$100/wk food budget for two. Week One breakdown. (12/8/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Thanks! I need to get better at doing fewer, larger grocery runs. For a good while, I lived in a place where the grocery store was a 5 minute walk away and also had a little public park next to it, so I got in the habit of going MANY times a week. A few years later and I'm still bad about going to the store and only buying for 1, maaaybe 2 meals at a time. So I'm gonna try to use this as inspiration to get better about planning ahead and condensing trips!


Thanks for sharing! Also Holy crap where do you live!? $0.75 for an avacado? Cheapest I've seen them in a while is $3.00 each.


I just wanted to say Better than Bouillon. Where I am it's only about a dollar more than the cubes for a container, but insanely better tasting. Not as salty, but flavorful. I also love grabbing the roasted garlic flavored BtB for adding to the rice cooker, really varies the flavor. Your spreadsheet is an interesting project, I'm not sure how well it translates to other areas, but I liked that you planned and used the cilantro in two recipes. I need to do that more. I'm pretty good with reusing veggies (I often grab broccoli or green beans from Sam's Club for the week) but I have a mental block about herbs like cilantro. I struggle with how to keep using the herb throughout the week, but not having the same meal.


Thanks. This was very cash money of you


How is everything so insanely cheap? What part of the US?


Is your milk about to spoil? Make cheese (12/13/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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This is the exact recipe for making paneer, a relatively expensive Indian cheese. One variation is to compress the cheese for about an hour, still in the cheese cloth, between 2 plates. This makes the cheese nice and firm and slow to melt when adding it to a sauce.


> for a bag of milk I see you are from Ontario as well!


TIL I can make cheese from milk I buy. I thought that was always a "straight from the cow" thing.


I used to do this when I was getting raw milk from a local Amish farm. I thought only raw milk did it! It was years ago but I remember just sitting it out and letting it spoil on the counter? I could be wrong tho and again it was raw so maybe that’s different. Great info thanks for posting!


You made cottage cheese or queso fresco. It's not really cheese. You just separated the casein (white lumpy protein) from the whey (urine-colored liquid protein.) But yeah, I guess it's a good whey to use old milk. The whey can also be used as a fertilizer for plants if you'd like.


I need the best beans and rice recipe you have (12/9/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Non-authentic Gallo Pinto - basically Latin American bean fried rice. Can be done in as little as 20 min depending on how fast you can prep veg. - sauté 1/2 onion with garlic, chili powder, some cumin and herbs of your choice -(add peppers to this if available) - add long grain rice (best if cold- fresh cooked will get mushier) - couple dashes of Worcestershire, soy, and hot sauce (Basically until your spice and salt level are reached) - spoonful or two of ketchup - throw in the rinsed beans for the last 3-5 min of cooking - also works well with meat, add the precooked meat in with the beans Fry with a little extra oil until rice is steamed up and saturated with the flavors- like any other fried rice Of all things, the Worcestershire, soy, hot sauce, and ketchup are key. It’s an equivalent flavor to a bottled sauce - Salsa Lizano, that is a vital ingredient when made in south/Central America


16oz dried Red (kidney) beans 3 celery stalks 1 chopped onion 12 oz smoked turkey sausage Season to taste (I use cajun seasoning) Add brown or white rice when it's done cooking. Serve in a bowl with generous slathering of Louisiana Hot Sauce. We eat this about once a week or so. Takes about 50 minutes in an instant pot and reheats very well for lunch the next day. My kids love it, minus the hot sauce. The most expensive part is the sausage which is about $3.


Black beans - Rinsed Celery 2 stalks Chopped serrano / jalapeno pepper 1 Chopped Onion Cook all of these up in a skillet with some oil with salt and pepper, whatever you like for seasonings and for the rice make sure you’re at least buying some knorr bouillon cubes if not chicken stock. I go for tomato with chicken, but try a few out and see what you like.


This is my families go-to beans and rice dinner 1 can black or pinto beans- drained and rinsed 1 can corn- drained 1 can diced tomatoes and green chilies- drained Shredded cheese- however much you want Cook 2 cups rice with 2 cups water and 2 cups chicken stock (optionally all stock or all water based on preference) that has been seasoned with cumin, chili powder, lime juice, and any other seasonings based on how you want your rice to taste After rice is cooked throw all the canned ingredients and cheese in a bowl and mix together. optional: preferred hot sauce after all ingredients are combined.


