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Trump Impeached for Abuse of Power (12/19/2019) ~ World News

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UPDATE: vote on impeachment for Obstruction of Congress has also passed.


Friendly reminder to vote in the next election and in every election.


Just a reminder to everyone, unfortunately this doesn't mean he's not president anymore


Rep. Loudermilk actually compared Trump’s trial to Jesus’ crucifixion. Thats just ridiculous, I mean please


I have lived long enough to see 2 presidents impeached, that's more than half of all presidential impeachments!! One D and one R, too. Edit: and one almost impeached. Wonder what my end score will be!


President Trump has been impeached (12/19/2019) ~ News

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The Senate will decide your fate


2020 is gonna be one bitch of a year.


Can someone eli5 what this means and how this affects us?


“Im not orange, impeached”


It's a depressing state of affairs that the political bar for this country has been set so low that I'm actually impressed the Democrats managed to keep it together long enough to accomplish this without completely botching it.


Megathread: House Votes to Impeach President Donald J. Trump (12/19/2019) ~ Politics

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How about that, he finally won the popular vote.


VOTING MATTERS. These last few months have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that this impeachment would never have happened if voters hadn’t come out in such great numbers in 2018. So do it again, do it better, stay informed and stay on fire for truth and justice, check your registrations, get your friends and neighbors and coworkers and exes and strangers on the street to go with you en masse and VOTE in 2020 in such high numbers that attempts to steal the election or interfere with the outcome fail. Change is still possible and this nation can recover, but it won’t without you.


Pelosi just hinted they'll never send the articles unless McConnell agrees to a fair trial process. That means there's a possibility Trump is forever impeached, never acquitted. Hard. Ball.


Not a single republican vote. Party over country. Shameful.


Donald Trump is an impeached President, and always will be. Love it. Fuck Donald Trump.


Justin Trudeau moves forward with ban on LGBT+ conversion therapy across Canada (12/15/2019) ~ World News

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" He said the Minister of Justice and Attorney General David Lametti must work to ”amend the Criminal Code to ban the practice of conversion therapy and take other steps required with the provinces and territories to end conversion therapy in Canada”. " It's about shutting down the "pray away the gay" style camps.


Everyone involved in that shit or who sent their kids to it should be sent to prison


Glad the election went his way when you realize things like this don’t happen if it goes the other way.


Wow, look, a functional government!


That’s great. Can he also ban all the other pseudoscientific sham treatments.


Large U.S. study finds that marijuana laws (both recreational & medical) appear to significantly reduce prescription opioid use. (12/16/2019) ~ Science

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The irony is that health pratictioners like doctors and nurses cannot use medical marijuana themselves or else they can get fired, since it is still not federally legal. Hospitals that take federal money (like Medicare) or receive federal grants have to abide by federal laws. Even if marijuana is legal in their state. So doctors can prescribe their patients this better alternative, but if the doctor develops a condition or gets into an accident, they have to use drugs with worse side effects (like opoids), even knowing there is a better drug out there for their condition. How sad is that.


**The post title is taken directly from the study:** >Between 2011 and 2018, we find that recreational and medical cannabis access laws reduce the number of morphine milligram equivalents prescribed each year by 11.8 and 4.2 percent, respectively. >...both types of cannabis access laws similarly reduce the total days supply of opioids, the number of patients to whom providers prescribe opioids, and the probability that a provider prescribes any opioids. **Here are some ways this research builds upon past studies:** >This study extends the sampling scope of past samples by using 1.5 billion individual opioid prescriptions. This represents 90% of all filled outpatient opioid prescriptions during the time period analyzed. >The researchers aggregated these prescription data to the individual-provider level. Then they calculated highly-specific measures of opioid prescriptions, like morphine milligram equivalents. >These data and methods provide a more precise picture of nationwide prescribing behavior than previously available.


Does it reduce alcohol use too?


#"YEAH THATS THE PROBLEM" - Big Pharma probably


Why are most top comments deleted?


Leaked audio: Trump adviser says Republicans ‘traditionally’ rely on voter suppression (12/20/2019) ~ Politics

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Holy this is crazy. > **One of U.S. President Donald Trump's top re-election advisers told influential Republicans in swing state Wisconsin that the party has "traditionally" relied on voter suppression to compete in battleground states but will be able to "start playing offence" in 2020 due to relaxed Election Day rules, according to an audio recording of a private event obtained by The Associated Press**. > “Traditionally it's always been Republicans suppressing votes in places," Justin Clark, a senior political adviser and senior counsel to Trump's re-election campaign, said at the event. "Let's start protecting our voters. We know where they are. ... Let's start playing offence a little bit. That's what you're going to see in 2020. It's going to be a much bigger program, a much more aggressive program, a much better-funded program."


Retired in 2017, became interested in US politics mostly because of Trump and have learned a lot but the first thing I learned is that republicans cannot win unless they cheat.


In a normal country this would be a scandal, instead of just someone saying out loud the thing we already knew to be true.


Time to reinstate the Voting Rights Act.


>We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did


A vegan couple have been charged with first-degree murder after their 18-month-old son starved to death on a diet of only raw fruit and vegetables (12/20/2019) ~ News

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So basically this woman had an 11 year old by her first marriage. And she was investigated back in W Virginia or wherever for malnutrition for that kid years ago. Dunno what happened, cos she moved, and had 3 more kids with the 2nd guy. The 3 youngest were all suffering from starvation and the toddler died. But the 11 year old was a reasonable weight cos by court order she had to visit her Dad every 2 months and I guess she was able to fatten up during those times so she didn't fade away during the periods of starvation with her Mom. The mom said that in the previous week, the youngest had only taken breast milk. At 18 months old. The child wasn't even registered. I dunno if anyone even knew it had been born as it was a home birth and they never saw a doctor.


The stupidity on this planet is truly frightening


Just to be clear, this didn’t happen from feeding the baby a vegan diet. The real issue here is neglect.


"Vegan" diet or not these adults clearly can barely take care of themselves let alone a child. I'm sorry, but that poor kid was doomed from the start.


Doesn’t first degree murder usually mean that the death was intentional and premeditated? Any lawyers who can explain this?


Jail video surveillance from Jeffrey Epstein’s first suicide attempt in July is missing, prosecutor says, according to reports (12/19/2019) ~ News

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Because it wasn't a fucking "suicide attempt".


At this point, I feel like someone's just mocking the public.


Movie fiction becomes reality. Do we now expect a trail of dead bodies to match the chain of evidence - who touched the tape system last? It's unbelievable and actually really scary that shit like this can happen. We're reverting to the feudal age.


I love the idea of the ONE COPY of the video being on a VHS cassette, protected by guards ... But we're talking about digital files, and if that file wasn't viewed immediately by Barr and many others, creating a 'digital trail', then I'm a monkey's uncle's uncle. Of course, there may be no video because the whole episode was made up ... everything is possible. Ask Ghislaine, wherever she is.


I've seen this compared to the JFK assassination, but this is even bolder: no one believes this ISN'T a conspiracy. This is going to be a benchmark in U.S. (maybe intern.) history, and will be of interest for historians and journalists for decades to come. The more info comes up missing, the more intrigue to the story. No matter what, given time, the conspiracy to sweep this under the rug has failed spectacularly.


Nancy Pelosi won’t send the articles of impeachment to the Senate until she feels they’ll get a fair hearing. (12/19/2019) ~ Politics

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Fucking power move, especially after some notable republican senators have stated how quickly they want to acquit and move on


I honestly didn't even know this was a possibility. An instant acquital is what bothered me about the timing of the impeachment. Doing this, especially if there's going to be ongoing investigations, seems like a good move. The fact that she waited to announce it until after Republican senators literally announced they weren't going to do their job makes the move a lot better too.

DeM0nFiRe Trump wants this over so he can gloat about being exonerated. But now he has to sit and stew and hope nothing else worse comes out? If it’s what you say, I love it,especially later in the summer.


Then we might as well introduce more articles of impeachment while we wait


As always, fuck Mitch.


Erdogan Threatens To Recognize Genocide Of Native Americans (12/16/2019) ~ World News

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US citizen here. Do it. Failed flex, homie.


Don't know how the average US politician stands towards that, but I'd say go ahead? Genocide is genocide. It would mean that he can't stay angry towards other nations for recognizing the Armenian genocide.


Good. Do it.


Next he'll threaten to recognize the forced migration and enslavement of Africans by the United States prior to the US Civil War


Is..... Is this a threat? I don't know about the rest of you but I learned plenty of how messed up history was to Native Americans. It literally sounds like he is going to open a US history book and read lol. Edit: I had no expectations of this comment or the conversations that followed but I am glad they did. I definitely learned new things and I still have plenty to go through but I appreciate (from what I have read so far) the civility of the conversation and the education and links that followed. Thanks everyone!


Andrew Yang: What good are record-high profits if we have record-high stress, anxiety, student loan debt (12/20/2019) ~ Politics

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What good are record high profits to anyone other than shareholders anyway? How many people actually own stocks in these companies and receive dividends? Profits are what's left over *after* paying wages. Employees are an expense that takes away from profits. Want higher profits? Hire less people and pay them less. That doesn't benefit the average person at all. Only owners and investors.


And record high drug overdoses and suicides.


I was impressed with virtually everybody on the debate stage last night including Yang. He did well.


The economy is at an all time high but is it working for the 99%? The bottom 50% would say no, and the next 30% would say meh. The next 10% are doing good, and the next 9% are doing great. The 1% are doing the Charleston at Gatsby's place. When it comes down to it, 8/10 people are participating in the economy are struggling or seeing no gain year to year. Sadly I don't see it getting any better as the boomers wealth is siphoned into service jobs to take care of them in their retirement. We are going to be serving their decadent and wasteful lifestyles for the next 30 years or until bots replace us. I think a UBI will be an inevitably, what it can't be is a band-aid towards the gross inequalities of capitalism. We need to have economies that serve the people instead of a small cluster of rich and powerful.


Yang stood out last night for all the right reasons. His empathy and intellect, his character and modern perspective would be an asset in Democratic leadership...wish Progressives could unite before primaries under a 'Team' leadership concept to vote out a potential moderate. (Nothing will change unless we address our bought governance). Yang, Booker and Steyer are hopefully bonding with either Warren or Sanders and 'someone' is doing the math so we don't split the progressive vote. Based on last night's debate, that's Yang.


Whistleblower claims Mormon Church stockpiled $100 billion in charitable donations, dodged taxes (12/17/2019) ~ News

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I used to be a Mormon. I stopped paying tithing over ten years ago because it bothered me that the church wasn't transparent about where the donations went. It was always obscure answers. I was basically told to just trust our leaders. Turns out it was one of the best financial decisions 18 year old me made. Lol


Saving up to buy the Nauvoo.


In short, the church pulls in $7B from tithing a year, spends $6B, and throws the rest in stocks. Over the last 22 years, that stock portfolio has grown to $100B. $0 has been paid out from the fund to charitable causes and exactly two expenditures have been made: one to a for-profit mall in SLC owned partially by the church, and one for a church-owned for-profit insurance company bail-out. The church claims $40 million (with an “m”) is spent on humanitarian efforts yearly, but church members know that this likely comes from additional donations earmarked “humanitarian aid” on their donation slips, unlikely from the tithing funds.


A good reason why all churches should be taxed. If you have billions of dollars, you need to fucking pay your fair share.


The allegations understate the true amount of assets the Mormon Church has by a lot. In addition to the stock etc they have large land holdings, as in largest single owner of farm land in the lower 48 and the owner of farm lands in excess of a million acres in Latin America. This info comes from other disaffected church employees from inside the church. Edit: fun fact, in my 50 yrs as a practicing Mormon I likely donated over $250,000 in tithing money. Could have paid my house off with that $$. Oh well.....


New CDC study suggests that paid leave benefits — along with business practices that actively encourage employees to stay home while sick — are both necessary to reduce the transmission of ARI and influenza in workplaces. (12/19/2019) ~ Science

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Sadly, businesses will likely continue to ignore these common-sense approaches in favor of eking out as much money as they can from their sick employees. Heaven forbid they actually pay a little money to maintain a healthy and productive workplace.


I have like 4 co-workers that are sick right now. It’s awful.


Even hospitals in the us have such strict policy that people come to work sick. I started at a hospital that told me under no circumstances should I show up to work sick... And if I call off in the first 90 days I get written up.... And if i get sick twice in one month I get written up... And if I don't call of 4 hours or more before my shift I get written up....


One of the biggest pandemics in human history was a strain of the flu. It killed a quarter of the population. Take the flu, and public health, seriously.


I treat patients in an out patient clinic. The director doesn't let any of the nurses or medical assistants take off when they are sick. Gloves + Masks are the cure. I also rarely take off because you get punished with an overload of patients double booked when you get back - compromising care in other circumstances.


