Sinking of Russian warship raises tense questions about fate of crew

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Lots of them died and Russia is lying to the families. This is nothing new, most especially these last months


Russia says they lived. That means they’re dead.


Under Soviet rule, Russia would never release news of plane crashes. The only way people knew was a sudden increase in obituaries in the newspapers.


Tense? Is asking questions about carpet bombing suburbs tense as well?


I worked on a submarine, which I know is not the same, but there were seemingly benign events that could wipe out a crew. Big changes in pressure and temperature come to mind. For example, a steam rupture would kill the engine room in minutes. I don’t know what a missile detonating inside a cruiser would do to the crew, but this hull is cracked which tells me it was catastrophic for the ship. I would not be surprised if a shock wave killed most of the crew rather than the explosion itself

Also, the video of the “crew” after the sinking does not look like a crew that narrowly escaped death, lost shipmates, and lost the ship. They looked bored, like they want to be somewhere else on a nice day. Guys are joking and smiling in the ranks. Looks like a uniform inspection to me.


State trooper who shot, killed New Haven teen in 2020 arrested

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Glad they paid him for 2 years before arresting him. /s


This actually happened right down the street from where I live. The statie had no justifiable reason to shoot the guy in the car. He had been completely surrounded in his car with all the doors and windows closed.

This is yet another classic case of excessive/deadly force by a member of US law enforcement.


Tax payers have continued to pay for this officers salary during the two year paid vacation he’s been enjoying for murdering someone. It sounds a whole lot more like incentive to commit murder than a punishment for commiting murder.

This is why cops will continue to behave this way. They are celebrated and rewarded for acting horribly.


Is there a video of this.


Senseless loss of life.

Despite armed robbery (albeit a knife) and taking police on a high-speed chase, this man did not deserve to die.


U.S. forgives 40,000 student loans, provides aid to 3.6 million more

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What if they just cut the ridiculous interest rate on the student loans and make them interest free.


Isn’t this just catching up the existing programs that Wicked Witch of the West Betsy DeVos had ratfucked?

There’s not anything new here, is there?


They’ll do anything but forgive student loans, while pushing this *literal propaganda* through the media like this is some massive win.

The most obvious it’s been yet.


Calling it now, it’s that program where you give a decade of your life to a government program or nonprofit.


Opened the article, yup, PSLF. Unless there is forgiveness that is non-PSLF, all these feelgood articles are moot. Joe didn’t say “I’ll forgive student loans (if you started working 6-8 years ago in a government job)”. He said he’d forgive 10k. I mean this is after he walked back 50k, but lets start with 10 since that seems…acceptable to the powers that be.

If he doesn’t deliver in the fall he will lose millennials. My shit’s fully paid, I’m just telling it like it is.


They need to force universities to cap tuition costs.

If you make loans easier to get, universities just increase their costs because they know there’s easy money to get.


Joaquin Ciria exonerated after 32 years in prison for wrongful murder conviction

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>”Although we cannot give him back the decades of his life lost we are thankful that the court has corrected this miscarriage of justice.”

Motherfucker, you haven’t corrected the miscarriage of justice *until* you find a way to give his life back. The state committed a crime just as heinous as the murder here and it took outside efforts years to force you to acknowledge that crime. You’ll face no punishment. The state will face no punishment. The injustice is not corrected.


Cases like this are why capital punishment should not exist. Only morons, bootlickers and the bloodthirsty driven by vengeance support it.


Here’s another example of the state fucking up for the “just put a bullet in ’em” crowd.


There is nothing worse then allowing the guilty to go free other than making innocent people guilty.


It always amazes me how people that have been wrongfully convicted and get out after significant time in prison always seem so able to turn the other cheek. Im sure they just can’t believe that they’re finally getting out, but I couldn’t do it. I’d be livid. They’re stronger people than I.


Ford shuts down orders for 2022 Mustang Mach-E due to overwhelming demand

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There are like 16 electric cars for sale in Wisconsin…not 16 models…like 16 total.
I was looking yesterday. And now I’m bombarded with EV adds. Less $ on advertising, More $ on production


Love the car. *HAAAAAAAAATE* that they called it a Mustang of any kind. Mustangs do NOT have 4 doors.


More mustangs on the road? Light poles everywhere are shaking from fear.


I work at a Ford dealership in the service department. Can confirm that we have seen lot of Mach E’s in for service so sales must have been high.


Glad I’m already invested in Ford!!

Great news! Now if we can destroy the car dealership model for selling cars to consumers, and go the factory direct model that Tesla uses.


