Sunset on Mars by the Mars Curiosity Rover

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It’s cool that I get to see a goddamn sunset on another planet while sitting here, hangover in my dirty Pj


God just the thought that there are probably billions and billions of sunsets happening right now all over the universe right as I type this comment is just insane.

Edit: As u/not_a_toad stated, there are probably more like a few hundred billion trillion sunsets happening right as you read this, so amazing!


Camera sensitivity going up or maybe the atmosphere is different on Mars. Hard to say. Never been there.


Sun sets red on the Blue Planet

Sun sets blue on the Red Planet


I think the biggest thing that the people living in Mars a 100 years from now will really miss is the sun. You might be able to replicate a lot of things, but it will be a long time before someone can replicate that warm, bright natural sunlight everyone gets to experience on Earth.


Smartphones have come a long way!

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The three stars are so beautifully aligned with almost the same brightness. Also makes an incomplete 5, so as a kid, I always referred it ironically as the 5 star. It also features in the movie ‘The Fountain’ by Darren Afronsky.


Are you saying your phone came from space, because I don’t think that’s true.


It took me a while zooming to recognize, there is not a mobile phone in outer space…


I tried doing long exposures with my Galaxy S7 but you can’t turn off the optical image stabilization so it was pretty much useless. Thanks Samsung


Bro go get an Apple phone instead. Samsung and Android phones are plebeian shites


I do not have much in the way of fancy equipment, but I still wanted to catch the ice rings on the moon the other night.

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And that you did. I’d forgotten how enchanting they are. Living in Australia, it’s too hot to have a moon. At night, we just have another sun.


I got a picture of this as well. What are ice rings though?


Where was this taken, I’m a tow boater on the Illinois river and saw the same thing. We were around St. Genevieve when I saw it.


I saw one once that looked like a whole other planet next to the earth, with a bright center. Pretty amazing, the most impressive thing I’ve seen, until a meteor went directly overhead while I was out in a boat in a bay, at like 2:00 am with zero light pollution.


I captured a Tornado on the Sun from my backyard. It lasted for 2 hours before it vanished.

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Anyone have any idea how fast that gas is moving?


Nothing like a Jupiter-sized tornado to make me feel tiny.


It’s almost scary to look at as I sit and imagine the incredible power of the forces at work that are creating a sun tornado lol. Awesome.


Jeez, I didn’t know that level of detail would be possible without using high grade equipment from an observatory. Great work!


Worth noting that this tornado is bigger than earth. Really cool.


I used an amateur telescope to collect light from deep space for over 13 hours, revealing this beautiful pair of galaxies [OC]

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Seeing stuff like this makes me sad I’m going to be dead long before humans fly out and explore these places.


Just the sheer size of it is enough to induce a panic and anxiety in me about the unknown.

What a stunning capture.


How did you capture it withought all the clouds getting in the way?


Are the colors adjusted at all, or are we seeing here the red shift of objects moving away and blue shift of objects moving closer?


This is insane. There has to be life in one of those.


Bennu, an ancient asteroid, gets its first visitor in billions of years. NASA’s spacecraft OSIRIS-REx has been orbiting the rock for about a year, and now it’s preparing to land on it for the first time. OSIRIS-REx will return to Earth in 2023 with the sample from Bennu.

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This is the asteroid that’s supposedly on a collision course with Earth in around 150 years

Edit: I didn’t think anyone would see this but it’s not on a collision course with earth. It has a 1 in 2700 chance of impacting earth at that time. It’s orbit does bring it very close to earth though.


I wonder what the orbital speed around such a small object might be. A few metres per second at most?


>First visitor in billions of years

That’s oddly worded. Makes it sound as if it had visitors billions of years ago. Who were they?


It won’t be landing, just getting really close and scooping up a sample.


Japan has a sample on it’s way back right now!


Europe is Launching a Space Debris Removal Robot

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“what do you want to be when you grow up?”…”A SPACE GARBAGE MAN”


I feel like I’m missing something here. The number of pieces of debris in orbit is a pretty large one, right? They’re spending $170m to de-orbit one piece of debris? There’re, what, 600,000+ pieces of debris in space right now? This seems like it could get kinda pricey.


One step closer to living out my dreams as a space garbage collector a la planetes.


So if the mission fails they’ll have just added more space debris.

Can someone tell me why they’re spending a bunch of money to deorbit space junk? Doesn’t all spacejunk eventually deorbit bc gravity anyway?


Motion to have all space-junk-clearing robots renamed to IRONY01 (02, 03, etc.) if the become non-functional while in orbit.