The UK Just Got More Power From Renewables Than Fossil Fuels, a First Since 1882: “In the third quarter of 2019, the UK’s windfarms, solar panels, biomass and hydro plants generated more electricity than the combined output from power stations fired by coal, oil and gas.”

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And not a single windmill related cancer reported. Who would have thought it?


What about nuclear?


Fuck yeah!


The mad thing is we’ve hardly scratched the surface of what’s possible. Wind turbines along motorways so that areas of beauty arent affected, electricity generating roads, wave power, solar farms, it’s such a small sector even now. There is so much room to grow.


This only occured because the conditions were perfect (which they rarely are). These headlines always lead to everyone thinking that renewables are the answer, when in fact, they are a part of the answer. UK base load is still going to be dependent on Nuclear Power, even if we do manage to ditch fossil fuels entirely. And energy storage still remains a major hurdle to overcome. Personally, I think the London protestors ‘Extinction’ Rebellion have lost perspective on what exactly climate change will mean. They thrown around some entirely unscientific numbers and massively undermined their creditability. We will not go extinct despite talking about the end of humanity. No scientist is suggesting climate change will cause the extinction of mankind.


Nearly 6,000 Chicagoans to get letters this holiday season saying their unpaid medical debt is forgiven. Learn about the group behind the gifts.

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Sounds like dystopian reality repackaged as a feel-good story


Elect Bernie Sanders in 2020 and every single American will have their medical debt forgiven.


Well that’s very nice.

Now if we can just get actual competition so the doctors don’t overcharge.


Have a word with your Senators.

Healthcare is free most anyplace else.

Well, except Chile. Poor buggers.


Let that group just pay taxes to fund it instead…


Refugee teaches himself game development in Ugandan refugee camp, now developing games promoting peace

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First person healers


World of Peacecraft when?


What inspires me is teaching African refugees JavaScript.


What happened to video games cause violent behavior?


Holy shit. This guy’s mom saved for three years to get a laptop for him. So in return, he walked three hours every day to charge his computer and had to teach himself English, how to use the software, *then* how to program!


A research group has developed an efficient process for breaking down any plastic waste. The resulting gases can then be transformed back into new plastics – of the same quality as the original. The new process could transform today’s plastic factories into recycling refineries.

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Fuck plastic. We have microplastic affecting our ocean life, and it has who knows what long term health issues it brings to us humans.


yeah, they still will miss shit that will poison the ocean! Find a damn replacement for plastic that’s biodegradable!!


Hero girl, 12, safely parks car when mother has seizure behind the wheel

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Could I safely park a car at 12?


Could I do it while my mother was seizing?

No idea.


Kudos for nerves of steel at middle school age.


My wife and I were in a pretty bad car accident today, I couldn’t even figure out how to get the fucking door open. Good on this kid.


She got breast cancer 9 years ago that metastatized to her brain? Wouldn’t that kill her? Isn’t that end stage shit?


She a good kid.


Put car in neutral, pull e-brake, put car in park after its stopped, just if anyone was wondering how to do it from passenger seat.

And pray your car has a mechanical e-brake. Electric ones wont work when car is moving for safety reasons…


Garbage man sees 88yr old woman fall bringing her garbage can in, starts putting it away for her every week after that. Worth watching entire video.

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This just in

Garbage worker gets fired for going above and beyond his job description.


Damn this really is one of those things that doesn’t seem like much but it warms my cold heart


15 second ads, no thanks


We have the automated (w/ driver) trucks, those things don’t give any fucks about your can.


Ex-Navy officer turned inventor signs a multi-million deal to produce his electric car battery that will take drivers 1,500 miles without needing to charge

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Ok. Any other sources rather than the old daily mail article?


And we never gonna hear about him or car, ever again.


This article makes the technology sound much better than it is by making apples to orange comparisons. These batteries are NOT RECHARGEABLE. You can recycle them but not recharge them. That makes a huge difference when you compare the cost to Tesla batteries late in the article. £30,000 gets you rechargeable Tesla batteries compared to £5,000 for his non-rechargeable one-time-use batteries. Presumably you would get a deep discount for recycling your old battery when you get new ones, but those numbers make me think this will be hideously expensive. £5,000 every 1500 miles? Sign me up!


>The luxury electric car maker Tesla says its model S has a range of 370 miles from one charge. Jackson says that if you drove the same car with an aluminium-air cell that weighed the same as the lithium-ion battery, the range would be 2,700 miles. Aluminium-air cells also take up less space.

Tesla Model S batteries weigh 1,200 lbs.

So if this guy says they get 2,700 miles on the weight of a Tesla S battery, they’re getting 2.25 miles/ lbs of aluminum air battery.

So 1500 miles = 667 lbs.

You’re not swapping a 700 lbs battery in 90 seconds.

However, if you want, say, a 400 mile range car, that’s 175 lbs or so. You could envision maybe 5 batteries, 35 lbs each, and being able to switch them out relatively quickly. That’s assuming it doesn’t lose efficiency and works fine being split up into 7 separate batteries instead of one chongus battery.


Multi-million dollar deal with a shell company owned and operated by exxon mobile. Never to be heard from again.


Marlon Anderson: Cher offers to cover legal fees for security guard who was fired for repeating a racial slur

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this is so stupid. The poor guy. Good for Cher for offering to do this.


I’m gonna like and cher this.


‘No Tolerance’ or no, didn’t they have some notion of what such a ridiculous decision would do to the reputation of the school?


I bet if they could turn back time, they’d find a way to not fire him.


What happened to the asshole kid?