Apple working on satellite technology for direct service to iPhones without wireless carriers

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now THAT’S what i call vertically integrated


That was Steve Jobs’ original vision for the iPhone—no carriers.

Unfortunately, the wireless technology just wasn’t there yet.


Great now I have to buy a satellite also?


20 bucks says it’ll cost more than 20 bucks.


Power requirements and antenna size/shape won’t work for Apple asthetics/design. You’ll be looking at a phone 2-3 times the thickness and you would still have an antenna bump or protrusion. Then there are strict limits on the amount of watts a handheld device with no external antenna can pump out (1000mW i think) The signals can be blocked by your hand, Ku, K and Ka bands are the only bands allow for this type of communication so far. What they could do is have a separate base station that pumps out wifi, which is literally their only play.


Facebook and Twitter shutter pro-Trump network reaching 55 million people that used AI-generated profile photos for fake accounts

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Facebook said that it removed 610 accounts, 89 Facebook pages, 156 groups, and 72 Instagram accounts that were connected to the organization. Around 55 million accounts followed one of these Facebook pages and 92,000 followed at least one of the Instagram accounts. The organization spent nearly $9.5 million in advertisements, according to Facebook.


But that doesn’t make any sense. I was told that Trump is the most popular president among “real Americans,” but now I come to find out that they created fake supporters?

Is there anything that Republicans say that isn’t lies and/or projection?


Goebbels 2.0


I’ve been following the ai involved in this type of stuff. GAN ai (deepfakes, deep dream, text bots) is progressing very fast. Completely generated faces can fool 90% of people in new papers. This software is open and published, you can make a bot convince a million people without touching it.


I can’t get over how known and accepted it is that the president has a massive bot army.


ACLU sues America’s border cops: Tell us everything about these secret search teams targeting travelers

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These pinheads bother people living close to the border, and MMJ patients, with their permanent and temporary border patrol checkpoints.

More police-state bullshit to placate ignorant xenophobes.


wonder why the US is the only nation on the planet not allowed to protect it’s own borders. Hell Israel has large wall and is actively participating in a targeted attack against a entire group of people by stealing their land and killing them but no one bats an eye.


If he has a beard, no wife, and no children, then he’s guilty of something, we just haven’t decided what yet.


There Sure Have Been a Lot of Reasons Not to Buy a Ring Device Recently

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What sort of world do we live in where your doorbell can extort you for bitcoin. We truly live in the future!


No login attempt limit on a home security device…🤦


Eh not quite.

When I looked into it, it seems that everybody that got credentials leaked used usernames and passwords that were already available in previous leaks. Meaning this is a case of password re-use and not Ring leaking passwords. So how it went down is after some credential leaks, hackers began inputting existing username and passwords into whatever it is that’s used to access Ring devices. Because users reused credentials, the hackers logged in. From there they pulled information about the Ring device and leaked that.

The article you linked points out all this information and still people in this thread get the complete wrong idea behind the leak.

None of this is Ring’s fault. This is purely a user error and general unsafe password usage. Now, Ring probably should have used 2FA and login limiting and lockouts also should have been used. 2FA is not used by your average user even if there is an available option, so it would probably need to be enforced. Again lockout should have been used, kind of puzzling why its not.

Personally, the “suspension of recommendation for Ring products” sounds pretty silly to me, since if people didn’t just repeat all their passwords this kind of thing wouldn’t have happened.

People also talk about the Ring that was in the girls room…and the network connected security camera in the girl’s room disturbs me way more then the hacker looking in, or the data breach as a whole. First off: Jesus christ, helicopter parent much? Don’t put cameras in your kids room, 8 years old is a little old for that. Also theoretically any network connected security camera can be remotely accessed (and you don’t need credentials to do so); I’ve heard of security cameras still accessible by people who returned them back to the company which sold it as used. Second, don’t point your cameras at “intimate areas” like a bedroom, bathroom, etc. Personally, my cameras are always pointed at a door or outside.


There sure have been a lot of tech articles negative about Ring lately with no mention of google nest.


