They thought their dog was gone forever. Meanwhile, prison inmates were treating him like a king.

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F** paywall


“After Brooks fed him a biscuit, the dog followed the maintenance staff everywhere.”

-Classic dog move


Great story. ❤


hey reddit this actual my dog well my parents and i’s dog he says thank you for the kind comments the comments on the twitter page however seems to think it is coded messages


This is just so hartwarming


New fine $125 for parking fossil fuel vehicle in electric car spot

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Handicapped zones are a steal at only $75 a ticket!




62.5 for hybrids


Why is this uplifting news?


I like parking in those front row spots marked “grocery pick up”. Why else would I be here at the grocery store? I’m gonna shop around and pick up some groceries.


Michelle Obama sends Greta Thunberg message of support after Trump tweet. Former first lady told climate activist ‘don’t let anyone dim your light’ after Trump said teen had an ‘anger management problem’

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Why is the president of the United States cyber bullying a little girl in the first place?


Regardless of political disposition, I certainly hope everyone can agree that Michelle exudes class, grace, and kindness. These are the traits of a true leader.


I think Greta is managing her anger very well.

Her planet is being murdered, and she is doing something constructive.

When bad people do bad things, anger is an appropriate response. That is what anger is for.


Does anyone not realize trump did it on purpose?

As soon as he tweeted that (knowing he would get a huge amount of backlash) he immediately started retweeting stuff about the impeachment that favored his side, which in turn made everyone who clicked his profile have to scroll through all those just to see the Greta tweet.

Pretty dumb to attack a kid, but also kind of smart by him I guess.


This is the difference between “class” and “crass.”


Blind Man Asks Facebook Group for Descriptions of Their Dogs and Gets Internet Gold in Return

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“My dog is white and very furry, he’s got a black dot inbetween his eyes and a brown belly!”

Blind guy, trying to visualise something he has no concept of:



How do blind people internet? Honest question. Is there a software or something that reads everything to them?


What a great read to start the day.


He better have thanked the kind stranger for the gold.


None of you overachievers decided to share what the article said. I guess I’ll never know…


U.S. lab chimps were dumped on Liberia’s Monkey Island and left to starve. Their caretaker saved them.

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Like who the fuck does shit like that and can sleep at night?


Would it be possible to plant fruit bearing trees on the island so that eventually they could feed themselves?


His name is Joseph Thomas!

Thank you sir, for not abandoning these animals! You are a good human!


On one side – terrible people who dump the chimps.

On the other hand – amazing people who actually care.

Thanks for sharing.


apes together strong


‘World’s first’ fully-electric commercial flight takes off

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As of now the flight range of these isn’t very good, but they should be good for short-hops and recreational flying and flight schools.


Please keep in mind that this is a test flight and like the image, the plane is a sea plane so that the plane always has room to lane in case of an emergency.

For now the plane has a 160km/100mile range limit of just the batteries and pilot.

We have come a long way of being efficient yet powerful when applying electrical power to motors, but we’re still behind on storing this electrical power.

Elon Musk states that his Cybertruck has a range of 500 miles. Whether this is fact will depend on the commercial version and tests from consumer reports and other companies.


FYI Harbour air does short routes from Victoria-Vancouver, Victoria-Seattle, Vancouver-Naniamo etc on the West Coast of Canada. A small improvement in range would make this work for their entire business. I believe the longest route is around 200km. For many of their shorter routes this is within reach now and very interesting.


How come no one is talking about the ability to recharge the batteries while the aircraft is in flight with the help of internal turbines using the wind generated while flying?


Boy born with half a heart donates dozens of toys to other kids for Christmas

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His heart tripled in size when he heard the townsfolk singing.


having 0.5 heart is not heartless


If the Make-A-Wish foundation could support a trip for him to see a fairy above a pond, his hearts could be restored to full. Until then, he won’t be able to throw swords.

This is a nice boy, I hope his adventures never end.


Sounds like he has more than half a heart.


That most be a BIG half of a heart .


Woman, 81, knits hundreds of items for typhoon victims over winter. ‘I hope everyone can feel the warmth.’

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This woman is a treasure and must be protected at all costs.


I want to look this healthy at 81. She’s obviously doing something right while having a big heart!


Her crochet hook must be flying! For those that don’t know crocheting an item is WAY faster than knitting it, however it takes up way more yarn. Those slippers most likely have a nice little heft to them.


This is amazing! Yarn is not cheap and that is such a huge investment in time and money. She is a saint using wool as a beacon.

As a knitter, I want to mention that her work appears to be all crocheted, which I have mad respect for since I can’t do it. But there is a distinct difference between the two, and crochet would make more sense than knitting all of those items in a shorter period of time.


Ouch, I felt my finger bones aching as I read this. She’s got much older hands than mine, too. Hope she’s taking care of her hands as she takes care of others in need