Goldman warns buybacks are ‘plummeting,’ ending a big source of buying power for the market

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Yup. Growth to value rotation has already begun.


Any tips for basic investors? Buy more bonds, or high yield savings?


I’m so sick of this imagery on every single “negative” story about the market.

You ever met a stock broker? They’re all narcissistic self focused buttholes, and many of them are criminals.

Think about it, who here would relish in the opportunity for a free swing at Jim Cramer? I know I would.


Novice question… are a large amount of buybacks a good thing? Seems like they don’t really add any real value.


Just to be clear, buybacks are tax efficient dividends. They don’t in and of themselves change stock prices.

They’re a signaling mechanism, sure, and they happen when cash is on hand, but they aren’t a legitimate driver of S&D.


Goldman wants traders to be more like dealmakers and coders

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Maybe I’m stereotyping but aren’t the personality traits of coders and dealmakers at opposite ends of the spectrum?


Translation: we shit the bed this quarter and need the media to focus on something else.

They’re learning from Elon. If you say some vague avant-garde sounding BS, people will forget about your real problems


1. That username lol

2. This seems highly unlikely as more than PR. The fact of the matter is sales/traders are driven by relationships above all else, even in this day and age. If it weren’t, GS would be a commodity.


Every company on earth is rebranding themselves as “tech” companies that do something. “Hi, this is Generic Pizza Franchise ABC! We are a technology company that makes pizza!”


I’m just gonna VPN in so I can dealmake