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Jeffrey Epstein Death: 2 Guards Slept Through Checks and Falsified Records (8/15/2019) ~ News

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Yeah, yeah. We're obviously blaming two working class guys for the whole thing. How about them security camera tapes? Presumably a **prison** has **some** security cameras around?


I also get sleepy sometimes when I'm guarding the most important prisoner in the United States


It was such a shame to hear about their suicides 2 weeks from now.


Not one, but two guards, claiming to have both conveniently fallen asleep, at the precise window of time that Epstein needed to kill himself. Slow down and think about how absurd this really is. These guards are claiming they both fell asleep at exactly the same moment so that one didn't wake up the other, then they both slept for the same amount of time, that happened to purely by coincidence line up exactly with when Epstein planned on killing himself, and we're supposed to believe it was all just an oopsie. This is such blatant corruption. Unreal. *Edit: I’d just like to say, to the many, many people who have shamelessly admitted how lazy they’ve been at their own jobs: congrats on your bad work ethic?* *To everyone else: if you think the guards’ story is true, then go up the ladder until you find the first guy who isn’t a sleepy, underpaid, moron and there’s the corruption and absurdity of this situation.*


There is going to be a sacrificial lamb here, maybe one or two of the lower level guys involved with Epstein are going catch some heat in order to make it look like they're actually doing something. This is like the Khashoggi thing all over again Epstein knew stuff that would be a bigger problem than his apparent suicide, which while draws a lot of attention to all the bullshit. But no one knows what's really going on media organizations are fairly obviously shady regarding this, and some have been attempting to discredit any an all conspiracy theories despite this being one of the most obvious conspiracies ever.


Leaked Draft of Trump Executive Order to ‘Censor the Internet’ Denounced as Dangerous, Unconstitutional Edict: “In practice, this executive order would mean that whichever political party is in power could dictate what speech is allowed on the Internet.” (8/12/2019) ~ World News

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Reminder: the head of the FCC is a political appointee. chosen by Trump.


Beware he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart, he dreams himself your master.


Oh now look who is suddenly advocating for a safe space and censorship. Ironic. Trump 2020: The World Upside Down. Crazy times.


So directly contravening the purpose of the 1st amendment, the fucker wouldn't know what was written in the constitution if if were read to him in a showtime jingle.


Where is this leaked draft? I would like to read it.


Hong Kong protesters plan to withdraw as much money as possible from their banks or change their currency into US dollars, both to protect their own assets and to show the mainland that the semiautonomous island is more than just a cash cow. (8/15/2019) ~ World News

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Better just do it instead of plan. Give the Chinese government the smallest window of time to counter this as possible. If we know they know.


Aaaannnnnddd the banks are closed now. Why announce that?


This is how you fucking protest. These people have been incredible. Godspeed to them.


They will simply declare a bank holiday or limit withdraws to 60 dollars per day. Banks are evil.


a 'run on the banks' eh?


16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg says meeting with Trump would be a “waste”: “Why should I waste time talking to him when he, of course, is not going to listen to me?” (8/13/2019) ~ World News

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Knowing the kind of company Trump keeps, it’s probably best to not allow him contact with any 16 year old girls.


time management is one of the keys to success.


He would just use her as a photo op. The guy thinks that the noise from wind turbines causes cancer.


She's got her priorities straight and doesn't let herself get sucked into the political optics game. I guess that's a big part of why she infuriates all those lobbyists and climate change deniers. She's not playing their games and sticks to her guns, instead of letting herself get baited. A lot of career politicians could learn a thing or two from her.


Such an insightful comment. Trump does not even listen to grown women who are Nobel peace prize winners. For him these meetings are just photo ops. It is good that people call him out on that.


Autopsy finds broken bones in Jeffrey Epstein’s neck, deepening questions around his death (8/15/2019) ~ News

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> Among the bones broken in Epstein’s neck was the hyoid bone, which in men is near the Adam’s apple. Such breaks can occur in those who hang themselves, particularly if they are older, according to forensics experts and studies on the subject. But they are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation, the experts said. Doesn't sound concrete one way or another, but it is interesting.


He was either killed or allowed to commit suicide. Either way, very suspicious.


Sticks and stones can break my bones, but the names I could name will definitely kill me.


Barr came out too soon saying Epstein's death was an apparent suicide. Normally someone would just state that they are investigating his death and will not comment further until an autopsy is completed. This is fishy.


How the fuck are there this many pedophiles in the world in positions of power? Like I legitimately don't understand how it is that common with wealth and power.


Sanders Says If Israel Wants to Ban Members of Congress, It Should Not Receive Billions in US Military Aid (8/16/2019) ~ Politics

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They shouldn't receive military aid, anyway.


Agreed. Btw, I’m an Israel loving Jew. Bernie is right, a member of Congress, no matter their religion should be allowed to visit any country receiving aid without restrictions. It’s common f’ing sense. I’m not buying you a car I can’t ride in from time to time.


Conservatives are actually calling Bernie Sanders anti semitic because they are desperate to shift the racism image that Donald Trump has anywhere else, not realizing that Bernie is a Jew. 🤷‍♂️


Sounds reasonable.


Banning US leaders is a slap in the face. We should cut off all aid.


Leaked Draft of Trump Executive Order to ‘Censor the Internet’ Denounced as Dangerous, Unconstitutional Edict (8/11/2019) ~ Politics

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Remember when Republicans hated executive orders?


Strange how they complain about censorship unless its them doing it.


It's a straight up authoritarian measure that the courts *should* knock down the minute he attempts it.


They took over AM Radio. They took over cable news. We can't let them take over the internet. edit: Oh, and of course they're taking over tv news through Sinclair. Let's not forget that.


It's an executive order to create a safe space so conservatives don't have to see things they don't like on the internet. Do I have that right?


Hong Kong protests: Video shows paramilitary forces assembling in Shenzhen (8/12/2019) ~ World News

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Why do you say paramilitary? Looks like military military.


WOW and it's in Futian, which is one of the most expensive places to live with a ton of business. They're definitely doing it there to get the most attention. If they were serious, they'd be entering to the West where there's less traffic. You have to realize that GT is an arm of the government so they're showing this to scare people ​ There's usually military around Shenzhen in general. I used to live on the outskirts and there was a presence there. In fact my boss lived in a super wealthy gated community and someone down the street had a HUGE military vehicle parked there... the military is also super corrupt. My former landlord was former military, rich as fuck and a fucking asshole.


Fully supportive of the protesters. Somewhere in the 50s and 60s we all seemed to have forgotten that the government belongs to us. Civilians have over thrown regimes and governments throughout history & I hope we do it again here. The government doesn’t control us, we are supposed to control it. Edit: Thanks! First gold—remind me, does this still back the US dollar or??....


I have a really bad feeling about all this


Is there a mega thread on this? Do they have someone on the ground with updates?


Worshipper, 65, takes down heavily armed mosque gunman before he can kill anyone (8/11/2019) ~ World News

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Good guy with (reads article) *his fucking bare hands* stops shooter.


He ~~killed~~ **murdered** his adopted (ethnically Chinese) little sister before he left home..


#MOHAMED RAFIQ Put his name is the title and put his face on a shirt. Celebrate a hero! Edit: I'm thankful for the rewards. If you're spending money on me please give to victims of gun violence instead.


the article said that the shooter killed his step sister earlier in the day. Man, what a horrible piece of shit. I hope she didn't had to suffer for long. Rest in peace. Edit: fixed a typo


Nice to see Norway calls this shit for what it is, terrorism.


“Climate change contrarians” are getting 49 per cent more media coverage than scientists who support the consensus view that climate change is man-made, a new study has found. (8/14/2019) ~ Science

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Because science is boring to the masses. Especially science about rocks and weather patterns. The people with the **hottest** takes get air time because it interests more people which means more $$$


Just because there are people taking two sides of an issue does not mean that both sides need equal coverage. Especially in the case when one side is factually wrong. What happened to journalistic integrity?


Because "boring" explanation of what is happening ain't going to attract attention (and money) than presenting nutjobs, militant idiots and what not else


The issue with climate change and the media is that climate change is a slow process and the media likes flashy stories. Over the years I've seen a ton of articles about sea level rise and how coastal cities will "be underwater within 20 years" or how CA, rocky mountains and the mid west will be completely destroyed by fires etc. This was years ago. Then they push the dates back or mess around with the timeline. It's like the people who talk about how the world will end on x date, that date comes and passes, nothing happens, they say that their math was wrong or something and eventually nobody believes them. Instead of pushing fear mongering stories that eventually will just make people's eyes roll we really need to be talking about the pros of clean energy.


Unless I am missing something, the methodology doesn't seem to perfectly match the title. It's more like, a climate change contrarian is 49% more likely to be personally invited by the media to defend their views on climate change than is a proponent. Proponents are probably covered far more overall, but the 386 experts were not personally interviewed as often as the 386 contrarians. And why would they? There is 32x as much competition for that media coverage.


Sanders overtakes Biden in New Hampshire poll (8/13/2019) ~ Politics

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Sanders is only going up from here, tides are changin', winds are shiftin'.


Rooting for Sanders. He's making strong progress, one step at a time.


I looked at the 538 aggregate of polling of NH and there was a poll that covered the same time frame as this poll that had Biden up 4 points, while this poll has sanders up 6 points. That means it's probably a close race, but does not mean Sanders is the clear front runner in the state.


As a Sanders supporter, this looks like a really bad poll. 250 people, margin of error over 6%?


I wonder if Biden is slipping with poor people or white people?


FBI agents swarm Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island (8/12/2019) ~ News

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Serious question, how is the FBI raiding this Caribbean island off the US Virgin Islands only now? Shouldn’t the local authorities have raided it a long time ago then shared the info with the FBI?


Later: Jeffrey Epstein's Caribbean Island found dead after suicide.


I think the Epstein story broke my brain. I am open to literally any conspiracy theory now, up to and possibly including lizard people. Only being like halfway sarcastic here.


"...the island, known locally as Kid Rock..."


Now it’ll come out he did indeed have massive pedo parties, but turns out no one ever showed up to his parties and No one else could be arrested


Hong Kong protesters call for ‘Mulan’ boycott after star went public in support of police (8/16/2019) ~ World News

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Right now a group of execs at Disney are playing damage control. I can just picture them reading the first story about this and softly going "....fuck".


There is no war in Ba Sing Se


I get the impression that the people protesting in Hong Kong are fighting for something a bit more important than the approval of movie stars. At the same time, calling them out for their fealty to Beijing is the best move.


It'd be interesting to know how much pressure she had from either side on this.


Well, I wasn't going to see the film anyway but now I won't see the film for additional reasons.


Leaked emails show Washington state Rep. Matt Shea endorsed training children to fight in holy war (8/16/2019) ~ News

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>The event also would offer weapons training, Caughran told Shea. “Those who attend will learn combatives, the use of a knife in defense, close quarters shooting with rifle and pistol and how to work effectively in teams of 2, 3 and 4.” I don't recall Jesus being particularly well-known for his knife fighting and pistol work, but I guess I can't say for sure that he *didn't* go around stabbing people.


>A week before his re-election last year, state Rep. Matt Shea denied that a leaked manifesto he wrote was a road map for a holy war, one that would pit conservative Christian “patriots” against Muslim and Marxist “terrorists.” wtf >In July 2017, during the annual God and Country Celebration in in Marble, a conservative religious community in northern Stevens County, Shea posted a Facebook Live video that shows him interviewing three Team Rugged members in their early 20s. >“Tell everybody out there in Patriot Land, what is Team Rugged?” Shea asks in the video, holding a microphone. “What are you guys doing?” >One member, wearing a green shirt and a camouflage baseball cap, answers: “Team Rugged is basically a school of learning for young men to give them all the foundational learning and skills that they need to be effective in Christian warfare.” >Shea then muses about the group’s capabilities. “I love the fact that you guys looked like almost an acrobatic special-forces team out there,” he says. WTF


Endorsed Terrorist Training Camps you say?


And he didn't even need to be "tricked" by Sacha Baron Cohen


Listen to the podcast (2nd season) of "Bundyville" by Oregon Public Broadcasting. They go quite a bit in depth on this representative, how he manages to get reelected and that manifesto they reference in the article. It's really crazy how he has managed to stay elected for so long people in the north east corner of Washington really are crazy . Edit: the specific episode is ep 5 "The politician"


If Israel Wants to Ban Members of Congress, It Should Not Receive Billions in US Military Aid – Bernie Sanders (8/16/2019) ~ World News

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It's a logical conclusion, by a Jewish lawmaker at that.


