My 90 Day Dadbod Transformation (10/21/2019) ~ Fitness

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I cannot actually believe that I have to say this in this thread. # Reminder: If you are the kind of human Droopy Dog that likes to accuse people of taking steroids and lying about it , because your brain, body, and genitals are small, *please* feel free to do it so that we know you should be banned to keep our community free of your type of garbage. OP dropped 20lbs while already having a fair amount of muscle, changed his posture to be more flattering and flexed a bit in his subsequent pictures. If you think this takes steroids your brain is fucking broken and you should give up on lifting.


Do you think someone can do this in 3 months without going through the divorce? I mean, it’s not a deal breaker but I kinda like my wife.


>Depression due to inevitable pending divorce. *cue soon to be ex's regret* Looking good broseph!


When I first look at this, I thought this was completely bs but he doesn’t look like he gained much of muscle mass, just leaned out. So good for you man, that’s a hard journey. Hopefully you can maintain it!


What the fuck man. How on Earth. I can't even shed a pound and what the actual fuck.


Warm & Creamy Pasta Fra Diavolo, $1.25/serving (10/18/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Not even interested in the recipe but so glad I read til the end. It was the smile I needed to start my day, thanks man.


"White bread is spicy to me" LMAO, I know someone just like this! Well done!


I like it. For those interested in making it vegan, use coconut cream. It'll have a faint coconutty flavour, but it will be the right texture. Broke student edition - get a can of coconut milk and put it upside down in the fridge. Open it right-side up with a can opener and carefully skim off the thickened cream.


10/10 will read again. This sounds like an awesome recipe snd I plan to try it (fancy version since I'm an adult with lots of kitchen toys). Although I might cook the meat in the Dutch oven on the stove first, remove it, and then follow the recipe with the onion/garlic cooking to get all of those flavor bits in the pan. May or may not work in my favor.


kore wa shiren da


Is butternut squash the easiest crop for growing lots of food? I just harvested 178 pounds! 🙂 (10/18/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Congratulations! I’m going to add that to next years garden plan. Zucchini is very similar. My grandma always says never grow zucchini unless you have lots of friends to share.


Don't forget to roast up some seeds too. High in protein and super tasty. But yeah, everything in the cucurbitacae family is pretty high yield low maintainence. Squash is like my favorite fruit


For where I live herbs, lettuces, Swiss chard, bok choy and spinach all grow really well. Sadly, the squash vine boarers like my neighborhood so no squashes for me. Also forgot to mention garlic, potatoes and onions all do well for me.


I grew up on a farm with my grandparents. We had about 3 acres of hand cultivated garden on a 25 acre farm in East Texas. I hoed many a row in my childhood! As crops were harvested during the summer, they were replaced with watermelons, cantaloupe and sweet potatoes. Melons were easy and produced tons. Just drop seeds in mounds, water if needed, mostly ignore and wait. We ate melons everyday in summer and still had lots to give away or trade. Sweet potatoes were more intensive to start, but easy maintain, harvest and store through winter. We would start potato slips in raised beds of sand in late spring, and grandpa babied them, they were his favorite. Then we’d transplant to the garden as other plants were harvested. From there they were easy to maintain, just vines going crazy all summer until we dug them up. At the end of the season, we’d use the tractor to till in any leftover plant material as supplemental fertilizer for the next season.


That’s awesome! Butternut is easily my favorite squash, and only partly because it’s so low effort. True story: last year a volunteer butternut crew from our compost heap. I did literally nothing to tend it (other than tell the kid who mows my lawn not to mow over it once it sprawled on to the grass) and it gave me 12 beautiful squash at the summer’s end! ...tiny warning, though: my good friend was gifted with a massive butternut harvest a couple years ago, and managed to put herself in the hospital. Apparently if you eat nothing but butternut squash for weeks at a time it messes with your electrolyte balance and you end up with potassium poisoning 🙁


I just bought an instant pot and I’m making a Costco run this week – what should I buy?!?!? (10/19/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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pizza and a hot dog from the food court edit: now that’s a comment


Beans! And a beef roast, and some chicken thighs.




Better than bullion chicken and beef for broths. It’s sooooo good and my instant pot secret ingredient


Harvest Snaps. Nothing to do with the insta pot, I'm just addicted to the green crispy tubes of crack.


24M 5’10” (190lbs to 160lbs) Cardio Progress (10/17/2019) ~ Fitness

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Really a lot of bad advice in this post. 1. There's a vast difference between Couch to 5k and this plan. You say someone should be able to run 3 miles straight (with no pace indication) and then proceed to have them run 5 miles at a 7:00 pace in week one. For most people that will take months of training after couch 2 5k. 2. Most of your paces are aggressively fast and the distances too short. Maybe you made it through this program without getting injured, but it is just way too much intensity for this goal pace. 3. A 9 mile 6:30 pace a week before the race is not a good idea. 4. Your carb-loading protocol is a good way to shit your pants during the race. By all means load up on veggies and fruits the week of a race, but the previous two days diet should be as close to normal as possible. I know this is harsh, but you shouldn't be recommending habits that will lead people to injury.


Nice work! Way to make a plan and implement!


