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Prince Andrew accuser’s sends out cryptic tweet: “I am making it publicy known that in no way, shape or form am I sucidal. I have made this known to my therapist and GP- If something happens to me- in the sake of my family do not let this go away and help me to protect them” (12/11/2019) ~ World News

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That's not cryptic


Watson! Retrieve my violin and cocaine, for I must apply all of my amazing deductive powers if I am to have even the slightest hope of deciphering this incredibly cryptic message.


This is basically the opposite of cryptic, she’s explicitly expressing that she feels under threat of being killed by powerful people and is attempting to protect herself.


Time to start wearing a small body cam that records to a cloud...


Epstein didn't kill himself.


Russia banned from all global sport including 2020 OIympics and 2022 World Cup (12/9/2019) ~ World News

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Should've done it years ago. Cheating at this level (government level) should get you banned from any serious competition. Russia went through all backup plans, even withholding critical information from experts and then claiming a defector deleted it. Turns out this was fake too. Fuck them. Sucks for all the honest russian athletes out there (and there are quite a few I imagine), but at least they can perform without a flag.


Well, at least they’ll still be able to participate in the 2020 US Elections.


Remind me how the fuck they got to hold the World Cup again.


Good. It was a joke they were able to participate in the Winter Olympics under the olympic flag. They should've been banned altogether. Watch Icarus on netflix, great documentary on the widespread doping scandal


Russia is the personification of small dick syndrome. For a country of its size it is so laughably insecure. Even with cheating they still don’t even do that well. In contrast the U.K. which has half the population and is a fraction of the size came 2nd.


H.Res.755 – Impeaching Donald John Trump, President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors (12/12/2019) ~ Politics

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ARTICLE I: ABUSE OF POWER The Constitution provides that the House of Representatives “shall have the sole Power of Impeachment” and that the President “shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”. In his conduct of the office of President of the United States—and in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed—Donald J. Trump has abused the powers of the Presidency, in that: Using the powers of his high office, President Trump solicited the interference of a foreign government, Ukraine, in the 2020 United States Presidential election. He did so through a scheme or course of conduct that included soliciting the Government of Ukraine to publicly announce investigations that would benefit his reelection, harm the election prospects of a political opponent, and influence the 2020 United States Presidential election to his advantage. President Trump also sought to pressure the Government of Ukraine to take these steps by conditioning official United States Government acts of significant value to Ukraine on its public announcement of the investigations. President Trump engaged in this scheme or course of conduct for corrupt purposes in pursuit of personal political benefit. In so doing, President Trump used the powers of the Presidency in a manner that compromised the national security of the United States and undermined the integrity of the United States democratic process. He thus ignored and injured the interests of the Nation. President Trump engaged in this scheme or course of conduct through the following means: (1) President Trump—acting both directly and through his agents within and outside the United States Government—corruptly solicited the Government of Ukraine to publicly announce investigations into— (A) a political opponent, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.; and (B) a discredited theory promoted by Russia alleging that Ukraine—rather than Russia—interfered in the 2016 United States Presidential election. (2) With the same corrupt motives, President Trump—acting both directly and through his agents within and outside the United States Government—conditioned two official acts on the public announcements that he had requested— (A) the release of $391 million of United States taxpayer funds that Congress had appropriated on a bipartisan basis for the purpose of providing vital military and security assistance to Ukraine to oppose Russian aggression and which President Trump had ordered suspended; and (B) a head of state meeting at the White House, which the President of Ukraine sought to demonstrate continued United States support for the Government of Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression. (3) Faced with the public revelation of his actions, President Trump ultimately released the military and security assistance to the Government of Ukraine, but has persisted in openly and corruptly urging and soliciting Ukraine to undertake investigations for his personal political benefit. These actions were consistent with President Trump’s previous invitations of foreign interference in United States elections. In all of this, President Trump abused the powers of the Presidency by ignoring and injuring national security and other vital national interests to obtain an improper personal political benefit. He has also betrayed the Nation by abusing his high office to enlist a foreign power in corrupting democratic elections. Wherefore President Trump, by such conduct, has demonstrated that he will remain a threat to national security and the Constitution if allowed to remain in office, and has acted in a manner grossly incompatible with self-governance and the rule of law. President Trump thus warrants impeachment and trial, removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust, or profit under the United States.


Thank you for Voting in 2018! Be sure to Vote in 2020!


Here’s to history everybody. See you in text books 40 years from now.


ARTICLE II: OBSTRUCTION OF CONGRESS The Constitution provides that the House of Representatives “shall have the sole Power of Impeachment” and that the President “shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”. In his conduct of the office of President of the United States—and in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed—Donald J. Trump has directed the unprecedented, categorical, and indiscriminate defiance of subpoenas issued by the House of Representatives pursuant to its “sole Power of Impeachment”. President Trump has abused the powers of the Presidency in a manner offensive to, and subversive of, the Constitution, in that: The House of Representatives has engaged in an impeachment inquiry focused on President Trump’s corrupt solicitation of the Government of Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 United States Presidential election. As part of this impeachment inquiry, the Committees undertaking the investigation served subpoenas seeking documents and testimony deemed vital to the inquiry from various Executive Branch agencies and offices, and current and former officials. In response, without lawful cause or excuse, President Trump directed Executive Branch agencies, offices, and officials not to comply with those subpoenas. President Trump thus interposed the powers of the Presidency against the lawful subpoenas of the House of Representatives, and assumed to himself functions and judgments necessary to the exercise of the “sole Power of Impeachment” vested by the Constitution in the House of Representatives. President Trump abused the powers of his high office through the following means: (1) Directing the White House to defy a lawful subpoena by withholding the production of documents sought therein by the Committees. (2) Directing other Executive Branch agencies and offices to defy lawful subpoenas and withhold the production of documents and records from the Committees—in response to which the Department of State, Office of Management and Budget, Department of Energy, and Department of Defense refused to produce a single document or record. (3) Directing current and former Executive Branch officials not to cooperate with the Committees—in response to which nine Administration officials defied subpoenas for testimony, namely John Michael “Mick” Mulvaney, Robert B. Blair, John A. Eisenberg, Michael Ellis, Preston Wells Griffith, Russell T. Vought, Michael Duffey, Brian McCormack, and T. Ulrich Brechbuhl. These actions were consistent with President Trump’s previous efforts to undermine United States Government investigations into foreign interference in United States elections. Through these actions, President Trump sought to arrogate to himself the right to determine the propriety, scope, and nature of an impeachment inquiry into his own conduct, as well as the unilateral prerogative to deny any and all information to the House of Representatives in the exercise of its “sole Power of Impeachment”. In the history of the Republic, no President has ever ordered the complete defiance of an impeachment inquiry or sought to obstruct and impede so comprehensively the ability of the House of Representatives to investigate “high Crimes and Misdemeanors”. This abuse of office served to cover up the President’s own repeated misconduct and to seize and control the power of impeachment—and thus to nullify a vital constitutional safeguard vested solely in the House of Representatives. In all of this, President Trump has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice, and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States. Wherefore, President Trump, by such conduct, has demonstrated that he will remain a threat to the Constitution if allowed to remain in office, and has acted in a manner grossly incompatible with self-governance and the rule of law. President Trump thus warrants impeachment and trial, removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust, or profit under the United States.


It is both an honor and a horror to be alive for this.


Baby boomers are more sensitive than millennials, according to the largest-ever study on narcissism (12/14/2019) ~ Not The Onion

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They were originally called the “Me Generation” by their own parents. So it makes sense.


Millennials killed being more sensitive apparently.


Not sure if this quite fits the sub, but it's humorous to say the least.


I fall between the two as I'm the father of a millennial son and I take care of my boomer parents. Though my parents are relatively laid back, their friends are nightmares. They're just too uptight and self-centered. My son's friend group have all come across as laid back. My parents boomer friends almost to a person bitch about the laziness of today's youth. Almost all my son's friends are working their butts off through the raw deal they've been born into.


I mean boomers get triggered by childfreedom, the so called war on Christmas, veganism and LGBTQ+ stuff. Millennials get triggered about not being able to find affordable housing, crippling student debt and a harsh job market that demands a masters degree for an entry level job. Baby boomers are sensitive about stuff that don't concern them and don't affect their life or life quality, because they don't understand it. Millennial are upset about external conditions making their life quality lower than their parents. "Duh" is my answer to the article title, but because science relies on the scientific method I understand and appreciate the fact that a study was done in order to prove our collective anecdotal findings which is > Baby boomers. So triggered. Lol.


The President Just Admitted in Court He Ran a Crooked Charity and We’re All Just Gonna Shrug It Off? (12/12/2019) ~ Politics

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Republican sycophants in the House Judiciary committee, right this moment, are going on about how against corruption the subject of this article and court case is.


>The largest donation the Foundation made in those days—and indeed ever, according to the Washington Post—was a $264,231 gift to the Central Park Conservancy in 1989. This appears generous until you learn it was used to restore a fountain outside the Plaza Hotel, which Trump owned at the time. It directly benefitted his business. Amazing.


> By the 2000s, the charity was largely holding other people's money, which was donated to benefit philanthropic causes. Trump used some of this money to buy **a $20,000 portrait of himself.** I'm still half expecting a 50ft bronze statue someday. > He also used the money to buy a $12,000 signed Tim Tebow helmet, which he kept for himself. > He spent more than a quarter of a million dollars of the charity's money to settle lawsuits involving his for-profit businesses. This is not legal. What's the use of being precident if you can't be exempt from so called "_laws_"? ^^^/s


This is the kind of shit that would normally make a president resign in shame


His supporters don't care, though they do care whether or not Hilary's charity is legit or not.


Man who ate $120,000 art banana said he would’ve done it sooner, but wasn’t hungry yet (12/9/2019) ~ Not The Onion

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I genuinely believe this is just planned out as well


He's a genius because once he shits it out it will be worth double.


It's one banana. What could it cost? 120,000 dollars?


This whole 120 for a banana sounds a lot like money laundering to me.


Imagine being so wealthy you can shitpost IRL.


Senator McConnell Must Recuse – The Senator Has Already Violated His Oath as a Juror (12/13/2019) ~ Politics

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Rep Val Demings calls on Sen Mitch McConnell to recuse himself from the President’s impeachment trial: > “The President has abused his power and obstructed Congress’ ability to hold him accountable for his actions. His use of military assistance to pressure another country to interfere in our election put our national security and our democracy at risk. The Constitution requires that after articles of impeachment pass the House of Representatives, the president must be given a fair trial in the Senate. > **”Senator McConnell has promised to sabotage that trial and he must recuse himself. No court in the country would allow a member of the jury to also serve as the accused’s defense attorney. The moment Senator McConnell takes the oath of impartiality required by the Constitution, he will be in violation of that oath. He has effectively promised to let President Trump manage his own impeachment trial. The Senator must withdraw.”**


*The Senate Rules provide the oath to be sworn by each Senator: “I solemnly swear (or affirm) that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of President Donald John Trump, now pending, I will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws: So help me God.”*


WRITE TO YOUR DEMOCRATIC SENATORS NOW... 1. **PLEASE** call out Mitch McConnell's pledge to coordinate with the White House on impeachment as a **TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE** 2. **PLEASE IMPLORE** Nancy Pelosi **NOT** to refer the articles of impeachment to the Senate once they are approved and to hold them in hand, pending more evidence of criminal behavior by Trump—and now the GOP. Given McConnell's statement there cannot be a fair trial and the Democrats should not indulge them.


Absolutely. Moscow Mitch must recuse himself.


Oh wow this is from Demings. Nice to see it on official letterhead.


Major League Baseball and player’s union agree to opioid testing; marijuana removed as ‘drug of abuse’ (12/12/2019) ~ News

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It's about time. They've been arguing about weed testing for 20 years.


Here is where we find out just how bad opiates are in MLB.


Maybe now we can finally hear some more Bob Marley walk-up songs.


I thought MLB players were never tested for Marijuana. Only minor leagers


Time for the NFL to get on board


H.Res.757 – Calling for the resignation and disbarment of United States Attorney General William P. Barr, and for other purposes. (12/12/2019) ~ Politics

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**_Fucking_** beautiful. ----- **RESOLUTION** Calling for the resignation and disbarment of United States Attorney General William P. Barr, and for other purposes. Whereas, on March 24, 2019, United States Attorney General William P. Barr deliberately mischaracterized the “Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election” issued by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III; Whereas, on March 25, 2019, at Attorney General Barr’s direction, the Department of Justice ceased defending the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111–148), a duly enacted law under the United States Constitution; Whereas, on April 24, 2019, Attorney General Barr directed then-Acting Assistant Attorney General John Gore of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division to defy a subpoena from the House Oversight and Reform Committee pertaining to its investigation of the 2020 census; Whereas, on July 8, 2019, Attorney General Barr deliberately mischaracterized the legal reasoning behind the Trump administration’s desire to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census and abruptly removed career Department of Justice attorneys in an unprecedented attempt to undermine a ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States; Whereas, on July 16, 2019, Attorney General Barr ignored the recommendation of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division by declining to bring charges against the New York Police Department officer in the death of Eric Garner; Whereas, on July 17, 2019, the United States House of Representatives voted to hold Attorney General Barr in criminal contempt of Congress for his refusal to comply with a duly-issued subpoena and deliberate obstruction of congressional oversight authority; Whereas, on December 4, 2019, Attorney General Barr threatened the withholding of police protection from communities that do not show “support and respect” to law enforcement, a statement that has been interpreted as being directed at communities of color that protest police violence; Whereas Attorney General Barr has perpetuated and promulgated conspiracy theories that have been repeatedly debunked by United States law enforcement and intelligence agencies, including before a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing, where he referred to legitimate and legal law enforcement surveillance as “spying”, and while traveling abroad to meet with foreign intelligence officials where he has continued to spread this dis­in­for­ma­tion; Whereas Attorney General Barr has used taxpayer funds for international travel to seek foreign assistance in investigating a domestic political rival of the President of the United States; Whereas Attorney General Barr has sought to undermine the Department of Justice inspector general’s report “Review of Four FISA Applications and Other Aspects of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation”, regarding the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s investigation of the Trump campaign; and Whereas Attorney General Barr has refused to recuse himself from any Ukraine-related matters in which he is allegedly involved: Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the House of Representatives— (1) condemns United States Attorney General William P. Barr for his despicable comments and actions; (2) calls on United States Attorney General William P. Barr to resign; (3) calls on the Virginia State Bar to remove United States Attorney General William P. Barr from its rolls; (4) calls on the New York State Bar Association to remove United States Attorney General William P. Barr from its rolls; (5) calls on the District of Columbia Bar to remove United States Attorney General William P. Barr from its rolls; (6) reaffirms support for the diversity of the United States; and (7) reaffirms, in the strongest terms, its support for and commitment to the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.


