The Real Work From Home Winner Is The Shareholder

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Curious to see what happens with the commercial real estate market when all of these firms decide that EFH is the way to go


I think you’re seeing that FB is now hiring to meet new regulations, but the most obvious thing when it comes to WFH is you don’t need to pay equity, etc.

Why pay a SWE $300k+ when you can get one in Raleigh for $150k with more experience?


Why do people act like companies can drop their real estate/facilities obligations at the drop of a hat? These are expensive almost always multi-year deals agreed way in advance to lock in favorable rates and just combat scarcity. They won’t see the benefits for awhile and if the thesis is that many companies will do this then it’ll be hard for them to rent or recognize value on used assets in the meantime.


My question though, (as a Facebook shareholder) is how this will impact productivity. Will people tend to be more lazy and slack off while working from home instead of their typical work environment? Or will their new freedom actually increase their motivation and work ethic? Only time will tell.


In the case of Facebook the majority of those costs are actually building out data centers, which will be necessary even as workers wfh, but there definitely are some real estate costs that could be cut


Your Top 3 must own Stocks for the next 15 years

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Amazon is the next amazon. I can’t see anybody competing with AWS or ecommerce. Have a very significant stake. Looking at chegg, ddog, and CUB for growth



1. Facebook, for its ability to monetize identity/connection
2. Amazon, for its ability to absorb every kind of business in the unvierse
3. Google, for its AI, Maps, and YouTube


1. Square, for their ability to move into adjacent business types (HR/payroll/loans/taxes)
2. Tesla, for their energy and transportation plans + innovation
3. Activision-Blizzard, for VR + eSports (= a new beast we haven’t seen)


1. StoneCo, for the same reasons Square is amazing, but Brazilian!
2. Elastic, for search & real-time knowledge
3. Fiverr, for its online marketplace approach to labor/services

All those companies have theses that should play out over 10-15 years.


In this thread: something something blue chip stocks and some TSLA casino chips. Everyone and their mother knows TSLA is a meme but the trillion dollars question is if to cash out or hope it continues to 🚀.

My three are AAPL, MSFT and GOOGL. These 3 have been top dog for last 20 years and still have plenty of growth left in them (apple is a concern though)


AAPL (they’re a money printing machine)

AMT (5G buildout, mobile use skyrocketing, social distancing will be around, autonomous car infrastructure, etc)

AMZN (you can buy almost anything an have it to your door the next day, that appeals to every consumer alive, and there are 7 billion of us)

(Just a coincidence they all start with A)


2. NVDA/AMD (either one is fine)


Wirecard shares plunge after saying auditor can’t find billions of missing cash

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Could have and should have known, the writing has always been on the wall. In other words, if the auditor can’t find the money it isn’t there, which turns Wirecard from a successful cash-generating fintech to an unprofitable business overnight


Never heard of them , what do they do ?


Buy the dip


Why would anyone buy stock from a company that didn’t get a clean audit report? I am an accountant, and man, we’d have lost our mind if we got anything close to a qualified opinion.


I sold my stocks at around 100€ with a 20% loss after the KMPG audit left some open questions. Taking the loss hurt at the time, but now I’m having a big smile on my face.

I remember that my first instinct was to double-down as the stock had taken a sharp drop and seemed like a real bargain with analysts still setting targets around 180€ and FT stories seeming like a weird crusade without foundation. But then I thought, why take any risk on this and sold it.


Shopify partnering with Walmart to rival with Amazon

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A lot of people saying Shopify is already overvalued, however I feel they still have a lot of room to grow. As a person who’s run an e-commerce store before I can definitely say that they are miles ahead of any e-commerce platform solution on the market rn. They are also heavily investing to build their own logistic channels and payment gateway systems. Just wondering why ppl think Shopify is overvalued as it is.


Walmart’s website is Doo Doo


Walmart already swallowed Jet and as far as I know barely anything changed, any reason why this could be better?


Wouldn’t it direct people away from walmart products? I mean the margins are so low for amazon it is not really that great a business. I think Shopify wants to get bigger faster and walmart wants to look like they can compete with amazon?


There may be ups and downs in the near and medium term, but I view Shopify as a visionary company with a large addressable market, intuitive & customer-centric interface, and appreciate that it remains founder-led. I’ve been invested in SHOP since $32 and have zero desire to sell – note that I have a long time horizon, however.


