TIL Jack Black’s older half brother, Neil Siegel, is a prolific computer scientist and engineer who has developed key systems for the US military and inventions that make GPS possible in our phones.

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I know Neil! He’s on our Board of Directors. Don’t think you’ll ever read a more impressive resume. And he had Jack come host a charity event for us just last weekend!


“Your brother’s ten times better than you, Jesus loves him more!”


Jeff Goldblum and Nigel Thornberry had a son… TIL


TIL Niel Siegel has a brother and it’s jack black


His parents were both engineers for satellites. His mother was Judith Love Cohen, who worked on the Minuteman Missiles as an electrical engineer, as well as the Apollo Missions and the Hubble Telescope! She was really fuckin’ cool.


TIL People with depression feel better after listening to sad music

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Makes me feel like people have shared my pain and helps catharsis imo


This does absolutely the opposite for me. Struggled with depression most of my life, and I have always found that leaning into sad music when l’m depressed both prolongs it and escalates it.


I’ve always felt like theres some catharsis in sharing sorrow through music. I definitely wouldn’t have made it this far without music to take solace in, and I dont know how I’d manage if I was to go deaf or something.


I guess I’m one of the odd ones because I don’t feel better after listening to sad music. 🤔


I never liked sad music when I was going through my worst depression. I wanted to get away from the negative thoughts, so why would I want to listen to music that was about nothing but negative topics?

Just how I saw it though.


TIL that many European maps during the Middle Ages had the East on top instead of the North, thus “to orient” meant to align the map to the East, the Orient.

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Interesting. It makes sense to align East vs West so you can use the sun to get were you are going using the map when you think about it.


For this title to make sense you have to know (or read the wiki article, but this is reddit) that the word orient is derived from oriens, the latin for east.


I am bothered that it never occurred to me to question this term. TILT (today I learned too).


East is up


Now go look up the Indo-European etymologies for various languages for right, left, and the cardinal points. The association of right to south and left to north goes back more than 6 thousand years.

Some roots to look for




TIL after Warner Bros. execs suggested adding a third character to “Pinky And The Brain,” writers responded to the unwanted input with the episode “Pinky & The Brain And…Larry” which featured a third, superfluous mouse named Larry that added nothing to the plot but repeatedly saying “I’m Larry”

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There was Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain.

I remember watching it thinking,
*Why do we need Elmyra? We have Pinky to ruin Brain’ s plans…*

I think I only watched a handful of episodes, then gave up.


“Gee, Larry, what do you want to do tonight?”

“I’m Larry.”


So Poochie IRL.


Knowing this just makes me love pinky and the brain even more

Thank you


Always wondered what the fuck that episode was about


TIL Studies in ‘ice cores’ found in Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania – the mountain which supplies the Nile with its water – have revealed that a drought did take place around 3600 years ago – around the time the Bible sets Joseph’s story in Egypt

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In the writings of the Greeks, there was also mention of a massive flood event, that coincides with when the bible said it occurred. So chances are, the were referring to the same event…. just from completely different contexts.
Edit : i feel i need to add… i dont think the flood from the bible happened, as in a flood that covered the earth…. i just think there was a large flood event, that a lot of stories and writings originated from!


Also, implying that Kilimanjaro is the sole source of Nile water is misleading in the extreme.


This article is almost entirely about Joseph. There are a lot of rhetorical “what if” questions—I’m surprised to find it on the BBC website.


We didn’t need these ice cores to find this out, we already knew about multiple periods, between 3000 and 6000 years ago, where prolonged and widespread drought caused large upheavals in civilizations of the time.

The article is misleading say ‘about 3600 years go’ though. In reality there was a dry period around 4200 years ago, and another around 3000 years ago.

Unlike the story from the Bible though, these events were not 7 year famines, they were in the realm of 100 years long.

Localized drought is a natural part of climate, it is inevitable. When you have rudimentary agricultural practices, limited trade ability etc, these localized droughts are devastating.

The Bible story is unlikely to be based on any one event, the cycle of plentiful food followed by drought and famine was part of life.

