After thousands join him for his wife’s funeral, Tony Basco’s car is stolen and damaged

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If they knew it was his car, just what the fuck?


Silver lining is the amount his gofundme is going to hit after one gets made. I suspect he’s going to have enough to fix his car soon.

*Found it. He’s fine with his financial needs.

AUGUST 14, 2019
by Carlos Armendariz, Organizer
We had lunch with Mr. Tony and we opened an account under his name. All the donations will be wired to that account. He said very nice things about El Paso. He said his wife would’ve loved to see what the community is doing for him.

$37,259 raised of $1,000 goal as of right now.


Not surprised if it turns out to be some “but they’re crisis actors REEEEE” fucktards that always pop up after mass shootings.


What kind of a person does this?


My mum housesits for friends and neighbours if they have a partner pass away here in Australia, sadly it’s pretty common for thieves to target people like this.


Officer in ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Chokehold Was ‘Untruthful,’ Judge Says

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The fact that public officials in the US are held to a much lower standard than the rest of the population thanks to the doctrine of qualified immunity is just grotesque.


If you lie in a murder investigation.. there supposed to be serious consequences..


So he lied to the judge and the ME found bruising on his victim’s neck but somehow the judge just can’t believe he meant to use a chokehold.. What a fucking miscarriage of justice. The lie alone would get most people in hotter water than he’s in even after killing a man.


He was unable to effect a simple arrest. We do not need him.


I’m confused; was this officer not under oath? If he was then why is this not perjury? If he wasn’t then isn’t this lying to the police?


There could have been three more mass shootings if these men weren’t stopped, authorities say

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Daytona beach dude wanted to break the record for longest confirmed (mass) killing. Like from 3 miles away….. with a .22lr.


Just yesterday there was a shooting threat called into my local Walmart in Wilkes-Barre, PA. It was a punk teenage boy that called from his home number and the cops found him before he left the house.


Goes to show ‘See something, say something” really does work. If you know a murderous weirdo…tell someone!


So many mass shootings could have been prevented by the authorities taking these threats seriously. Parkland comes to mind as a situation where the police were contacted **18** times about the shooter being dangerous, and all of them went ignored.

These people almost always signal that they are going to commit these acts, because they WANT the attention and the notoriety; that’s the whole purpose. If you see a threat for a mass shooting report it immediately.


Am I the only one getting nervous at how many potential mass shooters have shown up in the news lately? At least half a dozen in the last 2 weeks.

I say this, because the only reason these people got caught is because they opened up on their intent to kill others. If there’s this many just chomping at the bit for slaughter, eventually one of these guys is going to learn to just not talk about it and carry it out, which means it’s inevitable that we’ll see another mass shooting soon.


Pitbull fights off a shark to save his fisherman friend after predator bites man’s leg

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I literally thought Mr. Worldwide had done this for a second, in full tux and everything. Still awesome either way.


7 gill is a fairly docile shark, dude brought one ashore, was careless with it and it chomped him on the ankle.

I had a labrador that would fuck up any fish I brought ashore, no matter how big or small until a crawdad pinched hi snose and then he had special hate of crawdads- he’d just roll on them after that no chomp


Funny how stories about good pitbulls don’t attract the same attention as the bad ones.


How can that get published?

” He into the shark’s gills, causing …” – He what?

“He says Darby saved his leg from more damage, possibly severing the artery it had already punctured.” – Darby the dog didn’t puncture the artery.

” “He’s been a part of the family from day one. Just now a little more. If it wasn’t for him I would have been a lot worse,” said. ” – ‘it’ would have been a lot worse, not ‘I’. Also, said who?


I laughed because the guy was trying to kill the shark, but the shark is called “predator”.


Hong Kong protests: 1.7m people at Victoria Park rally, says organiser; crowds at city’s Chinese PLA building

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God’s speed & good luck.


i asked my dad, of hong kong decent, whats the reason?

his answer was, the country of china is fucked up. if they arrest you in hong kong, they will send you to mainland china jail. regardless if you’re innocent or not, the government will use scare tactics on people to admit to the crime they were seized for.

he mentioned one torture saying they keep you in a room with the lights constantly on 24/7 til you crack and rather be guilty of something you didn’t do as opposed to torture.


Is the Hong Kong/China merger still going full steam ahead? I hope it doesn’t happen for the citizens of HK, but I haven’t seen much of it being delayed or anything except for the protests and even then, it seems the HK government is fighting back everytime.


1.7 million is around one fourth of HK’s population. Even if it’s half of that number, that’s a pretty big sign that the population at large is firmly opposed to regime’s administrative policies. China can either attempt Tienanmen square on a larger scale in the age of social media, or cave and provide Hong Kong with it’s requested democratic rights. In the long run, Democracy in China is inevitable. Currently the Chinese government’s enemy is the future and you can’t fight the future, just move with it or be washed away by it once it arrives.


The US and the world could learn a lot from Hong Kong and the 1.7 million protestors standing up for their human rights.


Palestinian Authority bans LGBTQ activities in West Bank

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>Explaining the decision to ban the LGBT group from operating in PA-controlled areas, Luay Zreikat, spokesperson for the PA Police, said that such activities are “harmful to the higher values and ideals of Palestinian society.”

>Zreikat said that the group’s activities were completely “unrelated to religions and Palestinian traditions and customs, especially in the city of Nablus.”

A muslim majority territory is against lgbt people?!

Who could have guessed that.


Meanwhile Israel is the most progressive country in the region. In terms of LGBT rights


Oh boy this news creates the ultimate dilemma for many progressives


I’m sure Illhan Omar and Rashida Talib will be on the front lines fighting against this.


at least Israel has progressive policies. Even gay marriage is legal. Palestine is run by terrorists.


