TIL the Levi Straus was not the inventor of Denim jeans but partnered with Jacob Davis after Davis approached him to fund the patent. Jacob Davis devised the riveting of the pants independent of Straus and also came up with the double orange threaded stitch design.

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Kinda like Elisha Otis, whose name was synonymous with elevators, didn’t invent the elevator. He invented the elevator brake, which made elevators safe and not a random death ride.

And Ray Croc didn’t found McDonald’s. He bought an existing burger franchise and mastered the marketing of it.


Isn’t denim actually a cloth from Nimes? Hence the name `de Nimes’ or denim.


he also originally included a rivet in the groin but removed it because cowboys and miners would burn their balls sitting around the campfire.


Also if you are wearing thier jeans in america, chances are they were made by kids in Losotho, Africa or one of their other cheap labor camps around the globe.


Jeans and Denim predate US/Levi’s. It’s just that the most popular iteration (indigo, 5 pocket, rivets) was from Levi’s.


TIL that during a game against rival college Arizona State in the late 80’s, ASU fans harassed now head coach of the Golden State Warriors Steve Kerr about how his father was killed by gunmen in Lebanon. He proceeded to drop 20 in the first quarter alone, making all 6 of his three point attempts.

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I will never understand people who take a sport so seriously that they put their humanity aside.


First *half*. College basketball doesn’t have quarters.


He would go on to be punched in the face by Michael Jordan years later.


ASU alum here…this isn’t even the worse thing we’ve done


First half. There are no quarters in college basketball


TIL that in 1974, Fleetwood Mac’s manager Clifford Davis assembled an entirely seperate group of musicians to take the mantle and name of the band after the original members declined to go on tour. The new band would go on tour, but audience members noticed the imposters, and refunds were requested.

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Meetwood Flac


More on the situation:

>Their next show crucified the band’s name even further, as the band was left to do an instrumental number to conclude the evening, as Gantry (imposter lead singer) lost his voice on the show. News of the fake lineup was soon circulating the papers and other media, and soon reached the ears of the original members, who filed lawsuit after lawsuit to stop the activity of the band, to which Davis responded by countersuing them, saying that he owned the band’s name and had copyright on the band’s previous materials, reasoning out that he had the right on who could play those songs live. Mick Fleetwood shared his thoughts regarding the situation, saying that it was “the last thing we needed. It was also the most preposterous thing we’d ever heard and the greatest betrayal from one of our own that we could have imagined.”


They could make a biopic about Fleetwood Mac, and use entirely true stories, and people still wouldn’t believe it. They’re a perfect exercise in functional dysfunction.


Fleetwood Mock


They’re just second hand news.


TIL that the Large Hadron Collider accelerates controlled protons to about 0.999999990 c, only about 6.8mph (11 km/h) slower than the speed of light. It takes less than 90 microseconds for a proton to travel 26.7 km around the main ring resulting in 11,245 trips around the ring per second!

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Imagine all the paperwork for importing and exporting those protons a few million times across the French border.


What do I do with this information


Are there time distortions because of that speed?


Fuck this is actually enlightening.


If I stood in the path would I gain super powers?


TIL Music is a ‘Cultural Universal’, which means it is a thing that is common to all known human cultures worldwide. These include: Personal Names, Sexual Jealousy, Proverbs, and Incest Prevention or Avoidance.

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Also funeral rites


Everyone should look up the Westermarck effect. There are some kibbutz in Israel where children are raised communally, like instead of children spending all their time with their siblings and mothers, they are always around all the kids of the community plus whatever adults are assigned to childcare. These scientists found that among these kids who were raised communally, the rate of marriage or dating between them was 0%. They had a sexual repulsion towards the other kids just like most people do for their siblings, and the scientists studying them concluded that there is a “critical period” of development – say, like, ages 1-6 – during which if you spend a lot of time around a person, that person becomes sexually repulsive to you, regardless of actual blood relation. So they think it may not even be a socially-determined taboo, there’s just something in our minds or our biology that’s programmed to avoid the people we were around during this stage of life when it comes to choosing sexual partners.

