Russia enters second year of negative population growth as migration fails to keep up with falls in birth rate.

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It’s been said that the entire history of Russia can be summed up in five words: “And then, things got worse,”.


I am sure if they want more people to coming in their country, they would adjust their policy accordingly.


Economic declined, cold weathered, cleptocratic country is sure not in my “want to live there” list. So good luck with the immigration thing.


It’s almost as though Russia is a lot weaker that the media makes them out to be


Russia: Oh no, our population isn’t growing, oh I know, EXPAND THE BORDERS, if the immigrants won’t come to us, we’ll come to them


California celebrates 1 million solar roofs – Arnold Schwarzenegger: “13 years ago, we set a huge goal: to build a million solar roofs in our state by 2019… Today, we celebrate the vision and the hardworking Californians that made a million solar roofs a reality.”

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>The initiative’s goal was to build 3 gigawatts of rooftop solar throughout the state. The program met its goal in 2015, ahead of schedule, and the market has continued to grow. Today, California consumers have installed nearly 9 gigawatts of local solar energy

That’s some serious shit.


Cool, now can some politicians please stop the California energy companies from raising their prices which they are using to offset their profit losses due to solar?

SoCal has some of the highest solar production rates with excess energy going to other states and yet we pay the highest electricity rates in the continental USA.


His statement was in my voice until I got to “California” then it was Arnold’s voice in my head.


Good thing about having a solar roof is if you add a battery to your system you can have power all through the night when they blackout your area when it gets too windy


Am I the only one bothered by the “1” balloon facing the wrong way?


Technology that captures carbon dioxide emissions needs way more subsidies — reaching well into the billions of dollars — to thrive. It comes as quite a surprise that essentially the entire oil industry — via this below-the-radar committee — is telling Washington they want a price on carbon of $110.

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Carbon capture worries me, not because of the technology itself, but because of powerful Americans’ inherently greedy nature. Here’s why:

If it becomes a viable solution, even long before it is making a significant dent in the problem, many powerful people will say, “Look – problem solved. Now we don’t have to do anything else, and can keep dumping carbon into the atmosphere with no restrictions.”


A device that takes CO2 put of the air already exists. It’s called a tree, and an untrained worker can install one using only a shovel in a few minutes. We have all the tech we need. We just need to will to build public transit, reduce meat consumption, and stop deforestation.


As usual this will happen:

Carbon capture will be paid with public money.
Oil profits will remain private.

So in other words:
Private makes profits with a mess.
Public pays for the cleanup.
Private keeps profits.


So the oil industry has burned the planet and expects the taxpayers to fund the solution. Pathetic.


Trees do a pretty good job. Super low cost to produce results.


Minecraft diamond challenge leaves AI creators stumped – It takes minutes for most new Minecraft players to work out how to dig up the diamonds that are key to the game, but training artificial intelligence to do it has proved harder than expected.

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The writer of the article underestimated how hard it is to find diamonds in Minecraft and to train artificial intelligence.


It’s pretty clear that most people commenting have no idea how AI even begins to work. Wow.


“If you’re familiar with the game, it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to get your first diamonds”

Im in my current game 8 hours and havent found any. Not in chests, not in mines, nowhere.

Can the AI do what most players do and search the web to find out what depth diamond veins occur on?


I’m just waiting to hear that the ai figured out arbitrary code execution and is now a God of Minecraft


Minutes? It took me days to figure out that there even *were* diamonds, much less what they were used for, and why I should want them, to say nothing of how best to get them. If people are really blowing through that in mere minutes, the problem has nothing to due with AI programming, the problem is that the humans are benefiting from years of communal knowledge and to be on fair ground the AIs should start with the same.


Pooper Scooper Robot Will Find, Detect And Automatically Pick Up Your Dog’s Poo – Its advanced AI can be connected to a cloud network, allowing the robot to learn and develop new ways.

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You know they wanted to call it the Poomba. But the Disney. . . Always the Disney.


I hope it’ll analyze the poo for the dog’s nutritional intake, its health, whether there are early warning signs of certain diseases and what not.

Maybe the 2.0 version of this scooper will have that. Now THAT would be futurology material.


Just imagine if THIS was the AI to become self-aware.


I’ll wait until it can clean itself, and deal with less … neat messes.


Person 1: Skynet

Person 2: No, it’s just a robot to pick up poop, connected with other devices so that …

Person 1: SKYNET!


Sikh-Americans pledge to plant 100 forests in India to combat climate change. EcoSikh has planted 120 mini forests of 550 trees of native species in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Jammu and Chandigarh

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Sikhs are some of the best, most decent human beings I have ever met. This news doesn’t surprise me.


Good on them. Trees are the answer.

