TIL that Teller (the silent half of Penn and Teller) began doing magic in complete silence when performing at fraternity houses as he found it reduced heckling and beer thrown at him during his act.

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I have sex in silence for the same reason.


He is 71 years old????

No fucking way, i would never say he is older than fifty, looking good man.


I met penn and teller after a show in Vegas. Those guys are awesome. Teller said “anything for you darling” to my wife. It was a magical evening.


He used to read poetry during sets. And was an English teacher


**Hank**: Bobby said he wants to be just like this Teller fella. I like the big guy… bit of a loudmouth if you ask me, but he means well, I guess… but what kind of magician doesn’t say “Abracadabra” or even “Tah Dah”?

**Dale**: He knows too much, Hank. That’s why he never talks. You open Pandora’s Box and there’s no telling what will get revealed. All those secrets he knows wouldn’t be secrets for very long. (puffs cigarette) Probably why they call him Teller.

**Hank**: I enjoy a good card trick every now and again, but the knowledge always seems to fall into the wrong hands. You know, I once played a game of Three Card Monte with a street magician. Boy, I tell you what… (chuckling) it was wild. I’m usually against giving handouts but he seemed like a decent guy that was just trying to get back on his feet and I was in the mood for an adventure anyway. (sips beer) The bastard ripped me off.

**Boomhauer**: Tell y’what, man. Talk about (speaking slow and deliberate) “Pick a card, any card.” (regular voice) Two o’ hearts, Queen o’ hearts… dang ol’… hmm, three o’ clubs, man. Ol’ Boom gotta make a big ol’… hmm, decision, man… watchin’ e’ry move… got it all figured out then, boom, man… card shows up in my dang ol’… hmm, wallet, man.

**Bill**: (excited) I once made a whole person disappear! I was married, you know. Now you see her, now… (looking down at his beer) now, you don’t.


TIL Prior to the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997, UK officials considered building a new city in Northern Ireland, and resettling the entire population of Hong Kong on the Magilligan Peninsula near Coleraine

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Because when I think of being free from an occupying government, I think of Northern Ireland…


And now the people of Hong Kong wish it happened.


> The extraordinary proposal was more a political in-joke than a genuine plan – but one civil servant said at the time that it should be taken seriously.

It was never really seriously considered.


There’s a Chinatown on Craggy Island?!?


“We should take Hong Kong and push it somewhere else!”


TIL Chipotle peppers are just mature smoked jalapenos

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And anchos are dried poblanos

And guajillos are dried mirasols


Raisins are just grapes.

Craisins are just cranberries.

Prunes are just plums.


Yup! And anytime a recipe calls for one you can sub the other. Depends on if you want smoke or not.

Sorry. I misspoke. Of course you can’t sub 1:1. But for example, I’ll use a Fresno instead of Chipotle when cooking for my SO, as she dislikes smoke.


As a man of Mexican ancestry , TIL this isn’t common knowledge


Portobellos are just mature button mushrooms.


TIL the guy who invented Vaseline used to go city to city dipping his hand in acid and burning it, showing previous wounds that had healed using his product

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He also believed the primary use of Vaseline would be as a nutritional supplement. He ate a spoonful a day and lived into his nineties.


He ate the shit too! Damn.


He also ate a tablespoon of it a day and lived to be 96


She don’t use jelly


And to think what they use it for now… Some wounds never heal I guess…


TIL When Dutch biking company VanMoof began shipping their bikes to the USA a lot of them were arriving to their new customers damaged, so they decide to put an image of an expensive, flat-screen television on the cardboard boxes.

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The point of the article is that overnight their damages dropped 70 – 80%. Probably should have said that in the title.


So what did they do when they started getting their packages stolen?


If this were FedEx in my neighborhood they would try to throw it on my roof and not ring the fucking bell.


Smart ! Easy to recognize even if you don’t take the time to read !


they make nice bikes if anyone cares. they used to make a bike that had a lock built into the frame. it was pretty cool.


TIL The meeting of presidents President Taft and Díaz in Mexico in 1909 was the first between a president of the United States and a president of Mexico. Because both presidents were bilingual there was no need for interpreters. No one else attended the meeting where they spent 20 minutes alone

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So random somewhat related fact- Putin actually speaks fluent German but still uses a translator when talking to Merkel


>*Although official reports of the meeting stated that nothing of political or diplomatic significance was discussed, some have suggested that the basis was laid there for the treaty of arbitration that the two nations signed a year later. Díaz then returned to Ciudad Juárez, followed by Taft an hour later, and all preparations were then completed for the meeting of the two presidents at the Mexican customhouse. There, after a brief interview, they stepped outside to the front of the building under a scarlet canopy and posed for a cameraman. The resulting photograph effectively dramatized the contrast between Taft’s plain appearance and Díaz’s military bearing and chest full of medals. The banquet at the Ciudad Juárez customhouse dwarfed all other events of that historic occasion.*

Now I’m wondering if they did discuss anything interesting or not.


