Sony reduces PS5 production by 26.7% due to AMD chip issue

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First time?


AMD up 15% tomorrow.


TSM up 1.13% currently in Taiwan. Seems to have no effect as of today.


AMD has had no problems with yield, and TSMC N7 is yielding 80%+.

If this report is true, and Xbox has no equivalent problems, I suspect it might be something to do with Sony’s custom IO? Their much-hyped SSD loading times rely on CPU decompression heavily, and iirc they designed the IO chip that goes in the SoC themselves.


TSMC is the best fab in the world, 50% yield is nonsense.


So wait for the launch day hangover drop and then buy in? Got it.


SEC to Examine Nikola Over Short Seller’s Fraud Allegations

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NKLA said nothing of substance to refute the claims


Looks like my puts will be worth something tomorrow!


“What’s the SEC going to do, open an investigation on me?” man who calls SEC for an investigation


NKLA cares an awful lot about their share price


lol – Trevor Milton has to be one of the dumbest people on the planet right now.


How is Nikola not crashing right now? This stock is obviously smoke and mirrors.

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If you’re stupid enough to buy it, you must believe there is someone even stupider than you who you can sell it to at a higher price


My guess is that it’s become Wall St’s new play-toy. “Retail buyers” is such bullshit.


Just tried to short sell it.

“Order cannot be placed. Not enough shares.”



Dont short a company like NKLA. Market will stay irrational lot longer than you staying solvent. But I expect reckoning for this company soon. You have to ultimately produce products. I dont see them doing that even with partners. They have no tech that is worth something. GM and others are trying to make a quick buck while NKLA is worth something. That will come to bite them over medium term.


Fomo and all the articles of ” if you bought $2,000 of Amazon/Microsoft/tesla in the beginning here’s how many millions it would be worth today”


Let me get this right, Soft Bank buys billions of dollars worth on NIVDIA Option Calls. Then Soft Bank announces its completion sell of ARM to NVIDIA. Which causes an additional 10% gain on the NVDA stock price.

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they are doing risky speculative bets on the stock market to make up for their losses from wework i think. Rather than building up value by nurturing startups, because that seemed to have failed for them. it’s a last hurrah.


Since the deal is unlikely to get approved, I guess softbank will sell all their calls before that news goes out and make a quick buck on this.


They don’t win every time though. Look at the losses they made with Uber and WeWork.

Masayoshi Son even said himself that the WeWork investment was ‘foolish’.

Trouble with WeWork and Uber is people treat them like tech companies. But they aren’t. WeWork is essentially a landlord and Uber connects riders with taxis. They use tech to achive their goal, but the tech isn’t the product.


They’re operating like a hedge fund and that makes you go long on them?


I don’t know if it’s legal either…but seems like that open question should make us pause about investing.


BP says the era of oil-demand growth is over

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I seem to recall reading this same headline 2 decades ago.


Oil bottom is in.


“The impact, including lasting behavioral changes like increased working from home, will affect economic activity and prosperity in the developing world, and ultimately demand for liquid fuels, according to BP. That means it won’t be able to offset already falling consumption in developed countries.”

BP is hedging for survival in a world where demand for oil is falling or stays flat. The pivot to more renewables and becoming an energy company will be good for their employees and investors.


If this is making news that peak oil demand has arrived. The good news is now is the time to selectively invest in oil and gas. The exploration side of oil has been minimal for over a decade. The balance of oil trade shows a slow and steady decline in storage inventory is starting to take place. Oil is still useful as a chemical stock outside of energy. I believe that oil has potential to rise to $80 per a barrel by 2025. If interest rates increase sooner, bankruptcies will shake out the zombie producers. The consolidation of the oil industry has been very slow because of low interest rates. If inflation hits first, then the zombie companies may be able to pay down debt to become viable in the future.

In short, watch the debt load of oil companies. They don’t have free cash flow right now. The debt levels and under investment in exploration makes for either a slow decline or potentially a break out. My gut tells me that long term they may have one more hay day left. The one with the least amount of debt load will likely survive.


Covid has made everyone so dramatic. “This time is different!”


SNOW IPO price raised from $75~85 ~ $100~110

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100% waiting, I’ve seen too many IPOs get dumped shortly after.


Didn’t hot IPOs start to price higher and higher before the Internet Bubble crashed?

Seems like we’re getting there.


I’m a data engineer for a one of the top tech companies and have been in the industry for over 5 years. I’ve also been a speaker at the snowflake conference.
I can speak first hand that this tech is unlikely anything we’ve seen before and truly revolutionizes the database world. I’ve seen lots of comparisons to GCP and AWS, but frankly this is an entirely different product. The closest it could be compared to is Oracle DB and this is literally light years ahead.

