Judge orders Georgia to switch to paper ballots for 2020 elections

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I read that the new “paper ballot” system they are implementing prints a QR code instead of the actual choices the voter made, so the voter can’t tell if their votes were carried over correctly. Then the QR code needs to be scanned into a tally system, so… totally unhackable, lol.


And we know exactly when the next election is and we know there is more than enough time and resources so there is no chance at all that they will drag their feet, fail to implement and then steal another election. Right?


I don’t get it…

Here in Ontario we have paper ballots where we connect a line to show who we’re voting for… A machine then reads that line and adds a vote, with the paper ballot locked in the bottom of the machine so it can be re-counted if necessary…

Literally the easiest computer tallying system AND it includes a paper backup… Poll workers then have the machine display the vote tally, and any of the workers can simply count the paper if they feel there’s an issue.

WHY are more places not doing this?? Why are more people not demanding this??


Let’s see if they implement it in time or if they steal another election.


This sounds like a step in the right direction, but still, what the fuck is a “ballot marking machine”?

Have people never heard of pencils or pens, the associativity of addition, or the base 10 representation of numbers? These tools scale pretty much arbitrarily. If your population doubles, count each half the same way you were doing before, and do one more addition. So essentially the same fraction of the population can be ballot counting officers regardless of how large your country is.


Uber and Lyft finally admit they’re making traffic congestion worse in cities

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> Transportation experts are mostly fed up. “As Uber & Lyft add to city traffic, lose $billions, and undermine transit, we need to ask ourselves what transportation problems they solve,” former New York City transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan tweeted. “New data from TNCs show that they are convenient cabs, not the transportation revolution they promised.”

I feel like this is so narrow sighted. In cities like New York, this is probably true, but that might apply to like five U.S. cities. I live on the fringes of city with 1+ million people, and I’m miles from the nearest bus stop to my apartment, despite the fact I have a bus stop right outside my office. Buses aren’t an option for me, and my city has a decent bus service in comparison to some cities too.

And yeah it’s a convenient cab, but older cab companies are a pain to get a ride from, so that’s on them.


Because they use the wrong vehicles. Had they make use of better and more suitable vehicles, which are electric would make things much more efficient.


Kaspersky AV injected unique ID that allowed sites to track users, even in incognito mode

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>Kaspersky stopped sending the identifier in June, after Eikenberg privately reported the behavior to the AV company.

Great, but how could you EVER trust a utility software company that ever did this in the first place?


I dunno man, I always just got this spidey sense tingling when an AV program wanted me to let them install an extension into my web browser to “help keep me safe”. You might say “if you don’t trust them, then why are you running their software?” And hey, that’s a perfectly legitimate question/argument. I’m using Linux now, would be my rebuttal.

Looks like my fears were justified.


After this Kaspersky changed those ID’s to no longer be unique but they still send a ID that’s version specific. So it’s still another data point that makes it easier to identify you as a unique user.

> To be on the safe side, you can disable the relevant function in Kaspersky’s software: Click the cogwheel icon in the bottom left corner of the main window, then click Additional/Network. Finally, uncheck the “Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages” option under “Traffic processing”.


lol its an AV made from Russia what did you expect would happen


But… I thought Russians were trustworthy!


FCC Forgets About, Then Dismisses, Complaint Detailing Verizon’s Long History Of Net Neutrality Violations

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It’s almost as if the current FCC chairman had worked at Verizon, or something…


I vividly remember the Verizon wireless salesman telling me that the tiered data plans, which prioritize traffic, were in no way a violation of net neutrality (without me even asking about it). Lying motherfuckers. All of them.


I want r/punchablefaces back just to load it with Ajit Pai’s image. The shit he does is so infuriating, like smiling. Fuck that dude and the horse he rode in on.


Well yeah, they’ve got to have somewhere to work once the next administration takes over. Might as well get their old office back at Verizon.


Why do people then use verizon?


As Trump’s FCC Chair Tries to Ram Through Sprint/T-Mobile Merger, Expert Says Claims It Will Benefit Consumers ‘Approximately 0% True’ – “The deal will result in higher prices for all consumers, and worse phone service—especially for rural Americans.”

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At this point you have to assume that anything Pai wants is bad for Americans, unless evidence is provided to the contrary.


Sprint and t-mobile already have horrendous rural coverage. Everyone in rural America already knows that if you want coverage outside of interstate corridors that Verizon is the only choice you have…


The alternative is considerably worse – Sprint will go out of business within half a decade, its assets will be auctioned off (likely to Verizon and AT&T), and everything listed above will occur but at an even worse magnitude.


This dude needs fired, immediately.


The problem is that sprint and tmobile are basically useless outside of the cities. That highlights what we need to do, stop selling spectrum and the government leases it so that it can be fairly distributed.


YouTube should stop recommending garbage videos to users

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I hate that they changed the suggested videos years ago… now the suggested videos are the same as what’s on my home page… No, I want to see similar videos to the one I’m watching now! I want to go down the YouTube rabbit hole again where 6 hours later I watching a documentary on how rabbits fuck!