Some parents have noticed that their autistic children’s behavioral symptoms diminished after a fever. A new study from MIT and Harvard in mice found that an immune molecule sometimes produced during infection suppresses a small region of the brain’s cortex linked to social behavioral deficits. (12/20/2019) ~ Science

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These researchers are amazing! They put in the work to account for most coincidental correlations, granted it was only in mice. So, IL-17a is normally produced by pregnant women while they’re sick. Additionally, a massive study in Denmark found that women who got a viral infection during their first trimester, were 3x more likely to birth an autistic child. These researchers found that, in autistic-like mice, IL-17a was produced during inflammatory immune responses. This molecule, il-17a, wasn’t only given to the mice with social disorders, but those were the only ones that it showed any curative effects. It actually had the opposite affect on normal mice. They also increased the autistic-like mices’ body temperature(the phenomenon was originally noticed in feverish autistic kids), and it had no affect; indicating it was an immune response that had these affects. Furthermore they blocked the il-17a receptors, and the curative affects stopped. Edit: I do not mean to insult individuals with autism. This study seems to indicate it’s only tiny part of the brain that is affected. If this is the case, autistic people are far closer to normal than most would think. A completely separate study (n=19,238 individuals with autism in California) found *”conception in the winter season (December, January, and February) was associated with a 6% increased risk compared with summer.”* Peak flu season in the US is December-March. There’s a lot of evidence to support this theory, so if you are pregnant/trying to get pregnant; a flu shot is a good idea. For those asking about flu shots while pregnant. *It’s safe to get a flu shot during pregnancy. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend that all women who are pregnant during flu season get a flu shot, regardless of their trimester.*


Great. Now the idiots who think drinking bleach cures autism are going to be giving their kids infections to try to bring on fevers.


What kind of "autstic behavior" are we talking about? Like severe, or more mild? Autism is way too wide and complicated to say it goes for "autism" all together, rather than just some forms of it that are on the spectrum. Also, I have some serious doubts about this being a actual thing that would work because it is just so complicated.


My son has autism. When he was around 4 yo he could not speak in full sentences. While he had a high fever, he spoke in full sentences for the entire time he had a fever (lasted about 1 1/2 hrs). As his fever returned to normal he returned to not being able to talk in full sentences.


I look forward to seeing where this science leads! It seems like a lot of comments know ‘everything there is’ when clearly this could lead to completely new information (source, potential cures, etc) it’s pretty wide open and people need to be a little more willing to see what’s uncovered.


Putin says rule limiting him to two consecutive terms as president ‘can be abolished’ (12/19/2019) ~ World News

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Is ruling through puppets no longer satisfying for him?


Even the people on the North Sentinel Island saw that coming.


“When will putin give up the presidency? At the coronation”


Using the media to give trump ideas. Cue donnie talking about this again soon.


Well if the population keeps insisting so much... /s


Suit: Police barged into Kansas home, beat man for no reason (12/19/2019) ~ News

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> and beat him before having him charged with battery of a law enforcement officer. Beat him to the point where he was blinded by blood in his eyes any they tried to charge him with battery of an officer...this is a roller coaster of an article...what kind of lunatics are working in the police force here?


> A federal lawsuit alleges that Kansas City, Kansas, police broke into a man’s home in the middle of the night and beat him before having him charged with battery of a law enforcement officer. "His face hurt our fists"


Reading this made me only more confused as apparently the police had zero reason to be at this guy's house and that he never had a run in with police in the past either. I've heard some bad stories about Kansas City police so I'm not surprised if this is just pure corruption.


And all they appear to want is the money for the medical bills. Sounds reasonable. Which means it most likely won't happen.


This sounds like a South Park bit in real life


‘Like a furnace’: Australia to see hottest day ever – with 50C forecast – as devastating bushfires rage | Prime minister Scott Morrison accused of ‘deafening silence’ over climate crisis as dangerous temperatures affect almost entire continent (12/17/2019) ~ World News

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It should also be noted that the Australian PM's currently holidaying in Hawaii whilst Sydney burns...


If only there was some kind of democratic process that would allow Australians to vote for a government that might address these issues.


> A "once in a lifetime" heatwave Unless this one kills you, I'm pretty sure you'll live to see a lot more.


Pretty soon you will see politicians explaining how it’s always been this hot and not to believe historical ‘propaganda’ to the contrary.


Just a reminder that our PM once shit himself at an Egadine McDonald's.


Germany’s Cabinet approves ban on gay, transgender ‘conversion therapy’ (12/18/2019) ~ World News

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It’s good to see this picking up more steam across more countries. Such a barbaric concept, especially to force on a kid.


It is estimated that up to 2,000 conversion therapies take place in Germany every year, with Spahn saying that was "2,000 too many." "Homosexuality is not an illness, therefore the word 'therapy' is already misleading," said Spahn. "This so-called therapy makes people sick instead of well." The bill passed by the Cabinet was amended to include banning the practice for 16- to 18-year-olds.


that title was very r/nonononoyes


Good, it's an unethical practice with no evidence base.


For those who say homophobia doesn't exist today or some similar nonsense, the practice of attaching children's genitals to car batteries and torturing them until they pretend to be straight is something that's *still* happening in so-called "gay-friendly countries".


Teen creates app to help care for grandmother with dementia, releases free for millions of caregivers. (12/16/2019) ~ Uplifting News

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This is me! Am I commenting too late!? I am very surprised to see an article about me up here. I do not know what to do!


Would be cool to make an app that works like the plot of 50 first dates... To remind the person with dementia they are loved and cared for too? Maybe it wakes them up with a PRESS THIS BUTTON and a chime... And then proceeds to show them videos and messages of love - and important info... Idk. Day drunk at the mo! Haha Edit:Thank you, whoever you are, for the gold and silver. Makes me feel really nice!


Is it open source? I want to help!


As an in-home caregiver, I love this idea! I can't use the app personally due to the company I work for and HIPAA, but I'm sure it'll be useful to plenty of people doing personal care for family.




Germany Is Hiring 600 Police and Intelligence Agents to Hunt Down Neo-Nazis (12/18/2019) ~ World News

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Make sure there aren't any Neo-Nazi's *within* that 600, please.


Oh damn, I want the job title of Nazi Hunter.


There were quite a few scandals in Germany during the last few years where the Nazis were cops... So you are hiring fascists to hunt for fascists, lol.


The official name for the task force is “Gestapo-stoppo”. I’m sorry.


Inb4 at least 3 of them are undercover neo nazis sabotaging the operation


More Than 80 Polish Towns Have Declared Themselves ‘LGBTQ-Free Zones’: The European Parliament just voted to condemn the practice and demand the Polish government revoke the symbolic declarations. (12/19/2019) ~ World News

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Next you're going to have people wanting a Polxit because they are not allowing them to be fucking homophobes.


Poland is really going down the road to fascism. Don’t take this as an insult. I love the Polish people and Polish culture. I love eating Polish kielbasa I buy at the local Polish butcher in Greenpoint, BK, drinking Zywiec in the summer but I have to call it like it see it. This is one of the root causes of things like Brexit and Trump. A social conservative backlash against the changes we’ve seen in the past 10-15 years. It will take some time for these people to accept these changes but until then we’re in for some turbulent times.


Well, I guess that's also a good way to know which towns we need to avoid in order to enjoy a better travel experience ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


//MEPs voted by 463 votes to 107 Wednesday in favor of a resolution condemning discrimination against LGBTQ people in Poland, and explicitly calling on the Polish government to revoke discriminatory measures such as the “LGBTQ-free zones,” established by dozens of conservative local authorities that have symbolically declared themselves free from “LGBTQ ideology.” "The European Parliament urges Polish authorities to condemn these acts and to revoke all resolutions attacking LGBTI rights," the European Parliament said in a statement.// 107 MEPs voted against resolution. This is a serious concern too.


Where did the "80 Polish towns" number came from? I live here and must've missed it. Thought the "LGBT free zone" thing was just some stickers distributed by a shitty nationalist newspaper.


Trump was impeached with more votes against him than any other president (12/19/2019) ~ Politics

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VOTING MATTERS. Since this vote was a party line split, this result was only possible because of the turnout in the last election. If you voted D in the last election, you helped make this happen. Now, go do it again. Harder.


To anyone who wants details... - When Johnson was impeached there were far fewer people voting in the House, 224* representatives - Nixon was never actually impeached, so there are no votes - And the vote to impeach Trump beat the vote to impeach Clinton by 2. 230 for Trump and 228 for Clinton.


Probably because he’s been the worst of any other president.


Shittiest presididn't ever. The majority are saying it.


He's finally winning votes.


Al Franken mocks McConnell: ‘Like listening to Jeffrey Dahmer complain about the decline of dinner party etiquette’ (12/19/2019) ~ Politics

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I miss Al Franken.


Let's not forget Al Franken is the guy that tripped up Jeff sessions and started off this whole chain of events. If it was for not for Al Franken there would never have been a Mueller investigation!


I miss this man in politics. He was straight up railroaded.


>Former Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) mocked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) Senate floor statement, comparing his speech to listening to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. > >“Listening to Mitch McConnell talk about the decline of bipartisanship is like listening to Jeffrey Dahmer complain about the decline of dinner party etiquette,” he tweeted.  > >Dahmer is an infamous serial killer who raped and killed 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991 and was known for eating parts of his victims. > >McConnell condemned House Democrats for voting to impeach the president in a Senate floor Thursday. > >McConnell has said he won’t be “impartial” about impeachment “at all,” prompting some Democrats to call for him to recuse himself from the trial. ​ McConnell is the serial killer of legislation in the Senate and McConnell's statement that he won't be impartial is in direct conflict with the Constitution, which requires him to be impartial. Since he can't in good faith take an oath to be impartial in the impeachment trial he should not be allowed to participate.


Franken would have been an excellent candidate for president.


One of New Zealand’s wealthiest businessmen, Sir Ron Brierley, arrested at Sydney airport & charged with possession of child pornography (12/18/2019) ~ World News

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What else do billionaires do in their spare time other than molest kids? Fuckers think they can abide by their own laws. Edit: Any squillonares want to way into this conversation? Probably too busy groping a child... Edit edit: *weigh in. Grammar Nazis. Edit edit edit: No real millionares declaring they are and/or their point of view. Either that or defending from under their cloak. Figures.


One of New Zealand's wealthiest and most respected businessmen, Sir Ron Brierley, has reportedly been arrested at Sydney Airport and charged with possession of child pornography. The 82 year old - who founded corporate raiding company R A Brierley Investments in the 1960s and sits on numerous company boards in New Zealand, Australia and the UK - was stopped by Australian Border Force officers about 6.30am on Tuesday. It is believed he was en route to Fiji. Sir Ron was knighted in 1988 and is a former trustee of the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust and former president of New Zealand Cricket. More to come.


If Sir Ron has kiddie porn it's a dead cert he knows others who do as well. Good work done by Border Patrol for rounding up the perverts.


Can't you just have a private drug problem and not bother other people with your weird shit?


PS Epstein didn't kill himself.


‘Stop This Illegal Purge’: Outrage as Georgia GOP Removes More Than 300,000 Voters From Rolls; Warning of 2020 impact, one critic said Georgia could remain a red state solely “due to the GOP purposefully denying people the right to vote.” (12/17/2019) ~ Politics

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>Georgia voters are being removed from the rolls solely because they have decided not to participate in recent elections I envy first world nations because in those countries a citizen is a citizen, and whether or not they've voted recently they still retain the right to vote. What a shithole country.


Vote suppression has pretty much been their strategy for the last 50+ years.


Who would have seen this coming from the guy that oversaw his own election.


Fun fact: Georgia had a Democratic governor from 1947 until 2002. In 2002, Georgia was the first state in the country to roll out direct recording electronic voting machines. Since that time, every governor of Georgia has been a Republican. The last time Republicans supported more people voting, they passed the Help America Vote Act and established the Election Assistance Commission to set standards for voting machines. I firmly believe every election since 2002 that used electronic voting machines has been subject to some form of election fraud.


here i am at the end of 2019 checking my registration status every few weeks. i do not want to be on the wrong end of "300k voters purged" article when it happens in my state. fuck this fascist nonsense.


Demonstrators take to the streets in New York to rally for Trump impeachment (12/18/2019) ~ Politics

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Impeachment rallys are happening all over the country today. Even in my Trump-city of WA.


They need to turn times square new years eve into a impeachment rally.


Just got back from mine in Eugene Oregon! Bigger turn out than expected and lots of energy, it was my first time participating in a protest and I’m proud of my city.


We were representing in Nashville tonight!!!


Whether or not you can protest, upvote the protesters. Visibility is key.


Trump Urged To Resign Before Impeachment Vote: ‘It Would Be The Most Shared Tweet Of All Time’ (12/18/2019) ~ Politics

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I could see the tweet now. “Today I am announcing my resignasion.”


"You can still stop your impeachment from happening, Democratic Coalition co-founder Scott Dworkin tweeted. "All you have to do is resign." "And I bet if you tweeted out your resignation, it would be the most shared tweet of all time," Dworkin goaded. "Wouldn't that be worth it? Think of all the retweets and likes. Do it," he said. My goodness, thank you kind people of Reddit for the Platinum, Silvers and the Santa Rocket Like Award !


Trump doesn't lose a game and walk away like a normal human. Trump slams his tiny fist into the game board then declares a draw because there's no proof that he lost.


It’ll never happen. If he does he will be charged for paying off Stormy Daniels and many other charges. His only hope to avoid losing millions and avoid Jail is to win the next election and let the statute of limitations run out on the charges. Vote him out!