Most countries should not receive billions in US Military Aid


Sanders hates Jews! ...wait EDIT: why the fuck do half of the responses to this *clearly thoughtful* comment of mine contain sincere efforts to debate me? And why is Ben Shapiro mentioned in the other half?


I don't see why I have to give my tax dollars to Israel anyway. That money can go to way better domestic and foriegn programs.


We shouldn't be sending them billions in military aid in the first place. Israel has no problem building weapon systems. Half the time they stole the designs from us anyway.


Now Earning 278 Times More Than Average Worker, New Study Shows CEO Pay Has Grown More Than 1,000% Since 1978: “Corporate greed is eviscerating the working class” – consumer advocacy watchdog Public Citizen (8/15/2019) ~ World News

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Serfs up!


Meet some rich people, it's never enough. Always room to add a summer house in another city or that 8th Ferrari. They live in another world and are not impacted by anything people in lower classes do or have to deal with. So why give a fuck about them.


The rich and the poor are separated more and more.


This is exactly how the ruins of the Roman empire converted into feudalism. The wealthy begin to take over society as the state weakens and assert their will over the masses because they can.


I am amazed this is not a huge political issue. It wouldn't even be that hard to sell it. "Remember the good old days back in the 1950s? CEOs made 20x what their workers made. Today they make 361x. Is that fair?" What gets me is that this is pure greed. Nobody needs $17M/year to live comfortably. I will go out on a limb and say anyone can live quite comfortably on $1M/year. But when Republicans once again lower taxes on the richest earners, their voters seem fine with it. I really don't get it. Do they not see how these tax shenanigans affect their daily lives?


Worshipper, 65, takes down mosque gunman before he can kill anyone (8/11/2019) ~ Uplifting News

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Norwegian here. Rafiq is a national hero, single handedly wrestling down a terrorist before anyone was killed in the mosque. Imagine the outcome had Rafiq not been present, stopping a live shooter armed to his teeth. In my eyes, Rafiq should be properly commended and nominated a medal by our King.


Yay! I’m so tired of all this shooting and massacring. Nice to see a good guy be able to step in and stop it this time.


Abdul Aziz. New Zealander checking in here. Abdul fought off the Christchurch mass murderer, and he did it with a) an electronic credit card machine, b) by trying to bludgeon him with one of the murderer's discarded weapons. _Really_ glad the name Abdul Aziz comes to mind faster than that of the murderer. Several people were killed at the second mosque where Abdul was, but it would have been much worse if not for him. Abdul Aziz is alive and well, and presumed living in Christchurch New Zealand.


White terrorist disarmed by Muslim is this a nwo? Fox News just shit it’s pants.


Imagine thinking you're part of some master race when a 65 year old dude can subdue you. Pathetic lmao


Hong Kong protesters use laser pointers to deter police, scramble facial recognition (8/11/2019) ~ News

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"But Hong Kong police have come out against the tactic, saying it could be potentially damaging to their officers' eyes and skin." Somehow I don't think they care.


Seeing everything going down on r/HongKong is intense. The protesters in HK are so brave, so willing to fight for their rights. I wish there was some way to help them but I don’t know what to do other than try to spread the news as much as possible.


They really arrested this person for buying laser pointers, saying he was in possession of "offensive weapons." Gotta make sure they don't get their "laser guns." Gtfo with this nonsense.


Hong Kong becoming a laser battleground would be interesting. Not how I thought Star Wars would happen but ok.


This is the protest that all other protests should learn their tactics from. I’ve never seen a protest be so organized and prepared. Edit: y’all are really misinterpreting this post in order to vent about conspiracy theories, about how “cool and rowdy” other protests around the world you’ve seen are, how Americans are too lazy/diversified to protest and something about blm. I was literally just saying that if you want to learn some “life pro tips” if you ever find yourself in this situation, this is the protest to look at because it has some of the most ingenious and well executed tactics I’ve ever seen, like how to handle tear gas canisters, how to form human information chains through sign language in large crowds, how to stay organized, how to conceal your identity well, most useful household objects etc. etc.


‘We’re NOT for sale’: Denmark shoots down Trump plan to buy Greenland (8/16/2019) ~ World News

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I'm stockpiling lego in anticipation of the obligatory tariffs.


Greenland, so hot right now


TIL Greenland isn't a country, but an autonomous territory of Denmark.


He's just angry at **Denmark** for arresting A$AP Rocky. /s


Wait... Since when did we want to buy Greenland?


Former CNN videographer dies from 9/11 linked cancer (8/15/2019) ~ News

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I work in the hazmat ER field for the government. We just got a email regarding 9/11 medical stuff. Shit is scary when it hits you.


Shout out to Saudi Arabia for funding the terrorists!


afaik Rudy Giuliani hasn't been to one of these '9/11 Disease' funerals. Rudy could have called for respirators for the people working at Ground Zero, but he was afraid of hurting lower Manhattan real estate prices.


I'll use this opportunity to remind any New Yorker that worked or lived in the 9/11 Exposure Zone aka Hot Zone, post 9/11 attack. You may file a claim under the WTC Victim Compensation Fund. I worked blocks away from the WTC, and filed a claim at the urging of friends only last year. Luckily, I don't have cancer, but was diagnosed with a respiratory disorder. I'm more concerned about the health of my kids, who grew up just beyond the hot zone.


Respirators aren’t perfect even when you wear the best ones you can buy. Used to work with some moron who used to mess with asbestos, when I caught him I called my boss immediately and got him in some serious shit. Fuck that guy. I’m trying to take down a light fixture and I turn around this guys 1ft away from an asbestos wrapped air vent smacking it with a hammer and kicking asbestos dust everywhere. Imagine being that stupid.


El Paso man with no remaining family invites community to shooting victim wife’s funeral (8/13/2019) ~ News

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>Basco said that he and Reckard were together for 22 years, and her kindness and selflessness were incomparable. >"I mean you didn't even have to be there to talk to her. You could just look at how she was, how she acted, how she presented herself. She was an awesome lady," he recently told The Associated Press. "You see Margie, more or less, was the brains of the family." >Basco said he and Reckard knew there was something between them as soon as they met, and their life together was like something out of a fairy tale. Reckard was the strong one, he said, and she's "going to be missed a lot." >"We were gonna live together and die together," he said. "That was our plan." This is heart wrenching. More than two decades together and it's all just stolen in an instant by some monster who isn't even as old as your relationship. There's no justice for this.


Fucking heartbreaking, a lifetime together robbed by hate. **NO ONE DESERVES THIS**


Hi, El Pasoan here. Gonna make every effort to go. Theres a reason this particular shooting resounded across the nation unlike many. We are a community co existing with our neighbors from the south and Mexican values of family and community are pronounced. Ft. Bliss is also stationed here. We get troops from all over the nation (and world) with all sorts of backgrounds. It would not be a lie to say that if he had chosen a different Walmart he may have ended up shooting soldiers. El Paso is a prime example of what America can and should be. A cooperation of people. We were the perfect target and quite honestly, while I was shocked and crushed to hear this news (I'm still having a difficult time processing this), i was in no way surprised to hear his motives, nay, it was to be expected. He God dun fucked up by targetting. El Paso cannot and will not stay in fear. We are a United.


This fucking hurts to read. No family and the love of your life for 22 years is all you really have left. And then she’s gone. My heart goes out to him and all shooting victims and victims families.


Texans make fun of El Paso all the time with it being in the middle of nowhere, in its own time zone, as close to Los Angeles as to Houston, and really a world apart. But no Texan will deny this: the people of that city are the kindest, funniest, hardest working, and most humble that you'll ever meet. If that chapel isn't filled 4 times over, I will eat whatever article of my own clothing you care to ask me to.


Criticizing Israel shouldn’t be confused with anti-Semitism, Sanders tells Jewish supporter: “Israel has every right to live in peace and security, but so do the Palestinian people” Democratic presidential hopeful tells town hall meeting (8/14/2019) ~ Politics

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Wow, someone being rational.


As a Jew, I'm glad that we have a Jewish candidate who can speak to this with at least *some* authority. We know that Sanders isn't anti-semitic, so we should be able to listen to him on this. Caring about human rights of Palestinians isn't anti-semitism.


People who call all of Israel's critics 'anti-Semitic are not confused, they are just lying.


A common sense approach. So completely opposed by republicans pretending they like jewish people.


EVERYONE has the right to live in peace and security. To believe that Palestines don't have this right, is ridiculous


Targeted in Walmart attack, Hispanics in El Paso flock to firearms classes (8/13/2019) ~ News

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That’s an understandable reaction.


Didn't they hear? ESPN decided not the air that Apex Legends tournament and Walmart took down violent video game displays. Problem solved, nothing to worry about anymore. ^^/s


Following the Second Amendment footsteps of the legendary Roof Koreans. Good for them, and good for us.


Until recently, i lived in Aurora, CO. After the theater shooting, conceal carry courses were very popular amongst the neighbors. I attended a course with my friend and also my mechanic. We took a course at a shooting range just a couple blocks from the theater.


Wow. Reddit went pro-gun overnight.


“Many hand dryers operate at levels far louder than their manufacturers claim and at levels that are clearly dangerous to children’s hearing” when measured at their height, according to the work of 13-year old Nora L. Keegan. (8/13/2019) ~ Science

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I don't know which are worse, the Xelerator dryers that blast your eardrums, or the Dyson Airblade ones where you have to put your hands between two parallel surfaces. It's very difficult not to touch either side. It's like a game of Operation, but with more bacteria.


I think they are too loud too and I’m 50. I can hear my ears being damaged and for what? So somebody can dry their hands. I just wipe my hands on my jeans and try to get the heck out of there.


Pretty much everything about air hand dryers have been a lie from the manufacturers. Aside from the germ problem, they’re very loud and ineffective when a couple decent paper towels do the trick just fine. It’s no surprise that it can be harmful to people at ear level to the thing


My son is terrified of public toilets and hand dryers in particular. Now I know why and I'm realising that I just didn't look at it from his perspective. I'm going to have to pay much more attention to height of devices. Well done on the research Ms Keegan.


I don't even get why they're so loud since they do nothing to get your hands dry.


Pelosi refers to McConnell as ‘Moscow Mitch’ (8/14/2019) ~ Politics

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How long until the first disengenous pearl clutching editorial criticizing her for lack of decorum. It will likely include some double standard applied to her and not to Trump, as so many right wing Trump apologists do.


Moscow Mitch and Putin's Poodle. Do your job KY and vote your two Senators out.


Finally - a Democrat who understands the importance of branding


Sigh.... It's the right move, but I really hate that 2019 has gotten us to the point where idiots like Trump have been so successful with their name calling that it's now required politcally Edit: Please don't be the 30th person to type a paragraph at me, I will not read it


Pelosi calls a shovel a shovel. ^(Edited to avoid using a sensitive term. See below.)


Mexican government proposes to tax junk food, soda, alcohol and tobacco and seeks to pour funds right back into its healthcare system (8/15/2019) ~ World News

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Disproportionately tax the individuals who disproportionately use the service while creating economic incentive to change the habits that case the problem? Can't argue with that.


So basically he's taxing all 4 levels of the Mexican food pyramid?


I get it. Tax things that contribute most to poor health so the people consuming those things frequently are funding their own increased health care. If fewer people start consuming those products the result should be a decrease in healthcare required and lower costs for healthcare.


Like the extra funds would ever end up back in the health care system.


Couple things. (1) Sin taxes like this have a negligible effect on reducing usage. (2) these taxes usually affect the poorest of the communities (3) if it’s anything like the tobacco lawsuit settlement, the government will take the money and spend on healthcare and tangentially related “healthcare education” projects. Then they’ll cut funding from other sources and look shocked as hell when the eventual cuts to healthcare need to happen.


Two women sue Jeffrey Epstein’s estate for $100 million over alleged sex abuse (8/16/2019) ~ News

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Guess we are about to find out in a month that Epstein was somehow also broke.


>On Wednesday, Jennifer Araoz, 32, sued Epstein’s estate in a New York state court in Manhattan, saying Epstein sexually abused her when she was 14. It is unfortunate that Epstein's many victims can no longer see him brought to justice. Whatever his cause of death, it was the easy way out for him. Lawsuits against his estate are their best hope for some modicum of justice.