One an organization selects a DB and places there data inside it, it’s incredibly challenging to migrate to a new database (at data this scale , talking 10’s of petabytes).

I’m interested by all the comments saying “I don’t understand this technology”, do you really understand all the other technologies you invest in? To me, the business model and technology is actually quite a bit easier to understand than a company like google or Microsoft.


Been having a hard time understanding how Snowflake is better than competitors so I think I need to some more research


I think what’s different about this ipo is that it’s only known by the people in its industry and ipo investors. Most tech IPOs are really big in the consumer market and generate some additional excitement but snowflake is being pushed up by its actual industry experts (and today’s unusual market conditions).

I’ll grab some shares on IPO day but grow my holdings over time as it drops


Nikola responds to allegations of fraud

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This stock is going to zero


They don’t seem to understand the difference between refuting and verifying. Lmao. This is going to be such a great documentary one day.


>Nikola has contacted and briefed the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding Nikola’s concerns pertaining to the Hindenburg report. Nikola intends to fully cooperate with the SEC regarding its inquiry into these matters.

the SEC was unaware of fraud allegations against the company. These idiots called the cops themselves to tell the cops how innocent they are. They started their own SEC fraud investigation. **How stupid are they to call they the cops on themselves.**


I’ve never seen a company this stupid. RIP


This is a comically weak response that yet again falls short of disproving any claims made by Hindenberg. These fucking idiots admit the truck rolled down the hill without saying it outright. Their wordsmithing is fooling less and less people.

Edit: and the stock is up! Don’t ever underestimate people’s stupidity


ROFL, so they they didn’t dispute anything, they actually admitted to it using sleezy wording.

They have a 1000kg H2 fueling station, which is just a tank and pump, but they don’t have any way to make the hydrogen?

Remember that they claimed they are making hydrogen at 80% lower energy consumption than anyone else, but they just admitted they can’t actually make any
hydrogen and are in the process of buying an outside companies generator to use at their headquarters.

Also, 1000kg H2 fuel pump is a meaningless number. 1000kg a year? A decade? By listing a weight and not a fueling rate they meant this to sound like a large number, but again it is a sleezy misdirection that is completely lacking in substance.


Microsoft Drops Out of Bidding for TikTok’s U.S. Operations

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I think this is a blessing in disguise for MSFT. I’m not 100% sure how they would have monetized on TikTok.


As a MSFT shareholder, I couldn’t be happier about this news if I tried.


Update: Oracle Chosen as Winner in Deal for TikTok’s U.S. Operations


Dumb robinhood traders are gonna give the rest of us a 5-10% discount on MSFT this week.


MSFT dodged a bullet here. Good news all round for shareholder.

I am bullish for MSFT with this news.


Nvidia to buy Arm Holdings from SoftBank for $40 billion

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Buy high, sell low: Japanese business style.

Yeah, Masa got the higher price than the original one. However, ARM should be the core of his Vision Fund that should not be sold under any circumstance. ARM is the company that determines the very future of micro-computing, so it’s not something to be sold so easily.


Hard not to trust NVDA here – they’ve been crushing it.


A final blow to Intel. Expecting every laptop OEM to start using ARM/NVDA chips over Intel in a couple of years, unless there are some long standing contracts between OEMs and Intel.

Nvidia is going to kill it!


Why isn’t ARM worth more? Practically every modern smartphone chip is based on their architecture. Seems like $40 billion is peanuts compared to their presence.


NVDA has 617M shares outstanding, they’re paying 44.3M shares for this. Will SoftBank be required to hold them for a certain period of time or will dilution be this amount right from the start? Anyway seems like a decent deal for NVDA making use of the high valuation effectively.


This week 12 yrs ago–Lehman Bros collapsed……(Best Interest) Explaining the Big Short and the 2008 Crisis

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Thanks, this was well done. But could you try again as Margot Robbie in a hot tub?


I have to disagree with the individual not being at fault. Especially the example of a 1 million home on a teachers salary.

Yes I agree that the American dream overwhelmed many. But at the same time if u make 60k a year and u have a mortgage that is 1 million bucks then At some point we have to acknowledge that the crash wouldn’t of happened if people had an ounce of common sense.

Edit: Great write up OP. I Disagree with one small portion but don’t want to take away from everything else u did.


great post, and extraordinary film

one of my faves ever


Is this history going to repeat itself with Student Debt?

I feel like it’s going in the same direction.


Where can I buy these CDOs?