LPT: Don’t wear your favorite cologne to work. You’ll begin to associate that fragrance with drudgery and stress.

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Only if you feel that your job is drudgery and stressful. If that’s the case, your concern should be more on finding a better job than on what fragrance to wear.


Or just dont wear a “fragrance” to work like an asshole. Nobody wants to smell it.


Sounds like you need a better job


LPT: Don’t wear cologne – or perfume – to work. Period.

Some of your coworkers may have a sensitivity to fragrances, and your unnecessary scent may be making them ill–or at least very uncomfortable.

And not everyone may agree with your judgment regarding choice or quantity of fragrance–especially if you have a closed-door meeting. They’re just too polite to say anything to you about it.


Nope. That’s some projecting there. Here’s a real LPT: Get a better job.


LPT: Use Win+Shift+S to take a screenshot of a specific area

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No more than a minute ago I was complaining about how annoying using the snipping tool is when you need to screen shot something quickly, and now I come across this! Thank you!


Cmd+Shift+4 on mac


Upvoted and have some gold! I’ve just been using alt+print screen, pasting in paint, then selecting what I want. This is much better!


Try the program Greenshot. It has a great editor and can automatically upload your image to imgur/ copy to outlook/paint/word etc


Upvoted for visibility… It’s ridiculous how many people still don’t know how to screenshot in 2019


LPT: Shift + Backspace deletes word by word, rather than letter by letter.

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Something I should have known long ago. Thanks.


CTRL + Arrow keys moves the cursor one word at a time


Don’t you mean Ctrl + Backspace?


On the Gboard (Google’s Android keyboard) you can swipe left from the backspace button to delete words. Also, swiping Space will move the input cursor.


In notepad++, holding alt and selecting multiple lines will let you select characters by column.

Useful for removing line numbers etc.

Blew my fucking mind when i saw it first


LPT: If you want to make a change for the better in your life and dont know where to start, start by making your bed every morning.

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Even better, sleep on the couch. Then the bed is still made when you wake up.


Not sure how my wife would feel about that seeing as she’s still sleeping in it when I leave for work


There’s a video of a navy admiral giving a speech and he says the same thing !


And if it doesn’t work out that day at least you come home to a bed that’s made…


There is no harm. I did it daily for years until I questioned why I do it just to mess it up again at night. I was taught to make hospital corners and make the bed “right”. I just don’t see it as necessary…Try not making your bed for a couple of days. Live free!


LPT Request: When starting a new job also think about adding in your morning prep routine something like diet/exercise. As that new job becomes routine that morning habit will become normal and you’ll have added something positive to your life.

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Tomorrow’s going to be my first day at my new job and seeing this now I’m going to try and wake up 30 minutes from my set time to do a little work out! Thank you for this!!


Tomorrow is my first day at a brand new job. I also meal prepped and will be going to the gym after work. I’ve been in such a major funk lately (mental/physical health + unemployment), but I know tomorrow is the start of something great!


I started a new job about 6 months ago. New job has a ton more fit people, it’s cleaner, and everyone is genuinely happy to be there. The change in environment for me kicked off going to the gym and I’m down nearly 20# in 4 months.

It’s not much, but I’m seeing results and it’s awesome to see the scale drop a little more each week.


This works if you move too.


Thats the first legit LPT here for a long time.


LPT: There are just some people you won’t get along with and that’s okay, just be cordial and try not to mind them

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This is vital in workplace. Have seen way too much people mix personal with work relation…


Not easy when they are among your nearest & formerly dearest…


Easier said than done sometimes, but as homegirl said, “When they go low, we go high.”


Not everyone deserves being cordial with.


“You are not everyone’s cup of tea” was a mantra that helped a lot. It’s not necessarily that you did something wrong, or that they are wrong. And that’s okay.


LPT: When an elderly loved one is in the hospital, visit them early and often. If they start to decline, it will be fast, and they will not be the person you knew before they got sick.

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God this post hit me hard. When I was a teenager, my dad had cancer. I would avoid going to meet him, I believe now was a coping mechanism. I’d just go play video games to not have to think about it. I did go when told to, but if asked, I’d decline.

