On your suggestions and encouragement, I (a very picky and unhealthy eater) made a big first step: I made vegetable puree soup! And ate it!

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“And I ate it” lol


Good for you!

My kids won’t eat tomatoes but they love spaghetti sauce. Same principle, I think. A friend had too many tomatoes so I puréed them and made sauce.


Looks amazing! I personally like to throw some rice or some pasta like letters or orzo so it is more fun and yummy
EDIT: just to clarify after you blend and with the soup


So proud of you! I’m a fellow picky eater and totally understand the struggle.


So, you made it *and* ate it, but my question is did you **like** it?

Either way, good for you! You’ve stepped out of your comfort zone by trying new healthy foods, and for that you should be extremely proud of yourself!


God Bless r/LifeProTips

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I’ve been following her for years. I’ve definitely made more recipes from there than any other website I’ve found. I love how thorough she is and I especially like the step-by-step photos and occasional videos of recipes. One of my favorite and most-made dishes is from there. It’s also helpful that she routinely suggests multiple modifications that can be made to dishes.


Her teriyaki sauce in her recipe for teriyaki turkey meatballs has been a staple for me for years.


Budget Bytes is The Shyt 💯


i just brought broccoli and love Budget Bytes- just what I need today!


budget bytes spoiled me to the point that i refuse to look up recipes from any other sources.


Sardines appreciation thread

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I do hope you mean your salad at home. Opening 2 cans of sardines in the office would be an act akin to terrorism.


My favorite is sardine paté !

I make the paté by mixing butter cream cheese garlic herbs and a little olive oil

You can spread it on bread or stuff tomatoes with it


Need further informations on sardines and avocado


Bahamian breakfast of champions “steamed” sardines and grits:

Sauté some chopped green pepper and onions out in butter. Add canned sardines/mackerel/tuna. Break up in the pan, and add a good gob of tomato paste with enough water to thin to a sauce that naps the fish. Dash of Worcestershire, some thyme, salt, pepper, a hot chile like habanero minced up.

Finish with fresh lime juice and serve over hot, buttered, seasoned grits. If you dare use bottled lime juice, Bahamian granny ghosts will haunt your house for the rest of your life.

Oh btw it’s totally within tradition to serve this with a big slice of seasoned avocado.


What is your method for sardine evangelisation? Do you have a favourite ‘gateway recipe’? I would love to love sardines, but am too cowardly to put the time & prep into something that might get tossed. (Lots of recipes in this thread, but I’m not sure which require prior appreciation.)


If you love creamy salad dressings but want something healthier, try adding a scoop of hummus to your salads.

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yes! tzatziki is also a delicious alternative!


PSA: This is also true for creamy pastas! A couple scoops of hummus plus a little olive oil and reserved pasta water makes a really delicious creamy sauce. Seriously blew my mind when I tried it, you can’t tell that you’re eating hummus at all. I like to add a little bit of Parmesan cheese as well. So good.


FYI Bolthouse Farms caesar dressing is really good, only 45 calories per 2T vs about 120 calories for conventional caesar. Their dressings are made with a yogurt base and are much lower in fat and calories than most salad dressings.


You could also try making a creamy dressing with blended tofu instead of the dairy.

I’ve been doing this to make my soups creamy now that I’ve developed a lactose intolerance and it’s super pleasing to have when I really want something creamy!


My favorite creamy salad dressing is one I make with hummus:

1-2 TBSP hummus

2 TBSP vinegar

1 tsp dijon mustard

1 TBSP lemon juice

favorite herbs and spices (I like dill, oregano, or rosemary in addition to paprika and garlic powder)

salt and pepper


It is AMAZING. 10/10 recommend


Edit: Another swap I made with hummus on salads is to use it as a mayo replacement with tuna or chicken salad. I make mine full of veggies, use hummus like mayo, and eat it on a bed of salad veg. It is SO GOOD.


Law student – stressed, depressed, and hungry

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If it’s available & not out of your price range get groceries delivered! Grocery delivery has been a lifesaver when I’ve been too busy or stressed to deal with going to the store.

For food, one of my go-to’s when I’m busy & depressed is pasta, frozen broccoli, & Parmesan cheese. I can boil the pasta while studying (or laying on the floor having a crisis), I can throw the broccoli in the microwave & not worry about it. If I’m feeling up to it I’ll pan cook chicken to throw in too (You could sub this with fish or a meat substitute), or ill buy pre cooked shredded chicken from the grocery store deli. It’s simple but it’s healthy enough to keep me going, I like it enough to eat it over & over again, & it’s easy to keep frozen broccoli & dry pasta on hand. Other things that I like to keep on hand for when I can’t cook: frozen meals (usually the healthyish ones, but also frozen pizza lol), apples (because they keep for quite a while), peanut butter, yogurt.

