World’s loudest bird is as deafening as thunder, scientists discover

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“So majesti-” **<SQUAWK>**
“Majesti-” **<SQUAWK>**
“Maj-” **<SQUAWK>**
“That is a big bird.”


What a strange sound. Doesn’t sound natural at all!


It is like that bird heard someone scoot a chair backwards on tile and was like, “OH YAAAAA this gonna be my thing now”


Are they talking about that bird that’s only sitting in front of your window when you’re hungover?


When scientists use the word deafening, do they actually mean it can deafen you?


Brothers saved meth equipment in fire, left their grandmother to die, according to DA

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“meth equipment” = A hot plate from Goodwill, a roll of aluminum foil, and a dirty 2 liter bottle.


I tried to copy the relevant text on my phone. Website sucks.

They went for cigarettes. Didn’t report fire. Glad they were caught.

Enjoy prison dipshits.


“Grandma ain’t carrying her weight no more! Get the Bunsen burner, leave the old bag!”




Let’s be honest – if firefighters come they will probably save your grandmother, but not your meth equipment.


Surging SUV demand is canceling out the environmental benefit from electric cars

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If true, then we need to start producing/popularizing more electric SUVs


This is because of CAFE.

CAFE forced the station wagon, the practical human/cargo hauler into a MPG purgatory, while creating incentives for the minivan and SUV (literally a station wagon as a truck) as “light trucks”.

The fix is to fix CAFE to eliminate the “car” and “light truck” categories and have a single goal for the fleet and a minimum for any vehicle, to avoid the Sunbird maneuver.


What am I missing here? There’s demand for SUVs. Develop better electric SUVs. Profit.


make more Electric SUVs…

Electric Vehicle selection is shit.. I want a Work Van thats electric or a truck.. But have no options


Four people and a large dog with all their gear isn’t going to fit into a smart car.


Greta Thunberg mural in Edmonton, Canada vandalized in both official languages

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Let’s be honest here, the real shocker is that an Albertan took time to vandalize it in french


>Another derided Thunberg with an especially graphic French slur.

For those curious, the slur was “salope,” which means “slut.”


It’s nice that she can bring the community together…


Much more important than the crude insults are the use of the term “Agent provocateur” and the anarchist symbol

Greta is being accused of being a plant by industry in this message. An agent provocateur is traditionally a police officer who secretly takes part in demonstrations tries to escalate them in order to justify a crackdown.

The use of the anarchist a also implies that the people who wrote this probably don’t see themselves as supporters of industry or the wealthy. I’m willing to bet that the authors of this scrawl have a problem with Greta’s emphasis on personal responsibility within a capitalist system (consume less, don’t take the airplane) and how it passes the buck onto the average person rather than the industrial leaders and politicians.

I don’t share any of those views, nor am I sure that I am interpreting things rightly, but that’s what I get out of this.


I don’t know why this is news. Somebody painted on a “free wall” meant for anybody to paint on. Paint over his stupid shit and move on with your lives.


Banker convicted in US picked to head Turkish stock exchange

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> Turkey maintained Atilla’s innocence throughout the trial and called his conviction a “scandalous verdict.”

Sounds like a rather deliberate shot back at the US.


>Moreover, he claimed Turkish President Erdoğan, prime minister at that time, had personally given orders to start transactions on behalf of Iran.[11]

>Mehmet Hakan Atilla was found guilty on five charges related to conspiracy and bank fraud including violating U.S. sanctions on Iran, crimes to deceive the U.S. and defrauding U.S. banking system, but was acquitted of money laundering.[12]

He laundered money to Iran on behalf of Turkey/Erdogan. Found guilty and was deported after being released this year.


Well they know the type of person they need to run a stock exchange.


So it’s now the Criminal Stock Exchange?


One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.


4th person dead in Legionnaires’ outbreak tied to hot tubs at North Carolina state fair

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To people who are asking…

1) This didn’t occur at The NC State Fair. That is happening right now in Raleigh. The fair in question was the NC Mountain State Fair, which was held in Fletcher, NC in September.

2) It was a hot tub sales display. People were not getting into hot tubs at the fair.

At a lot of fairs, various retailers pay for space to drum up businesses from fair-goers.

It’s pretty common to see displays put on by car dealerships, farm equipment dealers, and companies that sell things like replacement windows, leaf/gutter guards, etc.


