go wild). Put them all together and boom.

I eat this every day. My GI tract and I have a very healthy relationship.


Just for those that don’t really enjoy the cold, lumpy overnight oats, I started having oatmeal smoothies this winter. Oatmeal, milk, cinnamon, banana, and peanuts all thrown into a blender and you end up with a smoothie that’s low in sugar and quickly consumed in the morning (and keeps me full!). Added bonus is the blender warming things and mostly room temperature ingredients means it’s just a little warm instead of cold, which matters to me in the winter.

Just another option that I ended up preferring.


Non Asian tofu recipes

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I freeze my tofu and after defrosting, squeeze the water out and crumble. The texture reminds me of veggie crumbles. Add cumin, oregano, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, maybe chili powder. Sautee some onion and add tofu, cilantro, and fresh garlic. It’s great with rice and corn chips, maybe even tacos.


Shredded buffalo tofu! Buy extra firm tofu and shred on a large pore grater. Toss with garlic powder, cayenne red pepper, and a little hot sauce. Bake on parchment paper at 350F for 30-32 min, tossing halfway. Towards the end of the bake time, heat up some buffalo sauce in a pan. Once the tofu is done, add it to the warmed buffalo sauce and mix it in. Cook a 2-3 min. I like to make it into a salad with a big bowl of lettuce and spinach, diced cucumber, and hard boiled egg. A little ranch on top and voila! Also great as a sub!


A vegan recipe for scrambled eggs is crumbled tofu and turmeric. Add sausage and relevant spices, and it’s delicious


Not sure if this fits the bill but you can stick it in a blender to make dairy free ricotta.


Baked with roasted Brussels sprouts (or broccoli if you don’t like them) with chili flakes. Serve with brown rice and a sauce of your choice – bbq with hot sauce, or plum. Think sweet and sour (not Asian).

Scrambled and served with on onion, black beans, capsicum, and associated mexican spices. Or with mushrooms, tomato, etc.


You guys might like r/noscrapleftbehind , a subreddit about food waste

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My Philadelphia-born brain read that sub as No Scrapple Left Behind. If you’ve ever been to that part of the country, you’d get it.


my version of no scrap left behind is r/composting , lol


Omg yes please. Food waste drives me nuts


$2000? Thats nuts.

I lose some things in the fridge and have to toss them, feel bad every time, but I can’t imagine $2000. Thats 4 months worth of food.


r/NoScrapLeftBehind, you say?


What are your go-to recipes with lentils?

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I usually have tarka dal 🙂 , it’s one of my favourites as it’s an extremely cheap and healthy (well depending on how you make it) meal and usually I’d have that with rice or a chapatti (which id buy and freeze to avoid waste).


Lentil soup. I’m making it tonight for meatless Monday.
I make it with lentils, carrots, onion, garlic, vegetable broth, frozen spinach & canned tomatoes with various seasonings that I have on hand. I like to thicken it up by adding a can of refried beans at the end. I serve it with a scoop of rice & cornbread. My family loves it. Very cheap to make too.


I make a savory pie with lentils.

A store-bought puff pastry pie crust (I like buying the rectangular one for my round pie dish, I cut off a strip on the side and the corners and make a design on top of the assembled pie).

I chop about two carrots, an onion, a little celery, whatever other veggies I have (usually fennel and ginger) and make a sort of stir fry. Then I add copious amounts of curry powder, cumin and paprika and a can of lentils, plus salt and pepper, simmer down for a bit. Then one or two eggs, some cream cheese or heavy cream or milk to bind it all together. Fill the crust with the veggie mix, add more crust on top if possible and into the oven it goes for a good half hour.

Puff pastry isn’t very healthy, but I love it so much! But of course one could substitute a healthier pie crust version and adjust the oven time.

My partner and I love this recipe so much, we could eat it twice a week probably. It’s warm, hearty, filling and comforting. It should also be easily customizable with whatever you like and have in the fridge.


Dahl. Indian dish that can be served w a veg curry and rice or chapati on the side.

It’s just boiling the Lentils or split Lentils and then frying up a few aromatics and mixing once the Dahl is cooked.

Cheap healthy delicious!


Mujadara! It’s a dish that you often see at home in Lebanon. Boil two cups brown lentils on one burner, and then saute a LOT of onions on another… get those nice and browned, adding cumin, cinnamon, salt and pep. once lentils are good to go, transfer to the onions, and then add one cup rice and water and let it all stew together for a bit. on another dish, shred cabbage, douse in lime/lemon juice, and LOTS of pepper. when your lentil dish is done, use a blender/food processor/hand blender to make the lentil dish into a spread. serve with the cabbage salad on top. SO GOOD!


Spicy Ground Turkey / Mashed Sweet Potato / Steamed Broccoli (4oz/4oz/4oz). Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. Can definitely be made cheaper with smarter buying.

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I’d get tired of that by day 3 😂


Forgot to include this in the notes: this made 11 “complete” meals, with some left over broccoli and sweet potatoes.


Imagine you could make meatloaf with turkey.


Hello FBI I’d like to report a healthy serial killer…


This is close to my Go To meal.

Chicken Thighs in slow cooker with cumin/paprika/cayenne/canned tomatoes, shred and add cilantro + lime juice

Diced sweet potato tossed in oil/salt/dash of cinnamon, roast 15m/10m 425

Broccoli tossed in oil/salt/pepper/garlic salt, roast 15m 425


Buy 5 pound bags of fruit and veggies from Costco

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I am one person so I’m definitely not taking this advice LOL


Some stuff spoils super fast. Berries, for instance. Broccoli and asparagus keep for a while. I also have some cara cara oranges and meyer lemons that are over 2 weeks old.


Every bit of produce I’ve ever gotten at a Costco has rotted inexplicably fast or been extremely bland in flavor. I have such shit luck there.


Unless it’s frozen I don’t buy any fruit or veg from Costco, it all spoils inexplicably fast.




What are your “go to” dinner recipes that your family/partner loves that aren’t pasta or ground beef?

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Sushi bowl. Rice mixed with spicy mayo, cucumber, avocado, and salmon, imitation crab or shrimp. I top it with sesame seeds and shredded nori if I’m feeling fancy.


I make a lot of chicken, whatever veg is in season and potatoes or rice. You can get a lot of variety from that based on the marinade and veg. We also eat a lot of bowls so some kind of starchy base, a bean of some sort, protein, veggies and sauce. They’re totally customizable and my partner can add whatever he likes. Think burrito bowls or Mediterranean bowls. Or chilis/soups. You can make a lot for cheap and there’s so many different ones out there. Throw in a crusty loaf of bread and you’ve got dinner for a few days.


Dice up some vegetables ( i like potato, carrots, green beans and Brussel sprouts. Toss in olive oil and season with coarse salt, pepper and thyme. Cut sausage (i like a turkey sausage for the healthy option) into coins, spread on a sheet pan and bake until veggies are tender.


Pulled pork in the crockpot is a favorite around here.


When I’m in a hurry and we don’t have much on hand– white bean quesadillas. I typically mix a can of white beans (rinsed) with sour cream, some fresh spinach (optional), shredded cheese and spices — salt/pepper/garlic and onion powder, etc. It’s easy and quick and right now I just absolutely love it. I had anemia (pretty severe) and have been having this for lunch multiple times a week. It helped get my iron numbers into the perfectly normal range just after three months.