Overall, very solid. I'm a huge proponent of getting to 30 mpw; it really seems to be a common tipping point where people go from struggling to get through runs to actually training. Training is really heavy on tempo runs - that month four has you doing three days of half marathon pace in a row. That's rough. I generally recommend an easy/recovery day after a long tempo like any of those runs. > I suggest your last long run should be at 6:30 pace for 9.5 miles (or 15km) a week before! That's also really aggressive. Typically a 1:30 half marathoner wouldn't be able to do that in a race effort, let alone as a long run. If you run a 1:30 half, 6:30 would be an expected 10k race pace. Big fan of the rotational core aspects in the core training that you have too. That's an underlooked aspect of core and really important in running. A lot of form breakdowns result from issues there.


I’d love to do something like this but I f*ed my knees up in the Army. Cardio is something I don’t get to do much of and I hate it.


This is wild. I’m the same height as you but weigh 165, but I look like your before pic at 190 lol. I think I should lift more weights or something.


How to stop eating snacks with much sugar like chocolate? (10/20/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Every night I brush my teeth early then I won’t eat anything


Your gut bacteria craves what it's able to digest. Right now your gut bacteria craves sugar because that's what it's used to. Cut out sweets for a month, your gut bacteria will change and stop telling you to eat sweets


Freeze some grapes. They’re like little frozen fruity ice pop bites and they’re pretty yummy. After about 5 frozen grapes I’m over it. Don’t know if you have a freezer at work tho. More of an at home snack for me when I get cravings


Keep a bar of Ghirardelli 60% (or higher) cacoa on hand and nibble a square when you get a chocolate craving. Less sugar, less calories, and good for you too!


Drink a glass of water every time you get a craving. Most of the time you’re “hungry,” you’re actually thirsty.


How do you deal with losing a large portion of your progress due to an illness? (10/19/2019) ~ Fitness

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You have "muscle memory" from getting in shape in the first place. You'll get back to where you were much faster than it took to initially get there.


Unless you’ve been lying in a hospital bed for months chances are you will retain some, if not, most of your gains and you’ll be able to bounce back without any problems.


I said fuck it for 6 weeks, it hurt my soul and I knew I was over eating, but when things finally got back to normal I just went back to my routine. Life will always find a way to mess up your gym schedule, you just have to get back to it when you can and realize you didn't lose as much as you thought.


I've had 4 (1 major, 3 minor) surgeries in the past year for a tumor in my jawbone. Each has put me out for 1-2 weeks. My cardio always takes 3 or 4 weeks to get back but I've never noticed any strength loss


I am struggling. I have no motivation. Let me know your tips when you find some good ones.


If I work out 6 days a week, will I gain more muscle faster than working out 3 days (10/17/2019) ~ Fitness

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If you allowed yourself enough time to recover, yes. It also wouldn't be 100% more gains.


I switched from a 4 day to a 6 day program and am seeing slow and steady strength and aesthetic gains, I started sleeping ~9 hours a night which felt pretty critical to the success


From what I understand volume is more important than frequency. So if your 6 day split is equal in weekly volume with your 3 day split, you probably wouldn't see any significant increase in muscle growth. However, more frequent training almost always coincides with greater volume, so yes.


Growth is a three part thing, nutrition, work, and rest. If you're giving your muscles enough recovery time before working them again, and you're working them properly when you do, you'll see more muscle growth than working them less often.


Yes, you most likely would. That being said everyone is different. Muscle formation only occurs when you allow them to heal/rest. Nutrition pre and post and maintaining your electrolytes would be important but you said that so you already know. That being said, I feel like once the initial shock of the increased lifting was over, you might stagnate as your body would be in constant stress mode and not hitting enough recovery. Track reps/weight to see if you’re increasing your strength, stats don’t lie. If you plateau, back off some. A hard workout is better than a half ass one any day so if your ability to “go all in” decreases due to working on tired muscles than I’d slack off. And maybe look at 4 or 5 days per week vs the 6 to you find what works for you.


What has helped you lose weight other than/ or with eating healthier? Any tips you would like to give that helped you over come it? I’m trying to lose 30-40 pounds and would love some advice! (10/21/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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It’s not so much a tip, but I never really managed any prolonged weight loss until I changed my relationship with food. Food was a friend to celebrate with, something to console myself with, food was their when I was lonely or bored. Now I eat when I’m hungry and I stop when I’m full. If I’m sad I give myself a treat because I’m sad but I don’t eat a liter of ice cream. When something great happens I break out the champagne - but all of my eating is done thoughtfully. Honestly I do not know exactly how I got here (therapy, diet programs, food tracking) but if you can start eating mindfully it changes the game. Good luck.


I've lost 25 lbs just by walking for an hour every day and by tracking my food


Tracking your food can go a long way. It gives you a sense of what portions work for you, and teaches you to get creative on either eating more or less calories depending on your eating habits. Intermittent fasting has helped a lot of people as well, you can find more info at r/intermittentfasting


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Cut out soda and/or alcohol are usually the easiest fixes


Tracking really is the best. MyFitnessPal is an excellent free app.