Protect ya necks, ladies..


How does one put a price of $100M for this? I mean, seriously. I'm not trying to downplay the emotional impacts/life changes to this sort of thing, but who comes up with these settlement amounts? Sometimes it makes me wonder whose pockets get lined more. The attorneys or their clients?


All his victims are entitled to every penny that fucker owned in a just world. Unfortunately, it's becoming stupidly obvious that justice will not be found. Regardless, I still support them.


China media says Hong Kong protesters are ‘asking for self-destruction’ as military assembles nearby (8/13/2019) ~ World News

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And by "self-destruction" China means "we will shoot you".


I'm beginning to understand why all those people moved to Canada when Hong Kong was returned to China by the British in 1997...


I think this is about the right time to share a post written by someone I know. "This isn’t about Hong Kong vs China anymore, honestly it has never been. What the world is seeing right now is the pent up frustration and desperation of millions of individuals. Individuals who were grew up with ideologies and culture such as freedom of speech, the check and balance of power, the promise to choose who governs our once great city, and most of all the ability to even have a say in the future of our city. Imagine a nation so upset with their appointed leader that one in seven of it’s population decided to take to the streets to peacefully protest against her actions and decisions. Let me assure you that ordinary Hong Kongers are some of the most politically apathetic people in the world. And despite her galvanizing opposition towards an unpopular bill on an unprecedented scale, she waltzes home free to use her toilet paper that she hadn’t been to procure herself. Imagine being so frustrated with your appointed leader and not being able to hold her accountable. Imagine having civil liberties that were once written in legal and internationally binding terms being taken away under the pretense of nationalism and ‘foreign interference’. Imagine having a parliament or congress fashioned in a manner that curbs the decision-making power of its OWN PEOPLE. You can forget about impeachment or votes of no confidence. This is the crux of the problem of Hong Kong. In its most distilled form, this is the manifestation of the frustration of millions of Hong Kongers having promises that we hold close to our hearts being withdrawn. Withdrawn as if it were of no significance or bearing. Promises that our civil rights and liberties would not be eroded ... for at least another 18 years. It is times like these that I wish I was better versed in Chinese, that I could have written or expressed my two cents in Cantonese."


China is really just waiting for any tiny excuse to move military troops in and seize the city. I'm sure they'll do whatever they want to put these protests down.


We're probably going to witness a massacre in real time.


The United States government has begun releasing records pertaining to the brutal killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi after a judge ruled they were of “considerable public importance” (8/16/2019) ~ World News

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The President repeatedly supported the man who ordered the murder and still does to this day as well as selling them billions of dollars of weapons they use to blow up school buses full of children. Downvotes don't change reality guys.


How about the Saudi involvement in 9/11? That seems like "considerable public importance" seeing as they help kick off 2 wars in other parts of the middle east.


I find it very odd that the CIA would redact sections of emails between reporters. It’s non-government communications.


Im always amazed that the trump fan base who generally hates Muslims, support him when he sells weapons to a country that is ruled by sharia.


Too bad it’s not Whatsapp releasing records. That would be bad for certain people. I’m not going to mention any names, for Jared Kushners sake.


Man armed with AR-15 rifle killed in shootout with police near Kansas City outlet mall (8/13/2019) ~ News

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So he kills his wife, then tells a hotel manager he's done so, drives to a mall, waits for police to show up and then shoots at them. Sounds like a murder and then suicide by cop. He should have just offed himself first instead Edit: apparently he didn't even go to a mall, but a more remote area to die by cop




It was *near* the Legends mall in case anyone else doesn’t want to read the article. Shooting happened near a hotel and Legends was on notice.


I thought this shit would end when we got rid of Club Penguin.


Looks like suicide by cop. Why wouldn't he just commit suicide? He had the rifle.


It only takes about 3 hours to get from the east to west coast of New Zealand, but I still love to stop half way for the night and photograph the stars in Arthur’s Pass (8/11/2019) ~ Space

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I didn’t realise New Zealand is part of another planet! I can never see a sky like this from where I’m from


Beautiful photograph makes me miss home. Thank you for your useful links Astro photography is one of those pastimes I always mean to get into but then my kids and life get in the way. I’ll just admire your work instead. Sorry about the rugby result as well.


I can’t even imagine seeing stars like this being from the city I am


The Milky Way is just about the most awe-inspiring thing you can see and photograph. I'm just lacking the equipment to take them myself, but I love seeing pictures like this!


the sky where i live is just black with a couple of stars :/


Boris Johnson edits speech video to remove his first broken promise (8/16/2019) ~ World News

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By the end of the year, the video will just be Boris walking up on stage, saying Hello and then walking off again


Good thing for him once widely circulated footage has been deleted that means it's gone from the internet for good.


That's what they mean by a new way to do politics. Can't fulfill the promises? Erase the promises. Easier than to justify a lie.


Straight out of 1984


At this point, anyone who believes anything that spiv says is wilfully ignorant.


Keep calling him #MoscowMitch: McConnell is finally running scared (8/11/2019) ~ Politics

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For nearly 30 years, people have had a chance to get used to hearing the word "Russia" and thinking of it as a friendlier place now that it's "capitalist" and no longer communist. By contrast, "Moscow" is straight out of the cold war/Soviet era, and boomers viscerally feel that word. There's nothing historically friendly in the feels about Moscow. It's working.


Why do people get into this weird shit instead of actually organizing? He accomplished literally everything his billionaire paymasters sent him to do and he will never face any sort of accountability. He doesn't fucking care about a nickname on twitter.


It's a shame he's not running scared at his pathetic approval ratings. It shows how little voters matter and why they are flat-out ignored in these single party states.


I don’t think McConnell is “scared.” I think he’s mildly irritated.


Correct me if I am wrong on this. Right before the trump tower meeting trump announced that he would soon have a big announcement about Mrs. Clinton that would be incredibly damaging. Like it was supposed to be announced the Monday following the meeting. Then, he never followed up on his planned speech. It seems to me that someone should put together a clip of him saying that with a time line of the tower meeting and add in his “Russia if your listening” pitch. I don’t see how there is any way around the fact that he knew and encouraged Russia helping his cause. He probably did not think that he could be faulted for anything he does. It is never his fault. Mitch knows Russia helped trump and is choosing to let it happen again.


Navy quietly shut down climate change task force (8/12/2019) ~ News

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Global warming means ice sheets melting. Ice sheets melting means sea level rise. Sea level rise means more ocean. More ocean means more Naval funding. It's an absolute win!


Hey a rising ocean lifts all boats?


This is like disconnecting the smoke detectors that are melting off the wall because it's disrupting your movie.


Wow. I wonder what Army Corps is doing. I sat in at a presentation where they considered climate change and water scarcity the number one threat facing the country. It was a detailed, very specific talk about these threats. I’d be curious to talk to that Captain again and see what he says now.


From the article: >In an email, the Navy spokesperson said the TFCC was ended because its processes are "now duplicative as functions have been transitioned to existing business processes; therefore, the original components of the task force are no longer needed." In essence nothing has changed. Just shifting of duties within their organization.


Scientists warn that sugar-rich Western diet is contributing to antibiotic-resistant stains of C.diff. (8/12/2019) ~ Science

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HFCS and sugar additives are the problem along with some substitutes as they have been found to cause you to crave more sweets. We are teaching children better in school now but the big thing is getting more parents to eat better also.


Excuse me - I would correct western diet with US diet. In Europe, specially southern, consumption of sugar is not nearly as high as in US. I am living in the US, born and raised in Italy, and I find ridiculous that almost every single loaf bread is made with sugar. Edit: There is a very big difference between fructose, glucose, dextrose and high-fructose corn syrup. Yes they are all “sugar” but they don’t have same effect on metabolism.


Sugar-rich diets refer to simple carbohydrates as well guys. Refined carbohydrates as well. It isn't just talking about sugar additives, it's talking about simple carbs and refined carbohydrates in general.


C.difficile read in French "c'est difficile"---it's hard.


Seems like some type of sugar tax is in order.


United Nations to hold crucial meet on Hong Kong protests. the UN has shown concerns over human rights violations, especially the use of unethical measures as pepper spray on protesters. (8/15/2019) ~ World News

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Ok just a rudimentary explanation of what UN is since obviously people need it. It’s mainly set up as a place countries talk about stuff instead of going to war, and collaborate on issues they all can agree on. The only body that is capable of major decisions is the UNSC,but since one of the primary purpose of the UN is so that the major powers in the world don’t got to war with each other. the UNSC has 5 permanent members with veto power.


>especially the use of unethical measures as pepper spray on protesters If they continue doing nothing but meetings, pepper spray will be the least of the problems.


The US uses pepper spray on non violent protesters.


They are going to point a finger at them and say "bad china, bad".


“China, you’re so fucked, the UN is going to put an end to this immediately” said no one ever...


Half of neanderthals had surfer’s ear in a new study of 23 skulls found in Europe and southwest Asia. The condition is caused by regular exposure to cold water, and scientists say it’s evidence that our ancient human cousins spent a lot of time in aquatic environments, perhaps gathering food. (8/15/2019) ~ Science

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>But there are other explanations as well, including that Neanderthals may simply have been more predisposed to exostoses than humans. Their genetic makeup may have cursed them with higher rates of bony ear bumps, even if they didn’t go into the water more than humans. Like the article says, until they do not find examples of Neanderthals diet comprising certain lots of fishes, it is not entirely conclusive. It's still cool to know that such a tiny detail might change our views of these prehistorical population.


So from 23 skulls they determine half of all Neanderthals had it?


Read this as “Half of netherlands has surfer’s ear..” As a Dutchman who doesn’t know what surfers ear is, it left me well confused for a good minute.


Exposure to cold wind and rain can cause it, maybe they were just out in the elements too much since yanno neanderthals


I wonder if this will contribute to the the aquatic ape hypothesis? Edit. I got curious about the Waterside ape hypothesis. Here here's some evidence supporting it: Human diving physiology and performance compared with semi-aquatic mammals (Schagatay 2014; Schagatay, Fahlman, 2014 – in Human Evolution). Auditory exostoses suggesting frequent swimming in both modern humans and fossil skulls going back to 500 thousand years ago in Homo erectus, and in more recent Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis (Rhys-Evans and Cameron, 2014 – in Human Evolution) Oxygen isotope data showing that early hominids at 2 - 3 million years ago were habitually in shallow water and depending on wetland sedges and papyrus (Magill et al., 2016 in PNAS) Predation and preparation of very large catfish in Turkana basin at 2 million years ago (Braun and Archer, 2014 in Journal of Human Evolution) and very large carp at the Acheulian site of Gesher Benot Ya'aqov (Alperson-Afil et al., 2009, in Science). Pachyosteosclerosis, i.e. dense and brittle bones in Homo erectus suggesting a shallow-diving habit (Verhaegen, Munro, 2011 in Journal of Comparative Human Biology) Shallow diving for Euryales ferox nuts at GBY around 800 thousand years ago (Goren-Inbar et al., 2014 in InternetArch) Wading and exploitation of large mussels both for food and tools at Trinil, in Java around 500 thousand years ago. (Joordens, Munro et al., 2015, in Nature) Dependence on mussels and sea-snails at Pinnacle Point at 164 thousand years ago (Marean et al., 2007, in Nature) Evolution of the hominid brain requiring iodine, iron, selenium, zinc and other nutrients in addition to DHA (Broadhurst et al., 2002, in Br J Nutrition) Vernix caseosa: a falsifiable hypothesis was set up, tested and proven valid that vernix is likely to be an adaptation to entering water soon after being born. (Brenna et al., 2018, in Nature)


Asap Rocky convicted of assault by Swedish criminal court (8/14/2019) ~ World News

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Hasn’t he already left Sweden?


This probably would have been the outcome regardless of all the drama with trump


Can he get work visas for his concerts abroad now? I mean, do schengen visas, canadian visas, australian, singapore whatever ask if somebody is on probation or have been convicted of something? usually long term work visas ask for criminal records.


If you would of told me in 2015 that President Donald Trump would be advocating the release of Asap Rocky from a Swedish prison.... I would of told you to stop smoking crack. This whole thing seems like a SNL skit. Edit: I am leaving my error because that's what Trump would of wanted.