> presidents President Taft and Díaz


It’s a damn shame Taft’s legacy is him being fat.
He basically built our supreme court as it is now. He had the building for the Supreme Court built, it used to be at the capital building.

He’s the only president that preferred being a judge to president and didnt run for a second term.
First pres to be buried at Arlington.
First pres to own a car.

But everyone just hears about the bathtub thing.


So what you’re saying is that no one else was in the room where it happened?


TIL that Physicist Ted Taylor was the first person to light a cigarette using a nuclear bomb. During a bomb test in 1952, he used a parabolic mirror to concentrate the light of the blast enough to heat a cigarette suspended from a tiny wire.

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I’m honestly wondering who the hell was the second.


He kept it preserved on his desk for many years, until he accidentally smoked it during another project.


I hear he ended up with all the cancers and even invented a couple


From Wikipedia:

Freeman Dyson said of Dr. Taylor, “Very few people have Ted’s imagination. … I think he is perhaps the greatest man that I ever knew well. And he is completely unknown.”


That’s fucking SUAVE.


TIL about the Battle of Saragarhi, in which 21 Sikh soldiers of the 36th Sikh Regiment were stationed at an army post and were attacked by 10,000 to 12,000 Afghans. The Sikhs chose to fight to the death, in what is considered by some military historians as one of history’s greatest last stands.

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Sikhs are the coolest people on the planet. I think it started as a cult but the core thing is to defend and help those in need, not make the founder rich. and they mean it. all Sikh men have the last name Singh (Tiger I think) and women have the last name Kaur (Princess I think). anyway, if you see someone wearing a turban they are likely a Sikh (not cutting their hair ever is part of their thing, hence the turban), be kind to them.


>“Sepoy Gurmukh Singh, who communicated the battle to Haughton, was the last surviving Sikh defender. He asks for permission to close the heliograph and take up his rifle”

That gave me chills.


If you’re hanging out with 20 friends and 10,000 people show up to kill you…do you really have a *choice*?

It’s not like they could have made a strategic retreat.


No Sabaton song yet?


TIL 1 Sikh = 15 Spartans!


TIL that the story of Kitty Genovese’s murder being ignored by 38 people is a myth and the police were called twice. One woman even went down and held her after she was stabbed. The myth came due to the NYT’s writer wanting a more dramatic story.

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Rorschach is gonna be so pissed


Mother fuckers this is a great TIL. We read about this in high school psychology and it haunts me. I prefer this version.


Ok, not an expert, but recently watched a doc about this on ID. They were very thorough, including testimony from people that actually called the police but chose not to say what was happening out of fear. There were a lot of things that played out here. Also, the person that consoled her did so after the attacker followed her into an apartment building and stabbed her several more times. Many occupants of that building heard, and some even saw what happened, they were just scared shitless.

Not saying you’re wrong but the overall point was the fact no one did anything until she was a bloody mess. Including a guy that saw her being attacked in the street and said something out his window which made the attacker run. Only to return a short while later to finish the job.


Boondock Saints lied to me??


*On October 12, 2016, The New York Times appended an Editor’s Note to the online version of its 1964 article, stating that “Later reporting by The Times and others has called into question significant elements of this account*.

Maybe one day the NYT will make a similar notation with respect to its reporting on Stalin and the famine in the Ukraine in the 1930s.


TIL Shavarsh Karapetyan is a retired Armenian swimmer. In 1976, after completing his daily 20-km run, he came upon an accident scene where a trollybus had fallen into a reservoir. Karapetyan dived 10 meters into the water and pulled 46 people out of the bus, 20 of whom survived.

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This man is an amazing human being, the incident gave him a severe infection and ended his swimming career, and when talking about his experience later on he said that once he accidentally grabbed an empty seat instead of a passenger (he couldn’t see well down there), and that empty seat still haunts him on his nightmares.

Edit: The actual quote was:

“I knew that I could only save so many lives, I was afraid to make a mistake. It was so dark down there that I could barely see anything. One of my dives, I accidentally grabbed a seat instead of a passenger. I could have saved a life instead. That seat still haunts me in my nightmares”


What a fucking hero. Beyond words. ~33ft deep, zero visibility – managed to kick the windows out and pull 46 people to the surface. In cold temperatures?! With an already elevated heart rate from jogging before going into hero mode?

I can’t even fathom doing that. I have chills. And that pic of him in the thumbnail makes me just wanna give the guy a damn hug.


This dude has a pretty interesting story. This incident ended his sports career, but it was said that only a person with his extensive training could have saved this many people. Like he was fated for this incident.


As a former open waterfront lifeguard,and only having to do one dive, to half the depth and a “victim” that was willing and somewhat able. (During training) This is out of my realm of comprehension. F-ing amazing what humans can do.


Nine years later, he saved people from a burning building!