Edit: also a genius thing my therapist told me, is that if you can’t bring yourself to make a sandwich, it’s ok to eat the sandwich ingredients. If you stand in front of the fridge & eat slices of cheese, or tuna straight out of the can, it’s much better than eating nothing. And you don’t have to have a “real meal”, if you eat cheese crackers that’s protein & carbs! If you eat salad straight out of the bag hey you ate a super healthy salad!


Buy frozen fish fillets and frozen veggies. You don’t have to shop as often and it’s easy to prepare them for a meal.


Do you care if there is variety in your meals? Or is a routine of something balanced okay?

When I met my husband, he was living alone, and he had a routine that worked well for him – maybe it would for you?

Breakfast: cereal and milk. (You could look for a high protein low sugar cereal, and do almond or oat milk if regular milk doesn’t sit well for you.) If you hate that, you could do bagels and cream cheese.

Lunch: A sandwich, a yogurt, a piece of fruit. He did a sandwich with deli meat, but you could buy a stack of tortillas, and just do a slather of hummus, and some tabbouleh or lettuce and tomato in there. And keep peanut butter and jelly as staples so when you run out of that, you have something to fall back on if you don’t make it to the store.

Dinner: He did a frozen tv style dinner most nights, but from healthy choice or something similar. And added a side of microwave vegetables. You could do that, and nowadays they have some good salad mixes that would work a few days a week for the vegetable.

If you did that, you’d have no prep work of cutting or pots and pans to clean. Shopping would be easy each week for that menu. You could get some extra fruit and maybe some almonds or cheese sticks for snacks – which would give you the trifecta of fiber, protein and fat to keep you from getting hungry.


I graduated from law school 15 years ago. Let me ease your mind. The first year is brutal, the second year is doable, and you’ll be on cruise control by year three. Hang in there.


I can’t offer any meal advice as I’m mainly a lurker with little knowledge hoping to score tips for myself, but I just want you to know that I am in the exact same boat as you. My 1st year law midterms are upon me, and the only food I’ve been eating for the past 2(two) days is a pizza I had delivered on Wednesday night. I’d like to offer my solidarity as a fellow 1st year law student, and if you want to talk more about this, please let me know — because I have felt nothing but overwhelmed for the past five weeks. I have developed an excellent habit of waking up an hour+ before my alarm in a cold sweat, my chest already tight from worry about the laundry list of things I’ve got on my plate. I bombed my first ever quiz, which really did a number on my confidence as well. My most prevailing thought has been: “I’m a failure, and I’m totally fucking up this opportunity I worked so hard to make for myself.”

And I think these feelings are somewhat normal. I’m not going to pretend to know what other mental / personal struggles you’re going through on top of this, but I know that law school is demanding enough on its own. **You’re not a failure.** This shit is just hard. I just want you to know that.


Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, and Apples for Breakfast

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Lowfat peanut butter isn’t healthier. It has a lot more sugar and about twice as much salt.

The healthiest types of peanut butter are the natural type without added sugar or hydrogenated oils.


I do the same but add mashed banana for sweetness and some chia seeds for extra healthy points! And buy a container of oats! Much cheaper same health.


Yes, I agree with this. The oatmeal doesn’t help me feel full, but if I add peanut butter, I’m good. The apple as a scoop I haven’t tried, I usually just chop it up and mix it in, but I like the ability to avoid using a spoon (one less item to clean!).


Delicious and I do something similar most mornings / lunchtimes.

This might be a controversial taste but I find mixing the peanut butter with some Greek yoghurt to make a thick peanut butter goo not only adds to the taste but helps mix the peanut butter better.


Please excuse the silly question, but are you cooking the oats first?


drink two cups of water in the morning to be regular

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I know this is eat cheap and healthy, but if you’ve got room in your budget for it: psyllium husk fiber.

Just buy some. The Kirkland (Costco) brand gives you months’ worth for like $20.

You have not experienced regularity until you have tried this. Taken in conjunction with lots of water, you will leave behind bowel movements that could be mistaken for pachyderm leavings.

Seriously. Try it. Dazzle your friends and relatives with your staggering new production.

It is not just for the elderly. Pump your dump today.


This concept also works when you have depression. When I wake up, drinking a 2 bottles of water immediately ground me back to reality. I wake up anxious and tense, already sad about the day, in a panic. So drinking those help me regulate back to reality, so to speak. I am amazed at how much water influences our body and mental health. Take care and thanks for sharing this info !


Hey, this is a shitpost.


You mean 16 total ounces? How does this help your body? I’m generally curious. I think I will give this a shot tomorrow morning



Y’all aren’t woken from your slumber every morning to take a 30 minute disembowelment?

