Researchers at UC Berkeley successfully revived human heart tissue after it had been preserved in a subfreezing, supercooled state for one to three days. Researchers were able to prevent the formation of ice crystals that could have damaged the micro heart muscle cells

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Another step towards longevity and cryo sleep. Interesting


I wonder how comparable this is to IVF babies that were conceived after a frozen transfer. My son was frozen for 5 months and I still can’t wrap my mind around how he was thawed and placed into me and grew into a perfectly normal baby in a perfectly normal way


Odd that I just saw a post about Walt Disney being thawed out December 2021.


It would be nice if they could find a way to stop freezer burn on my steaks. Just saying.


5.2 million U.S. short haul trucks, 50% of all trucks, run on routes less than 100 miles that can easily be electrified. It’d increase electricity demand by about 5%, cutting almost 25% of trucking emissions.

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Our trucks do this currently but they are still taking the routes many times per day. If they could schedule a charge during lunch half hour it could work

Currently a lot of truck drivers do not take an actual lunch break but rather eat while being loaded or unloaded because they are paid by the mile/load


The problem is a good portion of those short-haul trucks are run by companies that never replace them. They are often very old trucks that those companies just keep rebuilding rather than buying new due to issues with newer trucks and low profitability of short haul.

Also.. Many of those trucks get used for 2 shifts, meaning it’s not just 1 driver in them then it sits 12hrs. It will be a split seat when one driver parks it and the next jumps in. A lot of those companies doing short-haul are very shoestring budget on their equipment.


I would not use the word ’easily.’ It would be expensive, the technology is still pretty new, and there are not enough electric trucks available. It is a good goal and we are making progress.


The only way this could easily be done is if the trucks could run all day on one charge and I don’t think we’re anywhere close to that .

I’m speaking about tractor trailers, not 6 wheelers.


“Easily”? Lol. It needs to be done but it’s not easy to swap out 5 million trucks


BioNTech founders: Revolutionary cancer treatments are in the pipeline

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Also, Moderna has an incredible pipeline thanks to mRNA technology.

I know, probably some people will say that big pharma is bad, but mRNA seems very promising to fight many diseases, even before the symptoms could appear. If they would achieve their goal, it will be a great step for humankind, even more if all these promising vaccines and drugs are going to be affordable for everyone.


We’re at the precipice of a major biotech and healthcare revolution. It’ll take a while, but we’re going to start seeing a massive shift in treatments for pretty much everything. mRNA tech, Crispr, and AI assisted protein folding are all 3 very distinct paths that seem to be converging. The telecom transformation we saw 20 years ago is going to happen in biotech over the next decade, and we’re just seeing the beginning.


This argument never made sense to me. There’s financial competition and whoever comes up with a cure will profit. If one,company doesn’t think it as profitable, another one will be happy to snatch it up. Unless you’re proposing some absurd conspiracy, it doesn’t hold water.


Looking forward to the anti vaxxers dying of cancer to “own the libs”.


So you’re saying I can start smoking…thanks science!


Covid has wiped out years of progress on life expectancy, finds study | Life expectancy

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Want to know what else wipes-out “years of progress on life expectancy”? An incompatible government that no longer works.


I guess I understand the article but I think we need to distinguish between a shock to the system and a fundamental change.

In this case, I think that once Covid-19 is ‘behind us’, longterm life expectancy rates will reassert themselves.


Ehhh. When government assistance (paid for by taxpayers) improves the quality of life versus what corporation wages provide?



Why want to live so long when all you have to look forward to most of the time is low paid corporate enslavement?


Man, my mental health took a huge toll because of the lockdowns. Not just mine tbh, almost all my friends had a similar experience.


A DNA robot that can walk across biological cell membranes is the first one that can control living cells’ behaviour. The researchers who made the robot hope that it could improve cell-based precision medicine

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I cannot wait for this to be misunderstood and becomes a way for the dEep StATe to control our minds via 6G and MS Excel.