So its a bill to bar bill barr from the bar?


So House Res 755 - Impeachment of Donald trump House Res 757 - Disbarment of Attorney General William Barr edit. House Res 759 - Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 United States Presidential election and deliberately spread false information to implicate the Republic of Ukraine. *it was a good day...*


Oh shit. Wasn't expecting this to drop tonight.


Throw this F'ing Dominionist, ball washing bum out! He's a bigger danger to this country than the moronic, petulant crybaby.


In a split second, clothes makes a person more competent in the eyes of others, suggests new study. Faces were judged as significantly more competent when the clothing was perceived as “richer.” This judgment was made almost instantaneously. When explicitly asked to ignore, the bias still remained. (12/9/2019) ~ Science

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Also uniforms work too. You wear something that looks like you should be doing a thing people will automatically respond to that.


Wow this study is really interesting. How they tried to control for bias by using money/no money etc. a lot went into it.


I'm pretty sure I have an inverse of this bias when judging software engineers... In all seriousness, though, I wonder if context matters.


As a hairstylist, I can back up these findings. If you want clients that have money to spend it with you, you need to look like you already have money.


This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. We are trained by society to identify someones profession or competency by their clothes. Many professions require specific uniforms to make employees easily identifiable as a member of that profession: Police, Fire, Medical, and even the sales clerk at Home Depot. We even refer to types of jobs as "white collar" or "blue collar" referencing the employees clothes. Would we see suits as a prestigious symbol if they were the uniform of trash collectors and plumbers instead of lawyers and bankers? It is the conditioning of society that causes us to see this relationship between clothing and competency.


The Vatican is using majority of donations for the poor to fight its budget deficit with as little as 10% going to charities for the poor, report says (12/11/2019) ~ World News

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Hey somebody has to pay off those court settlements for molestation cases!


When I was a teenager, I worked for one of those telemarketing firms that would solicit donations for stuff like veterans groups and the Police Benevolent Association. I found out that only like 10% actually went to the charity, and thought “what a scam!” What a scam.


To me Church is a business. And they are selling you your faith.


If they’re short in cash they could always just sell indulgences again


>Pope Francis's annual charitable appeal, known as Peter's Pence Don't know about other places, but where I live, Peter's Pence is advertised as "the money you donate to finance the Vatican". And catholic charities are independent organization that do not rely on Vatican funding. So yeah, the funding goes to "fight its budget deficit", that's what people are donating for (whether the Vatican spends that money reasonably or uses it for luxury expenses is another question altogether)


Trump launches snide attack on Greta Thunberg after she beats him to Time Person of the Year (12/12/2019) ~ World News

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Remeber when melania said she wanted to fight school children being bullied?


Can you imagine someone telling you back in the Obama presidency (pre Trump announcing he’s running) that the next POTUS will have regular and very public Twitter beef with a 15/16 year old European girl? That would sound just straight crazy, right?


If Trump "launches a snide attack" on you... you're doing something right.


I wish he would just go home. He's like that kid your parents make you play with. The one no one likes.


Imagine voting for this fat worthless fucking waste of a life and being proud of it.


Juice Wrld dead at 21 after seizure at Chicago’s Midway Airport: report (12/8/2019) ~ News

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Stop popping pills it ain’t worth it y’all. Edit: I understand that the cause of death hasn’t been announced. He has been known to use lean, percs, and xanax. This comment was not just about him. It was about Lil Peep, Mac, and every single person that has died because of drugs. They don’t solve your problems they just make them worse. Please get professional help if you need it.


"We ain't making it past 21" (Legends, Juice WRLD) ​ Predicted it himself, very sad... ​ Edit: A man that was liked by many around here has just died. Whose mental state resonated with a few, which gave them comfort. Then people post shit like "Who's this and why should I care?"... can't we have a little empathy for others? (Not just the rappers, but the fans too)


27 club becomes 21 club.


Don't do drugs kids, you are much more than some pills


**Accidental drug overdose is currently the leading cause of death in the United States for those under 50. Drug overdose deaths now exceed those attributable to firearms, car accidents, homicides, or HIV/AIDS. More Americans died from a drug overdose in 2017 alone than died in the entire Vietnam War.** Likely another victim of the drug crisis all of America is facing.


‘He Is Planning to Rig the Impeachment Trial’: McConnell Vows ‘Total Coordination’ With Trump on Senate Process: “The jury—Senate Republicans—are going to coordinate with the defendant—Donald Trump—on how exactly the kangaroo court is going to be run.” (12/13/2019) ~ World News

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"According to the rules expressed in the Constitution, during an impeachment trial of the President of the United States, the Senate takes an oath to act as impartial jurors. " Edit- For those who need it pointed out, the House is not the Senate. The House's job is to handle the pre-trial portions, deciding if charges will be filed or not.


We all knew this was going to happen. The whole point was to make them stand up and say it out loud. Every. Last. One of them.


I'm pretty sure the framers of the Constitution thought people would be willing to set aside affiliation when it came to protecting the nation from an unruly president through the impeachment process. Whether you are sympathetic to Democrats or Republicans, this just seems wrong.


Well THAT registered a solid zero on the old Surprise-O-Meter... >>Everything I do during this I'm coordinating with White House counsel Y'know...on almost *any* other charge, this would just be egregiously corrupt. On a charge of obstruction of congress? We've crossed the line into CARTOONISH corruption.


It was a good run, America. ⚰️


Bill Cosby loses appeal of sexual assault conviction (12/10/2019) ~ News

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I remember Cosby saying it was something 'everyone did', like it was a very normalized thing to do to fans/starlets. I 100% believe him. I wish he would make a list for everyone else he knows/witnessed doing it. It's less about Cosby being a piece of shit, the entire industry has been like this for a very long time and I don't think the #metoo movement has stopped it. edit: type-o


Aww, so close to successfully living a public lie and dying a beloved actor and comedian without ever facing consequences. What a shame. Obviously the real injustice is that this elderly rapist got all his love and nice things ripped away from him as a consequence of raping countless women. I mean, how is that fair???


To think this all started when another comedian asked an audience of a comedy club if they knew the real Bill Cosby?


Bill Cosby is the worst. He sold himself as a moral guide and then did some of the creepiest shit possible. I’m glad all this came out before he died so he can be punished and so his legacy is destroyed. And I loved the Cosby show.


Potentially bad news for Harvey Weinstein. > The Superior Court ruling was being closely watched because Cosby was the first celebrity tried and convicted in the #MeToo era. The same issue was hard-fought in pretrial hearings before movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault trial. > > Cosby’s lawyers in his appeal said the suburban Philadelphia judge had improperly allowed the five women to testify at last year’s retrial although he’d let just one woman testify at the first trial in 2017. > > But the Superior Court said Pennsylvania law allows the testimony if it shows Cosby had a “signature” pattern of drugging and molesting women. > > “Here, the (prior bad act) evidence established appellant’s unique sexual assault playbook,” the court said, noting that “no two events will ever be identical.” > > The court went on to say that the similarities were no accident.


Canadian Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer to resign imminently | His resignation comes as a direct result of new revelations that he was using Conservative Party money to pay for his children’s private schooling (12/12/2019) ~ World News

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This is actually the most interesting thing this guy has ever done in his life. Funny thing, during the election, one of the "interesting facts" he revealed about himself to seem more relatable to the voters was...that he used to sell insurance. Dude then got promptly slapped by the insurance broker legislators for falsely claiming to be a broker--which is a regulated and protected term in Canada. It turned out that he only worked in an insurance office doing menial clerical work for 6 months and never passed the licentiate exam.


I laughed at this revelation. I laughed a lot. Good riddance.


Moral of the story: it's OK to grift from taxpayers but touch Party money and you're done.


He committed the one and only crime right wingers will not tolerate: Taking money from rich people.


Here's hoping they can find someone with half a brain to tackle climate change seriously, have non-archaic views on the LGBTQ community, and actually care about more than the 1%. Highly doubtful, but still trying to see the bright side.


Greta Thunberg is Time’s 2019 Person of the Year (12/11/2019) ~ News

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Pretty ironic how Time disregarded the people's vote on this, the HK protesters had over 95% of the vote in the end...


This is Greta's second win as Time Person of the Year. She also won in 2006, along with everyone else on the planet.


Before you get outraged over this, ask yourself one question. Do meaningless awards like this actually matter? Most people haven't thought about TIME magazine since the last time they announced this. It's completely meaningless 364 days a year to the vast majority of people. We don't have to get outraged about everything. Good for her. And everyone in the running is having some sort of impact on the world. But it really doesn't fucking matter who wins.


ITT: people who think Time looks at the online poll to pick a winner.


Remember time is owned by Salesforce CEO who stands to make billions from the china alibaba deal.....seems pretty obvious why hong kong was NEVER going to be named.


High school students find hidden cameras in Minnesota hotel rooms during school trip (12/13/2019) ~ News

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I'm not one to make assumptions but: > "The hotel said it searched its property for hidden cameras but did not find any devices besides the ones located in the high schoolers' rooms." Seems, strange to me and my initial gut would say the coincidence is too strong to shrug off as just "random"


Not pleased to read this as I’m sitting in my minnesota hotel bedroom.


I run an online spy shop. This NBC new segment just gave us a huge spike in hidden camera detectors. This happens pretty much anytime the national news covers a hidden camera story.


My business used to scan for them, they were common even before they were cheap. Would find one in every 20 annual scans.


> "As confirmed by local authorities at this time, it does not appear that anyone associated with the hotel is involved in the situation," Hyatt said in a statement. So if the hotel didn't do it, who did? > A staff member at Madison East High School who accompanied the students on the three-day trip earlier this month was placed on leave "as a precautionary measure" and in accordance with district protocol, a spokesperson for the Madison Metropolitan School District said in a statement. Oh, a creep from the school. Disgusting. Throw the book at them.


Campaign official: People are ‘starting to notice that Bernie Sanders has a real shot’ (12/12/2019) ~ Politics

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Whether or not Bernie has a shot is entirely up to the people in the first place


He's got my vote Sanders 2020


i am on the warren side, but i'll tell you what. If warren is toast, i'll vote bernie all the way and i believe she'd endorse sanders. The rest are fucking frauds, who i'll still vote for over trump.


Only candidate I've ever donated to


Bernie is the only candidate that wall street, corporations, and the oligarchs hate. That should make him the candidate of choice for Everyone who's not a millionaire. edit: yes, yes, The warren drones have pointed out that Warren is also really cool. She's almost as good as Bernie. Bernie didn't spend 20 years as a registered republican however so he gets my nod.


Fox News Is Now a Threat to National Security. The network’s furthering of lies from foreign adversaries and flagrant disregard for the truth have gotten downright dangerous. (12/11/2019) ~ Politics

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One Australian has done more damage to human well being, the planet and democracy than anyone in the history of Earth. All to brainwash poor people so dozens of greedy evil monsters can continue to plunder and murder the planet in the name of paper accumulation.


The Barr/Murdoch meeting, Hannity's involvement with Cohen, and Parnas/Truman disinformation, the scripted and coordinated talking points... These need to be investigated. At a minimum Fox needs to file a FARA document. And I wonder why Rand Paul and the the enable(R)s are crying about looking at phone records for members of Congress... They're all up to their necks.


Fox news gives legitimacy and comfort to conspiracy theorist, racists and bigots. If nothing is done, it's hard to see how the US can come back down to reality. The most viewed news outlet in our country is complete propaganda, not against our enemies but against Americans themselves Edit: getting bombarded with a bunch of right wing comments, I'm not gonna waste my time responding anymore


Could have run this headline anyday for the last 20+ years


It's been dangerous for a while. It has been used to radicalize a large chunk of America against minorities, members of the LGBTQ community, proponents of pro choice and gun control, and democrats in general. Mostly by promoting debunked conspiracy theories. It's made people very capable of violence if someone don't adhere to their fucked up conservative/fascist worldview.


Russia Banned From Global Sports for 4 Years Over Doping (12/9/2019) ~ News

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An important aspect to note about this decision is that this does not include a blanket ban on athletes. So if Russian athletes were found to have not been doping, then they can compete in neutral clothing at next year's Olympics. Russia is likely to appeal this decision.


This is what happens when the agency in Russia that's supposed to test athletes for PED's is so corrupt they're actually PROVIDING the athletes with PED'S and then helping to cover it up. Russia simply can't be trusted to properly test their athletes.


If anyone has not already, watch the documentary "Icarus". It starts off with a guy just trying to see if he can get away with doping in amateur cycling, but he instead ends up pulling on the thread that unravels the entire state-funded doping program.


This is racist against people that cheat at sports.


Russia to start their own Olympics 2020.


U of Phoenix agrees to cancel $141 million in student loan debt (12/11/2019) ~ News

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Agreed is a strong word here. Forced by the federal government because they were a scam diploma mill who lied about their training and connections to major corporations, would be way more accurate.


I know so many people who fell victim to UoP and ITT Tech. They advertised soooo hard to my class and a lot of people fell victim.


> The school is also barred from making false claims about its relationships with companies or employers. YEAH EVERY FUCKING SCHOOL SHOULD BE BARRED FROM MAKING FALSE CLAIMS ABOUT ITS RELATIONSHIPS WITH COMPANIES OR EMPLOYERS I'm in such a bad mood today


“I mean it’s not like the diplomas are actually worth anything, lol” - UoP president


I’m so happy for those 4 students


Megathread: House Democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment against President Trump, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. (12/10/2019) ~ Politics

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If you live in NJ-02, please give Jeff Van Drew a call. He's one of the two Democrats who voted against the Impeachment Inquiry. His argument is that the Senate won't convict him, so why impeach? Problem is, I didn't vote him into the Senate. I voted him into the House of Representatives.


