Black Swan?

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Am I living under a rock for not knowing anything about this?


In your opinion, why is this all happening? Excuse my ignorance of your country, but I thought you all were one of the more stable South American countries/economies. Is this really all about the rising train fares? Or has the entire country been going down hill for some time? Also I’d be interested to know what your news outlets are saying at this time, especially the government run ones.


This needs to be posted on r/worldnews


Seems like uprisings are happening all over the world right now – Hong Kong, Chile, Egypt, Iraq and i’m probably missing a few.


“Keep this in mind before the opening”

The deadpan delivery of that line


Boeing survey showed that employees felt pressure from managers on safety approvals

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“The survey, given to employees willing to take a survey that could potentially damage their company, found the exact same ‘undue pressure’ in literally every other multibillion dollar manufacturing companies. Our next story will also take a well known issue caused by human nature and incentive structures and attempt to tie it to specific corporate problems to get retailers to panic sell.”


This is just status quo for big corporations especially those associated with large national infrastructure or prominent manufacturing projects.

These large companies aremgovered by A type mangers and executives whose role is all about getting their career ahead, and as a manager/executive your role is to lead , but effective leadership, wall street quarterly pressures, union rules constraints create an atmosphere that leads to decisions like Boeing’s.

I think this is a case where all those in authority who signed off on the max, should face criminal prosecution up and down the chain of command, not saying it need to be years imprisonment, but some real consequences, let’s not just chalk this up to business as usual.


I live in the Wichita area and have family in the aircraft industry. The political turmoil that runs through to companies through different checklists and procedures that managers and workers have to go through because of the union and company rules are insane. It’s no wonder these people feel stressed on a daily basis.


Next story, Water is wet!


Always something else with boeing


What’s your favourite investing related book?

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“The intelligent investor” by Benjamin Graham
should be the obvious answer here!
Great read with lots of insights




Richest man in babylon


Bogleheads guide to investing and Security Analysis. Intelligent investor is also a fan favourite as mentioned in other comments.


I have a lot but today I’m gonna say Thinking Fast and Slow which covers the psychology of investing and helps one to then be aware of it in themselves, which is super handy for investing.


Morgan Stanley Is Bullish on Microsoft Because IT Departments Love It

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Nadella earned his pay bump.


None of IT people I talked to like Win 10. O365 is a total nightmare.


Very interesting write up, Good read. Always thought microsoft was low-key kinda on the way out however this reshapes their image at least to me. 37% in one year, Now that’s something.


My IT department hates Microsoft, and Teams is garbage. Slack all day baby!


Coming from someone in the industry,

Microsoft is here to stay. The simple fact that corp & mid sized businesses can streamline the transition of their existing active directory to an Azure based system is huge for retention.

Many corporations are built on active directory, roaming profiles and the like. The ability to take the exact same setup you currently are using and put it in the cloud with more features is a no brainer for any salaried IT staff.

Another thing, if you’re familiar with managed service providers or “MSP” you will know the entire tech industry is migrating in that direction, term based service and software packages. We no longer buy perpetual licenses the entire structure is geared towards O365, Antivirus, cloud back-up management and monthly subscription fees. You are hiring an IT person to manage and update your subscriptions now, not fix your computer when a card or software fails.

The thing about Microsoft, you can look at pretty much every single one of their products and find a better replacement for a lower cost. But what you can’t do is have them all integrate as well as Microsoft does on a corporate level. Nobody has nor will come close to Microsoft in that regard and that is the key to their success year after year.


Tesla raises prices on standard Model 3

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The price increase also came with a 10 mi increase in range, from 240 mi to 250 mi


I already thought it was 40k, not 39. Or rounded up in my head, if I was buying it wouldn’t make a difference.


It won’t have an effect unless demand changes. The $1k price raise won’t put people off a Tesla in my opinion


Still waiting for the $35k version..


Does anyone know how this is going to affect the stock price? Will it be taken positively or negatively?


Microsoft gives Satya Nadella a 66% raise, citing ‘strategic leadership’

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Most CEOS that are getting raises probably don’t deserve a raise but this guy absolutely deserves it. Literally pulled Microsoft out of a slump, changed its reputation, more innovative with surface tablets, windows 10, and now re-entering phone market with Android OS. This company will do big things in the future.


What everyone seems to be missing is that the the 66% increase in base salary is increasing it from $1.5 million to $2.5 million. Which is basically nothing for a CEO of a major company.

It’s all about his stock awards. He makes like $70 million a year from those. He’s not going to take home 66% more next year than he did this year unless Microsoft stock keeps grinding higher.


Nadella is worth the raise.


Deserves every penny


As an apple user because of Nadella’s strategy the last few years is the first time in almost 15 years i’ve reconsidered getting a windows device for my next PC instead of another Mac. In that same vein I also purchased MS stock for the first time this year and have been reaping the rewards. Keep up the good work Nadella.