Like other parts of the Bible, it is a teaching tool. It is teaching that prosperity and famine are cyclical, that while prosperous you must prepare for the inevitable famine.


Humans haven’t ever dramatized or fictionalized actual events for dramatic purposes.


TIL that staring into someone’s eyes for ten minutes straight may cause disassociation and hallucinations.

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Consequentially, this is part of how the “Bloody Mary” game works. Stare at your own reflection in the dark for long enough, your brain stops registering what you’re looking at as *being* your reflection. Suddenly becoming certain that *something else* is staring out at you from the mirror can be a rather startling experience, even if it only lasts a second.


Yeah well I think staring straight for 10 minutes at everything could cause disassociation and hallucinations. No need for another persons eyes


> A psychologist based in Italy says he has found a simple way to induce in healthy people an altered state of consciousness – simply get two individuals to look into each other’s eyes for 10 minutes while they are sitting in a **dimly lit room**.

Maybe you should remember the dimly lit room part before you go try this out.


But have you ever stared into someone’s eyes for ten minutes straight…. on weed?


How do you keep them from trying to get away?


TIL female psychopaths appear to be more prone to promiscuity than male psychopaths, and while they.prefer to date non-psychopathic men in the short-term, for long-term relationships they tend to look for a fellow psychopath.

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Birds of a feather eventually flock together.


There should be a Psychopaths Only dating site


Oh so that’s what all the tinder girls with “looking for a partner in crime” in the bio mean


Remember women find it much easier than men to date and get laid. If a woman — psychopath in this instance — didn’t give a shit, she could quite easily get laid a lot.


” Psychopaths react far less intensely in such fear-evoking situations. If anything, they remain calm. This can be a useful trait if you’re a soldier”

like i get it, but, big YIKES


TIL 300,000 students in Monrtréal protested for over 100 days over a 75% hike in tuition prices.

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And because of those protests, the province of Quebec still has the lowest university tuition fees in all of North America.

The Quebec premier of the time, Jean Charest, wanted to bring Quebec university tuition fees to the ‘same level as the rest of Canada.’

The students fought back and they won. That could be lesson for the rest of North America.


It was a provincial movement.. not just Montreal


America decided to go the route of “We’ll just have the government guarantee our loans so the universities keep raising tuition forever.”


i believe the headline at the time was students protesting against “american-izing” college.

or was that the series of EU protests


Oh , the Printemps Érable (Maple Spring) – fun times!!


TIL: Hot dog cart operators pay almost $300k an year, to operate outside Central Park, NYC.

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How fuckin much are they pulling in if it costs 300k a year to stay open?


If the average sale is $3, that’s 150,000 customers per year to service to bring in $450k. That’s 34 customers an hour for 12 hours a day every day. And all that before factoring in overhead.


*For many other parks, especially those in parks outside Manhattan, the fees are much lower — $14,000 in Astoria Park in Queens, $3,200 in Maria Hernandez Park in Brooklyn and $1,100 in Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx. The lowest fee, $700, is paid by the owner of a pushcart near the soccer fields in Inwood Hill Park in Upper Manhattan.*


I was just in NYC this past weekend and was wondering if there are any differences in these carts selling the same things? Are there “go-to” carts? Or is there just so much business in NYC that they’re all able to survive?


822 hotdogs a day (at 100% profit) probably really double that just operate the cart. At 12 hours a day that’s 137/hour – so something else has to be going on… drugs, kickback…something.


TIL Tom Dickson, the “Will it Blend?” guy, had his blender jar design ripped off by Vita-Mix. He took them to Federal court, won, and was eventually awarded $24M

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The $24 million is small potatoes compared to the injunction he seems to have won. Looks like he’s making a lot more than that now, every year, in increased sales.


*blender noises cease*

“$24 million smoke. Don’t breathe this!”


I didn’t realize that he was the founder of the company. I had assumed he was just a hired pitchman.


Love my Blendtec. Glad to have one. Wish it also had a wang-jangler though. The nut butter cup is pretty great (the small twister jar).


Damn I own a vitamix and now I feel bad. But ngl, there’s a world of difference between owning a “blender” and owning a blender.