Bill forcing Chinese firms to meet U.S. accounting standards passes Congress

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Its about protecting investors and that should be priority number 1. This is a good move and we need a united front across the main capital markets. Not just China either, all companies regardless of origin to any market. Investor confidence is key to companies seeking to raise capital so its really in everyone’s best interests.


As a newbie and a ‘non-stakeholder’ (I am neither American nor Chinese), it’s almost mind boggling that there was nothing of this sort already in place, especially given the ‘level’ of connected-ness b/w the two countries.


Now if the rest of the world could just drag the US along to compliance with IFRS.


Title should probably mention it is focused on Chinese firms with US listing. Pretty key scope difference between that and ‘Chinese’s firms’.


Who ist this Bill guy?


Visa Partners With Ethereum Digital-Dollar Startup That Raised $271 Million

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What is with the constant crypto articles on this sub?


Visa trying to compete with Square and the Cash App


I almost bought a few of Ether stock back when it was like $50ish.
Dang it!


I am the man without Narcissisms therefore I cannot lie and I can do no wrong. The Statue of Liberty has a wooden center column beam and can be tipped over


This could be interesting. Would visa switch to digital currency?


Salesforce buying work-chat service Slack for $27.7 billion

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Slack needed an exit before Teams eroded pricing power, Salesforce needs Slack to better compete with Microsoft. Salesforce overpaid, but the deal makes sense for everyone.


Grossly overpriced, in my humble opinion of course. Having used Slack for ~7 years everyday I think its great for chatting and collaboration but it’s basically just that – a chatting app, modeled after old school IRC chat/channel interfaces. The new video/phone call features are mainly superfluous.

Most 3rd/4th year CS majors could build you a crude product w/ the same basic functionalities by leveraging AWS infrastructure over a weekend.


Interesting acquisition with some obvious ups and downs. They gain market share in “B2B software” and take the opportunity away from Microsoft at the same time. There could be some synergy effects by using Slack’s userbase to push other products onto them. However, Slack is not really making any profits and while it currently is improving, I could see their business model becoming free in the future which would be pretty bad for them, to say the least.


I’m thinking about buying AIM for about tree fiddy.


$27.7 BILLION??! My god


Top ECB Official Privately Called Investors, Banks After Key Policy Decisions. Calls from Chief Economist Philip Lane to the likes of Goldman, JPMorgan, BlackRock began in March when President Christine Lagarde flummoxed traders

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>To get on Mr. Lane’s call list, the institution had to be a close follower of ECB policy, the spokesman said.

Lmao, that just sounds hilarious. I am a close follower, can I get on the insider trading call list?

>That same day, Mr. Lane held teleconferences with 11 banks and investors including BlackRock, JPMorgan and UniCredit. In a blog posted on the ECB’s website the following morning, Mr. Lane signaled that the bank was indeed ready to buy Italian government bonds if necessary.

So the markets went down, they threw their principles away, reverse course, and helped her get her mind right, and are now their decisions are guided to appease the financial markets.

These bureaucrats crack me up.


As far as I know, there is no law against trading on insider info from central bankers. Easy money if you know the right people.


It’s just their habits, Draghi was a former Goldman executive and Lagarde of course is in the right circle. All of these people are in the same clubs, eating in the same golden plate,the concept of insider informations escapes them completely…

But you have the same problem in the US don’t you?


Airbnb, DoorDash Aim for Higher-Than-Expected Valuations Ahead of Debuts

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DoorDash is an Unprofitable unsustainable business model


Yes, let’s invest in DoorDash where the objective of their business model is to steal tips from drivers.


I can’t wait to short DoorDash into the ground.


I like Airbnb as a costumer, i like everything about it.


Only if they aim lower, retail would investors would pitch in. They come out overvalued and sell off after ipo like uber.


HSBC considers exit from US retail banking

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Guess it’s back to money laundering?


Terrible idea — they expanded in the US for geographic diversification in the first place. Concentrating on Asia will bring high political risk once again. I expect credit markets to view this move unfavorably.

Not to mention, how do they expect to grow their WM division without retail banking capabilities?


Paywall. Drats. Can’t read.

I’m not in the US, but am in banking. Retail banking is a mugs game at the moment due to the cost required to have a physical presence, historic low interest rates and the rise of online banking.


Sounds like they’re being influenced by the CCP. Would be a suicidal decision imo


HSBC has retail banking in the US?