Thousands of veterans fear “burn pits” exposed them to lethal disease

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Five guys in my unit have been diagnosed with cancer. One has Colon, one has Lymphoma. I don’t recall the other three off the top of my head but I had a cancer scare a couple years ago, luckily for me it was nothing but still scared the shit out of me. Like u/themarmotlives said and I agree with him, I’m probably going to die of cancer too.

We were in Al Kut in “03 and they were burning everything there, shit, water bottles, papers and who knows what else. I was an Engineer who worked with EOD destroying weapons caches and some of the guys swear we destroyed unmarked chem weapons. The whole airfield in April-Jun “03 had hundreds of troops getting sick. Constant diarrhea and vomiting for almost all of us when we got sick. I’m sure we were exposed to something there, I just don’t know what.

Out of everyone who got sick:

Not everyone was drinking the filtered water from the river some of the guys had water bottles.

Not everyone was eating at the chow hall, some guys were still eating MREs.

Everyone who did get sick were at the Al Kut airfield. IDK if any of the guys from 2/8 got sick out in town during that time frame.


Yup. We were working and sleeping right next to one for 15 months. Everything was burned: oil, plastics, chemicals, synthetic fibers, etc… I know one guy that has COPD, others with persistant coughs, several (including me) with skin conditions…

When my seborrheic dermatitis first flared up, all my hair fell out in patches and I spent a year looking diseased. Now, I have constant dermatitis and already know I’m probably going to die of cancer.

On top of that, we were given mefloquine… you know, the shit that they just discovered caused gulf war syndrome. Thank god I pitched that shit over the Hesco barriers…


My husband slept near these during two tours in Iraq. Then they kicked him out because he couldn’t do PT, after serving 12 years. He initially got disability pay due to his inability to breathe, but he improved somewhat when we moved to a more arid environment. They took away most of his disability pay. We can’t move back to a more humid environment to be closer to our friends and family, because we’re afraid his symptoms will worsen again. I’m afraid that it’ll come back eventually anyway, or worse.

Fuck the army.


>The report also said that millions of dollars were spent on incinerators to properly dispose of waste, but that many sat idle next to the active burn pits.

Wow. It wasn’t even approved practice, those in command can’t even claim ignorance. The assholes just did it out of convenience and perhaps to spite the country they invaded.


Ours fears of burn pits dont matter…

Try filling about burn pit exposure to the VA.. you get a nice letter back stating that SCOTUS said we can fuck ourselves, and that therefore its not covered.

Yeah, the VA sent me a nice letter worded all cool and fancy that said, “Youre on your own, get fucked”


Ohio white nationalist, anti-Semite arrested for threatening to shoot up Jewish community center, police say

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Here’s hoping prison wipes the smirk off of this prick’s face for good.


These white supremacists are always the most physically inferior looking specimens of the human race.


I hope they keep arresting people for making threats like this. Shits serious now these shootings have become a daily ordeal.


I say this as a jew: if I saw that guy walking down the street I would’ve assume he was Jewish. He definitely looks the part.


I don’t understand how white supremacist support Trump when Trump is close to Israel and has a Jewish son-in-law. He even employs an army of Jewish lawyers.

It’s like white supremest are stupid.


Hong Kong’s 11th Week of Unrest Culiminates in Large Rally

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Police denied organizers a permit. So no march can be held legally. Despite a stormy weather a huge crowd is gathering at a park.


I wish I knew more ways to help. Very glad to see so many stories about this though. This could be a generation defining moment.


The people of Hong Kong deserve the democracy they’re fighting for. Their struggle against the Chinese authoritarian commie scum that run the mainland is a stark reminder to the world that evil still exists even in the more developed circles of society


The world is watching !


I fear for Hong Kong that the time is coming soon for the tree of liberty to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.


No criminal investigation for Texas police who led a black man by a rope through streets

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At minimum they should take a lecture in PR. Like how did neither officer think how this would perceived.


Apparently he was a horseback police officer, and it’s standard procedure and pretty much the only way to escort somebody you arrest on patrol. The media took the opportunity to profit off of race, and subversively/amorally wrote a loaded title to instill outrage before anything else (It’s a huge problem with all media these days – the devolution of Journalistic integrity by for-profit news services!!!). They immediately make it sound like a public humiliation/shame walk based on racism. Unfortunately a lot of us, myself included, have grown accustom to outraged and anger before critical thought, I think mainly due to innate tribalism in humanity and ill-got practices by the media in large. It’s important to look for alternative sources, or at least read past the title before forming a defensible opinion. (Helps your blood pressure, too! XD)

It seems like the Officer is guilty of a lack of awareness and foresight, but not maliciousness. Horses are a common part of the culture where this happened, and horseback patrols are not unusual. Hell, they even used to have them in Seattle not too long ago if memory serves – it’s also a bit of tradition within law enforcement in general. These guys deserve a short suspension, maybe some sensitivity training, but that sensitivity training should cover rethought practices/applications of the use of horses in policing. It’s part of the culture, but maybe there’s a more modern and sensible alternative to those methods that should be implemented. I sincerely hope they don’t just dismiss it as the accident it was without acting on the issue once this blows over.

Edit: Verbiage, Clarity, Structure, Punctuation… English in general. (Hasty submission)


Just checking, this is only wrong because the perp is black, right?


Why would there be a criminal investigation? Nothing about it was criminal. It just looked bad.


There is no investigation because it was part of their training it was in the books. Because they are on horse back you don’t put suspects on the back with you so you tie their hands and lead them along side. The sheriff or chief of their police force stated that he is sorry about the incident and that the training was immediately changed. The only thing I can say about the officers is that they should have done more critical thinking before doing so like call for a cruiser to pick him up given the attitude toward officers these days.