Regardless if you think trump wont be removed from office, its important that congress still move forward with the impeachment to not normalize this behavior for future presidents. It's also forcing congress to put their names down on something to show future generations who stood with democracy and who was against it. Dont think for a second that republicans will be vindicated when the Senate doesnt remove him from office. If anything it shows how deep the rabbit hole goes and exposes the systemic corruption of the party. History wont be kind to Trumpublicans and those who stood by and did nothing Edit: if you dont think republicans gaslighting the country isnt going to motivate more Democrats to get out and vote in 2020, you are sadly mistaken. The blue trend we've been seeing in off year elections will continue into 2020 regardless of peoples' anecdotal evidence against it.


Whatever happens, this was the Constitutionally correct move


An interesting tidbit was shared to PBS Live Stream's chat during the last investigative hearing that I think is important enough to repeat. > ​amy wernet asks: ​"If Trump is impeached, but not removed what are the actual consequences he will face? I recall Clinton continued on as if nothing had happened. ​I find the idea of no consequences appauling, as in what would the point be of all this time and energy spent if there is no level of accountability? Thank you for any clarification you may offer." > ​Good morning, Amy. The Constitution allows for a super majority of the Senate to remove a president from office but if they decline to do that, you are right, the president can go on as usual. **​Any consequences would be up to the voters.** We have never had a president, impeached but not removed, face reelection. How will the public react? We would find out in November 2020. (from Magan Crane, PBS Live Stream. Emphasis mine) This is important. Given how Republicans in the House and Senate are bending over backwards to ignore facts and defend Trump, it's not unreasonable to think the House will impeach him and the Senate will acquit him, voting strictly along party lines and allowing him to serve out his term and continue to run for re-election. We as voters need to speak out against this, to show him that actions have consequences. **Register to vote and make sure you're all heard in 2020.**


Trump is going to be jealous once he find out that congress voted on 5 articles for Nixon.


Scottish National Party leader says Boris Johnson has no mandate to take Scotland out of the EU and demands independence vote (12/13/2019) ~ World News

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Let the breakup of the *United* Kingdom commence.


Scots are gonna rebuild hadrians wall and make England pay for it


Gonna be honest, Irish Reunification seems like a priority, since literally every Brexit deal violates the Good Friday Agreement.


On a sidenode, Nationalists have also established a majority in Northern Ireland. UK implosion count down started; I'm predicting mid-2020 when the initial blows from the Brexit have caused enough waves that people will hit the streets before the UK can stabilize itself politically and economically.


And so it begins


McConnell Faces Calls to Recuse Himself From Impeachment Trial After Saying ‘No Chance’ Trump Will Be Removed; “No court in the country would allow a member of the jury to also serve as the accused’s defense attorney.” (12/13/2019) ~ Politics

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There are a ton of people in this country who pay very little attention to politics and think this whole impeachment is just typical Republican-Democrat bickering. We need to talk to these people and hammer these things home. It should be easy for anyone to understand that the jury foreman can't be meeting with the defendant's attorney if there's going to be a fair trial. People need to hear about this.


No court in the nation would allow a defendant to contribute $1 million dollars to a juror's pocketbook either but here we are where the President's PAC can transfer money to campaigns of his jurors and then stand on stage next to them.


You mean ask they guy that constantly rewrites the rules as he sees fit?


So, fuck the facts and the evidence? Conservatives are just outright saying that party politics are more important than upholding the Constitution. That, in itself, should be grounds for a recall. One would hope that if there is a possibility that an elected official has abused their office, that anyone from either party would want to weed them out. If I were a Republican, I would want to remove any other Republican screwball to maintain integrity within my party. The actions by McConnell, Collins, Nunes, and Graham, and whoever else, are proof positive of corruption in our government.


Any Republican that went on the record voting against the Articles of Impeachment before they were presented should recuse themselves. This would be standard in any jury case.


Democrats approve impeachment of Trump in Judiciary vote (12/13/2019) ~ World News

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The vote by the judiciary committee went straight down party lines. It's hard to imagine a more clear demonstration that the system is fundamentally fucked. No matter which side you're on a straight party line vote on something like this demonstrates that at least one side clearly has no interest in facts and is just going with "their team" regardless of any consequences. This "absolute loyalty to party under all circumstances and to hell with reality" mentality is the dumbest shit I've ever seen.


And by "Democrats," you mean "House Judiciary Committee."


“They accused the Democrats of rushing the process — before gathering all the facts and hearing from the first-hand players” Hold up... wasn’t one of the articles of impeachment for obstruction of justice due to Trump directly advising the executive branch to not comply with subpoenas? How can one logically argue that they need more facts when they also acknowledge that those facts were unable to be obtained by the President illegally withholding information?


No, the *committee* approved impeachment. Let's not replace every tradition of our government with a party.


This is a great first step to correcting the issue, but a sad situation to find ourselves in that it is even needed in the first place. Meanwhile, i see Gov. Mike Huckabee talking about how hes going on fox news tonight to explain how trump can run again for a third term in 2024. So the circus just never ends i guess??


Recreational marijuana sales in Michigan exceed $1.6 million in first week (12/9/2019) ~ News

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Very impressive for 4 stores.


That's impressive considering that I live in the biggest city in West Michigan and do not know where I can buy the stuff.


That's cool. Can we fix the fucking roads now?


Where you at Alabama? Oh yeah, still prosecuting people for a gram of weed, staying away from the lottery, and remaining one of the poorest states in the country. The feds need to legalize it.


Everyone is saying Alabama wake up and stuff , but truly it’s needs to be Indiana. They are next to Illinois where’s it’s medically legal now and Michigan were it’s recreationally legal. And they are so far behind on weed laws too .


Trump claims that ‘the US is no longer laughed at’ just days after European leaders mocked him (12/11/2019) ~ World News

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It seems like Trump usually says the absolute opposite of whatever is true. He doesn’t try to subtly spin things, he takes a hard right angle from the truth and expects people to make a choice between believing him or what the media is reporting, and by fostering mistrust in the media it apparently works for him.


_laughter quiets down from latest embarrassing moment_ "See, no one is laughing at us anymore" _steps on rake_


Trump lives in his own little world. The world is laughing at the US.


...and this sub is full of his supporters who still think hes a symbol of strength. Hes an idiot in the fullest sense, and the world is laughing at us. If your only response to that is "so what", you are incredibly short-sighted. Edit: to his supporters wanting to @ me with your bullshit defense of why hes a tactical mastermind playing 68 dimensional chess, instead invest your time and effort into talking to someone who gives a fuck what you have to say.


It’s hard not to laugh at a fat, bald man that pays for sex and considers himself alpha because of it. Or laugh at a man that got into an argument with the weather and *lost.* Or laugh at a man that decided to talk about his dick size in front of a thousand Boy Scouts. Or laugh at a man so thin skinned he bolts an international gathering with his tail between his legs over random conversation in a dining hall. I mean there’s just so much comedy with this loser. Edit four hours later: In all this I’ve gotten zero responses from his supporters even trying to justify this shit, which may be the hardest thing not to laugh at of all 😁


Social media and television use — but not video games — predict depression and anxiety in teens, suggests a new study (n=3,659, grades 7 to 10). Gaming has become more of a social activity, with the average gamer no longer socially isolated, and more than 70% of gamers playing games with a friend. (12/13/2019) ~ Science

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What if I only play single player games?


Depression can have a lot of different and simultaneous causes, We know isolation can be a contributing cause of depression — and people who are more isolated also often spend more time staring at screens. The longitudinal nature of this study is certainly useful for increasing confidence in the association. But it’s still observational, so there’s no way to draw any robust, causal conclusions. Isolation or other factors really could be confounders here. There’s just no way to tell at this time. And unfortunately, it can be hard to ethically design experimental/QE studies on youth/minor mental health.


The problem will always be the same ; we know it is bad for us, but as adults we choose to use our phones, social Media , and watch tv. At the same time we try to tell adolescents that it is bad for their health and they shouldn't use it. I mean, this approach has been sooooo effective when it comes to keeping kids from trying cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs , right?...


Google Tristan Harris’s TED talk on tech corporations optimizing social media to get you hooked at you’re own psychological dispense. This was what inspired the idea of creating a Department of Attention Economy in the government.


Men especially bond when doing a shared activity together, and not just talking. It feels like video games with voice chat might be the digitisation of these social experiences humans would have all participated in historically, such as hunting. I would be interested to see research examining loneliness and connectedness between people who game with friends versus those who don't game with friends.


20 years ago Hubble’s “Pillars of Creation” image gave me an obsession with space. Now after 2 years of learning this hobby I can properly capture them myself. Here’s my latest shot taken from my backyard. [OC] (12/8/2019) ~ Space

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This is stunning when compared between yourself and the f’ing HUBBLE. Congrats!


For some context the pillars of creation is 4 to 5 light years long which means its really fricken big. This is part of the Eagle nebula that spans 77 by 50 light years long.


From Wikipedia: >“Images taken with the Spitzer Space Telescope uncovered a cloud of hot dust in the vicinity of the Pillars of Creation that Nicolas Flagey accounted to be a shock wave produced by a supernova. The appearance of the cloud suggests the supernova shockwave would have destroyed the Pillars of Creation 6,000 years ago. Given the distance of roughly 7,000 light years to the Pillars of Creation, this would mean that they have actually already been destroyed, but because light travels at a finite speed, this destruction should be visible from Earth in about 1,000 years.” Wow, so we may be looking at something here that was destroyed 6,000 years ago...but we still get to enjoy it from afar for another 1,000 years. Space is trippy.


NSFW, probably should just post this on PornHub tbh


Anybody else feel almost drunk when looking at pictures like this? I think my brain is overloading. Amazing quality capture.


Indian military deployed and internet shut down as protests rage against citizenship bill (12/12/2019) ~ News

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Why are people not more concerned about this in the west ? It's becoming increasingly clear we need a self sustainable independant internet,free from government and corporate control..


This is news to me. Can anybody explain the bill?


This just proves what the people are doing is working. If the government is scared, you're doing your job. Democracies are meant to fight for. The comments here are surprised as if shit like this hasn't been happening for hundreds of years. We'll have to fight to keep our rights when the times come. That's just how it is.


if i had a 1$ for anytime people read the article i would have 0$


Is this the new world order? It sure looks like the Dominos are starting to fall. Not good.


Whistleblower goes public after leaked documents reveal China’s crackdown on Uighur Muslims (12/8/2019) ~ World News

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> She said that after tweeting an excerpt from the documents in June she received a message on Facebook saying: “If you don’t stop, you’ll end up cut into pieces in the black trash can in front of your doorway.” She needs to be protected asap. China is fucked up.


China realized ethnic cleansing is tolerated as long as you aren't invading foreign nations to do it.


God bless whistleblowers


So people are being slaughtered and rounded up by their ethnicitity. And China keeps on ruling hegemony like this is nothing. No it is a Genocide. China - Killing 100,000's in concentration camps in the North.


What is china's justification for this?


Donald Trump Jr. got approval to hunt an endangered sheep days after he killed it (12/12/2019) ~ World News

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He just can’t become any more unlikeable can he?


People hunt sheep?


Can you imagine being born rich, never being accountable for anything you say or do, and still being a miserable, hateful sack of shit who thinks everything is terrible?


I’m surprised he would kill a sheep given how important they are to his fathers support.


"Donald Trump Jr. committed a serious crime, but then got permission to do that crime afterward. This has been: The News."


Megathread: DOJ Inspector General report finds FBI’s Russia probe justified, no bias found (12/9/2019) ~ Politics

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In effect, the DOJ IG determined that there was reasonable suspicion that the Trump campaign was conspiring with a hostile foreign power to determine the outcome of the 2016 election in Trump’s favor.


The IG basically just said that Trump was dirty enough to warrant investigations. Can't wait to see Hannity call for Trump to be held accountable


Ivanka trump met with Steele. BREAKING: ABC News can confirm that the Trump “family member” referenced in the Inspector General report who had a friendship with dossier author Chris Steele, was Ivanka. She met him in 2007 at a dinner in London when he was still working for MI6.


Huh, imagine that. Yet another conspiracy theory peddled by Republicans that has been debunked. At what point do we publicly acknowledge that we have an entire political party subverting democracy via disinformation? Republican politicians are traitors, full stop.


This is the report that Donald Trump was hyping up, claiming that it would prove that he was persecuted unjustly. Oh god, I'm laughing so hard!


Ivanka Trump’s relationship with British spy revealed in new report strikes massive blow to president’s claims (12/10/2019) ~ World News

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*" Ivanka Trump recalled that her trip to Moscow included “a brief tour of Red Square and the Kremlin”, and this may have involved sitting at Putin’s desk. She could not quite remember, however, whether she had done so. "* This is a statement that one uses when it's obviously accurate, but you don't want to admit to it. I don't believe you wouldn't 'recall' such an opportunity.


Honestly, this feels like some late Season 5-the-writers-have-run-out-of-ideas plot twist.


Someone's going to be creepily jealous of that relationship... Hint : It isn't Jared...


Y’all are missing the best part: Ivanka sat at Putin’s fucking desk. Like it was an honor.


Steele even said he was friendly to Trump in the dossier because he had been ~~boinking~~ friends with Ivanka for many years. WTF


Democrats will hit Trump with 2 articles of impeachment: Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, reports say (12/10/2019) ~ World News

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Now it's time to see which or our elected officials care about the rule of law and which ones are playing party member. I'm hoping that there are enough elected officials that believe in doing the right thing.


People wondering why there aren't more articles: This is catered for the Senate and the American people, based on *specifically* Ukraine. The Senate has to weigh these separately. They will undoubtedly try every trick possible to make the trial into a vindication of Trump for the American public (which is not invested in this enough to absorb all the details), while maintaining the thinnest thread of legitimacy. Narrowing the articles down makes it harder for them to do this. -Obstruction of Congress is as straightforward as it gets: Virtually every person that could possibly be involved was directed by the WH to ignore all oversight, withhold all documents, and not cooperate at every turn. You couldn't try to obstruct Congress more if you possibly tried. -With Abuse of Power, you can fit the withholding of Congressional Aid, Witness Tampering, Soliciting/extortion/bribery, subverting official channels, and more under an umbrella article. They would have to summarily dismiss all abuses of power with one fell sweep when they acquit. Might work for them now - going to look pretty unbelievable for the history books. If you expanded this to the 5-6 articles, or went back to Mueller/Cohen to introduce more articles, the focus would become muddied. The Senate could pick whatever they believe is the weakest one, focus on that, and use it as a baseline for the others and deteriorate public confidence. With these acutely defined articles, the Senate is going to have to squirm looking through the evidence, and the optics are not going to be pretty for them. Now that it's their turn to host the trial, they can't 100% rely on bashing "The process is unfair." They are the process, and it's defined by precedent and the Constitution, and is overseen by Justice Roberts. Sure, it's going to be a shitshow and he will almost certainly be acquitted, but they know they have to milk it out a couple weeks to avoid looking absolutely corrupt.


