Airbnb Bans Over 60 White Supremacists After Iron March Forum Database Leak

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Good. Imagine arriving at your BnB, only to find it decked out with swastikas. I don’t care how many mints they leave on the pillow, they’re not getting a five star review.


Good, fuck nazis.


Airbnb is a company that is doing a ton of harm to the communities they operate in.

This is a good move though. Fascists don’t deserve comfort or convenience.


I hate the white supremacist air BnBs all the sheets have holes in them


Lot of GOP, Nazi loving, pretzel logic in here.


FCC’s “illogical” claim that broadband isn’t telecommunications faces appeal – Mozilla, others ask court to reverse ruling that let FCC kill net neutrality.

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He could have said that they need to update the rules to include broadband, but maybe decided changing the meaning of the word telecommunications was more cost effective than returning that big fat check from AT&T and Comcast.


Regulatory capture when the ex attorney for Verizon gets to gut our protections.

Eric Holder who was Obama’s attorney general and let off all the banks and didn’t prosecute anyone, just went back to his old job whose clients are all those banks.

Corruption baby


Technically speaking voip IS “telecommunications”


Just shut off broadband and let’s see if it’s telecommunications or not. Dumb sh*ts


Everyone keeps joking about how Orwellian our government is becoming; fake truths that balance the needle on the opposite side of the scale so you think you’re wrong.
The FCC not acknowledging mobile service as “telecommunications” is close to the last straw for me. I’m gonna shut up and go read 1984 again. If you want a copy, DM me


AT&T drops out of FCC speed-test program so it can hide bad results

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Dropping out of official speed testing should drop them from receiving any federal funding/subsidies.


The FCC’s mission, as stated in section one of the Communications Act:

> To make available so far as possible, to all the people of the United States, without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, or sex, **rapid, efficient**, Nationwide, and world-wide wire and radio communication services **with adequate facilities at reasonable charges**.”

What’s the point of even having an FCC if they consistently fail to do their one and only job?


So it can obfuscate the poor results, create a smoke-screen for price increases, and further the erosion of net neutrality.


Me : Hi, I’ve noticed a speed issue with my internet.
COX : Before I start I need all the information you just typed into the phone.
Me : Fine.
COX : Great. What’s your name?
Me : I just told you.
COX : We need to confirm its you.
Me : ArchDucky.
COX : Alright. What seems to be the problem?
Me : Internet speed is slow.
COX : Yes this is a known issue. Its affecting users statewide.
Me : Why didn’t you just tell me that fifteen minutes ago?
COX : I needed to confirm it was you first.


AT&T is America’s worst corporation. We pull credit reports daily. AT&T shows up so much that we ignore them as a bad credit mark. If a credit report comes back as Medical Bills or AT&T we completely overlook them as detrimental to housing, benefits, or credit. Fuck AT&T and everything they claim to stand for. They can report what ever they want but they’re treated as nothing more than a BBB score. Meaningless.

EDIT: Thank you for the Gold!


How the 1% Scrubs Its Image Online

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The rich have bought our media companies and use them as their PR firms


Scrubs it’s image.

i.e. fund a billion dollar psychological marketing campaign that makes people turn on each other rather than the rich.


We truly live in different worlds at this point. Almost impossible to sympathize, much less empathize, with something that you literally have no comparison point to in your own lived experience. Historically, this doesn’t end well. We need to read the writing on the wall before we’re wading through blood in the streets.


When you are so rich, yet lack any redeeming qualities, so your high powered PR firm astroturfs a story titled “Betsy DeVos Positive News Article.”




General Election 2019: How computers wrote BBC election result stories

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So they templated if, else and then logic and left a script polling results to then generate the output.

Yes, revolutionary stuff, we totally didn’t have this tech back in the 90s! /s


>Several news organisations are testing automated journalism as a way of covering data-driven stories more efficiently.

The sites that generate clickbait garbage en-masse have beaten you a decade ago.


