NASA chief announces Alabama facility as moon spacecraft headquarters

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Making one (powerful) senator happy while pissing off two more. Does seem a bit off an odd choice to split up development.


Wondering if it’s strategic. Someday SLS may go away with cheaper commercial providers and MSFC would need more work. Plus landers are sort of like rockets but for other planets. Maybe there’s some “synergy” there.


We should put this kind of stuff in states that people actually want to live in. One shouldn’t have to sacrifice their quality of life to work for NASA. Working for something as important as NASA is not worth living in Alabama.


1 hour of radio data from the Kepler supernova, from a 4 second loop. It’s actually relaxing to listen to.

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Found it on the piano. Pretty close to an F. Very cool/


Relaxing? Sounds like something from a horror movie, specifically The Thing


Saving this for later. Been making some tracks of of different space sounds, most recently the sound of a pulsar. Thanks for posting!


That is eerily hypnotic. I struggled to close it, I just wanted to zone out to it and stare straight ahead at nothing.


There could be undertones of obliterated civilizations in this.


The entire Opportunity mission in timelapse form.

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It’s like he’s just touching everything. Imagine if something crashed into earth and just started drilling into every rock


It’s such a barren place.. thanks for posting


Can you imagine the feeling of being (one of) the people to *drive* this thing?

That is to say, to know that something you did here on Earth drove a little rover around on motherfucking *Mars*. That you made that happen.

I don’t know, my mind is never not blown thinking about these things.


Is that a spring on the ground at 0:56 – 0:57?


imagine it was driving around and it found another robot doing the same thing controlled from somewhere else


Russia is about to send a humanoid AI robot to the International Space Station

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The second picture in the article… The robot is holding guns. Wtf lol

What could possibly go wrong lol


So, they’re wanting us to believe that it won’t be 100% remotely operated… because, you know, Russian tech is insanely advanced. So advanced that they beat Japan to the finish line on truly capable AI.


I bet they will disguise a KGB agent in a robot costume.


Turn down the humour setting a smidge before you send it up


“This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.”


What’s the most mind-blowing thing you’ve learned about the universe?

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For me, it was the realization that everything and everyone is composed of elements created in the hearts of supernovas.


I always get royally fucked just thinking about the fact that the universe exists at all. I mean, why does it exist? Why “is” the universe? Why “is” anything? Why does being exist at all?

I want to see the map the (or maybe our) universe is a part of.

We float in infinite space as a blue dot, but somehow everything around us just… is. What is outside of the universe? Is there even an outside? Why does something like reality exist?


I am getting anxiety just writing those lines 😀


Stars have a family tree!

Our sun is a second or third-generation star!


If you spread out all the stars over the surface of the earth, each square cm would have 60.000 stars in it. And on average, of the 60 000 stars, around 2600 of them will have Super Earth’s within their habitable zone.

Now remember there is 10.000 square cm in a square meter.


That there is no “space” as a physical 3 dimensional point, and no 4th dimension of “time” to travel it in – there is only “spacetime” which is a “fabric” . Both “space” and “time” are constructs we invented to understand its passage


In 1980 a small team of friends designed a matrix of mirrors a mile wide, in the shape of a human eye in the Mojave desert. The mirrors were painstakingly engineered to reflect sunlight at the exact angle to be captured by a NASA Landsat satellite, 600 miles above Earth.

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I love material that reminds me what’s creatively possible. I tend to drift towards retreading ground on the creative front, and this kind of ingenuity reminds me to keep my mind open.


That’s a huge wasted opportunity to draw a dick.


But it doesn’t look like a human eye. It looks like a circle with a curved line on top.


I saw Matrix of Mirrors open for Nine Inch Nails In ‘96.


Awesome! I wish I had friends to do such shenanigans with. I’m flush with ideas, but everyone else is like “noooo that takes work we just wanna get drunk n stuff”.


A radio telescope in Canada has discovered eight new repeating Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs). These enigmatic radio signals originate from beyond the galaxy, and it’s hoped the newly discovered FRBs will help crack the mystery of where they come from

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Radio astronomer here! My adviser is on the CHIME collaboration which made the discovery, and this telescope is really blowing the competition out of the water in discovering FRBs. They have additionally found *hundreds* of non-repeating FRBs out there is my understanding, but those are not yet published.

The one issue CHIME has though is it has a large field of view (that’s how it’s found so many!), but the resolution is lacking so we can’t pinpoint what galaxies these repeating FRBs live in yet. Only a matter of time though; you just need to wait for follow-up from other radio telescopes. 🙂


This is way off my radar.

“emissions from young magnetars, dense star cores spinning in a magnetic field, or vibrating cosmic strings.”

Can you please explain this in simple terms for the player at home? Is it basically an infinite number of sources that emit some sort of repeating pattern? So it could be gravitational, magnetic, radio, solar, aliens or just something we don’t understand?

Any theories about what they indicate?


Ooh. Thanks for posting u/Andromeda321 . @all: I work on this project. Happy to answer questions!


Shit, I left my radio outside again last night !


Would be cooler if they were repeating patterns like 1 2 4 8 16 8 4 2 1 or something. If it was an alien, you’d think they wouldn’t want to be confused for pulsars or something.


Asteroid 2006 QV89 was discovered in August 2006 and it was determined it had a one in 7,000 chance of colliding with Earth in September 2019. Then, it vanished for 13 years. Now, the rock has finally been located and the good news is that it will not impact the Earth within the next century.

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Here come the clickbaity articles about “THE ASTEROID THAT GOT LOST AND ALMOST KILLS US ALL”…


Seeing how this sub is becoming a place to share links to useless articles makes me really sad…


After two minutes of research, I learned that 2006 QV89 was observed for only 11 days in 2006 when it was within a few million km of Earth. Such a short discovery arc implies two things:

* 2006 QV89 is quite small, if not tiny.
* 2006 QV89’s initial orbit determination contained huge uncertainty.

2006 QV89 *is* quite small, at an estimated diameter of only 30 m. And it’s originally predicted return in 2019 had and nominal closest approach to Earth of 7.5 million km with a 3σ uncertainty of 10 million km.

At 30 m, it is comparable to the Chelyabinsk bolide of 2013, and could some day result in a locally damaging airburst if it entered the atmosphere over land (unlikely). It is far smaller than the object responsible for the Tunguska event of 1908.

2006 QV89 is no planet killer. It’s not even a city killer.


Ocean worlds likely experience “runaway climate cooling,” new University of Tokyo study says. Planets with massive oceans may lapse into snowball states, rather than balmy climates like once thought.

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Forget Ice planets. I want the Interstellar Waterworld to happen.

Cool vid! Thanks for sharing!


From the University of Tokyo…. Shows video of Hong Kong. lmao


I’d think we’d know this since it happened to Earth. Isn’t Earth an ocean planet?


It’s like … reading a paragraph … very slowly … by means of a … bad slide show.


Interesting, but…that narrator. Ugh. Worst. Creaky voice. Ever.