Healthy movie snack alternatives to popcorn?

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Don’t bring carrots to a movie theater. It’s very loud. Those veggie chips that are like air puffed would be a good option. Or cucumbers are quieter if you want hummus
Edit: my mom says “I say stick with the popcorn and make sure your affairs are in order.”


Why do you need to eat while you’re watching a movie? I know that’s not the point to this post but requiring to eat EVERY TIME you watch a movie is such a bad habit in itself! Maybe have dinner before the movies so you’re not hungry, chew gum? Drink low to no calorie drinks or plain popcorn


Roasted chick peas/garbanzo beans may be an interesting substitution. Still get a nice crunch with them and usually not as loaded with fat. Lots of good flavors too!


Can you try sprinkling nutritional yeast over plain popcorn?


Everything in moderation, including moderation. Go to the movies and eat some popcorn.


Consuming high amounts of saturated fats linked to increased heart disease risk

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Real question for the pro-saturated fat crowd:

I’m not a scientist, nor a nutrition expert, but my understanding is that while some recent studies have cast some doubt on this, the majority of evidence suggests excessive saturated fat intake is likely harmful. Like, decades of large, well-designed studies. Hence why most traditional experts advise low to moderate consumption of animal fats.

As stated above, I understand that there are SOME studies that contradict this. I also understand that there have been some concerning conflicts of interest in terms of study funding.

Ultimately, though, why shouldn’t we believe the consensus? Surely not ALL mainstream experts are in the pocket of “big sugar”, right? It seems like it would really have to be a gigantic global conspiracy for the consensus advice to be totally wrong.

Help me understand. Again, not trolling, just genuinely curious how y’all think about this.


That particular study is completely useless. It has ALL of the following flaws:

* Low hazard ratios for all results.
* Relies on food frequency questionnaires.
* Healthy user bias seems to run rampant: high saturated group was more sedentary, smoked more and had a higher BMI. Low saturated fat group also ate more multivitamins than high saturated fat group (not that multivitamins necessarily do anything, but it suggests that one group was more health-conscious than the other).
* Interestingly, the low saturated fat group had the highest incidence of hypercholesterolemia, while the highest saturated fat group had the lowest, with a linear relation between the quintiles.

If anyone thinks that this study says anything useful in any way with all those confounders and limitations, I really feel sorry for them.


I know people want to believe they can keep eating chicken parm and sage brown butter cheese-filled ravioli, but the facts are what they are. You can defy the scientific opinion of the people who basically define human physiology, but you do so at your own peril.


Was this taken from a magazine circa 1982?


So just reading the article briefly.. is this study largely just food frequency questionnaires again? Have we not already done that many times already? Im pretty sure studies like this are what are predominantly causing the controversy surrounding Sat fat intake and I kinda fail to see how this adds anything new or novel to the discussion.


If sugar is addictive then why isn’t fruit?

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If sugar is a highly addictive substance, why do people not treat fruit the same way? Is there a difference that makes the sugar addictive?

edit: not sure why my question is getting downvotes. I’m just wanting to learn more about sugar.


Sugar is usually refined, making the sweetness more potent. Sugar in fruit is diluted by the juices, water, fiber etc. in th fruit. Dried fruit however is concentrated sugar + fiber.


It isn’t or do you see people buying bags of sugar, gorging up on them?


I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I know I used to scarf down frightening amounts of fruit and sweet potatoes in one sitting and still want more LOL it was like dessert to me.

People just don’t see it as “bad” because it’s “healthy” sugar and I guess for a lot of people it’s okay and their bodies can handle it. It is a bit different to ingest straight refined sugary sweets and a fruit, which comes with fiber and a host of nutrients to offset the sugar. But in the end, sugar is still sugar and some people’s bodies handle those sugars better than others. But I’d definitely say fruit can be addictive. We just don’t associate a negative connotation with fruit, so we don’t have that same feeling of guilt so it doesn’t feel like such an “addiction” in the same way.


Have you ever had grapes?