22M 5’11 – 210lb 25+% BF to 164lb 10% BF – 10 months (10/19/2019) ~ Fitness

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Don’t get me wrong you look really good and did a great job but are you sure that’s 10% BF? I always thought 10% would be like crazy ripped with barely any body fat at all. Either way, this is truly motivating and inspiring great job dude keep it up


Great job! Really visible progress over a relatively short period of time, you really worked hard and it shows. 👍


Nice cock dude


Good work ! Amazing progress but like others have mentioned that isn’t 10% BF at 164lb. Looks more like 15%


My man, just what I needed.. never been above 200 but stuck in this 187-194 range for a minute lol gives me hope!


19M 7 month progress (10/17/2019) ~ Fitness

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Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakn' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.


Really good progress!


Your hard work and healthy diet are definitely paying off! Best thing you can do for yourself! 👍👍👍


Oh yes, among all the serious complications of low T like depression, mood swings, fatigue, unexplained weight fluctuations, and sexual dysfunction, there's also the secret most dangerous symptom: failing to meet your unrealistic gains expectations. Seriously, you look fine and your progress is good. If you feel fine, you have no reason to freak out over a number. If you go down the path you're pursuing, it has huge risks, and right now you can choose to be the guy at 25 who is absolutely jacked and looks back and laughs at 19 year old you for freaking out and self-diagnosing himself, or you can be 25 and have permanently damaged your body's natural hormone creation and be stuck on hormone therapy for life.


Nice progress, dude! This is the right age to make this lifestyle routine. Find a workout and diet that is manageable and keeps you stable (tweak as needed) and your future self will thank you endlessly. Keep it up!


Pumpkin Muffins (10/17/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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How much sugar is typically in spice cake mix?


My mom use to make these when I was little for the holidays. Love them!!


Everyone asking for macros I just added up Duncan Hines spice mix box and a can of Libbys and divided it by 24 as OP said and got this for each muffin: Calories = 78 Fat = 2 Carbs = 16 (half is sugar) Protein = 1


I find that a little egg, or at least egg whites, helps the consistency by a significant amount. Also you can just use a yellow cake mix with a bit of pumpkin spice if that's more convenient. But overall yes it's quite good and low in fat.




Satisfying no-heat lunch ideas? (10/16/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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> "Sorry, English is not my first language" *Proceeds to write perfect English* You could go for heartier salads like potato salads or bean salads. I often make a potato beetroot salad with horseradish. Assuming you have a kettle to make your noodles with you could also go for oatmeal. And sandwiches are always an option.


Thermos with soup, stew, pasta, chilli, etc?


Adult lunchables! Crackers, Cheese, salami/pepperoni/dry sausage cuts, nuts, fruits/berries, carrots, cherry tomatoes and whatever you like along those lines, really.


Some heartier but cold options: Potato salad with dill pickles and meatballs; Wraps/Pita Bread/Sandwiches; a hearty quiche (salmon/spinach or classic quiche lorraine) with a salad. If you can boil water: there are several processed meals with need hot water only, some organic ones (usually pasta with sauce, mashed potatoes or couscous-based) are not too bad; instant couscous with some dried mushrooms/frozen peas/veggies in small dices and spices/curry paste; mashed potatoes (look for no additives) with cheese and a sausage slices, add roasted onions after it is done. Look up 'kettle cooking' online.


Look for lunchboxes with built in heater on Amazon (I have one). I meal prep and freeze my food in a glass container. The lunchbox is insulated and keeps the food frozen until I plug in the heater. Glass container stays in the bag while it is heating. You just have to remember to plug it in 30 minutes before your lunch break. Edit: I just checked and the brand I have is called Hot Logic. Used it for over a year and it's still going!


Greasy spoon breakfast burrito (10/16/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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As a person from San Antonio, TX , it blows me away that most of the rest of the country knows nothing about breakfast tacos. They are amazing, and come with all kinds of good stuff inside. Bacon and egg is a staple. But also bean and cheese, potato and egg, chorizo and egg, bean and bacon, carne guisada, and any number of other combinations. A taco doesn't always mean a crispy shell with ground beef in there! Breakfast tacos are just about the best thing ever.


is “greasy spoon” a slang in America?


Wow 3 bucks for 10 eggs, I just got 18 for $1.09 and a $.40 cent coupon to drop it to $.69.




Y’all need to try this with green Chile sauce in it. Completes the dish!


Why are lateral raises so hard to improve on? (10/18/2019) ~ Fitness

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Lateral delts are tiny muscles. They don't need heavy weight. I'd be surprised if you ever go much heavier than 20 lb on them. I'm not sure I ever have.


There is literally almost no reason to ever go heavy on these. Not every movement is about MOVE AS MUCH WEIGHT AS POSSIBLE. Context just so you know i'm not some tiny guy spewing shit: My Bench: 425 My Incline DB work: 115s for 5 sets of 8 DB OHP work: 100s 5 sets of 8 My lateral raises: 20s for 5 sets of 15 or 25s for 5 sets of 10 I'm fairly certain I have a submitted pic in my profile on here that shows my shoulders are not smol.


Like stated, the delts/ upper delt is relatively small, but also you are at a severe mechanical disadvantage holding the weight with an outstreched arm. In addition to that, you usually only have the option to increase 5 lbs at a time and going from 20 to 25 is is a 25% increase, which is huge. IMO 15-30 lbs is very normal for working sets. I think the best way to increase would be adding more and more reps as you can then up the weight and drop the reps rinse and repeat. I tend to stick with high reps of lat raise because my form breaks down pretty bad when I go heavy.