Once the shield of the presidency is removed, he’ll be fair game for prosecutors to take a shot at him. If he were to resign, he’d do it once he was safely on the ground in Moscow.


The House Impeached Trump, and the Stock Market Did Not Crash Like He Said It Would (12/19/2019) ~ Politics

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>I understand the president’s dilemma. On one hand, he wants the stock market to hit record highs, so he can brag about it. On the other hand, he wants to feel essential to the stock market’s strength. Breaking news, Trump is not the beating heart of the stock market's success like he makes himself out to be.


The stock market does not like surprises. This is no surprise.


Reminder: Trump is a serial liar and a narcissist


Trump had to bully the Fed into lowering interest rates to keep feeding the stock market cheap debt to offset the weakness created by Trump's idiotic trade war with China. He also had to create a trillion dollar deficit to give a huge tax break to the wealthy and the corporations feeding more money into the market by putting that debt on the rest of America.


The market would actually be better if it didn’t have a fucking moron screaming tariff every 10 minutes


Poll finds most Canadians want Huawei barred from country’s 5G networks – Survey also found 66 per cent of respondents viewed China negatively (12/16/2019) ~ World News

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Most Canadians view a dictatorship negatively? Im surprised there arent more, tbh.


I regret buying a Huawei phone.


It's kind of hard to look at China favorably when they keep locking up Canadian citizens who travel there.


>Do you think the federal government should allow malicious foreign intelligence agencies to spy on us? >Yes/No


Strange that most people have a negative view of a telecom company from a Communist Dictatorship.. especially while China is using facial recognition to identify protestors in Hong Kong. I know this is not a ‘hot take’ or a new view, but I cannot understand free government allowing this tech which will certainly be used against them inside their borders. Let them hack in, like the good old days. Make em work for it again. /s


‘Missing’ jail video from first Jeffrey Epstein suicide attempt has been found, prosecutors tell judge (12/20/2019) ~ News

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With today's technology, this tape might well as be reel 4 of the Lord of the Rings, or some other green screen epic. I want it authenticated by unbiased and neutral experts, to see if tampering has occured. It has taken too long to appear to be taken at face value.


I bet the file is called Epstein_RECOVERED_RECOVERED_FINAL_FINAL1_FINAL1111.mp4


Oddly, there seems to be an 18 1/2 minute gap in the middle.


There is literally not a single aspect of any of this Epstein business that seems even remotely on the up and up.


We just can’t corroborate any of it, because the other video from outside in the corridor has gone missing. Handy that.


Navy pilots request to be armed because they don’t trust overweight police at military bases (12/17/2019) ~ Not The Onion

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Makes no sense to me as to why police don’t have to be required to be fit and eat right!


Naval bases don't have military police? : /


I'm a pretty big gun control guy but I really can't see an issue with a trained military service man having military issued arms while on a military base.


Civilians shouldn't trust overweight cops either.


As a (now former) Air Force security forces officer my buddy and I joked that if we didn't have (us) cops on base we wouldn't need cops on base because there wouldn't be any crime.


Deputy who slammed N.C. middle school student to floor is fired, charged with assault (12/17/2019) ~ News

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More prosecuting of bad cops, please!


Dude, if that was my kid, and I saw that video, I would be overcome with unhealthy amounts of rage...


It’s not enough to fire a cop like this. We need a federal law banning convicted trash like this from Ever putting on a law enforcement uniform again. He’ll just go to the next town over and do this all again.


Oh shit its a consequence that means something for police misconduct.....................Just kidding he'll move a county over and become a cop there. ThIn BlUe LiNe Edit - Sounds to me like there may be a corrupt or biased DA in the mix too, shocking. If you really want to learn about how rampant police and prosecutorial misconduct is, go ahead and listen to the Wrongful Conviction podcast, it will make your fucking blood boil.


Lesson to be learned: Record all cops, all the time.


Detroit’s largest demolition contractor demolishes the wrong home — again (12/20/2019) ~ Not The Onion

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I guess if there is a whole block of fire damaged and abandoned houses that mistake could happen.


From the article: *Adamo was awarded a $25,201 contract to demolish a fire-damaged house at* ***14461 Alma*** *on June 18. On Nov. 22, Adamo instead tore down the structure at* ***14661 Alma****. Both are Detroit Land Bank Authority-owned structures.* I can definitely see how the contractor was confused as well. Edit: I read that a good five times and only just now figured out that there were two different numbers. It's amazing how your mind can play tricks on you.


Shit. Checked on google maps and that whole street looks worth $100 total


Whenever I read headlines like this I always picture the stereotypical sitcom situation where the mother crosses her arms and exclaims, "Again?!" to the shenanigans that her kids have gotten into.


The fuck. I posted the same article and it got taken down for being non-oniony


Man Found Dead In Wife’s Freezer After A Decade Left Note Saying She Didn’t Kill Him (12/18/2019) ~ Not The Onion

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The story is actually kind of wholesome. The couple agreed to keep him in the freezer after his death so that she could keep collecting his social security and veterans benefits. He had a terminal illness and notarized letter that she didn't kill him.


Does anyone else hate this title?


Well that's a relief


What notary would sign such a note? Even though its not murder, isn't this something that perhaps they would have to report to the police? Certainly now the notary will be in court to explain how this all happened.


It says that she’s suspected of getting around $177,000 over 10 years and it was her only source of income. So she “stole” around $17k a year (a hair above minimum wage) in government benefits and used to them to buy such extravagances as food, rent, medicine, etc. What a sad American crime, I would have to give them kudos if they were still around.


‘I won’t be reading ET again!’: Trump attacks Christian magazine for backing impeachment then misspells its name during wild early morning rant (12/20/2019) ~ Politics

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Implying he read it in the first place.


> A far left magazine, or very “progressive,” as some would call it, which has been doing poorly and hasn’t been involved with the Billy Graham family for many years, Christianity Today, knows nothing about reading a perfect transcript of a routine phone call and would rather..... > ....have a Radical Left nonbeliever, who wants to take your religion & your guns, than Donald Trump as your President. No President has done more for the Evangelical community, and it’s not even close. You’ll not get anything from those Dems on stage. I won’t be reading ET again! Calling ‘Christianity Today’ a left wing magazine lolol... he uses the same attack on everything, if McConnell agreed to have witnesses at an impeachment trial Trump would call him a radical leftist


"I'll be watching ET instead!".


He must work on his Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend!


As if he's ever read anything longer than a tweet that didn't include his name or filled with pictures.


Trump is just 67 votes away from being an ex-President and it’s freaking him out (12/15/2019) ~ Politics

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What we had >The President took refuge in the work. Getting things done was both his strategy and his way to get through all of this. And we all took our cues from him and kept our heads down and did our work. >- A staffer on what Clinton did when he was being impeached What we have now >On Thursday, Trump unleashed a barrage of 123 tweets during the House Judiciary Committee debate on the articles of impeachment Honestly, who has time to tweet 123 times in a day and still work? That would get most people fired.


It still baffles me that McConnell, Graham and Rand Paul made public pronouncements that they won't be impartial jurors and will rig the process for Trump. This means that no acquittal can have legitimacy. Every history book will make note of the fact that the Senate Leader vowed to corrupt the Senate trial to favor Trump. In my mind, this will actually do as much damage to his legacy as the House impeachment.


"Adding to Trump's stress level are comments like the one made by former GOP Senator Jeff Flake, who recently declared that there would be "at least 35" Republican senators who would vote to remove Trump if ballots were kept secret." I don't think he is freaking out nearly enough. He's only been to the hospital once. If he was over the top, he's be going weekly.


Trust me, it will do *GRIEVOUS* injury to this malignant narcissist to have the word "IMPEACHED" tagged onto his name for all of eternity. He knows he was found guilty, he knows his eventual "acquittal" is a sham, and he knows how the history books will read.


Dems need to start working on messaging by floating "President Pence" into the thought sphere It'll also fuck with Trump bigly when news media start repeating "President Pence"


Senator Says There Is ‘Increasing Talk’ That Mitch McConnell Should Recuse Himself From Impeachment Trial (12/20/2019) ~ Politics

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> Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio told MSNBC on Tuesday that the GOP Senate Majority Leader had no "respect for the institution" after McConnell told reporters he was "not an impartial juror" and viewed the anticipated trial of the president as a "political process."


Increasing talk? It has been blatantly obvious for days. Same goes for Sir Lindsey of Leningrad.


Unless there are republicans willing to say this in public, it is mostly bullshit, and nothing will come of it.


Coordinating with the White House should be a disqualifier


He wants it. He’s trying to force the Dems to ask him to recuse himself.


If you made a claim for $125 from Equifax, you’re not getting it after court awards nearly $80 million to attorneys (12/19/2019) ~ News

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What pisses me off the most about this is that dealing with Equifax is basically non optional for the majority of people.


I had 20 grand taken from me between stolen credit cards and my checking account. I put in a claim for maximum amount, included police reports and a log of my time. Equifax sent me $30. EDIT: thanks for silver!


It is a near certainty that they caused more monetary damage than the total value of their company, and not because of talented hackers, but because Equifax was horrifically inept at protecting data - data which was their sole product and concern as a business. They should be bankrupt.


Well fuck me... again


Figured that, the one who were affected get nada!! Grrrrrr PS: I was affected.


Mitch McConnell Complains About Democrats Breaking Precedent. Internet Responds: Merrick Garland. (12/19/2019) ~ Politics

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Yeah this fuck is the last asshole who gets to complain about that. Not only that he boasts about holding off Garland.


I think Pelosi should just Kamikaze this shit if Schumer can't get a 75+ vote agreement on trial rules. "We can't have an impeachment trial during an election year." Trump is impeached, but never acquitted. Not convicted either. Just... in suspended animation. His head would explode. The crowd would go wild.


What was fucked about the Garland nominee was that the Senate had the votes to deny Garland. They simply refused to even give him a hearing. They were afraid to hold the hearing because then they would have to hold a vote, and like the usual cowardice they display they were afraid to explain how they could vote "no" on a qualified candidate that was more centrist than left leaning. They are always afraid to take a vote on hard matters. Like the War Powers Act, they simply conceded their authority to the president rather than actually vote "no" on it. Republicans once connected their name brand with patriotism. Now it is connected to cowardice.


The House should literally hire Merrick Garland as their attorney to write a letter back on this issue, and Garland should refuse to cite "The Mitch McConnell Party Before Country Rule" on the grounds that it is corrupt. Pelosi. on the other hand is being prudent. McConnell claims it is because Pelosi thinks her case is weak. But *everyone* knows that every day that ticks by, the perp gets his Twitter fingers on the smocking gun and digs the hole deeper.


Everything begins and ends with the money. To begin with - Citizens United must be overturned, but we need to keep going even after that. Money and all forms of perverse incentives need to be dealt with, or we will always be governed by the mercenary armies of despots and multinational conglomerates. It doesn’t matter which party you root for. The only thing that matters is to vote for people comitted to removing dark money from politics. And most importantly watching over them with intense scrutiny every single day they're in office to make sure they follow up on that promise.


Clive police: woman admits to hitting 14-year-old with car because she was a ‘Mexican’ (12/20/2019) ~ News

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Now, let's see if she is charged with a hate crime.


What, did she just waive her right to an attorney or something? Definitely helps the prosecutors out when she just up and says "Oh yeah, I did that, and just to be clear, this was a hate crime as well."


This bitch about to send Faramir to die for no reason. EDIT: thanks for coins 🙂


i shouldn't have to explain this but latinos dont all come across the border from mexico. some also come from their indigenous homelands of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona & Southern California. all of which, used to be mexico but where annexed into the U.S. this means that the latino families who lived on that land are now U.S. citizens. that is how annexing works. you can't annex half of mexico and then complain you don't want mexicans...


If encountering a mexican person is enough to trigger a murder rage in this woman then her place is in a jail for life, for the sake of protection of the other mexican looking people in the USA.


Schiff: I ‘hope to hell’ I’d impeach Obama if he did the same as Trump — If Obama had done what the current president is accused of, the House Intelligence Committee chairman told ABC’s “This Week,” then “every one of these Republicans would be voting to impeach him.” (12/15/2019) ~ Politics

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I’ve said this so many times. If this was a Dem, they’d be all over this.