I praise the lord, I break the law, I take what's mine, I take what's yours, I drink some Lingonberry juice, I get convicted.....wait


A new study shows that if every building in California sported “cool” roofs by 2050, these roofs would help contribute to protecting urbanites from the consequences of dangerous heatwaves. Coating roofs white or installing sunlight-reflecting tiles in urban clusters could be one solution. (8/15/2019) ~ Science

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What happened to green roofs?


I've of thought about this, but since forgotten. Big thing about the polar melt is the light reflected into space is less, and with all the black tarmack and black tiled roofed, we are gaining more and more. #whiteRoofs


I just replaced my dark shingle roof with a white aluminum roof in Florida. It cost the same as any other color and keeps the house cooler, lowers the electric bill, keeps the solar panels cooler, and keeps the planet cooler. Win, win, win, win.


Solar panels too, I presume. Might as well make use of the energy hitting the roofs instead of reflecting it all back into space. Certainly painting white is a lot cheaper than installing solar panels.


Forget this, plant some damn trees and the temp will drop. Look at a heatmap of a city and you can see that streets with trees are significantly cooler.


CBP Chief Forced To Explain Why ICE Raids Haven’t Targeted Trump’s Companies (8/11/2019) ~ Politics

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> Morgan said he’s “never known anybody in law enforcement to turn a blind eye to someone that’s committing a crime.” Fucking yowza, that's a big call dude.


"How dare you call me out, you should be ashamed and I am offended by your assertions" -classic conservative response to being called out on their fucking bullshit


He wants to keep his job. That's reason number 1. The rest of the reasons pale.


The photo at the top of the page: Did this dude really show up to a Congressional hearing in full jackboot? I don't know if it's normal to wear somethng like that to a hearing. The CBP isn't military and he's an administrator, not someone actively working daily in that thuggish uniform. What gives? Edit: so, it's probably a "dress uniform." It doesn't look like a dress uniform to me.


>“So those investigations should be done without notifying everyone, because, of course, it is going to jeopardize the investigation if I come on here and I talk to you about an investigation that is going on.” Weird how that's the attitude on this issue, but when it came to the Mueller investigation, it was two years of, "Show us what you have or end this thing!" from all these *the law is the law* types.


100,000 sign petition to rename 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower after Barack Obama (8/14/2019) ~ Politics

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Obama probably thinking "why would I want my name anywhere near that dump?"


It won't change the address of the building. He will definitely not change his address letterhead. The post office will still deliver. But let it be a reminder, that Obama was, is and always will be a better MAN than trump.


Perhaps we could build a new Barack H. Obama (presidential term) memorial (phrasing?)park across the street and have a 665 foot (1 higher than trump tower) statue of Obama staring at the trump tower built?


‘A spokesperson for Mayor de Blasio has this reaction: "We're always happy to see New Yorkers finding creative outlets for resistance. Ultimately, we'll let the council determine how this should proceed."’ Did Diblasio just low key Reddit nod “the council will decide your fate”?


It’ll be fitting since Trump towers over Obama anyway


New Zealand gun buyback: 10,000 firearms returned after Christchurch attack (8/12/2019) ~ News

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How are they going to buy back all the violent video games though? Edit: didn't realise I needed to add /s


I expect to read some open minded and thoughtful comments.


In Missouri the law on gun buybacks by local governments requires that all guns collected be sold to licensed firearm dealers. So there is no actual reduction in the number of guns.


I just sold mine to a guy on the street. He was offering more money.


No problem at all. I remember the last time Australia government did a buyback, many citizens take the opportunity to sell some of the worst rusted crap that can barely characterised as gun-shaped metal waste to the government. (probably fished out of a boating accident) It's a good win-win program. Government get their statistics to boast they did something, citizens get money for their waste metal. As long as it's voluntary, highly-approved.


Facebook has been collecting audio from some voice chats on Messenger and paying contractors to listen to and transcribe them (8/13/2019) ~ World News

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Around a year ago, I did some freelance work online and had to transcribe statements directed at Alexa, from hundreds of people. They were all your average common Brit. I'm pretty certain they had no clue, but I think it was just to improve the voice recognition software.


Good thing I have no friends to talk to.


Wow it's almost like we live in a surveillance state. Imagine that.


Facebook owns WhatsApp. I send WhatsApp voice notes. Am I being transcribed? Best case, they get boring conversation; worst case, there’s a full badly-written erotic encounter out there.


I can’t wait to see the “I “fan22” do not give Facebook or Messenger permission to access my private voice conversations......” “Copy and paste the above on your wall to stop FB and Mark Zuckerberg from accessing your private information that you voluntarily entered into this free website...” .....Messages all over social media.


Trump’s future New York address: 725 President Barack H. Obama Ave.? Almost 300,000 people are pushing for it (8/15/2019) ~ Politics

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Trump's future New York address should be a federal penitentiary and this building should house immigrants


Posted this elsewhere: Glasgow (Scotland) did something similar in the 80's. The South African consulate was based in Glasgow, so we changed the name of the street they were on from St George’s Place to Nelson Mandela Place so that they would have to put it on their address. When Mandela was released, he visited Glasgow and was given the freedom of the city.


It should spell out his middle name, for that extra slap in the face.


This is the kind of petty shit history nerds laugh at 2000 years later. I'm all for it.


I guess nobody read the article from yesterday, but this can't happen until Obama has been dead for two years. NY changed the rules so streets couldn't be renamed left and right.


Bernie Sanders can beat Trump (8/14/2019) ~ Politics

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**Bernie has my vote.** So does Warren. In fact, anyone has my vote besides Trump. But Bernie and Liz are the best.


Trump is a bully. His supporters are bullies. They are cowards who respect only strength and looking like you're winning the argument. The democratic candidate needs to be someone who instead of getting flustered when Trump breaks the rules and bullies them is able to double down and really push him into a corner. The only Dem who I can honestly believe capable of that is Bernie.


Why is it that progessive dems are always expected to "get on board" and "temper expectations" when talking about a moderate candidate but when the shoe is on the other foot moderates wont budge an inch? How about all the moderates give bernie a chance this time? We went with their choice last time, look how that worked out?


If we had competent election security.


A lot of people who voted for Trump were considering Bernie because they wanted a change. Now they've seen with Trump it's pick up the soap time for average folks.


Jeffrey Epstein Camp Sent Pathologist Michael Baden to Watch Over His Autopsy (8/12/2019) ~ News

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The most glaring thing to me is that this is the first suicide in MCC in 21 years.


The Press should do their job in this story. Get the names of the warden, the supervisor at the time, the guards who were responsible and ask them questions. If they refuse, report their names in big letters so that everyone can see and apply pressure. Repeat the cycle.


>Jeffrey Epstein Camp Would not send my kids to that camp


Here's who I don't trust: Anyone employed by, volunteering for, related to, associated with, who ever met, Jeffrey Epstein. If ever we needed an independent observer, it's now.


I hate that the news on Epstein is already dead.


Permit denied for ‘Straight Pride Parade’ in Modesto (8/14/2019) ~ News

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They had weeks to get their event insured, they didn’t. I’m not quite sure why they were expecting to just show up and host an event without factoring any of the logistical planning any of the other organizations have to put in place when planning these parades...


Its because they had no getting denied was part of the plan.


It's not a Straight Pride Parade. It's an Anti-LGBTQ parade, based on their own words.


Sounds like something Mac from It's Always Sunny would throw but in the end it would end up being very gay.


A straight pride parade? Can you actually imagine it? I picture a bunch of dudes who all look like mac from 'its always sunny', standing as far apart as possible (no homo) and doing 'sweet karate moves' to some springsteen or something. Probably the most boring parade ever. They'd all try to look tough and macho so they would all just walk with their chests puffed out and glare at the crowd.


Ohio State Has Filed A Trademark Application For The Word “The” (8/14/2019) ~ Not The Onion

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At this rate the onion is gonna file for bankruptcy.


Am now calling them An Ohio State University


I've worked with people who insist on calling it THE Ohio State (some jokingly, some seriously) but I had no idea it was actually this big of a deal. Yeesh.


The ™ Ohio ® State ©


To bad they cant trademark a good defense.


French officials call for investigation of Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘links with France’ (8/13/2019) ~ World News

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I'd like more countries to do this. He was a 'well-connected' man.


Man, its ganna be super sad when france kills itself on suicide watch.


Take them all down wherever they are.


English MP's call for an investigation of Jeffrey Epstein's 'links with Prince Andrew' /s


They can track drug dealers in America who only sell $10 bags of weed and probably make $60 a day, They have all his texts and contacts and everything that is on his phone and computer, But they don't have much on this epstein guy? Lol


American taxpayers paid over $90 billion more under Trump tax law (8/13/2019) ~ Politics

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Worst tax return of my adult working life. Thanks Trump voters.


>"And after refunds, **the IRS collected about $93 billion more from individual American taxpayers than it did in 2017.** Interestingly, that number stands close to the tax break amount that corporations received from the TCJA in 2018. **Last year, big businesses paid** **$91 billion less** **in taxes than they had in 2017, prior to the new law’s passage.** " The numbers are so strikingly similar... It's like magic...


There’s lots of interesting information in this article and it’s a good question to ask how taxes increased by more than wage growth and filer growth after a tax cut. Growth of filers was 1.5% which is a much more accurate view of actual labor growth vs pure job creation. Wage growth has finally moved to catch inflation but still remains below even 3%. And the better indicator here is that incomes on average have actually increased by only 1.6% on a household basis. The taxable base grew by less than the almost 5% increase to tax revenue. The way the 2018 code was written eliminated deductions that middle class people in cities relied on to not be over taxed. The 2018 code shifted the tax burden away from the wealthiest people and on to the middle class in the most populated parts of the country, and the upper middle class in rural areas. Basically 10-15% more people are paying more so that companies could continue shifting money into buybacks so they can liquidate their own shares before their company is ever taxed, avoiding double taxation. Meanwhile government spending has grown astronomically, we are projected to be reaching a 1 trillion deficit number this fiscal year, ending in October. But none of the spending has been effective for actually creating growth. This is the big trick being pulled off right now by huge companies and their shareholders. Their share returns have no correlation to accounting growth, only free cash flow growth. They can grow their liabilities with their assets, compound their share growth with free cash flow by purchasing shares, and shareholders who are billionaires earn most of their money at the capital gains rate of only 23% and it’s never double taxed. Eventually the companies will implode on their own enormous balance sheet and be over taken, but not before all the founders have gotten out with their money. Then the next cycle of unfair cost cutting to eliminate competition can begin again. Trump wants to blame the workers at these warehouse companies and other exploitative giants and says they are paid too much, but they are already working full time at massive companies creating huge amounts of wealth, and they can’t afford what they need to survive. Trump says these people’s wages are too high and that’s the problem. But the truth is your tax dollars already go to supporting them and their families with basics that their wealthy owners should be providing, like food and education access and affordable insurance. We all benefit from that happening, no one as much as the owners of a Fortune 500 company, but those guys are sticking you with the bill. The middle class can’t affordit, already having lost so much of their own value creation to share growth and ceo pay, and they are disappearing because of that. Trump wants to take away services that allow workers at these companies to keep living decent lives because he and most other politicians only care about profits. Find candidates who made it because of grassroots support and massive volunteer campaigns instead of the people who take special interest money. End citizens united and get money out of politics.


And yet Trump voters will just say, “no, you’re wrong” just like they did when everyone was trying to convince them that his tax cuts were only for the rich and they insisted it helped them out despite the fucking numbers. You can’t reason with these people. They constantly lie to everyone, each other, and themselves.


I'm middle class in NY, my taxes went UP! Meanwhile Trump lowered his own taxes and that of heirs of big estates. Also, how 'bout that exploding debt? I don't hear the conservative propaganda ministers on TV and radio mentioning it anymore.


Chaos as Hong Kong riot police enter airport, arrest anti-gov’t protesters (8/13/2019) ~ World News

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These people are willing to sacrifice everything to keep their home a good place. Good luck to them.