Have you ever tried lifting a person directly in front of you with your arms fully outstretched? Much harder than when you bring your arms in closer and try to lift them, right? It's (mainly) a question of physics/leverages. Lateral raises have you moving weight about as far away from your body as possible, which makes it harder to overload by adding weight. The best bet is to overload by increasing reps/sets.


10lbs to 20lbs is a 100% increase in weight! It's much more impressive than going from a 100lbs bench to a 110lb bench. Think of the increases in terms of % and not so much pounds. Lateral delts are small muscles, *and* the fact that you have a whole ton of leverage working against you... yeah it's hard to do much weight. Even compared to something like DB shoulder presses, you won't be able to do too much weight. Micro-loading seems to be the answer. Increasing the weight on your 20lbs lateral raises by 10% to 22lbs, is like increasing your 100lb bench press by 10% to 110lbs.


How to reduce shaking with heavy deadlifts? (10/20/2019) ~ Fitness

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Get stronger. Don't lift so near maximal loads so often.


That just happens near max effort.


That is a body's pretty typical response to being near a max lift. The fact that your entire body is shaking and not just your legs or arms might mean that your full body is fully engaged which would be a good thing. Watch some videos of people PR'ing deadlift and you'll see all kinds of shaking. Be very aware of your form if you're maxing out, and don't try to max out every time you lift, you'll eventually get hurt and won't really achieve gains.


Besides normal shaking from heavy weight due to grinding. The bar could be getting away from your body which makes you twerk on the bar. Activate the lats and pull that bar through you to keep the bar close to your body as you rise.


Not sure if this is helpful at all but I have heard people will put on their 1 RM weight or higher for a lift then unrack the weight and just hold it for second or few seconds then re rack (or step out, setup with it then step back in, re rack).The idea is to let your body FEEL what that heavy weight is going to be like and how it feels to setup with your 1RM or more. From what I understand is that it is "priming" your central nervous system. But is it a load of BS or not? I honestly do not know but it has helped me and it least seems logical. Parting thought, when I do not setup well, brace enough or breathe correctly for setup it definitely throws me off enough for 1RM. Maybe just take more time to setup properly know exactly how you are going to do it.


19M 3/4 month Transformation (10/16/2019) ~ Fitness

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U look better than me in 4 months than me training for a year 😭. Good stuff man


I thought you meant within 3 quarters of a month


Are those lifts just the weight on the bar? Or is the bar included


God damn that’s a good recomp


Ah to have the testosterone of a 19 year old again!


Do you have any WEIRD cheap meals that you love? I do. (10/15/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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A squash (butternut, acorn or similar flavor), cut in half lengthways. One half gets the savory treatment with butter, salt, pepper, garlic powder and powdered oregano. The other half gets the sweet treatment with butter/molasses and cinnamon sugar. Bake at 350 for ~1-1.5 hours and it feels like a complete meal. You could obviously make this much healthier without butter, but butternut squash baked with butter and cinnamon sugar is torally worth it to me.


Idk how weird it is, but one of my favorite things to eat is just potatoes, kale, tomato sauce, and a fried egg on top. And parm if I have it. I know what I’m making for dinner tomorrow!


Ramen (just noodels) with peanut sauce.


Groud beef and onion, browned together. To it, add a can of diced tomatoes, a small can of tomato sauce and cooked elbow macaroni. You can add frozen corn if you want to. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve with a slice of white bread and butter and load that slop up on it to create some odd looking sandwich.


I like an entire plate of just a single roasted vegetable. For example: Brussel sprouts, a head of broccoli, a head of cauliflower, green beans, or an entire kabocha squash cut into wedges. All of these get the same treatment: salt, pepper, and garlic. Maybe tossed in some oil if I have the calories to spare. Then, I eat these roasted vegetable pieces in a homemade dip consisting of mayo, ketchup, mustard, worcestershire, onion powder, and vinegar.


Type of ladder at the gym?! (10/19/2019) ~ Fitness

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See if you have an indoor climbing gym nearby. I know that's where I've seen those ladders before. They should at least be able to point you in the right direction.


Swedish ladder or stall bars maybe?


They were probably campus rungs like what you'd find in a rock climbing gym.


A Jacob's ladder would have been my first thought.


It sounds like you're describing those things we have at the climbing gym. I think they're campus ladders. You'll find one of these in any half decent climbing gym. I use them often to train my grip and increase my climbing.


You have a strong hunger like none other, what meal is your go to that you make to fill you up? Struggling to feel full. (10/16/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Beans and cornbread, man.


If you’re trying to lose weight, I recommend making a stir fry with cauliflower rice for a meal when you’re super hungry. I buy it frozen and it’s pretty cheap. As someone who’s been losing weight for about 6 months this is one of my go tos when I’m really hungry. I start by cooking the cauliflower rice in a pan (you can eat like 4 servings of the plain stuff for 80 calories) with whatever veggies, I usually use a shit ton of broccoli and some onion. I’ll cook 4 oz of ground turkey, you can find super lean stuff for 120 cals or 160 cals for the less lean. I combine it all once everything’s cooked with a little soy sauce, siracha, salt and pepper, and then add in an egg. You can add whatever seasonings you want and switch up the veggies so it’s a good basic meal and can make a big ass bowl of food for 400 cals or under!