I've tried to sum up the abuse of power in a way that someone who hasn't been following the news or someone who's highly partisan can understand. Sort of an expansion on an analogy by Pamela Karlan, a constitutional law professor. I changed a few details, but the core abuse of power notion is still the same. - The year is 2011. Obama is running for his second term in the 2012 election, and Mitt Romney is becoming a top political rival. - A hurricane or natural disaster hits your home state. Congress uses taxpayer money to allot hundreds of millions in disaster aid funds. Your governor requests a meeting with Obama to discuss the situation, and the aid still hasn't been released. On a phone call with your governor, Obama says he will meet with him (and lift the aid hold), but he'd "like the governor to do a favor though"... he wants your governor to look into the the son of Mitt Romney. (Side note: there is no evidence of illegal activity by Romney's son). He wants a public announcement of it, too, so that everyone knows. - The aid your state so desperately needs ends up being withheld for months, to the confusion of your state government and a dozen U.S. officials who give warnings and file complaints. The aid is withheld until a U.S. official's whistleblower complaint is made public. - Additionally, it turns out this pressure campaign was not conducted through official channels, but through Obama's personal lawyer. All of Congress, much of the State Dept., and all of the public was kept in the dark about this pressuring. - Over a dozen U.S. officials testify before Congress. Virtually all of them corroborate the whistleblower's complaint, and the basic notion that Obama had no interest in investigating corruption with the governor. Several believe it was obvious Obama was putting self-interest over the interests of The United States. No witnesses were able to provide exculpatory testimony or evidence for the President. Every single person involved was ordered by Obama's WH to defy all forms of cooperation with an investigation, and four key witnesses were ordered by Obama to defy Congressional subpoenas. Would you consider this an abuse of power and a dereliction of duty to the Constitution and the citizens of the U.S.?


Something big needs to happen during the Senate trial....something like a call recording being leaked/released or Bolton testifying before some House Committee while the Senate trial is going on.


If Obama had done this, Republicans would have piled in their pickup trucks with torches and pitchforks in their lil' hands then circled the White House to demand that he vacate the premises.


LOL Obama would have been impeached the second anyone got a sniff of him paying a porn star hush money. Fuck you mean!? Trump walked through that shit because he is held to a significantly lower standard.


Democrats rally behind Pelosi on delay of articles (12/19/2019) ~ Politics

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How can any reasonable person justify sending the articles to the senate after what McConnell and Graham said if you have the option to hold them?


Someone replace "Supreme Court nomination" with "trial of Donald Trump in the senate" in Mitch's justification for holding off until the election next year.


McConnell is foaming at the mouth PISSED. All he wanted to do was to exonerate God emperor trump just like eternal leader Putin wants.


This is the best option to leverage a fair senate trial. If Moscow Mitch refuses to allow witnesses or anything else, let’s leave this looming over the congress in a brutal election year.


This blew Republicans minds. They were not expecting this at all. Heck it blew my mind and I felt Pelosi had some trap cards up her sleeve but this surprised me. I’m so grateful she is the speaker.


Rudy Giuliani stunningly admits he ‘needed Yovanovitch out of the way’ (12/16/2019) ~ Politics

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Still the funniest thing I’ve heard in the past two years: > I went to Rudy Giuliani with a speeding ticket and he managed to get it down to first degree murder


Trump could have just called yavanovitch back to Washington or reassigned her. He didn't have to list any reasons. The smear campaign against her was just cruel for cruelty's sake. It's like being mean is just default mode.


And he just....said it. Out loud...


Rudy's back, everyone!


I fucking LOVE IT when this guy opens his mouth! What a hack.


People Are Pressuring the Olympic Committee to Help Shut Down China’s Uyghur Camps (12/18/2019) ~ World News

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One of the most corrupt sports organisations ever is not going to do anything that will upset the money that goes into their own pockets.


You can be sure the Olympic committee will only do the wrong thing.


Forget it. When you bribe the IOC, the IOC stays bribed.


Great, we should ask FIFA and the Sinaloa Cartel for their solidarity too.


>>A group called "No Rights. No Games." is using the 2022 Olympics to place pressure on the Chinese government to end its persecution of Uyghur Muslims


Americans plan demonstrations in support of impeaching Trump (12/17/2019) ~ Politics

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Don't worry about "what will this prove?" All of us showing up sends a message, even if you don't see it being received. Showing up trains your muscle memory that you are a participant, you choose, you act. The biggest lie they ever told us is that nothing we do matters. The ACT OF MAKING THE CHOICE is what they want us to forget. Don't let your body forget what it feels like to be present in solidarity. Even if you don't see the benefit, don't see immediate results, don't know why you're doing it... DO IT ANYWAY. Make a stand, the future of democracy itself is literally at stake, this is it for humanity! Be a human being, choose to be free! Also use the hashtags #NotAboveTheLaw and #ImpeachmentEve for your pictures for history! And if you can't make it out tonight throw a buck or 2 to your favorite candidate or organization! Self care is important, too. If this is your first protest, literally all you have to do is show up. Dress warmly. If you want to make a sign, go for large letters and readability, "RESIST" or "IMPEACH" is plenty. Or, let it all out, whatever you feel the need to say, now is the time. Hecklers are usually around the edges of the crowd so if you feel uncomfortable, move toward the middle. If it's really bad, leave the area. Prioritize your safety. Don't stick around agitators, you can't change their minds. We are strong. We got this. But we have to do it and go through it, not skip to the end. I love y'all!


Donald Trump: “I want huge crowd turnouts just for me!” *Monkey’s Paw curls one finger* ETA: trumpisnotabovethelaw dot ~~com~~ org


I like that it says Americans, not Democrats. We see so much labeling we forget we all want what's best for the country. Well, most of us at least.


I'm about to get laid off by my Trump-supporting boss. I'm going to have a lot more time on my hands.


alot of haters in this sub of the "this won't do anything" ilk pls ignore, don't even downvote on em...just ignore and move on. we'll move the country forward with or without bahhumbuggers


Possible mass grave from 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre found by researchers (12/17/2019) ~ News

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They destroyed black wall street and it's people. Then covered it up. This was a very successful area for black folks at the time too. If left alone, the businesses there could have had an impact and been around today with potentially way more success. So much hate. Imagine how many others could have potentially gone through this with history never telling their stories.


A history podcast I listen to called “American History Tellers” did a series on the Tulsa Race Massacre. It truly was a devastating and tragic turn of racially fueled events. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this part of history receives the spotlight it deserves. All of that violence and destruction because a black kid was simply accused of touching a white woman in an elevator. Edit: Thank you very much for the silver. I’m glad my first award on here could be for something historically meaningful.


Holy shit! I never heard of this before! I only knew about this from Watchmen, and I thought it was fiction.


I'm glad we're moving toward calling this a "massacre" instead of a "race riot". The term "pogrom" associated with the Jewish experience in Europe is also more appropriate.


Anyone heard of Wilmington, NC and their once thriving black community???


Boris Johnson to ‘stop tens of thousands voting’ by making photo ID mandatory by law at polling stations, Queen’s Speech reveals (12/19/2019) ~ World News

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I had to show my drivers license when I voted in the Canadian election a few months ago. I thought that was standard in other countries? How do you prove your identity when you vote otherwise?


Is that really a problem? In Germany you always have to take your ID and your voting letter to the polling stations.


Am I correct in assuming that owning a photo ID is not mandatory in the UK? What sort of ID do you guys have then?


Lol. That wasn't mandatory yet? Belgium's required an ID for years now. Then again, showing up to vote is also obligatory here.


Ok, now, I'm very much against voter suppression. But tell me how this is bad? If you only get one vote, shouldn't you have to prove it's your vote to give? Why is it hard to get a photo ID? I understand not having a driver's license, but you can still get an ID card, and that's a pretty useful thing to have in many situations... I mean, ok, if this wasn't already on the books I get why it's *petty.* But why is it *wrong,* exactly


Greta Thunberg apologises after saying politicians should be ‘put against the wall’. ‘That’s what happens when you improvise speeches in a second language’ the 16-year-old said following criticism (12/15/2019) ~ World News

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**‘put against the wall’ is a common saying in Sweden which means to confront.** There should be news outlets that police news outlets.


The president of my country can't improvise a coherent speech in his first and only language. Those who live in glass houses...


Owned up to her mistake and miscommunication, clarified what she meant, and even APOLOGIZED for offending people despite that never being the intent? You'd think she was more mature than some people, especially those in power, who might resort to infantile tantrums, name calling, or victim blaming just to avoid admitting they were wrong.


Lol I am Swedish and at work I could easily tell my English speaking co workers that wee need to put someone up against the wall if he did something wrong. This is the first time I understand it sounds like I want to execute someone.


As many ITT have already stated, it's a stretch to conclude that her comments were actually calling for violence. The real violence will come with the resource shortages and refugee crises' brought on by climate change and overpopulation. These are consequences that many of us will start to see within our lifetimes. It's around the corner.


‘History Is Watching Us’: 600+ Rallies Planned Nationwide on Trump Impeachment Eve (12/17/2019) ~ Politics

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If you spend time on reddit complaining that nobody ever does anything and it's "time to get in the streets", then youd better be at one of these rallies.


If you have an American flag, take it to the rally. Defending the constitution is one of the most patriotic things that can be done. It's bullshit that the right has tried to co-opt patriotic imagery for their nefarious purposes.


Please attend these rallies


Times Square is gonna be nuts! See everyone there!


Good Luck to you all America!!!! From a Canadian Neighbour!


The New York Times was able to track President Trump’s movements with leaked location data, showing how easy it is to spy on people via their phones (12/20/2019) ~ Politics

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Perhaps its time we voted in officials who actually knew how to fucking regulate technology. This old ass people who don't even understand how e-mail works need to stop their lawmaking.


The Republicans are going to have a field day with this, even though: >The Times — which said it got the data from anonymous whistleblowers concerned about this vulnerability — said it took only minutes to turn a massive anonymized dataset into specific information on Trump. More importantly: >Experts warned the Times about the risk that such vulnerabilities could create for the US, or exploited by countries like Russia or China.


Going to take a moment to rehash something I've said a lot about the whole Clinton email server fiasco: When you remove all the smear campaign bullshit from that incident, what we did learn was that information security in our government is pretty terrible, as an institutional problem. Because all the attention got put on Hillary, nobody focused on the fact that this was really a widespread problem throughout the State Department and likely elsewhere. And it looks like it still hasn't been fixed. Why did the NSA, CIA, FBI, or Military Intelligence not detect and warn that Clinton's server was a big potential security gap? Why is no one taking our top leaders' and other prominent individuals' info sec seriously? Don't people get paid for this shit?


Russia may not have Hillary's emails... But they have recordings of every non-secure phone call Trump makes.


The data shows Trump spent 45 minutes Tweeting from the bathroom of a Wendy's. ^/s


Researchers developed a self-cleaning surface that repel all forms of bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant superbugs, inspired by the water-repellent lotus leaf. A new study found it successfully repelled MRSA and Pseudomonas. It can be shrink-wrapped onto surfaces and used for food packaging. (12/15/2019) ~ Science

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Food packaging? Public buttons, door handles and toilet seats please!


Non-science person here: I thought copper did a similar thing and that's why they were popular options for door handles? Sorry for being dumb, but what more does this do that copper doesn't?


If you wrapped all of the surfaces in an area with this, wouldn’t it create a bacateria bouncey castle?


surgery rooms and hospitals seem more important than food for this application


I like the premise, but to be suitable for transmission of infection prevention it would have to be extremely tough plastic. All it would take is someone carrying their keys whilst opening the door and creating a cut in the plastic shrink wrap, thus creating access for the bugs to attach themselves to the door handle underneath. And even if it was tough enough to prevent cutting through the plastic, the way they describe it, the plastic is designed to be a certain shape at microscopic level. It’s not the actual plastic that repels it but the microscopic way it’s been built. If scratched, would that damage the very structure that the self cleaning surface is designed for? Would the plastic wear over time and need to be replaced regularly, thus creating an additional cost for hospitals and restaurants etc? I don’t mean to dis the idea and I do hope it works, but unless these questions are answered, I wouldn’t pay to put it on.


Depression and suicide linked to air pollution in new global study – cuts in dirty air could prevent millions of cases (12/18/2019) ~ Science

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Hmm, linked to pollution = linked to cities, crowds, traffic, jobs... but we're saying it's the air?


Nothing was more depressing than growing up in LA in the 1970s, lungs hurting, and 30% of PE classes cancelled because of smog. I remember looking at the sickly yellow light casting this disgusting puce sheen on the asphalt. The city was all I knew, and I hated it. Once a year we would go up to the Eastern Sierra and I felt released, natural, like this was how the world should be. Returning home to the smog and traffic was a depressogenic gutpunch.


My graduate advisor is an atmospheric chemist and he teaches a course on aerosols. I’ve long wondered what the implications are for sub-PM2.5 on the human body and, specifically, the brain and mind. This is fascinating.


I am a huge supporter of clean air and reducing/eliminating pollution. That said, this seems like a classic case of **confusing correlation with causation**. Just because two things exist simultaneously doesn't mean that one caused the other.


Air quality is a known contributor, even such things as mold can affect our mental state.


Trump Accuses Pelosi Of Quid Pro Quo And Proves He Doesn’t Know What It Means (12/21/2019) ~ Politics

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How anyone can think of this guy as anything but a moron is beyond me.


Typical for Trump: > “No puppet. No Puppet, NO YOU’RE THE PUPPET.” (Trump to Clinton during the last presidential debate after being accused of being Putin's puppet)


This was hilarious. Did anyone see the numbnuts who posted that Federalist article echoing Trump’s claim in all its incorrect glory? He’s like a child, screaming back words he doesn’t understand at people doing things he doesn’t like. And a supposed newspaper allegedly practicing journalism repeated it, like a second idiot child. These times, man.


He also doesn’t know what “hoax” means and so many other words he uses daily. Let’s make a list, Reddit. Words Donald Trump doesn’t understand: Hoax Impeach ...


