Researchers create quantum microscope that can see the impossible

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Horrible headline but it is a nice bit of science and it is certainly true that improvements in our ability to sense and measure the world almost always lead to breakthroughs in other areas. As this will be a laboratory tool, it won’t be high profile, but behind the scenes there will be researchers salivating at the prospect of using it.

ELI5: To see really small things you increase the power of a laser fired at the target. To much power and you destroy what you are looking at. Using quantum effects you can see more with less power, particularly relevant when looking at biological samples. This improvement will be of a lot of interest in people studying organic chemistry and biochemistry (though it is more widely applicable).


It sounds neat but I was hoping they would do a better job explaining how it works. Not that a dummy like me would understand 😅.


From the paper:

> Randomness in the times that photons are detected introduces shot noise, which fundamentally constrains sensitivity, resolution and speed1. Although the long-established solution to this problem is to increase the intensity of the illumination light, this is not always possible when investigating living systems, because bright lasers can severely disturb biological processes. Theory predicts that biological imaging may be improved without increasing light intensity by using quantum photon correlations. Here we experimentally show that quantum correlations allow a signal-to-noise ratio beyond the photodamage limit of conventional microscopy. Our microscope is a coherent Raman microscope that offers subwavelength resolution and incorporates bright quantum correlated illumination. The correlations allow imaging of molecular bonds within a cell with a 35 per cent improved signal-to-noise ratio compared with conventional microscopy.

So why not say that, rather than waffly generalisations?


If it’s achievable then it’s not really impossible. New headline. Researchers create quantum microscope that can see hard to see things.


The fact they make great claims without an explanation as to know it even works is suspicious to me.


Researchers from Poland have launched two encryption systems based on the principles of quantum mechanics preventing data transmission being intercepted without the rightful recipient’s knowledge

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We need this. Government doesn’t care about your privacy rights or laws.


This is awesome. Though there are still a lot of other challenges ahead of this the general practice has been proven is amazing.


Didn’t they arrest a dude in the past who made cell phones untraceable and was marketing them as such?


Rich pedos they rub their hands because who will be best benecifient from that kind of technology in than them.


A Robot To Replace The Need For Farmers To Go Inside the Grain Bin – “After hearing some farmers talk about how they’ve lost a loved ones or how they themselves have gotten injured, I got really passionate about the project,”

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Great. Now I have to go in and clear the clog AND retrieve a robot.


Grain entrapment could be prevented with proper harness and tie off. Farmers who are to cheap to do this aren’t likely to spend money on a robot.


Having spent a little time on a farm over the summer, This came up. If you are managing your grain properly you done need to go in the bin. Simply keeping your grain dry will keep it from caking and getting clumpy. This is usually handled by a large drying fan built into the bin. It’s common knowledge that getting into a grain bin is extremely dangerous.
Farmers who do end up going into the bin have either mis managed their stock or don’t have the right equipment. Both of those groups of people are unlikely to invest in a grain clearing robot.
I suspect there are a few businesses that have specific services to clear out bins that have suffered equipment failure or neglect with the proper tools and training. But a lot of farmers would rather try to do it themselves.


I’m impressed, but this is an issue that industry really should have tackled 50 years ago.


Extraordinary new material shows zero heat expansion from 4 to 1,400 K

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“Australian researchers have created what may be one of the most thermally stable materials ever discovered. This new zero thermal expansion (ZTE) material made of scandium, aluminum, tungsten and oxygen did not change in volume at temperatures ranging from 4 to 1400 Kelvin (-269 to 1126 °C, -452 to 2059 °F).”


screw aerospace. Engine blocks made out of that stuff would be amazing.


Slick. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s material properties compare to Invar, which is the current material we turn to when we need very low thermal expansion.


I wonder how “old” this tech is, and that all of these UAP’s are just nations testing this sort of tech


How could it not have some graphene in it?

