Rising mortgage rates aren’t stopping homebuyers

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Well interest rates rose like what 2 weeks ago? The housing market doesn’t flip on a dime overnight


I don’t really think this is surprising. If some bank is still willing to lend you a half a million dollars at 3.5% when inflation is running at 7% why would you not go for that?


If we believe inflation is here and staying then you have to also believe assets will increase. If the market tanks then cool good buying opportunities but all the people I see freaking out about inflation are also predicting crashes. They are not correlated. If anything inflation will lead to the increase of all assets. Now non profitable tech stocks or whatever are different because of the debt, but valuable assets will appreciate from here


And they won’t till rates reach a tipping point that most people don’t want to pay. And no one can know what that is. All we can do is use history as a guide. During the Great Recession mortgages were 6-7%. 2022 isn’t at this level.


People are trying to get in as the gettin’s still good just before it goes away for the next 30 years. Get ready for some Carter rates, y’all!


Yellen says Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill ‘acted like a vaccine for the American economy’

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It didn’t work well and only caused inflation?


Lol just trying to control the messaging by inserting vaccine lingo into non-medical areas is just too much doublespeak for me to handle. Just such shameless political work play I can’t handle it. You know that phrasing was 100% developed by some political strategist.


A vaccine that didn’t stop the damage and created the worst inflation in 40 years. Okay.


Always nice to see a former fed chair become a political figurehead in their next job. The fed is totally independent!




Microsoft to buy video game maker Activision Blizzard in $68.7bn deal

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Seems like Microsoft is taking their gaming division very seriously lately; this is a significant step up from their $7.5 billion Bethesda acquisition. Interested to see what the future of game pass will be.


Knee jerk reaction acquisition by Sony and Nintendo in 3, 2, 1.

I predict Ubisoft and a Capcom to be acquired will be acquired in next 1-3 years.


They are not removing CEO Kotick. Big mistake by Microsoft.


Anti-trust is dead.


Not a fan of monopolies, buying a few game companies here and there all good but it seems like they are really trying to consolidate all the major companies under one roof….. creepy


Top hedge funds earn record $65.4 bln for clients in 2021

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I think someone posted a link that only 3 outperformed sp500, it’s apples to oranges but still


Wow, another article trying to paint Ken Griffin in a positive light. Definitely no agenda being pushed here!


And yet he still needed the first outside investment since it started. Something doesn’t add up.

Edit: Damn they only got 10% return versus the 27% return of the S&P 500. They sucked last year.


It’s ‘setting the narrative’ by putting out articles that say what they want people to think.


It sucks that even r/finance is ruined by the idiot crowd that permeates stock subreddits. Can’t escape you morons at this point.


China cuts interest rates as economic growth slows

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Think this may be the start of a real estate-led correction or recession in China. May be time to pull out the ole 2008 playbook for when Chinese central bank makes that money printer go brrrrr


The headline seems significant but the actual story isn’t that crazy. Considering what is going on with Evergrande and how big of a staple it is to the overall chinese economy a .15% interest rate cut to 2.85% isn’t so drastic as US going from 2 to 0. I don’t think that this is a huge deal and just shows us China is barely starting to use the tools (which they have a lot of compared to the US) to help the slowing of their economy and give it a boost.


What options does China have to make “money-printer go brr”. They aren’t the reserve currency so wouldn’t devaluing their dollar have really drastic effects on their economy?


Supply Chain: I can go Slower


China is a house of cards.


Credit Suisse chairman quits over COVID-19 breaches in latest setback

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Do they really expect people to believe these excuses after two years of COVID !? This guy must be the most honest banker ever!


“covid” and not the raging fire he walked into….


Lmao at whoever thinks this is covid protocol related


Another thing that COVID is blamed for.. he was divisive and people don’t like change, what excuse is needed…


credit sus


China Home Market Slump Deepens as Prices Fall for Fourth Month

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Who could have ever thought, that you can not build entire cheaply built ghost cities and expect the price to go up forever


So is this more of a slow ride to equilibrium than a crash?


Does this mean anything for North American real estate ?


I hope the US is next.


Maybe stop investing in North America markets and take care of your own people China.


World Bank warns global economy faces grim outlook

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I’m just curious, what does it look like when worldwide economies all struggle


The takes on this sub are brain melting


It says one of the reasons is demand fading. I’ll determine that when I can finally get my hands on a PS5!


You don’t say… Money printing and lockdowns everywhere, what did they expect?


> Mr Malpass blamed stimulus programmes in the richest countries for worsening the divide by driving global inflation.

Easy to forget Malpass was a Trump appointee. What a stupid, misguided and partisan thing to say… Supply chain shocks are what’s causing this global disruption. Not because there’s too much demand, but because of lack of workers and disrupted shipping ports. Some of these things are due to stimulus in the US, but the rest of the global economy like China have just mishandled the pandemic with their zero-Covid strategy


China trade surplus reached record in 2021 despite trade war

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Little has changed after trade war. US never boosted its manufacturing capability. Mfg remains in Asia.


This isn’t a surprise. US reliance on Chinese goods and supply chains only increased during the pandemic. It’s not really a political failure for either administration, unless you think the govt should have prioritized more balanced trade over grappling with covid.


Wow it’s like all that posturing for the rural “farmer” vote was totally worth it


Thats expected because people are buying more online


So many r/BadEconomics comments in here


Before Omicron, Britain’s G.D.P. Regained Its Prepandemic Size

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Isn’t this Nominal GDP rather than Real GDP after inflation? Or did I miss something?


>Gross domestic product increased 0.9 percent in November from the month before, according to the Office for National Statistics, with the construction and manufacturing sectors returning to growth as some businesses were less disrupted by supply shortages. Omicron pushed coronavirus cases to record highs, the government instructed people to work from home, restaurants and bars faced mass cancellations, staff shortages were rampant and the Treasury had to revive some pandemic financial support for businesses. “Omicron looks set to fade almost as quickly as it arrived, thanks partly to the rapid rollout of booster jabs,” Samuel Tombs, an economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, wrote in a note to clients.


So brexit was successful ?