Oh what a setup for gold ! ( bring your calculator )

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Gold is a global commodity. You need to use the increase in the global money supply, which is certainly not 52%


People frequently cite that M2 money supply graph without reading it, or understanding it.

The reason there was a spike in May 2020 was due to a change in definition of the term being measured. This is explained on the bottom of the graph in question, as well as the May 2020 press release by the Fed.

Also while in theory gold could be a hedge against inflation, historically it has not done this well at all.

Equity, bonds, and real estate all hedge better against inflation on average than gold, and more consistently do this as well.


How do you think the rising narrative of bitcoin as an inflation hedge will affect gold? Will that take a chunk of the growth of gold?

It’s much more accessible now that apps like PayPal and Square let people buy it. Arguably it also seems to have a hype across both retail and corporate buyers.


If this is your thesis I would say you should be in all commodities not just gold. Many are doing quite well except gold. Thinks like lumber, copper, ect.

the other thing to think about is how much of golds price is speculators. If they abandon ship the fundamentals won’t matter for a long time


Gold is no longer the sole “hedge” for money printing. For starters, there is bitcoin (I think it is useless, but reality trumps opinions)

Plus, like someone else pointed out, Rhodium (it’s been on a tear), copper, silver, are appropriate hedges. So is the stock index (S&P500, DJIA, pick your poison)


Still Bullish On Uranium (Also, I Have Not Been Able To Find Published Bear Cases And I Would Be Very Interested If Any Exist)

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What if you have to take delivery?


$UUUU is a great play on both uranium and rare earths, two of the more difficult commodities that are potentially highly relevant over the next 10-20 years. I think they’re going to be a huge winner over a long time horizon.


I’m long in DNN and it’s so cheap I’m buying every dip that comes my way.


As a long time Reddit user, I notice you’ve been here for 5 days.


I am in.

Spent my morning doing research on Uranium. The extraction process is interesting!

That with the possibility of expanding operations in Wyoming and Biden admin on board, so am I.


Breaking: US Senate votes to pass 1.9T pandemic relief bill, positive outlook on equities

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I bet gold opens red.


Anything just please save my portfolio it’s been on life support these last two weeks


I made the correct decision in not doing my taxes yet. With the decreased income qualifications, I would not be eligible for a stimulus payment using my estimated 2020 income, but if I let 2019 ride as long as I can, I get stimulus money.

If anyone close to not qualifying, do not do your taxes until you get the payment!


just keep on printing yep


It’s a worrisome sign that the only reason markets trend upwards for 12 months straight is artificial governmental stimulus.

I might be older than most of the youths interested in speculation and investing on reddit. My investment are fairly boring. Lots of funds, and lots of blue chips. But this market behaviour scares the crap out of me, and you’d be a fool not to be worried IMO, especially in the tech sector. There’s will be a lot of angry bagholders coming soon.


“We are not in a bubble” – Cathie Wood

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> “We are not in a bubble”

Honestly what *else* is she gonna say?


I don’t understand the love of ark.

Their returns prior to 2020 we’re pretty meh. Look at the charts for all of them.

Then 2020 hit and they exploded. One great year and Cathie Wood is a genius? The worship of her is a little overdone imo.

I’m not sure her followers will get the promise land like they expect.


In the Barron’s article today they quoted her saying that investing in Indexes is akin to idol worship in Christianity.


Everyone’s a genius in a bull market


of course she says that – her bias is through the roof and she has as much skin in the game as anyone can have. She better be spittin some psalms to get through the current downtrend


AppHarvest deep thoughts. Worth $6 or $100. $APPH and $APPHW

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When I read their document it said they could produce 40 million lbs of tomatoes this year. I’m not American but when you look for the price of a lb of tomatoes that’s 1.9 dollars or so.

That’s about 70 mil.

My concern. From the limited look I had. They are only doing one crop type. How resistant to disease are tomatoes ? What do they have in place to stop the entire crop becoming unsaleable.

I also wasn’t really able to get an idea of the running costs of the farm.


