Amazon becomes its own biggest carrier after cutting ties with FedEx

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RIP careers as a delivery package driver. UPS and USPS paid well, but Amazon won’t and never will.


168 to 148 in one day. Feel bad for anyone that was holding that overnight


FedEx blows, they either pass their delivery to other parcel or it’s late or stolen. Focus on commercial, FedEx rules.


This worries me, UPS pays great and gives benefits…no way Amazon will do the same.


Amazon logistics drivers have not delivered a single package to my apartment correctly. It’s a huge issue at the complex I am at; I’m not the only person impacted.

I get my packages late, they can’t find the building, they leave the package in common unsecured areas, they drop it off at the club house and not mark it as delivered, they call me and say they are “right outside” but when I go outside they are not there, and I can’t call the driver back. It’s insane how many problems I have had with them. I have called and attempted to lower priority of Amazon logistics but they won’t stop shipping with them anyway. I ended up dropping prime right before Xmas rather than renewing.

The funny part is UPS, FedEx, and USPS never fail to deliver packages on time.

Fuck Amazon.


2019 has a chance at being a historic year for the stock market

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The meaning of that is diluted when the market was down 20% at year end last year from intrayear high.

A better marker might be up 10% from last year’s peak.


Has everybody forgotten how bad everything tanked q4 2018? Of course the market did well this year as it recovered. It’s just how the timing played out.


Literally every year is a historic year 😂


Bottomed 6 days before 2019.


I doubled my net worth in 2013. But theres a million warning signs showing up now.

Buying stocks now seems like buying overpriced tickets to a really good concert after the intermission.


Why stock investors aren’t rattled by Trump’s historic impeachment — and what it would take for that to change

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There is no uncertainty here. He wont be removed from office. Republicans in the house voted along party lines and theyll do the same in the Senate.

So no reason for the market to worry.


Smart investors realize it’s just a sad song and dance by the Dems that means nothing.
Keep in mind that the people rallying, cheering etc, have almost no buying power and zero influence.


Don’t bite the hand that feeds market volatility… any news makes us money in volatility


Last time i checked i had no stocks in Trump inc. but in companies that existed before Trump and will be there after Trump. So unless some lunatic gets into power that kills off all businesses in the US i’m not worried.


Because it’s just a big, boring nothing burger.


SEC proposes allowing more investors access to private companies

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This is good and bad.
Good that more people are getting access to avenues of wealth generation that were previously denied to them.
Bad in that private companies don’t follow the same rules as public as far as transparency.

I bet we’ll get average Joe getting into private companies.

There will be some crisis where he and millions others got taken advantage of losing everything.

New laws get passed to prevent that.

And then a new class of company comes up to avoid these regulations that are only limited to the wealthy.


This is bullshit, having recently done my first private equity investment I can tell you the current process has ZERO verification. I got asked to confirm I met one of several possible qualifying criteria for being an accredited investor… At no point did I have to provide supporting documentation. The only thing this proposed rule change will do is allow scammers to market these investments to people who really aren’t qualified to understand the risk they are taking.


Sounds like a great time to pump and dump.


Please. Those requirements aren’t needed to hold private equity so why are they installed for investing in it?

This change would make private equity far more liquid and valuable.

People will do dumb things, but we don’t need the SEC to be a nanny.


bruh…i’ve never been one to cosign r/latestagecapitalism but this is getting bleak.

market is offering poors the ability to buy fractional shares, and shit like this makes me feel like the end is near.


Significant Insider Trading Activity (Last 7 Days)

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Why this site doesn’t have a damn price chart for these stocks is beyond me.


Where does this list come from? Would be great to have to check on my portfolio every few days to spot if some big news is coming…


I never really pay attention to this… almost every “named executive officer” has 10b5-1 plans to either automatically set up the sale of their stock on pre-set intervals or to allow for a predetermined window for the executive to buy or sell.

So to me, these lists always seem like “luck of the draw” unless they can somehow separate trades that aren’t governed by 10b5-1 plans.


Del Taco knows of the upcoming franchise wars and was tipped by Taco bell was coming out hard


Interested in $XAIR , it’s looking juicy


Nearly 7% of Disney+ users with Netflix plan to cancel Netflix, survey shows

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anecdotally, most people I talk to are gonna cancel Disney after they finish Madalorian. I think we’re in a new era where many users will switch from service to service, one subscription at a time.


Turns out I never go to Disney+ for anything but Mandalorian. After years of the kids watching the same Disney movies, going to Disney+ is for that level of hell where a princess song is playing on repeat forever.


