Up to 40 states plan to sue Facebook for antitrust next week – CNBC

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When govt charges a company for anti-trust, it reinforces modern day investors that they have moat and start putting more money into the company 🙂 Look at GOOG


Given that there are plenty of competitors in the social media space whom Facebook contend with (we’re using one right now), I’m interested in what the arguments will be. Can a legitimate antitrust case be made against them?


Just buy the dip. Happens every time.


I think it is time to buy FB. These media news is FUD, DOJ sued GOOGL in October(?) and stock went up by 3% on that day and another 1% after hours!


Many will say that all tech companies getting sued is nothing. But if you look at AT&T Bell, the same was said, many times, until it was actually broken up. And that led directly into IBM and texas instruments. Then they got into a bit of hot water right around the time that Microsoft was born. Then when Microsoft was handcuffed, google, facebook, new apple, and even netflix came onto the scene by the space opened by a constrained microsoft.

The same will eventually happen with big tech, probably sooner than later. So treat each case of antitrust as a nail in the coffin.

Fully expect FAANG to fall within 10-15 due to antitrust. Probably after everyone realizes china is entering a lost decade 2025-2035…


DraftKings (NASDAQ: DKNG) – Deep Dive Research – Part 1

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Reddit is literally free this is incredible


Take a look at the gaming industry in the UK or Australia, then look back at DraftKings. That thing is going to print money for decades as spots gambling is legalized.


Thanks for this.

How does DKNG compare to PENN and MGM, and also to up-and-coming businesses like Fansunite (FUNFF)?


Draft Kings not long thesis:

* Current price $51.10 vs. DCF fair value price $25.39
* Currently unprofitable
* Price/Book ratio at 9.2x with the market as a whole at 2x
* Forecast is to remain unprofitable for the next 3 years
* Earnings past performance has accelerated downward with -425% last year’s earnings “growth”
* In line with being unprofitable, negative return on equity, assets, and capital employed

Draft Kings long thesis:

* Forecast annual revenue growth is 35% compared to the market’s 10%
* Short term and long term assets exceed liabilities
* Debt free
* Stable cash runway for more than 3 years


* No dividend


Great write up. Thanks for the read and the future read. This has been on my radar from a friend constantly suggesting it, and a lot of the information you provided solidified his hype on it long.


I found my portfolio with “insights” from 2007 (12/28/2007 to be exact)

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Thank you for the sharing. Goes to show that we really won’t know how stocks will go. Things are too fluid for anyone, including the experts to be able to predict. If anything, predictions are fundamentally based on the idea of ceteris paribus.


“GE…Can’t see how they can lose”

Gotta love it


Some hits and some misses. This post right here illustrates why I only invest via Index. Thanks for the share!


Wow you were spot on with GE.


I found a note from a few years ago. Along with a few other things, it said: “buy calls on Amazon”.

Well, I wish I did that lol


S&P Dow Jones Indices to launch cryptocurrency indexes in 2021

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Let me be the first to say… Dogecoin to the moon


Obligatory this is good for Bitcoin


Just invest in the real thing, f these derivatives.


Hopefully soon I will be able to buy ETFs that track cryptocurrency soon with this news. Merrill Edge blocks the trading of blockchain ETFs.


Gosh doesn’t this all sound like 2017


Elon Musk warns employees Tesla’s stock could ‘get crushed like a soufflĂ© under a sledgehammer’

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Sounds bullish.


I see this email as reinforcing the current course rather than a CEO trying to fix a problem.

For a long time Tesla struggled with profitability. That brings motivation, a goal to work towards. With a long streak of successes, people might start getting complacent. The email is a reminder that there is no time for that.


Soufflé is an interesting way to spell bubble.


My roommate is banking on being there 1.5 more years to have his stock options fully vest.


All in on Tesla? Fine I am down.


UK authorises Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine

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Needs to be made clear that this is a vaccine developed by BioNTech where Pfizer, in a limited partnership with BioNTech, is helping bring it to market.

Pfizer is certainly getting a hell of a PR win out of this, but if you’re looking to invest in mRNA vaccines you should be looking at BioNTech (BNTX).


This crazy how fast we are actually getting a vaccine. If this works we might be back to normal by March.


There are many of tools for price stimulation, but platforms don’t use it, IDK why….RBC price has grown x2 last month. This is the real result of the team’s work! It’s hard to imagine what will be after the instant trades launch…


Salesforce Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Slack

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CRM will tank by tomorrow open, will probably slowly rise back to 240/250 by EOY


Crazy to think they bought an amazing company like Tableau for ~$16B but end up spending $27B for a company like Slack just years later.


Microsoft is going to have finished Slack’s lunch with Teams before Salesforce even owns them lol


Interesting. I was thinking about buying SalesForce at some point, but then I said nah.

And now I’ll own SalesForce after all.

Funny how it works out sometimes…


I wonder what this will mean for my WORK shares. Will they convert to CRM shares? Will they get paid out? It’s a cash plus stock deal so I’m honestly not sure.

Also, perhaps a noob question, but if the price of WORK is over $40, but Salesforce purchases at $26.79, would we expect the WORK price drop near or to that number?


Blackberry announces agreement with Amazon

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I inherited like 100 shares of this last year and thought “wow haven’t heard of this company since 2008, what are they up to today?”

So yeah, let’s go to the moon!!


I just bought the stock the other day, I was up 42% today at lunch and watched it drop back down. I’m new to this, wondering if a made a mistake by not selling? would have been a nice profit for such a short time.


So r/investing is now PRWire?


My friend just randomly bought calls on this yesterday and doubled his money lmao


Damn, Motley Fool Stock Advisor called this one a while back and I thought it was nuts.


How some analysts are trying to screw you, a short analysis of J.P. Morgan’s NKLA analyst

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Imagine listening to sell side…


Any analyst who suggested Nikola was a buy after the Hindenburg report ought to be fired as an analyst for making such a blatantly wrong call where there was very clear evidence of massive fraud involved.

If you’ll recommend clients and others who read your reports should buy into obvious frauds then how can I trust your judgement when it comes to companies that are actually legitimate? You either have horrible judgement, or you aren’t doing your proper due diligence to come up with your buy/sell ratings and price targets, regardless of which it is both say no one in their right mind should listen to your recommendations.


I’m definitely going to buy more shares to average out.


You have to be on serious drugs to buy nikola. The company is a farce with no product.


> I guess he wants just a dead cat bounce so that he could save his ass

This would be incredibly illegal. Analyst trades are super regulated and monitored to the point where most just use managed accounts or indexes. Not only would he be fired immediately it would be one of the most slam dunk cases of insider trading in the history of insider trading.

Maybe he’s a shitty analyst, maybe there’s more context that you’re leaving out, idk. But your understanding of motivations here couldn’t be more wrong.


Canadian electric truck and bus manufacturer to “IPO” on NYSE via a merger with $NGA

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If nikola can do what it did with rendered art pictures, this company that actually produces vehicles and has a contract with Amazon should do just fine. Anyone have details about their trucks? Look pretty interesting.


you had me at C


My $NGA!


Nga plz


How many EV auto makers are there!?