Are flavored sparkling waters (zero calorie, zero sugar, zero caffeine) just as good for you as regular water?

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In terms of hydration, they’re just as good. They’re fairly acidic though, so may not be the best for your teeth.

Unflavored is less acidic that flavored. Both are still a million miles better for your teeth than soda


Don’t all carbonated beverages have phosphoric acid? Which leeches calcium from the bones?

I’ve read that it does, anyway.


Edit: No need to downvote, I’m asking a question.


Ya does the same thing. Kinda like crunchy water if ur into that


My kids call it fuzzy water


A dentist may have strong words for you but otherwise yeah. I feel like water hits differently though. There’s no hydration quite like it.


The recipe calls for 2 sticks of butter, but it’s not like I’m eating two sticks of butter….

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Fats don’t soak into meat during cooking although they will cling to the outside. If you aren’t eating the cooking liquid or making gravy, you’re just throwing most of that expensive butter away. Why don’t you try making the roast without the butter next time? You can always take the meat out of the cooking liquid, boil the liquid down a little and add a couple of tablespoons of butter to smooth it out for the people who can afford the high fat sauce.

A long, slow braise melts the collagen in the connective tissue of the meat and gives it a nice juicy texture, no fat needed. I suspect a reduced fat version will be just as tasty.


You definitely should account for the fact that you are cooking the roast in butter. Cooking food in fats (oil, butter, etc.) will add calories to your meal. I can’t tell you that it will be 100% of the butter cooking in, especially since some of the leftover juices will contain some of that butter (and perhaps some of the roast’s fat that has melted off). However, I would recommend using the full amount of butter in your MFP recipe, especially if your goals are related to losing weight or not gaining weight. Even if you do end up underestimating consumption with this method, it will be one meal a month as you have said, so consistency in the rest of your tracking should make this OK.


Eat the butter.


Have you tried the recipe with less butter? Like maybe a stick and half, then if that works, 1 stick?


I make this same roast occasionally. I use 1 packet of au jus, 1 packet of ranch, at least 10 peperoncinis and about 4 tablespoons of cubed butter in a crockpot on low for about 8 hours. Turns out delicious every time. Would probably cut back on the calories a little bit. 🙂


What percentage of your daily calories should come from vegetables?

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Few months ago I went vegan for a week.
After this experiment I realized what really mean phrase eat enough vegetables.

I can say that right now my total volume of vegetables during the day is around 60%, but calorie wise it is less than 10%.


You don’t need to acount the calories that the vegetables provide you, just eat a good amount in your main meals and complement it with a couple of pieces of fruit during the day, that’s all.


I feel like no one in the comments understands the question.


I did a 800g fruit and vegetable challenge….it only comes out to about 500 calories/day from them.


All food has calories so you should count it all if you’re serious about your goals- whether that’s fat loss, weight loss, muscle building, maintaining, etc. Veggies are great cuz you can eat a lot for very few calories so they bulk up your meals. They are mostly water and carbs-including fiber which you need.
Eye opening for me was learning that each macronutrient has a set amount of calorie: carbs and protein are 4 calories per gram and fat is 9 calories per gram. Finding YOUR balance is key. Get a nutrition person to set macros for you and start experimenting with yourself in 2 week intervals. It’s been life changing for me.
Good luck!



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Came here for some drama, pretty disappointed. Green/black teas have certian phytochemicals called flavonoids in them which act as anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, deactivate certain carcinogens, and reduce risk of atherosclerosis to some extent.


quality loose green tea, jasmine, white, oolong tea using a teapot

It is good for antioxidant effect, digestion, to calm down but also provide a little energy (caffeine)

Have a few glasses of strongly brewed tea after meals and it will help with digestion and have some preventive effect in weight/fat gain


Stinging Nettle. One of the few teas you can drink that’s actually going to be a good source of vitamins and minerals. It’s rather savory so you could even think of it as a broth.


Monster Energy Drinks 💪💪💪


I’ve enjoyed matcha tea powder sifted into water because what better way to get the benefits of tea than to eat the whole leaf