From working in the vertical farming space, AppHarvest is doing a lot of things right so far. They have secured a major offtake partner (Mastronardi – Sunset Brand). Their tech isn’t crazy high tech, just a solid and safe hydroponic greenhouse that does flat tray vertical. They have 2 more greenhouses on the way, and they have a compelling story of revitalizing coal country. The CEO and team have been laser focused on their mission and they have had consistent and loyal backers from their beginning. I don’t know how much they’re really worth in the market, but I see bright things ahead for them. Comparatively, companies like Aerofarms and Plenty are crazy energy inefficient because of their reliance on 100% LED lights. Since they are the only modern farming option in the market right now with big name investors and strong c-suite, I think that gives them a leg up. And indoor hydroponic produce, if done right is way safer and much more consistent and resilient compared to any soil-based farming.


A little off-topic but if you’re into agtech in general have a look at Bee Vectoring Technologies (BEVVF).

They use bees to transport ecological phytosanitaires, which is by far more efficient than conventional spraying (>95% loss in spraying). Their product must meet high approvement standards as bees are involved, which means that growth is slowed down by regulations. On top of that they can only scale up on a season to season basis as farmers will only test their service and product on a small part of their land, then more next season, and so on. BVT is mostly in the berry market but is growing into nuts, almonds etc as well. They are also growing into Europe and Morocco via their base in Switzerland.
I like them really much, however this is a real long-term play, the short term potential is surely higher in APPH.


I watched this from feb 4th spike and was bummed I missed out under $30 so when it went under $30 I bought in at $29 to watch it drop like a rock.

The CEO seems incredibly pumped by the company and they aren’t going away. I will double my stake if it hits under $15 and hold for quite some time.


I’ve thought for nearly 15 years that this would be the future of agriculture, even as I worked on organic permaculture farms. Given the unpredictability of climate change, growing food in controlled environments will be necessary.


My second post on international shipping : NYT : I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This’: Chaos Strikes Global Shipping

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100% accurate. I work for a broker/freight forwarder. The rates and space on the market are HORRIBLE. You combine that with the unprecedented surge of imports causing port slowdowns across the country and this industry is a money pit right now. My customers are paying premium rates for 60-90 day transit times that should be 30 days.

Don’t even get me started on air freight. It used to be maybe $2-$3 per kg. We’re lucky if we find under $7 per kg now. Normally it’s even higher – $8/$9.

Edit: wow guys. I’m flattered to get so many up votes. Thank you!


You have to distinguish between shipowner companies (ATCO, DAC, NMCI, CTMR, MPCC) and liners (ZIM, Maersk, Haqag-Lloyd etc). The latter charter ships from the former. Mostly long contracts for 12 months to years. When rates boom like now, these re-charters lock in huge profits for a long time ahead for the shipowners. So DAC, NMCI, ATCO are relatively low risk. Especially when the new build order book is tiny and there will be less capacity in a demand growth cycle.


First of all, I know almost nothing about shipping, so apologize my ignorance on this.

I am looking at DAC, DSX and CTRM, just a quick glance, at all the while DAC has YoY increase of 600% and (pun intended) it seems that ship has certainly sailed on this one, even more so the short interest adds another layer of uncertainty into the valuation formula for me.

On the other hand, DSX and CTRM have both pulled back significantly through last few months, DSX is still up YoY by ~40%, CTRM is actually slightly down YoY.

All of this is quite conflicting a bit for me, 1 out of 3 is certainly in bubble territory seemingly, on the other hand, in the short term, other 2 might see reasonable bounce back up in short term at least, specially until container boom continues and will perhaps reflect in their Q1 results at the very least. Tricky situation at first glance. If i had to guess, i would say those entering now are already too late. Perhaps somewhat similar situation to last spring with oil storage situation.


Several large shipping countries scrapped their older ships early in 2020. High demand for steel from China combined with no demand for international shipping while factories were closed and consumer spending slowed down meant it was unprofitable to keep ships running.

I imagine with things opening back up, demand for shipping has increased while the supply of ships has decreased.

