Pro Tip: Add a little bit of Dijon mustard to your olive and vinegar dressings to help keep them from separating (8/16/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Whenever my bottle of dijon is near empty, I just throw in some olive oil, balsalmic, garlic, honey, salt and pepper, give it a good shake, and that's my dressing


Another way to go is to mix in some Greek yogurt instead. Makes for a creamy dressing and gives it a punch of protein. Can really make a salad more filling, making it a more viable for some of us.


Known as an emulsifier in the trade. Often added to aioli and the like.


Two parts oil, one part acid (vinegar or lemon juice), a big teaspoon / dollop of mustar (dijon, wholegrain, even yellow mustard in a pinch) a teaspoon of sweetness (honey, maple syrup, or sugar) and salt and pepper to taste is like, the default salad dressing imo


Or a bit of mayonnaise. Gets the benefits of egg yolks without actually having to use egg yolks.


Not everything involving fresh ingredients has to be homemade (8/11/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Yeah, adding veggies, beans, etc to things like seasoned rice mixes or canned soup can be a good way to make a meal that's easy and cheap but still relatively healthy. I'll buy cheap jarred pasta sauce & add a can of beans and some veggies (fresh or frozen) to make the pasta healthier and more filling.


I rely on frozen veggies in many cases. I make a vegetable soup with frozen mixed vegetables, a brick of frozen spinach, jarred chicken broth paste (better than bullion), a can or two of diced tomatoes, and a can of beans. I might use fresh onion or celery, or you can buy that frozen some places. I’ll either add pasta or barley to make it very hearty and filling. Healthy, cheap, easy, makes a TON, and the kids love it.


> Chop up some cauliflower and cook it with some Mac and cheese You what now? How is that? That sounds like I could hide some veggies in my mac and cheese. Brocc is good - you don't hide brocc in mac but it goes well with it. Is that the same with cauliflower?


Maybe not so "healthy" but those 99 cent knorr pasta sides are great to jazz up. I buy the shredded cheese when it's on sale, freeze it. A handful of cheese in a $1 knorr makes a world of difference.


Yeah man! I do this with ramen, i add and egg, carrots, celery or sweet potato or whatever.


Transformation. (8/12/2019) ~ Fitness

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You can bench 300lbs? The fuck


Thats a lot of chicken breast Jesus Christ


I need to adopt your leg working, shit is thick my guy. Great work, well earned!


That's insane man. Well earned.


That's the most fucking depressing diet I've ever heard of.


Do you guys stretch? (8/13/2019) ~ Fitness

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I don’t but I should


Yes. If you dont have mobility issue you probs don't need to but if your tight ass hammies make it hard to get into proper starting position for deads like me, it helps.


Absolutely. Yoga has been the greatest supplement ever for my workout and running regimen. I do it after workouts and at studios three times a week.


Dynamic stretching. I don't really do any kind of static stretching. Just had a heavy squat day and did a bunch of leg kicks, air squats, band pulls, etc. before I even used squat weights to warm up. Definitely feel I need to do this more on lower body lifts than upper body.


I get really bad lower back pain from my hamstrings being tight if I don't stretch. 15 minutes right before bed is really all it takes in my experience. I feel like I sleep better too.


Buying a used rice cooker for $10 on FB marketplace really made things easier. (8/12/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Pro-tip.. look for stuff like this on Facebook towards the end of the month. I sole my keurig and a couple of small appliances for super cheap because I moved in with my boyfriend and his stuff was nicer. It was more of a hassle than it was worth trying to sell them for their value on top of packing for a move.


I’ve never used a rice cooker! Do you just throw in the rice ( per instructions) and some veggies you like? Any good seasonings you recommend?


Omg I use my super cheap rice cooker probably 4 to 5 days a week - I steam veggies, I cool rice for dog food (I make my dogs food in one big batch weekly), I make sushi so I make sushi rice, I make Jasmine rice and then put it in the fridge to make fried rice later in the week, I make cilantro lime rice for barbacoa or tacos. Best kitchen gadget ever!