I don’t think anyone doubted that Disney+ would eat at Netflix’s share of the market. The question was how much…

All things considered, IMO at least short term, this is actually a very good sign for Netflix…

The fact that a media giant like Fox can come in, offer everything they offer on Disney+, at half the cost of Netflix, and only take a hypothetical 6.5% of the share away should be more than acceptable. If this number was 40%, then I think there is cause for concern.

Fox offering Disney+, ESPN+, Fox, Hulu etc. in a low cost bundle is great… but my who wants to navigate and manage 3-4 separate accounts on 3-4 separate apps. It’s just a pain.

IMO – This is saying that an overwhelming majority of those who use both don’t see the value in only having Disney+. Could this change over time as the platform evolves? Sure. But the survey at least is showing that they have a long way to go.

>In fact, Bank of America found that, compared to its prior survey, overall cancellation intentions for Netflix fell slightly to 4% from 5%.

Positive for Netflix.

>“Our survey and company reports suggest healthy U.S. adoption of Disney+, but we are encouraged that most early Disney+ users do not see it as a substitute for Netflix,”

Positive for Netflix.

Disney+ has a TON of opportunity as a byproduct of Fox. But not in its current form.

IMO – The best part about Netflix is that it’s unmistakably one platform. You know what you’re getting, and they’re focus is there. It baffles me that Fox offers, Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Fox Sports etc. on separate platforms at different prices. Yes, they bundle them, but it’s still separate services to browse/log into and manage just to get fox owned content.

Just consolidate it into one with separate tiers/price points. Make it one service which can be navigated all at once. Let me multi-screen a Disney movie for my son while i watch a live sport (s) off to the corner. Let me jump out of a Marvel movie and right into live TV without having to exit an app and boot another or change inputs to an apple TV or another device.

If this were the case, good chance i’d drop netflix. But i flat out refuse to have to deal with managing separate streaming apps with different accounts and different billing cycles. It’s just some bullshit.

As a side note/edit: The playstation vue/Netflix combo was as good as it current gets for me. Once PS Vue closes, i’ll probably just replace it with Youtube TV. But i will not have 4 separate streaming services to cover what i want.


Disney+ has literally nothing I am interested in watching other then The Mandalorian. I watch netflix way more and would probably cancel Disney+ instead.


6.5% seems super low for a poll intended to hurt Netflix.


Mike Green: “Americans have made more money investing in index funds than they have with active managers or with other vehicles. That’s very easy to demonstrate in the past. But there’s very little ability to actually detect the emergent phenomenon that are being created because of this.”

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This sounds suspiciously like a repainted ETF bubble conversation. The ETF bubble topic has been talked to death.

With fractional shares and zero commissions, the next revolution in the markets will be the completely customized ETF. M1 Finance is already doing it, more or less.

So, ETF’s and the general concept of an ETF like vehicle, is not going anywhere. It’s how everyone does long term investing these days.


Index funds are nothing new. It has always been difficult to beat the S&P 500. Money managers have always been kind of a scam since the rate to which they have been able to outpace the market has always sucked.


$BA and $PG for the 401K wins!


There is a great episode on this with Raul and Mike at Real Vision. I highly recommend it too!

Anyone thinks gold is good alternative investment because of overvalued stocks and potentially not enough liquidity due to passive investing?


I’m still convinced half of the US market is being propped up by Robinhood alone. Investing has never been so accessible.


PayPal and Microsoft’s employee holiday gift is a game changer for working parents

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So many employers, especially tech companies, tout how they are so progressive they are and how much they want to encourage mother’s working in the workforce. But the single biggest thing they could do would be to offer free childcare in the office. A small part of a single floor dedicated to child care would be huge for working mother’s (and fathers). It likely wouldn’t cost nearly as much as all these one off programs they do to promote how friendly they are towards working mother’s.


Sigh…i need to get a good job


My office (employer) just offers plenty of PTO. As well as a work culture that doesn’t guilt-trip employees for taking time off – even if it is just to have time to Christmas shop. I took this past Friday off to have the day to shop – while my daughter was at school, and there were fewer crowds. I have co workers who have been taking half days to shop as well.


It’s only for the holidays? That’s honestly not even that big of a deal. I guess it’s better than nothing, but I feel like the company is just doing this to pat themselves on the back.

Start offering year round childcare or subsidizing it for your employees so the don’t have to spend over $1k a month per kid to go to work.


Sounds like a press release to just look good to me. If you can’t trust multi-national corporations, then who can you trust?