Largest Dog Meat Auction House In South Korea Closes Following Lady Freethinker Investigation .

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Honest question, if they’re killed humanely, how is this any different to killing pigs for meat, which are also very smart animals?


I think the reason it strikes us as different is that dogs have been bred over thousands of years explicitly to trust and to be companions to humans.

I am aware that cows, sheep, chickens and so on have also been domesticated, which means they have also been bred to some extent to trust humans. I just think the cultural association in our minds of dogs as friends not food is very strong. And so it feels like a betrayal of that trust to many people.


Reminder: Pigs are considerably smarter than dogs.

Eating dead pigs but being appalled by someone else eating dead dogs is just hipocrisy.


Excellent news


And now the formerly second-largest dog meat auction house in South Korea is the largest dog meat auction house in South Korea.


“Now they must respect us”: A beacon of hope for Africa as Angola bans gay discrimination

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Anyone who thinks a piece of news about the world becoming LESS discriminatory and hostile is “woke politics” might need more than an uplifting news subreddit in their lives. Just saying…

Edited to add: this is some basic humanity and dignity stuff and I am glad to see a (still very religious) country take this step. You might even call it…uplifting!


Live and let live


First steps are so underappreciated.

Just because this won’t cause instant widespread tolerance doesn’t mean its not a huge milestone to be celebrated. It’s great news and will start a shift in the region, however slow.


*Glances at America*
Best of luck, Angola


Was the beacon of hope not started by South Africa? It’s a pity it takes so ling for other countries to follow suite😔



Golden Retriever Service Dog Learns to Wear PPE so He Can Work in the Lab with His Owner

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If a dog can do it, there’s no reason we can’t….


That dog is going to demand to wear goggles for the rest of its life.


Dr. Retriever


A dog can wear a mask all day, but Republicans can’t.

Dogs are more responsible than republicans




CDC Reports US administering nearly 3MM (2.9) Covid shots today for the first time and it keeps trending north!!!

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Thank you Biden!!


Fantastic news


Until it gets to Canada, then it just stops.


far better than the former godless emperor for Life wanna be has been’s sabotaging efforts. to Hell with his ‘ herd immunity ‘ lies, THIS is actually progress !


Thank you Trump for lowering corporate taxes that allow the pharma businesses to synthesize and manufacture so many vaccines.


New Zealand to outlaw conversion therapy practices

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This is a big victory for the people of New Zealand. Conversion therapy is cruel, insane and just plain doesn’t work.


The government ran their campaign with a promise to do this but earlier they said they wouldn’t do it, citing religious freedoms. It took thousands of people going “what the fuck jacinda” for the government to turn around and do what they said they would. The credit for this move must go to the Green Party, not Labour.


I want to be happy about this…

But I cant help be pissed off that these “therapies” still exist at all


Inb4 that one guy that tells us why it’s NOT UPLIFTING😡😡


NZ govt said “there are more important things to worry about right now, so we’re not going to ban conversion therapy”. It took 500k (10th population) signing a petition a few weeks ago for the govt to say “ok fine”


I started a food pantry in my house to help during these difficult times. I was surprised to find out the families I have helped nominated me for a local hometown hero award.

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You are one of the helpers that Mr. Rodgers talked about during bad times. Congratulations on the nomination!


I help too. I get a lot of food from our school and food pantry. Sadly I cannot eat most of it (celiac) so I donate it back to service industry folks that are struggling. Friends got together to donate Thanksgiving and Christmas too. Feels good.




You are a light in this world. Way to be of service.


Great. You’re selfless and amazing all wrapped in one.


Covid-19: U.S. Vaccination Pace Increases to 2 Million Doses a Day

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Imagine how much better things would be if we had good leadership, even from the start of when vaccines first became available. We wouldn’t have wasted months with a botched roll out and the situation with all these rampant variations certainly wouldn’t be as bad either.




Warp Speed, Mr. Hulu.


Ghost Of Tsushima game director Nate Fox and creative director Jason Connell will become permanent tourism ambassadors of Tsushima in Nagasaki

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Tsushima folks, “Game was well received and true to the culture… We’ll make them ambassadors, at least they’ll take it seriously and with honor.”


That’s pretty cool. That game is fantastic and definitely made me want to go there specifically.


Temecula Marine veteran who lost leg in Afghanistan gets mortgage-free home from Gary Sinise Foundation

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Gary Sinise is fucking awesome for doing this, but with the money we spend on the MIC the military should really be taking care of their own.


I heard the house is custom-made titanium alloy. It’s what they use on the space shuttle.


Lieutenant Dan!


Or, and hear me out, maybe if the USA wasn’t entrenched in pointless forever wars this guy would still have 2 legs.


support the troops, unless they need actual support, in which case make them rely on the help of celebrities! USA! USA! USA!