Wisconsin Farmer Plants 2 Million Sunflowers To Make People Smile

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I grew a sunflower, made me super happy and smile when I saw it…until that damn squirrel came along and stripped every leaf from the 6’ stalk and chopped its head off. Now anytime I see my leafless, headless sunflower doing it’s best sundial impression, I get very angry thinking about the squirrel who stole my joy. This folks, is the circle of life.


I give it a month before we see a follow up article. “Farmer planted 2 million sunflowers to make people smile, then instagram influencers invaded the town and trampled the flowers.”


I hope he harvests them too. There are some great things you can make from sunflower seeds.


This is near Milwaukee and the smaller cities of Racine and Kenosha, where there has been unrest since this George Floyd thing. It’s nice to get out of the house, he allows you to take some home and encourages taking nice photos. Really wholesome


$25 a car load. They are beautiful – but the local farms are free – you just pay for any you want to cut and take home.


Nearly 20 Families Buy Over 90 Acres Of Land To Build Real-Life Wakanda

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I cant help thinking this is one of those well-meaning bad ideas.


“Real life wakanda” sounds so corny lmao


Racial separatism is uplifting news now?


Where’d the find the vibranium?


They are rejecting everything that MLK Jr fought and died for and are promoting segregation again? Way to continue moving forward in society.


Canada reports no new deaths from coronavirus for the first time since March

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This article was accurate for all of 2mins


Our cases are trending upwards and winter is right around the corner with all levels of schools and workplaces open. As opposed to spreading through nursing homes and killing the vulnerable, the virus is being spread in the 40 and under category. No deaths is wonderful news but a result of that demographic change. It was a one day thing; we are back to posting fatalities. On the ground we are being heavily cautioned about numbers over the last week.


6 deaths in last 24 hours just in Quebec. This article is BS


Not every province reports any information on the weekends too, a bit early to make this kind of statement.


Time to open everything up, lets have a party! WHERE IS SMASHMOUTH AND FOZZY?!?!


Up to 48 species saved from extinction by conservation efforts, study finds. Extinction rates for birds and mammals since 1993 would have been ‘three to four times higher’ without action

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Save the damn insects that are disappearing! We need global action on certain pesticide use…
Edit: forgot to add light pollution as an issue to look into as well.


This…is not uplifting news.


And at the same time we’ve killed 2/3 of the world’s wildlife population since the 70s.


How many thousands have we driven to extinction?


Finally. Some good news.


Indianapolis boy cured of sickle cell disease after stem cell transplant

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Thats amazing, science rules.


I wish there wasn’t this stigma with stem cells and abortion. If we had really invested in stem cell research from the beginning imagine what amazing medical breakthroughs we could have discovered years ago. They seem like the biological equilivent of splitting the atom.


I have a similar disease – and very little next to no research on it cause its not as fatal. but as I get older the symptoms are taking a larger toll on me, so I might look into if this is viable for me too!


US is so behind on stem cell treatment and research because of years of abortion rights activists.


This was a bone marrow transplant, known to be a treatment for this and some other conditions (used commonly in Leukemia). The problem is the mortality rate is REALLY high from the procedure, you basically have to destroy someone’s immune system and even their ability to clot and carry oxygenated blood. Keep in mind, this boy only had his existing sickle cell blood cells until his new marrow started producing, putting him at an even higher risk of complications.

If we could get bone marrow transplants to be 100 percent safe, we could treat sickle cell, even HIV and other conditions if you could find the right donors. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any exciting research in the field and we may be approaching the limit of how safe we can make them. And for most patients, you have some ethical problems with “I’ll risk dying for a cure” vs “maintaining the disease in perpetuity”


Two days after Hurricane Laura, a McDonald’s business owner gave away 10,000 free meals from a portable restaurant — Rikesh Patel, the owner of several McDonald’s in Louisiana, made a call to corporate. Within 24 hours, a restaurant on wheels arrived in Lake Charles.

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I live there. The hurricane destroyed Lake Charles, including my home. There’s still no power there. I work across the street from that McDonald’s. It was nice he did that because there was basically no food around at all at the time.


My town was hit with an EF4 tornado in March, killing 19 people within like a 5 mile stretch of road. I went out to help clean up 2 days later when they allowed volunteers in, and that’s one thing I’ll never forget. People of the community dropping everything to help any way they could.

Local restaurants were giving out free food to volunteers, people were cleaning up debris, collecting family photos and other sentimental keepsakes so they could be returned to those that survived.

It’s sad that it takes such disaster for us to be so kind to one another.


That’s good of him. There shouldn’t *ever* be hunger in this country.


Kind of disappointed there was no picture of the McDonald’s on wheels.


Well done, Rikesh!


Man rescued by priests on a floating tiki bar

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Ok. I’ll try to make a punchline out of this headline forgive me if it’s bad;

When they got to shore, the man turned to the priests and asked “thank you, but I must ask? Why was a half dozen priests are floating on a Tiki bar in the middle of the ocean?”

The eldest priest bowed his head

“You see, my son. We were perusing the holy trinity: the bather, the sun and the holy spirits”


What are the chances that as soon as I finished watching Cast Away, that I open my phone and see this right away?


>He says people—other kayers and canoeists—were passing by in the distance, but the former amateur boxer’s pride wouldn’t let him scream for help.

What a fucking idiot. I hope those priests schooled him on pride going before the fall. Asshole almost made his wife a widow because of _pride_.


So much wrong with Albany man’s action.

* Lost his paddle? Wasn’t it secured?
* ” ill-fitting life jacket coming up over his head”. Life jackets work best if used correctly.
* “and not really paying attention.” Pay attention when you are in open water.
* “but the former amateur boxer’s pride wouldn’t let him scream for help. ” No comment.

I am glad this guy was saved but so many irresponsible decisions that could have resulted in his death.


This is something you’ll have to see to believe.