IBM launches AI platform to discover new materials – The aim is to accelerate the discovery of new materials by 10 to 100 times, by uncovering materials from the property targets of a given product

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To be fair this has been on the radar for a while, I like the idea of Material As A Service


Finally they are putting A.I to useful use rather than creating recipes.


Quick question: Who will own the rights to the new discovered material?


Do you want scrith? Because that’s how you get scrith.


Good, now make one to calculate how to make a 2nd earth, because we are running out of 1 soon.


Saudi Arabia’s Bold Plan to Rule the $700 Billion Hydrogen Market. The kingdom is building a $5 billion plant to make green fuel for export and lessen the country’s dependence on petrodollars.

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Is it even worth transporting hydrogen internationally? Just seems like a headache

The quality of discourse on this sub is second to none (unless it’s about crypto of course)


More PR than bold plan I’m sure. Their Western PR and consultancy agents probably dreamed this one up for them.


The problem here is, that western countries will have the choice from where to buy their hydrogen. Why buy from the dictatorship, when you can buy from a democracy? Sun is shining everywhere. Big parts of southern USA, Spain, Portugal, Greece, the Mediterranean islands, Israel, the outback of Australia… you can build those producing facilities everywhere where you have clean cheap energy. Hell, we could produce really much hydrogen in Iceland, because of their cheap geothermal electricity. The facist oil regimes can’t force us to buy their hydrogen like they can force us to buy their oil.


Maybe THIS is where all the pro-hydrogen propaganda that is flooding reddit is coming from. Big bankroll means big exposure, and the same snake oil miracle cures being promoted over and over again.


We shouldn’t buy from them. When moving away from oil we should not again make the mistake of making ourselves dependent on shitholes for our energy needs


Aptera Solar-Powered Car With ‘1,000-Mile’ Range Gets 7,000 Preorders for Delivery in 2021

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I remember when they went bankrupt. I thought they closed up shop for good.

Glad to see they’re giving it another shot. Hopefully they deliver, this time.


Manufacturing is insanely difficult and this thing isn’t going to be easy to make. Good luck!


I was gonna say that thing is ugly as fuck but since they’re about right to repair I’m like come here you handsome trike.


A friend of mine pre-ordered the original Aptera car in about 2013. He still hasn’t taken delivery. Not too optimistic that this one will actually happen either.


>”We’ll send you parts within 24hrs”

Good luck – I live in rural New Zealand. Nothing gets to me that fast even if it’s in the nearest town.


Nation’s First 3D-Printed Homes for Sale Hit Austin Market – 3Strands is partnering with Austin-based construction technology company ICON to leverage ICON’s proprietary 3D printing construction technology, software, and advanced materials to deliver the two- to four-bedroom homes in Austin.

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Based on the photos, it only looks like the ground floor is 3d printed. Also nothing about prices.


People will figure out a way to price gouge. Always do. This will most likely just be more tech to lower construction cost or the manufacturer, by mainly saving on time.


I hate being so cynical sometimes.


And will probably cost 2000% of what it cost to manufacture.

It’ll be a fast efficient way to build homes that will cost families a fortune because of HOW they were built.

(My guess)


3D printed architecture is a meme for tech news sites to talk about every few years, just like shipping container architecture before it. On the one hand, buildings are more complex than 3d printers can handle in terms of materials and assembly and even if you were dead set on some way to mass-produce homes, the best way would be offsite prebuilt homes, which already exists and is a healthy industry.


Every single post about 3D houses gets shat on, _every single time._ Why? Because changing the way homes are built would _devastate_ a number of industries, and good riddance. We’ve been building homes the same way for hundreds of years.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk


AI is becoming a true industry. “A majority of North American AI Ph.D.s — 65% — now go into industry, up from 44% in 2010”

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That’s not an industry, that’s a field of study. An Industry creates jobs for people with Bachelor’s and High School degrees. A.I. tends to do the opposite…


Wonder how they count ai phd? What is the actual definition of ai? Can come from math, computer sci and lots of other fields that use data fitting and data analysis.


Or, in other words, machine learning positions often require a PhD and pay much, MUCH higher salaries than academia. Color me surprised.


I wonder when we will see some better AI developed in games? It feels like the only progress they make is in the graphics department.


Is an AI PhD what the computer gets when it graduates?


In the Race to Hundreds of Qubits, Photons May Have “Quantum Advantage” – Canadian startup Xanadu says their quantum computer is cloud-accessible, Python programmable, and ready to scale

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Can’t wait to never hear about this again. BS merchants and journalists successfully creating and sustaining their own ecosphere is far more scientifically interesting than this ‘advance’ 😛


Figure out how to use it to mine Bitcoin. You’ll be rich faster than any other way.


