Sanders Says He’s Open to Supporting Primary Challengers to Manchin and Sinema

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Id hope so… I mean ostensibly at this point our senate may as well be 52/48 in favor of Republicans.

I don’t know if id go so far in saying that the “Manchinema” or “Sinemanchin” duo (whichever floats your boat) is working directly with Republicans to obstruct significant efforts from Democrats to pass meaningful legislation, but they’re certainly obstructing for their own sake.

There’s a sort of irony here. These two senators, who both hold a disproportionate amount of power in their hands, are concerned above all else with their political careers and their own best interests. While its probably safe to say that theyre both savoring their powerful positions. They’re concerned more about their image and how it’s reflected in the eyes of single-minded self proclaimed “moderates” and right leaning voters in Arizona and West Virginia, and more so than the very fate of our Democracy.

But when all is said and done, their self serving behavior only ends up highlighting the obstructionist role that they’ve both fallen into, much more attention is drawn to them now, and this will probably have a greater impact on their political futures than anything else. One can only hope, that in the end, justice will prevail.


The best way to deal with the likes of Manchin and Sinema is to elect more Dems to the Senate this year so their votes are rendered irrelevant. We have a great shot at winning a Senate seat in Wisconsin with Mandela Barnes, a seat in PA with John Fetterman/Malcolm Kenyatta/Conor Lamb, and a seat in NC with Cheri Beasley.

If you are interested in helping these folks and others across the nation win their elections, join us over at r/votedem to find volunteer and organization opportunities 👀


West Virginia went 60-30 Trump-Biden.

I don’t think a more progressive candidate there is a realistic option. It would be handing another senate seat the republicans.

And call me crazy, but I’ll take Manchin over another Ted Cruz any day of the week.

Yeah, he’s stonewalling progressive reform, but at least he’s not handing the senate to the republicans. There are 50 senators voting for election reform, 50 against, and you want to primary two of the ones who are voting for it?

Maybe work on getting out the vote and flipping 10 more seats.


Lol open to? Bernie already backed Paula Jean Swearengin last time against Manchin. Why wouldn’t he do so again? She has a great narrative but would probably get wrecked again, but Bernie can back a potential winner in Arizona.


No democrat will ever win WV senate ever again after Manchin retires. Ever. Period, end of story. We were 3rd in % of citizens who voted for tRump


Top donors threaten to cut off funding to Sinema | The donors said they will support a primary challenge, and demanded that the senator refund their contributions if she doesn’t change her position.

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I would happily run against sinema. Fully married, Christian, gay man who could appeal to AZ voters without selling out to the highest bidder from other states. Seems like a can’t lose proposition to me and I have all of her “qualifications”. Tell me where to sign up. I’ve been in AZ my whole life.


I have come to so fully despise this woman and her “principled stands” on bipartisanship. How can a US Senator—who manipulated her way into the senate with “progressive” street cred—**not** see what’s happening and where the GQP **WILL** take this country unless these two voting rights are urgently passed ?

She’s not this detached from reality; she knows *exactly* what she’s doing : Using this to stroke her ego as kingmaker and also maximizing political contributions to her across the board. When the GQP is contributing to you, I think it’s very clear which team you’re playing for—and it definitely ain’t the good guys.

Such a despicable, dreadful little woman…


This is good but even better would be figuring out who is blackmailing her.


Regardless of what the donors do, Sinema has already lost the support of most rank and file Democrats, and I suspect that many of the Is and Rs who voted for her would also be happy to see her ousted in the primary.


Can they expect to be refunded their donations?


Glenn Youngkin, mask-mandate lifter, sends his child to school requiring masks

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For those unaware. 1 day into office Youngkin lifted the school masks mandate. His kid attends school out of state in a mask mandated school.


It’s such a joke how vaccines and something as simple as wearing a mask during a pandemic has become so political


Bc it’s all about “parental choice” but what that almost boils down to is the privilege of rich parents to make choices for their kids and the consequences for poor kids.


Newly elected Republican being a hypocrite. I’d say something snide but I’ve said so much on other occasions that I just feel tired.


As a Virginia resident who did NOT vote for this Trump wannabe, the thing that really pisses me off is to that Youngkin knows absolutely nothing about the public school system. He attended a private school and so do his children. Unfortunately, you don’t have as much parental concern and involvement in public schools that you have in a private school you’re paying a small fortune for tuition. Yes, a great many parents care and care a lot, but there are those who don’t give a tinker’s damn about their kids or their education. They’re the parents who send their kids to school sick, are too hung over to put them on the bus in the morning so they never get to school the majority of the time, who never come to parent/ teacher conferences when their child is failing. Let the parents decide, huh? Well, Mr. Youngkin, I think you should get off your high horse and visit a few public schools so that you can understand how real life works and see exactly what teachers and administrators have to deal with on a daily basis.


