“Friday after 4:00 PM” is the Friday of Fridays.

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Unless you work at 4 am Saturday.


Math says 5 PM – 8:30 PM is the Friday of any day.


I remember when working in the Middle East our workweek was Sunday to Thursday. In honor of this I created TAIT – Thank Allah It’s Thursday!


I work from home while everyone has this perception that you spend all day playing video games and eating cereal in your PJs but I often walk out of my little home office in the dark… and when it happens on a Friday it depresses me the most. I always wake up thinking I’ll put in good morning hours and take Friday afternoon off… until it’s past 6PM and I’m still there, trying to get done.

Edit: PM not AM


Running out the door at 4:03 is amazzzzinnggggg


Growing up depressed feels so normal that when you’re having a good time,you feel out of place

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I’m genuinely happy now and there’s always this looming feeling that something is going to go terribly wrong and I’ll be up shit creek again. I know this all too well, it sucks.


I apparently have this, but for loneliness. A friend of mine once told me (years after our failed attempt at a relationship) that I’m the loneliest person she’s ever met, and that I’m so used to being lonely that I don’t even know I am lonely – and then when I’m not lonely, I freak out because it doesn’t feel right to me.


This right here. This is my entire life. Thank you for posting


It’s weird and people don’t get it. Like, I have suicidal thoughts at least once a day, every day. Any time I’m alone with my thoughts for like more than an hour, I start to feel miserable. On my days off, I can barely leave my bed. Yet most people have no clue. My doctor asks why I miss appointments so much and my workmates are always acting like I’m a lazy git when I call in sick. It’s frustrating that everyone thinks I’m lazy when I’m really just fighting off the urge to dive off a bridge.


Answers why people keep trying to probe reactions out of me whenever something nice happens. Meanwhile I’m feeling the joy but my body’s a stiff brick. Sound familiar?


The derpier and overweight an animal is, the cuter we consider it while it is the literal opposite for humans.

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No. Have you seen obese dogs/cats?


I feel sorry for them, poor things are gonna die early and nobody cares as long as the pictures are cute.


I don’t think fat domestic animals are cute


I don’t think overweight animals are cute. I pity them and hope the owner will get them to a healthy weight. Its animal abuse to make your animals fat (the same with parents making their children fat).

I like when my cats can run and play like crazy, have full energy and are healthy. It looks more cute to me when animals are slim.


Speak for yourself, I don’t think animal abuse is cute.


There are probably millions of cats and dogs that could benefit from prescription glasses but we’ll never know to be able help them.

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My cat is about 16. She hisses at anyone more than six feet away. Also, she loves anyone closer than six feet. She has no enemies in life, I’m not sure what she thinks that blurry blob is going to do to her.


We had a family cat when I was younger, and it became pretty clear that he was deaf, so we took him to the vet. They actually had a pretty accurate and involved test. They stood behind him and clapped really loud.


All those dogs who cant catch a ball in midair….we have been laughing at blind dogs for years


If we can figure out when infants need glasses we should be able to figure out when animals need them.


Now this I like!


The letter “a” doesn’t appear in any number from zero to nine hundred ninety nine.

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You can count outloud to 1 million without pressing your lips together.


I think part of the reason why has to do with the fact that “a” is a letter, not a number. Could be wrong, though.


One hundred and one


I got nine hundred, ninety nine problems but A ain’t one.


OP says “any number”

Three four hundred fifty six THOUSANDTHS



Nobody has a smaller carbon footprint than homeless people. They regularly pick through trash for recyclables, and re use everything possible.

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Sorry to break this to you but this isn’t true. Homeless people don’t have trash cans. They leave trash EVERYWHERE. And when their homeless camps get too trashy, they just move to a cleaner place and trash that place up.


….except for dead homeless people.


Nah, serial killers have the smallest carbon footprints.


Have you seen an abandoned homeless camp? It’s a little mini landfill right under the bridge.

Nothing against those folks and I wish we could help them but they are in no way green warriors in my part of town.


They also leave a lot of carbon deposits on the side of the road and under bridges… The kind of deposit where you don’t want to see your footprint in.


We went from videogames you could pause and TV you couldn’t, to TV you can pause and videogames you can’t.

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in the future when you pause your online game it freeze time for all your opponents


The real killer is games that could be paused that just won’t let you. Makes sense that you can’t pause a multiplayer game. Not being able to pause mid cut scene in a single player RPG though…. *looks at the witcher 3*


Good lucking trying to explain to my mom that I’m not able to “pause” my game of Search and Destroy to go unload the dishes…


Heard of DotA 2? It’s an online game you can pause. And it’s the actual worst feature in the game because of all the people that spam it.


Finally a shower thought that’s actually true making it to the front page.


For a good few hundred thousand years, humans with eyesight problems must’ve been fucked.

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How bout toothaches…ugh


There were a lot more ghosts about when people didn’t have glasses


Meh. My vision is crap. I’ve spent a lot of time backcountry without my glasses. It’s fine except during twilight. Plant identification, hunting and fishing are fine. I’ve noticed that I do one thing way differently than other people though: when they get spooked, they watch for predators. When I get spooked, I listen for them.


What about infections? Disease? Being allergic to bees? Even a single person getting diarrhea could potentially be life threatening for everyone they live near.

For that matter, imagine getting a water/food borne illness and having some dude tell you that God will heal you if he wants you healthy, and you have to live with that as it’s the only explanation. What a way to go.


“Shit I forgot my glasses at home. Oh well.” -Titanic Lookout


If you play online games you have probably been the cause of someone yelling and/or destroying their property on the other side of the world

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It’s not me it’s the other person. This chair ain’t gonna repair itself killerBoi6654


On the other side of this, I have also been the cause of a seven year old running around their room in Pokémon undies, celebrating, because they just won for the first time…


When you kill someone in GTA Online it lets you hear their mic for a few seconds even if it’s otherwise private. So yes, I have been.


Was playing Pubg solo and got to the last round. We were both crouched in grass and I happened to spot the last guy. I got a clean kill then instantly heard a child sobbing on his mic. It was going to be his first win.

Sorry lil buddy. (Not realy).


I for sure have. In Medal of Honor (2010), as the defender your positions are constantly pushed back. One person on the attacking team was sniping from as far back as allowable as an attacker (30+ kills, no deaths).

Using this knowledge, i hid right where i knew the “border” to be. The attackers advanced past my position and sure enough I heard the sound of the one sniper firing. To this players credit, they recognized what I had done immediately and we engaged in a tense firefight which went down to the last few rounds of our secondary weapons.

I definitely made them throw their controller because their score didn’t change after receiving that one death.