Does the Senate vote on each article independently, or do they have to make a judgement on all articles as a whole? Like could they find him not guilty of abuse of power but guilty of obstruction?


He is guilty of much more, but I guess these two are the most solid.


#3. He's way behind on payments into the douchebag jar. Edit: I don't know how I managed to bold this. I'm sorry


Boris Johnson takes private jet to fly 25 minutes from Doncaster to Darlington, despite train taking just 53 minutes (12/9/2019) ~ World News

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Not surprising, since the brexit bus fiasco I doubt Bojo would want to go anywhere near public transport


Are.. there commoners on the train? Or do I get my own private rail car?


Come on. The only people complaining about this are the poor people that don't have private jets. ^(This was sarcasm)


Not to spoil the scandale, but it was demonstrated that it is cheaper to fly even for short distance. For PMs/Presidents, there is far less logistic, security and planification involved when using air transport.


Do you think he will risk even a 20 minute journey with so many people after him these days?


Mitch McConnell Brags About Blocking Obama For 2 Years, Then Laughs About It | The Senate majority leader boasts about stacking the courts with conservative judges under Trump. (12/13/2019) ~ Politics

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I hope Democrats learn from this. Obama should have shut the whole govt down and refused to sign a budget or anything until a vote was held on Garland. It was a hill worth dying on. We have 3 equal branches of govt and one of the 3 branches cannot be won via election. Republicans maintain Judicial control through the sort of tricks McConnell pulled. It is better to let approval ratings slide and risk an election than to lose a SCOTUS seat. Garland would've have made the court 5-4 Democratic for the first time in 5 decades!!! It was worth a bigger fight than Democrats put up.


Not long ago I've read a beautiful comment on Reddit. 'Trump doesn't change people but reveals their true character.'


The cheat code is that if you just talk openly about your corruption, many people don't understand that it's corruption. It's like that YouTube video of guys walking into places carrying a ladder. Just pretend it's normal and people won't stop you


I hate that we keep referring to them as "conservative" judges, because that doesn't really identify the biggest problem with the Trump judges. It's that they're unqualified for their jobs.


I swear to God I'll piss on this man's grave one day. Top 5 worst American to ever live.


Prosecutors: Mueller Witness Whose Testimony Doomed Manafort Was Offered Money Not to Cooperate (12/10/2019) ~ Politics

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No wonder the guy testified. Everyone knows Trump always stiffs on the bill.


*“Holy crap. According to federal prosecutors, Gates was promised ‘monetary assistance’ if he did not cooperate? By who?? That’s a lay-down-your-hand obstruction case,” he said.*


My prediction of how this will play out. Republicans: Trump didn't offer to money to keep the witness quiet. Trump: I offered him money to keep him quiet and was within my legal rights to do so. Rudy: I offered the witness money to keep him quiet on behalf of Trump and here's all the text messages showing Trump and I discussing how much to offer. Republicans: Since when has offering money to keep a witness quiet been illegal?!!!


> Gates received pressure not to cooperate with the government, including assurances of monetary assistance. He should be commended for standing up to provide information and public testimony against individuals such as Manafort, Craig, and Stone, knowing well that they enjoy support from the upper echelons of American politics and society. The filing doesn't name who offered it, but it references support from the "upper echelons of American politics."


That *seems* illegal. But I’m a mere middle classman that doesn’t know how the elite operate.


Trump calls FBI ‘scum’ at rally (12/11/2019) ~ Politics

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*The President of the United States calls FBI 'scum'* Sometimes it helps to take 'Trump' out and replace it with POTUS just to get a grasp of how fucking outrageous shit is.


William Barr said people who criticize law enforcement should do without it...does this mean Barr is going to abandon trump? *spoiler* no


I'm getting a feeling Trump is going to fire two FBI directors in his first 3 years in office...a position that is usually a 10 year term.


Criminal dislikes law enforcement. News at 11


Tell your trump loving RW uncle that Barack HUSSEIN Obama and creepy Joe Biden called the FBI scum and see how outraged they get. Then spring this on them.


Megathread: U.S. House Judiciary Committee approves articles of Impeachment against President Trump, full House vote on Wednesday (12/13/2019) ~ Politics

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If Trump is impeached and he's re-elected, pundits will blame Democrats. If Trump isn't impeached and he's re-elected, pundits will blame Democrats. If Dems are going to be blamed, either way, the best thing to do is always doing the right thing: defend the Constitution.


It had to be party line. Democrats are compelled by the constitution to vote "aye". Republicans are compelled by a grievance cult marinating 24/7 in Fox News to vote "nay".


I don't get the "Thanks, now Trump is guaranteed to be reelected" comments. Who looks at all this is fired up to vote for Trump that wasn't already going to vote for him? He narrowly won when he was all the rage, how does this help his chances?


"The president communicates in a unique way." No, he's an actual piece of shit. He makes fun of disabled journalists and 16 year olds with mental disabilities. How the fuck can you defend this scum.


I hope everyone realizes that all these people calling in saying "I am a Democrat but I will NEVER vote Democrat again" are really not Democarts. They all are spewing the same Fox News and Republican talking points.


Majority of US thinks Trump did not cooperate with impeachment, sought to hinder investigation, poll says (12/11/2019) ~ Politics

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I think the obstruction charge is brilliant. Nobody can deny that he did this, in violation of Congressional oversight powers.


Even if you are 100% pro trump, there is no way in hell you could say he cooperated with the investigation, if you payed any attention.


>About six in 10 Americans said they do not think Trump has cooperated in the House inquiry In other words, 4 in 10 Americans are complete morons. Trump himself said we wouldn't and wasn't. That's scary close to 50/50. I think I found the problem.


Honestly, these poll numbers are depressing. So many people trust trump over this investigation.


The fact that anyone said Trump cooperated with Congress at all is troubling given, oh I don't know, objective fucking reality. Im pretty sure that the majority (if not all) survey respondents who said Trump cooperated are cultists but I don't know how much that helps since it shows how disconnected from reality they really are


People share Melania Trump’s anti-bullying ‘Be Best’ slogan after President mocks teenager Greta Thunberg (12/12/2019) ~ Politics

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Reminder that her 'Be Best' campaign was an attempt to one up Michelle Obama's 'Be Better' campaign. They actually stole the press kit art and edited it for themselves.


This would probably have more sting if Melania gave any fucks about the program at all. The "program" only exist because it's expected of the first lady. She created a name to take a shot at the previous administration with a subject so ironic, it is basically a middle finger. Literally no resources are being put into the program. It's not real. She doesn't really care, do you?


Trump jealous that he did not win the award, attacks a girl with more class who has done more to raise awareness and improve this world than Trump has his entire life.


Remember when we were told to keep the children out of politics. Yea, me neither.


the president of the united states is using the most powerful bully pulpit in the world to bully a young girl on the internet. let that fucking sink trump supporters. I know you think it is funny and clever and hip... it is not. You have opened a box that cannot be closed. These things will come back to haunt the hell out of the GOP when the tables are turned on them, at which point the GOP will promptly cry *FOUL*. Mark my words. the tables will turn; they always do.


88% (5,952) of the Conservative Party’s most widely promoted ads either featured claims which had been flagged by independent fact-checking organisations including BBC Reality Check as not correct or not entirely correct (12/10/2019) ~ World News

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> It looked just at every paid-for Facebook ad from the three main UK-wide parties run over the first four days of December: > > * for the Conservatives, it said that 88% (5,952) of the party's most widely promoted ads either featured claims which had been flagged by independent fact-checking organisations including BBC Reality Check as not correct or not entirely correct. The figure includes instances of the same claims being made across multiple posts. One example was that Labour would spend £1.2 trillion at a cost of £2,400 to every household, which was contained within 4,028 ads. Those sums are significantly higher than others' analysis of Labour's plans > > > * for the Lib Dems, it said hundreds of potentially misleading ads had featured identical unlabelled graphs, with no indication of the source data, to claim it was the only party that could beat either Labour, the Conservatives or the SNP "in seats like yours" > > > * for Labour, it said that it could not find any misleading claims in ads run over the period. However, it noted that the party's supporters were more likely to share unpaid-for electioneering posts than those of its rivals. It said one of these contained leader Jeremy Corbyn's disputed claim that a Tory-negotiated trade deal with the US could cost the NHS up to £500m a week by driving up the cost of medicines


Nobody is surprised. Conservatives all over the world don't live in the same reality as the rest of us.


Holy shit, you mean there's a whole 12% that *weren't* full of lies?


conservatives are liars that's not news


Can we highlight the fact that the Headline is "General election 2019: Ads are 'indecent, dishonest and untruthful'" when that is only true of Tory and Lib Dem ads, whilst Labour ads have been found to be truthful. This is exactly the kind of biased reporting that creates the "each side is equally as bad" narrative.


The natural terpenes in marijuana are removed during distillation to produce pure THC in e-liquids for vaping, and then added back in for taste and smell, but they can produce toxic chemicals in the vapor users inhale, such as benzene, methacrolein, xylenes, toluene, styrene and ethylbenzene. (12/10/2019) ~ Science

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The important question is whether vaping creates more or less of those compounds than the traditional smoking of plant matter.


The actual paper is interesting. They calculated hazard indices for vaping and dabbing which were less than 1, and excess lifetime cancer risks 10^-7 - 10^-9, compared to HI 200 and ELCR 4x10^-4 for smoking. They state their calculated cancer risk for smoking cannabis seems inconsistent with observed cancer risks so probably an overestimate. The outcome is their cancer risks for vaping are calculated to be negligible. They do say that methacrolein could cause noncancer health effects in dabbing, but were lower in vaping. Aerosol levels increased in vaping with heat, as you would expect, so lower temperatures are better to avoid breakdown products. Unfortunately they didn’t mention the amount of THC generated. There might be an optimum value that maximizes aerosolized THC while minimizing breakdown products, but I can’t tell from this.


Does smoking the flower have the same Effect? I didn’t see a comparison in the article.


My problem with this article is. It makes it sound like this is specific to the process of making THC and CBD vapes when many Nicotine vapes have the same harmful chemicals.


Are these toxins produced as the result of removing and adding the terps back in? Or are they produced naturally by the terps?


“Instagram vs. Reality” posts exposing the fake side of Instagram might help body image, suggests a new US study (n=305), which found that unrealistic images with photo editing tools increase women’s body dissatisfaction, but posts exposing these images as fake can improve women’s body image. (12/8/2019) ~ Science

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Makes sense, seeing perfect people all the time makes you feel like an inadequate ugly failure, seeing that those "perfect" people are really flawed and just as human as you makes you feel better about having your own flaws.


Ops title is about editing, but the pictures in the article are all about angles and clothing, not edits.


I always thought the real problem with this was deeper than just a fake pose or unrealistic beauty. The problem for many people is that with no amount of faking themselves could they recreate what they see. You can’t recreate going to Bali and Santorini every other month if you don’t go. No amount of editing and posing will ever get you there. You can’t get your hair done as often or ever if you can’t afford it. You can’t be seen with attractive friends every night if you don’t have any friends. This is where the true damaging realizations are coming from. It’s not as simple as just a fake pose because when you look deeper you realize even on your best day you couldn’t fake what they are faking.


Comparison is the thief of joy. That phrase has been around far longer than social media.


Are most of the people who do this sort of stuff not just mis-leading themselves and trying to get some kinda shallow confirmation about themselves to try to make them feel better based on the number of "likes" they get when comparing themselves to others. At the same time we wonder why we have a growing mental health problem....


The public servants Trump smeared as ‘traitors’ and ‘human scum’ are TIME Magazine’s 2019 ‘Guardians of the Year’ (12/11/2019) ~ Politics

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I love how Time keeps pulling the football away from Orange Charlie Brown. He desperately wanted to be their Man of the Year last year but they awarded it collectively to journalists. This time, it's to the public servants that he hates. Next year, they should just give it to Rosie O'Donnell and watch his fucking head explode. EDIT: I'm aware that Person of the Year for 2019 is Greta Thunberg. This is for Guardians of the Year, and thanks for the gold, kind stranger!


Time magazine is recognizing them because they deserve the recognition. And an apology from the next President of the United States.


If it were up to trump it would be his corrupt attorney giuliani and his gaslighting attorney general bill barr. Thank goodness time magazine deals in facts.


Every time he opens his mouth he alienates more and more white suburban moms. Keep it up.


Oh, you *know* Trump is going to have a hissy fit and twitter meltdown over this.


Over 500 law professors say Trump engaged in ‘impeachable conduct’ in his dealings with Ukraine (12/8/2019) ~ World News

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What are the chances that this impeachment thing will go on until the next election and then promptly forgotten? Not an American. Just curious.


500 more deep state conspirators /s


Let an intern suck his cock. That’s impeachable for republicans.


"What do they know? What about the 5 million law professors who crowded the National Mall during my inauguration?"


We are just gearing ourselves up for the biggest disappointment. This isn't a legal process where some specific standard called "impeachable" matters. What matters is that 20 Republican Senators would have to vote to remove when support for removal among Republicans is less than 10% (and less than 50% among independents). This is theater - a strategy designed to motivate voter behavior. Removal can't be the goal...cause our efforts on that front are going to fall drastically short.


Female TV reporter seeks criminal charges against man who slapped her backside on camera (12/11/2019) ~ News

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From another article: > He also said he was trying to pat Bozarjian on the back or shoulder and didn’t realize until seeing the video that he touched her buttocks. I mean, that happens to me all the time: I go to pat a friend on the shoulder and grab their crotch instead. Such an easy mistake!


Reading here that he's a youth pastor adds an overtone of "I've done the ritual of apologising so you're obligated to forgive me for my fake contrition" to his quote "I’m asking for forgiveness and to accept my apology" **Edit**: as some have said below, apparently CBS has retracted their article about him being a youth minister (not a *minister*, but still involved in their ministry?), but as someone else pointed out, he keeps talking about the process of apologising, doing an avoidance dance with *actually apologising*, so the sentiment stands.


Do it. He’s only sorry bc he got caught.