I think jumping into international shipping companies might be a mistake unless you are very knowledgeable about the industry. A better option would be to invest in ship builders. As the old scrapped ships will be replaced by new modern ships.


so I am not an investor in this space… just a general comment on what i was seeing. Was out in Huntington Beach CA recently… grew up in that area so know it well. The ocean horizon is filled with GIANT container ships waiting to be unloaded in long beach. I have never seen anything like that in all my visits… A lot of crap presumably from those ships washing up on shore… so guessing they are sitting there for a while. I know nothing about shipping to invest in those stocks; however fuel/oil, china index funds… def on my radar.


Trucking boom prompts Old Dominion to add 1,200 drivers and dockworkers

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There has been a huge shortage of drivers industry wide, for years now. Saying that they “plan to add” is entirely different than actually being able to add. The older generations are retiring, and the younger gen Y and gen Z typically do not want to do this kind of manual labor, which is why every trucking company has been trying to reinvent itself to attract younger talent.

All LTL and TL carriers are struggling to find qualified and willing applicants, to work the often times strenuous hours/schedules.


Self driving trucks is a good thought, not reality based in a truck drivers opinion.


Lol don’t need to tell you that defi market goes down! Did you see how many new DeCo projects were launched for this time? This is fantastic. Just check Swirge and you will see what I’m talking about


Those salaries, 99,000 for drivers. There’s competition for employees no doubt. Inflation is coming…


ARK comparison to Janus 20

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ARKK and ARKG sitting on a 28% downturn since mid Feb, FML. Performing worse now than during the COVID crash.


Ah yes, JAVLX. The ticker symbol is burned into my brain. Was on the ride up and down.


Ppl pulling out of ARK is actually a very good thing for the fund right now. It all got too big too fast and a major shakedown was needed to truly see if the fund can perform long term.
At the end of the day, it’s your money. Do your own diligence and trust it. Don’t be paper handed over every correction.


The component equities of the various ARK funds have a higher beta than those of VOO or QQQ and you would expect ARKK to dip harder than VOO or QQQ during a downturn. If it was plummeting while QQQ was up on the year, one would be worried. If QQQ is taking a shit, ARKK *should* be getting annihilated and you should be buying target date funds if you’re not OK with this.


I have been saying her funds never went through a BEAR CYCLE. The naysayers now get their proof but will not want to accept it.

Landis, Tsai Jr who helped Fidelity to be famous, and several others all got burned in a BELL often never recovered.

Some funds may slowly recover but it will take several momentums to bring them back. I invest in some of her funds as a side line. The people who put all into her funds and listened to her need to use their judgement what is right for them. They have been quiet recently. Prior they were the happy cheer leaders who oppose any cautionary remarks made by those who actually have been through the difficult times before.


DD: Upcoming Roblox $RBLX IPO Next Week (March 10th, 2021)

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That’s some very risky risk factors. The fact that they can’t generate a profit with this many supposed users is a huge red flag


It’s still so funny to me that a company with projected 1bn+ rev is valued at 20bn+ when CRSR has a 3bn market cap and 2bn in projected revenue.


Nice write up. Will be interesting to see if this is one of those IPO’s that spike 50-75% on the first day of trading to some bloated valuation. I really want to invest in this but not willing to pay a 50x revenue multiple.


I’ve bought robux for my daughter several times. That’s what she wants. Parents will spend money if their kids are into something. It’s insanely popular. I want to buy this company. My problem is this… how do companies get this big without making any money. If I don’t make money things get bad for me. They have a subscription service which seem to be hot for a high stock price. I may regret it but I’m not buying much if any.


I’m sure it will be the next big short term meme stock. Getting pumped into infinity in the first week.


Why Cathie Wood’s once hot Ark Innovation ETF has lost all its 2021 gains

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We are only nine weeks into 2021


What even is this. Yesterday SPY was trading right around its Dec 31 level.

But nooooo… Let’s bash ARK for no apparent reason.


ARK mostly invests in innovative (read cash burning) companies. Higher interest rates = less capital for these companies = higher risk of failure = lower stock prices.


QQQ has also lost all it’s gains for 2021. What do you think about that ?


That sucks I read about a lot of people on here buying a lot of ARKK for their retirement accounts at the peak