Are you're like me and your satiety response has been destroyed by years of overeating? If so, fasting for 24-48 hours helps me get that back.


Protein & fiber make me feel full. Any meal with 20-25% of its calories from protein, or 30+ grams of protein, plus 7-8 grams of fiber, is in the ballpark for me. I use MyFitnessPal to log my food, and I have found that watching my macros (protein, carbs, fat, plus fiber), as well as calories eaten vs. burned thus far in the day, really helps me understand what my body is craving and why,


i'm seconding beans, that will definitely fill you up. combine with rice or quinoa for basically a full meal


What is the difference between all Oat variants? Steel cut, rolled, regular, old fashioned? What’s the “healthiest” (10/18/2019) ~ Nutrition

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All oats are hulled. Steel cut oats are heated to prevent rancidity and cut into pieces. Old fashioned oats are steamed to prevent rancidity and make them pliable, then crushed flat between rollers. Quick oats are steamed, chopped into pieces and crushed between rollers. Quick steel cut oats are steel cut oats cooked in water and re-dried. Instant oats are old fashioned oats cooked in water and re-dried. Choose whichever you like best, nutritionally they're all about the same.


The fiber difference is actually negligible - and this is really the “healthiest” part of oats. Check out the nutrition labels next time you are in the store - they won’t vary much. I personally stick with old fashioned as they still retain a great texture, only take like 2-3 minutes to cook which isn’t much longer than instant, but still much shorter than steel cut.


Whole groats or steel cut oats are *IMO* best because they are the entire grain- steel cut is just groats cut in two or three pieces so they cook a bit more quickly. Rolled oats (aka old fashioned) are steamed and flattened so they cook more quickly and fast cooking oats are even thinner to cook even faster. This processing allows them to last longer in storage too but I still prefer groats or steel cut oats. They are chewier, more filling, and just more substantial all around. I set up groats in a rice cooker at night so they are ready dark and early. I use steel cut oats when I don't have time for overnight soaking.


I think the idea is that the less processed the oat the slower it digests. This results in more stable energy and less blood sugar variability. Steel cut > old fashioned > instant


Steel cut is the tastiest and easiest for me to eat daily. That should factor in. If I’m less likely to get bored, than I’m less likely to crave additional calories.


What makes a food “inflammatory” and what foods cause systemic inflammation? (10/16/2019) ~ Nutrition

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Some food components like carrageenan, if systemically absorbed, directly stimulate inflammatory response. Other components, like saturated and emulsified fats, increase permeability of the intestinal barrier to lipopolysaccharides, a component of gram-negative bacterial outer membranes. LPS is one of the most inflammatory substances known, one can induce a fever with the injection of nanograms. It's a matter of current scientific debate whether saturated fats also intrinsically activate Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR 4) mediated inflammation. In general, inflammatory foods include components that either directly or indirectly activate the innate immune system, commonly through binding with TLRs or other pattern recognition receptors which recognize pathogen-associated molecular patterns, as well as other receptors like RAGE (receptor for advanced glycation end products). Sometimes, this isn't a bad thing. The efficacy of some mushrooms as adjuncts to cancer treatment is likely due to fungal (1→3)-β-D-glucans increasing immune surveilance via TLR 2.


there are many foods that are inflammatory or simply harder for some people's bodies to tolerate. sugar and carbs may be considered inflammatory to people with certain medical conditions, or excess may be inflammatory. dairy products are inflammatory to certain people; milk or cheese. thankfully, there are alternatives which are generally better for everyone: mozzarella cheese or coconut milk or almond milk or hemp milk or pea milk (all non dairy) some people can't eat peanuts, but may able to eat almonds or walnuts. butter/margarine or certain oils may cause heart burn. the best to use are sesame, olive, coconut. never use canola or corn oil or simply vegetable oil. i've only used olive and sesame, though. supposedly, soybean oil has omega 3 but i am finding myself sensitive to that and had to cut out anything made with it. excess intake of omega 6 based foods is said to cause inflammation; majority of what you consume, if a meat eater, is omega 6. you're supposed to offset by including omega 3 based foods in your diet; walnuts instead of peanuts, fish, avocados, flaxseeds or chia seeds. some brands of organic bread will have omega 3 content.


What would some foods that you folks like that maybe combat or are very useful for anti-inflammatory foods?


can someone explain/list inflammatory symptoms? I'm not really sure what to look out for to distinguish whether a food type is working for me


Can someone explain to me what "infammation" is? It sounds like it describes general or vague unhealth which to me isn't very scientific. So a quick google says that it is an immune response that creates extra white blood cells to protect the body. So why is this bad?


