The Space Force is officially the sixth military branch

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*Chief of Space Operations* is one hell of a resume title to aspire to.


Defense contractors love this.


So…will there be a new football team?


I feel like the US needs a subterranean force now to complete the whole package


With this move the budget for space exploration can be double or even more thanks to military funds. This will lead to more new tech, and discoveries.


Bushfires Are Raging Outside Every Major City in Australia

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Despite being uniquely vulnerable to climate change, Australia will continue to sell coal and rename these fires as the new normal.


Was emailing with a friend who works at a museum in Sydney. Smoke was so bad in the city that it was setting off the smoke detectors in the museum. I don’t know how folks are breathing in some of these places :-/


Was 44°c yesterday in vic. Fucking oppressive.


If you stick your head far enough in the sand then you can’t see the smoke and flames. Wake up to the reality of global warming and act! How do you Aussies pick the worst exemplars of humanity to run your nation?


Get a bushfire action plan, everybody. Now.

Had to evacuate the house for the first time yesterday. Spent the night on a couch in a relative’s sharehouse.

Having one major bushfire a year is pretty standard for Oz. We live in a hot and humid country that’s full of trees and hills. Two or more? It’s like God called Judgement Day way earlier than we all expected and all of Australia’s going to hell.


‘Missing’ jail video from first Jeffrey Epstein suicide attempt has been found, prosecutors tell judge

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With today’s technology, this tape might well as be reel 4 of the Lord of the Rings, or some other green screen epic.
I want it authenticated by unbiased and neutral experts, to see if tampering has occured.
It has taken too long to appear to be taken at face value.


I bet the file is called



Oddly, there seems to be an 18 1/2 minute gap in the middle.


There is literally not a single aspect of any of this Epstein business that seems even remotely on the up and up.


We just can’t corroborate any of it, because the other video from outside in the corridor has gone missing. Handy that.


MS-13 crackdown — the largest ever in New York — ensnares nearly 100 members, associates

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The less MS-13 the better.


These comments really show how fucked up the Reddit base is. It is a good thing MS13 members were arrested. Jesus.


This seems a whole lot more efficient and effective than locking up and separating thousands of families hoping that one or two of them might be gang members.


So what they arrested 3%?


leave it to reddit to criticize a move like this.


Fort Worth police officer who fatally shot Atatiana Jefferson indicted on murder charge

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“Put your hands up — show me your hands.” A single shot is fired seconds later.”

Seconds? Stop reporting this. It was fired pretty much simultaneously with the order.


Super fucking sad story. Glad they are calling it what it is: MURDER.


Imagine the result if there was no camera. She would have died without justice probably with some crack spread around her.


Off to a good start. But we’d be satisfied with the guilty conviction and justice in the sentencing since it was 2am and he was sneaking around her home without announcing himself.


Had the officer not resigned, I would have fired him for violations for several policies, including our use of force policy, our de-escalation policy and unprofessional conduct,” Police Chief Ed Kraus told reporters.

Sure. I don’t blame the family for being sceptical either that this shit cop will get half of what he deserves for killing Atiana.


Clive police: woman admits to hitting 14-year-old with car because she was a ‘Mexican’

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Now, let’s see if she is charged with a hate crime.


What, did she just waive her right to an attorney or something? Definitely helps the prosecutors out when she just up and says “Oh yeah, I did that, and just to be clear, this was a hate crime as well.”


This bitch about to send Faramir to die for no reason.

EDIT: thanks for coins 🙂


i shouldn’t have to explain this but latinos dont all come across the border from mexico. some also come from their indigenous homelands of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona & Southern California. all of which, used to be mexico but where annexed into the U.S. this means that the latino families who lived on that land are now U.S. citizens. that is how annexing works. you can’t annex half of mexico and then complain you don’t want mexicans…


If encountering a mexican person is enough to trigger a murder rage in this woman then her place is in a jail for life, for the sake of protection of the other mexican looking people in the USA.


Canadian workers aren’t entitled to bathroom breaks, lawyer says

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Don’t want me using the restroom, guess I’ll just piss in the cubicle.


> bathroom breaks aren’t specifically addressed in provincial labour laws because they are left up to the “reasonableness and common sense” of employers. It’s left to the common sense and reasonableness of the employer and in most cases you would hope that common sense and basic dignity would win out,”

Clearly, they can’t be. What kind of naive moron would you have to be to leave that kind of thing to a hope?

> Alternatively, Champ said workers can continue visiting the bathroom on their own schedule and if they’re fired for it, he said they may have cause for a constructive dismissal case, which concerns unjust dismissals.

They just have to have the kind of disposable income and time to hire a lawyer to fight that legal battle and hope they win. And eat the wasted time and money when they don’t. It’s a perfectly reasonable expectation for the “vulnerable workers” of “lower income jobs.”


No need to make laws, no employer has ever taken advantage of a worker before.


This is horrible. What about menstruating people? People with a medical condition like IBS or a UTI? People need legal protection, it’s been proven time and again that corporations and companies will take advantage of working people.


ITT: People are not reading the article. The lawyer is not defending that stance, he is merely stating a fact based on written law. In fact, the lawyer is a human rights and labour lawyer that is on the side of workers.


UK charges US diplomat’s wife over teen’s death in crash

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This is not what diplomatic immunity is intended for. It’s supposed to stop diplomats being detained while doing their work, not enable them and their families to break the law and face no consequences. Everything from unpaid parking tickets, to sex trafficking, to killing people, people abuse diplomatic immunity and cheapen it all the time. Countries should absolutely revoke it when someone actually needs to face justice.