Sorry American redditors, no freedom units: Rice (250g) Can of kidney beans (200-250g) Onion 1-2 cloves of garlic Coconut milk (250ml) Vegetable broth (400ml) Nutmeg Coriander (or is it called cilantro? Are they the same? Idk...) 1. Slice and dice the onion and the garlic. Put them in the pan with some oil (only a short time) 2. Add beans and rice 3. Add Coconut milk and vegetable broth 4. Season (salt, nutmeg, coriander) 5. Let it simmer and wist until rice is cooked


Why does using the stair machine wreck me within like 5 – 7 minutes? (12/13/2019) ~ Fitness

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When I was at my most fit as a gymnast I could do some really impressive athletic and strength and endurance things, but put me on a stair machine and you’d think it was my 2nd day ever working out. They’ve always been so hard for me


I find that to be the hardest cardio machine.


Stair machines, or actual stairs, or elevation work in general, is/are NOTORIOUSLY rough. An entire stair race up 69 floors might only last 5-20 minutes. If you are on a stair machine or going up stairs, you need to stop thinking of cardio in terms or running or of 30m+ sessions of continuous movement. Now, caveat - I don't know what your health situation is, I don't know how fast you're trying to go, and heart palpitations are a bad sign, please talk to a medical professional. But I will say that at an 80 stair per minute rate, which is not even a jog, just a brisk walk, 5 to 7 minutes is enough to climb 400-560 stairs, or 800-1120 if you double stepped the whole way, which is the length of a decent sized full stair race ...which are ABSURDLY rough on the body and which most people would train for specifically. So it is always possible that you are setting the machine to a speed that looks "reasonable," but are calibrating your expectations based on flat ground when that is a really bad model for what you're actually doing.


Like everything else it’s all about speed. Slowly walking for 10 minutes is easy. Running full blast for 10 minutes is impossible. Reduce the speed. Put it on slowest setting. Do you still gas out immediately? I doubt it. Ok. Increase the speed by one. Now how’d it go? Repeat until you find your level. Train at that level. Increase level over time. Cardio 101. It doesn’t matter how you’re doing it. You have to train at your current speed and slowly increase over time. Stair-climbing is more energy intensive than walking. You’ll climb slower than you walk. It doesn't get any easier, you just get faster.


I lost 100 lbs using the stairs almost daily. Absolutely the hardest cardio machine, but once you get used to it, everything else is a piece of cake.


Any advice? Quit smoking 7 weeks ago and now can’t stop eating. (12/11/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Everyone who ever quit feels for you. It is hard. Keep going! Try bubbly water (like Perrier or LaCroix), baby carrots, almonds, saltines, popcorn, pretzels. For some reason black licorice helped me, like Good & Plenty. I think anise might be an additive in major cigarette brands.


Chew sunflower seeds to replace your oral fixation. It’s what I had to do 6 years ago. And still do occasionally.


Drink water. You are not hungry. You just need a routine that satiates your oral cravings. Especially semi frozen water. Keep at least a half dozen (or more) semi filled (75% or less) plastic bottles in the freezer. Take a sip every few minutes. Set a reminder if you need to. Rotate and refill the bottles every day.


swap calorific snacks for plain popcorn (a bit of salt+msg as seasosning is good and doesnt add calories), vegetable sticks like carrot, celery etc. easiest way i found to avoid eating unhealthy food was to avoid buying it in the first place.


I recently got a fake cigarette to help with the oral fixation part of quitting/having something to hold in my hand. I think the brand is QuitGo and I got a single unit in the “oxygen flavor”. They have multi-packs and other flavors. It’s basically like taking a drag off of a straw. It sounds stupid but, it’s worked for me!


My fiancé has been put on a very restrictive diet. Can you come up with great recipes from just these ingredients? (12/10/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Well I don't know about everyone else, but I want to poach some pears with maple syrup, a dash of whiskey and that vanilla. To either eat for dessert or to put over breakfast grains.


I see a lot of ingredients that are found in south-asian and middle-eastern cuisine on that list. So you might be able to modify some existing recipes from those styles, and where required sub in other ingredients from your list.. At least you have garlic! Good luck!


As for a dessert, I'm wondering if you can make some sort of rice pudding with white rice + rice milk + vanilla + maple syrup? Might take a bit of googling to find something that works though. I agree with the idea of a stir fry, especially if you can use soy sauce!