No, Trump knows what he's doing here. This is a classic Trump tactic; use a word loosely, inaccurately, so eventually its meaning is muddied and to the casual observer they don't know what it means and it just looks like two people pointing at each other screaming latin phrases. It's like taking the word "collusion" and saying, "If you think about it, the President works with foreign leaders all the time! The president colludes with the the leaders of Canada and Britain and other trading partners. Colluding is fine!" The goal is to empty the word of meaning so that it can mean whatever the listener wants it to mean.


I’m not trying to pretend to be a fair juror here’: Graham predicts Trump impeachment will ‘die quickly’ in Senate “This thing will come to the Senate, and it will die quickly, and I will do everything I can to make it die quickly,” (12/15/2019) ~ World News

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Everyone needs to remember this shit. When the Senate trial happens, they will be sworn to act as fair and impartial jurors. These Senators that are making these statements in public are actively ignoring their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution.


“The President is merely the most important among a large number of public servants. He should be supported or opposed exactly to the degree which is warranted by his good conduct or bad conduct, his efficiency or inefficiency in rendering loyal, able, and disinterested service to the Nation as a whole. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that there should be full liberty to tell the truth about his acts, and this means that it is exactly necessary to blame him when he does wrong as to praise him when he does right. Any other attitude in an American citizen is both base and servile. To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is **morally treasonable to the American public.** Nothing but the truth should be spoken about him or any one else. But it is even more important to tell the truth, pleasant or unpleasant, about him than about any one else.” — The Kansas City Star, 7 May 1918


The problem with everything that's happening right now in US politics at a macro level is that people are blatantly violating laws, but the people who are responsible for enforcing said laws are **knowingly** refusing to enforce those laws. When the people who have the responsibility of upholding the law actively stop doing that because the people they'd have to charge are a part of the same political party as them, we have a *major* problem in this country, fundamentally. If this is how impeachment is going to be played at the Senate, then we need constitutional amendments putting impeachment in the hands of the judicial branch, where actual judges can make these decisions instead of bought-and-paid-for Senators who are actively saying they will not be partial. Either that, or when Senators make statements like this and then give their oath in the Senate, they are immediately arrested for violating that oath. EDIT: I've received a fair amount of replies saying "Well yeah but Trump is stacking the courts with Trump judges and that's just as bad, if not worse!", and I respectfully disagree with that opinion. There have been several instances where Trump-appointed judges have ruled *against* Trump in several cases, and generally I like to believe that is because regardless of who appoints them, the vast majority of judges *will* abide by the rule of law, whereas Senators have no such obligation (as we can clearly see). So, in the long run I would rather place my faith in our judicial system and judges than in Senators. Is this a perfect solution? Absolutely not, but to me it's 100% clear that our current constitutional devices are fundamentally broken.


Mr. Graham who is supposed to represent an entire state is now telling all of the people of that State that "juris prudence" is no longer a requirement. Remember that when people are sworn in to be a member of a jury: Mr Senator says that being biased is the best way to run the nation. WOW


I don’t live in South Carolina, but I have donated $ to Jamie Harrison’s campaign. Regardless of what happens with the impeachment or the 2020 presidential election, these guys who are putting party over country need to go.


McConnell appears to break with the Constitution on Trump impeachment: “I’m not an impartial juror” | Lawmakers take an oath pledging to act as an “impartial justice” before engaging in the trial, per the Constitution (12/18/2019) ~ Politics

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McConnell and Graham should not be allowed to participate in the Senate trial because they have made it clear they will not be impartial, will not be fair and will do anything and everything to undermine the trial.


Which tells you he was never an impartial politician. He was self serving. No matter issue, it was about himself and not the country. This should be enough to get him replaced, DitchMitch.


>The Republican leader has made clear that he hopes the Senate will acquit the president as quickly as possible. He previously indicated that he is "in total coordination with the White House counsel's office" and is "taking my cues from the president's lawyers." > >McConnell's remarks are significant, because according to the Constitution, lawmakers in the upper chamber must take an oath pledging to act as an "impartial justice" before engaging in an impeachment trial. McConnell is breaking with the Constitution *again*. He doesn't care about oaths, he has spent most of his career intentionally undermining the Constitution and democracy.


Did you expect anything else from the "man" who said his proudest moment was cheating Obama out of a nomination for a Supreme Court Justice... and has already said that if a Dem wins the next election, he'll make sure they get nothing done?


McConnell breaks with our Constitution on a regular basis, that's why the GOP voted him to be one of their leaders


Eye-tracking study suggests men are more concerned than women with other men’s upper bodies. Men appear to devote more visual attention to the chest region of other men than women do, according to new research in Evolutionary Psychological Science. (12/16/2019) ~ Science

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Men look more at chests of people


>“Gazing results showed that only men attend to variations in men upper bodies. In sum, men are more concerned with men’s upper bodies, suggesting they desire more masculine body forms for their mating success as well as in making the assessment of other men’s ***formidability***,” Pazhoohi explained. Emphasis mine. Women aren't going to throw down with men, so they aren't going to size up men the same way, or for the same reasons. Functionality is at play here in addition to aesthetic.


It would be interesting to see if women also attend more to other women's sexual characteristics as well. It could maybe be due to sizing up their sexual competition and a comparing themselves? I know girls comment on all sorts of stuff about other girls appearence that as a guy I don't really notice.


>For their study, the researchers tracked the eye movements of 82 heterosexual undergraduate students as they viewed and rated the attractiveness of three male and three female 3D models, which varied in their shoulder-to-hip ratio. Not sure how to interpret these results if the subjects weren't actually looking at other human beings.


removed removed removed removed


Dems Tells Federal Court Mueller’s Secret Grand Jury Materials Could Lead to Second Impeachment (12/16/2019) ~ Politics

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I don't understand how so many subpoenas and judicial orders can be ignored with impunity. The coup was so well organized that all three branches of government were subverted. Trump is not smart enough to do that, so who are the traitors that organized it?


Yes, we've had first impeachment but what about second impeachment?


Mueller literally testified in front of this entire country on national television that he ended his investigation early because Trump wasn't co-operating with it and it was more important to get out the details of known Russia's active measures and election interference than let Trump delay it indefinitely. Talk to me about a second impeachment when that's addressed.


Interesting. Democrats know he'll be acquitted in the Senate, so they're going to split up the impeachable offenses so that Trump is the only president in history with multiple impeachments. Not saying that's why they're doing it, but that kind of historical distinction is important to Donald.


> House Democrats told a federal court on Monday that they will continue impeachment investigations into President Donald Trump after the scheduled vote on articles of impeachment later this week. Me like


Impeachment of Donald J. Trump President of the United States | Report of the Committee on the Judiciary House of Representatives (12/16/2019) ~ Politics

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“In the history of the Republic, no President has ever ordered the complete defiance of an impeachment inquiry or sought to obstruct and impede so comprehensively the ability of the House of Representatives to investigate ‘‘high Crimes and Mis- demeanors’’. This abuse of office served to cover up the President’s own repeated misconduct and to seize and control the power of impeachment—and thus to nullify a vital constitutional safeguard vested solely in the House of Representatives. In all of this, President Trump has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice, and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States.” Never before and let’s make it never again.


And not a single Republican will read a page of it.


Democrats: "Here's our report on impeachment and why we believe this is what we need to do." Republicans: "I'm not reading that. You have no proof. This is a sham impeachment" Democrats: "How do you know we have no proof if you don't read the report?" Republicans: ".... Deep state"


Just 67 votes by people with back bones interested in upholding the Constitution and he's out.


There is still pride to be had for our Country. True Patriots still exist. And there's a reason the largest political sub skews left, and Conservative pages are full of memes. We are factual, concise, and truly care about the USA. Edit: Thank you for the Silver! Edit 2: Thank you for the award! Edit 3: Thank you for the Gold, kind stranger! Edit 4: More Gold? I can't wait to give these coins away. Edit 5: I am now King Midas.


Google’s Larry Page gave $400 million in Christmas donations. Not a penny went straight to charity. How Silicon Valley billionaires skirt charity rules each holiday season. (12/18/2019) ~ Technology

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So if I'm reading this right, Larry donates $400 million to the Larry Foundation which then disburses the legal minimum 5% to the Larry Fund, controlled by...Larry. The tax system is rigged beyond repair.


Now I see why so many of my law school buddies love tax law... 😅.


I’m a CPA who works for the Not for Profit group at a top firm. I do a fair amount of 990PFs ( The private foundation return) Plenty of clients do this, and our advisory side advises it as well. Usually this just happens because the timing hasn’t worked out in a way that 5% is disbursed. The money cannot go back to the donator. I have never seen or came into a situation in which a client used these and seemed to have had bad intentions. While I’m not saying it is impossible to use DAFs for bad motives, the collective Reddit mind is just assuming the worst. Most likely nothing of substance here.


It’s just the delay of disbursements to charity. It’s not like he’s “donating” the money and then dipping into it for his personal use.


The article fails to mention that once the money has been donated to a “donor advised fund”, it’s principal and interest can only be given to a charity organization or another fund. So it can never ever be recovered for non-charity use. There’s no benefit beside timing to do this. Sure he keeps control of the money but he only controls to what charity it goes. Take Oxfam for example, it’s an umbrella of 19 charities so technically money donated to Oxfam is not donating directly to charity. Once we think about, it becomes evident that indirect donations work as well? Take a look at the Bill and Melinda Gate foundation. When you are talking 100s of millions, charities need to have a plan, have it reviewed and have clear milestones for one or more specific project. This is also the reason why the CHAN-Zuckerberg foundation is not a non-profit nor a fund... they want the flexibility to invest in commercial opportunities that might improve our lives without being strictly non-profit.


US diplomat’s wife charged over Harry Dunn death (12/20/2019) ~ World News

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That's the end of Anne Sacoolas' international travels. Shorn of diplomatic status, she can now be picked up by any country she visits and delivered to the UK.


The biggest thing about this though is her killing someone has shut the loophole that allowed her to escape the country after killing a teenager.


Good. Driving on the wrong side of the road and killing someone in a foreign country shouldn’t be excused because you are a diplomat. Amazing how much coverage this got while I was in the UK and barely is mentioned In the US news cycle.


How people can continue to support Donald Trump after the shit he did with these parents is beyond me. Of course, I never knew how anyone could support him in the first place.


I guess she is voting Trump during the next election cause if anyone else is elected, her ass is on a one way flight to UK, being extradited.


Why doesn’t McConnell want witnesses at Trump’s trial? Because he’s guilty. (12/19/2019) ~ Politics

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Every witness called during the impeachment inquiry even/especially the witnesses the GOP thought would help them, actually torched Trump. They can’t afford a repeat of that right before they mail in their predetermined acquittal.


Republicans complained that Trump wasn't allowed to defend himself the same day Democrats invited him to testify of his own accord and while they had pending requests for literally everyone who publicly defended Trump and had first hand knowledge of these events to testify. Republicans don't want any of these people to testify because it would end all of their talking points.


>Because he’s guilty. Who? Mitch or Trump?


It's more than the fact Trump's guilty. McConnell is many things, but dumb isn't one of them. He knows that Trump's removal will dystroy the Republican party.


As someone else (I forget who) said: Everyone who testified said he was guilty, and everyone who said he was innocent refused to testify. It really is as simple as that.


Trump writes rambling letter to Nancy Pelosi on eve of impeachment (12/17/2019) ~ Politics

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A long time ago I ended a very abusive marriage. I ended up in a DV shelter and filed for divorce. My ex-husband used to send me letters (emails) just like this. I had to get a restraining order. I paid an attorney 7k at the end but in my divorce decree there is a clause of no contact forever. Trump cannot control Nancy and like other abusers it is killing him. Eta: thanks for all the awards! Also Flint still does not have clean water.


This letter will be archived in history to forever document Trump's arrogance and disregard for the rule of law. At least in the future, presidents will have an example of how not the be a President. But for now, we are stuck trying to find a way to make this go away.


“Unconstitutional abuse of power” Wonder where he picked up that phrase.


> Asked what responsibility he took for the events unfolding around him, he replied: "Zero". What he's done his entire life. Takes no responsibility, unless it's a success from others.


> Mr. Trump wrote. “This impeachment represents an unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse of power by Democrat Lawmakers, unequaled in nearly two and a half centuries of American legislative history.” I just want Trump, his fanboys, Faux News, and his sycophantic political party, who all keep using this same argument, to clearly state exactly how this impeachment investigation has been *unconstitutional,* as in what specifically the HoR has done that is not in the constitution or goes against the procedures and laws laid about within it and the updates to HoR rules passed by the GOP-lead house a few years back. I also want them to compare and contrast it to the Clinton impeachment, to clearly show how Trump's impeachment is *unequaled* I am sick and fucking tired of the GOP just saying stupid nonsense and their base lapping it up like a feral kitten. They just say nonsense, mad-libs style, to try and defend this garbage. I just want to return to reality again.


Hallmark to reinstate same-sex marriage commercial it pulled (12/16/2019) ~ News

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I wonder if they'll pull the commercial again if the backlash to the backlash is strong enough


I am glad they reversed their decision. Now I can continue my holiday tradition of not watching their network this year with a clear conscience.