People on Reddit need to understand that bots and paid actors are here for the sole purpose of upvoting and making cynical comments to sway public opinion overseas. You forget the same methods used on the internet that got Trump elected are being used here. Hell, just refresh reddit posts about HK and watch productive comments at the top get knocked down 5 points. For anyone genuinely asking "but I'm 5000 miles away. What can I do?" The base minimum you can do is find the "bUt wHaT abOut rUSsia AnD uKRaiNE" comments and give them a downvote. People divorced from events like this just echo what they read elsewhere. Read up on the 50 Cent Army and go from there. Spread the message that cynical comments are here to remove power from people who CAN actually do something. There is LITERALLY power in positivity. This isn't some "kumbaya" shit I'm talking about. This is psychology. Watch the cynical army brigade roll in to tell me otherwise. The "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019" was recently introduced. Call/email/write a letter to your house representative to state you support this act. It takes 5 minutes to call. (Said this on a separate thread but pasting it here for a second go.) EDIT: I've got a friend in HK who is living through this right now so I sure as shit have more trust in the validity of sources that empathize with the protestors. Not fixing to play devil's advocate with this subject anytime soon.


Godspeed to anyone who wants freedom. I hope things can be resolved peacefully but it seems, like so much in this world, that this will not end without a lot of unneeded bloodshed. Every person on this planet should have the right to stand up for what they think is right.


The Chinese government once again displays their oppressive, imperialistic nature by suppressing them. Tibet, Hong Kong or any of the islands in the south China sea , they're all the same.


If the protestors can figure out how to root out provokateurs without beating the hell out of them it would probably be best for everybody.


More than half of world’s forest wildlife lost in 40 years (8/14/2019) ~ World News

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Insect life collapsing. Ocean life collapsing. Forest life collapsing.


It's almost if we're in the middle of a mass extinction event.


Insect populations are worse off than 50% in many places, and that's one of the biggest underlying issues. Insects are often overlooked, but they are a significant portion of an ecosystems biomass, providing many functions. The simple one is that they are often edible.Less food, less animals. People worry about climate change because it will shake our civilization to it's core. The planet, man and the idea of life will survive that. My concern is pollution. Pesticide overuse in particular. Dosing our planet in poison constantly to control pest populations works wonders over time. Until the target pests adapt and then the poison just kills everything else.


It’ll grow back. We just need to die off a bit


And the right want to destroy even more so few billionaires can have a few more billion


Stone tools are evidence of modern humans in Mongolia 45,000 years ago, 10,000 years earlier than previously thought (8/16/2019) ~ Science

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Seems like we keep discovering and earlier and earlier starting point.


43,000 BCE... can you imagine?


The further we go back in history the less humans there are and consequently less evidence there is to find isn't it. So it makes sense that we were here much earlier than we currently think and it's only matter of time before we find more evidence to further push back the timeline.


Is it too outrageous to think that there was someone alive back then, that (if they died) would make it impossible for the family that I currently have to have even existed?


That just means we're stupider than we thought


The first ever early clinical trial for a vaccine for genital chlamydia has shown it to be safe and effective at provoking an immune response (8/13/2019) ~ Science

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I'm just happy this is an actual human trial instead of the dozens of sensationalized headlines about animal or lab trials that are posted here usually.


There is non-genital chlamydia?


This is great but it’s gonorrhea that’s going to become fully resistant to antibiotics and kill us all. Love to see a vaccine for that.


Isn't chlamydia treatable? Genital herpes, on the other hand, has no cure?


What is their definition of safe?


CVS Is Reportedly a Major Donor to Trump’s 2020 Campaign (8/16/2019) ~ Politics

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Well well well ... another reason to use my local pharmacy.


Medicare for all must bother them


I will no longer shop there. Thanks for the heads up.


People need to wake up and realize all these major corporations are against every regular working citizen whether they are donating to Trump, or some Democrat, I guarantee you 100% that what they want with that influence money is to FUCK US OVER EVERY WAY THEY CAN. get big donor money out of politics.


Enough. I've been putting off transferring my prescriptions (big family, so many) but I'm gonna bite the bullet and deal with it tomorrow.


Pathological gaming may be a symptom of bigger problems, rather than a unique mental disease, suggests new Korean study. Those who felt they had overprotective parents and less parent communication had higher academic stress, which predicted lack of self-control and an increase daily gaming hours. (8/11/2019) ~ Science

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So in layman's terms, if your parents are basically over controlling, you end up with poor self control as an adult?


I was raised Mormon and there’s a huge culture around “porn addiction” Anytime you try to explain to people that it’s not as simple as an “addiction to porn” they just jump to “oh so your saying porn is completely healthy and can’t have any negative effects on people’s lives?!?!?!” Behavioral addictions are so complicated. They’re wrapped up in things like our environments, mental illness, and the guilt or shame we feel in these behaviors and it becomes a negative feedback loop. I wish people would view things like this with the nuance it deserves


I imagine it emerges from a form of escapism as well as self fufillment. Gaming allows you to enter into a different, isolate head space where you can problem solve independently from the real world. This is attractive to people with over protective parents because it allows them to escape from pressure (see: academic stress) and also gain ownership of their success AND failures (see: parental behavior and communication). The lack of self control comes from a lack of desire to stop, because it is one of the more relatively meaningful parts of their lives. The games are fake, but atleast their is ownership of their success and failures within them, and they don’t have to acknowledge their real life problems to feel that way.


Does this metric also apply to the consumption of other medias? Like, does anyone ever get diagnosed as being addicted to book reading or tv watching anymore?


As an Asian American, I wish we had a chill East Asian country. Why can't we have a Holland, Finland or Germany of Asia? I'd immigrate to a Holland-of-Asia in a heartbeat. The way the testing system works is so crazy because as hard as anybody works, there are only so many plum jobs. Very talented people end up in middle management and they sacrificed their childhood for that. I wish Asian people had a more educational efficiency model rather than a "grinding" model.


Sunscreen is a significant source of metals in coastal waters, and the release rate is higher under UV light. “Marine environmental scientists and cosmetic companies must work together in order to create a sunscreen safe for the marine environment,” says the study’s lead author. (8/14/2019) ~ Science

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In Hawaii the sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate were banned. The natural alternative is zinc oxide, or of course wearing protective clothing.


As a member of the ginger community with a very consistent use of sunscreen, I really hope they can find a environmentally safe version of sunscreen, because I don' t like looking like a lobster every time I go outside. For context, last time I was outside, I got a sunburn in the shade....


After reading the research, this is a scare. From the paper's abstract: "oxybenzone has been implicated specifically as a possible contributor to coral reef bleaching." However in the paper re: measure levels in the ocean: "Clearly, these values are in the low to zero toxicity ranges for coral bleaching." ​ The oceans just dilutes it too much to cause coral bleaching. Like 1000x times more than what's caused bleaching in a lab.


Mineral sunscreen is longer-lasting and better for the skin anyway. I almost completely cured my adult acne by using only physical sunscreens (and I wear sunscreen every day, as a fair person, to avoid melanoma and photo-aging.)


While interesting, there seems to be a misleading implication. Though the study analyzed leaching of many metals, it pointed to a much more limited set as concerning i.e., Phosphorous and Lead (as opposed to aluminum, zinc, or titanium). Many mineral sunscreens (e.g., blue lizard) don't have the harmful metals. "In the present study, we have determined the release rate of dissolved trace metals (Al, Cd, Cu, Co, Mn, Mo, Ni, Pb, and Ti) and inorganic nutrients (SiO2, P-PO4 3−, and N-NO3 −) from a commercial sunscreen in seawater . . . We conservatively estimate that sunscreen from bathers is responsible for an increase of dissolved metals and nutrients ranging from 7.54 × 10−4 % for Ni up to 19.8% for Ti. . . . .The normally low environmental concentrations of **some elements (e.g., P) and the toxicity of others (e.g., Pb)** could be having a serious adverse effect on marine ecology in the Mediterranean Sea. "


Trump Used Asian Accent to Mock US Allies at Fundraiser (8/11/2019) ~ Politics

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>The president also praised North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, claiming, “People say he only smiles when he sees me” People do that when they see their favorite Clown


>And still on the topic of Asia, Trump also spoke in glowing terms about North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. “I just got a beautiful letter from him this week,” Trump said. “We are friends. People say he only smiles when he sees me.” His strategy for de-arming North Korea is literally calling a dictator his friend.


JFC, no wonder his campaign donors don't want their names out there.


If any other president did this it would be a major scandal, but when it's Trump it falls under the radar.


Trump's a fucking South Park character.


Flights out of Hong Kong International Airport cancelled after protest sit-in (8/12/2019) ~ World News

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Flights in to Hong Kong are affected too. Currently stuck on a plane in Tokyo that got turned back on the tarmac just before take off because of the protests. No idea whether we’re going to be allowed to fly today.


If you check out google earth in street view people are uploading great 360 photos of the events.


It's worth watching the 8min video in the middle of this article. I feel sad for Hong Kong. Edit to add: I lived have lived in Hong Kong, being lucky enough to be an expat working there. Hong Kong is one of the greatest cities in the world. Now I fear that the CCP is destroying everything.


Tiananmen square 2.0 is coming. RIP for those hkers in airport.


Well it certainly sounds like this is getting more and more intense


Fox News Poll Shows Trump Losing to Biden, Warren, Sanders and Harris (8/15/2019) ~ Politics

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What ever you do, do not get complacent thinking that the dems have it in the bag in 2020. Vote.


Don’t care. Vote.


I suspect we’ll see more of T’s former supporters in government decide to “take a break from politics” in the near future.


Watch for the crazy to amp up tonight at his Cult45 rally in NH!


They do this to scare Republicans into voting.


Texas Is Bracing for a Blue Wave in 2020. Yes, Texas. (8/12/2019) ~ Politics

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Can’t wait for Republicans to support abolishing the EC.


For anyone that doesn’t know Texas, we have been purple for decades. Most people don’t realize how geographically large we are. We also have the longest border by state and anyone living there knows there hasn’t been an “invasion.” We are a unique place and proud, but also welcoming and humble. It’s the oil and remote counties that are pandered to and the population dense areas ignored. EDIT: Yes, Alaska has a bigger “border.” As per context, I’m sure the facts speak for themselves.


Imagine if Trump's tombstone read : "The President who lost the GOP Texas"


if it goes Democrat next year then it's curtains for the modern Republican Party.


Vote out the Nazis in 2020!


Bernie Sanders ‘Acing the Electability Test’ as Another Poll Shows Senator Crushing Trump in General (8/12/2019) ~ Politics

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He's been beating Trump for the last 3 years in the polls, not to mention he connects with people all over the country, as indicated by that NY times map where he has the most individual donations in like 45 states, and he's second in the one's that he isn't first in.


I'm not a huge Joe Rogan fan, and Bernie isn't my first choice, but his interview several days ago on JRE was excellent. My main takeaway was that once the field narrows substantially, Bernie will have a much better opportunity to make his case in a more salient way. Of course, so will the others. But, Bernie has a lot of cred as the original purveyor of the Democratic Party's new direction. For better or worse... That helps him.


Bernie is far and away the most electable candidate running.


A lot of people in the comments are terrified of this possibility.


Cue the militant-moderate downvote brigades from /r/ Enough_Sanders_Spam and /r/ neoliberal.


India has shut down Kashmir’s internet: pharmacists can’t restock medicines, workers aren’t being paid (8/15/2019) ~ World News

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I don't live in America, so this is genuine curiosity. I'm curious to know as to why America doesn't focus on Kashmir like they focus on Hong Kong; Pakistan and India are *nuclear powers* and I'm certain nothing will end well if they go to war.


lol at the 68% upvote. Good job Reddit.


Seeing this from Hong Kong, I'm kind of glad police brutality/corruption is the only thing happening. Definitely beats getting the entire internet shut down, jesus.


Unrelated, also kind of a dick move BUT if you ever get those spam calls that are obvious scams, listen to the options and get to a real person, casually say "Kashmir belongs to Pakistan". Enjoy.


an entire state of 10 million people is being squeezed to death. just to win elections and spread right wing fascism.


#TrumpRecession Trends as President Blamed for Rising Fears of Another Economic Meltdown (8/14/2019) ~ Politics

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Amazing how this happens every time a republican becomes president.


There has been a recession in the first term of every Republican president for the last 120 years.


You mean a guy with a 4th grade level understanding of economics (very generous to say) who thinks trade wars are “easy to win” and that Tariffs hurt China more than USA, managed to crash the economy in record time?!?!?