Guess I better see the doctor then


My weird one pot chili, looking for improvements.

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That’s an interesting combination. I would replace the tomato soup with a can of tomato sauce and a can of diced or crushed tomatoes. Personally, I would leave out the artichoke, or mince it if you really like the flavor. When I make chili, I use diced peppers and onions as a base with a ton of seasoning (chili powder, cumin, granulated garlic, smoked paprika, onion powder and salt to taste). None of these spices are hot(unless your chili powder is a hot blend), but they are very flavorful. I’ve found that with chili, the longer it simmers, the better the flavor develops.


I find that adding a can of beer to chili while its boiling always takes it to the next level


Maybe sauté some onions and garlic before dumping everything in. I would add some canned tomatoes to make it a little heartier. Little bit of chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder if it still needs some pop in flavor.


I would replace the soup with half a jar of salsa and a can of diced tomatoes (w/ green chilis if possible). Sauteeing a vidalia onion and a fresh jalepeno or serrano pepper before adding other ingredients would probably help it out too.


My personal recipe is sauteeing a large vidalia onion with 1 jalepeno 1 serrano and 1 poblano or anaheim pepper, then adding ground beef and lots of chili powder garlic powder cumin and a tiny bit of curry powder. Then I add a can of diced tomatoes with green chilis, half a jar of newmans own hot salsa, 1 can black beans 1 can dark red kidney beans. with the ground beef and the diced tomatoes it winds up more like a hearty stew than a soup, which solves the issue of beans not being evenly distributed.


Dude no offense but that’s pretty gnarly ‘chili.’ Did you make this cause it’s what you had? Or did you go out and buy these ingredients for this purpose?

Do you own / have access to spices of any kind? Chili powder, cumin, onion powder, garlic powder, etc.?


New mom with postpartum depression and anxiety, struggling to feed myself. Need ideas.

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Forgive me, this isn’t what you asked, but your circumstances sound terrible — your health hasn’t recovered from the birth, and yet you’re working so hard. Are there resources in your area to help new mothers? The hospital might be able to point you in the right direction.


How old is your little one? If birth effects haven’t worn off yet and you’re back working this hard, is there anyone in your life who can help you a bit? S significant other or family member? This is a lot for anyone, never mind a recent birth with lingering effects, physical and mental.

Best advice food wise is scrambled eggs are quick and cheap and nutritious. With or without some wheat toast.
I love fried egg over rice with some soy sauce. Green onion is good in it too.
Frozen fruits then you can defrost some and put it in plain Greek yogurt and it’s tasty without the added sugar of fruit yogurt.
Oatmeal. Pasta with jarred sauce.
Having bananas on hand is great because they’re so quick to grab and are semi filling on their own.
Rotisserie chicken with roasted veggies. The chicken can be dinner one night and lunch/dinner next day too depending on size.
These are pretty quick mostly nutritious and mostly healthy.
Good luck and remember to take care of yourself sleep when you can, take and get help anywhere you possibly can.


Maybe don’t even try cooking yet. Parts of meals count as food too.

Dip your veggies into hummus. It will get you some protein/fat added to them.

Sandwich too much effort? Eat a slice of cheese. Shove a handful of spinach in your mouth as you walk the baby around.

Drink some milk or high protein plant milk (ripple or cashew milk are good ones).

Peanut butter. On a spoon. On a cracker. In some oats either microwaved or put in a jar and left in the fridge overnight. Put some banana in if your feeling fancy.

A lot of soup is microwaveable. Get the soup at hand ones if you have to. Drink it from its container while you tend to baby.

Trail mix. Protein bars/cliff bars. Popcorn if you want a warm food.

Aim for a general sense of some fruit/veggies, something with protein, and getting enough calories. If you are breastfeeding you need more now then normal.

Not eating enough will make you tired on top of everything else you are dealing with. Eating the same 4 foods as long as there is some balance won’t do you any harm if that’s all you can manage for awhile.


If you have a slow cooker you can make something like a hearty soup or even pasta dishes and let it go all day. Then you have a piping hot dinner that night and reheat portions as the week goes on.


When I had just given birth, I ate so much baked sweet potato (or spiralised, but not everyone has the gadget).

I would bake a bunch of sweet potatoes in foil, scoop out the flesh and just warm it through in a frypan. I’d cook Mexican spiced ground beef and have it with the sweet potato and sour cream and cheese, and whatever was in the fridge, even canned beans or corn kernels. Add an egg if you’re feeling fancy.

I also made loads of sweet potato based salmon cakes. They last a few days in the fridge and are a quick heat up. I used to have them for breakfast.

Take care of yourself.