LPT: always pay attention to how your friends/relatives speak about former friends of theirs. It either means they act similarly about you when you’re not around or will one day.

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boyyyyy lol you know somethin!


Or maybe that former friend is a toxic and shitty person that deserves to be talked about in a negative life? And that doesn’t apply to you or any other friend the person has because nobody else is toxic and shitty?


I was gonna post something similar to this because I made this discovery recently myself with an old best friend. I didn’t believe in this before because I thought we were truthful and close to each other since Kindergarten, but you’ll be amazed at how easy it is for people to be fake. This is a really good tip that I wish I could’ve caught on earlier before things ended off messy (I ended up finding out some of the things that she ranted to other people about me that she didnt have the guts to say in front of my face).


boyyyyy lol you know somethin!


Man, did my life seriously change when I learned this.


LPT: If you live in an area prone to disasters (earthquakes, tornados, etc) get a set of walkie-talkies and give them to friends or family that live near you. If phones go out, you can use them to check on each other.

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Better yet, install and learn to use a citizen band radio. Way better range.


Battery powered ones for the win. Also test the range and prearrange different channels if they’re congested


stranger things who


FireChat is a better solution.


They don’t call when there isn’t a disaster… Fuck em


LPT: If you want to “vacuum seal” food, put it in a ziplock bag and submerge it in a bowl of water with the bag open above the water. The water will push the air out of the bag, and you can close it without any left inside.

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I’m using this for weed


Better still, put the bag inside a larger bag so you can close the top with it below the water but with the larger bag open above the water, that way you can get the last little bit of air out more easily 🙂


I have a pool in my backyard, it’s so convenient for this.


My wife needs this desperately. Every bag she puts in the fridge looks like she intentionally inflated it. To the point where at one point I thought she was doing it to mess with me. But then one day I saw her just mindlessly put a ziplock bag of something in the fridge while she was listening to a voicemail on her phone and it was all just quick and unintentional and completely miraculous because I’ve tried to replicate it and can’t. Her bags are really full of air sometimes. The crisper drawers are sometimes being pushed open by the bags inside them.

I’ve never mentioned anything to her about the balloon bags in the fridge. I guess I’ve decided it’s just her and our kids deserve to have something quirky and funny to remember about her when they are older and gone.


Or close the zipper of the bag around a straw. Suck the remaining air out, then remove the straw and seal up that last little bit of the zipper.


LPT: When you are handed a claim ticket for anything (dry cleaning, luggage, valet parking, etc.) immediately take a picture of it with your phone. That way, if it becomes lost you can still claim your property without a hassle.

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And then post it on r/pics and watch it rise to the front page


Take a picture of your hotel room number. Saved me a few times in Vegas.


Also take pictures of your luggage, especially if you’re taking a bunch of connections.


Just don’t lose your phone


This is a good habit to get into. I do it for expense reporting. I used a tool on my iPhone called Tiny Scanner that turns the image into a PDF and emails it to you as well. There’s a free version of the app, but I paid for the ‘plus’ version.

Once something is PDF, you can OCR it and search. Very useful.


[LPT] Everyone knows the rule of 3s for survival. But you should also know the rule of 1s for freezing water. 1 minutes to gain control of your breathing. 10 minutes to self rescue or get your chest above water. 1 hour till you lose control of your legs.

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It took Jack like 2 minutes to let go and drown in Titanic


For those who don’t understand, could you clarify what you’re referencing?


Assuming you can swim in the first place.


Thanks. Great tip.


Can I ask how you can get your chest above water without successfully getting out of the water? Or have I misunderstood?


LPT: Whenever you’re hiking, even if it’s somewhere cold, always bring sunblock

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And don’t forget to bring a towel!

…wanna get high?


Something else many people don’t know

UV light is not blocked by clouds


UV has no temperature folks; if it’s sunny, you need sunblock!


While you’re at it, get some sunblock for your lips too. Burnt lips totally sucks, and my lips are still dry and sensitive 5 years after the burn


This is true for skiing also, the sun is super strong at height and the snow reflects it for extra effect.


LPT: If someone is treating you to a meal and you’re wondering how much you should spend, ask them what they’re ordering to get a better idea of the range.

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Not that you are wrong – but if I am the one paying, I would hope my guests will get whatever they want and not base it off what I am ordering.


Conversely, if you’re treating someone to a meal, casually mention one of the more expensive items on the menu and say it looks good.


If you’re treating someone. Make that fact known at the end of the meal. That way the recipient doesn’t have to worry about what to order and if what they’re ordering is reasonable.


I’ve found a weird transition at thirty five, we’ve got jobs and houses what’s six bucks. I had lunch with a friend today and she had carne asada and I had chile relleno. The waiter ran our cards opposite and she felt terrible that hers was twice as much and promised to treat me. I told her I’m sure over the course of our friendship it will come out even. She’s thirty four, hasn’t come to that realization yet.


Life pro tip: don’t offer to take someone out to eat somewhere you can’t afford.


LPT: if you give a book as a gift to a child, write an inscription in the back.

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My mom gave me a few of her favorite books for my 17th birthday, all with inscriptions in the front. She died a few years later and just this past year I got one of the inscriptions tattooed in her handwriting. Definitely appreciated them more now that she’s gone


I love when I buy my son books from the thrift store and there’s an old inscription in it.


I don’t like the idea of owning a book too long. Books should be spread around. Shared.


I threw a baby shower for a friend and told the attendees that instead of a card, use/give your favorite book with an inscription! It was a lot of fun and it helped my friend start building her library!


Why not inside the front cover? That’s where all my gifted books are inscribed?


LPT: The starting number in a zipcode in the US goes from the Northeast (0) to the West coast (9) so if you want to quickly estimate how far something is based on zipcode alone, just look at the first digit.

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never realized this, and i worked at ups for over two year. thanks!


Too bad area codes don’t work the same way, it’d be easy to guesstimate the region a caller is from if it did.


I have family in England, and was over there a lot growing up. There post codes are so specific that you can get an idea of where in the neighborhood a house is from the postal code. I noticed that they use there postal codes way more often than Americans do and asked my British cousin about it, he was staggered that we couldn’t interpret someone’s postal code and know exactly where they lived


Same with Canada going from A on the east coast to Z in the north.

It’s pretty bad for judging how far something is because it’s not linear. But there is a bit of Delta BC which has the postal code V4G 1NA


I live in Topeka Kansas. It’s fair to say I live in hell as most zip codes in the area start with 666.


LPT: If you feel like you don’t fit in at work with other colleagues in your team, it is probably because you are working in the wrong department to your skill set/personality but don’t realise.

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Or all of them are.


Oh I realized. There’s just nothing i can do about it.


I think certain fields attract a large percent of a particular personality. I work in IT and I’m very talented when it comes to stem in general. I am also a very social and people type person. Not something that is very common in IT. It is also very male dominated. It just creates a lot of weird dynamics and awkward conversations.


Not true. I’m not a bro, but I make dough. YOLO


In other words, you suck at your job.