Spotify surges 10% on Warner Bros. & Kim Kardashian deal

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ppl are gonna bash Kim in these comments like her target audience is the average reddit user and not every BECKY in america


Fuck this is really frustrating for me personally because I see the beautiful decentralized internet I loved die a death by thousand cuts. All these free open protocols, such a great democratizer giving everyone voices are now being firmly centralized.

Email is Gmail and although they respect the protocol in name, it is slowly eroding.

RSS has died.

Personal Blogging is being paywalled (Medium)

Now they’re here for Podcasts. Who wants a future where podcasts are fragmented and you need subscriptions to multiple different platforms to listen to your favorite Podcast? Or how about Chinese capital (or US for that matter given Trump v Twitter) censoring viewpoints on these platforms?

I refuse to listen to a single podcast on Spotify and speak out whenever I’m able to against centralization of podcasting, but I think I’m fighting a losing battle. The internet has bent its knee to corporate / govt control already and it wasn’t through some hamfisted approach like the great firewall of China. It was simply a case of $ flowing in and Capitalism doing its job.

/looks forward to the 1 wk ban hammer from mods.


The Netflix of audio is just getting started <3


> Spotify has been looking to expand its podcast business in recent months. The music streaming company last month signed a 0 million deal with Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan pulling in those 6 figures.


2022 The Trump and Kardashian Podcast for when you need people talking a whole lot but don’t want to have to have to think about anything being said


Federal Reserve Powell to testify to congress today starting 10am. And why today is so important

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He’s going to say the following:

* the Fed has lots of ammunition
* they are prepared to print money forever to make more jobs
* he will dodge any questions relating how exactly money was spent in their SPVs, and which companies got loans (he’ll say he doesn’t know, or some BS about privacy or being unable to disclose for some reason)
* he will say that he does not expect to use negative interest rates, because he’s not convinced they even work
* he will say there’s no “moral hazard” because the virus was a “black swan” event, so it’s okay to print money and give free money to bond holders and big companies
* he will be grilled on why main street is not getting any help from the Fed, and he’ll provide a bunch of nothing burgers that essentially amount to saying “idk, don’t care tbh”

You heard it here first.


I finished undergrad in 09 and this is eerily similar. You had the Fed doing what needed to be done to support credit function in the economy, Congress largely grandstanding during these meetings and ultimately understanding that the Fed was acting prudently, and a whole horde of uninformed masses that were convinced the currency would be debased or some other nonsensical bullshit. History really does repeat, I’d only hope today’s horde of uninformed masses at least pays attention over the next few years and is open to questioning their prior conclusions.


Oh my fucking God, no one knows what the Fed does in this thread. They do not have anything to do with fiscal policy! If you ever find yourself talking about wealth inequality when discussing the Fed, redirect your anger to those actually responsible: fiscal policymakers. This is an investing sub?


My favorite thing about /r/investing is how the new hottest meme is to act like stocks can only go up because of the Fed. I get that central bank policy is hard to understand. But we’re doing the “DAE THINK WERE IN A DEPRESSION BUT THE FED IS PUMPING THE MARKETS?” circlejerk five times a day now.

As usual, reddit think continues to to be the ultimate inverse indicator. The more people here get hysterical about markets going up, the better things actually are. I’ll be worried when the doom porn lovers start capitulating.


Wall Street bets will be very excited


Rant from a Financial Advisor (no love for this in personal finance)

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> BUT if you just buy an S&P 500 index fund you will do better than most advisors and managers, follow Warren Buffet’s advice. NO SHIT!! This is true and should be used by everyone. BUT guess what??? Most people are not smart enough or disciplined enough to do this.

You know I used to be pretty anti financial advisors as I saw them as completely UN-needed as most people could just open an schwab/vangaurd account and invest in a target date fund and be better off

However the last downturn the huge number of people asking if it was a good idea to sell their entire portfolio and bet it on an oil fund (not to mention they had no idea they were buying futures contracts) made me somewhat re-evaluate my stance on the topic


> People hire advisors like me to keep them on track. To keep them grounded when the market turns bad. Mostly to keep them invested. Yes you heard me “to keep them invested.”

so they pay you for emotional support?


