A canceled wedding left a $5,000 catering deposit. This couple used it to serve Thanksgiving meals.

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We need more good stories like this. Please upvote! Good for them.


That catering company probably thought they would never have to pay that back. Do they get a tax break for that though?


The fact that this couple could afford a $5,000 catering deposit is part of the reason some people can’t afford Thanksgiving meals in the first place.


Denmark stops new oil adventures in the North Sea, and order existing rigs to shut down by 2050

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Woah woah woah – 30 years from now?!?! Why so soon?

For real though – 30 years from now is such a joke. Too little too late.


Never tell a Dane they’re not allowed to have adventures on the high seas! How would their ancestors the Vikings feel about that?


Did they find Cthulhu or something?


Oil adventures?


The wells will be dry by then anyway! lol


104-year-old WWII vet beats COVID-19 in time for birthday

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Savvy veteran just kick the Covid’s butt…


One of the predictor of dying from covid is your blood glucose level. People don’t live to 100 when they have poor glucose control. So it makes sense when we see this kind of story


This generation can beat anything


WWII couldn’t kill him, and neither could covid. Fuck yeah. Thats absolutely amazing


That’s uhhh…that’s pretty cool 😎 I hope he enjoys his cake day


House passes ‘Tiger King’ bill to ban private ownership of big cats

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>The House in a 272-114 vote Thursday passed legislation known as the Big Cat Public Safety Act, which would ban private ownership of big cats such as tigers, lions, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars or cougars. The measure would make it illegal for someone to breed or own big cats without an animal exhibition license from the U.S. Department of Agriculture but would grandfather in current owners if they register with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and abide by federal regulations.


As a kid in Texas years ago, we used to pass by this house on the way to the grocery store that had a tiger chained in the front yard. 30 years later, I’m still pissed. End this.


The problem, as I saw it.. was that they basically exploit the tiger cubs for massive cash, because people pay big money to play with tiger cubs… but when they get older and aren’t safe, they become at best less profitable if not fully unprofitable. After a while, that just becomes a bunch of neglected adult tigers.


Wish this didn’t take that lunacy to happen. Why is it that we can’t just common sense this shit?


If you care about this issue watch the documentary “The Elephant in the Living Room” it’s on Amazon Prime and according to Google it’s on itunes too. The movie is 10 years old but sadly still very relevant and it’s serious, so it’s not about entertainment, it’s about educating people to the problem. Fair warning it’s pretty heavy and there is information about animal abuse that happens. They cover the trafficking more than Tiger King did. I thought it was really good though.

“While wild animals are mere subjects of fascination for many, some in the United States take the step of bringing them into their homes. This documentary explores the trend of individuals keeping exotic animals as pets and the problems that surround the issue. Among those interviewed are Tim Harrison, an expert on dealing with dangerous pets that have escaped or can’t be controlled by their owners, and Terry Brumfield, a troubled man who finds solace in his relationship with his two pet lions.”

Edited for clarity and again to fix the title


Biden says he has asked Fauci to stay on and join COVID-19 team

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This is honestly a brilliant move, both politically and from a public health standpoint.


This is just hiring the right guy the for the job. He’s held that position for the past few presidents while the office has flip flopped Republican and Democrat. It’s nice to see Biden is keeping him on and I see no reason why he shouldn’t.


u/brastafariandreams is here to disinform and push a false narrative. Fuck off troll


The Republitards are in full force in the comment section, much respect to Dr Fauci.


Imagine if fauci didn’t play along with some of trumps stuff. He’d have been replaced. Instead of a weak response they’d have been complete denial of covid’s existence by a puppet yes man would be occupying that position.

He is largely regarded as the man who helped bring aids under relative control in the US. That is not an easy reputation to fake especially amongst the medical community.


A major retail brand in New Zealand introduces children dolls with Down syndrome, to go alongside their range of amputee dolls, dolls in wheelchairs and visually impaired children dolls to help champion inclusion and diversity

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Visually impaired dolls? The other ones could see us???


We love to see the representation 🙂


Solid work, New Zealand company, solid work.


These are so cute. I love the idea of every child having a doll that looks like them and all children playing with dolls that look like real representations of children. Kids just love everyone, wish they could all keep that perspective into adulthood. Teach love and respect for all types of people and celebrate our differences.


New Zealand is knocking it out of the park this decade.


Japan enacts law to make coronavirus vaccines free to residents

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“omg but this is socialist and communist”


Anyone willing to do the math on how much it costs to become a japanese citizen and what that looks like compared projected vaccine cost in america?


Hell we already spent a 100 million on its development why should we pay to get it. OH THAT’S RIGHY WE ARE USA.
I can see it even if we get it free the drug companies will say we WAS going to change 10 dollars a short so we list billions this years billions we need a bail out.


They already announced that in Finland every citizen gets the shots for free whenever it comes.