Donald Trump Bankrupting America. Just like his other businesses he bankrupted.. * Trump Steaks * GoTrump (online travel site) * Trump Airlines * Trump Vodka * Trump Mortgage * Trump: The Game * Trump Magazine * Trump University * Trump Ice (bottled water) * The New Jersey Generals (pro football team) * Tour de Trump (bicycle race) * Trump Network (nutritional supplements) * Trumped! (syndicated radio spot) * Trump Oil Corporation(1999) * Trump Taj Mahal (1991) * Trump’s Castle (1992) * Trump Plaza Casinos (1992) * Trump Plaza Hotel (1992) * Trump Entertainment Resorts (2009) * Trump Tampa (2005) * Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts (2004) **MAGA my ass!**


Oh come on now. We are saying this because the Dow fell a few points today? How bad could it has been....OH SHIT 800 POINTS!


YouTube shuts down music companies’ use of manual copyright claims to steal creator revenue – TechCrunch (8/16/2019) ~ Uplifting News

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It only took like what? 12 years?


So this only changes the manual claims, not the automatic Content ID claims. It's certainly a step in the right direction, but there's still a long way to go before it fixes the rampant abuses.


Can someone ELI5?


>“As always, the best way to avoid these issues is to not use unlicensed content in your videos, even when it’s unintentional music playing in the background,” noted YouTube. So just control what is literally defined as something that's uncontrollable, got it. Edit: Oof, looks like I touched a nerve with you guys. Youtube is bad in their judgement of copyright cases, I thought that would be a fairly uncontroversial sentiment, but clearly I was wrong.


I got flagged once for a mmo. The company claimed it was one of their jazz songs even though it was just the theme music from the actual game. There’s literally nothing you can do vs them. Fight it all you want they auto win.


William Barr Accused of Making it Seem Like He Doesn’t Oversee Bureau of Prisons After Epstein Death (8/12/2019) ~ Politics

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And the way it's being reported on is letting Barr's tactic work. If you aren't noting that ***he runs the fucking BOP*** you're failing at journalism.


So, a guy we already know is in Trump’s pocket, was in charge of the prison that killed Epstein eh? Yeah, this all stinks.


Demand Barr recuse himself from this immediately.


In fairness to Barr, he has made it clear by his deeds that he feels that protecting Donald Trump from justice is his ONLY job


Is this the same William Barr whose father, Donald Barr, both hired an unqualified Jeffrey Epstein to teach at a girl's school and who wrote a fantasy book about sex slaves?


Fox News poll: Trump disapproval rises to near record (8/14/2019) ~ Politics

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>The same proportion say the president is "tearing the country apart," compared to only **31 percent who say he is "drawing the country together."** How would anyone think that? What would be the process of arriving at that response?


So according to this poll: - 56% disapprove - 43% approve - 59% of voters say he is "tearing the country apart". Which means at *least* 2% of voters approve of Trump tearing the country apart.


>President Trump's disapproval rating has jumped to 56 percent in a Fox News survey released Wednesday, just one point shy of the record high in Fox News polling. Not his record, THE record. By a point.


Some would say: the *best* disapproval numbers.


If the economy tanks say goodbye Trump.


‘Don’t go to Walmart next week’: White supremacist arrested for threatening shooting (8/11/2019) ~ News

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> On Aug. 6, Clayton allegedly posted on Facebook, "3 more days of probation left then I get my AR-15 back. Don’t go to Walmart next week." > "Clayton appears to believe in the white supremacist ideology and has a history of posting threats on Facebook using fictitious accounts," Florida Department of Law Enforcement officials said. Well he seems sane, normal, and totally deserving of an AR-15.


How could this happen after Walmart had already banned violent video games?


We're about to find out that all these guys are getting paid by Target


Don't go to Walmart any week. Not because of threats of violence but because they are a shitty company.


“Don’t go to wal mart ...” is just good advice


In an analysis of hundreds of basketball half-time speeches, researchers found a significant relationship between how negative a coach was at half-time and how well the team played in the second half: The more negativity, the more the team outscored the opposition. (8/16/2019) ~ Science

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Sports Psychologist here. I have reservations about the study, particularly due to the framework around the language being used. For example, the researchers classified the following as "negativity" and used this as an example: ‘I don’t care if you’re up by 10 points, you can play better than this.’” Personally, I don't see a statement like this as "negativity". This could just as easily be construed as "demanding" or "high standards". Heck, it could even be construed as positivity - the coach is spurring them on to play better because he believes they're capable of better. In the end, I'm not so sure that it's "negativity" that enhances performance rather than being demanding, setting high standards, etc. It's all in how the athletes interpret the reaction of the coach, and that's totally subjective. Interesting research though, for sure.


Maybe I'm missing it but I don't spot in the article: How strong is this effect? Did it increase scoring by 1000%? 1%? 0.0000001%?


Fear is a powerful temporary motivator. Just ask gun robbers. If you want longer term success, fear, derision, and power trips are not the best tools.


Team performance is likely to regress to the mean. Team underperforms (or other team overperforms) in first half = Coach more likely to be negative. Both teams are more likely to regress to the mean in the 2nd half than continue the unexpected trend. I think their work is valid here, but they don't mention this, at least in the abstract. I can't see the rest of the journal. It would be helpful to see some detail about this; you really need to quantify the expected results of a game (i.e. the betting line) to separate the effects of coach speeches at halftime.


I have seen more negative haftime speeches when the team was winning. "Don't get complacent, you are playing sloppy, can't let them back in the game." I wonder how they controlled for how the team was doing before the half.


Philly Officer Shot, Massive Police Presence in Nicetown (8/14/2019) ~ News

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Edit: Holy shit at the number of people linking scanners and play-by-plays of an active scene. Come on guys, I thought we all knew the drill on this stuff. ------ Quick reminder to everyone about commenting during situations like this. * **DO NOT** post about police movements. In other words, if you are listening to scanners and radio communications of emergency personnel, hold off on sharing the play by plays. * **DO NOT** share the personal information of alleged suspects or victims until the identities are confirmed by the police or mainstream media. * **DO NOT** post identifiable images/videos of the dead or dying. Reddit is one of the most high-traffic sites in the world, especially in times of crisis. No one should find out, in a reddit thread, that their loved one has died. To clarify, you can still post images and videos of the incident, just no closeups of someone's face as they die.


Guy just popped out of a window and shot up a SWAT truck and a house moments ago. Per CBS Philly


Holy shit....he's live streaming it. Edit: I heard it live on the police scanner earlier. I don't have a link to it. Please stop messaging me asking for links.


Damn, that’s fucked up. What’s that area like?


Breaking news: Nicetown not so Nice.


The world’s largest frog constructs ponds to protect its developing young — the first nest-building behaviour observed in any African amphibian. (8/12/2019) ~ Science

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Interesting. I went to see how long they live and wikipedia describes this behavior and even says there are reports of them guarding the nests.


Is it a naive question to ask whether the frogs got big in order to build nests or if just because they are big they can build nests? >"The researchers argue that the nests — which require their architects to move large, heavy items — could explain the evolution of these gigantic frogs."


I seen a video ages ago of a frog doing this and creating a canal, had no idea it was the biggest frog too.


Why do only Africans have the largest things


I’m going to need a video of a Goliath frog jumping 5 meters...


California will make community college free (8/16/2019) ~ Politics

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  12% of the United States population gaining access to free community college in one go. This is huge.   ----------   Edit: Here's a private message I received after posting this: > Nothing is free include you lazy sack of shit. The rest of the state gets taxed (becomes poorer) to pay for some dumb fuck illegals community college. College will never be free. Nor should it be. Pay for your own shit loser. It's along the same lines as several other comments I've seen posted here, so I figured I'd share my response to address those as well: > The better educated a human population gets, the better it will be overall. Lack of quality education leaves us vulnerable to countless forms of manipulation, and we're seeing that displayed now more than any other point in our lives. It leaves people unprepared for societal coexistence, fearful of things which needn't be feared, resistant to things which do us all well, and longing for things which do us all harm. To spread the capacity for base critical thinking would be, perhaps, the absolute best thing we could hope for at this time. And I am not the slightest bit sorry if you're taxed somewhat to help pay for all that. It's literally the least we can do.


Watch the "struggling" textbook publishers increase their prices.


I'm a Russian bot


Notice the people who resent progress like this because they didn’t have it that way. They want people to suffer the same hardships they have.


Legal weed AND free college. Tempting


Trump just gutted the law that saved American bald eagles from extinction (8/13/2019) ~ Politics

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Rolling back protections for endangered species during the 6th mass extinction in the history of life on the planet seems like a crime against humanity.


Trump is doing his best to hurt the people and now animals who need his help the most. He seems to have hate toward everything that is not white, rich and strong. If you are sick and poor he says die. To the animals, he says die. He is an evil man who smiles and gives a thumb up when people are murdered. If this was his rich white friends he would not be so happy. I almost feel sorry for him, he is unable to have sympathy for anyone. I never realized how much power a president has, no one seems to be able to stop him as he destroys our people and country.


We spent Sunday at a local lake, kayaking and fishing. We got to watch a bald eagle all morning, swooping majestically over the lake. Absolutely beautiful to see. Nature is really wonderful. I don't imagine Trump has ever spent a day of his miserable life in nature. What a shitty way to live.


So he wants to kill the symbol of America? That’s doesn’t sound very American.


Payback for that interview I guess.


Dozens of child sex abuse victims sue Catholic Church in New York after change in law (8/14/2019) ~ News

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It's not just in the Catholic Church, it's nearly everywhere. When are we going to realize the pedophilia is a massive problem?


People are losing their shit over Epstein’s pedo island but the churches have been doing this for so long in our own cities that we’ve become desensitized to it.


There's a great movie about the Catholic Church and their sex victims, called Spotlight


Just heard some talking head on the tube saying he was anxious to hear the presidential candidates weigh in on the sex abuse scandals within the Catholic Church and the BSA. That ought to be interesting. Everyone’s quick to condemn a creep like Jeffrey Epstein (after the checks have cleared and the guy’s dead, of course) but I wonder how many are going to speak out against institutions with deep cultural roots which will inevitably cost them votes. I predict some very fancy footwork ahead.


Why is pedophilia so common? Should we be investing resources into this and figure out if it's a mental illness that can be treated or better yet prevented? It's far too common to just keep letting these things happen.


Scientists Discover a Cure for the Deadliest Strain of Tuberculosis (8/14/2019) ~ World News

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Finally some good news


120 years too late for Arthur Morgan 🙁


pretty sweet... now if only we could convince people this also doesnt cause autism, we might be able to make some progress.


Big day for the second deadliest strain of tuberculosis.


This is entirely hyperbole. We already had a cure for this form of tuberculosis. This is evidence from a single arm, clinical trial - and should be interpreted with extreme caution. A look at the clinical trial registration leaves some absolutely strange outcome definitions (not recommended by WHO) as well. A more accurate way to say this is that scientists have found a three drug, all oral regimen that is about 12 months shorter than current treatment and is still capable of curing tuberculosis. A major issue with the regimen is the presence of a very high dose of linezolid (twice the standard dose) associated with anemia and neuropathy, and is one of the most toxic TB drugs we have when given at its standard dose (about 1 in 5 people must stop it prematurely). This is why ZeNiX is underway to see if the regimen is effective when only half the dose of linezolid is given.


Delaware becomes first no-kill state for shelter animals in U.S. (8/12/2019) ~ Uplifting News

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What do they do if they can't feed them?


I used to be one of those "anti kill shelter" people. Then I volunteered at a no kill shelter for a while. I'm not against no kill shelters but they need to live in harmony with kill shelters. No kill shelters will turn away animals that are unadoptable due to behavioral issues etc. Unsurprisingly a lot of the people that want to get rid of animals with behavioral issues are the type that will just abandon them somewhere if the shelter won't take them. They will also shuffle around animals who don't get adopted, sometimes to kill shelters so that they can still say they didn't euthanize them. In theory all no kill is a great idea, but when you factor in how terrible some pet owners are and the number of strays out there I'm not sure how they plan to make this work.


The sad fact is there are a LOT of unadoptable dogs, be it from inbreeding or abuse. Sure, with a lot of work you can rehabilitate them, but these underfunded and overtaxed shelters can't handle that. Oftentimes these are political positions, filled with people who couldn't GAF.


That's nice, but where do they get the money to feed and care for them? Pets are very time-intensive. Lots of people quit because of the stress, too. I'd work there if I could.


So what happens when the shelters are full? They just keep all the geriatric dogs who've been in the shelter for the better half of a decade instead of bringing in that litter of puppies that are guaranteed to be adopted?