” They suggest that similar molecular machines that guide cell behaviours could play a role in cell-based therapies and regenerative medicine.”

chinese dictators are going to live forever


Of course it would be the Chinese who developed synthetic molecular robots.


The climate crisis has made the idea of a better future impossible to imagine. Despite all the analogies for this possibly terminal emergency, it is unlike anything that has come before.

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Nah. Arguably this is bad but there’s a good chance this will just be part of history in a 1000 years. It’s mostly poor people from developing countries that are getting fucked. Super not nice, but humanity will probably survive.


Just fire up Star Trek : TNG and you have a better future at your fingertips.

This hack here is why we don’t have actual culture and media depicting a better future and how to get to it but doom and gloom, racism and bigotry as front and center news because that drives traffic and they get revenue.

They did more articles on Donald Trump writing the word coffee wrong in a fucking tweet then they did over all the carbon capture climate technology in the world.


Jesus, millennials trying real hard to be renamed “doomers”. I know Ya’ll young but this stuff has literally been 5 yrs away since ’65.


Just do what everyone else does. Pretend there is no “Climate Crisis,” and everything is just fine.


Yep it’s all starting to feel really hopeless. I’m saddened for the future generations.


Samsung Electronics Puts Forward a Vision To ‘Copy and Paste’ the Brain on Neuromorphic Chips

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Key question: will you be able to switch the adverts off?


**“Will this hurt?”**


**”It’s just a brain scan, it will hurt about as much as getting your picture taken”**


“*The point is: If we can store music on a compact disc, why can’t we store a man’s intelligence and personality on one? So I have the engineers figuring that out now.*”


This reminds me of the epic game Soma and the coin toss theory.

50/50 chance of waking up in the ‘correct’ body.


In recent literature this seems to be the most common trend towards immortality.


Start-up’s innovative micro-irrigation solution could reduce water usage in agriculture by up to 70%

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Outrageous that the claim an elderly and well-established technology to be somehow novel. (With the hype-signalling “AI” thrown in as punctuation).

Drip is used all over the world. Its downside is the lack of through drainage, and eventual soil salinisation that comes from its protracted use. Ideally, it shoudl combien with centre pivot irrigation to wash contaminants out, and good subsoil drainge to remove the brine and put it where its won’t do any harm. (Yes, looking at *you* Murray valley.)


Haven’t we been doing this at least for decades? This is everywhere in my region. How is it innovative?


“The solution is also highly resistant to dirt which is a typical problem with drip-irrigation.”

What the fuck? This is NEVER a problem with regular drip-irrigation.
The only time I saw those being clogged was in a >30 year old installation – and it was from roots, not from dirt.
That is because drip-pipes dont just have little holes in them, but valves behind them – to equalize pressure in the system – else the first few holes are going to let out all the water and at the end of the line there’ll barely be a dribble.


We’ve been using Dosatron systems in cannabis with similar results.


I am for anything that can help alleviate the absurd droughts we have had in later years, I visited California some time ago and it is completely out of control there, the fires, the heatwaves and the drought is getting pretty bad


We are sleepwalking into AI-augmented work. Complete automation of massive numbers of career fields is inevitable–And much sooner than most think possible.

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My employer stated my job in mortgage will be 90% automated within 10 months after they finish the new OS they’ve been working on. Kind of surreal watching the faces of all the execs light up in our zoom call while the ones doing the job slowly realize a lot of us won’t be there anymore this time next year.


The trick is to automate your job, but not let your boss find out.


We should all be striving to make our jobs obsolete in order to free up more leisure time for the human race.

The problem is, we have an economy that forces people to work in order to eat, so the notion of working your job to obsoletion is viewed as a horror rather than salvation.

We need to leverage automation to remove the human labor debt incurred by producing the basic needs of a society; food, water, and power production can all be automated to the point that paying someone else for electricity becomes moot.


***Takes job as an office drone, gets replaced by an actual drone.***

Wait no, that’s illegal!


Universal basic income or mass population die off …we already know how the billionaires feel.