“I’m Willing to Fight for Someone I Don’t Know”: Sanders Speech Becomes Viral Rallying Cry

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But for Republicans there always has to be some string attached. Too poor, not Christian, another immigrant, liberal kool-aid drinker, socialist. Bernie makes no distinction between Americans because it’s not about him, it’s about us.


Empathy as a political platform. Cool.


This is really the fundamental difference between left-minded thinkers and right-minded thinkers. Conservatives have empathy but it often only extends to their family and friends. Things that happen to other people don’t really resonate with them. People are in poverty or homeless? They probably made a big life mistake or aren’t trying hard enough or at all. People dying? It doesn’t involve me or my social circles.

Very often these things only become real for conservatives when it personally impacts them. Gay people are awful until their son is gay and suddenly it becomes harder to hate them without severe cognitive dissonance. Abortions are for wicked people until I or my daughter needs one. We just made a mistake, but most people getting abortions are idiots and aren’t careful enough!

Left-minded people seem to be inherently more capable of extending their empathy towards people who are outside their social circles as well as those who act or look differently from themselves.

I think this speech is a wonderful display of that type of far-reaching empathy, and I hope it was powerful and moving enough to make some conservative-minded folk at least consider some of their viewpoints.


No candidate has been sending the kind of unifying message Bernie has; not back in 2016, not now in 2020.

The pundits in the media smearing Bernie and his movement as “too white” or “not pro-women” are some of the most disingenuous, insincere lying bastards there is. It’s truly shameful.


I wasn’t really on board with Bernie, always preferring the more stable route, but there’s something about this speech that seems to ring true and square and…realistic. That’s the thing I think a lot of people may be looking for: what can be really real with a Dem. president. But now I see the light!! (and the funny thing is, so does my husband, almost at the same exact moment.)


The President of the United States Just Called the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution ‘Phony’

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The previous President was a professor of Constitutional Law.


“Tonight on FOX News, there was never a constitution after all. Only gibberish surrounding the second amendment.”


>I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Lying under oath. Isn’t that impeachable?


Phony president calls Constitution ‘phony’.


This presser is quite an adventure.

On ambassadors:

“Some of these people, I have no idea who they are! … I have a lot of respect for them”

I too respect people of whose existence I am unaware


Mark Zuckerberg’s plea for the billionaire class is deeply anti-democratic – In his defense against Bernie Sanders’ call to abolish billionaires, Mark Zuckerberg makes claims that are elitist and wrong

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I once saw a bumper sticker that said something to the effect of “It’s my money. I earned it. I’m not paying taxes”. I wanted to tell that person to get off the damn road then and go build your own. These people have no perspective on what they have taken from a society and that they have an obligation to give back commensurate with their success.


Is it just me or does anyone else want to see Zuckerberg lose literally everything?


He’s one of the biggest tools out there. I’m glad I deleted my Facebook account years ago, though I wish I was never a part of that shitshow.


Dragons hoarding their gold…realistically there is almost no way this money will re-enter the economy besides taxes.


Honestly, I would give up on this technological advancement. Billionaires keep bringing up this idea that they come up with new technologies that help everyone, but in reality, they have patents on the stuff and it makes them millions of dollars themselves. If they wanted to help people, they would find ways to reduce everyone’s stress levels. Stress is at higher rates than ever, and so that means mental illness is too. To help reduce that stress: we shouldn’t have to work as much, shouldn’t have to go into debt for living/life-saving expenses(health care, food, housing, etc), and shouldn’t have a boss that could fire us for any reason at any time. All these things distress people. But they don’t want to help people for these things because it doesn’t usually rake in a profit. Technology advancement does though.


Want Trump removed? New data shows Fox News is a huge obstacle.

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That was Ailes’ original plan for Fox News.


This is exactly why Barr met with Murdoch. He wanted to make sure Fox News still had the administration’s back, and caulk the cracks forming in their wall. And if not, perhaps the DOJ could make life “difficult” for him.


Honestly a big priority for the next Congress/Administration has to be some modern equivalent of the Fairness Doctrine.

Not literally that, because it wouldn’t really apply as such to a cable news network — but there has to be some way of insisting on facts in journalism and/or big disclaimers for journalism/news entertainment that doesn’t meet basic reality standards, something like cigarette package ads that say “This shit will give you cancer.”


It’s literally an alternate-reality propaganda outlet with extremely nefarious intent to obfuscate the truth. It’s a first amendment exploit that is destroying our country.


I sobering reminder that if Nixon had the Murdock Propaganda Machine, he never would have resigned.

Edit: a word


Former Federal Prosecutor: I’ve Seen Weak and Desperate Legal Defenses, But ‘Get Over It’ Is a New Low

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Your honor, sure I murdered that guy, but you and the jury just need to get over it.

Your right, Case Dismissed!

– How things work on Fox News


It’s almost as if they’re completely incompetent…


Wait until he declares “I am the law”.


When that impeachment trial comes through I’m sure they can all just “Get over it” too


I’ve had enough of Former Everyone coming out in support of impeachment. We need people who can actually do something about it to change. Reporting on all of these people who used to be in the position to act is not news.