Equal access- cops and criminals.


Twitter removes nearly 6,000 accounts for being part of a state-backed information operation originating in Saudi Arabia

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State backed “information” is a funny way to say propaganda.


Meaning that at least 54,000 are still in place.


One of the US closest allies.


I’m starting to think that social media is a way for countries to spread propaganda. Hold on while I read a Facebook article on this.


Meanwhile I keep reporting ISIS accounts with the worst reporting system ever employed in a social network, Twitter in the middle east is basically ISIS bitch.


Cox owes $1 billion to record labels for harboring music pirates, jury decides

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They will never pay. It will all be reversed in a follow up appeal.

This is how corporate America works today.


This will not end well for anyone. ISP should not be held liable for the actions of its users. The resulting reaction by ISPs will not benefit consumers in any way.

Record, distributors, whoever, companies should be forced to pursue pirates individually. That’s the cost of doing business.


In what universe are 10,000 songs even remotely worth a billion dollars.

Spotify premium is 180 dollars a year.

180 is much smaller than 1,000,000,000


It’ll never stick, but…it does make ISPs want to reconsider net neutrality. After all, the electric company doesn’t get hassled if drug dealers turn on their grow lights using the power grid.


Alien v Predator


Robocall fines rise to $10,000 per call under newly passed law

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Lol let me know when they successfully enforce the first one


I got $20000 in calls today. Is there any way to split this fine with the FCC? I’m totally fine with a 90-10 split.


They need to direct the fine to the carrier. They are the ones who can put a stop to it. Make them care.


I bet all of the scammers sitting in some 3rd world country and using stolen credit cards to set up internet auto dialers to con and defraud people are scared now.


This should be paid by the phone companies who allow it and refuse to implement a better system.


Tesla’s record stock price shows its investment in energy storage is finally paying off

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I mean, they still have negative earnings so the stock price is just a reflection of future expectations. I don’t know if you can make the claim that all this CapEx is “paying off” until the company actually starts making money.


It’s a paid article.


No. This stock is based on the supposed future value of the company, and not it’s value right now. It’s a risky stock, and I wouldn’t touch it. Tesla are still the tiniest most insignificant speck in the car industry – and could be gone in 5 years time. Not a blue chip investment, and very speculative.

And it’s like I always say: speculation is fraught with difficulty, *especially when it’s about the future.*


It’s paying off for stock holders, the company is still in the red otherwise.


Tech giants sued over ‘appalling’ deaths of children who mine their cobalt

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Cobalt isn’t inherently immoral, but dead kids… that’s as immoral as it gets. That’s not okay.

Best regards,


This has got to be more of a publicity stunt than anything. None of those companies own the mines they just buy from the suppliers. They have zero chance of winning.

And according to the article, 66% of the worlds colbalt is mined in the Congo; there is little anyone can do to stop other corporations from trying to exploit that resource. Hopefully the big tech giants can start applying pressure on the mining companies but with profit its race to the bottom so I’m not optimistic.


There was a VICE documentary about cobalt mining in Africa that I highly recommend watching for those interested in this topic.


Resubmitted without an AMP link!


This is absurd. None of these companies have control over the mines. This is an advertisment and has been done to draw attention to the issue.

In saying that, if it’s the only way to draw public attention to the issue, then I’m all for it. Likelihood of success though is zero.


Airbnb is not an estate agent, EU court rules – The accommodation-booking service Airbnb does not need an estate agent’s licence to operate in France, Europe’s top court has ruled.

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Bad Rulign for the People in the EU. AirBnB Needs to be able to Held responsible by Authorities and local Goverments Need to be able to regulate the local Housing situations.


What does that mean?


AirBnB is cancer to any cities or towns with low vacancies. Hundred and hundreds of smaller cheaper apartments are on AirBnB and we have a housing crisis right now in my city. AirBnB owners all want to make renting a path way to get rich on and it was never intended nor designed to be easy money. Just another way to earn money. Humanity is an infinite race to the bottom.


So how long until Frexit?


Welp …. time to riot bois!