1 part whisky 1 part gin Repeat as many times as needed to deal with the pain of never being able to eat tasty food again. Seriously though that list is pretty solid. Like you could make some kickass gluten free burritos or some shit. When I read the first part this looked pretty grim but it’s basically just a gluten/diary free diet with a few extra steps?


Two of my all-time favourite dishes: Saute celery and leeks in sunflower oil. Mash potatoes with a little Soya milk. Combine in a baking dish and grill for a few minutes til the topping goes a bit crispy. If she's allowed smoked tofu you can cube it and saute it with the celery and leeks to make a complete main. Also cabbage, shredded, sautéed in sunflower oil with shallots (and a little garlic if you like), then sprinkle with poppy seeds. Serve with noodles for a main dish. Or roast the cabbage and shallots to get crispy edges and a different flavour. I think you could also probably do a sort of stir fry with bamboo shoots, green beans or whatever veg. Add onions and garlic and some of the herbs. Stir in silken tofu and cook for another minute, this makes a sort of 'scrambled egg' texture sauce.


Isn’t adding resistance bands to a bench press essentially the same thing as adding more weight? (12/8/2019) ~ Fitness

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Resistance bands get more resistant as you stretch them


If people have trouble with lockout on really heavy weights then adding bands to lower weight will let them do increase the difficulty of lockout on lower weights, so you can do more volume.


Would add little resistance at the bottom but more at the top. So if your sticking point is at the top it’s a good idea.


I believe the technical term is "progressive resistance". It gets "heavier" the more you lift, easier at the bottom and harder at the top. This is sometimes used for plateau busting. Another technique for this is hanging chains on the bar, long enough that the chains are resting on the ground at the bottom; this way, you are picking up extra weight as you lift the bar.


Louis Simmons has a lot on this subject but essentially no. Bands and chains are excellent for accommodating resistance


Fried rice saved me (from dying of eating pasta all the time) (12/12/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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I got a rice cooker for free on Craigslist and my life changed DRASTICALLY. I am so so bad at cooking rice, no matter what I did it would always come out wrong 3/5 times. My rice cooker is used and a little scratched up but the rice comes out perfect every time. I love it. Also steaming some veggies on top makes dinners such a breeze (but fried rice like oh mentioned is the most satisfying 🤤)


I've never used a rice cooker. I always just boil it in the pot on the stove. When the water is almost gone, I turn off the heat, put the lid on and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Fluffy, happy rice every time and I've never had a problem with it stuck to the bottom.


The best fried rice is made from rice left overnight! Drying the rice helps in making sure that your fried rice is nicely charred, and not too soggy.


I recently started adding oyster sauce to my fried rice ... freakin' game changer. So much flavor!


I'm actually running sensory experiments on different rice varieties in my lab right now and I have SO MUCH leftover cooked rice that I've been taking home. Trying to come up with some good ways to use it before it goes off, already fried up enough for a week and still have more left! Was thinking of trying to make rice pudding? Open to any suggestions!


Broken dominant hand, what can I make with one hand? Minimal cutting, can opening, anything that requires pressure with 2 hands (12/11/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Electric can opener


Another tip is if you normally use chopped peppers and onions hen you cook,you can buy them pre-chopped in the frozen veggie section.


I would utilize your insta pot. Lots of soups and roasts. Baby carrots for no cutting and smaller potatoes to avoid cutting.


I ate a lot of sandwiches when I broke my hand. All different kinds, but usually BLTs or melts of some sort are my favorite. There's lots of food you can make one handed, honestly. I know it really sucks in the beginning and you almost feel claustrophobic with one hand, but you'll get used to it, and eventually you'll get really good at doing everything one handed where it won't even be a problem. And the pain will lessen after a while so you can apply more pressure. You got this!


With your big potatoes maybe just bake them in microwave?


Is alternating between rope/bar tricep pushdown enough for full tricep development? (12/9/2019) ~ Fitness

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The different portions of the tricepget more variety from elbow position in relation to the shoulder joint rather than hand position. Picking one pushdown variation, skull crushed or close-grip bench, and an overhead extension will provide different stimulus to portions of the tricep, and could help develop certain areas.


