The U.S. left a hole in leadership on climate. China is filling it. China is making greater and faster strides than expected away from fossil fuels — becoming the world’s largest investor in solar and wind technology and boasting more jobs in solar energy than in coal-mining.

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I wouldn’t remotely trust this. China has been lying about their emissions for decades.


Too bad it’s a dystopian dictatorship that distorts air pollution data to prevent public outcry.

I don’t thrust this. At all.


I guess progress comes a lot faster if you don’t have to concern yourself with such trivial things as human rights, a multi-party system or work safety regulations.


Dear OP, please move to china and live the dream of heavenly progressivism.


USA: Hey stop dumping CFCs into the atmosphere, we agreed to not do that.

China: We aren’t.

USA: We can see on satellite that you are.

China: I hope this doesn’t disrupt production of iPhones.

USA: Nevermind


Renewable energy can generate billions of dollars in health benefits, study finds

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The wealth transfer from insurance, big pharma and healthcare back to the people would be enormous.


I thought wind turbines caused more cancer than second-hand chew. /s


The ptb want dead people, not more healthier people.


this is why even if climate change was fake (it is not) we should go for green energy


When it generates trillions of watts of electricity every day, then come back and talk.


For health? Go jogging.


Tesla Energy Goes Mega: Tesla can deploy an emissions-free 250 MW, 1 GWh power plant in less than three months on a three-acre footprint – four times faster than a traditional fossil fuel power plant of that size.

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“that size”? Which, 3 acres or 250MW? Because 250MW would be a tiny coal power station and I’d be surprised if a gas turbine took that long. And why are we comparing power storage to power generation?

Don’t get me wrong, utility battery storage is vital to the transition to renewables, but this is a weird comparison.


A bank of batteries isn’t a power plant, it’s energy storage.


Sounds pretty cool. Although i did read ‘All Megapacks connect to Pornhub’ so i did have some questions about that


Good alternative to high pollution peaker plants. Why wouldn’t any large grid want at least one of these online?


You are so daft… The guy above was asking what size, to which you replied neither and that it’s only looking at time. Which again, goes back to time with a size of facility 250MW.


EV chargers outnumber gas stations in the UK for the first time

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Yeah, the comparison is false, as they are counting each individual electric charging station but not each individual petrol pump.

Petrol stations have multiple pumps, I’ve never seen a single sided pump so 8,000 stations is going to be a minimum of 16,000 pumps but more realistically way over 32,000 as i can’t remember visiting a petrol station with less than 4 pumps, and i would say most have 8 or more, at least in a city.

I mean there’s been a huge growth in ev stations and a long term decline in petrol stations but this is just bad statistics in action.


There are very few gas stations in the UK.

We have a lot of Petrol Stations and some of them sell LPG or tanks of propane but I don’t know of any places that only sell gases.


It’s not a useful metric, what should be followed is how many cars can be recharged per day and if it matches gas station to refuel the same number of ICE cars per day.

If it takes around 5 minutes to refuel vs 50 minutes to recharge on a DC fast charger, it would require the charging station to have 10x as many chargers per station compared to gas stations. So if a normal gas station sports 4 nozzles, an average charge station would need 40 chargers at say 100 kW each. If they increase to 1 MW per charger then it can have 4 chargers per station and be 1 to 1 comparable.

There is one caveat though, home charging which is not really comparable to ICE cars which are at a disadvantage here. Most homes have electricity, most don’t have tanks of gas to refuel. So do we really need as many charging stations as there are gas stations? Only urban areas will require parity, suburban and rural areas will survive mostly with 10 kW to 20 kW AC chargers and use the DC chargers on long trips only.


If you actually filter the stations by rapidcharger, and ones that take standard payment methods (contactless), you are down to about 200 chargers….

Like Manchester has 9, Leeds has 4.

Check it yourself, zapmap, filters on the left.


Considering there are (way) less EV compared to normal cars, it seems that EVs and EV chargers are highly inefficient.


UPS Has Been Delivering Cargo in Self-Driving Trucks for Months And No One Knew

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They need a robot that can roll up to the front door and leave a “sorry we missed you” note even when people are home.


*For one small test route

Of course no one knew. Do they think people just follow UPS trucks around checking to see who is in the cabin?


That’s line haul (terminal to terminal), not delivery (terminal to consignee).