General rule: don't touch other people's asses unless you have permission.


He deserves to be charged. In the video you can see him running in the center of the path. Then he sees he has an opportunity and moves over to his right making sure to get a good smack on her ass. He behaves this way in public how does he behave in private?


In areas with low literacy rates, showing videos demonstrating agricultural techniques results in high retention and adoption rates of those techniques. Being shown an animated video on a postharvest bean storage method, farmers had a 97% retention rate and 89% adoption of the storage solution. (12/9/2019) ~ Science

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They clearly want to learn but don't have the means. These videos bridge the gap


What are the numbers for areas with high literacy rates?


This is why education and intelligence should not be confused as being the same thing.. the rich genuinely believe themselves to be more intelligent than the poor not believing that being able to buy an education has anything to do with it


What each part of the world defines as “literate” alters results. You have the US standard, the U.N. version etc.


Replacing teaching style A with teaching style B results in effective learning when the student is capable of learning from teaching style B and does not understand teaching style A? No way....


‘Sydney is angry’: Protesters march to demand urgent action on climate change (12/11/2019) ~ World News

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How much longer do we have to be held ransom by this climate change denying-coal money taking-xenophobic policy pushing-religious bill passing-drug war hungry-privacy breaching-pointless revenue raising government?


"We hear you, we hear you. So... How many new coal power plants do you want us to build?"


Lmao this changes absolutely nothing. It's terrible. I'm in Canberra and there has been smoke here for the last few weeks. It's constant and obscures visibility. Yet our PM is telling us that we "worry unnecessarily" and "sends thoughts and prayers". Stupid fucker claims that it's the Greens (a minor party that hasnt been in power in almost forever) who didn't back burn enough when he slashed firefighting budgets by 75 percent. He also literally told us that we don't need more firefighters because the volunteer firefighters "want to be there". Marching wont change anything when every major news outlet is a mouthpiece for the right and every boomer is content to repeat sound bites ad infinitum. Australia is literally burning and there is nothing we can do about it. EDIT: To anyone reading this now, please understand that it's late and I'm tired. I wrote all this while feeling particularly frustrated and heartsick. I don't have the time to edit my response the way I really should.


The reef is being affected and it will dissappear. Mainly because of the actions of Australians themselves then the rest of the world


We have 4 more years of this climate change denier government


After Scotland Decisively Rejects Brexit and the Tories in General Election, SNP’s Sturgeon Calls for Second Independence Referendum | “Given what I fear the Tory government now has in store for Scotland, that right to choose our own future has never been more important or more urgent.” (12/13/2019) ~ World News

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If you leave the UK you will not be in the eu anymore you must stay in the UK to stay in the EU: the tories We are going out of the EU: also the Tories You have chosen to stay in the UK to stay in the EU and the uk has chosen to leave the EU, therefore you have chosen to go out of the EU and should never leave the UK: still the Tories


It’s funny how I was completely against Scotland leaving in the first referendum but now I’m completely for Scotland leaving


Plot twist: Bojo beats them to the punch and calls for a referendum on kicking Scotland out of the UK, cementing Tory control for the foreseeable future.


Putin laughs as right wing stupidity plunges the West into chaos.


The 2020's are going to be an interesting decade.


Trump showed off 2 convicted and charged war criminals at a secretive Republican fundraiser in Florida, report says (12/8/2019) ~ Politics

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“War criminals for trump!” Has a nice ring to it, we may have found the next Republican campaign slogan.


He's on "team war crimes" to show he can do whatever the fuck he wants. The men are his trophies.


And they get so mad when they are compared to Nazis.


One of the psychologists in that group that warned Congress about Trump’s deteriorating mental faculties offered this: that pardoning them was an attempt to turn convicted criminals back into heroes, subconsciously mirroring his hopes for his own reputation.


Legitimately asking here. Why is the president so in love with these guys? Is it meant to show support for the troops? I can’t imagine the rest of the armed forces see these guys as hero’s either. What am I missing ?


Psychopathic individuals have the ability to empathize, they just don’t like to, suggests new study (n=278), which found that individuals with high levels of psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism, the “dark triad” of personality traits, do not appear to have an impaired ability to empathize. (12/11/2019) ~ Science

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So, now psychopaths are regular people who are jerks?


Everyone's running a little wild with interpretations here. The sample population here was non-clinical, meaning zero of the participants were actually clinically diagnosed psychopaths. Plus, the sample was actually very specific/niche. The participants were all HR people. Add to that, the only assessment measure used was a self-report assessment, which is prone to lots of biases and limitations methodologically (not that it's completely invalidated as a tool, just with noteworthy flaws). The title implies that what most people would consider "a psychopath" was functionally capable of empathy, just resistant or reluctant to engage in it, which is not really what this study can actually conclude. So basically, saying that psychopathic individuals can empathize, but just choose not to is misleading. Also, I know the second sentence says "high in psychopathic traits", but I still think a lot of laypeople reading that headline would come away with a very misinformed conclusion based on how it's written.


The more and more they go on about this the more confused I get about what empathy actually is. The way the article describes empathy could describe someone who isn't a psychopath as well, seeing as it's kind of hard to care about everything. Trying to would be a complete drain on anyone's energy. Scientists just seem to by muddying the line between psychopaths, sociopaths, and normal people even more, not making them more diverse.


Someone can know how you'll feel if they hurt you, and simply not care.


If youre a true psychopathic and only care for yourself, then surely if you are intelligent enough you would quickly come to the conclusion that feigning empathy is the best way to care for ones self in a social morally conscious environment.


A painting discovered on the wall of an Indonesian cave has been found to be 44,000 years old. Some researchers think the scene could be the world’s oldest-recorded story. (12/12/2019) ~ Science

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44.000 years ! This is so fooking long ago and we get to see a little bit of first hand record of it.


I find it interesting how cave paintings across the world all have such strange 'stylised' proportions for the figures being depicted.


Along with the oldest drawing by humans (73,000 years) this is F****** awesome. With these images, we are able to reach back and touch, albeit briefly, peoples who lived, loved, and died tens of thousands of years before anything we think of as civilization even began. I am getting chills just thinking about how incredible this is.


According to all the cave paintings I’ve seen animals were very round with tiny legs in our hunter gatherer days.


We've been sailing for a looooooong time! I wonder when humans first started traveling by boat. EDIT: It turns out sailing is older than modern humans! There's evidence of hominins on Luzón in the Philippines at least 700,000 years ago! That's amazing!


House Republicans’ Trump impeachment strategy was simple: Distract, deceive and yell | GOP lawmakers have treated the hearings like Fox New segments, delivering loud, rambling monologues in a deliberate attempt to wear down participants and viewers. (12/12/2019) ~ Politics

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It's funny how you can turn on the impeachment hearings and tell if someone is republican or Democrat based on their volume/anger


Another redditor replied to one of my comments with a perfect summation of their (unfortunately effective) strategy: “They don’t need anything resembling the truth, just something resembling an argument”. We live in a divided, post fact,”both sides”, society. These are the conditions that allow for an unqualified racist tabloid whore to be elected president*, and these are the conditions that make the GOP strategy effective.


I watched that last night and this was it summed up in a nutshell. Democrats: “Democracy is at stake. This impeachment is necessary to ensure it continues!” Republicans: I am disgusted that we are even sitting here today. The impeachment isn’t important at all. This whole thing is a sham and everyone should be ashamed. Democrats don’t love the country at all. Hold on let me deflect and bring up something that a democratic politician or celebrity said that has literally nothing to do with the impeachment process at all.”


I can't say they wore me down so much as once I realized they had nothing to say I just muted the stream when they spoke.


They use the same damn talking points. Every stupid conspiracy theory I’ve heard on Hannity I’ve heard on the hearings. It’s shameless bullshit that can be debunked if you had the time — but if you do that there is no hearing. They even rant about the professors but no witnesses. 1) they were there to calmly discuss what an impeachable offense is. 2) Republicans choose to not bring witnesses that aren’t from their stupid conspiracy theories. I hope these assholes go down hard. I’ve never seen anything like this.


Astronomers find 19 more galaxies missing their dark matter, suggesting we’re missing something major about how galaxies form and evolve. (12/12/2019) ~ Space

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I get a feeling there’s a whole “something” missing about our understanding of the universe. Like when we discovered the electro-magnetic spectrum and saw how “active” the universe is within a whole spectrum that we, as humans, cannot see. Once we discover this “something” science will open up again into a whole new era of discovery


Or maybe dark matter doesn't exist. Maybe dark matter is this generation's epicycles.


I sometimes wish I was smart enough to understand all of this stuff. I can't contribute in any meaningful way, or really even understand it. But wow, is it cool!


How could they tell they’re missing their dark matter?


God damn if humanity goes down the shitter one of the biggest regrets i will have is that we didnt get advanced enough to figure out the true nature of dark matter. My best guess is that dark matter has something to do with a higher dimension. But how to even imagine that is beyond my ability


Pete Buttigieg Says ‘No’ When Asked If He Thinks Getting Money Out Of Politics Includes Ending Closed-Door Fundraisers With Billionaires (12/9/2019) ~ Politics

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This is extraordinarily tone deaf.


I mean, that's a fine answer. Just don't expect everyone to agree with you Pete.


Him and Biden are making it very difficult to want to support them. But they're still miles better than Trump ultimately. Hopefully Sanders or Warren can win the nomination though.


If he actually said that (and this isn't out of context), he is absolutely wrong. We will not have a true democracy as long as there is money in politics.


Wow he gets really snippy when challenged. Not ideal for some running for the highest office in the world...


Emotionally intelligent students get better grades and higher test scores, a comprehensive meta-analysis shows, because they can navigate social networks, perform better in the humanities, and manage school-related feelings like test anxiety, boredom and disappointment. (12/12/2019) ~ Science

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Small point that needs BIG emphasis. Emotionally intelligent IS NOT the same thing as feeling good about yourself.


Emotional intelligence refers to the amount of feelings and thoughts you can pick up from other people’s tones, reactions, movements all those sorts. How well you know someone is also a factor - but being able to tell when people are anxious, uncomfortable, scared, happy, mad, disappointed goes very far because you yourself can react better to others. This makes sense.


Not to sound like I am attacking you in anyway at all, that same website produced a piece recalling the thirteen signs of high emotional intelligence so I am misunderstanding your reasoning for not accepting emotional intelligence as a theory. A theory is not a hypothesis, but a widely accepted concept. I am not trying to undermine you in anyway, but to obtain more information and on a wide scale. I also believe, through my own experiences and more importantly, my journey through life itself. I believe that emotional intelligence is in fact real, but I don’t understand or know if we can measure such a philosophical and complex subject such as consciousness. I would love to hear your feedback and please entertain my ideas, but you do not have to agree with them and I to you. EDIT: this is in reply to my friend that I was having a discussion with above, sorry for my inability to understand mobile.


Could it also correlate with the fact that females oftentimes rank higher in emotional intelligence and women are doing better than men in school right now?


Bro, back in my day it was call cheating when you "navigate social networks" in order to get better grades and higher test scores.


The Xinjiang regional government in China’s far west is deleting data, destroying documents, tightening controls on information and has held high-level meetings in response to leaks of classified papers on its mass detention camps for Uighurs and other predominantly Muslim minorities (12/14/2019) ~ World News

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Clearly the acts of someone who has nothing to hide.


I’m kind of surprised they’re attempting to hide it. There’s literally nothing the world is going to do. The modern culture in most countries are extremely skittish on going to war. No one has the will to stand up to China economically. I think here in the west, we’ve gotten so inundated with stories that we just started assuming that it’s a just world and everything will turn out alright in the end. That isn’t really how the universe works though.


This really feels like 1984


Breaking: "China is still doing evil shit like it's always done. Everyone knows about it. No one will do shit"


The fact that China hasn't been invaded yet is telling that the holocaust had no effect on global diplomacy. We kid ourselves by thinking otherwise.


The Arctic may have crossed key threshold, emitting billions of tons of carbon into the air, in a long-dreaded climate feedback (12/10/2019) ~ World News

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If it's not already too late, it's starting to feel like at the very, very least, these next few years of movements and elections are our last hope at staving off worst-case scenarios for climate crisis. I used to be very angry about the cards my generation was dealt (college debt, stagnate wages and rising costs of living, unaffordable housing, etc.), but now I've started to realize how selfish that is, and every generation after mine will have it worse. With far greater severity than what we experience, they'll face horrifying natural disasters, calamitous break downs in farming, food supplies and drinking sources, and unimaginable political strife when 1/3rd of the planet's population are refugees. Those future generations will laugh at the so-called plight of my generation and will hold us in complete contempt for our inability to act in this very moment.


>The Arctic is undergoing a profound, rapid and unmitigated shift into a new climate state, one that is greener, features far less ice and emits greenhouse gas emissions from melting permafrost, according to a major new federal assessment of the region released Tuesday. > >The consequences of these climate shifts will be felt far outside the Arctic in the form of altered weather patterns, increased greenhouse gas emissions and rising sea levels from the melting Greenland ice sheet and mountain glaciers. > >The findings are contained in the 2019 Arctic Report Card, a major federal assessment of climate change trends and impacts throughout the region. The study paints an ominous picture of a region lurching to an entirely new and unfamiliar environment.


When I was a kid I wanted my life to be like an action movie. I didn't expect it to be Mad Max


This has huge implications, and sadly will lead to more accessible trade routes globally which in turn will leads to even more emissions than before without some sort of intervention.


Im young and don’t even know how to process this. Like here I am living in an already shitty situation, struggling to find the drive to keep trying when the whole fucking world i live in is getting sucked away and destroyed by billionaires I can never possibly influence or change. Fuck. Like what’s even the point


UK Election: Exit poll predicts Tory majority (12/12/2019) ~ World News

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How can anyone look at Boris Johnson and think "yes, thats the guy I want to run the country"? I don't understand this.


More proof Reddit isn't indicative of reality


I think you guys will finally have Brexit, I don't know if it will be good or not, but people voted to leave so.. suffer the consequences or enjoy the freedom, good luck


I’m legit confused. Exit polls are saying the NHS was the most concerning issue for voters.....yet two thirds of people voted for the party that wants to abolish it? I honestly don’t understand.....?


Imagine having fantastic healthcare but then going "You know what, screw that, I wish our healthcare was like what they got over in the US" That's what is happening here. Absolutely bonkers.