Tricep Dips are a brilliant exercise for Tricep developement.


need to also focus on the long head


I currently do 3 days of upper body per week and my workout consists of: Day 1: Tricep cable pull downs Day 2: DB skullcrushers Day 3: Assisted Dips By far, I get the most activation from DB skull crushers and it's not even close IMO (Grain of salt as I am still working on perfecting my form for Dips).


Get your close grip bench to 2 plates for reps


Is doing heavy shrugs a dick move? (12/9/2019) ~ Fitness

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Sometimes i hit my dick with the bar when i shrug. Thats the only possible dick move. Get swole bro youve committed no sin


The fact that you’re even asking means you probably treat the equipment better than 90% of people in the gym. Don’t worry about it


If you’re paying for a gym membership and you’re so strong that you use more weight than the gym equipment can accommodate, that sounds like the gym’s problem. As long as you’re not doing something reckless then you are paying them to use their amenities, no dick move here. Impressive deadlift btw.


Find the bar that's already bent, and try to stick with that one bar. If there's no bent bar, bend one, and stick with it from that point. When people complain, tell 'em it's already bent so it's acceptable.


If you're slamming the weight down on the safeties then it could bend the bar, similar to rack pulls. If you have tall enough or enough blocks to stack you do them off blocks instead.


When is it appropriate to do PPL vs a more detailed routine like 5/3/1? (12/12/2019) ~ Fitness

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As someone who has been doing PPL since starting his weight loss journey at 344lbs (currently 197lbs) let me just tell you this: The best routine is the one you stick to. Don’t overthink it, just get to work.


PPL isnt a specific program, it’s just a template for which days you do which exercises. Tons of programs can be called a PPL. Hell, many 3 day 5/3/1 templates are PPLs. If you’re a beginner, do a specific program that prescribes explicit sets/reps/weights and a clear progression plan.


I personally do a PPL with 5/3/1 sets for the main lifts. I.e. 5/3/1 bench on push day then accessories, 5/3/1 squat on leg day then accessories, 5/3/1 deadlift on pull day then accessories. For me, it's been a good mix of strength training and general ("bodybuilding") training.


You can use any routine you want, whenever you want. They all work. It's a question of effort, consistency and time. People tend to screw up 1 of those 3 things at a minimum.


I’ve been doing 531 for about 6 months, I love it. People bitch that the frequency is too low or the progression isn’t fast enough; whatever. Wendler knows what the fuck he’s doing. I’ve gotten bigger and stronger, with better conditioning all while managing recovery and avoiding injury. The best one for you is the one you’re gonna stick to.


M/23/192cm/135kg – M/24/192cm/112kg (12/13/2019) ~ Fitness

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Boo hell yeah this is good work. My jaw literally dropped seeing that original weight loss comparison. Practically two different humans entirely. Your more current gains are impressive as well. Keep it up 🙌


Good work! Great to hear that you are back into healthy eating and best of all you have the gym bug! Edit: Woo my first, first comment!


that and you managed to maintain your height, well done!


Your goal, apart from squats, is pretty much the 1234 plate goal, same as me.


Amazing job..


What is your grocery list? (12/12/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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I shop week to week and really change it up so I don't get bored. I'm also trying to be a healthier eater, so I try and revolve my meals around vegetables and fruits I buy but are still versatile. You can't go wrong with a protein/grain/vegetable mix with just different spices and herbs. I like leafy greens lol, so my mains are: -spinach (can quickly saute or put into pasta) -mushrooms(white to mix into pasta, or big portobello for meatless meals) -broccoli or cauliflower (easy steam or roast) -green beans -or just a large frozen pack of vegetables I can boil quickly to add with a protein Also used to be a picky eater! Still am in some ways (hate Brussel sprouts, eggplant, don't eat potatoes often, etc), but I know some pickyness is generally because of how different foods are prepared. I used to hate salad until I started putting things that I actually liked, and not what just what I considered a standard salad (ranch and wilty lettuce). I also know some people's parents used to boil their veggies to mush, but mine only did it for a few minutes to soften slightly, which can completely change your perspective on a vegetable. I hope that helps! Edit: To say also check out vegetarian blogs/cookbooks because those can provide great new ideas for filling and affordable vegetables prepared in ways you might not know about!