“The fair took place between Sept. 6 and 15, and state health officials said the majority of people who got sick walked by hot tubs at the Davis Event Center during the second half of the fair.”

How does this work? How does the water get inoculated with the bacteria? Someone came by and coughed near the tub water?


North Carolina’s hottest club is “Pillboi’s Broken Hot Tub.”

Previously stored in Jacksonville’s Macho Man Randy Savage Non-International Airport, this swinger’s wack shack has everything: Legionella pneumophila, Blake Bortles and jalapeño poppers.


Hot Tub Death Machine


I went to my first [Virginia] State fair this year.

I can’t picture anywhere at the fair where a hot tub would have seemed appropriate.

Are the state fairs just one state over really that different?


Father of Parkland shooting victim speaks out against sheriff trying to get reinstated: ‘No integrity at all’

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>”I want everyone to remember he went on national TV claiming his amazing leadership. He wanted to deflect from his department’s failures and blame the gun,” Pollack said. “Eight of [Israel’s] deputies pulled up and took a perimeter around the school, instead of going right into the school, while there were shots still going on on the third floor. One of those shots could have been my daughter getting murdered.

I remember when he (the Sheriff) went on CNN with the students who created the Never Again movement to cheers and applause whenever he brought up banning AR15s.

A couple weeks later we all found out his department had been to see the shooter over a dozen times AND DID NOTHING.


wait.. was this the guy who sat in his golf cart for 15 minutes listening to the screaming calls for help from dying children?

I’m going to say, naw he may want to follow a different career path.

Edit: I had my cops mixed up. Not that guy.


Looks like they need some Tegrity! it just so happens…..


Why in the world is this tagged by fox news as “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?”


I know no ones gonna believe me, but I attend Marjory Stoneman Douglas and I was in the building during the shooting. Everybody at my school hates him and I dont even know how to describe how I feel now that he is trying to get reinstated, its almost insulting. Maybe Im just biased but I feel like he doesn’t understand the degree of his actions, he couldve saved the lives of so many young teens who were on their way to college and on. I understand it wouldve been a very tough situation, but as a police officer you take an oath to protect and serve. I hate seeing my school on reddit and the news over a tragedy every month or so.


Would you give up Google for $17,000 a year? The Federal Reserve wants to know.

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The title is plain misleading. The $17,000 value is from *search engines*, not specifically google. Most everyone could easily give up google as a company but giving up all concepts of search engines is another question entirely.


“…That would require a whopping 536 euros. Twitter, however, was valued at zero euros.”

lolololol ouch.


I’ll take $17k a year to use Bing.


So I’m guessing no one read the article since everyone is commenting “Yeah, I’d use other search engines” when the actual text of the article says “Search engines” were worth $17,000 to the average consumer. That means you don’t get to use Bing.


Yes, but I don’t think Google would give me up.


Hacks ‘carried out by Russian group disguised as Iranian cyber spies’

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How do we know that these hackers aren’t elite North Korean super hackers, disguised as lousy Russian hackers disguised as Iranian cyber spies?


They’re trying to flame the fire so a US/Iranian war can happen.


Can’t wait for the election, did the Chinese hack the Republicans, or was it Iranians disguised as Russians disguised as Chinese? Who hacked the Dems again? Might as well throw the results out, Trump for life. /s


Was this confirmed via a draft copy of an investigation by a private tech firm?


Nasty POS Russians!! They are best friends with Islamic Republic too! Lol


Ex-CEOs to plead guilty to roles in U.S. college admissions scandal

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If there’s anything good that comes from this story, it’s that it’s showing what a complete fraud the notion of meritocracy in the US is.


It is absolutely disgusting that all these rich celebrities are getting a few weeks in jail each, especially when poor people routinely serve longer prison sentences for low-level drug possession and whatnot.


How can anybody involved in education believe there is any integrity in the institution?

As a business owner why would i seek people with this type of education? This entire thing is built on sand.

When your business advertises your employees competence. How do I know your also not full of shit?

Lao Tzu says

He who stands on tiptoe doesn’t stand firm. He who rushes ahead doesn’t go far. He who tries to shine dims his own light. He who defines himself can’t know who he really is. He who has power over others can’t empower himself. He who clings to his work will create nothing that endures.


On no. Pleas apply an anesthetic before you slap them on the wrist.


Unbelievable that the former CEO of Pimco did this and hasn’t been mentioned as much as Huffman/Loughlin. He is one of the truly rich and powerful, not some two-bit actresses.