Angry panhandler shattered more than $9,000 in windows because no one was giving her money, gets jail

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She will get some some “free” food and housing now.


Cars too. “Neely told police she threw the rock because she believed the driver, who was a stranger, had stuck his tongue out at her. It’s unclear if the man did.”
Noone dares give her the raspberry lol


What is the point of the judge ordering her to pay the money? Those people will never see a dime




> Marlena Rochelle Neely, 30, told authorities she was homeless, had been asking people for $5 and would shatter a window every time she was refused because she was tired of people not helping her, according to a probable cause affidavit.

> As part of a plea agreement, two other cases were dismissed.

> In the first of those cases, police said they arrived May 3 at the Palms Motel at 3801 N. Interstate Ave. to find that Neely had thrown a TV, a cable box and dresser drawers out the window of her motel room. Neely was ordered Wednesday to pay $1,100 for the damage she caused there.

> In the second case, investigators said Neely shattered the car window of a stranger on Aug. 29 by throwing a rock. The man and his teenage daughter, who also was inside, were at Southeast 82nd Avenue and Washington Street. Neely was ordered to pay $297 for the damage to the car.

> Neely told police she threw the rock because she believed the driver, who was a stranger, had stuck his tongue out at her. It’s unclear if the man did.

> Because Neely has already served more than 20 days in jail since her arrests, the judge said she’d be released after Wednesday’s hearing.

Portlandians deserve what they put up with.

> Neely said she’s motivated to find a home and regain custody of her children. She said she has a 13-year-old son who’s living with her mother in California, and 7- and 8-year-old sons living in Oregon’s foster care system.

Those kids would be better off without her.


Baby boomers are more sensitive than millennials, according to the largest-ever study on narcissism

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They were originally called the “Me Generation” by their own parents. So it makes sense.


Millennials killed being more sensitive apparently.


Not sure if this quite fits the sub, but it’s humorous to say the least.


I fall between the two as I’m the father of a millennial son and I take care of my boomer parents. Though my parents are relatively laid back, their friends are nightmares. They’re just too uptight and self-centered. My son’s friend group have all come across as laid back. My parents boomer friends almost to a person bitch about the laziness of today’s youth. Almost all my son’s friends are working their butts off through the raw deal they’ve been born into.


I mean boomers get triggered by childfreedom, the so called war on Christmas, veganism and LGBTQ+ stuff. Millennials get triggered about not being able to find affordable housing, crippling student debt and a harsh job market that demands a masters degree for an entry level job.

Baby boomers are sensitive about stuff that don’t concern them and don’t affect their life or life quality, because they don’t understand it. Millennial are upset about external conditions making their life quality lower than their parents.

“Duh” is my answer to the article title, but because science relies on the scientific method I understand and appreciate the fact that a study was done in order to prove our collective anecdotal findings which is

> Baby boomers. So triggered. Lol.


Russian Gas Station Offers Free Fuel For Anyone In A Bikini; Guys Also Show Up

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I used to go to this bar in our college town that had “shirtless shots” at 1am for whoever took their shirts off. It was never ladies. Just a bunch of drunk hairy dudes popping off their tops. It was like that Sunny in Philly episode where they want the bar to go wild and it goes in a different direction from planned.


Not to split pubic hairs here, but he’s not wearing a bikini in the photo.


Free gas is free gas.


Publicity stunt: Successful ✅

Boners for owners: Successful ✅

Success: Successful ✅


Ok, I get the bikinis. But how come they all just happened to have high heel shoes in mens sizes to also put on for no reason ?


Bevin pardons a KY man convicted of beheading a woman and stuffing her in a barrel

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Also this:

> The list includes several in Handy’s old district, including a teacher, Charles Doug Phelps, **who pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography and tampering with a witness**.


Must have been his cousin..


Payback for voting him out.


gotta love republicans


Gotta watch out for their own, I guess.


Pro golfer arrested in Florida prostitution sting called “Operation Santa’s Naughty List”

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Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey is the golfer. Title made me think it was a household name golfer.


Prostitution shouldn’t be illegal


He’ll have to wear one glove now so people don’t recognize him.


If I give you $100 now, and then we have sex next week- is that prostitution?


I don’t understand the point of these stings.

If the workers are under duress, that’s one thing. Otherwise tho, do we need a morality police? Are we in Saudi?


‘I’m no stalker’: Psychic taxi driver’s shock after student claims he must have watched her get dressed

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> He said: “I told her that when she had got out of bed, she had put some clothes on, then she decided she didn’t want them on, then she swapped her clothes.

Oh come on.

> “The teacher has said ‘oh my god he must have been in your bedroom’.”

Are you kidding me?

Watch this, I’m a stalker too – “You didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. You thought about staying there, but ended up getting up anyway because you had stuff to do.”

The only way to know that would be to be *inside your bedroom.* Obviously the only explanation.


So he managed to hide in her bedroom and watch her dress- twice- without being discovered, and then arranged that he and no other taxi driver would be the one to pick her up JUST so he could brag about it under the guise of being psychic.

He’s either after the “Best Stalker 2019” award, given to the man who shows the highest standards and dedication to his craft, or someone hasn’t heard about cold reading before. One or the other.


> While he openly admits he’s been in prison “four or five times”, Mr Cole insists he’s no stalker, and says most of his passengers enjoy it when he gives readings.

I mean, yeah, maybe you’re not a stalker, but wtf? Four or five times? You can’t remember exactly?


Sounds like he described the average morning of every teenager / young adult throughout history (which is what EVERY so-called “psychic” does during their cold readings, but, I bet he turns out to be a stalker…


Wow, if he’s so psychic why didnt he see that coming?


Brazilian man arrested after dressing up as his mother to take driving test for her

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Now that’s drag racing.


Not gunna lie, this was a pretty interesting plan.


Most dutiful son award goes to…


I don’t understand why people do shit like this. His mother can’t drive. He is putting her life in danger. He should teach her how to drive safely instead of defraud the system and put people in danger.


What is Florida Man doing in Brazil?


Beijing has built thousands of cheap apartments no one wants

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“Three years on, the cramped, poor-quality units that are far from anywhere lie mostly empty.”

Might as well live in another city at that point: better to either rent a glorified bed in the actual city, or a sizeable and comfy home in the boonies.


r/lostredditors ?


When your economy is based on growth and not sustainability, this is what happens.


Don’t be surprised if those fill up eventually.


So why do they keep buying in Toronto?


Dearborn’s Arab American National Museum displays shawarma taped to wall

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I’d rather eat that than* the banana.


I grew up around Dearborn and there is a very high Arab population. Which is funny because Dearborn’s slogan was “Keep Dearborn clean.” Which meant “keep the blacks out.” Which meant they were so concentrated on keeping black people out that Arabs were almost welcomed in, which in turn caused Arabic communities to form, which means more Arabs moved in, which then turned into Dearborn being the biggest concentration of Arabs outside of the middle east.

It also means there is pretty good middle eastern food there.


Pure Michigan.


I don’t know what it is but I wanna try it


I used to live in Bahrain right near a street nicknamed Shawarma Alley. My heart hurts thinking about my lack of access to that sweet, sweet shawarma.


Woman, 89, granted ‘big biceps’ stripper care home wish

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“Things are hotting up at the care home” might be my new favorite typo.




I wonder how people would react if it was “Man, 89, granted ‘big boobs’ stripper care home wish” ?


Those are some hands


Of course those who choose what wishes to grant picked this one. They enjoyed it too!