‘I thought it was a joke’: Canada Post employee sent home for wearing N95 mask instead of company-provided cloth or disposable mask

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If the pandemic has taught us anything, is that there is no bottom to the depth of stupidity.


I still remember being told in March 2020 not to wear a mask at my hotel job because I might scare customers.


They’re doubling down on this?!?

He’s still not allowed to work if he refuses to wear an inferior mask, provided by the post, while inside. That’s fucking stupid. Hopefully the bad press will get them to change their mind.

> In an email to CTV News, a spokesperson for Canada Post said the company follows recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Canada, noting the agency supports people wearing non-medical masks that have at least two layers of woven fabric with a third middle layer of filter fabric or a disposable mask.

> “The company fully supports these guidelines and therefore requires all employees to wear a Canada Post-supplied face covering, which is either a reusable cloth face covering or a disposable medical mask,” the spokesperson said.

> They added if an employee doesn’t have a mask that Canada Post provides, there are additional masks on hand and if the employee still doesn’t wear the company provided mask they are told to leave.

> Gallagher has been told he can wear his mask outside of the Canada Post facility but he must wear the supplied mask in the facility.


He should apply for a medical exemption allowing him to wear the more effective n95 mask on the basis that he has an immunocompromised wife, as reported in the article


My job only wants us to wear the paper masks they provide but it’s because they don’t want idiots showing up wearing a “protest” mask (like mesh or one of those with a mouth cut-out, etc) or a mask that has an inappropriate logo or saying. And left to their own devices I know some people would.


Legislator dies using medical suicide law he helped pass

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Respect to him and all who help pass these bills. To listen to all those stories, put himself in their shoes and realize just who this could help. To then be granted a basic human freedom of choice when he needed it is just karmic gold.


My sympathies to his family. Fuck cancer.


I’ve seen several people die slowly. The ones who took euthanasia medication all found their final days filled with bittersweet intimate parting conversations and loud drunken wakes, the rest withered in pain till the morphine killed all sense and reason while we waited a few weeks for the machines to fail.


There’s a saying, “die like a dog.” Dogs often die with more dignity than humans. Humans a are made to suffer untill their body gives out, in pain and misery. May we see the wisdom of Dr. Kevorkian spread and realize that keeping people alive is a form of doing harm.


Years ago my dad, then a widower, lived in an assisted living facility. Lovely place with caring staff.

In the lobby I’d often see a slender, neatly dressed elderly woman seated in a wheel chair. She was always a bit slumped over, with her chin almost to her chest. Never seemed to look around or be aware of the surroundings.

It’s four years now since my dad passed and I still think about that woman. At one time she was vibrant, probably listened to Frank Sinatra and may have enjoyed Hitchcock movies at the movie theater. When I read about assisted suicide I think of her. Always.


Parts of Texas will go from 80 degrees and sunny to an ice storm in 36 hours

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But…what’s it going to be in Cancun??


While I know this storm won’t be as bad as the big cold snap last year, there were a lot of people who died, got hurt, or had their homes destroyed last year because they just don’t know the basics of dealing with this kind of weather. I was so heartbroken because there are a ton of really simple things that can make dealing with this kind of thing a lot easier/safer.

For any Texans in this thread, as someone who grew up in the frozen hellscape that is Western New York:

-You probably don’t need to leave your home for the first ~24 hours after the storm comes through, so don’t unless it is an *actual emergency*. The roads are going to be icy, potentially covered in downed power lines and trees, and full of people that can’t drive for shit in the conditions. Having to eat a shitty meal with the odds and ends in the back of the cupboard won’t kill you, but some jackass in a lifted f350 who doesn’t understand that 4 wheel drive doesn’t mean 4 wheel stopping will.

-As mentioned above, 4 wheel drive means you can accelerate better on bad roads, but it doesn’t help you at all when you need to stop or steer. Slow the hell down.

-If you have a truck and the bed is empty, congratulations, you are basically driving around in a bar of soap.

-If the roads are bad, for the love of god don’t think “Oh I’ll just order (X) for delivery”. It’s a dick move.

-Never, ever use a generator in an enclosed space like your garage or inside your home.

-DEFINITELY do not bring a grill inside, ESPECIALLY a charcoal one. Massively stupid; they are both a tremendous fire hazard and can kill you with carbon monoxide.

-If you might lose power/heat and the temps are below freezing, leave your faucets running. Just enough to have about a pencil-sized stream of water will prevent your pipes from bursting. If your pipes burst, your home is fucked. Know where the main water shutoff valve in your home is.

-If you lose power/heat, pick one room in your home and ‘defend’ it against the cold – lots of blankets for you, blankets over the windows, towels under the doors. Try to not open the door to that room a ton. And try to minimize the amount of going in and out of the home, too.

-Dress in layers. You want to be warm, but not so warm that you start sweating. This means adding and removing layers over the course of the day and depending on your level of activity.

-Keep your phone in a warm place. Cold can degrade your battery performance by as much as 50%.

-**Check in on your neighbors**, especially elderly and disabled ones. A lot of people died in last year’s cold snap because they didn’t have anyone looking out for them.

Edit: Added some others as they popped into my head and also from replies.


