Cryptocurrency tycoon died leaving $145M in limbo

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Didn’t this exact thing already happen before?

EDIT: It’s actually the same case.


“died of complications in December 2018 arising from Crohn’s Disease while traveling in India”

Talk about living dangerously.


I will say this a grown adult: I’m too fucking stupid to understand cryptocurrency

Edit: Please, please stop trying to explain it. Everytime someone does it makes less sense.


Does the rule of DIBS still apply? If so then DIBS.


This post really buries the lede by omitting the demand for exhuming the body to prove its actually him.


Colorado woman gets revenge on porch pirates by stuffing decoy boxes with garbage

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Not bad, but still not as good as the guy who filled his with poop.


I liked the guy that rigged up the 12 gauge blanks to go off when the box was picked up, probly made some garbage junkie clown people shit their pants


Why don’t the police do this with a tracker ?


They are ‘thieves’. If that isn’t sufficient, ‘scum’ is also acceptable.

‘Porch pirates’ sounds cutesy. It minimizes what these assholes do.


Mark Rober did do one and made a video. He also gave a package to his friends. Later it was found out that some of the friends may have had known about the prank already which made the video kinda questionable. Still great idea but it wasn’t completely unexpected.


DOJ report ranks Ohio ‘high’ for sexual victimization in juvenile detention facilities, despite overall decline

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Lady here, spent time in juvie in Ohio, can comfirm. I had to do weekly supervised drug screenings, and a middle aged female corrections officer told me in the creepiest voice possible that I was wearing nice panties that day. I was grossed out beyond words. I was also strip searched by a male police officer, along side my even younger friend. Ohio sucks.


I was in juvie facilities as a kid. I’ve never really gotten the impression that a lot of care is taken in hiring staff. Juvenile systems, in particular, should be seen as a location for high investment, having high quality staff should be important.


Gym “Pervert Watcher” Jordan’s home state, what do you expect?


People here just commenting on guard-inmate abuse, note the article refers to inmate on inmate abuse as well:

> More than 15 percent — or about one in six — of the 140 surveyed youth held in Ohio juvenile correctional facilities reported being forced or coerced into sexual activity with **other youths or detention staff** in 2018, compared to 7.1 percent nationally.

These stats are horrific, even nationally. 1 in 6 in Ohio reported sexual abuse and just over double that nationally.


I wonder what Gym Jordan thinks about this.


Chilean military plane ‘disappears’ with 38 aboard

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If they went down off Antarctica I’m not just worried for the people on board, I’m worried for the people who will have to search for the plane. That’s dangerous work.


How terrible for the families with love ones aboard. Hopefully this is resolved quickly.


My best mates working in Antarctica at the moment gonna have to ask him about this one.


Why was the plane going to Antarctica? Was it a mission?


Must have hit the ice wall.


Humans ‘sole culprits’ in US parrot extinction

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Don’t worry. We’ve introduced invasive exotic parrots to make up for it.

And more cats.


They’ve been replaced by monk parakeets, the second greatest export my country has to offer.


From the article:

Scientists sequenced the genome of a stuffed Carolina parakeet held in a private collection.

The colourful bird’s DNA showed none of the signs of inbreeding characteristic of animals that have been in decline for many years.

Instead, its genetic sequence suggests populations were buoyant until the expansion of European settlers.


bummer. I wasn’t aware parrots or parakeets were ever indigenous to the continental united states until today


Sad fact time: part of the reason they got killed off so easily is that they flock to their dead. Someone would shoot at them when there were a bunch in an orchard or something like that, the other birds would surround it, making it really easy to kill the parakeets in massive numbers. Check out David S. Wilcove’s The Condor’s Shadow if you want to read more about them.


Cries of abuse in Catholic Church start to be heard in Japan

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My guess is that this news is only going to be spreading from country to country wherever the Catholic Church is active. They’ve created a culture where they are just shuffling pedophiles from church to church, city to city and country to country. The US isn’t the only place this is happening, we just hear about it due to our press and it’s freedom.


Looks like it is time the Japanese kicked the Catholics out, again.


Whaaat, really? There’s got to be *some* way to spot in advance which people are willing to violate sexual boundaries… Why does this keep happening?


