TIL the 1974 Daytona 500 was actually only 450 miles in distance. The race counter started on lap 21 to keep the traditional 200 laps on the counter, due to the energy crisis going on at the time.

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So instead of wasting lots and lots of fuel in the middle of a crisis, they only wasted lots of fuel in the middle of a crisis.


Cutting out 50 miles is like banning plastic straws. Kinda pointless




They should have also forced the racers not to go over 55 but they could take a right on red.


Yeah, that really helped


TIL about the Gibson Nine, an Australian aboriginal family who were still living a traditional nomadic lifestyle in the outback until 1984, when they settled in a town. The children have gone on to have successful careers as painters, although one of them later returned to the desert.

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Theyre know as the Pintupi Nine, this is in stories headline and in the text. Theyre not called the Gibson Nine. Pintupi is their tribal name. Why change the common name for the group?


But are they painters or painters? Because once I was a house painter and I told a girl I was a painter whilst chatting her up, and she thought I meant *painter,* and she was impressed and asked if she could see some of my work. So I took her to see a house that I’d just painted, and she was like WTF is this


“We were sitting down, I saw a whitefella, he was so white,” he says. “‘This bloke is white, this one,’ I thought. ‘He is white, this bloke.”

Seeing an Australian city must have blown their minds. The benefits of the modern world to humankind are undeniable but there has to be something said for a simple life where you are content with some good tucker and the company of family and friends.


woah. fascinating read!!


ha, woah didn’t expect this in my Reddit, I’m actually related to them and my grandfather drove the truck to help find them.


TIL that in 2019, a Windows XP computer infected with six types of malware was sold at an art auction for 1.3 million dollars.

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Ha! You shoulda seen my mom’s computer hoboy you couldn’t even see the browser window there were so many toolbars!


we all had that relative with 12 advertisment bars and every known popup and virus, how much for uncle joes old desktop?


Not any 6 malwares but the most catastrophic malwares ever coded. The device has no network card and no other known way to transmit these viruses. I am unsure as to why it exsists but still think it’s interesting nonetheless.


>whoever purchases the laptop will receive it only once its ports and internet capabilities have been “functionally disabled”, according to the auction web page.

Ah yes, because the person buying a laptop with some crazy malware definitely won’t know how to undo that


I used to work at a computer repair shop back in the day and would routinely repair systems with hundreds of malware files present. One time, out of absolute boredom, I decided to install as much adware as I could on a newly built system.

I did the job too well. I had Bonzi Buddy, toolbars for days, and periodic dancing stripper pop-ups. You couldn’t get to Google anymore without redirects, sounds were just happening from unidentified sources, and pop-ups were happening without any form of browser being open. The system became completely unresponsive so I killed it and brought it back up with a live cd. Malware scan only found 150 or so files.

Anyway, where’s my $1.3 million dollars?


TIL Mariam Soulakiotis, a Greek serial killer known as the Women Rasputin. She was a nun and allegedly killed 177 people at her monastery. She would torture wealthy women, making them donate all their money, before killing them. She also allegedly caused the deaths of 150 children by mistreating TB.

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*Greek civil authorities first arrested Soulakiotis on two charges unrelated to serial murder, but rather regarding allegedly illegal business practices: export of olive oil to Cyprus and import of tires*

She shouldn’t have messed with the tire syndicate.


Reading the headline I assumed this happened centuries ago. It’s crazy it was so recent.


I realize the potato quality of the photos….but she looks like a freaking alien.


It is a bit unkind to call her a “Woman Rasputin” when Rasputin never killed anyone.


I bet newspapers hated having to print that photo 1000s of times. Killed their ink budgets too.


TIL of Serge Voronoff, a French surgeon that was known as the “monkey gland man”. He claimed to rejuvenate his patients, transplanting the testicles of executed criminals into millionaires, turning to using monkey testicles when supplies ran low. Over 500 men were treated with his technique.

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That’s nuts.


There was another fella, John Brinkley, who would surgically insert goat testicals into people claiming it fixed all sorts of ailment. He was sble to do this for two decades.