To start, slowly work up a selection of spices and cooking oils. Snag one or two every time you go grocery shopping, until you have a good assortment. Often times you can find cheap spices in Asian or Mexican supermarkets. Step two is to buy large cuts of meat weekly. This week for me was pork loin, last week was a chicken, etc. It's easy and cheap to buy and cook for the week, and then you can either eat the meat straight or incorporate it into other dishes (soup, sandwiches, stir frys). Finally, buy whatever veggies are in season at a farmers market or your local grocery store. Once again, you can eat them raw or make soups, stews, roast them, etc. Pasta, rice, bread, tortillas and the like are also great cheap/versatile options to change up your meals, but I generally stay away from them because I'd rather get my calories/carbs from veggies.


I'm working with one weekly meal-prep, so this is my grocery list. Italicized items are things I have in bulk and buy less frequently - Onions, garlic, ginger, chillis, cilantro, green onions - green beans - broccoli - seitan - icelandic yogurt - bananas - frozen mangos + pineapple - spinach - *lentils* - *curry spices* - *rice* - *bread ingredients (flours, yeast, etc...)* -*peanut butter* - *soy sauce* ​ Those are the broad basics. I've been making peanut butter toast and yogurt for breakfast, seitan and broccoli with rice for lunch, and Daal with the lentils and aromatics with green beans and rice for dinner, with a smoothie from the spinach, banana, mangos and pineapples.


Leafy greens. I eat a salad every day. My add ons are what is seasonal or on sale. I just bought a sweet potato i am going to roast in to "croutons" but i usually have pumpkin seeds, nuts, eggs for my salads. I make bean soups that are full of veg. If you want to learn how to eat cheap and healthy and not boring you need to get over being picky. You should start watching so you tube videos and learn to cook something. Plus once you see how something is prepared you may get past your aversion to some foods. Maybe its a texture issue and not a green thing. Also videos will likely give you ideas to substitute.


It really varies but I try to make at least a few of my ingredients overlap between two meals and/or can roll into another meal. I'm not the best with meal planning but I try and think out at least 2 meals at a time. So this week I bought Rotisserie chicken Carrots Celery Green onion Ginger Peanuts Tofu Bell peppers I made chicken salad first using chicken, carrots, green onion, and celery. A few days later I made Kung Pao tofu using the rest of the celery, green onion, and carrots plus the tofu, ginger, peanuts, and bell peppers. So most of my veg went into both meals but each meal was totally different. I bought the peanuts in bulk so I'll continue to use those for other stuff. I saved the carcass and veg scraps to make chicken stock that I'll use as a base for a soup next, which will also include some kale that needs to be eaten but I just wasn't in the mood for yet. So maybe you could start small by finding two recipes with a few overlapping ingredients like that?


Confused About Rep Ranges in Program (12/12/2019) ~ Fitness

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Either. If you fall in the range you're doing the work as prescribed.


Lift enough so that hitting RPE 8 is somewhere between 4 and 6 reps.


If you do 4x4 most likely every set isn't RPE 8. If you start with 6 reps at RPE 8 by the time you get to 4th set your RPE 8 becomes 4 reps or maybe 5. But tbh this is just kinda confusing for no reason lol


Man, I had to stop responding to comments from the amount of bad advice here. RPE is designed to strain your body to a certain point based on how it feels that day. If you're sick, didn't sleep, and fasted for 3 days - squatting LIGHT weight will tax your body a lot. If you do RPE, it doesn't matter what weight you're moving. Gauge yourself on the warmup sets, and adjust if you over/undershot too far. As an example, I was doing some snatch-grip DLs at 315 last week for 5x8. It was an RPE 7, and I may have undershot. Today, I was doing sets of 7 and 275 was ROUGH. If you tracked every aspect of your life and lifting, you should see the weights trending upward over time when training with RPE. Week-to-week you might not always see increases in weight, but the strain put on your body is what you're focusing on.


RPE takes a little while to judge accurately. Honestly, I've been using RPE for almost 2 years now and sometjmes I still feel like I misjudge effort.


I’ve never been an adventurous eater, so my transition to a predominantly plant-based diet has been a challenge. These bean and rice burritos have been a game changer. (12/8/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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First of all just wanna say it's awesome that you're doing this and it's a great way to explore more food and cooking options. I'm not a vegan or anything and don't have any religious restraints but was vegetarian for a few months when I was living with my grandfather who is a Taoist. Thanks for the awesome recipe and I'm just wondering what made you decide to go through such a change and rough transition?