You put your commercial in, You pull your commercial out, You put your commercial in and you shake it all about...


Jeezus. How to make a non-problem Into a problem then into fucking pr disaster.


“Our shareholders are working hard to determine how we feel about same-sex marriage”


Israel to be investigated for war crimes in Palestinian Territories, ICC announces (12/20/2019) ~ World News

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Misleading title. The chief prosecutor said that there's a basis for investigation but that she will ponder in the ICC to see if they have jurisdiction to *start* an investigation.


That’s not what the story says. It says Hamas and the Palestinians will be investigated along with Israel. Why would you omit that part I wonder?


If found guilty, Israel will receive a strongly worded email asking them to stop it with the war crimes. Possibly. Maybe.


But Israel refuses to ratify the Rome Statute so the ICC has no jurisdiction.


The fact that she worded it so neutrally gives me some hope. Hague is less biased than the UN, so I hope they will take a look at both sides. I don't care if Israel's actions will be condemned as long as Fatah's terrorist stipend & Hamas's multiple atrocities are too. Perhaps this dual accountability will be the first step towards deescalating this conflict.


Man Who Had Caricature of Himself Drawn Steals Artist’s Money, Leaves Portrait Behind: Riverside PD (12/18/2019) ~ Not The Onion

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Obviously dealing with a criminal mastermind here Edit: Holy shit, thanks for the gold kind stranger!


This sounds like a sketch in a comedy show lmao


They're going to arrest an innocent man that looks exactly like the cartoon drawing


Too bad he stole from an artist. When he finally opened the bag and realized it was only full of exposure he must have been pissed


Rude man who shushes, please call.


Fox News Poll: 54 Percent of Americans Say Trump Should Be Impeached (12/15/2019) ~ Politics

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50% want him impeached and removed. 4% want him impeached but not removed (which BTW wtf? Why impeach if you don't want him removed?) Only 41% of respondents opposed. That's a +13% gap in favor of impeachment from a Fox News Poll.


> Those surveyed rejected the claim touted by Trump and Republicans that U.S. presidents typically ask foreign governments for help in investigating political rivals, with only 22 percent of respondents saying that defense checks out. A similar majority, 52 percent, said the Trump administration has not cooperated enough with the House impeachment inquiry. The truth shall set you free


But gee, the right wing has been telling me that support is waning and below something like 10%. Who to believe....


Still way too low.


> By a 16-point margin, voters are more likely to say Republican lawmakers just want to protect Trump politically than think Republicans truly believe what he did is not impeachable. This is a big deal.


Facebook faces another huge data leak affecting 267 million users (12/19/2019) ~ World News

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>More than 267 million Facebook users’ IDs, phone numbers, and names were exposed to an online database that could potentially be used for spam and phishing campaigns. >Security researcher Bob Diachenko uncovered the database, according to Comparitech. The database was first indexed on December 4, but as of today, December 19, it is unavailable. Comparitech reports that before the site was taken down, the database was found on a hacker forum as a downloadable file. >Most of the Facebook users that were affected by this leak are located in the U.S., and the data included people’s Facebook IDs, phone numbers, and their full names. >Diachenko told Comparitech that the leaked data was most likely a result of illegal scraping or a hole in Facebook’s API. Scraping is against Facebook’s policies but can be easily done, especially if users have public profile settings. >Because of this, Facebook users are advised to set their privacy settings to “Friends” and set the “Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?” setting to “No.” Diachenko also said to be wary of suspicious, unsolicited text messages. >Digital Trends reached out to Facebook to comment on the leaked data and what they have done in response, and we’ll update this story once we hear back.


Facebook only has an issue with people getting the data for free.


Facebook itself is a data leak


So I guess nobody fucking read that the leak was a result of people literally just taking info from profiles set to public?




Tech giants sued over ‘appalling’ deaths of children who mine their cobalt (12/19/2019) ~ Technology

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Cobalt isn't inherently immoral, but dead kids... that's as immoral as it gets. That's not okay. Best regards, Humanity


This has got to be more of a publicity stunt than anything. None of those companies own the mines they just buy from the suppliers. They have zero chance of winning. And according to the article, 66% of the worlds colbalt is mined in the Congo; there is little anyone can do to stop other corporations from trying to exploit that resource. Hopefully the big tech giants can start applying pressure on the mining companies but with profit its race to the bottom so I'm not optimistic.


There was a VICE documentary about cobalt mining in Africa that I highly recommend watching for those interested in this topic.


Resubmitted without an AMP link!


This is absurd. None of these companies have control over the mines. This is an advertisment and has been done to draw attention to the issue. In saying that, if it's the only way to draw public attention to the issue, then I'm all for it. Likelihood of success though is zero.


Nicotine formula used by e-cigarette maker Juul is nearly identical to the flavor and addictive profile of Marlboro cigarettes (12/18/2019) ~ Science

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Wasn't that the goal of the product? To be an alternative to cigarettes?


What is interesting is that the UK limits nic to 20mg per 1 mil. I believe the Juul pods in the US are 58mg per mil


Are they implying that some nicotine is more addictive than others?


This may be a stupid question, but are the Juuls going to cause the cancer like smoked tabacco? I get that these are addictive, but are they as dangerous?


Healthy individuals living longer ,without chronic illness, are not a greater healthcare spending burden than individuals with chronic illness. Even if those individuals with chronic illness have a shorter life expectancy (which in is commonly not the case because of improved medical care and access to care) the expenditure of that individual far exceeds someone “healthier” who lives into older age. Firstly, a hospital stay for an exacerbation of COPD soaks up an exuberant cost. Between extended ICU admissions and ventilator resources and subsequently for rehab if necessary. Also, inhaler medications and home oxygen can be quite expensive. Secondly, The life expectancy for someone with COPD can be fairly long, late 60s to 70s and beyond, especially since the onset of the disease (symptomatic presentation - being that the disease is not present until 50% of the lung parenchyma is destroyed) is typically not seen until middle age. According to CDC epidemiology studies the median age of onset for COPD in the US is 64-75 years of age. Thirdly, the top two medical causes of mortality in the US is heart disease (coronary heart disease or congestive heart disease most commonly) and cancer. The most commonly fatal cancer is lung cancer. Cigarette smoke is high risk behavior associated with both diseases. I can assure you that with both of these diseases it is neither a short course (relatively) nor a cheap course. These patients unfortunately have a very difficult road laden with many co-existing diseases and medical set backs. Fourthly, our management and technology is rapidly improving for all these disease states which means that these patients happen to live a longer life. The goal would be a longer life with a greater quality of life, but that is typically not without medical costs being that the life expectancy is lengthened = more medical costs. Also, as new medications, procedures, and technologies breach the health sector that equates to a higher cost. New always means more expensive. So the overarching theme here? A primary intervention by eliminating the risk factor in the first place would save the greatest sum of money. Healthy individuals that live a life with minimal or no chronic illness do not utilize an abundance of healthcare dollars.


In the first lawsuit of its kind, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Dell, and Tesla are being sued on behalf of 14 Congolese families whose children were killed or permanently injured while illegally mining cobalt for electronics made by these companies (12/18/2019) ~ World News

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Time for those companies to stop buying Congolese cobalt and switch to Canadian cobalt?


Yeah that lawsuit’s not going to go anywhere. You can sue a mining company for child labor but suing their customers is a reach. Does a bakery need to personally inspect the farms that supply their ingredients to make sure they’re actually being produced in the manner they say they are? Would be a silly precedent. Important to note that the families rely on this income and don’t complain about child labor in general, just when their kids are later injured or killed. Should be able to sue the government for failure in oversight but it’s the Congo so they’re just screwed unfortunately. Edit: apparently this was a spicy comment.


Interesting, but i don't think they will win. this is the same as suing a company selling clothes, which are down-the-line produced by children. ^oh, ^wait...


Who operates the mines?


A lot of people have already pointed out, this lawsuit isnt going anywhere. I dont think they will expect it to go anywhere, they just want the publicity out there, you dont get that by suing the company that owns the mines, because no one even knows them. Honestly a smart move by them, trying to involve media/law into this atrocious business


A Florida man who once spent Christmas without gas just paid off the past dues for 36 families about to lose their electricity (12/18/2019) ~ Uplifting News

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It’s nice to see a positive Florida man story for a change!


Worked customer service for an electric company and it was the most depressing job. So many people crying to keep their lights on because they had to choose between feeding their kids or keeping the lights on. The saddest one was a mom who had an infant crying in the background around summer time and saying she couldn’t pay for another 4 days. I only lasted a month there. Edit: spelling


This man is wonderful!!! Its so easy for people who “made it” to look down on those who r still struggling and forget they were once there... this shows that he never forgot and that he is a good steward with what he has been given :).


How!? They won’t even let my wife pay the bill in OK without a blood sample and copy of my birth certificate.


What makes me cry, is that the utility company, arguably raking in more profit than all of these at-risk families put together, didn't offer forgiveness during the holiday season. It was up to this guy, instead.


Eating hot peppers at least four times per week was linked to 23% reduction all-cause mortality risk (n=22,811). This study fits with others in China (n= 487,375) and the US (n=16,179) showing that capsaicin, the component in peppers that makes them hot, may reduce risk of death. (12/16/2019) ~ Science

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Now repeat the test by just administering capsaicin so we can determine if it's that ingredient or something else associated with eating peppers


Is it possible that this is related to the phenomenon discussed in the newest Veritasium video? Could the stess induced by spiciness trigger a defensive response by the body, causing genetic information to be preserved better?


So it would be helpful to understand the form of these peppers and whether that's important. Whole raw peppers? Whole cooked peppers? Lightly processed (dried and ground)? Fully processed with the capsaicin extracted and refined?


Hey I’m sorry what does the n = ____ mean?


Maybe people who eat vegetables like hot peppers live longer.


Topeka, Kansas, to offer up to $15,000 to anyone who moves there. (12/16/2019) ~ News

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Only problem with this is you’d have to live in Topeka, Kansas.


Its hot in topeka... it's haaaaaaaht in TOE-peeeee-kaaaaaaa...


I lived there for 6 years. Would take a lot more than $15k to get me to move back.


If somebody is offering you $15k to move there, don't.


Heads up, that Is where the Westburo baptist church has its compound. Edit: lived around the Midwest. It’s a shit hole because of the people, geography, and laws. Cheaper is the only reason to live there and it’s not a good one when you’re miserable.


Russia’s State TV Calls Trump Their ‘Agent’ (12/16/2019) ~ Politics

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... > Appearing on Sunday Evening with Vladimir Soloviev, Mikhail Gusman, first deputy director general of ITAR-TASS, Russia's oldest and largest news agency, predicted: “Sooner or later, the Democrats will come back into power. The next term or the term after that, it doesn’t matter... I have an even more unpleasant forecast for Trump. After the White House, he will face a very unhappy period.” > The host, Vladimir Soloviev, smugly asked: “Should we get another apartment in Rostov ready?” Soloviev’s allusion was to the situation of Viktor Yanukovych, former president of Ukraine, who was forced to flee to Russia in 2014 and settled in the city of Rostov-on-Don. > Such parallels between Yanukovych and Trump are being drawn not only because of their common association with Paul Manafort, advisor to the first, campaign chairman for the second, but also because Russian experts and politicians consider both of them to be openly pro-Kremlin. ... - just makes you want to vomit doesn't it.


After Clinton accepted defeat Russian parliament stated: ..."Donald Trump started his speech as president elect of the United States of America, on which I congratulate all of you." and then they all applauded. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy said, "There are 2 people I think Putin pays, Rohrabacher and Trump … swear to God.” Republicans denied it happened but Wapo said they had the transcript. They still denied it and Wapo said they had the recording and then republicans said it was a joke.


For Russians, it's obvious and they openly laugh about it. Why can't people in the red states see that?


Americans need to start paying attention to Russian media. I haven't been to Russia since Trump was elected, but I was there in 2014 and Trump was all over the news. Several strangers would ask me about Trump when they found out I was American. Americans don't understand the mindset of Russia. They openly discuss their strategy against the US in the media. Americans are too busy fighting over which of the "liberal media" is engaging in propaganda while Russia is running a rather open propaganda campaign against the US, and 99.999% of Americans have no idea this is happening.


Now they are openly mocking us


Sunset on Mars by the Mars Curiosity Rover (12/15/2019) ~ Space

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It's cool that I get to see a goddamn sunset on another planet while sitting here, hangover in my dirty Pj


God just the thought that there are probably billions and billions of sunsets happening right now all over the universe right as I type this comment is just insane. Edit: As u/not_a_toad stated, there are probably more like a few hundred billion trillion sunsets happening right as you read this, so amazing!


Camera sensitivity going up or maybe the atmosphere is different on Mars. Hard to say. Never been there.


Sun sets red on the Blue Planet Sun sets blue on the Red Planet


I think the biggest thing that the people living in Mars a 100 years from now will really miss is the sun. You might be able to replicate a lot of things, but it will be a long time before someone can replicate that warm, bright natural sunlight everyone gets to experience on Earth.


Cryptocurrency tycoon died leaving $145M in limbo (12/15/2019) ~ News

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Didn't this exact thing already happen before? EDIT: It's actually the same case.


