Chinese embassy tells Canada to stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs

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Time to double down then! Canada has nothing to lose as China has already cancelled most of the major contracts with Canada anyways and is illegally detaining Canadian citizens on made up spying charges.


Canada, please get serious about China. Tell them to fuck off in meanginful ways. Cancel their 10 year visitor visas. choke out their student visas. Their values are disgusting and an insult to Canada and Canadians.


How about this, China: we’ll stop meddling in HK when you stop meddling in Canada.


Maybe if China fucked off and stopped meddling in world financial affairs and continually stealing identities and technology from the west


Canada: Sorry, not sorry. Fuck off, eh?


Government MPs alarmed over Chinese influence at Australian universities after pro-Beijing rallies

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What about the Chinese influence over Government MPs?


Not a surprise. International students who mainly come from China, bring in a lot of money to come and study in Australia. Universities care about the $$$ than the care of students.


This needs to be higher.

I hope the Canadians and UK people will look into this issue as well.


Just came back from a trip to Melbourne and noticed that at Sydney airport all the signage an advertising for about 2KM leading up to the Airport is in Mandarin.


The amount of Chinese international students coupled with the fact that a lot of western university students who either don’t want to appear racist or have some warped perspective of communism where they somehow think it’s a good government to live under is scary. I’ve been harassed in class for saying I support Tibet and was once followed after class by a group of Chinese international students. When I went to my professor and the administration about it, neither would do anything because they didn’t want to upset the Chinese who paid a lot of money to the school.


Vietnam demands Chinese ship leave disputed waters as end of fishing ban threatens to inflame tensions

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China just going fish out the entire ocean eventually


Vietnam is incapable militarly/politically to make China follow sadly. China needs to stop their actions


They will leave… Just as soon as they finish building a dozen artificial island military bases.


They did this of the coast of Argentina. Basically emptying the ocean of fish and sharks


Dont china remember last time they messed with Vietnam? They better calm down when Vietnam says so.


Australia’s decision to ban the popular zombie survival video game DayZ because of in-game drug use has made the country look like “the wet blanket and laughing stock of the whole world”, a state MP has said

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“Hello, fellow gamers.”

-State MP


I almost choked to death and spilt the bong when I first heard this.

For some reason marijuana is worse than murder as far as my government is concerned as my character in some games is *required* to assassinate people and murder huge numbers of digital puppets but toking on a blunt is strictly verboten.

A rational observer could be led to believe that our government has never even heard of the internet.


It’s making the country look like that because that’s what this country is.


An Aussie person here can correct me if I am wrong, but weren’t you guys the country who was down with stuff like full on cursing on regular tv and nudity? Isn’t prostitution also legal there?

My point is, I thought you guys were supposedly pretty liberal minded about things. Now this shit? What happened?


Why ban it? Here in the US we have a rating system so people have to show an ID to prove their an adult before they can buy mature games.

Kids still play violent and crude games but at least this way we can put the blame entirely on the parents.


Hong Kong protests see sharp rise in number of residents wanting to move to Taiwan

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I’m surprised at how low those numbers are. You would have thought that anyone paying attention would have started leaving over 20 years ago when the west pulled out of there.

Did people honestly think China was just going to let an independent city nation sit inside their border and not assimilate them?


I am both simultaneously confused that the number is so low and that it is increasing. For the former, I get the impression that many people living in Hong Kong are not that optimistic about the outcome of their protests. After listening to several interviews it seems like a lot of them think that they are staving off the inevitable assimilation with China. If they are that opposed to the Chinese government, I am curious as to why they aren’t fleeing in much larger numbers.

On the other hand, China doesn’t recognize Taiwan as an independent nation and still thinks of it as it’s own. If I was attempting to flea from the Chinese government I might try to avoid a place that China has it’s eye on.


We have a saying here, “Hong Kong today, Taiwan Tomorrow”. Basically means whatever happens to Hong Kong could happen to Taiwan in the near future.

The situation in Taiwan is definitely better than Hong Kong right now, but how long will that last? If possible, I would recommend them to try more stable and risk-free countries……


Taiwan is probably next.


Doesn’t Taiwan speak Mandarin?

Or is the command of Mandarin common in Hong Kong?


“This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done. Only you know if we did it. CO2 415 ppm.” From a letter to the future on a plaque placed today commemorating the loss of the glacier Okjökull, which has died at the age of about 700.

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I feel this plaque should have been more direct in saying:

“We know what we have to do, but our policymakers are valuing profit over doing it. We have the information and the resources to fix this problem, but we are trapped behind them. Only _you_ will know if they matured their values in time to do anything.”


Wow, this is like something the enterprise finds after Captain Picard lives 100 years on a dying planet in the space of a 15-minute seizure on the bridge.


This is crazy – when I was at school we were taught it was 350 ppm (which it was) it has almost gone up 20% since then.

Also we knew all the facts then pretty much – humanity is a fuckup

I’m not even that old


how can anyone deny climate change?

We’ve been talking about it for 100 years.

Nearly All (if not all) credible scientists agree that human are rapidly increasing climate change.

We all know what’s causing it.

We know how to stop it.

But for some reason, The President of the United States refuses to listen to US intelligence, or scientists.

For some reason, The President of the United States is calling this real Danger a Hoax, while claiming that Mexico is invading the US.

Fucking looney.


RIP giant slab of ice

we will miss you.

now we wait as our world fries.


Governments around the world are considering taxing red meat like tobacco in an effort to curb climate change

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It’s odd that commenters are instantly against a tax for combating climate change, when it targets something they like.