Good for you! Whether you’re doing it for moral and ethical reasons or for health, getting your vegetable intake is always a good thing. I’d add toasting your tortillas up in a little oil and making them crispy.


Beans and rice are so easily flavored up and they’re so satisfying I could eat them a couple times per day and never complain.


I used to do this too! I forgot all about it. One summer I had planted a ton of squash and zuchinni (rookie garden mistake), and I was putting it in everything. I made burritos like this and added squash and zuchinni, tools to even tel it was there. They keep in the freezer pretty well too if you wrap them well


I'll excuse the pun.


Wrist Wraps and Deadlifting (12/13/2019) ~ Fitness

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If you're not planning to compete, then use them. No big deal. I would suggest not using them for your warm up sets though, only where your grip is certain to fail (top set). That way you keep working your grip and don't become dependent on them for all your lifts.


Wraps or straps? You say wraps but describe straps. Anyway it's fine to use straps for deadlifts (and any other heavy pulling). Do what you can without straps (warmups for example), use straps for the rest and work your grip separately.


My wrists never suffer from them. Granted I don't have any health issues with's done wonders for my deadlift. I started using them for the majority of my back movements too (barbell rows, T-bar rows, RDLs, you can even use them for pull-ups). I highly reccomend them if your grip is holding you back. I have never had any issue with them making my wrists sore or anything. That being said, keep working on your grip and forearms if you do get them. That way they won't fall drastically behind the weight you're pulling


I use straps due to my left wrist being mangled by an airbag in a wreck. I look at it this way, I want to develop my back, so the straps allow me to do that. I also have to use wraps on my push exercises with the barbell.


Don't let grip hold back your deadlift. Use straps when you want or need. Especially if you aren't competing. You can train your grip separately if you want to.


Cheap and easy noodle dish and only about $2.50 per serving: Vegan Mushroom Noodle Soup! (12/13/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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I'm a but skeptical that this would come out to 2.50 a serving but it does look really good.


Looks good and Im not vegan!


Wow 😮


Are flavored sparkling waters (zero calorie, zero sugar, zero caffeine) just as good for you as regular water? (12/12/2019) ~ Nutrition

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In terms of hydration, they’re just as good. They’re fairly acidic though, so may not be the best for your teeth. Unflavored is less acidic that flavored. Both are still a million miles better for your teeth than soda


Don't all carbonated beverages have phosphoric acid? Which leeches calcium from the bones? I've read that it does, anyway. ​ Edit: No need to downvote, I'm asking a question.


Ya does the same thing. Kinda like crunchy water if ur into that


My kids call it fuzzy water


A dentist may have strong words for you but otherwise yeah. I feel like water hits differently though. There’s no hydration quite like it.


Daily Simple Questions Thread – December 10, 2019 (12/10/2019) ~ Fitness

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Why did /r/nsuns shut down? It was nice to see people doing the same program sharing their progress.


A local gym equipment manufacturer is closing down, and having a sale on their remaining stock. There isn't much, but they have brand new 25kg bumper plates for $49.95AUD each. I'm so tempted, but still on the fence if I should bite the bullet and pick up some, maybe 6 or 8, to begin my home fitness journey. Don't currently have any other equipment but this seems like a crazy deal. What do you think?


Question about volume: I understand that between 10-20 sets per week for each muscle group is optimal for growth in intermediates. How are we counting sets? For example, for Triceps, am I counting Overhead Press (3 sets), Bench Press (3 sets), Tricep Pushdown (3 sets), DB Kickbacks (3 sets) for a total of 12? Or do I only have 6 sets (only counting the direct Tricep excercises)? Same question with Chinups/Pullups counting towards Biceps and Rear Delt Flies counting towards Shoulders. Count them or not?


I injured my rotator cuff back in March. Thought it had healed up, and I absolutely screwed it again last week when I went back to shoulder presses- it was a lot of pain, and I'm thinking if I want to be healthy in the long term I need to take serious time off. Picked up running in the meantime to compensate and signed up for a half marathon... Only to injure my foot on my latest run. I'm sad, frustrated, and don't want to contemplate the next four months sitting on the couch and watching Netflix. I've already figured that anything abs and a stationary bike should be safe. I've got a bum shoulder and a bum foot. Any other exercises r/fitness can think of to keep me fit while I (hopefully) recover from this month of hell?