"died of complications in December 2018 arising from Crohn's Disease while traveling in India" Talk about living dangerously.


I will say this a grown adult: I'm too fucking stupid to understand cryptocurrency Edit: Please, please stop trying to explain it. Everytime someone does it makes less sense.


Does the rule of DIBS still apply? If so then DIBS.


This post really buries the lede by omitting the demand for exhuming the body to prove its actually him.


President Trump has made 15,413 false or misleading claims over 1,055 days (12/16/2019) ~ Politics

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Defending Trump's lies by saying "all politicians lie" is like defending Jeffrey Dahmer by saying "everyone eats things they shouldn't."


LIES, Washington Post, they were lies!


He’s going for the high score


Why don't they add those to the articles of impeachment? Is it ok for the President to lie to the American public?


Has he said *anything* that's informative and truthful? *Any* single illuminating and unambiguous statement?


Barr dismisses inspector general finding Russia probe legitimate (12/15/2019) ~ Politics

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Alternative headline: Well documented liar dismisses obvious truth that's damning to his case, more at eleven


As you can see by reading the report, the results don't fit our administration's preferred narrative. As such, president Trump and his attorney general have concluded that the investigation was illegitimate, but somehow also exonerates Trump of wrongdoing. For further information, see our upcoming memo titled "I know you are, but what am I?" and the greek chorus of screaming wypipo on Fox News.


The most prolific child molester in modern history died in a jail under this man's watch. The two guards have been offered plea deals by Barr, but have refused, and now we will have a trial with discovery. Never forget Barr met, and knew Epstein, and Barrs father had a working relationship with him.


He also thought the Iran Contra scandal was fine. Fuck Bill Barr with a secular dildo.


- Roger Stone was coordinating with Wikileaks who we all know was coordinating with Russia. - Don Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort had a meeting with Kremlin lawyers to discuss Hillary Clinton and the election at Trump Tower. - Paul Manafort, the campaign chairman, was sharing information with Russia. Not only was the Russia probe legitimate. It fucking discovered criminal behavior as far as most of us are concerned.


Mitch McConnell And Lindsey Graham Must Pay For Enabling Trump (12/18/2019) ~ Politics

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Murdoch media empire as well. Nothing short of dismantling should be tolerated.


McConnell and Graham are elderly multi millionaires. If they lost their seats tomorrow they'd be awarded a board member position on one of any number of corporations they've shilled for over the years. They'll live retirement out in opulence. We have to endure to never again allow this type of corruption. We need to change the laws and prevent Congress members from investing in corporations, taking campaign money from corporations, prohibit various types of coordination with other branches, etc, etc.


Yes, the GOP should all pay. They deserve a timeout for putting our country through hell. Last time I checked, accountability isn’t their thing.


I hate shit like this. It's not JUST McConnell and Gram enabling trump. These buffoons are doing exactly what the ENTIRE republican party wants them to do. These men are told what to do and say by the other members to take heat off the the republican party as a whole. Don't just hold these two men accountable, it's the entire party that's responsible for this shit show.


Not just or enabling trump, but also for enabling Russia over America.


Teamtrees officially pass the goal of 20 million dollars. (12/20/2019) ~ Uplifting News

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Who will plant those trees? Can I sign up somewhere? I have been a big fan of trees for a long time.


For those of you whom have come to an uneducated opinion on mr beast stealing this money or them not actually doing anything. It takes 1 click to get this information but you’re clearly too fucking lazy to go get it and would rather shit on dudes getting people to give to charity. Team Trees, also known as TeamTrees or #teamtrees, is a 2019 collaborative fundraiser that raised 20 million U.S. dollars before 2020 (completed December 19, 2019) to plant 20 million trees. The initiative was started by American YouTubers MrBeast and Mark Rober, and was mostly supported by YouTubers. All donations go to the Arbor Day Foundation, a tree-planting organization that pledges to plant one tree for every U.S. dollar donated. The Arbor Day Foundation plans to begin planting in January 2020 and end "no later than December 2022". It is estimated that 20 million trees would take up 180 km2 (69 sq mi) of land, absorb around 1.6 million tons of carbon and remove 116 thousand tons of chemical air pollution from the atmosphere. **The Arbor Day foundation** Has a 3/4 rating and it’s finances are broken down as follows: Program Expenses 82.3% (Percent of the charity's total expenses spent on the programs and services it delivers) Administrative Expenses 3.3% Fundraising Expenses 14.3% Fundraising Efficiency $0.21 Working Capital Ratio (years) 0.84 Program Expenses Growth 4.0% Liabilities to Assets 26.2% All data for Financial Performance Metrics calculations was provided by The Arbor Day Foundation on recent 990s filed with the IRS.


"Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk donated $1 million, which was beat by Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke, who donated $1,000,001." r/fuckyou


Trees, fuck yeah.


To all of you who keeps complaining about "Duh duh duh 20Million trees are not enough blah blah" have you ever thought that even 2 trees are better than nothing? Atleast they're using their fame to do something good. It's a good cause, a good way to raise awareness. Take all your negative shits and just be happy for a moment that something good is trending right now.


Children who engaged in self-talk, saying favorable, encouraging words to themselves, improved their math performance when the talk focused on effort (e.g., “I will do my very best!”), not ability (“I am very good at this!”), suggests new study (n=212 ages 9 to 13 years). (12/17/2019) ~ Science

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Parents and teachers really help to develop the kids inner voice, too. I was told often as a small child that I wasn’t good at math. This became my truth because a teacher said it.


The fully fixed mindset is debilitating, but people are really prone to go all the way to anyone can do anything, which is blatantly untrue and just feels like, well, feelgood blather. The one-handed (his bad hand has bad motor control and feeling due to hemiparesis) videogame speedrunner "halfcoordinated" has one of the most eloquent summarizations of a good attitude I've seen. This was aimed at other disabled gamers, but applies to everyone in just about any endeavor: > "It's really important to just take what life has given you, and do your best with it. I'm not going to say that anyone can do anything, those are just empty words, but I will say that your limits are way further out than you think they are. And if you push yourself you'll be really pleased with the results." If I pick up the guitar now, will I ever be better than Buckethead? Pssh. But the Komatik of next week *will* be a better guitarist than the Komatik of today.


I'm a music teacher. With both my child and adult students, when they say, 'I can't do this!' I gently encourage them to switch to, 'I haven't learned to do this yet.' (I had to learn to talk to myself this way before I could teach it; I am still learning.) 100% supported by experience. I've seen faces light up when the paradigm shifts.


I’d wait until this replicates before putting too much faith in it. This is precisely the kind of study that has historically not replicated.


It’s all about what you believe you can do. I teach people programming occasionally and it’s always just a battle against their limiting beliefs


Sen. Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Want Dems to Call Witnesses During Impeachment Trial Because He’s a Whole Bitch (12/17/2019) ~ Politics

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Upvote for the headline.


They cut right to it: > Here’s what we know is happening: On Wednesday, the House is most certainly going to vote to impeach President Trump. Trump has been accused of abuse of power for soliciting a foreign country to help him politically and obstructing Congress by failing to cooperate with the House investigation. A trial is set to take place in the Senate where Turtleneck calls the shots, and, as a kiss-ass, McConnell has no intention of running a remotely fair trial. > > I know what you are thinking: “But Stephen, it’s a trial, how can Democrats not be allowed to call witnesses?” > > Exactly, dear reader. That’s because Mitch McConnell is a whole bitch who has no problem running a heavily weighted kangaroo court. Dems wanted to call four White House officials, including Mick Mulvaney, the White House chief of staff, and John R. Bolton, the former national security adviser, the New York Times reports. Both men have first-hand knowledge of the phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in which the president asked Zelensky to launch an investigation to find dirt on political rival Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, and held congressionally approved aid over the Ukrainian president’s head until he got what he asked for.


These are headlines WaPo, NYT, etc need. I hate their both sides shit during this terrible moment in our country


The root has the best headlines. Another favourite: "Trump won't participate in this week's house judiciary impeachment hearing because he did that shit."


QQ: Could the senators (McConnell, Graham etc) that are actively declaring themselves 'not impartial' be looking to be dismissed by John Roberts when the trial begins so that they would not be 'culpable' if Trump is convicted?


1,500 protesters killed during Iran Uprising, 29 women confirmed dead (12/21/2019) ~ World News

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That figure is quite alarming. Why is this not being reported on the mainstream news?


Listen, I hate to be this guy but I don't think this is a reliable source at all. The source they give is The National Council of Resistance of Iran, which is part of the MEK, a terrorist organization that has killed far more than 1,500 Iranians in its history. As an Iranian, I do not support the regime, but I also do not support the MEK at all; they are very hated in Iran, by almost everyone. They are the farthest thing from a reliable source. If there are other better sources that claim the same amount, fine. I have not seen that, but this is absolutely a piece of propaganda.


This is sad. For all involved. But why is the title concerned with the less than 2% people only because of their gender? Really sad regardless.


That's an odd way to say 1,471 men were killed.


29 women confirmed dead. 1471 men? 29 women dead is more news worthy than 1471 men?


Study Suggests Early-Life Exposure to Dogs May Lessen Risk of Developing Schizophrenia. Findings suggests that people who are exposed to a pet dog before their 13th birthday are significantly less likely — as much as 24% — to be diagnosed later with schizophrenia. (12/19/2019) ~ Science

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“Serious psychiatric disorders have been associated with alterations in the immune system linked to environmental exposures in early life, and since household pets are often among the first things with which children have close contact, it was logical for us to explore the possibilities of a connection between the two,” says Robert Yolken, M.D., chair of the Stanley Division of Pediatric Neurovirology and professor of neurovirology in pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, and lead author of a research paper recently posted online in the journal PLOS One. In the study, Yolken and colleagues at Sheppard Pratt Health System in Baltimore investigated the relationship between exposure to a household pet cat or dog during the first 12 years of life and a later diagnosis of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. For schizophrenia, the researchers were surprised to see a statistically significant decrease in the risk of a person developing the disorder if exposed to a dog early in life. Across the entire age range studied, there was no significant link between dogs and bipolar disorder, or between cats and either psychiatric disorder.


I wonder if this is spurious correlation. Maybe its not exposure to dogs, but a genetic trait that affects one’s disposition to have dogs which also contributes to statistically relevant decrease in the manifestation of schizophrenia. I mean kids with dogs are really a subset of parents with kids and dogs, and it makes sense that if the parents have an affinity for dogs then the children will as well. So I guess looking at the parents and grandparents of those kids is important b/c you could look at the rates of dog ownership over 3 or more generations and cross-reference schizophrenia rates with the kids in the study to see if a broader pattern exists, and then try to identify genetic trait markers present which could explain rates of disease as noted in the study. It might just be that anyone with the right genetic markers might be more/less susceptible to having the disease, and that affinity for / presence of canines might be an observable indication that one might be less susceptible to developing it, but not directly related to its manifestation. Thoughts?


“Across the entire age range studied, there was no significant link ... between cats and either psychiatric disorder.” Remind me why I’m a cat person again?


Meanwhile, I have a friend whose first schizophrenic episode involved him talking to a dog who then bit his face.


Or parents with kids that have undiagnozed schizophrenia is 24% less likely to buy a dog. What came first; the dog or the schizo?


Weinstein accusers say he is ‘trying to gaslight society again’ (12/16/2019) ~ News

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"I made more movies directed by women and about women than any filmmaker...” Well then I guess all of his actions are excused. Pack it up everyone


Harvey Weinstein treats objects like women. edit: thanks kind stranger!


they're victims more than they are accusers.


"I made more movies directed by women and about women than any filmmaker, and I'm talking about 30 years ago. I'm not talking about now, when it's vogue. I did it first! I pioneered it!" ..and what price did these women have to pay for you to *pioneer* this? Rape. Ya raped them ya fucking bum. Women are powerful, always have been. Now they have a bigger, more powerful voice in society. Now they're going to fucking bury you.


Random thought. I recently watched Christoph Waltz acceptance speech for his Inglorious Bastards role (YouTube rabbit hole) and he spends a good chunk of it thanking Harvey Weinstein. Even get a nice shot of his gargoyle face. Just strange seeing how godlike he was all because money.


Mitch McConnell is “in literal violation of the oath” he must take for impeachment trial, says government professor (12/16/2019) ~ Politics

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The dude openly said he was going to work with the White House to defend the president, that's like being a juror in a murder trial who stands up and announces that he's declaring the murderer innocent and will now be taking over as his lawyer


Oaths mean nothing to him.


Pro-Impeachment Demonstrations are happening across the country tomorrow, Tuesday 12/17 at 5:30pm local time. Find your nearest protest at


Should Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham not be disqualified by Chief Justice Roberts after admitting that they are coordinating with the subject of the impeachment and have already promised to break the oath they must take once the trial begins? They have promised to not be the impartial jurors the oath requires them to be. They should be disqualified from participating in the trial. Which brings us down to only 65 Senators needed to convict.


Theres no remedy baked into the constitution for a senate leader that doesnt do his job. Madison just never envisioned that such a person would somehow still be popular. We should **boycott Kentucky** untill McConnell does his job. They've fucked the rest of the union for long enough with their senators.