Red meat is a particularly big polluter. It is quite extreme just how much ~~co2~~ pollution cows create. Climate change is real. Taxing things that are bad *does* have an impact. People will switch to cheaper meats for day to day meals. They will eat red meat less often. That’s fantastic for the environment.

I for one am 100% in favour of this tax. I already chose to eat other meats more often over beef.

Edit; as a number of people have pointed out it’s not strictly co2. It’s other greenhouse emissions. Like methane. So I’ve swapped out co2.

Thanks to whoever gave the gold!


This seems entirely speculative and misleading. There happens to have been *one proposal* in Germany and I think that’s it.

The linked Fitch report “Sustainability – Drivers And Implications For Agribusiness” in the BI article is not directly about this, but about agribusiness in general and one of the key points is:

> We identify meat and palm oil consumption as the two industries most susceptible to undergo structural changes over the coming years.

It really doesn’t talk about meat as much as palm oil. One place mentioning governments taxing meat is:

> Governments could leverage on this demand for more sustainability and tax the consumer instead of implementing stricter environmental production regulations. Some may consider implementing a tax on meat, following on the model of the ongoing rise in ‘sugar taxes’ (see ‘Positive Sugar Consumption Outlook But ‘War On Sugar’ Gains Momentum’, August 21, 2018). However, we note that such a measure could be unpopular at a time of [MISSING!]

Yes the end of that paragraph really is missing. No idea what’s going on there, but it’s all just speculation. The BI article then pulls in a report about a German proposal to tax meat.

It later points out that meat is a commodity probably isn’t a growth market, except perhaps poultry. Also beef consumption is dropping in many countries and artificial meat may be a threat.

BI article also points out that big consumers like China (added by me) , USA and Brazil wouldn’t do this. I couldn’t find the “highly unlikely” quote in the Fitch report at all:

> However, Fitch tipped cold water on that idea. It stated that it was “highly unlikely” that meat-lovers in the US and Brazil would use taxes to banish meat from menus.


This is such a bullshit headline. A firm of analysts comes up with an idea if something that could possible happen, publishes it along with a bunch of public policy data on taxation driving consumer spending habits (which is known behaviour, and has been for 30+ years), and suddenly that transforms into “Governments are considering”. Fucking free advertising for Fitch is pretty much all this is.


Too many people in this topic who probably claim they want to fight climate change but don’t want to make any cut backs, sacrifices, make any changes or pay any costs.

Do you see the problem?


All they would need to do in the US is stop the vast agricultural subsidies that make beef artificially cheap.


Hong Kong protests spread across the globe

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China losing face on the international stage each day is always a good day. Hong Kong peeps got balls.


This is absolutely destroying China’s standing in the world, almost every nation has an incredibly poor view of the mainlanders here


I can’t believe how many chinese-canadians are doing counter-protests!!! What the fuck!


Nothing is more moronic than being “Pro-beijing”.

I LOVE my government that oppresses me, has concentration camps, and can make me vanish without repercussions


Is China so desperate to suppress Hong Kong’s voice around the world? Or, are these pro-Beijing supporters actually trying to damage China’s reputation?


‘Mulan’ faces boycott in Korea after Chinese actress Liu Yifei’s ‘support’ for Hong Kong protester crackdown

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“She is enjoying freedom as an American citizen, while forcing Hong Kong people to make sacrifices,” a Korean netizen wrote. “I will not watch any of her works in the future.”


Can I still boycott a film if I was never planning to watch it?


Disney in the office’s rn

“Alright so, is it too late to recast?”
“Call ScarJo.”


Good, she’s a mouthpiece for propaganda due to her Godfather’s massive fortune and business in China, who used her position of safety as a US citizen to belittle the struggle of people suffering under Chinese oppression. She’s one of many public figures who are going to be on the wrong side of history once this all blows up/over.


the real mulan would stand with protesters


Trump Mocks Tlaib and 90-Year-Old Grandma Living Under Israeli Occupation: Trump used quotes around grandmother, which journalist Mairav Zonszein said is “fully in line with the total dehumanization of Palestinians, to the point that you have literally erased their existence from your vile mind.”

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History will not be kind to Trump.


Just a reminder that commondreams is not a news org.

They are a political propaganda think tank specifically created to manipulate and influence votes through deceptive headlines and misinformation.

Reddit allows them while simultaneously banning other legit news orgs because they are the type of propaganda they agree with.


>journalist Mairav Zonszein said…

A reporter having an opinion is not news. It is actually:

– Worldnews Rules

– Disallowed submissions

– Editorials, **opinion**, analysis

You’d think a moderrator would know that, but apparently not.

Like I said a few days ago, a disturbingly large percentage of articles posted to /wrldnews are nothing more than “*here’s my opinion*”… posted by a person who agrees with that opinion.


What were the conditions she would have to follow


The scare quotes appear to be casting doubt on Rep. Tlaibs motives, not as a dehumanizing factor. Here is the tweet in question:

*Israel was very respectful & nice to Rep. Rashida Tlaib, allowing her permission to visit her “grandmother.” As soon as she was granted permission, she grandstanded & loudly proclaimed she would not visit Israel. Could this possibly have been a setup? Israel acted appropriately!*

It seems that if her motive was to see her Grandmother she would have quietly accepted instead of issuing a press release. There are valid objections to his other tweet, but the dehumanizing aspect of this particular tweet doesn’t seem valid in my opinion.