Last night I was in a music video mood, started watching 1 but when that was finished there were no suggested music videos on my side bar, wtf! So I had to go find a playlist instead!



Promoting garbage is the at very core of Youtube/Google/’*Alphabet*’ … how it diverts money to itself.

So it *can’t* stop.


I’m not sure what’s up but over the past 6 months or so YouTube’s recommendations have become garbage. I use to be able to load up YouTube and get recommended hours of stuff I liked. Now it’s 90% garbage. Wth


Still have not watch anything relating to Ben Shapiro but it’s always on the side bar. Did not believe this until it happened to me.


Seriously though, on my Xbox YouTube recommends some “Hot Today” videos and they’ve been the same videos for almost three months now.


YouTube will stop letting copyright holders seize revenue via manual claims on very short music clips.

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Manual claims, not all the automated ones that are the real problem.


Well good, but I mean, it took them long enough. I guess they didn’t care who got the money as long as they got a cut.


I wonder exactly how they will enforce this, considering all of their copyright claim reviews, including their “manual reviews” requested by either party, are all automated.

Something tells me this is less of a “We’re going to fix this”, and more of a “We’re going to lie about fixing this so people STFU”.


bandaid on a shotgun wound


I wonder…… Could I make a piece of copyrighted music and play that on a speaker near a major event and then claim copyright on any videos that pick it up?


The Trump administration drafted an executive order to censor the internet

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The führer wants to be in control


People speaking out against tax cuts for corporate owning billionaires? Silence them!


> it seems certain that the move is one that merely seeks to rally a base that feels as if it’s without a voice.

This is why Trump removes climate change information; to increase uncertainty and doubt as he tweets his own conspiracy theories to incite fear and hatred.

Information technology negates conservative agenda of false, myth and deception. In this case Trump is attempting to increase uncertainty and doubt while leaving the right wing fear or hate speech unrestricted.


As far as I’ve seen the only thing it would do is make companies tell people when they’ve removed one of their posts…


Can someone more informed tell me what this will actually do and how it will play it out?


GE falls the most in 11 years after Madoff whistleblower calls it a ‘bigger fraud than Enron’

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From what I understand, the basics behind this are:

1. GE sold a lot of insurance.
2. Some of that insurance was long term care insurance.
3. Long term care insurance turned out to be a disaster. In insurance terms it’s likely pretty to pay out, and likely to cost the insurer a ton of money.
4. GE has severely under-capitalized its fund for paying out long term care insurance.
5. In doing so they’ve misstated their liabilities by like 18-32 Billion dollars (capital B for emphasis).


This whistleblower also sold the report to a hedge fund prior to it’s release in exchange for a portion of the profits. Not saying their analysis isn’t correct, but is an important part of the story


Who’s the market manipulator now?


Oh hey millennials, did you just feel like you’ve gotten your shit slightly together about 10 years later than the previous generation? Buckle up, the bullshit is still coming.


GE also has a special tax deal with the government where they basically don’t pay any taxes. The government has helped to hold up this company at tax payer expense.


Harvard Just Discovered that PowerPoint is Worse Than Useless

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I’d blame the presenter and not the tool. You think presentations would be better with a dry erase board?


It’s not a problem with power point per se, but how it’s normally used.

> A study … found that showing audiences the same words that are being spoken reduces, rather than increases, audience comprehension.

In other words Power Point slides, and/or any visual representation, should complement what you. It shouldn’t repeat what you say, but say something related but different.

The quote they use to state that power point was considered useless by Harvard was

> PowerPoint was rated (by online audiences) as no better than verbal presentations with no visual aids.

Note that rating by audiences means that audiences found them equally compelling. But it doesn’t say anything about power point being useful, or not.

The latter article though describes how powerpoint is used to worsen arguments and degrade conversations, and in some ways the model of slides pushes towards that.


This has got to be the poorest quality study I’ve ever seen attributed to Harvard.

>”PowerPoint was **rated (by online audiences)** as no better than verbal presentations with no visual aids.

This **Harvard** study, is just regurgitating some shitty online poll!? *This* is Science? People on the internet said it’s bad LOL – science!

>In other words, when you throw up bullet points and then run through them

Oh, so *that’s* what *every single powerpoint presentation* is? Just bulletpoints? No, I don’t doubt that if all you do is drop some black Times New Roman text on a white background that it’s not going to be very useful. *That very specific practice* may well indeed be worse than useless.

But this article is trying to convince us that this is all that can be done, ever has been done, or ever will be done with powerpoint.

They didn’t even consider all of the different subjects that one might give a presentation on. And this is… it’s literally anything and everything, right?

This “study” wants me to believe that I should attend a Software Development conference and sit through 45-minute long lectures about how to implement something in code **without powerpoint**, because it’s **worse than useless**?

And all, because someone made a powerpoint competition with meaningless judgement metrics?


Hard to provide visual aids strictly by speech IMO, dont see how it is worse than useless.


I had a job where my power points were celebrated and copied. My secret? No text except to introduce a topic and just photos that relate.