I’ve got a lot of questions, but I don’t think I want the answers.


Does Tucker Carlson know about this?


Pretty…ballsy. But did it work??


TIL Baseballs used to be made by the pitcher themselves. Cores of the balls were made from anything ranging from old melted shoes to fish eyes.

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How does one make a ball from fish eyes??


No one needs to know
When you’re the one to sew…


>Cores of the balls were made from anything ranging from old melted shoes to fish eyes.

You guys were a bit lost after the revolution huh?


TIL Reyn Guyer is a game designer whose first hit was Twister. In 1969, he invented “the world’s first indoor ball”. It was made of polyurethane and named after the foam used by off-roaders to cover their roll-bars: Nerf.

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TIL Nerf was named after Nerf bars, not the other way around.


I was at jury duty recently and they had board games in the big room that everyone has to wait in for the half the day before you get called back, and they actually had Twister. I gotta meet the guy brave enough to break the awkard silence of that room to start up a game of Twister with 140 strangers. That’s foreman material.


Its nerf or nothing


At the time Nerf used to claim that it stood for the reverse of Fren, short for friendly


TIL that buildings so big they “need their own ZIP code” are very much real, however this is not due to the actual size of the buildings themselves, rather it’s the sheer volume of mail they receive. One example is the Walmart Headquarters, which has a unique ZIP code of 72716.

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FYI, us zip codes are based on mail delivery routes. So there are some that are very long and thin, because the mail man walks that way. It’s not a great way to divide up land, even by population density. It is very arbitrary. I was on a project to figure distances based on zip codes. It’s not really as easy as using their centers due to their odd shapes. This thread is another good example of this.


So now when someone tries to use the joke “Yo mama so fat she has her own zip code”, you can retort, “Yes my mother has her own zip code but only because of the sheer volume of mail she receives because she’s so popular” and you can own that bully.


Similarly, Smokey The Bear has his own ZIP Code, 20252. The only other person to get their own ZIP Code is the president.


The Twin Towers (NYC) used to have two zip codes.


Jester Dormitory on the UT campus in Austin has had its own zip code since it opened in the 70s.


TIL that Pappy Van Winkle bourbon, which sells for thousands per bottle, was so undesirable for decades that the brand was sold everywhere from “gimmicky decanters shaped like college mascots” in the 1980s to entire privately sold barrels for only $1200 as late as the early 2000s.

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It’s not particularly extraordinary bourbon. It’s extremely *exclusive* bourbon That largely gets sold via a gimmicky lottery. People only drink it so they can say that they drink it.

I’ve tried Pappy. I believe the appropriate expression is “Paris syndrome”. I’d take Larceny or Eagle Rare any day over paying what suckers do for Pappy.


It got inflated with the bourbon-bros fad. It’s hilarious because even for years as Pappy’s price skyrocketed you could buy Weller dirt cheap still. Then the bourbon-bros found out it uses the same mash just aged in different warehouses and its prices rose as well.


I was at an upscale restaurant with a wealthy friend and when he ordered a round for the table our waitress said, “so, you like expensive bourbon, but do you like good bourbon?” Owned him a little, but proceeded to give a great bourbon education and we all enjoyed better for a lot less.


My family used to own a liquor store and apparently they couldn’t even give Pappy away (back in the day). They used to host regular tastings of it just so people would even consider buying it.


When I was a beverage director in the 2000’s, if I ordered Pappy, they would ask “How much do you want?”. These days if you ask about Pappy they tell you how many bottles you are allowed to buy.


TIL dogs “play sneeze” when they’re feeling excited or playful. “Play sneezes” mean your dog is having a good time and indicate to other dogs that their behavior is only play.

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I sneeze at my dog and he sneezes back.


My dog will also sneeze as a way to tell us he needs to go outside.


In packs of wild dogs, if a dog gets carried away while playing, and goes too far with a superior, they can apologize with the ‘play pose’, and the superior will generally forgive the transgression.


I just tried sneezing at my dog and he ran outside.


Pictured: dog yawning