I had money from relatives growing up and until recently had it with Edwards Jones. Fuck them.

I can’t believe the bullshit they put everything in. 5% load fees into funds that are charging nearly 1% managing fee. Exit fees as well.

I found it hilarious looking at my returns over the years. While the market probably averaged 10%, after all my fees I was likely getting 3-5%, not the mention some of the funds never even returned anything.

I found it hilarious when I had to call to get my money out. I talked with the financial advisor and he told me I would have trouble beating the returns that I was getting with them. What a load of shit.


Fair points. Educated people don’t need advisors. But as you state, people panic sell. I would never recommend an advisor but I certainly see why some would need one. Low cost index funds, set it and forget about it. Let it ride at .03% expense ratio.


It all comes down to if they are an investment advisor or financial advisor. Many people can claim they are a “financial advisor” when they are nothing more than a salesman. If they are an investment advisor, they are FINRA licensed & have a fiduciary obligation to put the client’s best interest in front of their own.


The rise of mom-and-pop investors in the stock market will ‘end in tears,’ warns billionaire Cooperman

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From my perspective, if billionaires don’t like something it’s probably a good thing. Keep on trading Mom and Pop!


Robinhood doing gods work by keeping my index funds efficient. Thank you.


I understand some people might be getting in over their heads. Most people I know who are new investors are being pretty cautious and anything super risky they are “playing”with what they can afford to lose.

He sounds really bitter that mom and pop investors are wreaking havoc on an established way of doing things to me. Is there a learning curve? Yes? Will the gains people saw from March- May keep up? Probably not. But wow, someone’s on the bitter bus.


Cooperman probably missed buying in March


You know what else ends in tears? Sitting on cash and a savings account when they earn nothing and don’t keep up with inflation.


Initial Jobless Claims For the week ending on June 13, 2020: 1,508,000

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> Continuing Jobless Claims:

> Actual: 20,544,000

> Prior Week Revised: 20,606,000

Damn, that’s basically no progress at all in reclaiming jobs.


Watch SPY end in green today


At what point do markets factor in that 20 MILLION people do not have jobs? Continuing claims had its smallest decline week-over-week since the decelerating began despite this narrative that the U.S. is re-opening. How many of these jobs are actually coming back? Oregon continuing claims were up 50%! (possibly an error)

On the flip, Philly Fed index was shockingly positive, massive increase in new orders and shipments. Who knows what the U.S. will be like in 6 months. I’m convinced the only thing keeping equity markets up at this point are massive funds with return targets who can’t source yield anywhere so they’re loading up on equities.


That’s kind of a lot still


Interesting commentary regarding the top 3 states that had a net decrease in jobless claims week over week.

FL -95,546 Fewer layoffs in the agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting, construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade, retail trade, and service industries.

TX -17,001 No comment.

GA -13,909 Fewer layoffs in the health care and social assistance, trade, transportation and warehousing, and accommodation and food services industries.

I am curious to see what’s going to happen as the daily new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths continue to increase in Florida and Texas.


Anyone else disappointed with this Subreddit?

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**Anyone else disappointed with this Subreddit?** Yes. But, let me ask you a few questions:

1. What do you think is going to happen tomorrow? Green or red?
2. Do you think we are headed for another crash?
3. If we do get another crash, when do you think it’s going to happen because I think it will be in Q3/Q4 2020, you?
4. Should I invest in Hertz, weed stocks, or bitcoin?
5. Any predictions on whether or not we are headed to all-time-highs with the Fed printing all this money?


r/wallstreetbets, unironically. Just sort by DD and you will find some quality analyses


I’ll be honest. I prefer this direction. How many days out of the week do you need to be reminded “buy and hold mutual funds until you retire”? Lighten up.


Ah the weekly “this sub is shit” post.

If you don’t like it, there’s many other smaller subs you can go to.

This sub isn’t perfect, but there are sometimes good pieces of info and it’s a good place to get the top investing stories of the day usually. For example, I learned about Finviz from here, love the tool.

Any large subreddit is just about karma and upvotes for the main part.

EDIT: OP literally downvoted me right away.


Any ideas or suggestions to improve the sub?

I am a newer mod , I mostly just remove posts that belong in the daily sub