Nadler: A jury would convict Trump in ‘three minutes flat’ (12/8/2019) ~ Politics

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But a Republican Senate, whose sole criteria is looking at the rising stock portfolios of their wealthy masters, will turn a blind eye.


Nadler said that if the president or Republicans had **“any exculpatory evidence, they would have brought it forward.”** Been saying this for weeks. Where's the evidence that exonerates Trump? Edit: You guys can really stop telling me "innocent until proven guilty". 1. This is not a criminal case. This is a political course of action outlined in the Constitution. Every Constitutional expert will tell you, you don't have to be convicted of a crime to be impeached. 2. The House of Representatives have provided a very damning **IMPEACHMENT** case against Trump. So far he has countered none of the allegations and provided no defense outside of acting like a paranoid old man claiming everyone in the government is a never Trumper out to get him.


And to think that there's even more incriminating evidence being obstructed by the White House.


"Your honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, sure I robbed that bank and yes, I sold more heroin to children than any other person in the history of the world, but you have to understand, I just don't care about anything. Thank you I rest my case". - What Republicans sound like when they defend Trump


Imagine having to find an actual civilian jury for Trump. He's so polarizing that you'd have to find the 1% of Americans that somehow haven't heard of him or whatever.


Impeach Trump. Save America. (12/10/2019) ~ Politics

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Impeach Trump. Make America Great Again. Edit: Thanks for the platinum, gold, and silver, kind redditors!


"Generally speaking, I believe presidents should be elected and removed by the voters at the polls. But when I hear Trump defenders scream, “Impeachment subverts the will of the people,” I say: “Really? What the hell do you think Trump was doing in Ukraine?” He was subverting the will of the people by scheming to use our tax dollars to knock out his most feared opponent in the coming election — rather than trusting voters to do that." I enjoyed this paragraph in particular.


Now this is a r/politics post I can get behind.


I don’t know. Getting the GOP to do one ethical thing would take a Christmas miracle.


Impeaching Trump won't save America. To truly save America, we have to get rid of the elected officials who enable him and we have to tear down the Fox News propaganda machine. Only then will his base begin to collapse. The way I see it, Trump is just an inhuman puppet monster who was born of all of the impure and corrupt motives of the GOP, and of the racist, bigoted hatred from right wing extremists. He alone isn't the issue because he's just as crooked and corrupt as anyone expected him to be. He was created and enabled by ideology that will persist even when he is gone. He is the incarnation of the right wing’s wildest fantasies; a Frankenstein’s Monster sewn together from every rotten Republican thought. There is a deeper issue that is much more difficult to solve.


Someone is putting tiny cowboy hats on pigeons in Las Vegas as animal rescue works to remove them (12/10/2019) ~ News

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Now that's a headline you don't see often.


Looks like they're going to have to hire whoever is putting the hats on to catch the pigeons since they can't.


Apparently it's a real hassle. You have to rope each one like a tiny steer to catch them.


Maybe they like the tiny hats? I know I would if I were a pigeon (which I'm not).


Dollars to donuts it’s Mike Tyson. Who else would have the time, money, and pigeon handling experience to pull off such a feat?


FBI Agents Showed Bias Against Hillary Clinton, Not Against Trump, DOJ Says (12/11/2019) ~ Politics

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>The agent told the inspector general’s office that he “fully expected Hillary Clinton to walk away with the election but, as the returns [came] in … it was just energizing to me to see … [because] **I didn’t want a criminal to be in the White House.”** Oh, the irony.


Boy that one really blew up in Trump's face. Too bad the people who should care about things like this don't.


"No puppet, no puppet, you're a puppet" Told you everything you needed to know.


And according to the DOJ, Comey was fired (in part) for being mean to Hillary. I honestly believe that's the sickest joke of our generation.


You think? Look no farther than Comey for proof.


FBI Director Wray Breaks With Barr, Backs DOJ IG’s Findings On FBI Probe (12/9/2019) ~ Politics

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The idea that the AG of the US is fucking attacking his own FBI and IG because he doesn't like the political outcome of a sensitive report is completely banana republic level dictatorship. If you look at what authoritarians do abroad they always get a lemming corrupt ally in the top prosecutor role, so they can attack their opponents under the cover of the "rule of law". It's insane how far the US has fallen, the Dems need to impeach Barr and create a special commission to review the politicization of the DOJ. Barr and Trump have destroyed the DOJ, the last agency I ever thought would fall to political interference.


> One of the other big takeaways, Wray said, was that “the inspector general did not find political bias or improper motivations impacting the opening of the investigation or the decision to use certain investigative tools during the investigations.” > “Including FISA?” Thomas asked. > “Including FISA,” the FBI director replied. Hard to separate fact from fiction and find nuance when people are yelling extreme takes from every direction, but I do hope that his words will resonate with some Republicans on the fence. Don’t know how many will actually hear him say that however without having had Barr and Trump cloud their minds first.


"thinnest of suspicions" -- AG Barr That kind of thinking is how you lose a World Trade Center.


Director Wray, any chance you could arrest the Attorney General for Gross Fuckery?


>Barr also said that “no one is more dismayed about the handling of these FISA applications than Director Wray.” Barr channeling SHS when she lied, as Mueller compelled her to admit, that dozens of FBI agents had told her (SHS) they lost confidence in Comey.


Report: Trump’s Ukraine Extortion Scheme Was Financed by Russia (12/12/2019) ~ Politics

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Please note that the headline has been updated on the article to `Report: Trump’s Ukraine Extortion Scheme Was Financed by Russians `. Here's a note from the author Jonathan Chait on the update: >Update: I want to emphasize that the fact that Parnas was paid by Russia suggests, but does not prove, government intent. The structure of Russia’s economy and political system links its oligarchs to the political agenda of the government. (Craig Unger’s reporting has a lot of detail as to how this dynamic works.) In particular, Russia’s organized crime kingpins, to which Parnas has links, operate in conjunction with the state. It would be out of character for them to finance an operation that has such important implications in a theater in which Moscow is so deeply invested. However, prosecutors have not identified the motivation of Parnas’s financiers. As noted before, they were also engaged in a money-making scheme, so it’s possible (albeit unlikely) that the clearly pro-Russian outcomes of the work by Giuliani, Parnas and Fruman was incidental from the point of view of their financiers. ^^The ^^mods ^^are ^^testing ^^a ^^new ^^procedure ^^for ^^articles ^^with ^^titles ^^that ^^have ^^drifted ^^substantially ^^from ^^the ^^most ^^recent ^^headline. ^^This ^^will ^^not ^^apply ^^to ^^all ^^article ^^headline ^^changes, ^^and ^^is ^^dependent ^^on ^^mod ^^availability ^^and ^^discretion.


I'm so glad that I'm young, because the shit we're going to discover about Trump and his merry band of swamp creatures over the next 10-20 years is going to be amazing. It's going to fuel Hollywood scripts for another 50 years after that. Trump has managed to pack more crimes, conspiracies, anti-American behavior, and treason into (what will be) 4 years of presidency than I think even his most die-hard opponents could have predicted.


Can someone please explain why Giuliani hasn’t been arrested yet? I fear this is a situation he isn’t being arrested because it may appear political or anger Trump supporters. The decision to NOT do anything is entirely political and that’s how we complete the transition to becoming the United States of Russia


Guiliani's divorce documents (just released) showed that he and his wife spent about $230,000 a month. Does anyone wonder where the money comes from?


Think about what this means: It is well understood that Putin controls the major businesses in his country through an unofficial network of corruption that controls their owners. We know that Parnas met personally with both Trump and Rudy Giuliani (someone was dumb enough to take photographs). Someone wealthy in Russia paid Parnas $1M, just before Parnas then paid Giuliani $500k (Rudy had supposedly been working as Trump's lawyer "for free") and then he (Parnas) was sent by Rudy (on Trump's behalf) to go carry out the under-the-table aspects of the scheme to extort Ukraine to (a) falsely smear a political opponent and (b) pin the blame for the well-documented Russian interference in our election on Ukraine, while Trump himself carried out the above-the-table aspects of the scheme on Presidential phone calls and directed his installed loyal diplomats to see it through. **Russia financed our President's illegal extortion scheme**, which also benefited Russia and harmed our ally Ukraine. **The President of the United States is working for Russia**, who is also financing that work. It is a full-on Orwellian/dystopian nightmare that (1) operatives in one of our political wings set out over decades to establish an alternative media eco-system that now completely controls the information and views of the entire conservative segment of a deeply divided nation, and (2) that allowed a hostile foreign nation to deeply infiltrate that wing/party (in a 2-party system) and then leverage that complete control to turn the majority of the Republican party into effectively Russian agents, largely by compromising the source of the money that funded their elections. At this point **Russian interests direct a controlling majority of the Republican party**, which itself holds the Executive branch, the upper house of the Legislative branch, and the current appointments to the Judicial branch. **Our government has been deeply infiltrated by Russian interests and unwitting agents**. A hostile foreign power effectively controls one of our two political parties, and it's the party who is able to effectively control the information about half of the country consumes and that forms their views and actions. **This is the most important geopolitical development of the 21st Century and since the collapse of the Soviet Union.** This is worse than anything Tom Clancy could have written. After being dealt an apparent defeat by 1990, Russia is now in 2019 *winning* the long-and-slow match to become the most powerful geopolitical force in the world. And we're struggling to even wake up and realize this match is happening around us, even as we are way behind.


Apple CEO Tim Cook says monopolies aren’t bad if they aren’t abused (12/11/2019) ~ Technology

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Examples of monopolies that haven't been abused please Timothy.


"Facist dictators are only a problem if they are evil, guys!"


Monopolies stifle competition, free market capitalism, and innovation just by existing. They don't have to be abused to be harmful. As smart as Tim Cook is, that was a pretty stupid statement to make.


Because of the long history of monopolies that don’t abuse their customers. I love Apple products, but over the past couple years Tim has really become a money/power hungry CEO it seems.


Jumping into a fire wouldn't be bad if it didn't burn you


Kamala Harris Leads Senators In Demanding ‘Immediate Removal’ Of Stephen Miller (12/9/2019) ~ Politics

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Conservatives don't think Racism is a problem anymore. Thus nothing need to be done about racists. It is like their view on the environment. Maybe some companies long did some bad things but today everything is good so why inconvenience thriving businesses with regulations.


It makes no sense. Miller penned hate speech and sent it to a REPORTER with his digital fingerprints all over it and he’s the presidents senior advisor. Should have been an immediate death knell. This is going to be another one of those moments when America wonders why we waited X number of weeks to get rid of him while his policies were actively torturing migrants. Any other time in history that would be a major scandal and any other president would fall all over themselves trying to distance himself from Miller.


Good for Harris! She's stepping up as a leader, hopefully, in the Senate where democratic leadership is lacking!


Kamala Harris the full time Senator is killing it.


>The President, Vice President and all **civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of**, Treason, Bribery, or other **high Crimes and Misdemeanors**. --U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 4 Writiing letters to the White House ain't going to get the job done.


Federal judge blocks use of billions of dollars in Pentagon funds to build border wall (12/10/2019) ~ Politics

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Wait Mexico was gonna pay


Regardless of what happens in the real world with regard to The Wall, Trump will tell his supporters at 2020 campaign rallies that it is completed and has already prevented hundreds of thousands of Mexican people from reaching the US. "Some say it's millions."


>**Judge David Briones of the US District Court for the Western District of Texas said Tuesday that the administration cannot use military construction funds to build additional barriers on the southern border.** >"The President's emergency proclamation was a blatant attempt to grab power from Congress. Today's order affirms that the President is not a king and that our courts are willing to check him when he oversteps his bounds," said Kristy Parker, counsel for Protect Democracy, a nonpartisan nonprofit which represented the plaintiffs, in a statement. >At issue is the military construction funds that have been diverted to build a border wall. In October, Briones found that the plaintiffs had standing to bring the case because of they've suffered harm as a result.


Why is the pentagon funding a wall that Mexico is supposed to pay for?


Trump is a clown.


13-year-old boy faces murder charges in death of Barnard College student (12/13/2019) ~ News

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Jesus, I heard about this from my friend at the architecture school by ccny, I’m sorry to hear about this and the fact it was a 13 year old is gut wrenching


I was mugged in Morningside Park in 1997, during my freshman year at Columbia. It was a VERY bad idea to be there at night back then, and that was my last trip into the park after dark. It's a bummer to see that there's been a relapse.


So this was the first time he robbed people with a weapon? Unlikely. "But he's a child" Yes and he's killed more people already than most every adult ...


Some people are quick to talk about the sociological variables that shape someone's bad behavior. I agree that parenting matters. Environmental conditions matter. But people also need to take responsibility for their actions. Behavior like this - extremely violent crime - is inexcusable. Hungry and you had to steal to survive? Sure, I can empathize but *not excuse*. You should be punished accordingly. Needed money so you & your buddies stabbed a girl to death, including in her FACE? **I don't empathize with whatever it is you're 'going through' and I hope you spend life in prison.**


I went to Barnard. At freshman orientation, we were warned never to go into Morningside Park, never to cross the park to get to the other subway line, to stick to the #1 local (the express going north dropped you off in unsavory parts). We could walk on Morningside in the daylight, with others, but even then were discouraged. We were told to always carry $20 cash for mugger money so muggers wouldn't be frustrated and stab us. I know the Upper West Side has gentrified. But it hasn't gentrified that much.


Using a device called a star tracker, I was able to take a picture of the Milky Way and corresponding landscape in Colorado to bring out extreme detail in both the stars and foreground alike! (12/9/2019) ~ Space

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FYI The Milky Way is about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 km (about **100,000 light** years or about 30 kpc) across. The Sun does not lie near the center of our Galaxy. It lies about 8 kpc from the center on what is known as the Orion Arm of the Milky Way. I think that I have cleared things up. 100,000 years across Lets see...h...186,000 miles per second....times 60....oh shit I give up.


This is incredible... is your camera connected to an astrophotography telescope for this shot? Or this is all just your camera?


Using a device called a smartphone, I was able to download this image and set it as said smartphone's lock screen wallpaper allowing me to see it every time I look at my phone. Thank you for sharing this pic 🙂


The one in upper bottom right of the sky, is that the andromeda (orange)


I wish our sky actually looked like this


Devin Nunes Claims He Was ‘Stalked’ After Reporter Asked Basic Questions About His Role in Trump’s Ukraine Scheme: “Based on this video, Nunes’ depiction is an outrageous smear. Nunes is out of control. He’s a public servant. He’s functioning as Trump’s servant.” (12/9/2019) ~ Politics

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... > "I walked up calmly and asked a simple news question to the congressman. You can see everything I actually said and Nunes' trembling hand while he silently took my picture in the video I posted." ... nunie is scared and now cornered and has no recourse but to silently act like he's being abused. -- he's a fool like donnie.