Rice cookers are brilliant.....they give you nice dry rice, all the grains are separate no starch issues, I love just plain egg fried rice, but getting it right is hard with out great boiled almost dry rice to begin with, but i can get it perfect with rice cooker cooked rice.


I think I may need to invest in a rice cooker after reading through this thread. I’ve never been able to get rice, quite right when cooking it on the stove top.


If you enjoy experimenting when cooking, buy fancy spices and cheap out on everything else (8/15/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Youre on the right track but not quite there. Asian, Indian, Mexican shops have the cheapest spices. I have some that have lasted over a year without running out because it comes in such a large quantity, the quality is still fantastic as well.


Sorry but I've been cooking 25+ years and I completely disagree. Ingredients are 90% of the job. Shit in shit out, you need quality ingredients to cook a top quality meal - if you're a lazy cook (as I am) time spent in sourcing the best ingredients will mean you need to do very very little to blow peoples minds. Having shit ingredients means you're basically trying to make something palatable out of something unpalatable - I want to taste the ingredients and the spices, not work my bollocks off to try to mask shit with glitter. Covering shitty food with good spices is not much different to pouring ketchup all over something. I get you're aspiring and probably haven't been cooking all that long but you've gone down a bad path here. Buy seasonal, buy quality and then just do the bare minimum to get the best from the ingredients - the best cooks understand this process. Spices are actually one of the cheapest things to buy good quality for not a lot of money, go to the supermarket - then slap yourself and turn around, go to your local asian cash and carry type place and buy whole spices. Grind fresh as needed in a pestle and mortar (unless you've got a wet and dry milling machine - these aren't cheap). Why? 1. The turnover of spices in these places is very high, subsequently they're always freshest they're also a very good price 2. Grinding fresh ensures you're not buying spices heat soaked by the industrial grinding process (which weakens the strength a tremendous amount, often meaning you need more of a spice than you otherwise would for a more stale result) 3. Grinding fresh ensures you've not got preground spices going stale, many will last maybe a few days before losing most of their flavour then be useless after a few weeks. In the western world this is something people aren't really aware of because they don't know any better - unless you turn around those spices extremely fast you basically want to have primarily whole spices in your pantry. While you're at the cash and carry you can pick up great deals on bulk rice, flour, dried legumes and nuts.


Gonna tooooootally disagree. Go to the bulk section of your grocery store or go to a grocery store that has one. There’s no need to buy a 4 dollar bottle of chili powder when you can buy 3 tablespoons of it for 84 cents. And you can get smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, and smoked salt for that chili. All for a fraction of what you’d normally pay. Spices are definitely important. But you’re doing it wrong. Especially if you’re experimenting and you spent $10 of your tight budget on 2 bottles of spices that will sit in your cupboard for years. Buy from bulk section and get just what you need. It’s cheap.


1. Try roasting the garlic before you blend it with the butter! 2. You can easily make your own infused lemon or garlic or chili olive oil, it will just take a good long while. Try to use a good quality olive oil. It's not a spice per say but it'll go a long way, just be careful not to heat it very much and use it more of a garnish: high heat will negate most of the impact of good-quality olive oils. 3. Try lemon zest if you do try making lemon butter. Lemon zest in general is a fantastic ingredient because the lemon oils are all contained within the peel! Butter with lemon zest, garlic and parsley is the shit. 4. I support what others are saying about ground spices! The most cost-effective way I've found to go about this is to buy whole spices in bulk (they stay fresher that way), toast them in a dry pan before use and then use either a mortar and pestle or a spice/coffee grinder. You could potentially do this in batches but I prefer to do it in the quantity I need for any specific recipe. Just be aware that you'll need to measure spices AFTER they've been ground as whole spices will take up much more space. 5. I also second what others have said about local foreign supermarkets, but I personally find it pretty intimidating and also not everyone has access to these. But if you can, I also recommend picking up other flavoring agents like miso paste, gochujang, chili bean paste, fish sauce, black vinegar, etc. Asian markets also tend to (in my experience) offer a different (usually wider) selection of meats, specifically uncommon cuts of beef/pork and a wider selection of fish. Guys, please give OP a break. If experimenting with spices is encouraging them to cook more often and enjoy it more in a way that feels sustainable for them, that's AWESOME. It is HARD at first !! Whatever gets you in the kitchen my dude!