So what is it doing with its accessibility ad programmability? What capabilities is it showing and why are queues not forming around the block?


The Robots Are Coming for Phil in Accounting: Workers with college degrees and specialized training once felt relatively safe from automation. They aren’t.

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I’m a musician and I don’t even feel safe from automation. AI composition, especially for things like film scoring is getting ridiculous. And when it comes to pastiching Bach and Mozart, machines can fool experts already.


When you “automate” a factory, it’s very obvious: there was an assembly line with people standing at it and now there are big robotic arms where the people used to be.

When you “automate” white collar work, it’s the kind of back-end software that nobody ever sees and might not notice.

Debra in accounts payable used to have to manually enter a bunch of stuff. Then the company’s SAP consultant implemented some tool to have all that stuff autofilled.

What happens to Debra? Either they give her more of some other kind of work to do, or they lay her off and someone else is told to do her old job, which is now more like a couple of hours a week task instead of a full-time job.


This seems off. For the most part the old-school accounting jobs are already gone. There are few “turn the crank” positions even now; expenses, reporting, invoicing, rev rec, payroll … all of that is automated today without AI.

That said, there is still a huge need to stitch these money processes together with the human processes. Unless we stop having human employees, human customers and humans writing the GAAP rules and tax code there is going to need to be experts that understand them and can translate uncoded reality into books that reflect it.


I used to do desktop IT support for a company. Our team thought we were all irreplaceable, since if you have a computer issue, you need an IT person on-site.

We got replaced with, and I’m not making this up, a vending machine.

Your machine stops working and you’re hard down? Put your employee ID in, your team’s expense account number, pop your machine in there, and within seconds you have a fresh machine in your hands.

The machine takes the one that doesn’t work, completely wipes the drives, reloads the standard image on to it, and puts it on a rack inside the machine waiting for you.

You can even get power adapters, mice, and keyboards from it (though it won’t take the old ones). There’s a guy that comes in periodically to re-stock mice and keyboards, and occasionally put an entirely new machine or three inside. The old peripherals go into a pile that’s picked up every quarter or as needed.


Let’s parse this statement.

“Not all bots are the job-destroying kind. Holly Uhl, a technology manager at State Auto Insurance Companies, said that her firm has used automation to do 173,000 hours’ worth of work in areas like underwriting and human resources without laying anyone off. ”

But, how many employees have gone from normal quits, fires, retires and untimely deaths? How much has payroll been reduced?


FedEx plans for an all-electric delivery fleet by 2040

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Who here thinks there will even be able to buy non electric cars in 2040, let alone have them be practical/efficient by then?

This is just another example of a company cashing in on “eco wokeness good press” NOW, knowing they don’t have to do ANYTHING for another 20 years.

They could go electric in 2 years, buit its cheaper to wait until they are forced to change.


2040? Lol.

2025 is achievable, 2030 is plenty of time, 2040 is “after our competitors do it first, but we want the press now as if we already did it”.


they think we will have a functioning society by then? isn’t climate change supposed to become drastic in the next 7 years?


Oh wow 20 years they move so fast. Amazon will be delivering packages on Mars by then.


You need the infrastructure to support this. Every FedEx building would need charging stations installed, the electrical grid coming into the building would need to be upgraded too.
Now what happens when the power goes out, those packages still need to get delivered. So how do you charge 100 trucks all at the same time with no power?
They run the building on a generator when the power goes out, but they run at reduced capacity and lighting because the generator is not big enough to power all of the conveyor belts, lights, computers, heating etc.
Now add that the expected life span of a FedEx truck is 20 yrs, do you think they are going to replace a brand new 2021 fleet of trucks that cost $65k each any sooner than they actually need to?

You can’t just switch to all electric overnight. Not when it absolutely positively has to be there.


Can some drugs delay aging? Scientists focus on those that target frailty and age-related disease.

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OP are you able to post the text from the article?


Lifespan by David Sinclair is an amazing read. I went into it pretty skeptical but he makes a very compelling case that now only is aging a disease and not a necessarily intrinsic part of life, we can likely slow aging NOW, will be able to extend life for decades very soon. Not only that but we should.


For anyone interested in learning more about longevity, take a look at Peter Attia’s The Drive Podcast – its phenomenal.


people need to get over aging, getting old, dying. Fucking suck it up and deal