‘The Flash’ star Ezra Miller arrested again on Hawaii Island

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The dude’s out here assaulting people looking like live action Lord Farquaad.


Your chances of being assaulted by Ezra Miller in Hawaii are low but never zero


“Pull it together dude”

— Courtney Love to Amanda Bynes, 2013


That Flash movie is DOA.


I will never understand celebrities who double down on the behaviour that gets them blacklisted. So much to risk, so far to fall.


Americans suffer deadly fentanyl overdoses in record numbers

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6 years ago I worked as an EMT in one of the most violent cities in America. Violent crime has always been everyone’s focus, but I ran at least 3 opiate ODs a day, and I might’ve run a homicide/assault victim once a week. We hear about how bad the opiate issue is all the time. But seeing it is another monster.


Maybe the government shouldn’t have allowed tons of people to get addicted to opioids and then turned around threatened doctors with consequences for prescribing those same drugs.

I have chronic pain. I go to work and come home and lie down. That’s my life without prescription pain medicine. With it I was able to live a normal existence. I can’t get the medicine because doctors offices are so paranoid about prescribing. I have done everything that’s been suggested except radio frequency ablation because insurance wouldn’t pay for it.


The amount of people in this comment section suggesting that these people deserved to die for doing drugs is fucking disgusting.

Y’all need to learn some empathy, some people start doing opiates because they induce a feeling of safety and warmth, and it’s easier to sleep outside when you’re not freezing and terrified out of your mind about getting robbed or raped while sleeping on a park bench.


My husband had a friend die of a laced overdose about five years ago. It’s so awful to read that things are just getting worse as the years go by.


I have a friend, basically a brother, hooked on this shit. As someone who has struggled with addiction myself, I’ve tried everything to get him help that I can think of. At this point I’m pretty much just waiting on this phone call.


‘Freedom Convoy’ leader Pat King charged with perjury, obstruction of justice

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“King’s hearing came to an abrupt halt last Wednesday when it appeared his lawyer’s computer was hacked in the middle of the proceedings. Lawyer David Goodman later said the threat wasn’t as serious as previously thought, and no files were compromised.
The hearing was adjourned the next day to give King’s legal team time to process the new charges, leaving King visibly disappointed with his head in his hands.
Since then, he’s tapped a new lawyer to fight for his release and defend him against the mounting number of charges.”

His lawyers claimed their computer was hacked in the middle of court? Hahahahaha
I’m enjoying this and I’m not even Canadian.

Edit: wouldn’t they be using the court approved wifi? Hahahahaha! They didn’t get hacked.


The guy is a racist piece of shit


It’s pretty messed up that they’re charging him as an adult.


It’s curious how often these homegrown “freedom” groups the right in North America keeps spawning are populated with racists.


I’m just going based on the thumbnail, but is the Canadian courtroom setup based on the hockey penalty box?


Judge orders Alex Jones to pay $1M in fees to 4 Sandy Hook parents

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This is *just* legal fees. Damages in the defamation trials are still coming. This dude is fucked, especially since he’s so blatantly moving money around to try to escape paying. Courts really don’t like when you do that.


The financial judgment against Alex Jones should be somewhere between all the money he has and all the money in the world.


People like Alex Jones have to be financially annihilated to prevent more grifters like himself from cropping up in the future.


Dear Alex, This is what you get for perpetrating a lie and selling it as news. Truth is not done with you.


Alex jones sold perineum cream. Now tucker carlson is selling testicle tanning. A pattern is emerging.


Autopsy shows Patrick Lyoya shot in head by Michigan cop

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Uh, was this ever actually been in question?


> “This independent autopsy report confirms what we all witnessed in the horrifying video footage: Unarmed Patrick Lyoya was conscious until the bullet entered his head, instantly ending what could have been a long and fruitful life,” attorney Ben Crump said.

Sounds about right. Failure to deescalate by the cop leads to the homicide of a black man….*again*.


Flat out shooting him in the back of the head changes it from stopping a threat to deliberate murder.


This officer had no business ever being allowed to be a cop.

The victim was about to dump the officer off his back. This officer, instead of yielding to the inevitable, pulled his firearm and executed the victim rather than allow that to happen. He let his anger/adrenalin/panic get the better of him. Had the victim managed to push the officer off and then proceeded to stand over him in a threatening manner or attempted to take the officer’s weapon, he may have been justified in shooting the victim in self defense. That’s not what happened here. The officer executed the victim solely because he couldn’t pin him to the ground.


Funny what happens when you physically fight a cop and take his taser instead of just acting like a normal sane adult.