Torah stolen by Nazis for post-Holocaust ‘Jewish museum’ back in use in Prague

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The Nazis planning to build a museum to a people they were busy eradicating has got to be one of the sickest things I’ve heard.


The scroll is over 130 years old: older than some European countries.


Good for them! *Mazal Tov*, I say (probably horribly mispronouncing it haha).


President of China, Xi Jinping, declares an end to coal use

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No support for new coal based powerplants domestic or foreign by China.
No commentary about taking existing plants offline.


China channelling Michael Scott.

China: I declare an end to coal use!

The World: Hey. I just wanted you to know that you can’t just say “end to coal use” and expect anything to change.

China: I didn’t say it. I declared it.


by the end of the 2050


Could this have anything to do with them getting absolutely ruined by their trade war with Australia?


The amount of cope in these comments 🤣


the world’s biggest carbon-removal plant switches on

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One thing this plant is good for is to put an actual price on carbon emissions. Now that we have an idea what it costs to remove one ton of carbon from the atmosphere ($100 or so, the linked article is behind a paywall), we should tax/charge emitters accordingly. But yes, cost&capacity make me want to cry, otherwise


This is a science that’s going to get cheaper and more and more efficient. It’s still very developmental. Hopefully we can start taxing the major corporations to pay to get more of these plants up and running.


The plant cost 15 million dollars to build and captures a total of 4000 tons of CO2 per year. Apparently worldwide emmisions in 2019 were 36 billion tons. So all we need is 9 million of these plants and we’re good.


Carbon removal is not a solution. It’s a bandaid when your leg has been cut off. We need to legislate the shit out of industry, construction and agriculture to curb the tide.


These could maybe be used to soak up excess power create by renewables on peak hours. Not a silver bullet, but a neat piece of tech to have regardless.


Strangers Offer To Pay For Florida Man Accused Of Stealing Diapers From Walmart So He Doesn’t Get Arrested

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Some of the news stories shared here are actually…really fucking depressing. I guess it worked out in the end, but TWO of his cards were declined at Walmart trying to buy necessities for his children. That’s just..really fucked up man.


Plot twist, the diapers were for him.


Not really uplifting. The man decided to have children but can’t afford diapers.


For the first time in Europe, women in majority of Iceland’s parliament

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These are neutral news at their best. All of these people, regardless of their gender, should speak on behalf of all genders. If this parliament is a tug war between men and women (just like this post is), then these news are downlifting regardless of gender ratio.


>Following up, Ginsburg said that she is often asked how many women on the Supreme Court would be “enough.”

>Her answer? “When there are nine.”

>”For most of the country’s history, there were nine and they were all men. Nobody thought that was strange,” she explained.


And from the perspective of the USA, women can be just as fked up as men, as we can see in the GOP and some women in the erroneously title democrat party. So, bottom line, its the moral quality of individual men and women that count over all. Political Party is the murderer of democracy around the world.


Why is that a good thing?


Iceland is streets ahead of every other country in the world on gender equality


Switzerland votes to approve same-sex marriage, initial results show

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To preemptively answer the question: yes, it really took this long. The process was started in 2013 with a parliamentary initiative. Swiss democracy is just very, very slow.

Germany approved it in 2017, without all the timely extra steps that are needed in Switzerland and without a popular vote, so I don’t even think we’re terribly late to the party.

It’s going to get around 66% approval, too, which is pretty good.

Edit: there is so much negativity in this thread. Can’t we just be happy that LGBTQ+ people in Switzerland can now get married?


TIL that same sex marriage wasn’t already allowed in Switzerland.


Huh, I figured Switzerland would have been one of the first countries to approve same-sex marriage


I still can not wrap my head around, why we have to vote to make others peoples life “ok”.


Reading the comments it seems that there is a lot of confusion here. Same sex unions and same sex marriage are two different things. One of the most important differences is that with marriage you can adopt children.

Anyway, same sex unions was already legal in Switzerland for many years. It is true that for marriage Switzerland is late compared to some other countries, but it’s not like lynched gays until today…


Hawaii makes pledge to conserve, restore or grow 100 million trees by 2030

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Does Hawaii have the room to grow that many trees?


It’s hawaii, trees grow like weeds over there lol


That’s good and all but we are cutting off about 15 billion trees a year at this point


So which one will it be? There’s a huge difference between conserving 100m trees and growing 100m trees.

Or is the goal here to just possess 100 million trees?