The fashion industry emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined: the industry produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions, is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply, and pollutes the oceans with microplastics.

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All clothes, not just the fashion industry


well we are all sweaty redditors who only change clothes like twice a week so obviously this message isnt for us /s


FTA regarding microplastics:

>Washing clothes, meanwhile, releases 500,000 tons of microfibers into the ocean each year — the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles.

>Many of those fibers are polyester, a plastic found in an estimated 60% of garments. Producing polyester releases two to three times more carbon emissions than cotton, and polyester does not break down in the ocean.

>A 2017 report from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimated that 35% of all microplastics — very small pieces of plastic that never biodegrade — in the ocean came from the laundering of synthetic textiles like polyester.

>Overall, microplastics are estimated to compose up to 31% of plastic pollution in the ocean.


Another thing I’m not seeing mentioned much is tha a lot of people justify their large wardrobes and frequent apparel purchases by stating that they donate whatever they dont use anymore. What ends up happening is thrift conglomerates end up acquiring a large surplus of clothing, which they ship to African countries to be “sorted”. In reality they are deposited into large unregulated landfills that produce a significant amount of methane as the plastics in those clothes degrade. Methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, so yeah.

Edit: this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t donate your old clothes. Some companies now also have clothes buyback options, which have shown to be more effective in recycling clothing than donation to some large thrift conglomerates. Just be informed and try not to buy fresh clothes every week, because that is both expensive for you and the environment.


Buy LESS shit.


Millionaires now hold nearly half of the world’s wealth

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I’m not sure it’s millionaires. It’s billionaires. Like, a few billionaires have as much wealth as all the millionaires in the world.

The difference between a million and a billion is approximately a billion.


Millionaires is such a huge term. It is lumping in someone with 1 million with people who have 999 million. That’s like lumping people with 1 thousand dollars in with people who have 999 thousand dollars.


Not a bug, a feature. The system is working as intended. Why change it? Look at it from *their* point of view, you *know* who *they* are.

Devil’s advocate mode activated:

Inequality is rising globally.

Yey that means I am getting even richer, now I have even more money than I could still ever hope to need or spend.

Poor people? yes, they are getting a bit annoying aren’t they? This lowly millionaire tried to talk to *me* the other day.

A cyclical systemic predictable collapse cycle generates the perfect opportunity to sweep up some more assets at a cut down price.

It’s like a black friday for billionaires.

The fact that real terms wages haven’t increased since the 70s, while productivity has risen substantially, and the little people haven’t even bothered to joins unions, or strike, or riot anywhere near where *I* would deem to visit.

Yey, our plan has worked better than our most optimistic profitable projections.

Of course this can go on for ever. My elite private education taught me *that* in the context of history, even if it taught me nothing else.

Us? be *wrong*? Laughable.

Mode off:

A debt is due. It will be collected. The world is waking up.


I find it funny that they use a picture of an “old money” couple at a horse track or something to show a millionaire. Being a millionaire isn’t a big deal anymore. I’m pretty close but 90% of my net worth is my house and my 401k and I still have $50k in student loans. I’m not dressing up in tails and going to the Kentucky Derby anytime soon.


Something I never really see addressed, people think of a millionaire as someone who no longer has to work, and lives a life of luxury.

With inflation, that point has moved north of $1m. A million today buys far less than a million 50 years ago. When we collectively think of a millionaire, let’s just say we are thinking of someone who had $1m in 1980. To be at that same point today, you need almost 3x as much money.

If you’re looking for $1m in 1970, you need over $6m today.

1960 – $8m, 1950 – $10m

I don’t think being a millionaire in 2019 is the same lofty achievement that it was decades ago, I’m actually a good chunk of the way there, and I still have many years left of work to hit a comfortable retirement number.

But there’s not a convenient round number to use as the new target. That’s largely why we’re shifting to “the 1%” and other similar separations, I think.


Apple CEO becomes chairman of China university board

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How many “Chairman Cook” jabs were flying around the last few days when Apple got on their knees for China, and then fucking this?


So much for privacy from Apple.


Ironically nobody is boycotting Apple with the same fervor of Blizzard, yet i got torn to shreds for commenting so


where did we mess up to get into this world state?


It’s almost as if a society based entirely on individual gain would do nearly anything for individual gain. Even going so far as to sell out to countries that don’t share other important commonplace values of said society.



Arnold Schwarzenegger praises climate activist Greta Thunberg: ‘I think politicians are listening’

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I love Arnold because he’s a very rare example of a man capable of saying ‘crap, I was wrong.’

This is a man who ate beef and chicken by the pound, loved guns (literal and the ones on his shoulders) and big loud trucks. He loved the original Hummer so much that he used his position as governor to get it legalized as a civilian vehicle when it got 4 miles to the gallon and was NEVER intended to be driven on a paved road / outside a warzone.

