Medicare-for-all would help pay for long-term care. Why don’t more people know that?

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Listen to Bernie on the Joe Rogan podcast. He just won my vote. Great ideas!


The Green New Deal is awesome but long term. Eliminating student debt is big for the Economy but not many poor people have student debt.

M4A would be the #1 resolution with the most immediate impact in the US.

People with chronic conditions, special needs, disabilities, mental health – almost everything under the sun will be unburdened.

We will not be beholden to our jobs. We will be healthier. People will live. Thrive.

Edit: thanks for the gold although it would be better spent on charity.

We all have or will have health concerns in the course of our lives. Not everyone has student debt. M4A will produce the most immediate and widespread reform this country has ever seen.

If I have to die on a hill, it will be for M4A.

That being said, it is vital for us to do the GND as well because we all live on this planet.

What I’m trying to say is M4A will win us the election, so we can go into government to also resolve debt crises and climate crisis, among many other issues.


Because vested interests in health insurance, pharmaceutical companies, media outlets, the Republican Party and way too much of the Democratic Party are engaged in a disinformation and smear campaign against the program.


I am well aware.

I have PPMS (primary progressive multiple sclerosis, it’s the rarest kind, and you don’t even get it to you’re like 30, well show signs) and will most likely eventually need 24-hour care (I’m only 37 right now)

so qualifying for Medicaid is ridiculous. you can’t really have any assets, and your income has to be less than $1,200 a month for 5 years.

most states don’t have any kind of in-home care with Medicare. some states, like Oregon (that I plan to move to eventually) actually do have some programs where you can be on Medicare but qualify for some in-home care from Medicaid.

so Bernie’s medicare-for-all plan would solve that for me. because then I would no longer have to keep my income at a certain level in order to get In-Home Care.

without Medicare for all my future is pretty uncertain and scary. my mom is 67 and does pretty much everything for me, so when she dies I need care, so that’ll that be like 10 to 15 years… optimistically

edit I actually cannot believe how much the voting on this post fluctuates. like if everybody that downvoted, upvoted it’d be like over a hundred. it’s really disheartening to know that there are so many people that disagree with me, and essentially want me to die.


We don’t talk enough about the gaps in health insurance

I don’t understand how someone could actually like their insurance and if they did, they surely aren’t able to keep it if their employer changes policies. My employer changed 3 times in 7 years, I didn’t get to decide anything.


Ocasio-Cortez Says She Won’t Go To Israel Until Omar, Tlaib Are Allowed Too

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Neither should U.S. funding.


Middle Eastern country barred American congresswomen entry on the grounds of religious bigotry. That’s what happened.


Next on reddit: a pic of some female IDF soldier.


Israel totally not mistreating Palestinians, but can’t allow you to visit to verify that.


Is it just me, or is nobody mentioning the fact that Bibi and the Kushners are long time friends, and Kushner is heavily invested in Israeli real estate. You think maybe this is just another ethno-fascist real estate play by Trump, Kushner and Bibi? Look no further than Jared’s “give me your money peace plan”. And Bibi has made no secret of his disdain for what he still calls “Schwarzes”. His treatment of African Jews is pretty revealing, as are his comments about Obama. These are shitty people in a shitty country forgetting where their bread is buttered. The good thing is this will now put Israel firmly in the GOP camp, and when the GOP goes down, so will the Israeli circle jerk. I mean now that MbS and the Emiratis have put billions into Trump and Kushner’s real estate holdings, do we really need Israel that much anymore?


Migrant children separated at border were harmed, abused in foster care, families say: Taxpayers could be on the hook for more than $200 million in damages as a result of the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policy.

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Take it all out of Trump’s family asset forfeitures when he’s arrested after the 2021 inauguration.


It should come out of the Republicans pockets


That’s how trickle down works. You have to give ALL your money away so rich people can give it back in the form of jobs. Can you imagine the calamity if we had a trickle up economy and the wealthy were hoarding money. /s


Anyone who supports this despicable treatment of children is an asshole


Trump is a billionaire right? $200 million should be his to pay.


Anthony Scaramucci: The Left Should ‘Deprogram’ Trump Supporters Like They’re in a ‘Cult’

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After the war, there was a massive de-programming effort to counter more than a decade of nazi propaganda to ensure Germany could return to normality

America needs the same systematic approach


My goodness, I think Trumgret has a new poster child.