Alarm as Trump Requests Permanent Reauthorization of NSA Mass Spying Program Exposed by Snowden (8/16/2019) ~ Politics

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So Trump is: * Pushing for permanent domestic monitoring of US citizens * Intending to censor anti-conservative voices on the internet * Talking about being President longer than he is allowed to be so. * Insisting he get extra time as President due to the investigation into him. *edit: thanks for the silver and gold! honestly though i'm not going to do much with it, I'd rather ya'll donate those sums to any candidate of your choice that isn't promoting or supporting these policies.


Wait, wasn't he against this since "Obama" "spied" on "him" "not colluding" with the "Russians" about "adoptions"?


Well, I mean we already have concentration camps killing kids. ...Shouldn't 'Alarm' have been hit months ago?


We can't see Trump's taxes, school grades, and talks with foreign leaders, but he wants to spy on innocent Americans, is that right?


I am sure the mods in /r/conspiracy will be working overtime today to ban anyone who brings this up...


One of the richest people in Hong Kong has lost $1 billion over the course of the 10-week protests, and now he’s joining the chorus of wealthy citizens calling for the protests to end (8/14/2019) ~ World News

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He really hasn't lost anything. It is a paper loss, a reduction in the value of his buildings. The people losing here are those who get paid by the hour to work (or commissions), can;t work and are thus earning no cash earnings. Many of those people are they seem to think the protests worth the hit to their pocketbooks.


So... Rich people complaining about losing a fraction of a fraction of their money V.S. Citizens protesting about losing human rights and freedom Edit: It's the value of his assets dropping. So when can I complain about the almost-20% decrease in value of my £ saving?!?! Or am I not rich enough to make a fuss?


Nonviolent protests **only** work when they disrupt the lives of those you're protesting against. That is the point, it always has been. Nonviolent protests work because they shut things down. Strikes work because they shut things down.


fuck this asshole.


Because one man's earnings are more important than the freedom of thousands. This world is sick because of money.


Judge: Georgia must scrap old voting machines after 2019 (8/15/2019) ~ Politics

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> ATLANTA (AP) — A federal judge on Thursday ordered Georgia to stop using its outdated voting machines after this year and to be ready with hand-marked paper ballots if its new system isn’t in place for the presidential primaries. >U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg’s 153-page ruling Thursday is not a complete victory for either side. >A federal lawsuit filed by election integrity advocates and individual Georgia voters argues that the paperless touchscreen voting machines Georgia has used since 2002 are unsecure, vulnerable to hacking and can’t be audited. They have been seeking statewide use of hand-marked paper ballots. This is huge. Hopefully other states follow in Georgia’s footsteps.


Good luck with that. Remember, this is the state where the guy counting the votes for his own election won. Imagine that. It's also the state where after a subpoena was issued, they wiped the election server and it's backups so thoroughly it destroyed the media. I'm pretty sure Georgia elections are up there with Russian and North Korean elections in terms of corruption.


As a Georgian, good. Our state has a weak voting infrastructure. Massive improvements needed. Our current governor may be against that though as he loves voter suppression.


I give it about a week before we hear that their replacement machines will be purchased from the voting machine company Ivanka Trump owns.


In Nevada the voting machines are electronic but they also have a paper ballot that is printed and that you can review through a window when you're done voting. Besides not wanting a paper trail why don't most States use a system like this?


93% of Bangladeshi youth literate, up from 63% 10 years ago (8/13/2019) ~ Uplifting News

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I read that title as “illiterate” and thought “Jesus Christ how can 93% of kids in that country be illiterate. That’s sad/unfortunate” I guess I’m the illiterate one EDIT My most upvoted comment is a demonstration of my lack of reading skills. My English Literature professors would be proud


Fun fact: on clash of clans, they integrated Bangladesh severs with western servers and a lot of the Bangladesh youth are decent at speaking English in the global chat, the youth are literate not just in their language, but also in English(at least for the majority who play the clash of clans)


How'd they do it?


Nice... Now they can browse reddit and be convinced by every stupid conspiracy theory.


wow... congrats Bangladeshi peeps!


FBI agents are livid that Trump is amplifying ‘bulls— theories’ about Jeffrey Epstein’s death ‘that have no basis in reality’ (8/12/2019) ~ Politics

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Maybe if the FBI, I dunno, investigated Donald Trump for his connections to Epstein, I dunno, maybe we'd get somewhere with that


Maybe you should investigate him and his friends instead of labor activists, environmental rights groups and black lives matter groups.


Remember how it's turned out that, to date, 99% of the time when Donald Trump and his fanboys accuses somebody of doing something, he himself is actually doing it? Deleting Emails Using private servers Selling nuclear technology to adversaries Hurting the lower class and farmers through trade policies Stoking war with Iran for political points Underground child smuggling ring ... and now he's accusing the Clinton's of killing Epstein. GOLLY GEE I SURE DO WONDER WHO WAS ACTUALLY INVOLVED?


Is it not transparently obvious yet that Trump projects and immediately accuses others of bullshit he is doing? Like a kid who breaks a vase and immediately goes to his parents to blame it on his brother.


> "The Epstein case was hypercharged from the get-go," one current FBI agent, who requested anonymity to freely discuss Trump's actions, told INSIDER. "The last thing investigators need is the president of the United States fanning the flames with these bulls--- theories that have no basis in reality." ... > "The FBI assesses anti-government, identity based, and fringe political conspiracy theories very likely motivate some domestic extremists, wholly or in part, to commit criminal and sometimes violent activity," the FBI determined in May. "The FBI further assesses in some cases these conspiracy theories very likely encourage the targeting of specific people, places, and organizations, thereby increasing the likelihood of violence against these targets."


Muslim women ‘sterilised’ in China detention camps, say former detainees (8/12/2019) ~ World News

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so, genocide?


See everyone is always like omg why didn’t he allies stop the holocaust. And it’s as simple as no one gives a shit.


Intentionally sterilizing minority groups? As an American I can proudly say that I have indeed seen this one before.


How is all the horrible stuff that China is doing to the Uyghur so strongly downplayed in mainstream Western news media? Also, is this causing larger waves in Muslim media outlets?


> “We had to stick our arms out through a small opening in the door,” the 54-year-old told France24. ”We soon realised that after our injections that we didn’t get our periods any more.” Ok, they may be sterilized but the testimony cited as evidence make no sense. that’s not how sterilization works, you still get your periods


#EmptySeatMAGATour trends after footage shows empty seats at Trump rally (8/16/2019) ~ Politics

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Regardless of whether it's even true or not; just the implication alone is enough to trigger him.


My daughter is in college. Apparently reserving seats at his nazi rallies and not attending just to keep seats empty, and mess with his delicate ego is a thing. She called me a few days ago lauging about it. Oddly it was a proud moment as a parent for me. When your 20 something kids hate nazis and go out of their way to troll them, you did something right.


He'll say one of two things: 1. the images were photoshopped 2. the pictures were taken before more people showed up i know how this asshat thinks, i have my own personal trump in my life and im more than familiar with their tactics. it wont stop until he's out of office. and in light of recent events, i doubt he'll leave office without a fight even if he loses by a landslide. he's going to jail and he knows it. what else does he have to lose?


Looks like we're shifting from MAGA to KAG, "Keep America Great." So that means he has made us great again guys already right!?! guys?


Who wants to see their senile grandpa rant for two hours about nonsense. "I'll save the coal industry! And I wore an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time."


425 photos of the moon crossing the sun and a few other Total Eclipse comps (8/11/2019) ~ Space

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This should be a 2 story tall installation in a university atrium -- Something for students to stare at while waiting outside a lecture hall for the darkness of the midterm they are about to take.


Fantastic I saw totality in Oregon a couple years ago. It was one of the most hair-raisingly awesome moments I've ever experienced. It was like god took a hole puncher, and punched a spot right outta the sky. All around me was dazzling surrealness, a not-quite-night, not-quite-day. The smoke from wildfires lit the whole sky pink, and in the middle was that gaping maw, surrounded by the brilliantest white you could think of, like spacial fabric exploded around the missingness. It lasted 2:10m, but it felt like an hour. Everyone should see totality


I'm gonna get one of these as a print for sure. Holy shit that's beautiful


Looks like a sprite sheet. Someone could easily animate this!


But do you have any pictures of a Total Eclipse of the Heart?


Men dressed like protesters help make arrests in Hong Kong (8/11/2019) ~ World News

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A number of demonstrators who were blocking major roads in Causeway Bay were arrested on Sunday night by a group of uniformed police officers with the help of men who were dressed exactly like protesters. They were dressed like a typical anti-government protester, in black t-shirts and black masks. However, some of them were filmed holding batons, right next to uniformed officers. When a group of journalists walked up to ask whether these were undercover officers, a large group of uniformed officers intervened, blocking the reporters from chasing after the masked, black-clad men, and escorted them away. ----- Edit: thank you for the platinum, golds and silvers, and most importantly, thank you all for caring about Hong Kong. While this city is probably very far from wherever you live, China's global ambition is very real and threatening democracy worldwide, from promoting authoritarian models in Africa to criticising the democracy in US. Please keep paying close attention to the situation in Hong Kong, because our fight for democracy is not ending anytime soon.


What I saw in the news live - Press: (asking those men who were in protesters' clothing) Are you police? Men: (No reply) (Men approached a van) Press: (asking people inside the van) Are you police? Men: (in a very nasty tone) You are press. Use your professional knowledge and think. So they admitted


The violent totalitarian racist fascist government in Beijing is now showing its true totalitarian colors. Beijing isn't about "order" or about "prosperity". It's about the Party's hatred of humanity, freedom, honor, and truth. It's about the Party wanting to "Stick it to the West" and using innocent civilians to do so. It is about the PRC's total distrust of anyone who has a modicum of humanity, empathy or common sense. Hong Kongers are living in the way of life. Beijing lives the way of death and oppression.


This is what would happen during Occupy in the US. They would also send in people to incite violence and give the government a “reason” to retaliate.


Eastern German Stasi did exactly the same. Until history overcame the system.


A second person has accused Katy Perry of sexual misconduct (8/16/2019) ~ News

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"I choose now to live as a bisexual woman." -~~Kevin Spacey~~ Katy Perry


You realize all what’s gonna happen? she’s going into rehab. All the stars do it


The day of the classic Rockstar is done. This is how many of them used to behave. Society has moved on.


I used to work in bars as a bouncer. I had a lot of people do “inappropriate” things to me- men and women. And while it’s not appropriate, and I usually called people out on it sometimes I just got on with life. I feel like we’re treading on dangerous grounds when people make accusations publicly. I only skimmed the article, but unless this lady is going to court over it, I’m a little of the opinion she needs to move on with her life and see it as drunk people doing stupid shit. No one was raped, and I’d hardly call a kiss in this instance a molestation. Kinda thin skinned. As for Katy... she’s a bit of a twisted church girl.


She kissed a girl. She didnt like it.


Mexico pushes U.S. to designate El Paso shooting an act of terrorism (8/14/2019) ~ News

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U.S. pushes U.S. to designate El Paso shooting an act of terrorism.


Sorry Mexico, this one is all Super Mario Maker 2's fault.


How on Earth is this not already designated a terror attack?? Oh right.... our government.


It was an act of terrorism by a white nationalist.


I thought they did? Wasn’t it labeled domestic terrorism or is that different?


Anger at being labeled racist is the new ‘cultural anxiety’ for Trump supporters (8/12/2019) ~ Politics

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Have they tried not being racist?


Stop wearing dumbass “making liberals cry again” merchandise. You can’t expect me to be cool with you when you look like a fuckass that’s saying your whole purpose is to piss me off.


... >**Many Trump supporters express indignation at being labeled racist, but the worldview they admittedly embrace demonstrates a hostility to diversity.** >In a recent survey by the Public Religion Research Institute, a D.C.-based nonpartisan research organization, more than 60 percent of Republicans said the shift of the United States to being a majority nonwhite country would be a mostly negative development. >Six in 10 Republicans also said that they felt like strangers in their own country, and nearly 6 in 10 white evangelical Protestants — one of the most pro-Trump demographic groups in the country — said immigrants are a threat to American society. >While criticism of Trump is increasing, the president’s most loyal voters are not reconsidering their support for him but are doubling down and showing signs of continuing to do so as we move closer to the 2020 elections. But in 2020, cultural anxiety may no longer be cited as the reason for supporting Trump. Instead, an aversion to being labeled a racist appears to be a main motivator for those whose idea of a great America is more reminiscent of the past than the future.


