CDC Confirms A THC Additive, Vitamin E Acetate, Is The Culprit In Most Vaping Deaths

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Turns out stuff that is save to eat may not be save to vaporise and inhale. But nobody really cared.


This is **the** one single most important part to take away from these vaping deaths.

On the surface, you wouldn’t have guessed this was the problem, but I think this would be akin to someone thinking that lacing cigarettes with mercury or radioactive material or cyanide would be a good idea at the end of the 19th century. If the cigarettes won’t kill you, one of those three will.

EDIT: in case anyone here is confused the THC additives and Vitamin E Acetate were added (according to what I’ve read and heard) by **black market, non-certified makers of juul cartridges.** Much like moonshine was created by people who were not properly certified to make moonshine.

EDIT 2, more accurate info from /u/ladyavacadose : Yes because you’re saying “thc additives” ? were added to juul cartridges which are just supposed to be nicotine and that’s not true at all. They are just black market thc cartridges. They do not look like juul cartridges or fit on a juul.


So, it’s exactly what everyone in the industry knew it was weeks, if not months ago?


THC *Adulterant … *Dilutent .. not additive… “added to vape products”


words matter


Vitamin E Acetate is not an additive added to THC.

This is added as filler on knock off illegal brands of THC pods. These are sold exclusively in the black market. The reason it’s added is because it made the oil thick which give the impression of quality because of the misconception that thick oil = good quality.

Reportedly some of these knock off brands made their way into a few dispensaries, this seems rare but happened.

CDC tested knock off brands and legal brands.

Vaping THC oil is safe if you buy from reputable and legal brands and dispensaries. Vaping flower is safe if you buy from reputable and brands and dispensaries.

Don’t cheap out. Stay legal and get good brands.


1,500 protesters killed during Iran Uprising, 29 women confirmed dead

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That figure is quite alarming. Why is this not being reported on the mainstream news?


Listen, I hate to be this guy but I don’t think this is a reliable source at all. The source they give is The National Council of Resistance of Iran, which is part of the MEK, a terrorist organization that has killed far more than 1,500 Iranians in its history. As an Iranian, I do not support the regime, but I also do not support the MEK at all; they are very hated in Iran, by almost everyone. They are the farthest thing from a reliable source. If there are other better sources that claim the same amount, fine. I have not seen that, but this is absolutely a piece of propaganda.


This is sad. For all involved. But why is the title concerned with the less than 2% people only because of their gender? Really sad regardless.


That’s an odd way to say 1,471 men were killed.


29 women confirmed dead.

1471 men?

29 women dead is more news worthy than 1471 men?


CNN’s debate livestream cut off in Beijing by Chinese government after candidates started talking about Chinese human rights abuses – Candidates were asked about China’s human rights record & the mass detention of Muslim minorities in Xinjiang

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Am I the only one who’s amazed that they allowed the debate to be aired at all?


There is no war in Ba Sing Se.


Why would the Chinese want to see a US primary debate anyway?


China Goberment: We will allow the livestream of the CNN debate since we allow free speech.

CNN: *Talks about Chinese human rights abuses and the mass detentions of Muslim minorities in Xinjiang*

China Goberment: Wait, thats illegal. *Cuts the livestream*


god damn, China.


Senior Tory who grabbed female protester by throat breached ministerial code, inquiry finds. Boris Johnson had dropped an investigation – allowing Mark Field to leave the Commons quietly

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It’s perfectly acceptable within the tory community to abuse women and children physically and sexually… please accept their cultural differences as they accept all others.. thank you for your time


“Laws are for thee, not for me”


Grabbed her by the THROAT? Pssst! Amateur!

-Donald Trump


As a Corbynista, this feels uncomfortable for me, but I don’t think he did anything terrible.

He certainly could have been less rough, but you never know what a protestor is intending. They invaded a hall, and all he did was block her way, turn her around and hold the back of her neck (not her throat) to guide her out of the room. She didn’t really struggle, and clearly wasn’t harmed.

Should he have been less rough? Yes. Is he a thug? No.


Ah the old Shawinigan handshake.


Twitter just suspended over 88,000 accounts tied to a Saudi disinformation campaign

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Remember Khashoggi.


Who would have thought this and other platforms could be used in this maner?? Its ludicrous to think its the others who are copying what we do, are the bad guys.

