Sign calling intersection ‘funky’ will be taken down

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Funky time has stopped


why tho


Attention Macon Area Residents:

The sign is scheduled to come down Monday, ***if it’s still there***. Do what you must because you can.


“Officials state that an updated sign without the typo, replacing the first “n” with a proper “c”, to be installed next week.”


notice: the funk is over!


The Italian Mafia is now accepting gay mobsters

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La Cosa Nostra is proud to be an Equal Opportunity employer. Apply Today.


its nice to see this world moving forward


Why so everyone can call you “Gay Tony”


Yeah, but they’ll probably give them really offensive mob nicknames.

Frankie “The **** sucker” Tortillini

Jamie “The **** sucker” Massichelli

Tony “The **** sucker” Panini


Poor Vito got a pool cue shoved up his arse for being a “fanuc”.


Detroit’s largest demolition contractor demolishes the wrong home — again

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I guess if there is a whole block of fire damaged and abandoned houses that mistake could happen.


From the article:

*Adamo was awarded a $25,201 contract to demolish a fire-damaged house at* ***14461 Alma*** *on June 18. On Nov. 22, Adamo instead tore down the structure at* ***14661 Alma****. Both are Detroit Land Bank Authority-owned structures.*

I can definitely see how the contractor was confused as well.

Edit: I read that a good five times and only just now figured out that there were two different numbers. It’s amazing how your mind can play tricks on you.


Shit. Checked on google maps and that whole street looks worth $100 total


Whenever I read headlines like this I always picture the stereotypical sitcom situation where the mother crosses her arms and exclaims, “Again?!” to the shenanigans that her kids have gotten into.


The fuck. I posted the same article and it got taken down for being non-oniony


Middle-of-the-night ‘gun fight’ turns out to be four men in Nerf-gun battle

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Good thing it wasn’t American police who responded.


How much you want to bet the person who called it in knew perfectly it was ‘nerf’ guns but simply omitted that fact.


You’d think it’d be pretty obvious by the lack of noise


Canada cops: “Oookay folks. On yer waay now. Sorry,”
American police chief: “The officers drove down the wrong cul-de-sac but killed everyone anyway.”


Spiky bodysuit protects small dogs from big enemies

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Great. Now the most misbehaving, ill-trained, and aggressive dogs also got body armor.


well this should make dog parks more interesting. Can’t see how it could possibly end poorly


This is man spitting in the face of God.


Has it been tested against alligators yet?


Is “peace was never an option” appropriate here?


‘Best Christmas gift since Jesus’: Woman finds out she’s pregnant 9 days before giving birth

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Fat people amaze me sometimes


*woman quickly deletes all her wine selfies from the last 8 months


If you want to know how this happens: PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) occurs predominantly in larger women. This condition results in irregular periods, often to the tune of several month delays between menstrual cycles. In other words, the afflicted may only bleed once or three times per year. The syndrome makes conception difficult due to fewer fertility windows, though certainly not impossible. So, this situation not only seems possible, but bizarrely low in occurance considering the relative prevalence of the syndrome. It’s the perfect storm: unnoticed weight gain, no warning sign by means of an interrupted period schedule, and any pains typically chocked up to obesity.

I’m speaking as a person who also deals with this condition. However, I am on the far low end of normal BMI for my height, so the weight gain would definitely tip me off. I’m glad this lady apparently didn’t suffer from much morning sickness. I believe that’s the other big pregnancy signal.


This stuff blows my mind. My baby kicks so hard it hurts. I mean I’d kill to feel normal during pregnancy but holy crap that’s just wild to me that someone can have zero symptoms


Did any of you people with the fat comments read the article? The answer is no you didn’t. Try reading to learn what the situation is.