(It seems like everything new/cool has graphene these days)


Japanese researcher developed a drug that uses a virus to attack brain tumor cells, say it could be applied to many other types of cancer. The drug uses a herpes virus that is genetically engineered to replicate only in cancer cells and destroy them

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Giving cancer herpes. What an incredible flex by humanity.


I was watching a documentary on these types of cancer treatments. One guy was talking about this brutal fever and delirium and sickness he was experiencing for a few days then he got better then MRIs showed that his brain tumor had reduced 75% or something crazy like that. He was a terminal patient with no hope and now somehow this bout of illness had bought him a bunch of time. It’s science fiction-esque. I was thinking of this viral cancer treatment breaking out of the hospital and spreading through the population curing people who didn’t even know they had a brain tumor.


I think these types of biopharmaceuticals will be the ones that will cure cancer eventually. Cancer drugs simply have too many side effects unless they’re delivered right to the cancer cells, which brings us right back to using living vectors for delivery (or nanobots eventually).


I think I saw a documentary on this. Weird how much of it focused on Will Smith.


Fighting fire with fire, huh? I look forward to the day when we can tell patients “I can’t cure your disease directly, but I can give you syphilis which will kill your disease and then I can cure the syphilis.”


DARPA has recently commissioned three private companies, Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin and General Atomics, to develop nuclear fission thermal rockets for use in lunar orbit

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If DARPA is asking for help with something like this you know the government doesn’t have spaceships from other planets.


Ughhhnnnh…Colonel, the DARPA chief died. Seems like a heart attack.


The same way the SpaceX is just dunking on fools with their reusable rockets, the first guys to do nuclear rockets is going to make chemical rockets look like amateurs.


General atomics has the experience if fallout is any indication.


General Atomics you say?

*ive got spurs that jingle jangle jingle*


Working Less Is a Matter of Life and Death

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Once upon a time, that seemed inevitable. As prosperity increased and automation replaced human labor, people were expected to devote themselves to hobbies and family life. The British economist John Maynard Keynes was so certain industrialized countries were on a steady trajectory toward less work and longer vacations that he predicted people in the 21st century would work just three hours a day — 15 hours a week. “For the first time since his creation man will be faced with his real, his permanent problem,” he wrote in a 1930 essay, “how to occupy the leisure, which science and compound interest will have won for him, to live wisely and agreeably and well.”


Having a 7 month old really put this into perspective for me. Two week paternity and then right fucking back to it. Also I get to spend about an hour with him between finishing work and his bedtime. It’s kind of fucked up.


I wonder how much time & money went into researching the obvious?


New Self-Driving EV Sucks up Pollutants From Other Cars as It Drives

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Sounds like yet another doable yet impractical irl marketing gimmick bullshit


So they stuck an air purifier on the outside of a car and that’s supposed to be a good idea? Air purifiers are rated for the size of room for a reason and I doubt theirs capable of making any difference on a “planetary atmosphere” scale.


Can imagine driving in traffic singing “you’re welcome” from Moana


That’s great, but EV need to be charged from renewable electricity sources otherwise they just pollute in a different way.


Europa May Have This Key Factor For Alien Life – One of Jupiter’s moons may be the best place to find aliens in the Solar System – In about three years, NASA plans to launch a robotic orbiter that will study Jupiter’s mysterious moon Europa.

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Unfortunately NASA won’t actually be testing for life. NASA hasn’t directly tested for life since the Viking Landers. With out current methodology, only manned missions can ever prove the existence of life. Of all the recent Mars rovers, none have done direct tests for life. No looking for live cells under a microscope. No searching for DNA signatures. No repeat of Viking-style experiments but with modern technology.

NASA tests for chemical signatures, the presence of water, etc, but current methodology seems to have given up on any testing that could actually conclusively prove the existence of life.


You have all the worlds now and you choose the one you’re asked not to set foot on? Seriously?


Let’s just hope they don’t find the Hive there. Bad times, right there.


So after the thousands of people claiming how impossible life is due to the odds of our conditions and then people post this shit I can’t help but think it’s karma farming.