One day I was told to visit him at the Marie curie and I notice a drastic change, which was shocking and even then I didn’t fully comprehend he was about to die.

After awhile I stepped out of his room and one of the nurses came up to me and knew who I was. I only learnt after he died, that after previous visit my dad was telling them all who I was and how proud he was of me.

I don’t think there is anything particularly special about me or anything to be greatly proud of, but damn I cry every time I think about it.

I think where I’m going with this, is visit your loved ones. Nothing is more important.


Very true. Even when it isn’t apparent. My grandad 86 y.o signed himself out of the hospital earlier in the week and people who had seen him said he just looked very tired but otherwise okay. He went upstairs and soon later they found him dead; about 5 hours ago now.


I can come at this from 2 different POVs.

1. My Grandmother. A great relationship. Unfortunately I left the country around 9 years before she passed and unfortunately I never heard about her decline until after the fact from my family. It was not malicious but a deep bummer. Family want to protect.

2. My father who abandoned the family in my late teens because my sister got a virus that left her severely mentally handicapped and he “couldn’t deal with it” so the other choice was a girl half his age. When it didn’t work out the last message my mother got was “when you read this I will be dead”. Went to the funeral just to support the family but filled with rage.

Just try to be there for those who deserve it. If you miss something you can feel bad but it doesn’t mean you are a terrible human. Life does have an end so just enjoy it, learn from it, share it and hope that if you have shared it enough you will at least have one person there when it’s all over who truely cares.


They *might* decline quickly. It’s not always the case.


I wish i would have visited a loved one of mine but i didnt for personal reasons. It happens slowly and at the same time quickly


LPT: If you find yourself missing your ex, write down a list of all the reasons why you wouldn’t have worked out in the long-term and revisit it whenever you miss them.

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If numer one is that he or she dumped you. Discontinue list and just move on. No good will come from continuing.


[ ] All the things why it wouldn’t have worked out

[✓] *That one blowjob she gave you at the beach*


I have a whole text folder of why I’m not with him and when I do re-read them, I ADD MORE!!! just to clarify, he was abusive and I dont miss him! I re-read those letters to myself as a reminder to be strong.


At the end we couldn’t stand each other but the good memories are all I can recall. It sucks.


That’s called being a logical human being lmao


LPT: Speaking positively about your boss or friends to others, will not only make them look good. You will also look good directly for being positive, and indirectly because those great people you are talking about choose to be with you.

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That only works if they’re *actually* good at their jobs, or your compliments are *real*. Otherwise, you’re just another kiss-ass trying to go up the ladder. I for one tell it as it is. When they’re doing a shit job, they’re doing a shit job and i’m not going to sugar coat it for anyone. When they’re doing a good job, hell yea i’m gonna compliment them.


Translation: be a sycophant spittlelick. Everybody loves a Mr. Smithers.


This is what a boss would say


But only do it if it’s real, otherwise you will look like a sycophant.


Bongos are not for sexy time


LPT: Don’t use fabric softener when washing your towels. Ever wonder why the softer a towel is the less useful it acts in drying? Fabric softener effectively acts as a coating similar to wax and doesn’t allow for absorbing moisture as well.

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LPT: Get some wool dryer balls to replace fabric softener. They soften clothes nicely.

The only drawback is if you share a wall, your neighbors will hate you if you dry at night.


vinegar and baking soda are good for cleaning and softening clothes. baking soda in with your clothes and vinegar where the fabric softener goes


If you want your clothes to last then don’t use it at all.


Not to mention that LOTS of people are mildly to severely allergic to the crap in softeners, especially the putrid scented ones. We never use fabric softener or scented anything. Our towels are not scratchy. They’re 100% cotton and last for a long long time.


My MIL did laundry for me after my kid was born. I knocked over a glass of water on the counter and grabbed a kitchen towel to lay on top of it, expecting it to immediately become soaking wet.

It floated. When I picked it up I could shake the water off it.

I mean, how do you break a towel?

When I eventually figured out that she’d used fabric softener, it explained why I could never dry myself off with a towel when we stayed at her place.