Teen who was in foster care raises money to help black girls in system receive hair products.

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“When you go to a foster home, you don’t get to bring anything with you,” she told the outlet. “You get to pack something up in a trash bag, and you just go. And a lot of times, you don’t even get to do that.”

The fuck? No possessions, no memories, no photographs? Erase their whole identity and start with clean sheet or something?


Yayyyy this is one of the little things that’s really frustrating in a way for most black girls. I can remember my mom having MANY questions about how to take care of a black girls hair. I can’t really imagine having a foster parent that isn’t willing to try but their out there and that’s why stuff like this needs to be done.


I am white. I had a foster daughter who was 12 going on 13 at the time with 3c curls.. I (wrongly) assumed she knew how to care for her own hair. By the time I realized we hadn’t been caring for it properly she had one giant mat over her entire scalp. She cried, I cried. We learned together. This would have been so helpful, and maybe would have empowered her to ask for help. We don’t get a ton of money to care for these kids and when they need EVERYTHING hair products get expensive fast. I’m so happy for the kids that will get to benefit from this.


My friend’s mom adopted a kid from Uganda and she took a cosmetology class to learn how to do black hairstyles


Well, as long as they are black, I guess it’s cool

Edit: found ten racists! who’d have thought


Federal board approves removal of ‘Negro’ from more than a dozen place names in Texas

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….. Maybe I’m missing something, but weren’t these places named by people who spoke spanish? Like most of the rest of Texas?


>The board also approved replacement names, all of which are largely Texas-related heroes.

>So, for example, Negro Branch, a tributary in Travis and Burnet counties, will be called Ada Simond Creek, named after an award-winning Black writer and activist who was inducted into the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame, according to the Texas State Historical Association. And Negro Head, a summit in Reeves County, will be called Henry Flipper Hill, after a man who was born enslaved in Georgia and became the first Black graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, according to the historical association. He later served at several Texas forts.


Why do people fight language, rather than the concept behind words? It’s not literal words what causes a problem; they are just a means to communicating an idea.


Must be people moving to Texas from out of state…


Column: A conservative mayor heard tearful stories. It changed his mind about flying the rainbow flag [Fresno, CA mayor Jerry Dyer]

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> “I have my foundational faith in Christ, I don’t hide that,” Dyer said. “But I don’t want that to stand in the way of me causing people to feel loved and supported in our community.”

Bro, if your faith in Christ is at odds with people feeling loved, then you’re doing it wrong.


“A gay friend suggested the mayor attend the pride ceremony at Fresno City College and, after talking to its president, Dyer showed up among the crowd of 50 or so. He hung back and tried not to draw too much attention.”

I think this is an even bigger step than the flag. It’s sad we still have so far to go with lgbtq acceptance in 2021, but he definitely seems like he is willing to change his views.


That’s pretty cool of him.

It’s still quite shocking that people DONT know that LGBTQ people get kicked out of homes and are ostracized by a significant portion of society.


“Then Dyer did something unusual. Rather than dig in to his position and swat away critics, he listened.

He read the emails that flooded his office. He reviewed the hundreds of voicemails people left.”

Its a sad state of affairs when elected officials listening to their constituents is unusual


I’m glad he listened!


My bestie got a kidney from her ex-husband’s new wife. Crazy, I know.

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Everyone’s got a type, turns out his is O negative


So her ex and his new wife have both been inside her


I know that move. When I told a boyfriend something was “no big deal”, it meant anything from “I just bought weed from your nephew” to “I secretly befriended your ex-girlfriend last year, things got out of hand, and now I’m her bridesmaid”.


Well there is such thing as an amicable divorce. At this level of love and sacrifice? As rare as a decent divorce lawyer.


Not a chance in hell. She’s a better person than I am. My ex and his wife can get hit by a bus.


Black Lives Matter Protesters Were Overwhelmingly Peaceful, Research Finds

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Remember when CNN had a reporter saying the protests were “mostly peaceful” while he was in front of a burning building lol


>Only 3.7% of the protests involved property damage or vandalism.


> Police used tear gas or related chemical substances in 2.5% of these events.

Interesting to note that there were more instances of vandalism than instances of police using tear gas.


They are apparently considering all protests as equivalent “events”, regardless of size.

One “event” might be arson and looting of multiple buildings in Minneapolis or Portland by hundreds of participants. That would be balanced by twenty local demonstrations of a handful of participants.


Why are all the most popular comments here removed? 😑


Now do that statistics on police/civilian interactions and see what % are peaceful…..


‘She Helped Me Feel Better’: Grieving 6-Year-Old Bonds With Jogger and Dog Outside Her Father’s Funeral

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So that’s what it looks like when people are nice to each other. Thanks, I’d almost forgotten.


I’m definitely not crying right now


Amazing what we can do when we go with trust instead of distrust. Made a huge difference for the kid. Good pupper and pupper-parent.