Dunn’s parents’ trip to see Trump in the White House in October sparked controversy when it emerged that Sacoolas was in the room next door, ready to meet them in front of journalists. They refused the offer.

What the hell? Are they taping Maury in the White House now?


> The decision to charge Anne Sacoolas, who has claimed diplomatic immunity, caused tension between the U.K. and the United States. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab welcomed the move, but the State Department called it unhelpful

Yea piss right off DOJ. You guys would be bullying another country to give up their suspect if Harry Dunn were American.


What a total piece of shit


She’ll not be extradited. This is what the spokesman from the US State Department had to say:

**’The United States has been clear that, at the time the accident occurred, and for the duration of her stay in the UK, the driver in this case had status that conferred diplomatic immunities.**

**’The Foreign Secretary stated the same in Parliament.**

**’It is the position of the United States government that a request to extradite an individual under these circumstances would be an egregious abuse.**

**’The use of an extradition treaty to attempt to return the spouse of a former diplomat by force would establish an extraordinarily troubling precedent**

The Americans have made their position clear, which is that she had diplomatic immunity while in the UK. The UK will ask for her extradition, but then it’ll go before an American judge where mrs. Sacoolas will get back-up from the State Department. End of story: extradition request refused. This will be the outcome regardless of who’ll be the president, be it Trump, Biden or otherwise. This hardly a surprise though. The USA is **notoriously** protective of their military and diplomatic personnel (and their families), as Cavalese cable disaster (and other incidents) show. Italy is a reliable NATO/US ally, and though the behavior of the pilot in the Cavalese disaster was notoriously egregious and the loss of life substantial, the Americans still refused to let the Italians prosecute him.

Also, make no mistake about it: it’s pretty obvious mrs. Sacoolas didn’t decide to leave the UK on her own, but that she was told to leave by US State Department, which is pretty much the American modus operandi in these kind of cases. The only reason this blew up more than usual was because it happened in the UK instead of Turkey or Pakistan.


Medical marijuana headed to the 2020 ballot in South Dakota

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First meth now marijuana where will it end?


Very unlikely this will pass in the state. Marijuana’s still has a pretty heavy taboo against it and a large number of the people that vote in South Dakota are the older generations that still buy into the gateway/reefer madness arguments. Too many of the younger generation here make a stink but won’t actually go out and vote because it’s too inconvenient. Source: am a 25 year old South Dakota voter that gets very frustrated at having to buy illegal weed and share it with apathetic voters that whine about illegal weed but don’t ever vote.

On a side note, for anyone curious, South Dakota has a very bad meth problem. I believe it’s one of the worst states in terms of per capita meth abuse, so our state government headed by Governor Kristi Noem as started an ad campaign to help bring awareness to the problem. The government has spent half a million dollars for the simple line, “Meth. We’re on it.” With a picture of old people or kids or some other dumb shit. Once they start putting billboards up and taking up other ad space this campaign will cost something like 1.5 million dollars. This is all while the state is cutting social service budgets and other aid for people in need. But the add is a success according to Noem because people are talking about it. The only conversations I’ve had or heard are total derision for the campaign and a decent bar in town updating there sign outside with “beer, we’re on it.” This state is so ass backwards. Apologies for anyone that made it all the way through this for ranting this much. I’m gonna read a book and try to enjoy my vacation time now.


this needs to be legal on federal terms. south dakota would be dumb not to pass this and follow the other states. it shouldn’t just be medical mj, but recreational.


That will be great for the five people who live in that state!!!


Only needs 13 votes to win popular vote!


Reusable bamboo mugs leach dangerous amounts of formaldehyde and melamine

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I’ve gotten to the point where I stick to glass, ceramic, and stainless steel whenever possible–especially for hot liquids. Always bad news surrounding the latest plastics/composites.


Don’t know why you wouldn’t just use a ceramic mug. They’re literally made of dirt.


With all the hot drinks that will be drunk this winter, I thought this story was worth sharing for anyone who might have one of these.

Below is the full article for anyone who doesn’t want to sign in / join just to read the article

> Coffee cups made from resin containing bamboo fibre – often sold as bamboo mugs – leach so much harmful formaldehyde and melamine into drinks that the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has warned that they shouldn’t be used for hot liquids.

> Bamboo mugs are made from a melamine resin reinforced with bamboo fibres. While they are reusable, they are often marketed as eco-friendly, even though they aren’t biodegradable. Melamine resin is a polymer and in itself not dangerous, but its monomers – 1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine and formaldehyde – are toxic and can cause cancer.

> This summer, a German consumer group discovered worrying levels of harmful compounds being released by bamboo mugs. The BfR’s assessment found bamboo mugs release ‘alarming’ amounts of the toxins into 70°C drinks, up to 30 times the EU’s safe limit for adults and up to 120 times the limit for children. Although one-off exposure to large amounts of these chemicals isn’t necessarily problematic, the BfR estimates that regularly using a bamboo mug poses a serious health risk.

> Overall, the BfR tested 228 bamboo mugs for formaldehyde and 180 for melamine. In each case, more than 35% of the cups released harmful substances in amounts that surpassed safety limits. Moreover, the amount of melamine – but not formaldehyde – the mugs released increased with repeated exposure to hot and slightly acidic liquids.

> Melamine mugs without bamboo filler were also found to release harmful substances, albeit at significantly lower rates. Analysts at a food control laboratory in Stuttgart suggest that the bamboo fibres decrease crosslinking within the polymer network. Hot liquids soak into the material more easily, hydrolysing and breaking down the resin.


It’s like the Romans and their lead cups for their wine….


Is there something wrong with ceramic? I have coffee mugs that are 10 years old that still look new.