The end of one of the largest job markets in the US is in sight. As far as I’m aware, there is no plan for what to do for the crippling of the economy this will cause.


Is it a bad time to get into trucking for a 19 y/o?I’ve been wanting to get into it out of my own ambition but this AI stuff has me worried. People are very black and white about it, either people say it’s doom and gloom & 3.5 million jobs go out the window within the year and the job will cease to exist, or that truckers could never be replaced within our lifetime because of a b and c. Don’t know what to believe.


Kitty Hawk’s Flyer personal VTOL has now flown over 25,000 times – Kitty Hawk has said it’s refined the vehicle to the point where someone with no experience can learn to fly it in 15 minutes.

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I dunno dude.

People in my area don’t even know how to give clearance before merging. I’m sure I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near them flying a personal drone.


It is cool stuff, although it can only fly for 20 minutes before it needs a day-long charge and has a range of 10 km (6 miles)… It’s a good step forward but it is still just something for rich people who already have all of the gadgets…

Hopefully, this will serve to optimize batteries materials and battery management which will profit the EV industry.


It bothers me that there’s not a roll cage or something over the head.


That’s nice and all, but I’d rather learn to fly it in 15 minutes to be a back-up in case something goes wrong.

It’s rather interesting that “flying cars” are trying to stage one last mighty comeback right as fully autonomous passenger drones are about to become feasible. It’s like the Dreamcast coming in 1998 right before it got curbstomped by the PS2. Except even worse than that. It’s more like the CD32 right before the PS1. Though I don’t even see passenger drones becoming *that* much of a major form of transport, they’re still likely to be much more common via drone taxis than anything that requires a pilot— and thus the time and money needed to train & certify that pilot. A future drone taxi app might cost $25 per ride, but a piloted one might cost $250. Only in the early days before people become comfortable with AVs will the latter even hope of standing a chance.


This thing’s a regulatory nightmare. It’s not a light aircraft, it’s not a helicopter, it has few handling traits in common with either. It may well be possible to learn to *control it in the air* in fifteen minutes but it should still have to take 40+ hours to learn to *fly* it.


How tree-planting drones can plant 100,000 trees in a single day [January 2018]

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Imagine you are out hiking minding your own business and suddenly you get shot in the head by a biodegradable seedpod


What’s stopping this happening? Ideas seem to always have roadblocks


Drop those Silver Maple helicopter seeds and they will grow almost anywhere. My neighborhood dumps inches of them everywhere every spring. They will sprout in thick lawns, hard packed clay, slightly dirty gutters, and even cracks in the paved road.


When the world is divided into hexagons and we have the proper tech it’s possible. It’s going to take alot of builders though since they can only do three tiles each.


Why aren’t we just fucking dropping seeds all over this bitch. I can’t imagine seeds are hard to get your hands on. And who cares if some are making it into the soil or whatever. Just drop the fuckers, if they plant they plant if they don’t they don’t. But it sounds better to at least just try.


Astronomers Have Detected a Whopping 8 New Repeating Signals From Deep Space

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These types of signals are usually pulsars or some other stellar object. Very unlikely its aliens.


**Content update 08/15/19:**

* Added *aliens* to the universe
* Once establishing contact you will be able to trade and share knowledge
* New PVP (or PVA really) options added.


Pick up the initial quest by decoding the eight new signals added. Good luck!

Edit: thanks for the silver 😀 your donation has earned you one weeks access to the live server and access to any upcoming betas including our new update ” 2020 Shitshow: Bernie rides again “


So if we find another signal, should we call it Deep Space Nine?


If the signals repeated a random pattern at certain intervals, just like the Arecibo message, then it could be aliens.


Dear higher life forms,

We have received your correspondence offering the secrets of the universe and thank you for your promise of ascension of humanity to a higher plane.

However, to be honest, now is not a good time.

We wish you best of luck in elevating other civilizations in your future endeavors




The world’s first solar road has turned out to be a colossal failure that’s falling apart and doesn’t generate enough energy, according to a report

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Wouldn’t using water pipes (geothermal) underneath the road have been a better idea since the asphalt would absorb IR and transfer it underneath?


Lots of people said that in theory it doesn’t work, now we know that in practice it doesn’t either.


No shit. Who could have imagined that putting something fragile that requires direct sunlight beneath a bunch of dirty, heavy cars is a bad idea?




Thunderf00t (or anyone with a brain) could have told them that like forever ago.