Savoury oatmeals are GREAT! (10/15/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Oatmeal with two fried eggs, some thin slices of cheddar cheese, and about 12 cooked cherry tomatoes on top with some "everything but the bagel" seasoning. I've been told it's really weird but it's absolutely delicious. I'm currently trying to lose weight and it's so satiating that I don't even need to eat lunch anymore


Savory Asian chicken oats: a very general guide without measurements bc I don’t measure when I cook I start by taking meat off the bones from rotisserie chicken and saving it for later. Sometimes I’m lazy and I just throw the bones in with the meat (the meat will come off the bones easily at the end) and simmer for at least 30 to get a nice a broth out of it. You can use store bought broth of course but this is how I use the whole rotisserie chicken. I throw a few chunks or slices of ginger in the broth because I love ginger. Ginger also has warming medicinal properties so they’re an awesome addition as the weather gets cooler. Keep the pieces big so you can easily spot them and avoid serving them. Add salt to taste. If you’re down with MSG, you can add it here. After the broth has developed, I take out the bones. I add the chicken meat. We’re still at a strong simmer, not violent volcanic activity. Next I add the oats. I only buy one brand of oatmeal, Coach’s Oats (steel cut oatmeal sold at Costco). They have way more texture and keep its texture even after it cools unlike normal oatmeal that turns to congealed mush. These take about 5-7 min to cook. For more variety, you can add leftover rice, and superfoods like quinoa and chia seeds to elevate your oats. Add the grains with the longest cook time first and work backwards so that everything is at optimal doneness at the same time. For example, raw quinoa will take at least 10 min longer than oats to cook so add them 10 min before you add oats. It’s also good to keep in mind raw grains soak up more of water than leftover rice so make sure you started with enough water if you’re going to add raw grains. Everyone has different preferences how thick or watery they like their oats so also plan for that. Lastly, finish with some veggies. Leafy ones work best but you can really add anything. My favorites are napa cabbage and spinach. But if you’re making a big batch and expect leftovers, I would avoid adding spinach to the entire batch. You can tear the spinach into the bowl you’re going to eat the oats in and adding hot oats straight from the pot will wilt and cook the spinach completely. Ladle the oats into a bowl. I garnish with cilantro and green onion. If you like sesame oil, finish with a very small amount as it’s a very strong flavor. I like putting a bit of black pepper and mixing it in as well. You can also add a fried or poached egg. Other toppings include: fried onions, fried garlic, togarashi, furikaki, your favorite hot sauce. This was my first Reddit comment and I will make sure to write lengthy recipes on a computer instead of my phone next time. Enjoy!


I keep seeing the porridge in Mulan with the two fried eggs and bacon mouth. Always wanted to try it!


Add a bit of miso paste, a pinch of red pepper flake, soy sauce, steamed chopped broccoli and spinach, topped with a soft boiled egg cut in half (or poached if you like squishier egg)


I make a modified congee with oatmeal, Bragg's amino acids, green onions and pepper. Super quick, savoury, and filling!


The Truth (10/17/2019) ~ Nutrition

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I think it's being downvoted because you titled it "The Truth" - sounds like you are trying to promote something... unscientific. That being said, yes, I firmly believe that, if everyone ate 90% or so of their calories from whole foods, a lot of the world's health issues would be eliminated. Now, there will still be health issues, and there are plenty of studies showing that an excess of saturated fat in ones diet, for example, increases intestinal permeability, atherosclerosis, and leads to health issues, but I do believe that effect would be at least somewhat mediated by the whole foods. And, in perspective, I would definitely rather people eat saturated fat from whole food sources than anything processed like cookies and potato chips. With that being said, we have decimated our environment so much that I don't think 95% of the world's health problems will be solved with a good diet. Firstly, we have poisoned our land through excessive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and industrial farming practices; our environment is far too clean, and we still overuse antibiotics, so people would continue to have crazy allergies; air, light, noise pollution, and stressful lifestyles would still affect peoples' mental and physical health negatively. And I'm not sure which of these is the biggest factor in our ailing health. But it is something to ruminate on (no pun intended).




pretty much spot on, also as much as we like to diss processed food it's not the sole problem. People not being physically active is arguably as great or even greater problem for both obesity and general well being.


Yes and yes! Great observations. Meat and carbs are demonized due to lack of knowledge. The problem is processed foods as you mentioned which is typically carbs and meat. This is where the demonization comes from. Carbs are typically stripped down so much that they increase insulin dramatically causing spikes and insulin resistance which causes weight gain over time. Meat is similar to some degree since most is grain fed and pumped with antibiotics. It still can have the same insulin raising effects. Since we started eating processed foods in the 50s obesity and weight gain has only increased. I highly recommend the obesity code for a great read about what REALLY causes weight gain. Overall Whole Foods will be so much better for you. That’s the best place to start for anyone. Replacing processed food with a whole food you like.


I am a whole food advocate. But those who think that simply switching to whole foods would resolve most people's diet issues don't understand the clinical evidence out there; we have ample clinical evidence that while a WFPB diet helps with type II diabetes, it *does not* fix it for most patients. The basic problem is that people who have lots of insulin resistance have a metabolism that is not functioning normally, and the sort of diet that might work for that person if they were insulin sensitive does not work with the metabolic disfunction in place.


Barbellyaga – It’s just a metal stick (10/16/2019) ~ Fitness

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As fun as it is to analyze what routines will give the best gains and what exercises will help the most or what people can do to get better results, fitness is actually really simple. If a person actually wants it , they will not let location or anxiety or lack of equipment get in the way. Pick things up and put them down, run longer or faster over time, slowly make things harder on yourself, eat like you care about getting what you want. It is not complicated, it just requires effort which many people are not comfortable with yet.


>Feel free to PM /u/PurpleSpengler with any questions! 🙂 What did he do to you to deserve this?