Erdogan threatens to recognize Native American deaths as genocide after US acknowledges Armenian genocide (12/17/2019) ~ World News

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Do it. Plenty of Americans agree.


Don't threaten me with the truth !


Ok. It was.


Some Americans too. And they don't go to jail for saying so publicly. That's the difference between the 2 countries.


Yup we did it. The revolutionary war was like aliens vs predator for the Indians whoever won they lose.


Fox News poll finds a wealth tax is far more popular than Trump’s wall (12/16/2019) ~ Politics

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Until they start screaming it on the morning shows like they do about everything else, it’s just another piece of CYA they toss out now and again.


2/3rds of respondents support a wealth tax (i.e a super majority). The percent of respondents who support the wall maps very closely to the number of respondents who said they support Trump (~2/5ths)


Fox News poll comment sections are always fun. Tons of readers questioning the people who were polled and saying Fox News is too far left. It’s always interesting the lengths people go to make their own reality.


If you vote Republican, you are either a billionaire, or a sucker. To learn which of these you are, check your bank statement. Seems that Fox's audience is finally getting around to checking their wallets.


The Medicare for all bit always surprises me when I see it so low. Do people not understand how insurance works? It’s so high because so many don’t pay, aren’t buying the amount they need, aren't getting preventative treatment and/or paperwork to coordinate all the interstate things that happen. Medicare for all solves all of those problems and ensures *every person in the “greatest country on earth”* can go to the doctor when they should. Like, WTF people. If more people are paying in **you pay less!**


Seymchan Meteorite from Russia in 1967 (12/15/2019) ~ Space

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Why does it look edible to me? Like a big chunk of halva.


Not the actual meteorite. More a cut out of it. You can buy meteorite plates that were cut out of one, to admire the structure below. This is a cubic cutout. The actual meteorite was as blob-shaped as they all are, due to the deformation during atmospheric entry and the friction heat generated upon this flying rock.


I knew it, Minecraft world is a real Planet, this is the proof


How big does an asteroid need to be for it to be able to condense metal particles into a solid block like this under it's gravity? Or is this likely a fragment of a much bigger object? I guess I pictured asteroids being an accumulation of fine dust-sized particles into more macroscopic objects


You're ALL wrong, that is CLEARLY the Tesseract. Avengers, ASSEMBLE!


Trump’s Getting Impeached Today (12/18/2019) ~ Politics

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Today, for once, Trump is going to accomplish something Obama never could. ETA: Thanks for the gildings! My comment wasn't all that original, just well timed. On a side note, I'd have supported impeachment just as much if this had been Obama or a theoritical President Clinton asking Ukraine to dig up dirt on presumed Republican nominee Donald Trump. Had it been one of them, I'd also have been royally pissed because I expect better.


HAPPY IMPEACHMENT DAY!!! Let's be happy in this moment when Trump FINALLY gets his due. This stain on human history now has a huge STAIN on him, forever, in recorded history, FOREVER!!


Remember, people - **NONE** of this would have happened if not for you voting during the House elections. Voting is **incredibly important.**


Serving White Russians and ImPeach Margaritas at my party. Celebrate some accountability today and let it inspire you to keep up the fight.


Tis the season for TRE45ON.


Sanders Calls Out ‘Deficit Hawks’ in Both Parties Who Support $738 Billion Pentagon Budget But Claim US Can’t Afford Medicare for All (12/17/2019) ~ Politics

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If we can't afford to educate our children, to heal our sick or care for our elderly, just what is it the defense budget is defending?


Speaking as a Canadian, Sanders is America's obvious choice for president. He is exactly what a politician ought to be. So I fully expect 4 more years of Trump. I have very little faith in the American voter. 2018 was good, let's make 2020 even better because the election interference will be greater.


> **"I find it ironic that when I and other progressive members of Congress propose legislation to address the many unmet needs of workers, the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor, we are invariably asked, 'How will we pay for it?'"** wrote Sanders, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. **"Yet we rarely hear that question with regard to huge increases in military spending, tax breaks for billionaires, or massive subsidies for the fossil fuel industry."** > > [...]Sanders said he is running for president in 2020 "because it's time for a new vision for America and a new set of priorities." > > "Instead of massive spending on a bloated military budget, tax breaks for billionaires, and huge subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, we need to invest in the working families of this country and protect the most vulnerable," the senator wrote. **"We need a government that represents all of us, not just the corporate elite."**


God forbid that the military has to give up a few bombs so that we can feed and care for the working poor.


I just changed my party registration to Democratic so I could vote for Bernie in the primary earlier today. (My county is very red so I often vote in Republican primaries for local officials because democrats run no one and I’d rather have a Mitt Romney than a Lindsey Graham.)


A Methane Leak, Seen From Space, Proves to Be Far Larger Than Thought – The Ohio blowout released more methane than the reported emissions of the oil and gas industries of countries like Norway and France (12/17/2019) ~ Science

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"larger than we thought" Is actually "larger than what that company led us to believe".


Any industry that can make a mistake that could cost many hundred of multiples more than that company’s total revenue shouldn’t be allowed to operate. It is the a massive moral hazard if the deal society makes is “you can keep all profits if no mistakes are made and if you do make mistake just declare bankruptcy to limit your liability”. Especially if the risk is to all humans living on the planet for the next hundred years.


Shouldn't they burn that so it turns to carbon which is less damaging to the environment?


Fossil fuel industries always lie about how much pollution they release. Always.


And this is why I changed my mind on NG as a bridging fuel. On paper natural gas is a great way to reduce emissions quickly while we work on alternatives, but the leaks are not generally known and the extent of how bad they really are is always going to be worse than reported.


Twitter just suspended over 88,000 accounts tied to a Saudi disinformation campaign (12/20/2019) ~ World News

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Remember Khashoggi.


Who would have thought this and other platforms could be used in this maner?? Its ludicrous to think its the others who are copying what we do, are the bad guys. Trolls for hire: Investigation finds online smear campaigns can be bought for as little as $8 for a post or $1,500 for two week campaign


Great! Can they do something about the disinformation campaign going on in the US too, please?


>The company published data on nearly 6,000 of those accounts but said it was keeping the rest of the accounts confidential because they might represent compromised accounts repurposed for the spam campaign. So KSA is either hacking people's accounts to use for their disinformation campaign, or they're buying hacked accounts. And considering they're publishing data on only 6,000 out of 88,000, it seems the lion's share of the accounts involved are hacked rather than unique.


The thing that concerns me is: It's cheaper and easier to pay 90,000 accounts to tell people that you are being good and nice Than it is to just go out and be decent and nice.


Lindsey Graham’s Democratic Challenger Nearly Tied in Heavily-Republican South Carolina, Poll Shows (12/15/2019) ~ Politics

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Let's hope for some decent change. About time. I hope Mitch McConnell is next. 39 years of stagnation and Kentucky is not ready for change.


I hope Lindsey regrets saying he won't honor his oath during the impeachment trial. South Carolina, please make sure he never holds office again. Edit: This is my first time receiving gold. Thank you so much!


South Carolinians are going to want to double check that they aren't mysteriously kicked off the ballot rolls next November. If you are a POC, maybe check six or eight times. Don't let them do you like Georgia.


I know full well Mr. Harrison is aware of Lindsey's Stolen Valor history (because I told him personally) and I look forward to the rest of the state learning their hero thought teaching a class in South Carolina was the exact same as coming under enemy fire in Iraq.


God I'd love to see that floor licker ousted.


Apple will take a rare shareholder grilling about free speech after it removed a map app used by Hong Kong protesters (12/16/2019) ~ Technology

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And do nothing. It's all about the Benjamin's baby.


Authoritarianism from authoritarian nations leaks into non-authoritarian nations when companies from non-authoritarian nations rely on a significant amount of business from the the authoritarian nations.


Hate to say it but free speech only exists to Apple when it is convenient for them.


So no slamming this time? Only grilling? How about roasting/baking/burning? Meh, journalism nowadays, with its lame baititles, ain't what it used to be a month ago... Edit: thank you for my first gold, kind stranger <3


Apple is not *for* free speech. Apple supports controlling everything about what you experience and do from start to finish. In fact, Apple is the exact opposite of freedom.


Pope lifts secrecy rules for sex abuse cases (12/17/2019) ~ News

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It's good to see the Pope finally got to Ephesians 5:11.


It’s a big step in the right direction, but as a reformer this seems like something that he should have done really quickly after assuming the office.


Too little too late, too much damage done already. They are losing money, power and most importantly people. They do not deserve your time and money, pray to god, but dont give to the church. I'm every major city churches turn down the homeless for shelter and food more than they help, the allowed centuries of child rape to happen and protection for the rapist by placing them in a new place to rape new children. They only reform when they are losing money. Dont allow them to sway opinions now when the trail broken children are still suffering from the hands of these animals. If you have religion that's great, I'm not picking on theist, I'm bashing the organization. All major organized religions are more corrupt and immoral than they are any good for humanity. You can have faith and know god without the chrich. But I'm also not here to tell people what to do, just sharing my opinion and thoughts on this. Anyone who is offended I'm sorry, if you want a civil discussion I'm open. Have a wonderful day.


Didn't know there were rules about that.. smh


The fact that they had secrecy rules to begin with is fucked up.


Donald Trump is expected to become only the third US president to be impeached by the House (12/18/2019) ~ World News

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Seeing this whole thing play out just further makes me wish the party system would dissolve.


Happy Impeachment Day, everyone!


There it is. 214 votes for Article I, time now. Donald Trump has been Impeached.


Senate still has to decide whether or not to remove him from office. If he isn't removed, which is likely, basically nothing happens and his impeachment is in name only. He is allowed to run in 2020


It's unfortunate that Republicans can't hold themselves to the same standards they hold everyone else to.


Rashida Tlaib was right: We impeached the motherfucker (12/19/2019) ~ Politics

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Promises made. Promises kept! Edit: Just a fat reminder that this all happened because we voted in 2018. Please, please, please don't be discouraged if it's not Bernie. Yes, we want him but besides Bernie, we need to work on getting rid of the Republican party and that will only happen by voting blue again in 2020. This generation has the power to undo all the shit boomers have done for years. Stay positive!


She’s literally going to be demonized by right wing media for just existing so fuck it man


Well I don't agree with the words she picked I do agree with the sentiment. I am probably much older than most people on Reddit. I see is the Republican party approaching the status of the Nazi party. If the word Nazi offends you, go visit Holocaust museum in Washington DC. Have an excellent exhibit what led up to Hitler's rise to power Trump is borrowing from that playbook. What is next are parades of goose-stepping soldiers, and huge MAGA banners on the overpasses and in communities. If you're not part of the party you are against it. These are dark times people.


Didn't he pay someone $130,000 because he's **not** a motherfucker?


I really hope the Democrats start reminding people that, no matter what the Senate does or doesn't do in it's trial - a huge pile of these offenses are criminal and he *will* be indicted and prosecuted for them when he leaves office. As will those who shared in the crimes - including his children. Make him start sweating now, and it will demonstrate to the public that **if he were not President he would be in court right f%cking now over these offenses**. Just ask Paul Manafort.


Trump rages against impeachment as newly released report alleges he committed ‘multiple federal crimes’. President claims his impeachment ‘is the greatest con job in the history of American politics’ as damning report details misconduct. (12/16/2019) ~ Politics

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It really wasn't a con job. We saw the crimes in real time, some on national TV. We weren't fooled. The right pretends to be so they can enable Trump as a scapegoat so they can pack the courts and pass wildly unpopular legislation (tax scam, anyone?)


My only happiness in this is that Trump is genuinely raging. He goes to bed worried and angry and wakes up the same. Trump isn't acting. His life is shitty and it is all to his own making.


The one thing that abso-fucking-lutely baffles me is how his constant use of nth-degree superlatives never bothers any of his supporters. To hear Trump talk, literally nothing that has ever happened around him is anything less than the best in human history, or the worst in human history. If you were talking to someone who constantly referred to everything in those kind of extreme terms, you would immediately know they're complete bullshitters, but here we are.


Poor poor Trump. It would be such a shame if he was so upset that he quit.


As I told my friend recently, this impeachment process is less likely to result in Trump's removal via being convicted, but possibly to result in a complete and incontrovertible break from reality; an according to Hoyle meltdown that will end speculation about his mental state.


Chimps may be creating ‘music’ by throwing stones at trees, suggests new study. Chimps seem to prefer to throw rocks at trees that create a richer, longer lasting sound when struck, which suggests they are either doing this as a method of communication, or simply because they like the sound. (12/18/2019) ~ Science

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I recently went on a hike with my 8 year old and his friend, they also like throwing rocks at trees. It's kinda fun and I'm sure chimps think the same way. Edit: spelling


They're using a definition of "music" which is so broad you could drive a truck through it.


Two thousand nineteen the number another summer Sound of the monkey drummer


If chimps were allowed to roam in cities instead of forests and adapted I'm sure they would learn all kinds of stuff around humans they are part of an evolutionary process just like everything else. Putting animals in cages doesn't help.


“We’re like monkeys hammering on a nuclear bomb because we like the sound it makes!”