Interestingly, Freud – the guy who famously said that lots of mental illnesses stemmed from your subconscious desire to fuck your parents – was raised by a wetnurse from birth until pre-adolescence, and he spent almost no time around his mother during this critical period. So it’s entirely possible that Freud just never developed this sexual repulsion towards his own mother, and instead of realizing this was something particular to him as a result of being raised among the moneyed class of Austria at the time, he decided that, actually, everyone feels this way but they just won’t admit it because it’s taboo. Weird shit.


For some reason, the idea that every known culture has developed music feels oddly wholesome to me. The idea that even at our most undeveloped or advanced we all found appeal in the rhythm or beat of certain tones.


This is one of the most interesting TILs I’ve seen. Thanks for posting it.


It’s true. Research shows that even the most remote indigenous tribes, completely cut off from modern civilisation, have independently developed their own version of “Gucci gang” by Lil Pump


TIL about David Johnson, the “World Famous Bushman”, who hid behind a bush scaring passersby in San Francisco from 1980 to 2014

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I remember seeing him when my family and I visited years ago. Dude literally had a 5 gallon paint bucket full of cash from people watching.


This LITERALLY must be the most childish way to make a living, and I fucking love it.


My buddy was explaining who The Bushman was to me while we were in SF but because he is so full of shit and it sounded so ridiculous I thought he was making it up but then we walked by him. He actually did scare me a little bit and my buddy was like, see? The Bushman.


I use to smoke with him. He was a completely normal dude.


I found this out because I came across him in Watch Dogs 2.


TIL Two New York Yankees pitchers swapped wives and children–they announced the “change-up” at a press conference in 1973

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I wish to know how long this lasted. Did they remain together after that? where are the kids… I need more info!

Edit: I read the thing… “>!In the end Mike and Marilyn couldn’t find happiness that lasted and broke things off rather quickly. Fritz and Susanne on the other hand are still together to this day.!<


Wow. I’ve been a baseball fan for over 40 years and I have never heard this story.


In the late 70s, my next door neighbors did this with another couple. All of their collective kids were assholes.


so they just swapped husbands …


The wives got a different bat and balls, husbands got a new home to slide into


TIL, the library at University of Coimbra in central Portugal hosts a colony of bats. Every night, the windows of the library are left open and the bats come in to feed on insects, thereby protecting the centuries-old historic documents. Every morning, librarians clean the bats’ excrement.

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Might not have as many bugs if they kept the windows closed and didn’t have bat poop all over the place


How are there that many bugs in a library necessitating a colony of bats to come in every night?

I’m just made of questions…


There’s nothing that says old stuff like opening a door and seeing a bunch of bats fly out. Really makes me miss Sears.


Sign up to be a librarian, “actually there’s this little thing we need to do each morning…”


Do the bats know not to shit on the centuries old historic documents?


TIL that in the 1800s, US dairy producers would regularly mix their milk with water, chalk, embalming fluid and cow brains to enhance appearance and flavor. Hundreds of children died from the mixture of formaldehyde, dirt, and bacteria in their milk

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I want to meet the dude who said, “You know what would improve the flavor of this milk? Brains!”


How tf did anyone survive the 1800s lol


It was also called “Swill milk.” Wikipedia has a good entry on it. They started with milk and added a lot of random ingredients to it to increase volume. Brains are mostly fat, and by mixing it with the milk, it increases the fat content.

Yes, many children died and it led to our nation’s first Food Safety Regulations.

In 2008, there was the Chinese Milk scandal where they added the plastic Melamine to the powdered milk. Because to test the protein content of the milk powder, the testers only checked the nitrogen level (simple answer is that proteins are a molecule that goes Carbon-carbon-nitrogen-carbon-carbon-nitrogen). So people took the dried milk powder and added melamine because it had a lot of nitrogen in it.


And people wonder why we have regulations.


Yeah every time I try to romanticize the past, “fuck social media, wish there was just lamplight and piles of books!” I remember things like this and am very grateful for modernity.


TIL that there extra chromosomal elements that are large DNA structures that invade microorganisms and add themselves to their host’s chromosomes. The scientists that discovered them have named them Borgs.

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The contribution of science fiction to actual science is invaluable, and an object of scientific research.


Resistance is futile!


Locutus of borg, i see thee!


Prepare for assimilation!


The plural is Borg.