Are weightlifting shoes worth it? Family member is looking for a gift idea and my current shoes are full of holes. Can I do other fitness activities in them such as cardio? What’s a good shoe to look at? Thanks!


Tea (12/10/2019) ~ Nutrition

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Came here for some drama, pretty disappointed. Green/black teas have certian phytochemicals called flavonoids in them which act as anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, deactivate certain carcinogens, and reduce risk of atherosclerosis to some extent.


quality loose green tea, jasmine, white, oolong tea using a teapot It is good for antioxidant effect, digestion, to calm down but also provide a little energy (caffeine) Have a few glasses of strongly brewed tea after meals and it will help with digestion and have some preventive effect in weight/fat gain


Stinging Nettle. One of the few teas you can drink that's actually going to be a good source of vitamins and minerals. It's rather savory so you could even think of it as a broth.


Monster Energy Drinks 💪💪💪


I've enjoyed matcha tea powder sifted into water because what better way to get the benefits of tea than to eat the whole leaf


The recipe calls for 2 sticks of butter, but it’s not like I’m eating two sticks of butter…. (12/11/2019) ~ Nutrition

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Fats don't soak into meat during cooking although they will cling to the outside. If you aren’t eating the cooking liquid or making gravy, you're just throwing most of that expensive butter away. Why don't you try making the roast without the butter next time? You can always take the meat out of the cooking liquid, boil the liquid down a little and add a couple of tablespoons of butter to smooth it out for the people who can afford the high fat sauce. A long, slow braise melts the collagen in the connective tissue of the meat and gives it a nice juicy texture, no fat needed. I suspect a reduced fat version will be just as tasty.


You definitely should account for the fact that you are cooking the roast in butter. Cooking food in fats (oil, butter, etc.) will add calories to your meal. I can't tell you that it will be 100% of the butter cooking in, especially since some of the leftover juices will contain some of that butter (and perhaps some of the roast's fat that has melted off). However, I would recommend using the full amount of butter in your MFP recipe, especially if your goals are related to losing weight or not gaining weight. Even if you do end up underestimating consumption with this method, it will be one meal a month as you have said, so consistency in the rest of your tracking should make this OK.


Eat the butter.


Have you tried the recipe with less butter? Like maybe a stick and half, then if that works, 1 stick?


I make this same roast occasionally. I use 1 packet of au jus, 1 packet of ranch, at least 10 peperoncinis and about 4 tablespoons of cubed butter in a crockpot on low for about 8 hours. Turns out delicious every time. Would probably cut back on the calories a little bit. 🙂


What percentage of your daily calories should come from vegetables? (12/11/2019) ~ Nutrition

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Few months ago I went vegan for a week. After this experiment I realized what really mean phrase eat enough vegetables. I can say that right now my total volume of vegetables during the day is around 60%, but calorie wise it is less than 10%.


You don’t need to acount the calories that the vegetables provide you, just eat a good amount in your main meals and complement it with a couple of pieces of fruit during the day, that’s all. Greetings!


I feel like no one in the comments understands the question.


I did a 800g fruit and vegetable only comes out to about 500 calories/day from them.


All food has calories so you should count it all if you’re serious about your goals- whether that’s fat loss, weight loss, muscle building, maintaining, etc. Veggies are great cuz you can eat a lot for very few calories so they bulk up your meals. They are mostly water and carbs-including fiber which you need. Eye opening for me was learning that each macronutrient has a set amount of calorie: carbs and protein are 4 calories per gram and fat is 9 calories per gram. Finding YOUR balance is key. Get a nutrition person to set macros for you and start experimenting with yourself in 2 week intervals. It’s been life changing for me. Good luck!


Kettlebell compelxes after Wendler 5/3/1? (12/9/2019) ~ Fitness

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Not too much work. Count it as either more conditioning or your assistance work as appropriate for the intensity


All of his routines have assistance work (25-100 reps of pushing, pulling, core/single leg), I’d use it in place of that.


Any particular reason you're leaving out the bench press day? To answer your question, as others have said, is just count the complexes towards the conditioning or assistance requirements for the day.


Dont think too hard about it. Try it out. You dont have to stick word for word to a 5/3/1 template. Changing the assistance work he puts in there isnt going to kill you. A kettlebell complex afterwords for conditioning as a boxer sounds legit.


Wendler said substituting or altering his workouts would make him pray you get VD.... Do with this information what you will...