Scientists discovered the oldest written record of auroras on 2,700-year-old cuneiform tablets from Babylonian and Assyrian astrologers. The tablets reference a “red glow” covering the entire sky at the same time solar activity peaked (based on spikes in radioactive Carbon-14 found in tree rings).

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Its so cool that they can match the written evidence to the scientific data. Really fascinating.


Auroras in Syria/Iraq/Iran? How is it possible? Genuinely asking


> **at the same time solar activity peaked (based on spikes in radioactive Carbon-14 found in tree rings).**

Can I just be amazed at this for a bit? I fucking love science.


Any idea why they would be red, when typical Aurora’s we see today are green? I think?


This really explains why people believed in monsters and deities back then. Imagine having no context for what that “red glow” is. You’d think it was an omen.


My first picture of a galaxy, taken a year and a half ago, versus my most recent one taken two weeks ago. [OC]

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The “simple” fact that we can look at another galaxy in its entirety from our backyards with little more than a telescope is just mind boggling. Space is just so incomprehensible to the human intellect. I mean we can SEE this entire galaxy in the picture but I think most humans really can not comprehend what we are looking at. Millions if not billions of solar systems. Incomprehensible amounts of matter. We are likely looking at a few worlds that have life on them (in what ever stage it may be).

Space… oh what I’d give to live in a time where one can have a starship.


It’s quite impressive.

If you don’t mind, could you explain how does Earth’s rotation play into taking the photos? I keep seeing posts about 10 hour or 18 hour exposures for photos like this and I just wonder how you account for it.


I’ll be back here in exactly a year and a half to see your progress.


Vaaaast difference. Way to go!! Keep it up fo real!!!!


I really want to learn to do this so when my (year and a half year old )daughter gets older I cam show her how amazing space is


A 50 year old Rand McNally map of the Moon. It was published before Apollo 11 landed on the Moon.

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I had the National Geographic moon map on my wall when it came out. I was very much into space for as long as I can remember. Born in 1960, so I grew up with it.


Sorry for the blurriness on parts of it. The copyright date found on the center white line is 1969.


pppffft..I bet doesn’t even have realtime traffic updates


You’re lucky it’s an official map of the moon. Those unofficial ones are garbage.


These were everywhere when I was a kid. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing moon stuff. It all went poof after Apollo 11.


3D render of the moon i made last week! Enjoy!

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Looks fantastic! How much of the surface texture is procedural?


Even if some time went into tinkering with settings it’s a bit of a stretch to say “look at this thing I made” when a huge portion of the end result are assets supplied from elsewhere.

Like if you removed those assets we’d be looking at nothing but a smooth grey sphere against a black background.


Looks good, the only thing I would change is the focus of the background, the stars. I think it’s way too out of focus all things considered.


Looks like the surface is a bit too glossy. Are you sure you got the height right?


My father and I have recently gotten into astrophotography. This is my first picture of the Elephant Trunk Nebula

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My favourite part of this isn’t the picture but that you’re doing it together with your Dad, that’s really special. Awesome picture too though!


If you turn it sideways a little bit it looks like a wolf head or some kind of other creature.


Great picture! I really like it! Keep it up! 👍


assume you know about the r/astrophotography sub?


If you zoom in as close as you can you can see tiny black dots, are those graphic bugs or are those black holes or something like that?


After a few failed attempts, I was finally able to get the right equipment and right timing to capture the International Space Station (ISS) transiting the sun [OC]

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Some technical details:

* ISS distance from photo location: 891 km (554 mi).
* Transit time: 1.12s
* Telescope: Meade 105EC with solar filter
* Camera: Canon 5D III attached with T-adapter
* Effective focal length: 1470mm at f/14
* Shutter: 1/640s
* ISO: 640


Very cool!

I’m not sure how to articulate this question, but how did you know where to stand to “line it up” like this?




Nice! It’s so much harder to set the focus when there are no sunspots to use as a visual aid.

If you edited this in Lightroom or Camera Raw, keep in mind that pushing the Clarity (or Contrast) too far might be what has caused most of the ISS’ central detail to bleed into a solid black dot. 🙂


this picture was almost like an optical illusion for me; felt like it was zooming in when i looked away


Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti Wears ‘Star Trek’ Uniform in Space

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Just think, astronauts are allowed a very small amount of personal belongings (by weight) to take with them to the ISS. And this is what she chose. So awesome.


Well that is awesome. Taking the cosplay game to a whole new level.


Its gotta take courage to wear a red shirt in space.


I thought the timecorps would prevent this kind of stuff. Letting UFP officers travel around IN UNIFORM. Slacking on the job they are.


Thinking about it, I’m kind of surprised she’s the first to do this.