The U.S. punditry hot takes cautioning Democrats after the U.K. elections sound like they were written by a TRS-80.


This is boring. Let’s talk about how every single piece presented in Google News on tbe subject of impeachment is Opinion. Journos just gave up on integrity and fairness officially.


Apple has narrowly avoided a 15% tariff on the iPhone after Trump’s trade deal with China

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“Narrowly” yeah, right. The company has a market value more than most countries. I think that modern corporations are now more powerful than nation states. They control the Democratic processes that control states, the idea they will be hit with tariff’s instead of less organized and disenfranchised sectors of the American population just doesn’t make sense.


So if you kiss the dumpers ass you get favors like this. I thought the goal was to get companies to move their production back to the US. Pathetic.


Another asshole trick to avoid paying taxes, good job.


Don’t worry, Apple will fix that for you soon enough!


The the benefits of monopoly become true.


Facebook wants to integrate Instagram and Whatsapp. The U.S. government may try to stop it. Facebook has been the subject of an antitrust investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, the federal government’s main business regulator.

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I’m sure there is a bit of “if Facebook help get trump elected then FTC will look the other way”


If IG gets integrated then Im out of there too. Facebook deletion has been a godsend.


But… They’re two completely different app scopes…. There is ZERO reason to combine the two. Instagram is for sharing weird shit and “influencers”. WhatsApp is for messaging and asking when the hell your mate is gonna come over and smoke a joint.


Facebook can easily avoid antitrust laws by merely contributing to trump’s favorite charity – trumps off shore tax havens.


After Zuckerberg’s October dinner with Trump, expect him to get exactly what he wants.

What makes anyone think the government will block this?!


World’s 1st floating dairy farm could help cities adapt to climate change – Concept allows food to be grown near cities despite flooding, sea level rise, land shortages.

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And when they need to dump waste the ocean is right there!


Adapting to climate change is a red flag ; we’re accepting it instead of stopping it


Animal farming is a leading cause of environmental destruction and climate change. Protecting that industry is objectively stupid.


Not a vegan but this sounds like animal cruelty.


Or… People could just drink soy/oat/almond/coconut/hemp/rice milk instead?

Trying to “adapt to climate change” with animal farming is like trying to adapt with ICE vehicles.


Emotion recognition technology should be banned, says AI research institute

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They aren’t saying to ban them from *existence* but ban them from things like job interviews and criminal investigations. Just like the polygraph.


A lot of people seem to be only reading the headline. Here’s the salient point from the article: “There’s little scientific basis to emotion recognition technology, so it should be banned from use in decisions that affect people’s lives, says research institute AI Now”.

This is about banning snake-oil salesmen, not about shutting down a line of research. People are currently selling “emotion recognition tech” that doesn’t work as advertised.


You can say gov’t won’t be funding these projects but good luck “banning” them


You can ban commercial sale, but you cant ban technology more than you can ban the wheel. As soon as someone figures it out, then it’s done


Nintendo’s 3DS has this lmao

How else am I supposed to convey to my Pikachu that I’m real proud of him?


Facebook Will Now Use Oculus VR Data for Ads Just as Everyone Expected

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>You are not required to connect your Oculus account to Facebook

Of course you are not, Facebook already has your PC and phone device thumbprints connected to at least a shadow account if not your actual Facebook account whether you like it or not. You are not required to do anything to enable them slurping your Oculus usage data. Expect to see a lot of VR Porn ads, Jesus that’s a lot of VR porn ads.


If I had a penny for every time I’m happy that I never got Facebook I could buy the company and disassemble it.


Very disappointed with Oculus and Facebook as of recent. Plans are in the works to switch to Valve Index


“Your privacy is really important to us”

Translation: “You thinking you have privacy is important to us because it provides us with high quality data that we can sell for top dollar”


As someone who was just about to purchase one, what’s a good alternative?