Groom takes gay lover on honeymoon with new wife

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11 years? She didn’t leave him after the honeymoon issue? He admits to fooling her into marrying him for her money!? Lives with his man lover and expects her to clean their house that she doesn’t live at?! He’s next level manipulative. Narcissistic to the max.


If they’re happy, who am I to judge? 🤷‍♂️

Edit: after reading, apparently the wife didn’t know. That’s a no-no.


This was a train ride from start to finish but how is this the public’s business


This is none of our business.


Tim Tebow got married?


Bangladeshi MP allegedly hired eight lookalikes to take her place in exams

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How do you “find” 8 people who look like you.


Can we also point out that she had to find 8 lookalikes that were also smarter than her? It clearly would have been no good to simply find 8 people of subaverage intelligence.


It’s funny that the people we elect to lead us are more often than not the scummiest people in our societies.

It seems like only scummy people are attracted to what it means to be a politician.


*modern problems require modern solutions*


Happens all the time in the 3rd World.

Why else would there be so many international students that “pass” the TOEFL but can’t speak a work of English?


Children over 12 face jail time for trick-or-treating in some towns

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What I want to know, is who comes up with laws like this. Like, what was the thought process to this? Sounds like Halloweens version of the freaking grinch or something.


Dumb. I’m fine giving a teenager candy. They could be doing much worse things than trick or treating on Halloween.

Source: I was a dumb teenager.


Oh thank fucking god the law is on our side! I was worried my 12 year old would be too busy trick or treating and eating FUCKING CANDY to get drunk and bang their friends at an unsupervised Halloween party. One sec, I need to pick up a keg and some Molly for my daughter Kaeight-Lihn’s Halloween Spooktacular party. I’m a cool parent.


My town gave 13 yo tickets and even gave them to anyone wearing costumes outside if they weren’t a kid, just for wearing a costume


Nice, they should be smoking pot and drinking not trick or treating like babies.


Johnson asked EU leaders for a Brexit delay. He also told them not to grant it

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They should grant it to just piss him off.


Essentially parliament didn’t like that we voted to leave the EU so they made it legally impossible to do so. Boris is trying to force a hard brexit because remainer MPs are going to block us leaving for as long as they can.


First letter wasn’t signed. The second one got signed. Enough said.


So when this doesn’t happen on halloween are people gonna lynch him for not fulfilling their objective or are they just gonna go back to their tea and act like they didnt know what happened?


When will this Vicious cycle end?


Kellogg’s sells ‘All Together Cereal’ to support equality

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This coming from the company that started selling Corn Flakes as a way to keep kids from masturbating.


As much as I support gay/trans rights, that sounds disgusting. Mixing two kinds of cereal together is bad enough, but all 6?


I get the point but that’s just nasty.


I’ve been mixing cereals for years. Might be good.

My latest combo: Cinnamon chex, Honey-nut cheerios, and Crackl’n oat bran. Here’s the kicker: Use 1/2 white and 1/2 chocolate milk.


No they fucking don’t. They make it to make money off people who support equality. Corporations support nothing but money.


Oxy starts first solar farm to power oil production

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We use oil products for things besides energy production, so this is nowhere near as crazy as it looks.


i expected this.


I like how they think in circles


I’m pretty sure I must be the crazy one at this point

>”Occidental is taking an important step toward realizing our aspiration to become carbon neutral through the use of emissions-free solar electricity,”

By sucking CO2 out of the air and pumping it into the ground to increase fossil fuel production. Powered by solar energy. Surely this is not reality and just the machinations of a fevered and disturbed mind


Student Hacked Into Downingtown Area School District System To Gain Competitive Advantage In Water Gun Fight, Officials Say

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“An attack like this in an attack not only on the school district, but it’s also an attack on our students and their families,” school district official Jennifer Shealy said.

school district official Jennifer Shealy needs to calm the fuck down, they’re just blowing it out of proportion to make it seem like they’re doing something about it. there was no actual threat, just a shitty security system.


Sounds like an episode of “Community”.


But, how would getting into the system give him an advantage in the water gun fight??

Edit: turns out it’s a game called assassin and he probably wanted home addresses to ambush their target.


This article sound like is written by my aunt: “student used coding methods”



“gained teachers’ login information”
“An account takeover”

So he logged in when a teacher left their password somewhere.


‘Most ridiculous thing ever’: Officials split building in two to solve property dispute

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This is the perfect article post for this sub.


King Solomon was totally wise you guys.


Seems pretty obvious that this farmer was trying to extort the city and they weren’t having it. Good on them.


The farmer seems like a dick. It sounds like he just smelled a chance to try and extort some money out of the government.

Just him talking about how their offer wasn’t even half of “his damages.” What the fuck are his damages? They offered to buy the land, but he wanted damages?

I’m just saying he comes off as the asshole here.


I bet Galloway is a total reasonable person.