My employer only reimburses $0.30/mile for personal car use on the clock, can I claim the additional $0.245/mile on my taxes to bring it up the the IRS suggested rate of $0.545/mile?

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IRS is 58 cents per mile now. You cannot claim mileage deduction on your taxes unless you are self employed. You can ask your employer for more money or ask them to provide you a company owned vehicle and a gas card. You might also want to check with your insurance company about driving your personal car for work as they might require different coverage.


Unless it’s a government based position or contract, there is no “imposed” amount. The suggested rates are just that… suggested. Again unless it’s a government based scenario.

If they won’t bump your mileage up any, ask if they have a company vehicle for you to use for company purposes.


I would make sure whatever you are driving is as cheap as possible to drive. Like an 2012 toyota yaris or something like that because otherwise you may end up losing money driving around for them.


If your employer requires you to transport non employees in your own car, YOU are liable for any damage to the non employee, and most likely your existing insurance does not cover this situation. You are providing cabulance type service… you should insist on a company vehicle with the correct insurance coverage. An attorney would say your a patient care transporter… does your vehicle have all the required PPE on board, fire extinguishers, seat belts, first aid kit etc… unlikely… your being taken advantage of and this is generally an industry wide thing… just because others do it done not mean it is safe, prudent or legal… good luck…


So basically you are a taxi/Uber driver for their clients. You should look into everything they recommend for driving Uber/Lyft. Such as insurance, mileage, and possibly limited liability. Also find out if you are supposed to be specially licensed to transport disabled/elderly/minor clients.


Does anyone PAY to go to work?

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She’s helping her earn record for SS and avoiding a gap on her resume, so working now also gives more money later.


My husband doesn’t make what it costs us with two kids in daycare, but he doesn’t want to stay at home (I don’t blame him). We are just grinding it out until they get to school and hopefully the cost for care will be less.


That’s modern life. A good daycare in an area with good jobs will cost a lot. It’s standard for you to pay the daycare even when your kid is sick; they still have to keep the place running.

It gets cheaper as they get older, and if you have good public schools, it gets much cheaper at 5 or 6 (although you will still have to pay for before/after care).

Make sure you sign up to transfer the full $5,000 per year of pre-tax salary into a Dependent Care Account. You will need receipts from your care provider with their tax ID, specific dates, and costs. I start the reimbursement process in January, so I get the full $416.67 deposited into my checking account the day after my paycheck hits.

Your kid will stop getting sick so much once his immune system sees each disease. The socialization is very important; you need your kid to be cool with you leaving him.

There are emergency nannies you can get for those times that the kid is sick and you both need to be at work. Of course, that costs additional money.

If it’s a total wash, your wife might want to stay home with him, but that’s going to be taxing on her relationship with both of you. And it’ll set her back in her career.


Do you write off the daycare come tax time? The situation sucks but I would assume as long as you’re not losing much by having the daycare (and you can afford it) it’s probably worth her staying as eventually the kid will be in school and her career won’t have been put on hold for a few years.


Two things. One, consider the costs of daycare against both of your salaries. So if your income is 2x and hers is x and daycare costs x, then she’s paying half of her salary and you are paying 25% of yours. Overall, daycare is costing 33% of your household income.

Second, the negative impact of a gap in earnings, lack of social security wages, lack of retirement contributions etc. should not be understated. Child carers pay a disproportionate penalty in opportunity costs to take time away from a career for childcare.

So you have a few options. One, you take time off for the sick kid. Discuss with your employer ways to make this work – e.g. can you shift your schedule such that you cover childcare while your wife works and then you work different hours temporarily? Two, can you find another caretaker for a sick child (sometimes a grandparent can step in). Three, can your wife find a better paid position?


Server gave himself an extra tip on my credit card

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I should probably reconcile my dining receipts with my credit card statement… Or even look at my credit card statement on a regular basis.


>How long should I give them to fix it before I just dispute the charge on my credit card?

When did they tell you they would respond?

Give them the opportunity first.


This happened to me the other day at my local waffle houses. I used my card, didn’t put any tip on the card, but gave cash instead. The server put 10 dollars extra on it.

A Few days later, I noticed, called my back, and they refunded me the money. I also called the Waffle house corporate and told them their server did this.


The bank will dispute with them and get the money back, but they gave me my 10 dollars right away.


I’d give them until Monday then dispute with the bank.

May have been malfeasance. May have been a fat finger or accident.