Trump was ‘like a squirrel caught in traffic’ during his 1st Pentagon meeting, top Mattis aide recounts

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After getting a careful briefing, Trump demanded a parade, and…”For the remainder of the meeting, Trump veered from topic to topic — Syria, Mexico, a recent Washington Post story he didn’t like — like a squirrel caught in traffic, dashing one way and then another.”

Our stable genius President.


>In the middle of President Trump’s first full briefing at the Defense Department, he interrupted to demand a grand “Victory Day” parade with “vehicles and tanks on Main Street” and down Pennsylvania Avenue, like the “amazing” parade he’d just witnessed in France, Guy Snodgrass, a top aide to former Defense Secretary James Mattis recounts in a new book, Holding the Line, excerpted Monday in Politico Magazine. “The Fourth of July is too hot,” Trump added. Snodgrass was watching the scene unfold incredulously from a control room.

This is pretty much how I would have expected it to unfold.


When Trump is gone and all these people start bringing up the stupid shit that Trump did.

The questions should be, why didn’t you do anything about it at the time? Why were you being complicit? This will very much apply to most of the GOP as well.


Yet Mattis did nothing but play his part and let it happen until eventually he quit. Complicit.


I loved Mattis’ line: ‘the only military commander Trump ever liked was Colonel Sanders.’


Yes, you can impeach a president in an election year

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I seem to remember Moscow Mitch told me the the 4th year doesn’t matter anyway. While it may be a 4-year term, the president can’t do anything in the last year because the people might vote for something else when it is over. So there seems to be no reason to leave this chump in office any longer. Impeach now.

Edit2: ooh, thank you


The cloud of bullshit surrounding this is astounding. Really, the GOP and Russian disinformation machines are working very well.

Here are the rules about impeachment: the House can impeach the President.

That’s it. The House can set additional rules for itself, but according to the Constitution, the House *can* impeach the President, and is basically able to do so in whatever manner it wants, whenever it wants.

It can hold investigations. It can subpoena witnesses. It can release statements to the press. It can invite the President to respond to the allegations against him, or it can ignore the President’s asinine whinings about witch hunts and unfairness.

The House can impeach the President. Full stop.


I think we’re done letting the GOP play Calvinball with the Constitution


The very first Impeachment was done in an election year. Johnson didn’t even get his party’s nomination at the convention three months later.


No SCOTUS appointments during an election year*, no impeachments during an election year, hell… how about we add “no political advertising” to the list?

*unless an incumbent is in office, according to McConnell


As Trump Tweets He Is ‘Bringing Soldiers Home,’ Pentagon Chief Says US Forces Leaving Syria Are Shifting to Iraq; “We simply cannot believe anything the Trump administration says—and neither can our allies.”

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Trump wakes up and tweets a lie. Then spends the rest of the day tweeting more lies to cover up the earlier lies.


Since the beginning of his Presidency, everything he’s said, I’ve expected the exact opposite. Whatever Trump says he’s going to do….expect the polar opposite to happen.

•Drain the swamp; makes it worse

•Win a trade war with China; farmers require more money for a bailout than the auto industry

•Divest in his businesses; funnels taxpayer money into them to line his pockets

•Says he will be the most transparent President in history; orders staff to lie to cover up for his crimes

•Bring troops home; sends them to Iraq

Trump is a conman. You can’t believe anything he says

Edit: thank you for the silver, kind stranger


“Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said in response to the president’s tweet, “We simply cannot believe anything the Trump administration says—and neither can our allies.””


Like everything Trump says, the truth is the exact opposite.


FYI there are three people quoted/paraphrased in this headline:

* “bringing soldiers home” — President Trump

* US forces leaving Syria are shifting to Iraq — Secretary of Defense Esper

* “We simply cannot believe anything the Trump Administration says – and neither can our allies” — Representative Jayapal


Trump’s Letter To Erdogan Was So ‘Adolescent’ People Thought It Was A Fake

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1. This is embarrassing beyond words.
2. It suggests the President is mentally unstable.
3. No competent staff would have let this thing leave the building.
4. Imagine the letters we *haven’t* seen.

Imagine what the original must’ve been like if that staff did make some changes to glaring issues and this is still the best they could make it.


His supporters were adamant that it was fake for about 10 minutes.


Anyone who thought it was fake hasn’t listened to a single speech Trump has said.

The damn letter sounded just like him.


The trump presidential library is going to feature crayons and coloring books.


I feel like “Adolescent” is possibly too charitable to that letter.


Romney says he’s open to removing Trump from office, if the evidence is there

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Have you tried… opening your damned eyes?


It’s amazing to me that Romney’s “binder full of women” was enough to disqualify him from the Presidency in the voters’ eye, but Trump saying he grabs women by the pussy wasn’t enough.

Things have changed so much, so fast.


So many people here not taking this comment as the hint that it is. We all know the House has the evidence. So does he. We’re seeing the beginnings of the GOP move away from Trump. It won’t be nearly all of them, but it will be the vulnerable purple state and suburban Republicans that can’t defend Trump any longer who will finally shank him. Take the win!

>When you surround the enemy

>Always allow them an escape route.

>They must see that there is

>An alternative to death.

—Sun Tzu, The Art of War

“John McCain sends his regards…”


Something has changed and I’m not sure what.

Him and Lindsay both recently took a step back while all the retiring Rs are coming forward with support for impeachment.

Weird coincidence


That’s the absolute bare minimum of doing your job Mitt.