‘Haven’t been seen for 25 years’: rains bring salmon back to California streams

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My dad’s friend built a little man made steam in Los Angeles in the 1980s. There were no streams or natural lakes anywhere nearby. After the first year he had dozens of fish in there… He never figured out how they got there.


Lets take the next step & get enough solar and wind power to knock out the hydroelectric dams that’ve strangled rivers & streams since the depression. Put central valley tree-nut farmers on notice too…


Looks like weather out here does have some good effects.


I’m glad for that. Weather sure has been crazy though. We had historic high heat wave very early in summer, followed by massive flooding, followed by very early extreme cold.

It would be really really nice to have more stories like this.


How does this work? I was under the impression that salmon returned to the same river they were born to spawn. Do salmon live 25 years? Get lost? Magnetic field shift? Volcano?


Get paid the same for less work in UK four-day week trial

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Except studies show that employees are more productive when working less hours / 4 day work weeks. So it’s not so much a ‘get paid for less work’ situation, but rather being more efficient and able to complete work in a shorter time frame resulting in less wasted time. And more down time with a 3 day weekend.


In the US this would just lead to employers reinstating the five day week with extra responsibilities to fill up day five. Assuming you’re one of the lucky ones who actually get consistent 5 day weeks and not 6’s.


Love it! This seems like a step in the right direction.


*Laughs in working average 90 hours/week last year*


Casa Bonita Paying Employees To Perform Community Service During Renovation Period

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Dear Trey and Matt, please bring back the Tulsa location as well. That is all, thank you.


It’s weird that Casa Bonita is such a widely known thing. I grew up with it being “that one Mexican cafeteria with all the decorations”, but it’s properly famous somehow.


Sopapillas and fried ice cream!!!!




This is how we stop ManBearPig!


Kutztown teen creates Teen Banned Book Club at Firefly Bookstore

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Weird, the party of “Personal Freedumbs” and Anti-Censorship is trying to take away American Citizens’ freedom to read a book by censorship.


I fuukin love Firefly. We’re near enough that we go a few times a year. And they take trade-ins!


I don’t remember any graphic sex scenes in *Animal Farm*.


Who bans Animal Farm? It was required reading when I was in high school. I can’t imagine a conservative banning that book.


Are we supposed to know where Kutztown is?


New renewable power plants are reducing U.S. electricity generation from natural gas

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Would have been even better to see coal keep decreasing (even at the cost of gas decreasing slower).

The lesson here is: keeping the nukes running makes the work easier for renewable to kick the fossil out.


Man that stagnant Nuke line is rather saddening, would love to see some progress on that. Glad solar and wind are leading the way!


How is this a good thing? Isn’t natural gas just as bad if not worse than other fossil fuels?


Biden administration announces more than $1 billion for Everglades restoration

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So, wtf is it “good news” that taxpayers will be funding the cleanup needed that was created by Koch Industries and Cargill?


Great!! That will actually result in more savings than spending


I know this got branded as a eco friendly bill, but the reality is this is a flood prevention bill footed by all tax payers for rich coastal homeowners in Florida. I really think the State and FL taxpayers should be ones paying for this.


How about keep the billion and hold those responsible for destroying my state accountable instead?


This is excellent news. The Everglades are an ecological hotspot!!


Many experts predict a post-Omicron break from the COVID roller coaster

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Omicron is milder- omicron is not milder. Omicron may be the end- omicron we must expect more variants! ….ugggghhhHHHHAAAAA!


We just have to make it to summer then school is out and we can get a mental break from the anxiety of having to juggle schedules for two working parents.




And many experts predict this is not the case. In the same article.


Wrong lever!


Researchers have developed a smart and super-efficient new way of capturing carbon dioxide and instantly convert it to solid carbon, to help advance the decarbonisation of heavy industries

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Please don’t involve graphene.

Please don’t involve graphene.

Please don’t involve graphene.


Sounds like an innovative idea, but I’d be amazed if they can make the whole process carbon negative. Melting metal is extremely energy intensive. I guess if they’re integrating this into industrial processes that will be happening anyway, they could get a net reduction in carbon emissions. Pretty cool.


Great to hear about the carbon but bummed to hear they’re apparently just gonna let all that dioxide float away into the environment, poisoning our air. s/


I’ve heard this before… So I will be cautiously optimistic.


Oh neat, it uses a eutectic gallium alloy.