Conservatism = Always the victim "He's asking me hard questions mommy." And they called Obama weak. Pathetic.


What a fucking coward. We throw around a lot of words to describe this bunch of Republicans, but coward has to be one of the most accurate.


Heres to hoping nunes does some prison time.


Can we get a two’fer and have a reporter do this while wearing a cow mask?


Say ‘goodbye’ to robocalls: The TRACED Act passes through U.S. House (12/9/2019) ~ Uplifting News

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How am I gonna know when the warranty is expiring on my almost-brand-new car with less than 2,000 miles, though?


This is me holding my breath, I’ll believe this when I see it. Let the Congressional bribing, er “lobbying” begin.


The worst was when my own phone number called me, WTF. It’s about time.


The house has passed like 500 bills in the last year. I dont expect much from the Senate anymore, but fingers crossed. Edit: the correct number is 400, this does not include resolutions


Good luck ending the ones from overseas where you'll have no way to enforce.


US should recognize American Samoans as citizens, judge says (12/13/2019) ~ News

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The reason they aren't automatically is because the Samoan legal system privileges Samoans over others. This is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution, so there it is. And from the article, the Samoan government opposes automatic citizenship, because it might interfere with that primacy. "The American Samoan government, meanwhile, has argued that automatic U.S. citizenship could undermine local traditions and practices, including certain rules that restrict land ownership only to those of Samoan ancestry."


What's the difference between citizens and nationals?


So it would mess up the advantages that Samoans have over everyone else. *The American Samoan government, meanwhile, has argued that automatic U.S. citizenship could undermine local traditions and practices, including certain rules that restrict land ownership only to those of Samoan ancestry.*


Another important factor not covered in this article, reported elsewhere: this isn't the first time this was come up. In 2016, the DC Circuit Court said that American Samoans should not have birthright citizenship. So as of right now you have the federal district court in Utah saying one thing, and federal circuit court (one level higher) in DC saying a different thing. So the US government should probably appeal this to the circuit court that contains Utah, to get a more definitive answer.


This is like how a while back John Oliver was whining about how the citizens of Puerto Rico, US Guam, etc don't have full representation in Congress. Like it's something that they're supposed to get. Well only states get those rights, and statehood votes have failed over and over in those places. It's not that WE don't want them to be states, THEY don't want to be states.


‘Benson,’ ‘Star Trek’ actor René Auberjonois has died at 79 (12/8/2019) ~ News

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I really enjoyed his Odo character. It was one of the most unique I've seen on TV. Really a complex one, like Locke from Lost.


He joined the great link...


He voiced Mr House in Fallout: New Vegas.


Aww, no. He was such a wonderful actor. 🙁


I remember an interview with him when *Deep Space Nine* was about to come out, and he was asked if he was worried about being forever associated with *Star Trek* like some other actors. His reply was something like, "I'll be thrilled if this replaces Benson on my tombstone." Almost made it!


Oops: Ivanka Trump has been “personal friends” with Christopher Steele for years. (12/9/2019) ~ Politics

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Wait... Ivanka was bffs with an MI6 officer that specialized in Russian affairs?? This raises even more questions.


Jesus. If MI6 has been playing her for years, that means the Intelligence Community has known the whole plot since before Christopher Steele came into picture. MI6 doesn't just Willie-nillie send an operative into an OP. They have to have a valid ass reason to send one their way. This shit is too fucking hilarious. Chump has been oblivious for years.


Does.... Does this make Ivanka Trump a Bond Girl?


Sooo! SHE told Steele about the pee tape! It's all making a lot more sense now. Figures she's the leaker.


Jared Cuckhner Edit: Thank-You!


‘S— just got real’: DOJ watchdog uncovers pro-Trump text messages between FBI agents after 2016 election (12/9/2019) ~ Politics

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> * The Justice Department's watchdog uncovered a series of text messages between two FBI agents cheerleading President Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 election. > * "Trump!" an FBI handling agent said. > * "Hahaha. S--- just got real," a co-handling agent replied. "Yes it did," the handling agent said. > * The co-handling agent responded, "I saw a lot of scared MFers on...[my way to work] this morning. Start looking for new jobs fellas. Haha." > * The texts were revealed in inspector general Michael Horowitz's highly anticipated report on the origins of the FBI's Russia investigation. **The report debunked many of Trump's conspiracy theories about what he claimed was anti-Trump bias among top brass at the FBI and Justice Department.**


I want their names then I want every text they ever sent. Page and Strzok probably do too. The government had no valid reason to release their texts except to play politics, so that's cool now, right? I suspect they are from the NYC office aka 'Trumpland'.


I am sure there will be outrage by republicans right!?


Republicans acted like texts from agents showing dislike of Trump was some kind of extreme bias and that professionals cant do their job if they dont like their boss. Did they think 100% of the FBI hates Trump? Did it not occur to them that there would be pro-trump texts as well??? This is the dumbest timeline.


LOL! So exactly the opposite of what Trump and friends have been claiming. Let me guess, this probe is part of the same bias :p


Fox Nation host Britt McHenry files sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News (12/10/2019) ~ News

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When The fuck did brodus clay work for fox news? Lmao


Now I can’t unsee Tyrus’ shitty hair style 🤢


"I'm in the news, sweetheart, I will fucking sue this place," McHenry could be heard saying. When the clerk threatened that they would make the recording public, she continued to be rude, mocking the clerk's appearance. "Lose some weight baby girl," she said. Oh wait.... that was when she was being a POS.


Every single female host on Fox looks exactly the same. What is the deal here.


A former ESPN reporter who was fired for making up stories vs. A former Pro-Wrestler whose gimmick was a dancing dinosaur. Those are the people hired by Fox news...


A team from The Australian National University (ANU) has developed a jelly-like material that has many of the properties of living tissue. A form of a hydrogel, the jelly is not only self-healing but is very strong and can change its shape – allowing it to mimic skin, ligaments, and bone. (12/8/2019) ~ Science

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Anybody know how plausible it is that this actually becomes a medical tool? I remember seeing years and years ago about some student who invented a spray on "bandaid" that could be used for major injuries. Then you never hear about it again. How long till things like this become mainstream or will they ever?


Sounds awesome - bot I'm not sure I understand. How can something mimic both skin and bone? Those two things have very different functions and properties, clearly. Is there a way to force it to take on the properties of one and not the other?


Medigels have been around for a while, it's good to see new kinds of chemistry being applied to them to expand the possible applications. I guess the trick is to get it off the bench though...


Why are there so many removed posts?


Cool. Is it edible? That might bring a breakthrough in lab-grown meat if yes.


We should all be appalled by Donald Trump’s tweet about Greta Thunberg (12/12/2019) ~ Politics

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> Trump is a bully. And he has shown time and again that he has no qualms about bullying anyone and everyone. Trump's supporters *like* this about him. Today's society has the civil discourse of a kindergarten playground. Is it any surprise that the biggest and loudest bully ended up in the White House?


We're way past appalled...we entered permanent ashamed of Trump mode after his observation of Nazis and their protesters being 'Equal'.


He went after a damn 16 year old because he didn’t win ‘person of the year’


He's an embarrassment. I am ashamed for everyone who still supports our president. Absolutely disgusting piece of shit.


We're so desensitized to this clown that our apathy has it's own fucking zip code. Appalled? we should be Appalled? We should be ashamed. Ashamed of the media that allows this clown to say things and then just keeps on reporting it. We should be ashamed that we have a sizable portion of the country that accepts, believes and, in fact, embraces this moron as a patriotic hero.


Doctors with flu shots for migrant children turned away from Calif. facility; 6 arrested (12/11/2019) ~ News

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Yeah there's no way that a bunch of people crammed into unhygienic, inhumane conditions could ever be a vector for contagious diseases, right?


Edit: CPB has never provided flu shots to migrants, but the issue now is that kids are being held for longer periods of time in crowded and unhygienic conditions. "At least three children in U.S. immigration custody died from flu infections during the 2018 flu season. That’s nine times the mortality rate of the general pediatric population, according to Doctors for Camp Closure. One of those children was 16-year-old Carlos Vasquez from Guatemala, who was found dead May 20. Video released Thursday by ProPublica shows the teenager suffering from a 103-degree fever. He collapses on the floor, where he lies for several hours before being found In light of the deaths last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended CBP vaccinate detained migrants against the flu virus in a Nov. 7 letter, according to the Washington Post. CBP officials said the agency has never provided immunizations for detained migrants, and it would not do so."


Doctors believe so strongly in flu vaccination that they were willing to get arrested over it and yet there are millions of people who are too lazy or ignorant to get them every year.


Well, now I'm infuriated this morning. Those little things that were getting to me are nothing compared to what I felt reading that. When medical care leads to arrests, we're undeniably looking at the beginning of what could be considered and ethic cleansing, or in more common terms, a genocide. Any illegal European immigrants in that camp? Nope. Are they all from south of the border? Yes. People hate to hear it, or read it, but its fucking true. Just know in 30 years, you were complacent and therein part of the problem. I don't much believe in karma and such these days, but if you do, be wary.


Why exactly did they disallow this if not to prevent the doctors from spreading information on how terrible the conditions are to the rest of the country. Our government is literally willing to let children die to keep up cruel and unusual immigration dissuasion.


A tortoise never forgets, and are like “elephants” of the reptile world, suggests a new study. Giant land tortoises have a reputation for being sluggish in both speed and brainpower, but a new study found that they were able to remember how to carry out tasks that they learned nine years ago. (12/14/2019) ~ Science

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For the first task, the scientists trained the tortoises to bite a colored ball on the end of a stick. Once mastered, the researchers then taught them to move towards and bite the colored ball, which was held around one to two meters away. For the final task, the scientists assigned each tortoise a unique color and trained the tortoises to choose the correctly colored ball, from two offered targets. When the researchers tested the tortoises three months later, the tortoises immediately performed the first two tasks. Although they were unable to recall their correct individual colors for the third task, five out of six tortoises relearned which color ball to bite quicker than in the initial training, suggesting some residual memory. The researchers also revisited three of the Aldabra tortoises they had trained nine years earlier which were still housed at Vienna Zoo. Remarkably, all three recalled the first two tasks, showing an incredible long-term recall ability befitting their long lifespan.


“A tortoise never forgets” A tortoise can remember a task from 9 years ago. Genuine question. Is this type of title not just clickbait and is this ok for science magazines? Just seems weird to me for anyone who wants to take information literally.


Why are we always so surprised to find that other creatures are intelligent as well. It never ceases to amaze me how arrogant we are and little we think of other living creatures.


Tasks such as: -Eat lettuce -Bump into stuff -Naps


Impressive. I forget the password to my work computer when I come back after a week vacation.


Study Finds That Top Fossil Fuel Companies’ Emissions Responsible for More Than Half of Ocean Acidification Since 1880. More than one-fifth of that increased acidity from 1880 could be traced to the emissions from the 20 largest investor-owned companies since 1965 (12/11/2019) ~ Science

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Note that the language "can be traced to" is a sneaky way of saying they're including the emissions created when you and I burn the fuel. Last I'd checked, exploration, production, refining and transportation of gasoline only accounts for about 20% of its CO2 output. The other 80% is created when we put our feet down on the accelerator. Which makes sense, when you think about it. Burning the fuel. So while this article makes the case that this CO2 problem can be traced to the few, the reality is far more challenging and complex.


This is an incredibly deceptive title For this to be the case, you would need to assume that these fossil fuel companies could unilaterally decrease production and then fossil fuel extraction, processing and use pollution would change They wouldn’t. Fossil fuel companies are a facilitator of carbon emissions, not the cause of them Exxon could go bankrupt tomorrow and within 12 months all that extraction would be back up and going Now the lobbying is another issue. But virtually all companies use fossil fuels.


> So can all America get in on a class action lawsuit? Considering that 100% of Americans owns these companies through 401k we would have to basically all sue ourselves. Lawyers will finally get to defend themselves (against themselves) and 75k people on top of that. United States vs United States is going to be on hell of a trial though


Yeah well the world can't run on hopes and dreams. My car takes gas and a mofos gotta drive.


Have some self responsibility humans! Stop blaming power companies, they produce the dirty power, yet you still buy it? Always someone's fault...


Donald Trump Is the Mad-King President Our Founders Feared Most (12/10/2019) ~ Politics

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>So it goes in Trump’s America. Not a week goes by without fresh evidence of President Trump’s total disregard for the rule of law and the guardrails of a functioning democracy. He pardons war criminals because Fox News told him to. He takes the position that the president is impervious to accountability for possible crimes. He profits from domestic and foreign interests who book his hotels and golf at his courses. He shakes down foreign leaders in exchange for personal favors, calls on foreign adversaries to meddle in U.S. elections, incites violence among his supporters, and demands loyalty from those around him in office, even if that means ignoring a legal subpoena.


And Republicans are cheering him on.


His hatred of the media is also quite imperialistic.


They were afraid of a tyranny of the majority but we now have a tyrannical minority. Through the Senate and the electoral college (and cheating and gerrymandering) the right will stay in power for decades despite having less and less support each year.


I honestly don't think the Founders could get their heads around the idea that the landed gentry Electoral College would put someone like Trump into the office. And they might point out that the problem is exacerbated by the Executive Branch becoming overwhelmingly dominant over the last 120 years. Maybe we broke it a long time ago and we're just now noticing.


A self-driving truck delivered butter from California to Pennsylvania in three days, in what appears to be the first commercial freight cross-country trip by an autonomous truck (12/10/2019) ~ Technology

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"What is my purpose?" "You drive butter across the country." "Oh my God." "Welcome to the club, pal."


Jimmy Hoffa is rolling around in some unmarked grave somewhere.


This is going to be a trivia question 10 years when autonomous trucking is common place. What was the first product to be autonomously trucked in the US?


How long does it take a human driver?


Elevator pitch: Smokey and the Bandit reboot/Knight Rider mash-up, bringing back William Daniels as the voice of KITT/Bandit (BanKITT). Aubrey Plaza in the Sally Field role. A poignant love story about a robot car, a woman on the run, and a truckload of butter. With John Goodman as Sheriff Buford T. Justice.