Earth once had 3 trillion trees, now just 1 trillion.
Bringing the count back up by a trillion would provide fundamental benefits such as carbon capture, air and water filtration and habitat for endangered species.

For our own sake the term Earthling should be synonymous with Forest Steward.


First off, it’s always great to see groups working to do good in the world.

Now, to my fellow redditors. At the time of this reading there are about 12 comments here and 10 of them are something along the lines of “instead they should have…” or “this isn’t the answer, X is…” or even “they better also be doing…” to which I very kindly and with most cordially due respect invite them to eff right off.


This is great, but like many similar efforts, the problem is keeping the trees alive not planting them in the first place. I stopped giving to carbon offset programs in part because I read up that they all report the trees they planted but that there’s no plan in place to even make sure the trees get to adulthood. For example, trees need water, but no NGO gets praised for watering trees only for planting trees. So there’s no accountability and maybe this actually increases carbon (shipping the baby trees, driving them out somewhere, only to have them die after their first year).


Sikhs kick ass, even though they could slash ass with that sword of theirs.


Ocean Cleanup hauls its first batch of plastic trash back to shore, an end to a first successful mission to collect plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and plans to repurpose the recovered rubbish as plastic goods, with the profits to go into developing version 2 of its system.

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Profits? I would think if a profit could be made then someone would’ve done it a long time ago. But if there are, great! It basically cleans itself up.


looks nice, but is there any coverage of the efforts to quell the flow of plastic into the ocean?
what’s the point of mopping the floor if the bathtub is still overflowing?


Does it say anywhere how much trash they got? A shipload?


Ok wait so they are collecting plastic from the garbage patch and they’re making more plastic with it?


This is awesome. Perhaps they’ll find something over there.


Emotion-detecting AI tech should be restricted by law – “large numbers of studies are showing that there is… no substantial evidence that people have this consistent relationship between the emotion that you are feeling and the way that your face looks.”

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Finally, my resting bitch face has a purpose: it can defeat AI emotion-detectors.


Emotion recognition by voice is a different thing though and it has an enormous amount of research supporting it.


We need dthis ai so we can show people images on social media see what makes them scared and then use it against them if they ever get out of line in our communist regime. Oh scared of rats are ya Winston? Room 1 for you and bring rats!!! Perfect weapon to use for mass control


Humans would just adapt to it, and then we would change how we show emotion.

This is not ethical for this reason.

It’s the same thing as using AI to find gay people. You’re not going to find gay people, you’re just going to make it *harder* to find gay people.

We have emotional cues because we’re social animals. Research like this makes it possible to lose these cues.


It’s like lie detector machines. People will always think they work even though it’s proven they don’t.


This small German town took back the power – and went fully 100% renewable, with energy in the joint ownership of the municipality and a new citizen-led cooperative, which now owns 25% of the energy company.

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This is so cool! How could this model be adopted in the US? Small towns only? Maybe places as big as Portland? Very curious because that whole article was brilliant and i want it where i live

Edit: moved to a smaller town recently. Always lived in bigger cities but this inspired me to research my local county and found it has a co op program for opt in renewable energy. Just got off the phone and signed up for 100%. So cool!


They own 25% of the company which is not a majority and they can’t make any overriding decisions, they are just along for the ride


I’ll believe it when they disconnect their transmission lines outside of their city. Just like every other similar article, they install a peak capacity equal to their energy usage. And when those renewable sources aren’t generating because they have very low capacity factors, they rely on outside gas or nuclear or coal to keep them powered.


Is this when I should point out there renewable energy is a giant polluter compared to nuclear power.

Edit:I dont know why some people are downvoting this it is a fact I’m sorry if you dont like science


Conservatives failing Germany with inaction.

Conservatives failing UK with lies.

Conservatives failing US with stupidity.

People taking action like this is our best hope.


Heavy-duty trucks and buses must go electric, says new report – Electric trucks emit 44% to 79% less emissions than diesel trucks, depending on the type of vehicle.

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Continues to ignore Cruise ships..which utterly and completely dwarf anything on the road.


Is anyone really surprised? Generating energy is much more efficient at scale, even accounting for distribution and charging losses.


Actually, during the twenties and thirties, up to WWII, there were a fair number of electric delivery trucks in large cities. Their range was limited, and the batteries were heavy and took up a lot of freight space, and because of the weight of the batteries, these truck needed solid rubber tires.


A report from The Union of Concerned Scientists…

So some dudes taking dark climate change PAC money


Lets get this straight, electric vehicles have 0% emissions. Diesel trucks have more emissions than any other fuel. That is it, that is the simple facts …. When i buy an electric car and own it for 20 years i am personally not emitting anything as i use solar or wind energy to charge….