Ready to Pay $30,000 for Sharing a Photo Online? The House of Representatives Thinks You Are.

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This is why people distrust “Congress” as a whole. Way to go, corporate stoolies from (D)NY and (R)GA.


The broken system defending corporations rights and say fuck you to the public. What the fuck else is new


you thought the dmca was busted? Ha! hold my beer.


Not on Facebook but it seems like half of my colleagues Facebook content feed is shared silly photos that they don’t “own”. If this bill passes, it is time to abandon all social networks.


Congressional Ignorance Leaves the U.S. Vulnerable to Cyberthreats

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It’s what happens when your government is entirely made up of people who grew up in the 50’s…Average age of House members is 57. The average age in the Senate is 61.

I mean, personal computers weren’t a thing until these people were in their 20s. Setting the time on a microwave is about the limit of their ability.


Thanks Moscow Mitch.


My MIL has a DSLR and about $2500 in lenses. She told me yesterday that she had no idea she could take the pictures off the memory card and put them in a computer.

She’s just been showing everyone off the camera screen. She’s ~60, same generation as our congressmen.


Since those cyberthreats are what won them the 2016 election, the Republicans have no incentive to fix it until/unless they lose because of them.


Leave off the last two words.


Renewable energy to expand by 50% in next five years – report: Energy agency says solar power will drive faster than forecast growth in renewables

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Tell that to the fuckwits that run Australia.. .


Maybe if we’d invest that money into nuclear power, we’d not have to rely on fossil fuels.


We just put in for our paperwork for solar panels! Should have em by Dec.

So exciting.


Nuclear is better. Uranium 235 FTW.


Keep drinking the Kool-Aid people.. Maybe research what are the pros and cons of mass solar.. Not a pretty picture…


Blizzard denies reports that it’s banning Twitch viewers for pro-Hong Kong chat

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How do you deny that exactly? There is video evidence of it.


Things started going south when you’d get a temp chat ban for saying Taiwan in chat. That was way before Hong Kong’s recent last ditch effort at freedom.


How about u guys not paying next month for blizzard services ffs




Sigh… I see all these “Fuck Blizzard!” posts, but I’m already mentally preparing to have my heart broken yet again. In literally a few weeks Blizz will announce Diablo 4, and pretty much everyone will be tossing money at them again.


Smart Spies: Alexa and Google Home expose users to vishing and eavesdropping

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Yeah no shit


This is more a warning that any “skill” is third party software and the same care should be taken as when installing random apps.

First attack: Make a skill that asks users for their password.

Second attack: make a skill that when you shut it down, it listens for a few more seconds and saves what you say if you happen to say the right word.

The first attack vector is easily thwarted by never complying if your device asks for your password. I could see this fooling some gullible people though for sure. The second attack seems kind of pointless – I suspect they thought it up just so they could check the “eavesdropping” box for headline attention.


I’m wondering how many of you “DaE tHiNk AlExA iS a SpY?!” types bothered to read the article to realize this isn’t the kind of issue that has been brought up before. The article describes how Amazon and Google aren’t vetting apps for Alexa/Home well enough and are letting blatant abuses be registered. This is not the same as the paranoia about Alexa/Home recording everything you say, this is the analogous to missing the permissions listing for apps on the Play Store. End users have no way of knowing what these apps do after the trigger phrases are used.


I’m guessing a lot of people didn’t read the article. The researchers just found a way to make a skill that ran silently for awhile before pretending to be a security update that asks for your password. Real world vulnerabilities would be pretty darn limited.



Turn off your computers and take all appropriate steps to protect you and your family. /s


U.S. takes step to require asylum-seekers’ DNA.

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I like how the people pants-shittingly scared of gun registries are ok with this item which is 1000 times worse.


From what I understand, this is largely to combat human trafficking of children by ensuring that those who claim to be the child’s parents actually are the child’s parents.


Can’t tell if I hate this or not.

Having a DNA registry seems like something that could exonerate a lot of people from crime, track deadbeat dad’s, etc. It’d also discourage crime

Obviously it falls apart when you believe the government might be so corruptible that they might use this information malevolently. But if you believe that this is a possible outcome then I think this is the least of your worries.


Hopefully no one will do anything nefarious with these lists of asylum seekers, like using the information to round them all up when convenient. I’m sure nothing will come of this, like Stalin’s lists these are just to keep track of us. Or rather, them.


Sounds like a way to get a fat government contract to a DNA data company, maybe friends with someone in this admin? They already do all of the identity markers, this is just a waste of money.


A New Propulsion System Proposed By A NASA Engineer That Achieves 99% Of Speed Of Light

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1–Megawatts of power + space-rated synchrotron = 1 N of thrust = Not a compelling reason to build this engine

• However • Equivalent Specific Impulse > 1017

• “Net” power less than 10 watts • Options for increasing thrust and efficiency

• Technology is extension of space flown hardware • Many technical challenges ahead

• Basic concept is unproven • Has not been reviewed by subject matter experts


• Math errors may exist!




It’s a thought experiment more than anything. Has had zero real world testing but theoretically could work. This is not the first time this sort of engine has come up, and testing of similar things in the past have shown some interesting very unexpected results.


??? Much as I hope this works, the write up is triggering all my perpetual motion BS sensors. Anybody know what they’re talking about?


[I like the conclusion]

Basic concept is unproven

* Has not been reviewed by subject matter experts
* Math errors may exist!


Wouldn’t this be violating Newton? I.e. the additional impulse of the particle has to come from something and imo it’s generated by the coils accelerating the particle to create the additional mass. Thus the coils experience a force backwards and then your resulting overall force is 0, the spaceship wouldn’t move.


Alexa and Google Home abused to eavesdrop and phish passwords

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The fact that these passed “inspection” tells me that Amazon and Google aren’t vetting shit, and are probably just automating approval. *Any* human inspector should immediately be able to tell these aren’t doing what they’re supposed to.


I think everyone should read the book, surviving the age of surveillance capitalism, by Zuboff. The truth is it is way worse than you could even imagine. The entire reason for existence for both Google and Facebook is not just total information awareness but complete behavioral control. If you get upset at the thought of Russians hacking our elections oh, you’re in for a big ride when you realize that the tech companies are trying to control not only are elections, but every aspect of our world for profit.


>After about a minute, the apps use a voice that mimics the ones used by Alexa and Google home to falsely claim a device update is available and prompts the user for a password for it to be installed

If there’s one thing that doesn’t sound suspicious it’s the part where they ask for my password which is totally something I can pronounce or have memorized.


If everyone could stop beginning their passwords with “HEYGOOGLEALEXA”, that would be great.


Why am I not surprised


Zuckerberg defends political ads policy and warns that China’s censorship model is being adopted on big platforms

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So. Suck is trying to vilify other ad and censorship models while presenting his company’s as wholesome?



The issue is ads that lie, not the ads. Blatantly lie, these days.


“You can’t just censor *everyone*, the insanely wealthy deserve to say what they want!”


The bait and switch won’t work, Mark.


Facebook should move to mainland China and get out of the good ol’ USA. 🇺🇲