If I were in your shoes, I’d ask myself is my time chasing this down worth $3? I know this is probably an unpopular opinion.


[US] if my pay period ends 12/27 and I get paid 1/3, which year does it count for on my taxes?

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2020, the year you get the money.


2020, individual taxes on wages are done on a cash basis, aka whatever date you receive your money.


Somewhat related question – does a 401k contribution count towards the year in which it was withheld from your paycheck, or the year in which it is actually invested into your 401k?

Let’s say my final payday is on 12/27/2019, but the funds don’t make it into my 401k until the following week on 1/3/2020. To which year is the contribution counted?


Depending on the state, you can request your final paycheck to be ready in 72 hours after your last day.

Ask your manager or payroll if they can get that going for you.


Also note that most states have a minimum reporting threshold. You won’t necessarily have to file taxes in the old state of there wasn’t enough earned in that state.


Just got hit with a $90,000 hospital bill… EVERYONE told me it would be covered

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So you need to write a letter of appeal. You will need medical records showing your headaches and everything else you can dig up to blame on the condition. Find out what the exact appeals process is. It probably lays it out in the letter you received. You can also have your surgeon get involved and do a peer-to-peer with an MD at BCBS. Find out if anyone (the surgeon or the hospital) obtained a pre-authorization. If so, call BCBS and find out why they denied it when there is a pre-auth. It might not get the claim paid but it will buy you some time to get the argument of your life together.

In you appeal, include who you spoke with at BCBS who told you it would be covered. The goal of your letter is to prove you had to have the surgery because the condition was causing medical problems you couldn’t live with. If you ever lost a job, say it was because of the headaches. If you ever failed a class, it was because of the headaches. You get the idea.


As someone else said, sick your surgeons billing office on them. They want to get paid and know you won’t be ponying up that cash.


Hey OP, I had jaw surgery five years ago. I also had BCBS as primary insurance. This is probably not a first for your doctor. Their office has more than likely perfected the craft of appeals for this kind of thing, give them a call. All they need to do is show malocclusion of x millimeters (they use the casts) and provide a write up as to why that impacts quality of life and can lead to problems in the future. If you had braces to correct your teeth prior (which I had), the malocclusion actually gets worse and is even more in your favor.

My doctor actually submitted a detailed report when the insurance requested more info. I received an approval a week later and had surgery a month after. That’s extremely interesting that the doctor went ahead with the surgery, did you have a pre-approval for it in place? My office wouldn’t do a thing until they had it.

Edit: I also want you to know it’s the single biggest thing that’s ever changed my life. Look at the positives.

Edit 2: WOAH, Thanks a ton for the gold and platinum! This was my first for both!


Moving forward, everytime you talk to someone at all related to this no matter which company or entityyou talk to, make a record of NAMES, DATES and TIMES. So if they fight you, you can say “X person told me on X day that the procedure would be covered.”


That doesn’t sound right, but sadly it wouldn’t surprise me either. Did the letter state a reason as to why it would not be covered? Is the specific doctor who did it in network?

Edit: Also, I’m not a doctor but $90k seems unreasonably ridiculous for a surgery that sounds like it went well and had you in and out of the hospital. Wtf. For comparison, I had a gallbladder removal that was done incorrectly, a month hospital stay, collapsed lungs and other issues and surgeries needed in that month and my bill at the time was around $150k before insurance. But That was for an entire month. Yours doesn’t sound near as complex to the point where it would be $90k.


Sketchy dude sending me way too much money in exchange for my old drum kit.

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It’s a scam. The check funds will be made available to you (in compliance with federal law), and then the check will eventually bounce (since federal law prescribes a longer timeframe for that), and you’ll be out the money you paid to his “shipper”.


It’s a scam. That’s what it is, the entire check is going to bounce. Ignore and move on.


This is a common scam. The check takes a few days to clear, so in the meantime, he’d ask you to send $2000 over to someone for some fake reason. Then, by the time the check bounces, you’re out $2000 and the scammers are long gone. I have enjoyed stringing along these scammers though, if you’re in the mood for that 🙂


It’s a fake check. Tear it up and find a real buyer.


This is a common scam. There are laws where your bank has to release the money to you within X days. So he mails a check from like some African bank that talks to some European bank that talks to a NYC bank that talks to your bank. It’ll be like 10+ days before it *actually* clears. But due to laws, your bank will give you the cash much sooner.