Now, he’s a climate activist, his home and businesses run entirely on renewable energy and recycle as much as possible, and he has personally decided to go vegan – despite his lifestyle and history as one of, if not THE MOST macho man in modern history, he not only admitted he was wrong, but adjusted his priorities to align with his principles and stuck with them. Despite being humbled, he talked the new talk and walked the new walk. Nothing but respect.


I never cared for US politics so didn’t pay much attention between R and D before, but after Trump I remember Arnie making some statement how he was a proud republican but will fight for the climate and a bunch of other issues that seemed pretty anti republican. Also his loathing of Trump, is he really in the right party?


If Arnold was representative of Republicans in power, I would have a lot more respect for people voting for them.


Just FYI this man is a republican, which makes this at least 5% better


Arnold is a wonderful human being

It’s too bad he can’t run for president


Prince Andrew took part in orgy with nine girls on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, alleged victim says | The Independent

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Don’t forget that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other perpetrators in this case that are likely composed of some of the most powerful people in media, banking and government.

Don’t forget about this case, and don’t let one old pervy Prince take the fall for the heinous crimes committed by the so called ‘leaders’ of the world.

Don’t forget this Epstein scumbag likely enabled the sexual predation of trafficked girls to two US presidents. This scandal runs very deep and they are trying to sweep it under the rug.


Honestly at this point there needs to be protests to demand an honest, truthful and transparent investigation into the Epstein case


MI5 are really slacking, you’d think they’d have killed all the witnesses by now.


Normally i am very very skeptical about conspiracies but this one…

When Epstein “killed himself” it was a wake up call to me that this shit wasn’t no tinfoil hat it was real and there’s some powerful people behind this.

Edit: it’s not that I don’t think he didn’t kill himself it’s that I think The authorities let him do it under their watch.


What a sad world when getting rid of a witness (Epstein) and telling the papers to get off it no longer shuts the problem down.


I will continue to refuse to mark stuff as sarcasm, even in a world where people are really in all seriousness saying stuff that we should legitimately be able to think they’re just pulling our legs.

Also – in case its not obvious, I have doubts about the suicide thing. Unless *someone* pays me, then I will seriously believe it and defend that version online (nudge nudge wink wink)

2nd EDIT:

I admit that I did have to compromise in trying to be more obvious. I’ve had some pretty negatives when I was not as obviously being sarcastic. Mea culpa.


Kurds Confront Exiting U.S. Troops In Syria With Heartbreaking Signs; ”Thanks US people, but Trump betrayed us.”

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I’m actually impressed/grateful that they make the distinction. They would be well within their rights to hate **all** of us – Trump didn’t get to where he is by himself.


The fallout for this will last a generation.


I understand.

Trump has betrayed us as well.


Then Republicans will turn their backs on the soldiers when they come home, so we understand the feeling.


Such a shameful moment in US history. I’m disgusted


Illegal loggers murder forest rangers in Romania

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Pretty grim that all over the world, from Eastern Europe to Latin America, that those who try to protect our planet are the target of violence.


Time to start shooting illegal loggers.


This sort of stuff is so common. It is hard for countries to even enforce the environmental laws they have in place let alone implement more :/


Years of halfassing the implementation of anti-logging measures paired with the profitability of this business have led to this. The international illegal logging trade is one helluva cash cow and governmental apathy creates the perfect conditions for its development, which brings with it violence. Condolences to the family.


call in the army and wipe them out. Only severe consequences will help stop repeat crimes like that.


Chile crisis: 7 dead, curfew imposed in 14 cities as Government tries to face protests

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2 hours and still hasn’t made it past 100 upvotes. If this was hong kong it’d be tears and candle light vigils across the world.


And in Ecuador they had to relocate their government.


Reddit will give this protest 7 seconds of attention and quickly turn back to Hong Kong because HK police sprayed blue water on protesters this weekend, BLUE WATER. How dare they?


gee….somehow the western press isnt running graphic footage of the dead…not in Chile, not in Kashmir, not in Palestine, not in Yemen and not in Burma . Even though, the army is on the street, there is curfew and people are being killed by bullets.


all three things which are missing from Hongkong btw.


full support to the passionate protestors in Hongkong btw…but we must remember to be able to look beyond what the media wants us to see.. and support human rights everywhere.


But this isn’t China so people don’t care apparently.


Hong Kong descends into chaos again as protesters defy ban

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Fuck the Chinese government!!!!


It didn’t descend into chaos again, it descended into chaos 4 months ago and hasn’t stopped. This shit is happening daily.


Good for hong hong.

They need to stand up to west taiwan. Aka the CCP


I’ll take chaos over brainwashed masses like those folks over at r/sino


0 deaths? Out of all of this? With people being shot at, and stabbed in the neck and such?

[Press X to doubt]


US troops in Syria going to Iraq, not home as Trump claims

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At least the Oil is secured.


After 16 years, it’s really a home away from home.


Embarrassing to be a US servicemember under Trump.


He’s going to show them 1st class hospitality! Trump Resort Fallujah has the best bedbugs.


Donald Trump doesn’t know what day it is.