Edward James Olmos & George Lopez Spent Hours Visiting the El Paso Mass Shooting Victims

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Edward is a genuinely kind human. Met him at SDCC a few years back and he was so friendly and eager to chat with fans. He also very adorably showed my husband and I how to take a “proper” selfie with our phones. Reading this just makes me happy to be his fan.


So say we all..


“But then again, who does? “


Fuck George Lopez. He’s a racist ass bitch!
Selena’s Dad is cool though.


Happy 73rd Anniversary President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter

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Wow. They’ve been married longer than my Grandfather was alive on this earth. RIP Gramps.


I’m just here to see how many ways people can rephrase that they “didn’t think he was a good president”, but he was “one of the best to grace the office”


Happy anniversary to them both. Jimmy Carter represents everything a politician should be.


Wow. What a milestone. Good for them. Not my favorite President, but I still admire and appreciate a good love story.


Carter used black magic to stay alive this long… around the time he was dying and needed life saving surgery, his niece and grandson or something died. A life for a life exchange… he has a talk at my school every year and that’s what everyone says lol.


YouTube shuts down music companies’ use of manual copyright claims to steal creator revenue – TechCrunch

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It only took like what? 12 years?


So this only changes the manual claims, not the automatic Content ID claims. It’s certainly a step in the right direction, but there’s still a long way to go before it fixes the rampant abuses.


Can someone ELI5?


>“As always, the best way to avoid these issues is to not use unlicensed content in your videos, even when it’s unintentional music playing in the background,” noted YouTube.

So just control what is literally defined as something that’s uncontrollable, got it.

Edit: Oof, looks like I touched a nerve with you guys. Youtube is bad in their judgement of copyright cases, I thought that would be a fairly uncontroversial sentiment, but clearly I was wrong.


I got flagged once for a mmo. The company claimed it was one of their jazz songs even though it was just the theme music from the actual game. There’s literally nothing you can do vs them. Fight it all you want they auto win.


11 million new trees to be planted in England by water companies

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But why show a picture of broccoli?


Im having a hard time not being skeptical of these increasingly common claims of planting obscene amounts of trees.

I never get to see a photo of this soon to be forest… why is that?

planting 11million trees on 15,000 acres is 4x as dense as a rainforest. roughly 800 trees per acre… Thats not sustainable.

I fear corporate america has found a cheap and easy feel good source of good will, with what is ultimately not as beneficial as it sounds.


As nice as it sounds that’s fuck all in the grand scheme of things


Let me know when they’ve planted them


Good I like this


PNC Bank has announced that they will no longer Do Business/Banking With the private prisons behind mass incarceration

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Most likely because these banks are betting they’re not going to be in business in the next couple of years and they’re not worth the financial risk


the concept of private prisons for profit seems, idk, maybe…wrong?


That’s not what the article says. Says they aren’t extending further financing.


Hell yeah! r/Pittsburgh


“Pack it up bois. All the good money is leaving this scheme. Time to move onto other activities that skirt being illegal and are certainly immoral”


A stranger drove a National Guard sergeant 8 hours so he could make it home for his son’s birth

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Welcome to the world Cooper Charlene Craven


I gave a ride home from the weed shop to a lady that locked herself out of her car yesterday so at least I got that going for me.


If all humans cared for each other as these people did, the world would be a much better place.


That’s how people are supposed to act.. I’m retired from the Illinois National Guard. My daughter was born 4 months premature and spent 278 days in the NICU at University of Iowa children’s hospital. I asked for one day off right about the time of her actual due date and my command exiled me away from my hometown. When I went there anyway, they had called someone to spy on me. The next morning at drill they reduced me from E6 to E5.

It took two years of fighting but I finally got my rank back… along with a severe case of PTSD and anger issues.

My daughter is still special needs. And those responsible for my ptsd are still at large.


his name is Gus Polinski, the polka king of the midwest


Free Community College in California

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Ahh, that’s the catch, its San Joaquin Delta College. Those credits won’t transfer anywhere. Still cool! I’d take some free classes to learn!


I used to pay $8 dollars a unit in 2002. When I left in 2004, tuition was $20 a unit.

Now it is at $50 a unit.

I am glad this change is in place. This frees up a lot of future debt thay can be used by graduates for things like homes and other consumer goods.



Can I get some of that money I spent back?


Community college in California was close to free until recently. I took a summer physics class in high school for $15 and received a full year’s credit when I started at a university the next year. This was 1991. If we could afford it then, we sure as hell can afford it now with California-based companies that didn’t exist back then (Google, Facebook, many others) having GDPs that rival nations. The only thing standing in the way is politicians who pose as Democrats but don’t actually think the working class deserve much of anything.


I would have no problem with this if my primary education were up to par and students that wasted their time there had some type of payback system.


Easton toddler denied $2.1m gene therapy will now get it for free

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Ok everyone needs to understand the reason why it “costs” $2.1 million. AveXis, the company that makes the therapy and a subsidiary of Novartis, is doing groundbreaking work. This is gene therapy, not your basic drug manufacturing. It’s going to cost this much.