I think people get intimidated by free weights, there isn’t a machine with a set travel path and padded grips that you can drop safely if something is too hard. Also, some of the meek folks are likely afraid they will get made fun of for lifting low weights or incorrectly. Which, I have personally never seen before. Actually they are more likely to have someone show them the proper, safe use of whatever piece of gear or movement they are doing.


Hold up, you mean to tell me that TRX won’t make me jacked as shit?


There's a place for everything if you're just looking to be in better shape and get stronger. I was 9 yrs old when I started training w/ my older brother's Bullworker. In 4th grade being the smallest kid in my class I beat everyone but the teacher armwrestling. Only me and the kid who lived on a working farm had any muscletone at that age. This inspired me maintain a good level of strength and athleticism my entire life - there's a process and a means, and you will get results if you follow some simple rules. Folks with no history of fitness might believe this, but they don't know or understand it the way experienced fitness enthusiasts do. At 52 I've trained with barbell, kettlebell, sandbag, medicine ball, etc, etc. The most important thing isn't the gym or mode, the body doesn't care how tension is applied or where you are when doing so. The most important thing is to train intelligent movement patterns and put in the work. However you learn these basics doesn't really matter, you could get great results training with logs and rocks in your backyard. That said, the gym and barbell make it about as straightforward as its going to get.


How much protein can the body use in a single meal for muscle-building? (10/19/2019) ~ Nutrition

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According to the guys on the “stronger by science” podcast the preponderance of evidence suggests that 1 gram per pound of body weight per day is optimal for hypertrophy and strength gains. They also suggest that timing doesn’t seem to be super important, but that spacing your protein meals about 3-5 hours apart throughout the day has seemed to work best in some studies. I have been following this advice for about a year. I usually aim for 30-50 grams of protein per meal, with about 6 meals per day. This seems to be working pretty well. Over the past year I’ve lost 30 pounds, visibly increased muscle mass, increased my strength significantly on all my lifts, and lost a lot of fat.


I just looked up what causes gout. It seems to be a lot more complicated than just “eating too much protein “. Being male is the number one risk factor. Others include obesity, other health problems such as insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes, drinking alcohol, and eating too much fructose. The last risk factor is consuming foods high in something called purine. Examples of high-purine sources include: sweetbreads, anchovies, sardines, liver, beef kidneys, brains, meat extracts (e.g., Oxo, Bovril), herring, mackerel, scallops, game meats, beer (from the yeast) and gravy.


I personally don't believe in x amount of protein per meal as much. I've been succesfully building muscle as well as cutting by just targeting x amount per day. At times its evenly destributed by each meal, at other times I got like 100grams in within 2 hours if i had a busy day.


Yea I thought you got gout from foods that cause high Uric Acid content in blood. Like organ meat, shellfish, and poultry


I believe that this question may be difficult to answer. While it is true that there is a max amount of protein that triggers protein synthesis while the rest is used for energy, any meal you eat besides protein powder does not provide immediate protein; food takes time to digest so you're not getting all that protein right away, but rather over the next 24 to 48 hours. So you might eat 50g protein now, but depending on the composition of your meal, you're going have protein trickled into your system over a long period of time. From my personal experience, I have made significant fat losses and muscle gains with fasting. It's quite common for me to eat 100g protein on one meal. Its possible it's not optimal, but I cant say for sure because its working very well for me.


Adapting the r/fitness basic beginner routine for my semi-advanced age and medical history (10/20/2019) ~ Fitness

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I'm 55, started lifting when I turned 50. My son had a heart to heart with me and I lost 55 pounds and started strength training. I did Starting Strength. Added arms (don't tell Riptoe) for looks. After about a year my wife was worried I was cheating on her because of my body transformation (I wasn't and offered to go back to being a fat slob, she told me to keep training). Hit the thousand pound club at 52 1/2. I hurt my knee skiing and stopped deadlifting/squats for a while. I am back to powerlifting and back in the thousand pound club. Best advice I heard is "listen to your body especially when it tells you what you don't want to hear". I found that I can not work out 3 days in a row, even with totally different muscle groups, I just get too fatigued and can't function. Everyone is different and you need to find what works for you. but at 50 there is no reason you can't lift heavy. Good luck, it is a fun sport and has positively effected many aspects of my life.


This will be too long, but I hope it helps. I can't answer your questions directly, I'm not qualified to do that, but I can tell you what I did. I'm 55. Had a stroke 4 years ago. A mild one. Lost the use of my left arm and hand. Left leg was weak and I had a limp. Lost some vision in my left eye, and had trouble speaking for a few weeks. Yes, that was a MILD stroke. So I went to rehab, and got better. In a few weeks I was back at work, able to drive, type, even went back to playing bass guitar (it's good therapy). After that I started working out at home with just dumbbells and bod weight exercises. Eventually put together a small home gym. Nothing heavy. No squat rack, no bench press, etc. Just dumbells, a bench, curl bar, tri/hammer curl bar, ankle weights, and a treadmill. What I learned was this - commitment, form and light weights are the key to good health at my age. Do the exercise properly and never concern yourself with the number on the weight. It's pointless. Next is eating healthy (a lot) and resting (a lot). A good night's sleep is your best friend. About 4 months ago I joined Planet Fitness. Everyone hates on them, but they are perfect for me. I travel for my job, and there is always a PF open near me, 24/7. It has everything I need. At the same time I downloaded a PPL program from here, or somewhere on the web, and started doing it. I modified it so it fits my schedule and abilities. I workout about 5 days per week with it. I do squats, kneeling squats, and good mornings on the smith machine. I bench press and incline press on it. There are tons of videos out there that show the correct form and technique. It's easy to learn, and hard to do. In 4 months my progression has been amazing. Doing those compound lifts has done more for me in 4 months than anything I've ever done. So my long-winded point - - your 52 ain't old. You can build muscle and push your self. But stay in your lane (you know what I mean). I'm not in my 20s and my body tells me that every now and then. And it tells me with pain. If you want to add heavy weight, do it, but cautiously. Form and technique are everything. Oh, and take rest days seriously. 🙂 I hope that helps you. And that I made some sense. 🙂