I am hardly a very well-connected or wealthy person. And yet somehow, I knew in 2015 that Trump was an imbecile and his supporters were cultists deep in denial and detached from reality.

And yet somehow, it took the Mooch working for, and getting fired by Trump, and then a year or so on top of that, for him to come to exactly the same conclusion.

Almost as if he was perfectly fine looking through the catastrophic flaws and danger posed by this idiot if it could personally serve the Mooch.


I get where he’s coming from, but I resent the idea that this is our job. Republicans, whether they’re the president or elected representatives or voters, are treated as forces of nature rather than people with agency. Therefore, whenever something bad happens, it’s *our* fault for not stopping it, rather than *their* fault for doing it in the first place.

They can deprogram their damned selves.


They’re much easier to program than to deprogram I imagine.


When the trashy guy from a Long Island parking lot at two in the morning is making sense, you know we need to change the situtation in America.


WaPo: Russia company invests in US after McConnell kills sanctions

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Deripaska and McConnell working together. What a surprise! /s


My senator is a fucken traitor and republican Kentuckians are fucken idiots.


Russia company invests in ~~US~~ Kentucky after McConnell kills sanctions


Hence the name Moscow Mitch.


Russia’s biggest investment is in the Republican Party. And it’s paying big dividends for them.


2nd Amendment doesn’t mean California must allow semiautomatic rifles, judge rules

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Of course not. The Supreme Court has ruled that no right is unlimited and reasonable restrictions are allowed. Gun advocates lose their credibility by insisting on an absolute and extreme interpretation.


There is so much wrong with this article.

First it’s from July.

Second, a bullet button doesn’t attach to the magazine and third, it doesn’t make the gun shoot faster.

The bullet button was an attempt to comply with previous laws stating that you had to use a tool to remove your magazine from the firearm so a magazine release was designed to comply with the law that you couldn’t just push but instead had to insert a tool to use. That’s it. It was a more difficult and slower magazine release that complied with the law.

The law was changed and now they’re not even needed and reloading is faster without them.

This article is full of misinformation.


States’ Rights* -GOP

*= only on issues we agree on


Holy shit that’s a badly written article.

>and the “bullet buttons” that convert a conventional rifle into a rapid-fire weapon.

Bullet buttons have nothing to do with fire rate.

>The rifles were banned nationwide by a federal law that was passed in 1994 but expired in 2004 when Congress refused to renew it.

That is patently unture. The federal ban was on automatic weapons. Semiautomatic have never been banned.

Edit:. Had my federal hand mixed up. The ban refered to here involved semi-automatics but centered on semi-automatics with the “assault weapon” features. Still nothing to do with rate of fire.

>300 to 500 rounds per minute, that makes them “virtually undistinguishable”from machine guns, and that they are the “weapons of choice” for gangs, hate groups, and “mentally deranged persons bent on mass murder.”

Not true at all.

>She said the state also presented evidence that semiautomatics fire bullets that can pass through both humans and buildings and therefore pose a greater risk of striking innocent bystanders.

That has nothing to do with rate of fire. Caliber and fps is a property of the round, not firing rate. In fact the strongest rounds tend to be single fired from bolt action rifles.

Look, I’m all for common sense gun regulation. The mis-mash of bad info in this article does the effort more harm than good.


“ ‘bullet buttons’ that convert a conventional rifle into a rapid-fire weapon.”

– If the media can’t get basic facts right, makes you wonder what else they are getting wrong (or worse, deliberately publishing false/misleading info).

“semiautomatic rifles have a rate of fire, 300 to 500 rounds per minute,”

– nope

“the state also presented evidence that semiautomatics fire bullets that can pass through both humans and buildings and therefore pose a greater risk of striking innocent bystanders.”

– news to me that semi-automatics fire different bullets than other types of firearms?


Trump’s Secretary of Agriculture Tells Joke About Whining Farmers To Room Full of Farmers, Gets Boo’d

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Fuck up their livelihood, put em on welfare and then mock them. The Trump Administration


> What do you call two farmers in a basement?

> A whine cellar

It’s not even a good joke!