Trolls for hire: Investigation finds online smear campaigns can be bought for as little as $8 for a post or $1,500 for two week campaign


Great! Can they do something about the disinformation campaign going on in the US too, please?


>The company published data on nearly 6,000 of those accounts but said it was keeping the rest of the accounts confidential because they might represent compromised accounts repurposed for the spam campaign.

So KSA is either hacking people’s accounts to use for their disinformation campaign, or they’re buying hacked accounts. And considering they’re publishing data on only 6,000 out of 88,000, it seems the lion’s share of the accounts involved are hacked rather than unique.


The thing that concerns me is:

It’s cheaper and easier to pay 90,000 accounts to tell people that you are being good and nice

Than it is to just go out and be decent and nice.


Muslims urged to boycott Chinese products over Uighur treatment. At summit in Malaysia, influential preacher says leaders from Muslim world should exert more pressure on Beijing.

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Chinese buy the vast majority of Saudi oil, bet you they don’t give two shits


Great idea in theory. It’s just that no one hates muslims more than other muslims.


Money > Sense.

Malaysia will happily bend ourselves over for some of that RMB. Money speaks the loudest.

I’m from Malaysia and not a hint of Uighur Muslim’s genocide is even reported, HongKong protestors are painted in the bad light everyday. Malaysia is completely China’s bitch.


Wow this comments section is a shitshow


A struggle against China could be a great opportunity for healing between Muslim and Christian communities. Perhaps they don’t see eye to eye, but no one on any side should want to see what China is doing.


Israel to be investigated for war crimes in Palestinian Territories, ICC announces

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Misleading title.

The chief prosecutor said that there’s a basis for investigation but that she will ponder in the ICC to see if they have jurisdiction to *start* an investigation.


That’s not what the story says. It says Hamas and the Palestinians will be investigated along with Israel. Why would you omit that part I wonder?


If found guilty, Israel will receive a strongly worded email asking them to stop it with the war crimes. Possibly. Maybe.


But Israel refuses to ratify the Rome Statute so the ICC has no jurisdiction.


The fact that she worded it so neutrally gives me some hope. Hague is less biased than the UN, so I hope they will take a look at both sides.

I don’t care if Israel’s actions will be condemned as long as Fatah’s terrorist stipend & Hamas’s multiple atrocities are too. Perhaps this dual accountability will be the first step towards deescalating this conflict.


Trump reportedly fixated on a debunked conspiracy theory about Ukraine trying to sabotage his 2016 campaign because Putin told him so

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So,is this implying he’s stupid or that he’s compromised by the russians?


All these people that are dying on Trump hill are going to look really stupid for the next few centuries.

Just like those that supported slavery, or that women shouldn’t vote. Or those brave Americans that supported Nazi Germany and the internment of children at the border.

I think their is a huge amount of overlap in the group’s of people involved.


Lol America’s president is obedient to the Russian dictator because he’s weak and stupid, like anyone who still supports him.


Trump is not complicated. There is a very simple explanation for this:

1. Putin has gained Trump’s trust over decades through his business deals with Russians.
2. Trump can never admit that he was helped.

Trump believes people that tell him what he wants to hear. He wants to hear that Russia didn’t help him get elected. That’s all Putin had to say.


Everything that Trump is in charge of or owns is “Fantastic, the greatest in the history of the world!”… except for his own intelligence agencies.


‘Get Brexit done’: Wealthy Tory donors buying EU citizenship for themselves, documents reveal. Cyprus ‘golden passport’ scheme can secure EU nationality for just two million euros.

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Surprising nobody, the people funding Brexit had no intention of staying in Britain.


Hahaha. That one way street action. Freedom of movement for the rich alone


Can’t wait to hear the argument from Brexiter reddit users of why only rich people should be members of the EU.


Imagine being so rich that you consider two million as “just two million”


It looks like the rats (who can afford to) are abandoning the ship.


EU parliament calls for China sanctions over Uighur persecution

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About time they did it. Now let’s hope it’ll actually have an effect on the Chinese overlords..


1 million people are in camps in China.


Time to #boycottChina


well. its a good time to move production back to EU. will fuck up china exports and lower total environmental impact of EU. everyone wins.


The world needs to unite against CCP’s ethnic genocide waged on the Uighurs and Tibetans, b/c there are plenty of other ethnic minorities living in China who will be next.