As of this point, anyone who supports trump IS A RACIST or IS A RACIST SYMPATHIZER. I will say it to thier faces. Loudly. And repeatedly.


Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas


The #TrumpRecession Label Is Going to Stick (8/15/2019) ~ Politics

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Name a more iconic duo than being a millennial and getting fucked by recession?


That's because we're going to be in trump's recession.




One thing about the coming recession. We seem to be more accepting of its inevitability this time around. It could be because of the gibbon in chief, throwing feces at the fed out of obvious desperation and fear.


In my trading circles, people were worshipping the man. Vehemently attacking anyone who trashed talked him. Now they are 100% silent whenever someone talks trash about him and his market tanking skills. Hell, they're even blaming him for the awfulness they feel on their 401ks and trading accounts. Republicans only care about 1 thing, and that is their money. They'll forgive a rich white racist pedophile preaching white supremacy, until he fucks with their pocketbook.


Elizabeth Warren Overtakes Joe Biden as Favorite to Win Democratic Party’s 2020 Primary: U.K. Bookmaker (8/16/2019) ~ Politics

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I've been saying it for months: Joe Biden's entire candidacy has been one massive tautology: "Joe Biden is the most electable because he can beat Trump, because he's the most electable!" He doesn't hold a candle to other candidates in terms of political skill, policy positions, debate ability, etc. His defining campaign message, to the extent he has one at all, is "I have a black friend!!![Obama]". The problem is, with that kind of campaign, the second his support drops below a critical point, the tautology breaks and his campaign implodes.


If you don't get a massive justice-boner from the thought of Trump sitting in the Whitehouse having to do that hand over of the keys bit in front of the press, to the woman he calls Pocahontas, are you even really living? [Edit] Seing how this comment got some traction, I'd like to insert my favourite catch-phrase. I enjoy debate, Sanders v Warren etc, it's healthy. But never forget how foreign actors managed to muddy the waters in 2016, don't let it happen again. The world is getting harder, more dangerous, more deadly. "Vote Blue, no matter who. People are fucking dying."


Outgoing presidents are alleged to leave a note for the incoming president. I can only imagine what Trump's 'letter' to Warren would be like.


Good. Joe needs to just leave the race. He isn’t the right choice and his presence is just diluting the real candidates that should be focused on.


I'm glad to see this, but I still maintain that polls and other forecasts about an election that is still 15 months away are meaningless.


The Queen is reportedly ‘dismayed’ by British politicians who she says have an ‘inability to govern’ (8/11/2019) ~ World News

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She's definitely not wrong.


I'm not saying she's wrong, but these comments are 3 years old after david cameron resigned.


Queen or no queen, as long as Boris' party has confidence in him, he will continue to blunder through. when will they turn on him?


>dismayed get it, because Theresa May isn't the PM anymore.


Since there are still some ancient rules in british law (and the Queen still has a champion), is there a chance there's some old law buried that enables her to challenge the inept politicians ? Like .. she walks into Downing street, slaps the front row with a glove and then the champion comes storming in with a drawn sword and be done with it.


It’s raining plastic: microscopic fibers fall from the sky in Rocky Mountains | US news (8/13/2019) ~ News

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>“I think the most important result that we can share with the American public is that there’s more plastic out there than meets the eye,” said Weatherbee. “It’s in the rain, it’s in the snow. It’s a part of our environment now.” I'm sure it's nothing to worry about...


This is more than just the Rockies this is likely everywhere. They just tested all over Colorado and found mircoplastic in all the samples. It is not a localized problem like the title may suggest.


The ironic thing to me is that I live in a town that has now stopped accepting glass for recycling. The city said that we should look for things in plastic containers when we shop if we are concerned about being able to recycle.


It's absurd how we spend so much time paying Saudis to rip out oil using indentured servants and debt slaves just to ship it to China where it's turned into stuff then shipped here where it's trashed and then sent halfway across the world again to be dumped in the ocean. This cycle has to stop because independent of co2 emissions it's wrecking the environment. It can stop too, we controlled CFCs in the 1980s and can control plastics in the 2020s if we really want. There's no excuse for the current setup especially when bioplastic -corn plastic- can be made domestically and is biodegradable.


Sad this is not more "NEWS WORTH"


Tea Party Ex-Congressman Joe Walsh Apologizes For Helping Elect ‘Unfit Con Man’ Trump (8/15/2019) ~ Politics

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Huh. This tweet from 2016 hasn't aged so well then: >On November 8th, I'm voting for Trump. > >On November 9th, if Trump loses, I'm grabbing my musket. > >You in?


Don't fall for this, people. The GOP are starting to sense that they're fucked and are just trying to get off the sinking ship before it takes them down with it. They'll be spamming for another monster after Trump (a competent one this time, like Tom Cotton).


Here’s a quote from Joe Walsh, the failed politician and deadbeat dad: "I'll just say it: Sandy Hook Parents: Your 15 minutes is up." (Twitter, March 9)


Walsh is gonna go ahead and start the, "I'm sorry, just forgive me so we can move on", train. And I'm simply not here for it when it comes. From politician or civilian, alike.


We will forgive you when you cancel your tax cuts for rich billionaires and millionaires and campaign for medicare for all and sign the progressive pledge


Yes, it matters that Trump spread a lie about the Clintons murdering Jeffrey Epstein (8/12/2019) ~ Politics

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Okay, let's just put this whole GOP, Trump, Facism, the fact that his DOJ was in charge of security at this facility, etc, thing aside for a moment and just break this down. The president of the United States is accusing a political opponent of murder - murder people, fucking murder - with zero proof. I don't care what side of the aisle you're on, i dont care if you think we should have big government or small, or if people should have abortions or not, or if we should be allowed to own semi automatic weapons, and on and on, this is unacceptable for any US president. Period.


Trying to distance himself from his buddy who threw pedo-parties where Trump raped a thirteen year old


It is sad that we have become so numb to all of this. Im sure its by design. Its still frustrating. ​ There are still kids being kept in cages and America is becoming a breading ground for terrorism. Its kinda worrisome.


Yes Hillary is so powerful that she couldn't even get herself elected past you, you fucking numbskull.


He's trying to get them killed with the same rhetoric he has used to inspire white supremacist shooters.


President Trump has made 12,019 false or misleading claims over 928 days (8/12/2019) ~ Politics

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An important point that must be exploited in the 2020 race. Trump needs to be called a "liar" to his face in the debates. In the campaign ads. On the mail fliers.


Isn’t habitual lying a mental illness or at least a symptom of a major mental illness? Or is it just wrong?


No longer the man of 10,000 Lies, it's now the man of 12,000 Lies.


How hasnt he gotten a Guinness World Record yet?


The democrat at the presidential debate should mention this in their opening statement and then keep count anytime trump says something, since most of his statements are lies.


Ann Coulter Suggests Donald Trump Should Be Charged For Employing Undocumented Migrant Workers (8/12/2019) ~ Politics

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I'll say this about Coulter, she won't be out-eviled. She hates brown people more than you and she's gonna prove it .


Coulter and Conway should have a steel cage match


is her hate for non-whites stronger than her love for trump?


A broken racist is right twice a day.


Bride of Skeletor says what?


America’s elderly seem more screen-obsessed than the young: Seniors spend nearly ten hours a day in front of televisions, smartphones and computers (8/15/2019) ~ Technology

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This is kind of sad. There are a lot of elderly isolated and lonely folks that are just online that don’t do much else


The problem here is that people often see their normal behaviour as the right one. - music in the subway is antisocial but everybody reading newspaper and ignoring each other was the prime time of human interaction - Reading an ebook is that worse than a normal book - Watching is worse than reading (I could see the point here tbh) - Watching TV is normal and using the phone is that modern addicting thing And going 40 years in the future we will end like this: "These kids today and their brain computer interfaces. It has to be harmful to plug your brain into the super-internet. Why can parents allow something like this!" *Checking phone intensively


Old people slumped in chairs mindlessly watching television for hours on end because they have nothing else to do has been a cliche for decades. Edit: I should have known my comment would be twisted into an excuse to whine about and bash the older generations. You people have one track minds.


I feel like these numbers skew low just from personal experience with seniors.


My parents (both in their 70s) are avid news junkies, and back in the day it was listening to morning news radio, reading the newspaper, and watching the evening news each day. About 10 years ago the wonder of the internet finally clicked for them and they're addicted to online news that updates constantly. They're media literate enough that they go to many different sources, none of which skew too much to either political side, but I shake my head at them refreshing the local news site every hour. Guys, the city has less than 50,000 people, there's not that much going on!


Tearing down abandoned houses and buildings in Detroit’s most blight-stricken neighborhoods, in the name of public safety and quality of life, is associated with 11% drop in homicides and serious injuries caused by firearms in areas where demolitions took place, without an increase in nearby areas. (8/13/2019) ~ Science

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I worked at an elementary in a terrible neighborhood in Detroit in 2009-2010. One of the things the federal government paid for was the demolishing of house in a row block by block so kids could see the school. So the idea was the kids would have a safe path to walk. They also put "safety flags" on the houses, so if a child was being chased, they knew where someone was home so they could get help. This was in a neighborhood that had 76 registered sex offenders.


Pride in the place you live can, can change your mental health and outlook on a lot of things. Not seening blight and abandoned houses every day...maybe can create a sense of hope, a pride in community and eventually people fight to keep it that way.


Does anyone know what has been done with these vacant lots? Is it varied? Turned to parks? Boarded off? Or turned into a car park?


I predict Detroit to become the greenest city of the US within a a decade or so. Some residential zones are practically a forest already with some leftover houses in between.


Tearing down old abandoned houses likely helps prevents squatters and homeless, along with gangs and illicit crime from getting a start due to not having a ready source of shelter to work from, or retreat too. It also promotes nature to come back and gives those remaining in the area something nicer to look at, and places for kids to play.


Alyssa Milano Launches 2020 Grassroots Fund to Encourage Voting in Swing States (8/13/2019) ~ Politics

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This is a good way to get things rolling, especially because there needs to be a full flip this election, not just of the Presidency. Focusing on getting more voters enrolled totally is only ever good for democracy as a concept, and practically might be what is needed to flip some seats blue (see the impacts of voter suppression in the deep south for evidence to the contrary)


Greater voter turn out should be the goal of any democracy regardless of who it elects. Voting should not be confined to the federal level every 3 or 4 years. In most places their are elections this year. Vote . Vote every time and if you are in a party vote in their primaries.


I see the trolls are out in full force on every thread lately. Stay smart out here. Do like Alyssa here, and focus on getting people ready to vote.


For those who don't know and haven't followed her Twitter feed - she is VERY angry with the current president* and the Republicans and is VERY active politically and has a LOT of money


Tom Steyer, this is one way you should be spending your money instead of running for POTUS.


Consuming flavonoid-rich items such as apples and tea protects against cancer and heart disease, particularly for smokers and heavy drinkers. Researchers assessed the diets of 53,048 Danes over 23 years. (8/14/2019) ~ Science

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Coffee and dark chocolate also contain flavonoids. Coffee being as good of a source as tea.


Perhaps someone smarter than me can decipher the results. To me it appears that as they remove all other issues (age,sex,smoking, physical activity, etc (model 3in their graph)) there is a decline in hazard risk by 0.1. A decline this small is considered exceptionally insignificant and could be changed by factors such as sleep, stress, anxiety, etc. I do not see how they are coming to their conclusion on this based on a once a year questionnaire answered by frequency of apples eaten. Hell, I do keto and I couldn't answer how many apples i have eaten in the past year. The number should be 0 but it could be 8+. This is another epidemiological study finding a HR change so insignificant that most researchers wouldn't raise a brow at. Really getting sick of this trend in health studies.


And then there's me. An otherwise healthy guy who never smoked, drinked, or did drugs. Worked out 90 minutes a day every 2nd day(running the equivalent of a marathon each week), had a super healthy diet that was at least 5 servings of vegetables a day and no junk food or candy... Still got cancer at 33. The same cancer that killed my mother(tho she made it to 60). Seems like family predisposition on certain cancers will outweigh whatever you do, if you have that fault in your DNA. Or maybe I'm just really unlucky.


Awesome. I switched from Mt Dew to unsweetened iced tea due to the simplicity of what's in it (tea). It's strange how you get used to something. If I try to drink sweet tea it is gross.


So I should have a bone apple tea?