> “I had a farmer tell me this in Pennsylvania,” Perdue said at a farm show in Minnesota last Wednesday, according to Agri-Pulse. “He said, ‘What do you call two farmers in a basement?’ I said ‘I don’t know, what do you call them?'”

> Perdue said the farmer said: “A whine cellar.”

> There was laughter but boo’s came as some members of the crowd did not find Perdue’s joke funny, just two days after China declared it would no longer buy any American agricultural products to hit back at Trump for imposing an additional 10 percent tariff on Chinese goods.


American Soybean Association member Joel Schreurs expressed concern about export markets with the ongoing trade war and predicted the markets are “just not going to come back in a day or two.”

A day or two. The market for soybeans has moved to Brazil. My Brazilian friend, an agricultural commodities broker, is probably buying a better beach house.


> Trump’s tariffs on China have led to farmers filing bankruptcy at never-before-seen rates.

That’s family farms – certainly not Monsanto and the likes. Under this administration, the corporations will have it ALL.


Pete Buttigieg: Voting For Trump Means ‘Looking The Other Way On Racism’

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This is what I tell the trump lovers in my life … “You may not be a racist … But you’re sure as shit okay with it.”


>“You know you look at what he said in that rally: ‘You’ve got no choice but to vote for me.’ And if you look at the numbers, basically what he’s saying is, ‘Alright, I want you to look the other way on the racism, tolerate the negativity, accept the instability of my administration because I am going to deliver for you **job growth almost as good as the Obama years**.’

Ha, that’s a great and delightfully shady way of framing it.


It means looking the other way on a lot of things.

– racism

– 26 accusations of sexual assault or rape

– obstruction of justice

– profiting from the office

– the list can go on for quite a while


Everyone I know who voted for him has said something along the lines of “I certainly don’t agree with his rhetoric or all of his policies, but at least the economy is *finally* doing well.” As false as that is, I wonder what will they say when it finally tanks like it’s been showing it will for the past year? The goalposts keep moving.


Mayor Pete might be the next Obama.

Dude is so presidential.


A new New York law will enable Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victims to sue for damages

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I sued my molester and won in NY. I hope these victims get their justice *in some way*.


Those lawsuits will also expose all involved.

Gonna buy some stock in popcorn…


**Civil suits are one thing…**



I’m sure his estate took this news very well…


For people with victim rosters as long as Trump’s and Epstein’s, we’re gonna start seeing mesothelioma-like attorney commercials farming for plaintiffs.

“If you or a loved one were sexually assaulted by Donald Trump, you may be entitled to financial compensation.”


Sanders Unveils Plan to End Cash Bail, Ban Private Prisons, and ‘Fundamentally Transform’ US Criminal Justice System – “If we stand together, we can eliminate private prisons and detention centers. No more profiteering from locking people up.”

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When your country represents roughly 4% of the global population yet imprisons more than 20% of the global prison population, there is undeniably a problem that needs correcting.


Damn there are some really good policies here. His plan is just so solid.

Progressive values and policies are on the rise. I encourage everyone to join the movement and a campaign that is about more than just election day in 2020.

Not Bernie, Us.


This shouldn’t be a controversial platform


Sanders has been on fire lately.

He was just talking about ending cash bail last night and that he’d be releasing a plan soon, didn’t expect the very next morning.


Sounds pretty damn reasonable to me.

If you’re making a profit off of the incarceration of people, your business shouldn’t exist. That should be a government function.

And bond should never exist. You’re either safe enough to be in the community and honorable enough to return to court, or you’re not. And how much money you possess, shouldn’t weigh into that determination. Bond, literally creates two systems of justice.

I could commit 99% of crimes out there, and after arrest, could be walking the streets this afternoon, because of my financial situation. Some people can’t bond out on a weed possession charge. That’s wrong on every level.

So what do they do? They have to plead guilty ASAP, just so they can get out of jail, or they have to depend on a massively overworked/underpaid/although trying his hardest public defender to rush their case as fast as they can to trial, so they can hope to get out that way. They’re behind the 8 ball, from the moment they’re charged.

And the attorney HATES dealing with criminal clients in jail. It is 10x more difficult to prepare a case without your defendant. Having to load up to drive down to the jail, and wait your turn to see your client, just to get simple questions answered, really makes it more difficult for everyone.