The Stories In ‘The Flintstones’ Are Powerful, But They Probably Didn’t Literally Happen

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There is so much footage though?


Haven’t read the article but I’ve always been confused about why the Flintstones celebrated christmas when the events of the Flintstones are alleged to have happened before Jesus’s birth


really makes me think


I look to them to draw inspiration, but I don’t believe the things they describe literally happened.


Supreme Court Overturns ‘Right v. Wrong’

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Not gonna lie: The institutional knowledge of this sub of The Onion’s vast scholarly archive rivals any other sub (edit:) on any other topic.


So what does making to wrongs mean now? And does three rights make a left still?


Oh, started reading, and was like Antonin Scalia? Is he making laws from hell or something?


GOP Turns Dozens Of House Democrats Away From Impeachment For Failing To Provide Adequate Voter ID

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For a moment, I ate the onion. This doesn’t even sound that farfetched considering how things have been.


He ded


Can the Democrats actually do this to Republicans for the Senate vote pls?


Fucking repost

Edit: can I get more downvotes? I’m not even mad, that’s amazing.


Poll Finds 54% Of Americans Approve Executing Trump But Leaving Him In Office

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… Same.


Zombie Trump: I promise to eat the best brains, the yoogest brains. Only i can eat the brains, not Eric or Tiffany or that one son of Melania.


It’s Robespierre time 😎😎😎


Send him back to Canadia


…as an example for all future Presidents.


Adam Driver Storms Out Of Grand Canyon National Park After It Rudely Echoes His Voice Back To Him

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Now this is funny, and I understand why Driver walked out of that NPR interview.


I understood the story to be that Adam had clearly expressed in both interviews his distaste for it but Terry persisted regardless.


Landmarks are so rude these days…


Oh get over yourself Johnny depp


Missing Teen’s Friends Go On TV To Plead For Her Release, Gossip About Ugly Classmates 🧅

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God this reminds me so much of a certain circle of dudes in my local lgbt scene that it’s uncanny. I always wonder, why do these grown ass men try so hard to emulate sociopathic middle school queen bees? Like that can’t be their real personality… right??


This is so well acted and edited.


‘How Bad For The Environment Can Throwing Away One Plastic Bottle Be?’ 30 Million People Wonder

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I thought the onion published satire


fuck Greenwashing.


Sad attempt, Onion. As if consumers have any control over the plastic bottle industry. Consumers are weeks late in the product chain. It is statistically impossible for consumers to control the output of plastic bottles. Millions and millions of us would need to make a concerted vendetta against specific bottle producers by not buying seemingly random and myriad products which use that specific plants bottles.

If you are going to make a shit joke, at least eat something healthy beforehand.