Supreme Court says federal law protects LGBTQ workers from discrimination

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I can’t believe Gorsuch, a Trump appointee, not only voted in the majority but wrote the majority opinion.


So they get to be people like the rest of us?


Beat me by ten minutes! Anyways, here’s a summary of what happened:

It was a 6v3 decision, with Neil Gorsuch, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen G. Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

This case is different from similar ones that reached the court in that it’s based on interpretation of the statute, rather than on precedent. The Trump administration argued that the law is meant exclusively for protections against sex descrimination, meaning a cisgender woman mistreated for being a woman would be protected but a transwoman mistreated for being a woman would not.

The majority of the SC decided that the language also applied to LGBTQ individuals.

EDIT: I mistakenly thought that this was the NYT article, so this summary was based on their reporting. Given the facts of the case I don’t think there’s much variation between the base facts of the articles.


Although of course if you’re employer was prejudiced and ever wanted to remove you after finding out about you’re sexuality, they’d simply find another excuse and/or make life hard for you until you quit.


Funeral home can’t fire mentally ill communist from role as director, must instead see clients choose other businesses, go bankrupt and close doors, cease operating.


Coronavirus vaccine will be made free for Americans who can’t afford it, U.S. officials say

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Turns out everyone can afford it at 3% APR for the next 30-50 years just sign here to not die.


This is not good news, That means they intend for it to be incredibly expensive. That way they can pilfer Medicare, and rob everyone blind through their HMO system, And those that don’t have an HMO but are not below the poverty line are going to be totally fucked.


I mean what about the people that can afford it? Is it gonna be charged out the ass to insurance?


Shame this even has to be said.


Cart … Horse


Coronavirus: Dexamethasone proves first life-saving drug

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This is truly wild. Back in March, the CDC’s initial recommendation to medical providers was to specifically NOT prescribe steroids to patients with respiratory symptoms, even asthmatics in a flare, because it was thought to suppress the immune system and make a COVID infection worse. Little did we know… It’s a good thing science can change with new data.


but trump the scientist said drinking bleach and injecting yourself with sanitizer was the cure….


That’s awesome!


I love that explanation of how the worst part of the Covid infection is how it makes a person’s body start attacking itself due to the immune system over-reacting. So this sort of treatment ought to do a lot of good before we get an effective vaccine.


Tyler Perry Is Paying for Rayshard Brooks’ Funeral — and His 4 Kids’ College Educations

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The kids that he was charged with abusing? Those kids?


Wouldn’t have to do this if you don’t drink and drive, fight cops and steal their weapons and shoot at them with it…


This one feels like a stretch. A wasted drunk driver runs from cops after grabbing their taser, then shoots the taser at them and it’s a race issue?


Good man, it won’t replace their father but it will give them a great opportunity and not have the burden of debt .


Maybe he shouldn’t have resisted arrest, stole the taser off of one of the officers and fired it at them. Maybe then, he would still be alive. If people want this to stop, maybe they should look at themselves. Stop putting other lives at risk. Risk the lives of others and you may not come out on top.


Band-Aid Adding New Brown And Black Skin Tones

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I never really thought that they were supposed to be skin toned. But I don’t have a white skin tone


I still think they should only be made in blue.


I don’t know anybody whose skin is actually the same color as a band-aid, but I could have sworn I heard them say they were doing this years ago.

I like the Sponge Bob ones best.


About time. Needed this decades ago!


Eliminate all skin tones and make them all lime green.


Laos now COVID-19 free

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“Breaking news: strong commercial and touristic bond formed between New Zealand and Laos”


>The Laos government announced that the country had overcome COVID-19, after discharging the last of its 19 hospitalized patients and not having registered any new case in 59 days, local media reported Saturday.

>“Laos has won a major victory in the first campaign against this ruthless enemy,” Laotian Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith announced at a press conference on Friday, local website The Laotian Times reported.

>The isolated nation of Laos was one of the last countries to detect the first cases of COVID-19 within its borders, on March 24, when a 36-year-old tourist guide who had accompanied a group of Europeans with the coronavirus and a 28-year-old man who had attended a conference in Bangkok were diagnosed, reports Efe news.

>The delay occurred largely as a consequence of the lack of tests and, to date, 8,926 have been carried out in this country of just over 7 million inhabitants, where only 19 cases have been detected and no deaths have occurred, according to collected data on the website of the National Committee for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19.

>The country imposed strict measures to contain the pandemic on May 30, which included the mandatory quarantine of all citizens except to buy essential goods or visit hospitals, the prohibition of travel to other provinces and the total closure of its borders, as well as establishments such as bars, restaurants or gyms.

>The measures were eased at the end of May, with the opening of educational centres or the authorization of sporting events, although if spectators, and also that of movie theatres, but the borders remain closed, except in special cases and with express authorization.


Let me fix that title. Laos tests less than 1% of the population and declares itself COVID-19 free. Can’t have confirmed cases if you don’t confirm them.


(x) doubt


Until they get it again…