Imagine, they have to build facilities all over the US. Fully staffed with specialists trained to culture the viral vector, maintain it in cell lines, periodically maintain its integrity, make sure its not contaminated. It’s a thousand times more labor intensive than manufacturing a chemical drug (which you can simply store in a warehouse when you’ve done it). All of this work, for a condition which only affects 500 children per year. There is no other decent treatment, children born with SMA rarely live past 3, and can’t even sit up straight without assistance. This extremely sophisticated therapy works miraculously well. Many of these kids (with only a one time injection) are even walking and running as if nothing was wrong.

Eventually, as more gene therapy treatments for more conditions are available, the costs will drop. You can have 5 fully staffed facilities working on treatments meant for millions of patients rather than 500 per year. So $2.1 million treatment today may become a few hundred thousand in a decade.

At the end of the day, our issues with cost mainly come down to insurance companies, not these new gene therapy companies. No patient should ever have to pay for this. Society as a whole should split the costs, which is basically what insurance plans are. Don’t look at this and think “big Pharma” that’s a totally misrepresentation of the situation. Their work is extraordinary.

Edit: some have said “recouping the investment” is the reason for the price. For drug manufacturers that’s true, but for gene therapy treatments it’s more about “actually paying for the thousands of specialists that are needed to manufacture it.” The research was done by public universities, that’s not the issue. Gene therapy is a revolution in medicine, and it’s expensive as hell, but with health insurance reform in the US, we could split the cost as a society.

Edit Edit: Before more people start reddit-fighting each other, let me point out that healthcare for many life threatening conditions is crazy expensive. Take cancer. My dad overcame kidney cancer when I was in middle school. He had to be monitored for months on end, by dozens of nurses, doctors, specialists etc. It took advanced drugs, expensive medical technology, and two surgeries to cure him. We had insurance, which covered the more-than $15 million it took in labor, equipment, treatment, etc.

**This is how insurance works. This is why we have it.** We know that some diseases are ridiculously difficult to cure. That in order to save a patient, it would cost several millions of dollars. But we also know that they are rare. This allows us to become part of an insurance group. Where many individuals pay into a pool, so that when one gets sick, and requires several millions of dollars, they can take from that pool of money. Now, of course there are scandals and flat out evil behavior at drug companies from time to time. We can all work to prevent that by requiring transparency, or reevaluating patent laws. That’s not the case here. This treatment is expensive, because it is so labor intensive to make.

In the US, we have a pretty horribly inefficient health insurance system. It’s a collection of thousands of administrative workers, hundreds of public and private companies, that form a patchwork system of employer mandated insurance, which isn’t universal since its often unaffordable unless your employer is paying for it. We can reform this system in many ways, perhaps by simplifying the administration by creating a single national insurance program that could more easily cover costs like this $2.1 million cure. But it’s well worth it to save a life, and because it’s so rare, we can use an insurance system to cover this so that no parent needs to fear having a baby with SMA would destroy them financially. Nobody needs to face that if we pool the costs like we do with cancer. This is a miraculous achievement, since before this drug, SMA type 1 was a heartbreaking death sentence which kills within the first few years.

And to some of our European friends making that “only in America” comment, it costs the same for you too. You just are never burdened by noticing the costs, since most of your countries have you on a national insurance program which pools money and handles it for you. But this treatment is about to come to market in the EU, and your country’s insurance system will be paying $2.1 million for the treatment to save that child, and you’ll never see a price tag.


We lost our son at 10 months old to SMA type 1. This was 6 years ago, we had no idea we were carriers of the damaged gene until he was diagnosed.

We helped raise funding for this and other cures, we’re so happy that a cure has been discovered.


>Before the drug won Food and Drug Administration approval on May 24, AveXis had been providing it free to some patients under its compassionate use protocol. But the program was limited to children with Type 1 SMA, the worst form of the disease. Based on Natalia’s medical records, the Novartis subsidiary concluded that she had Type 2, a milder form, and denied her application.
>But after receiving more documentation from Natalia’s neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital after the Globe story was published, AveXis concluded the toddler did indeed have the worst form and was entitled to receive Zolgensma as an experimental drug.


>The FDA approved Zolgensma for all forms of the disease, but only for children up to the age of 2. The compassionate use program made the drug available free to Type 1 patients older than 2 if they weighed less than 29 pounds and met other criteria. Natalia weighs 26 pounds.

As for the price tag, the medicine is for a rare disease, and it’s a one-dose shot, leading to the obscene price tag. To explain simply – for the drug company to recoup the investment, they need to charge that much since it’s not in demand and there’s only a need to administer once.


Lol this thread is half “WHY DOES IT COST SO MUCH ARGHHHHHH” and half “here’s the reasonable explanation why”


Uplifting? I’m pissed this is even a situation