For St. Mary’s students of that era there is still no satisfying solution to abuse that children underwent there.

The pope is said to have met with the St.Marys representatives but they haven’t announced any results.

The way it’s been handled is really silent actually.


Dang, those small kids are loud.


Atheist reaches settlement over religious objection to mandatory AA

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>That includes step 3 – to make “a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him” and step 11 – to seek “through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understood Him”.
>The Lord’s Prayer, a Christian devotion, usually closes a meeting.

That’s pretty fucking religious my dudes.

>While AA maintains it is spiritual and not religious, cases in both the US and Canada have centred on whether the programme is incompatible for atheists and those whose faith could be seen as inconsistent with its vision.

It is.

See if you read the article it does say he offered to attend an alternative programme.


They should be referring to better evidence-based programs anyway. The emphasis on quit dates and clean time is counterproductive to those coping with relapse. A person who has relapsed after years of successfully abstaining is shamed and made to feel ruined, rather than drawing on the demonstrable success of those years.


The higher power ideology of Alcoholics Anonymous is a turn off to many people. I wish the group could go back to its roots of using psychedelics like LSD 🙂


I sympathize. Quit drinking completely on my own because after a bunch of research I couldn’t find any good programs nearby that weren’t religiously affiliated. It’s bonkers to me that AA could be mandated by anybody like an employer or court. It’s very explicitly a Christian program. Wish there were more programs out there for people who want help and don’t want to go to a church-related group.


It is a religious cult, no doubt. Always boggled my mind how courts can order attendance at meetings.

That being said, much of the discussion at meetings and those surrounding recovery is focused on negotiating the religious bullshit in “The Book”. In 2019 close to nobody can stomach the religious babble. So there’s high attrition. Close to 99%

Even worse is “The Book” was written by some layman with zero physiological background on addiction or scientific methods used when developing the 12 step program.

It’s simply a method for desperate men to replace addiction with a commitment to god. Out dated and defunct. And AA has never had a rate of success higher than 5%.


Supreme Court leaves Kentucky’s ultrasound law in place

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A law that serves no medical purpose, served up once again by the allegedly limited government right wing.

Don’t want the government getting between you and your doctor though!


I’m trying to picture California or something coming up with a law that you have to watch videos of graphic mass shootings before you can buy guns.

What a ridiculous law.


The party of small government.


Let’s make it a requirement for women who *want* to have kids to have to visit a children’s home and make eye contact with all the children up for adoption! They should really be made aware of the reality of the situation before they choose to bring another child into the world. This idea is just as ridiculous as Kentucky’s ultrasound law.


Bit by bit, they keep chipping away until, eventually, *Roe v.Wade* will be moot and they won’t even have to repeal it.


Record-setting 75-foot-tall wave recorded off California coast

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Learn to swim, see you down in Arizona bay.


Bodhi called it… the “50-year storm”.


How often are waves like this responsible for ships that are said to vanish without a trace do you think? And how frequent are they? How big of a wave does it take to capsize a ship?


That’s some Godzilla level waves there


moms gonna fix it all soon. mom’s coming round to put it back the way it oughta be


A father got a call saying his son, a Marine, had died. It was a scam

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For the record, the USMC doesn’t call if your child/SO is killed. Marines in dress uniform will show up at your home. I had this duty when I was an active reservist and will never forget it.

These scammers can eat sh*t and die.


Scammers are worthless scum under the best of circumstances.

Convincing someone their loved one has died is a whole different level. I sincerely hope there’s some additional charges that could be tacked on if this scammer’s ever caught.


If you get a call like this ignore it. If your loved one is killed in action, his or her primary next of kin (spouse, or whoever they listed as next of kin if they aren’t married) will be visited in person by a uniformed representative of the military. You won’t get a phone call saying they’re dead.


Fucking scammers. They tried to get my Grandma, calling and saying they were me, that I was in another state, and that I’d been arrested and needed bail money. Thankfully, they screwed up and got my Grampa’s name wrong, and that made Grandma suspicious. Still, I got a very panicky phone call from her making sure that I wasn’t in a New Orleans jail.

Scammers can fuck off and die, making my Grandma scared like that.


Damn son, trim those fingernails.