Contrary to stereotype, young people today are likely no more narcissistic than any generation before them (including the Baby Boomers). That’s just one of the findings from a new analysis of how three key narcissistic traits change over a person’s lifespan and across generations (n=747). (12/10/2019) ~ Science

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How did they reach any conclusion about current youth generation given their sample included only as late as born in 1969?? >In the current study, we addressed many of these limitations by examining how narcissism changed longitudinally in a sample of 747 participants (72.3% female) from Age 13 to Age 77 across 6 samples of participants born between 1923 and 1969. 


They may not be more narcissistic but they certainly have more public platforms to display their narcissism than ever before.


Unless a longitudinal study also compares the development of traits among older cohorts and today’s social media age, it’s an absolutely worthless and irresponsible application to the scope of “today’s young people.” The advent of social media is so new and widespread and it’s effects aren’t even being considered on the development of today’s children. The youngest person in this study is now 50, and the internet wasn’t even a thing when they were born for another 15 years, and then social media for another 15 years after that. In what scope is this applicable to any semblance of “today’s young people.”


The youngest people in this study were born in 1969. This tells us exactly nothing about millenials and younger.


What stereotype? I've never heard anyone say young people are more narcissistic than older generations. This just sounds like more age baiting junk science. The only difference is that younger people have social media which tends to promote a lot of shallow values. That's the fault of the media industry though, not young people.


Yang qualifies for December Democratic debate (12/10/2019) ~ Politics

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While Yang is not my preferred candidate I certainly believe he deserves a spot on the stage to speak about the issues he believes are most important for the betterment of the entire nation. Looking forward to him getting more speaking time as we won't have 14 people in stage at once.


I really wish Klobuchar and Booker would just gracefully bow out at this point. A debate with Sanders, Warren, Yang, Pete, and Biden would be so much more productive Edit: I didn't realize Booker didn't qualify for this round... I forgot Steyer even existed


Support him or not, you’ve got to give the man credit for gaining so much support even though he’s not a career politician or billionaire, no one really knew him in January, and the MSM (mainly MSNBC) has basically ignored him. He gained most of his support because of his ideas. He’s near the bottom of the list in MSM mentions but he made the December debate. Crazy.


Bernie guy here...but, for real, Go Yang!


Just want to say that one of the most important things Andrew Yang has done with his campaign is break through to Trump voters and supporters that the reason why manufacturing jobs are drying up is due to automation, not immigrants "stealing their jobs."


Trump-Appointed Judge Not Convinced That Concealed Notes of Putin Meeting Belong to the President (12/14/2019) ~ Politics

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Holy shit. He appointed someone who might actually care about the truth?


Well, well, well! > Following the conclusion of the meeting – which ran more than twice as long as originally scheduled – Trump infamously confronted the interpreter and personally confiscated the notes they had taken during the meeting. Attorneys for the Trump administration argued that “when the president takes into his possession a document, it becomes a presidential record.” > > But Judge McFadden was not convinced, telling the government’s attorneys that he had “never seen a principal take notes from an interpreter,” and concluded that such documents do not become presidential records “simply because the president took them.” > > As the Washington Post reported in January, the “extraordinary lengths” Trump has gone to in his efforts to conceal details of his meetings with Putin have resulted in U.S. officials having “no detailed record, even in classified files, of Trump’s face-to-face interactions with the Russian leader at five locations over the past two years”:


You know your country's in trouble when you, as a layperson, read a headline about a legal decision and your immediate response was, "No shit, Sherlock. Notes about state visits *don't* belong to the president alone? Imagine that!" And the Trump-appointed judges seem to not be 100% on board with autocracy. I bet the far right's next long term goal is to seed law *schools* with teaching staff that are simpatico. Because apparently sucking in the students at undergrad and grooming them for a few decades isn't delivering the results to the extent they'd like. Time to remove a variable: those pesky academics and their teaching of facts.


> A federal judge on Wednesday rejected the Trump administration’s contention that notes taken by the president’s interpreter during a closed-door meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin were not subject to the Federal Records Act. This actually made me smile!


So rule he has to turn them over. It will take 18 months, then they will say they dont have them, then they will subpoena the interpreter, but she will be forbidden to testify, then that will go the courts for another 18 months. Then finally she will testify and Republicans will say its all second-hand hearsay and Dems will say then where the fuck are the damn notes that the President destroyed and the Republicans will say Buttery Burisma Males fake sham hoax. Its the Pancake Breakfast. We do it every month.


William Barr will “interfere” in the election to boost Trump, says MSNBC analyst: “A ruthless…political hack” (12/11/2019) ~ Politics

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I've got $50 that says Barr will announce investigations into whoever the nominee ends up being, and will try to keep those at the top of the news as much as possible.


Haul him in and force him to explain himself. Tax dollars should be paying for the AG of the USA, *not* Individual-1’s attorney. Barr is supposed to be the nation’s lawyer. But he has bought into the autocratic delusion that Trump equals America, and he's the president's advocate, come hell or high crimes


William Barr is already interfering in the 2020 election.


Trump will do whatever it takes to stay in office. He will not accept the election results, not only has he said as much but he still doesn't accept the results in the election he won. In the rally yesterday he literally threatened no-shit violence if Democrats win. Barr will do whatever he can to help Trump stay in office, his actions and his words this last week say it all. How successful they are is up for debate and the election is a year off and a lot can happen between now and then but we need to be vigilant and do whatever we can to make sure this upcoming election is free and fair and that people like Barr and Trump see justice.


William Barr is more interested in being a KGB agent than being a US attorney general. They all love Putin.


ICE Destroyed Footage Of A Trans Asylum-Seeker Who Died In Custody Despite A Request To Save It (12/13/2019) ~ Politics

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Wasn’t 4 hours of the teen boy who died also erased? Specifically the hours covering his Wellness checks? Seems like footage suddenly vanishing or getting destroyed is a habit with ICE.


They aren't going to keep incriminating evidence. Geez. People can't seriously think they want to be held accountable.


Can we stop saying "died in custody" and start saying "murdered by"?


Murdered in custody.


Nazi fuckers


Trump criticised for rush to defend Saudis after pilot kills three at US navy base: ‘He’s a spokesman for Saudi Arabia’ (12/8/2019) ~ Politics

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Remember when Trump was losing his shit about *Hillary* and Saudi Arabia?


This dude sucks 👎 It makes no sense and it’s obvious he’s looking out for his self-interests ($$$) and not America’s safety. Any other time he would be rushing to judgement on his Twitter before the facts are even out.


Trump is a stooge for the worst criminals. Fuck him.


“Imagine how he would've reacted to this terrorist attack if the shooter had been a Mexican immigrant or Muslim immigrant from any other country in the world other than Saudi Arabia,” Mr Boot said on CNN. ....imagine


Once again the president puts his own personal benefit above the country. Just imagine the outrage... the nation that is responsible for 9/11, the Yemeni genocide AND the killing of an American resident and journalist is still allowed to train their military on US soil during a Democratic presidency. And then the shooting happens. Just imagine the outrage. Now imagine that president says “They called me and said they’re very sorry!” Just fucking imagine Fox News. Now imagine we’re in our reality with this president and the gunman is Iranian, and not Saudi (who has spent hundreds of millions of dollars at Trump properties). We’d have been dropping nukes by afternoon tea.


‘I don’t eat onion’: FM Nirmala Sitharaman on skyrocketing onion prices (12/8/2019) ~ Not The Onion

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Fitting sub.


First add the onion. How, literally, every Indian recipe starts.


Indian food without onions? Thats like hamburgers without patties That's like pizza without cheese. That's like scrambled eggs without salt!


Let them eat cake ...


For non Indians, onions generally cost 15-20 cents a kilo in India. Its now up to over 2$ a kilo. Thats why the hue & cry.


Blue Origin has now flown and landed the same rocket booster six times. (12/11/2019) ~ Space

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I just realized the name blue origin is referring to earth 😮


They haven’t actually achieved orbit though right? Edit: haven’t not have


This is the sort of healthy competition with self landing boosters that is going to shoot our species far out into the stars someday soon.


Neat. So when is it going to boost something anywhere near orbital velocity?


max speed 2,284mph or about 1/8 of the speed needed to achieve orbit.


Bernie Sanders Should Be Democrats’ First Choice (12/12/2019) ~ Politics

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I've been pushing for Warren, but the past few weeks I've switched to Bernie. In the end I'll vote whoever is the Democrat.


He's certainly mine. And it's not even close. Bernie is the pragmatic choice if we seriously want to beat Trump. He gets young people and those less likely to vote to the polls.


I'm voting blue no matter what, but Bernie's my first choice.


The Democrats first choice should be to win the Senate. No matter how progressive the President is nothing will get done if Mitch is in control.


Bernie has my vote.


DOJ Inspector General Releases Report, finding that the FBI Investigation of Trump was justified and untainted by political bias (12/9/2019) ~ World News

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Literal tweet from yesterday: "I.G. report out tomorrow. That will be the big story!"


Look, I don't want to be "that girl" but unless Trump himself does these investigations, his cult isn't believing shit that shows him in a bad light. Right now they're shuffling talking points about how the Inspector General is a Deep State shill funded by Clinton money. And if tomorrow the IG flips and says the investigation was tainted, you'll see those talking points disappear instantly and never be heard again.


US has been monitoring Russia for at least 100 years if not more - if Trump waltzed right into that surveillance its his own bloody fault


Barr is starting to remind me of the Templeton Institute with the way he demands investigations be done and then ignoring the results when he doesn't like them. Templeton is a Christian science organization dedicated to proving the bible is true scientifically. They do this by funding lots of legit studies into various religious claims and powers. Then they publish any results that support literal Christianity while discarding any that contradict their claims. Like when they paid for a bunch of studies of the Shroud of Turin that all came back saying it was most likely a fraud made during the 12th century. Templeton discarded those studies, had a restoration of the Shroud done and then afterwards had tests done again. All tests came back as inconclusive due to what had been done during the restoration which Templeton published as 'proof' the Shroud must be ancient and real since there's no evidence that it's a 12th century fraud anymore.


I'm a Canadian. I have been reading the comments on Fox news and I am TERRIFIED by the mental gymnastics people are doing to defend Trump. As far as I am concerned the birther conspiracy should have sunk him... and yet he managed to win. There have been so many red flags before this most recent abuse of power and yet people still want to back Trump. It is madness.


Conservative government giving NHS data to Amazon for free, documents reveal. US company will be able to access all “healthcare information, including without limitation symptoms, causes, and definitions” (12/8/2019) ~ World News

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> Health secretary Matt Hancock hailed the deal ... as a way to help give patients better medical advice using technology like Alexa > The full contract [obtained by Privacy international] reveals the deal goes far beyond medical advice for use by Alexa. > It states the company will be able to access all “healthcare information, including without limitation symptoms, causes, and definitions, and all related copyrightable content, data, information and other materials” the DHSC has. > It also blocks the DHSC from issuing any publicity without Amazon’s consent saying it “may not issue a press release or any other publicity in connection with or related to this agreement or Amazon’s use of [DHSC] content without the prior written consent of Amazon.” > Large parts of the contract have been redacted with the Department of Health and Social Care claiming the blacked out sections relate to commercial sensitivity for the company which could be damaged if the specific elements it agreed to with the government became known. > ... Privacy International said: “While this particular contract may sound harmless at first ... we should not be naïve about the intentions of big companies that are preying over the NHS. what. the. fuck.


I have the philips hue lights in my house and Alexa can't turn them on correctly about 60% of the time. imagine getting health care advice from something literally dumber than a light switch.


The UK is so going to love deciding whether to pay the rent or get that lump looked at. Welcome to America's Bitch status.


Fellow Brits, for the love of all that is good, vote these Tories out of government on the 12th!


I'm confused. There's no personal data. This sounds like a database of diseases, medications, etc. Shouldn't this all be public info anyway?


In wake of Shutterstock’s Chinese censorship, American companies need to relearn American values (12/9/2019) ~ Technology

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Corporations don’t HAVE values


America has made a virtue out of greed and selfishness. A bunch of Ayn Rand disciples who think self interest is somehow enlightened.


Letting corporations do whatever they want for the sake of profit and telling everyone who has a problem with it to go pound sand is the most American thing I can think of!


This is ironic when TechCrunch heavily supported and promoted online censorship just a few months back. Now suddenly they believe in free speech and american values? They asked to censorship hate speech in the past and for China that picture is categorized as such. This is what happens when you promote censorship. A game everyone will eventually lose at some point depending on who or what gets to decide what should be allowed and what not.


American values got insulin from 10 dollars to 350 dollars a month.


Matt Gaetz’s 2008 DUI arrest resurfaces after jab at Hunter Biden’s substance abuse. Here’s what happened. (12/12/2019) ~ Politics

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> **The details of Gaetz’s arrest and the subsequent dropping of the charges were the subject of a 2014 Tampa Bay Times story**. Here’s the story, as it was published: > Rep. Matt Gaetz recently held himself out as a man who accepts responsibility for his mistakes. > **He brought up his 2008 DUI arrest during a meeting last week of the House criminal justice committee, which he chairs. The topic: a bill that would keep mug shots of people who are charged with crimes off the Internet until they are convicted.** > Though he was never convicted, his booking photo is readily available online, Gaetz said. > “I’m of the view that that is part of who I am,” said the Fort Walton Beach Republican, who in 2016 will seek the seat now held by his father, Senate President Don Gaetz. “I made bad decisions that resulted in an arrest, and that is sort of something that we all live with.” > The bill passed the committee unanimously. Gaetz said such exposure could be a problem for those unaccustomed to publicity. > **But as it turns out, notoriety is about the worst consequence Gaetz, now 31, has faced from the DUI arrest.** > **He didn't have his license suspended for a year when he refused the breath test — as Florida law dictates. And he didn't have that refusal used against him in a criminal proceeding. Charges against Gaetz were dismissed after events that included, among other things, the forced resignation of the arresting officer.**


Matt Gaetz may be the worst member of congress. Him or Steve King is probably my vote.


His daddy got him off from suffering any real consequences.


"Guy whose father got him out of a DUI conviction upset at other guy benefiting from family connections."


This might be a stupid question, so feel free to lambast me, but why do we as a country give a fuck about anything Biden's son is doing?