In world first, AutoX an Alibaba backed startup, announced it had rolled out fully driverless robotaxis on public roads in Shenzhen. No back up drivers, and the fleet is free to move all over the city.

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I am fully prepared for driverless car subscriptions that are to come. I will purchase one.


China is so big that even with a relatively small very rich population they can roll out stuff like this. We’re finally entering the legal phase where these autonomous cars will not be perfect – but probably safer than a human.

There’s going to be lots of drama.


The way the steering wheel moves it looks more like remote controlled. So jerky.


Shenzhen is very cyberpunk, I think it will be interesting to see how tech evolves there and it’s effect on society


“Car, take me to the Bao’an Park please.”

“I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”


Deurbanization Rising: Covid-19, Remote Work And Electric Aviation Will Reshape Living Patterns

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I wonder how long it will be before the companies realise they can hire cheaper foreign remote workers and manage them as effectively as a local remote workforce.

it’s going to come down to how much benefit there is in having 1 or 2 days in the office vs 100% remote work,.and whether the management tools can be adapted to compensate if there is a benefit to some face time.


So we are unlocking the Agrarian Idyll civic? Neat


One of the biggest issues with having remote workers in India is the time zone difference. Very tough to do the team calls. And language communication issues.


It’s Managers, Not Workers, Who Are Losing Jobs To AI And Robots, Study Shows

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Let’s aim higher and take out some senior leadership!


The analysis said that firms adopting robotics saw growth among workers, and those who did not saw layoffs – nothing to suggest the net was in favor of workers at any level. Misleading title, IMO.


How will the world cope without managers? God knows if I didn’t have someone telling me how to do my job I’d just crumple! I’ve only been doing it for 15 years. Where would I be without someone constantly explaining rudimentary concepts to me?

Edit: ITT: Managers desperately trying to justify their existence.


Managers optimize their companies based on data. That job description is perfect fit for an AI


But who will Karen demand to speak to? MANAGER BOT IS CONFUSED… EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE..


The Navy Is Firing a Mysterious Weapon Today. It Sure Sounds Like a Railgun.

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> What is this mysterious munition? The advisory doesn’t say, but it does reveal the test is taking place at Dahlgren’s “Railgun Building 1410.”

So, and work with me here, I think, maybe, there’s a chance they’re testing something that COULD be a railgun.


Funny story: there were ads for Nerf guns throughout as I was reading the article.


Railguns are generally unreliable because they require huge energy storage, discharge, recharge and cause extra wear and tear. All of which means it is super expensive to maintain and produce. The primary benefit of extra range is good mainly for stationary targets which is negated by the fact that both sides if equally matched would be launching missiles at each other at even farther ranges, and mid-range, and for lesser foes conventional shells would be much cheaper and reliable option for artillery or shore bombardment. There’s a reason why it was scrapped completely from Zumwalt.


Man, sure looks like a giant electric sewing machine to me


If they fired that straight up into the air, how high would it reach? Could this be used as a first stage of an orbital payload rocket?


Scientists make breakthrough in aging research after demonstrating successful reversal of vision loss in an aged mouse with glaucoma. “The data indicates that the reversal of DNA methylation age could be an effective strategy to give complex tissues the ability to resist age-related decline.”

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Thoughts on whether this last paragraph is optimistic hype or a realistic near-term possibility?

> Future research should also address whether OSK expression can have the same remarkable effects on neurons elsewhere in the brain and spinal cord. Given that RGCs are bona fide brain neurons, there is good reason to think they will. As such, the current findings are bound to ignite great excitement, not only in the field of vision restoration but also in those looking to understand epigenetic reprogramming of neurons and other cell types generally. For decades, it was argued that understanding normal neural developmental processes would one day lead to the tools to repair the aged or damaged brain. Lu and colleagues’ work makes it clear: that era has now arrived.

In particular: If similar epigenetic restoration is possible in the brain and spinal cord, would that offer the possibility of reversing dementia and/or Alzheimer’s?


So this used a virus to make these changes one that’s pretty harmless. I wonder if you couldn’t use this as a plot device in a scifi story. As in someone designs a genetically engineered virus that makes people it infects practically immortal. Just imagine the chaos if people just kind of stopped aging randomly, or even becoming younger for example.

It’s not that inconceivable that some individual might just decide to use a garage lab using CRISPR / gene drive, and all the more advanced genetic tools. To combine several anti aging modifications, and just let that thing lose in the wild. What would be crazy is if it showed up in other animals. The Salmon still spawn yes, but they will not die. All aging stops in all life on Earth beyond a certain point, and what that might mean in the long run. After all the evolutionary pay off for how smart a species is depends strongly on how long they live.


this make it 5 breakthorughs in aging this month alone,plus the alphafold AI modelling


what a month


Photosynthesis is the primary source of energy for almost all life-on-earth. A new study, published in Nature, provide new insight into how evolution has optimized the light-driven movements of electrons in photosynthesis to achieve almost perfect overall efficiency

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I wonder if someday we can go back to being solar powered. Diet, fitness and sleep are a chore.


What about life that evolved around lava vents under the ocean?


Reversal of biological clock restores vision in old mice

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Very interesting and promising! I love seeing my favorite futurology topic, /r/longevity, posted


Mankind’s greatest accomplishment will be solving all major medical issues in mice before moving on to their own species.


Nice! Heard about these results over a year ago when he published his book. Nice to see the study has been published now too. Hopefully the preclinical and, ultimately clinical, trials go well and yamanaka factors can be used to treat glaucoma and other age-related issues.

Now time to continue tackling the bigger problem – aging itself. Goodspeed, Dr. Sinclair.


The future could be really awesome if these sorts of breakthroughs make it out of the labs.


Mica always get the coolest medical treatments. So unfair.


Canadian researchers have made important advances to use the power of the sun to convert biomass like wheat straw into hydrogen fuel and value-added biochemicals

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I’d be correct in guessing the straw is the bits leftover from harvest? If so, any uses for that is great! Be it feedstock for hydrogen, bioreactors, or even compost for soil restoration.


Gonna have to get my Delorean project up and running pretty quick then. Mr. Fusion here we come!


Elon Musk is ‘highly confident’ SpaceX will land humans on Mars by 2026

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Everything’s only 5 years away when you’re a professional hype man.


The article only focuses on his confidence in the vehicle to get us there. I thought the biggest hurdles to overcome revolved around transporting essentials for the 1.5 year round trip and the toll on the human body. Water? Oxygen? Radiation exposure? Are we close on those things?


whether they are alive or not is just a variance the investors are willing to make


They won’t be alive or they will never see earth again


Elon Musk = In 6 years time we’ll land humans on Mars




Ok, so make that 12 years