I came here to see what you were calling a “semi-advanced age” and had a good chuckle. Congrats on beginning a new journey!


47 years old progressing slowly and doing full range of motion. Strongest I’ve ever been.


You should attend a marathon to meet people that started running at age 70 because of a heart attack and now have done dozens of marathons and half-marathons. Meet those at 50 who weighed 400 lbs and started running to lose weight. Starting at 52 is nothing. Stop preparing your excuses in advance and get to work.


What are your favorite snack pick-me-ups? (10/16/2019) ~ Nutrition

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Frozen blueberries. Leave em out to thaw for a little bit and then they taste like sour candies.


Apple with almond butter, especially the crunchy almond butter and a crisp Pink Lady apple. So good!


Frozen grapes! It’s just so refreshing.


Celery sticks with peanut butter (don't judge me.. It's really good!) 😆


Mandarin oranges


How much banana is too much? (10/19/2019) ~ Nutrition

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There was a time I college when I was constantly eating 15-20 a day. I’m fine. You’ll be fine.


if you are puking and still shoving some in your mouth its too much STOP AND GET HELP!


You’re fine. A typical banana weighs about 100 grams without the peels. If you eat a pound of bananas you’re only eating 4.5 bananas. That’s only like 70 grams of sugar. Total. That’s not enough to fuck with your blood sugar like someone suggested.


That's still probably less sugar than a lot of the population


You could have 30 and be ok.


Easy to make meals if you’re disabled? (10/20/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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I don't have any precise recipe ideas but I have cerbral palsy and have some trouble lifting and balancing with heavy things. One thing I've found pretty helpful is having a cart that is exactly counter height. That way I can cook with a heavy pot on the stove, then slide it on the cart as easily take it to the sink to strain or whatever, and also take things to the table without much lifting.


What about going breakfasty? Make omelettes, scrambled eggs, pancakes, french toast, egg sandwiches? Cheap and pretty easy to make. Even do good old classic eggs, bacon, and toast. Buy some pizza sauce and whatever topping you like, and use either an English muffin or half of a bagel to make miniature pizzas that you can pop in the toaster oven to bake for a few minutes. If you really wanted to go flavorful, get a box of texas toast to use as the crust. If you use the Crock-Pot, you can make a roast, and reuse the leftovers for BBQ sandwiches (or pulled pork if it's a pork roast), beef and noodle soup, taco filler, etc. Basically make more meals out of it. A very simple meal is buy some tortillas and shredded cheese. Can either microwave or heat in a skillet as a cheese quesadilla. Feel adventurous? Add some cooked chicken, leftover roast, onion, peppers, whatever! Could also make sandwich wraps or pinwheels out of the tortillas.


After I had my stroke I ate nothing but progresso soup for like 3 months. They have every flavor soup you can imagine the calories are pretty reasonable and I would eat the whole can as a meal even though half my face is partially paralyzed around the mouth I just didn't eat a lot in public. to dress it up you can add like a few slices of cheese to nibble on or crackers or a couple of vegetables or for some of their like Mexican flavor soups you can add a tortilla. If you get bored of their flavors I would switch over to the Campbell's condensed flavors. They're lower in calories because it's a smaller can and they're condensed and all you really add water but they are also a little bit more affordable so not all bad. Good luck!


If you have trouble with knife work, there are adaptive kitchen tools, such as rocker knives or one-handed cutting boards that help with grip or arm strength. Maybe bean salad is an option? You can use canned beans so you don't have to lift a heavy pot. How about baked potatoes, or sweet potatoes? Things like canned chili as a topping to make it a complete meal. Sardines or tuna on crackers or toast. Avocado toast. Nibble-style meals, with things like fruit, cheese, and pre-sliced meats. Yogurt. Oatmeal.


An electric steamer with plastic trays is light and easy to clean up. They can do rice, vegetables, and meat. Steaming thinly sliced chicken strips or fish fillets is also healthy. I used to eat a lot of steamed broccoli, chicken and rice with a bit of salad dressing. I also recommend a sandwich press, or a panini press. You can cook thin cuts of meat on these and you don't have to lift or move them to clean, just wash with a soapy sponge and then wipe it down. You can also make delicious toasty wraps, sandwiches, quesadillas, pancakes.. My most-cooked meal on these is a simple egg and toast, with optional fried tomato with basil.