Stand by for complete infrastructure fail Part 2. Followed by more ridiculous elecric bills for power that was not delivered. And needlessly dead people because of the grid fail. Don’t mess with Texas- it is a gigantic mess already.


bought tons of firewood in preparation our glorious energy grid goes down.

Not gonna freeze my ass off again this year.


Is Ted flying Delta? Whose gonna watch the dog?


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has fought vaccine mandates, tests positive for COVID-19

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News headline omits the federally indicted part


How is this news. The entire country has Covid


Despite heavily supporting anti-vax morons he is deifnitely vaccinated himself so he will be perfectly fine. Just like every other Republican politician who panders to anti-vaxxers while they get vaccinated themselves because they know the vaccine works and they don’t want to die.


I’m sure he’ll get the antibody treatment no one else in the state can get


A person can be pro vaccines and anti mandates. I’m not sure why half the country all of a sudden decided they have such a hard time realizing this. I’m pro exercise and eating healthy, but I’m against mandating people doing it in order to keep their job or travel etc. Also, everyone is getting Covid right now. Almost everyone I know has gotten it in the last month and most of them are vaccinated.


Supreme Court rejects Trump’s request to block release of White House records from January 6 committee

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If the Jan 6 committee would make a 30-min, easily digestible film, explaining the deets of what happened 1/6/21, it would serve the USA very well. Instead, I bet they release hundreds of pages of dense political heavy reading that “analysts” like Fox News will eviscerate and what will have been the point.


“The Supreme Court’s order, with only Justice Clarence Thomas noting his dissent…”

and 8-1, lmfao.


>The ruling, which Trump cannot appeal, sets the stage for more than 700 pages of Trump White House records to soon be sent by the National Archives to the committee.

Now *this* is interesting and I look forward to hearing more about it…


I love that all 3 of his appointees voted against him, he really thought he was doing himself a favor.


So when does this mean that the documents in question will actually be turned over? Is the wait over?


Woman sentenced to death in Pakistan over ‘blasphemous’ WhatsApp activity

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> During the trial, Ateeq told the court that she believed the complainant intentionally dragged her into a religious discussion so he could collect evidence and take “revenge” after she refused to be friendly with him.

So you file a case if someone refuses to be your friend and get them sentenced to death? DAMN.


Note to self. Stay away from places like Pakistan


it’s 2022…can we stop with the superstitious horseshit already?


Dying because someone got upset their imaginary friend was insulted.


I’m glad the 10 million dollars for gender studies the United States sent Pakistan is getting a good return on the investment.


Capitol rioter ordered back to jail after DWI arrest, AR-15 rifle discovered in car

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You mean the lesson wasn’t learned? I’m shocked.


“The motion for Grant to be detained also noted that on two occasions, once in October and once in November, Grant provided urine samples that tested positive for amphetamines.”


Why do so many Republicans feel that the law doesn’t apply to them?


If you’re wondering if this is just a biased anti-Trumpian conflating jerk-off, here are two key passages:

“In the Jan. 6, 2021 riot, Grant, along with co-defendant Ryan Samsel, are believed to be the first two people that crossed a police barricade in a restricted area… Grant was also caught on video footage shoving a metal barricade into a Capitol Police officer”

“Grant violated his release terms, which bans possession of firearms, excessive alcohol consumption and use of a narcotic or other controlled substances.”

…and here’s a bonus from this arrest: “He then dropped to the ground and stated something to the effect of ‘Just kill me now.’ He then stated, ‘It’s over’”


How the fuck did these people get a chance to be out of jail? Im not even arguing how stupid this guy is to get caught again cause y’all know but god damn.


Rabbi threw chair at Texas synagogue hostage-taker before escaping

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He was speaking in Yeetish


Bobby Knight, is that you?

All kidding aside, I’m glad this ended with the hostages alive and the perp dead.


The Irish exit is when you sneak out from your friends without saying good bye. When you fling a chair at someone and make your escape, it’s called a Rab-bye


The hostage taker should be thankful he didn’t come across the Rabbi I knew in the early 00s.

I’m not Jewish. He was my boxing coach.


>Still held captive with two others, Walker [the rabbi] said he drew on hostage training from the FBI when determining if and when to try to escape.

OK, Hollywood. Do your thing.


Nearly half of Americans gained weight in pandemic’s first year

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I did not gain weight, my clothes shrank.


I guess nearly half *didn’t* as well. I lost 20 pounds myself, because I eat better when I’m not always going out.


Yep, learned how to bake bread. Fresh bread with butter every day for a year will do that.


It is shocking that having nothing to do but stay at home, watch tv and drink lead to weight gain.


I lost 60 lbs. I took lockdown and utilized it to my benefit physically. Its one of the things I could control


Starbucks nixes vaccine mandate after Supreme Court ruling

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They’re *desperate* for workers so this isn’t too surprising


Big business rarely does the right thing when not required to do so.


“We respect the court’s ruling and will comply”


WTF? The court didn’t order them to get rid of their vax mandate.


2021: Conservatives wanted to protest Starbucks for its stance on Guns and wearing mask.

2022: Conservatives praise Starbucks for its ‘anti-Vax’ stance.

Spin and repeat.

EDIT: People, please stop taking this harsh. Just poking fun here.


Don’t get coffee from Starbucks. Got it.