Joe Manchin sees ‘no use’ in holding a vote on voting rights that is almost certain to fail — thanks in part to him

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What’s the matter Joe? Afraid to get everyone on the record? A vote doesn’t take that much time.


I used to defend Manchin pre-Biden but Jesus Christ. Even ignoring all his other bullshit lately, simply saying something like this as a sitting Senator is a dereliction of duty. I’m of the opinion that *everything* should be voted on. It’s your goddamn job.


Fuck it, make him do it in public.


>Sen. Joe Manchin said that he doesn’t see the point of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer forcing a vote later Wednesday on the party’s major voting rights proposals given that they are virtually destined to fail, thanks in part to his stance.

>”I would like to see us stay on the bill. There’s no use to try to bring this to finality by having a vote that’s going to fail tonight,” Manchin of West Virginia told CNN’s Manu Raju ahead of a pivotal day for Democrats.

Republicans are expected to block Democrats from passing their legislation. Schumer is then expected to force senators to consider changing the filibuster, the de-facto 60-vote threshold for most legislation, but due to Manchin and Sinema’s opposition that effort will also fail.

Manchin told CNN that he will also speak on the Senate floor later today. On Tuesday night, Manchin emphatically declared that he would oppose any changes to the filibuster even if it led to a future primary challenger.


Has anyone ever asked Joe WHY he opposes this bill? For BBB, his excuse was it was too expensive. What excuse does he have here?


Texas’ GOP attorney general tells Steve Bannon podcast ‘we’re done if anybody can vote’ after court ruling

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Aren’t ALL citizens allowed to vote and should be ABLE to vote? Isn’t that this “freedom” that MAGAs keep genuflecting to?


**”Stop the Steal” is “The Attempt to Steal,”** and voter suppression along with creating doubt about every election are just a couple of the tactics these scumbags are working on going into future elections.

Syphilis-ridden drunk, Steve Bannon, and the other sow-belly, neo-confederate supremacist goons are done with democracy and they desire single-party authoritarian rule. They own the Republican party.


Imagine not wanting more folks involved in the election process.

“We love America so much that we’re going to make it difficult to vote.”


He’s not wrong. He just said the quiet part out loud.


Conservatives know they no longer have a majority in this country. The only way they can maintain power is by making it hard for democrats to vote and gerrymandering.


Biden says Trump is ‘intimidating an entire party’ and that five Republicans secretly back Democrat agenda

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And at least 2 democrats openly back Republican agenda. Maybe you should make an exchange?


“I did not anticipate that there’d be such a stalwart effort to make sure that the most important thing was that President Biden didn’t get anything done. Think about this: What are Republicans for? What are they for? Name me one thing they’re for.”

— President Biden


5 Republicans back his agenda but show nothing for it. How about they actually pass what he needs to pass instead of “secretly” saying they care?


I often wonder what happened if the Senate always voted secretly.

Trump probably would have been convicted. Also, some Dem
measures maybe had a better chance of going through, because people wouldn’t be afraid of the GOP base or corporate donors anymore.

For example, Sinema could always tell their donors she voted against bill X and that a GOP senator secretly crossed the aisle. There would be no way of finding out the truth.


Very little that Congress does should be private. Name them and make them answer for it.


Kyrsten Sinema, a traitor to the cause of women’s rights, loses support of feminists

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Duh…its because she’s not a feminist but rather a Sinemist.


She’ll still have the “feminist” label when necessary as a pundit on any conservative platform that’ll host her. There’s never been a more profitable time to be a totally sociopathic politician.


She’s a grifter, never had any intention to support her constituents. I gave money to this campaign. 0/10 would not recommend.


Gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss


Sad she apparently still had their support after she voted down $15 minimum wage early last year. More women work in lower wage jobs than men especially minority women.


Megathread: Supreme Court rejects Trump’s request to block release of documents to Jan. 6 Committee

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Get fucked, Donald.


Oh to be a microwave at Mar-a-Lago tonight.


Tomorrow’s headline: Trump requests supreme court block release of documents … again.


If you ever see an 8-1 decision, there’s a good chance that 1 is going to be Clarence. I think he gets off on being the lone dissenter. I could not despise that man more.


r/conservative better start spamming shitty satire and “news” articles from patriotbrandon4x4.compuserve.

Edit: They’re now pretending it’s good news for trump. The mental gymnastics and goalpost moving is hilarious 🤣


Biden criticizes GOP resistance to his agenda: ‘What are Republicans for? Name me one thing they’re for’

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Tax cuts for the rich.


Biden is right – the Republicans don’t seem to have any clear agenda or goals. They’re just against anything that Obama and the Democrats are for.


Forcing Christianity into everything.


What are the Republicans for? I’ll tell you. They want more for themselves and less for everyone else.


-Cutting taxes for the largest corporations and wealthiest people

-Denying climate change

-Turning this country into a white, Christian theocracy

-Denying women basic reproductive rights

-Erasing any mention of the myriad racial atrocities that occurred in this country

-Taking away basic voting rights, especially from minorities