Meanwhile, you see his check “clearing” and mail him the drums + give him back the $1-2k you didn’t need on shipping. He cashes your money almost instantly, because your bank is a normal ass bank and you have the money. You find out a week later the bank reverses his money because he never had any money. And you lose the drums plus $1-2k.

edit: typo


Sold a car on Craigslist… and the new owner is unhappy…

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In the US, any private-party car sale is “as-is” unless a warranty is explicitly provided. I’m not sure about Canada, but it’s probably similar.

For a $600 car, I’d say any prudent person would know they’re not getting a “perfect” vehicle.

I’d tell them to pound sand and stop calling you.


I think for a 16 year old car with 323k “as is” is implied. I wouldn’t sweat it.


>Sold a car on Craigslist… and the new owner is unhappy…

And that’s too bad…

The End.


Lots of people threaten lawsuits.

Very few follow through. Unless you have a provincial or similar ordinance that requires a seller warrant a used vehicle, then you should just ignore him. Get a screenshot of the new owner listing it for sale in case anyone does pursue legal action down the line.


I would send the seller a bucket of sand, a sledgehammer, and tell him to pound it.

It’s a $600, 17 year old German car with 323,000 KMs, WTF did he expect?


Girlfriend’s job’s checks have been bouncing

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File a complaint with your state government’s labor division. And then start looking for a new job.


When a company does this once, it is time to leave immediately. Whatever their excuse is, it usually means that they are going to be bankrupt soon and that someone is cooking the books or that they just failed as a business in general.


At that point she’s volunteering there, not working. She should have a talk with the owner and if he/she doesn’t gave her her money (not a cheque) she should leave.


> Can she sue and win?

Absolutely, especially if she has good documentation: time card entries indicating when she worked, and bounced check documents.

But really, she needs to GTFO of that place. I’ve been to Chicago, and I seem to recall quite a few restaurants there. Work at one that doesn’t bounce paychecks.


Businesses in trouble always pay their employees and their taxes, because you can get a long ways down the line of near-bankruptcy before those two things start going badly, and those two things bring legal trouble.

Once they start failing on one of those two things, the company is fucked. They’ve been a zombie for months, but now they can’t hide it any more and the legal trouble they’ll face doesn’t matter because they’re done.

Take this as a very important sign. Your girlfriend is not working. She’s spending her time pretending to work, for free. There is no expectation of pay any more. If she continues to go in and do her “job”, she’s only fooling herself.


My Girlfriend’s Mom has a Tax Accountant Telling Her She Can’t Max Out a 401k and Roth IRA

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Your mom needs a new accountant


Time to fire Dan.

The $19k limit is cumulative across all 401ks… But IRAs don’t count towards that limit.


Very unfortunate. People are probably losing money all over with this person.


Well, that’s sad.


Find a new accountant


Been with my bank (USAA) for 15+ years. Got a letter saying they are closing all (4) of my accounts.

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I have worked a department at a large bank that initiated these type of closures and there are likely multiple layers at work here. First off the people that you are talking to dont know why your account is being closed. The back office groups that make these decisions will not share that information with any customer facing employees. Why? Because (at least in my experience) these closures are caused by the bank filing multiple suspicious activity reports (SARs) on your activity. The bank secrecy act actually makes it illegal for the bank to disclose to the subject of a SAR that they are indeed being reported on. Because of this the people that do know are not allowed to talk to customers or to disclose information to front line departments. That is likely why no one will talk to you. I know this likely raises more questions than it answers, but you can be reasonably certain that you haven’t been (and won’t be) in contact with anyone who actually knows why this is happening.


Ex Banker here:

Have you regularly been depositing or withdrawing sums of cash just below $10,000?

This is called “structuring” in the banking biz. It looks like you are trying to skirt cash reporting requirements (10k+ cash transactions require a CTR) and might be a money launderer.

If any bank sees this, they will end their relationship with you immediately, much in the same way USAA is ending their relationship with you.


Sounds like your name was flagged for money laundering or worse warranting immediate closures. AML or FIN crimes probably owns the decision, not the bank itself. Tbh I’m not sure how to go about it or if you’ll get an AAN but definitely check any other accounts you have and your credit reports. All the big banks are getting reamed by the OCC right now for compliance issues so it’s not entirely surprising something like this might happen.

Edit – have you been out of the country?


Did you receive your USAA membership through employment, or military affiliation? If it’s the former, they’ve recently undergone a “clean up” of those that are no longer employed there and do not have military affiliation. I know several people that this has happened to, and they do very little to retain members.