Personally i wouldn't advise others get really expensive spices, probably go for middle ranged price or stuff thats high end for walmart. Dont break the bank for some little artisan herb shop that costs 3 times as much. Figure out the cheapest option you can quite happily live with. It will cut down on the foid buying guilt when youre poor


How to train for the bar hanging challenge at six flags? (8/16/2019) ~ Fitness

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Practice hanging on a bar daily. r/griptraining


The hanging bar carnival game has a bar which is able to roll. The best way to train is to make your own and practice. Grip training such as using grippers *will* help, but you need to practice on the damn thing because nothing in standard training is like it. ​ That being said, there are some tricks to it. Try to remain as still as possible when you get on the bar. Don't jump or grab it in any way which will make it move. Your goal is to remain motionless as much as possible. Mixed grip is probably not allowed, if it is allowed use it.


You'll have to make your own bar or something very similar to practice on, I do not believe any conventional grip work will prepare you for that challenge. The way the bar rolls is not like any form of regular resistance training. ​ Disclaimer, I'm 5'10" 190lbs I made it 61 seconds.


Isn't it the one with the rolling bar?


I haven't seen the exact bar at six flags, but I do have experience with the "hanging bar" game. First thing is that they always roll freely meaning that your wrists will roll under and you'll be forced into a much weaker position. I've had a friend try at a street fair who can hang from a normal pull up bar for 5 minutes no sweat - he couldn't make it past one minute. The game is designed as a scam.


So I’m having my boyfriends buds over for fantasy football draft day and I want to make appetizers for them while they plug away at their laptops. But his one friend is vegetarian and doesn’t eat onion or garlic. What are some starter recipes I can make? (8/14/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Soft pretzels - there are so many dipping sauces to go with them everyone will be happy


Potatoes....twice baked, cheesy potato boats, French fries, light potato salad, baked potato bar, southwest style potatoes with black beans and corn. I love potatoes.


Mad respect for all dietary choices but that sounds like very hard mode


Water casserole


Side note: your boyfriend definitely has a keeper


For those of you trying to lose weight, but lifting weights, what’s your mindset like? (8/11/2019) ~ Fitness

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Think of your lifts in relation to your body weight, then you can stay motivated. For example if you squat 300lbs at 240lbs body weight that’s 1.25X your BW. If you can lose 40 lbs but maintain a 300lbs squat all of a sudden you’re lifting 1.5X body weight, which is actually more impressive.


Unless you're going completely nuts on your calorie deficit, your lifts really doesn't suffer all that much. They'll stall or lower bit, but if you're getting proper amounts of protein, it's mostly just fat dropping off. And whatever you lose on the bar you gain in the mirror. It feels fucking great when the abs start popping and your arms and shoulders go from just being large, to actually showing off the individual muscles. And then someone snaps a picture of your back and you stop giving a single fuck about those 5kg you lost on the bench press.


Once I started lifting seriously I stopped worrying about body weight and started worrying about body composition. I put more value on strength as a useful biological adaptation, however at lower body weights your ability to run is much better, so that's the flip side that you can think about. In either case, exercise comes from a deep, ancient place in our psychological and physiological history as humans. Your brain wants your body to be stressed, not to be pretty. Do hard shit and you'll be happy.


Maybe you can't gain a lot of muscle during a cut. But you can surely get stronger.


Im trying to lose fat so my mind set is don't worry about how much weight im lifting or the number on the scale. Focus on the number I get when I measure my stomach. As long as that number is getting smaller I know I'm making progress. I'll shift to srength and muscle growth when my cut and man tits are gone.


Learning proper push-up form in /r/eruditeclub. We’d love a hand from you guys. (8/15/2019) ~ Fitness

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/r/bodyweightfitness has videos linked from their sidebar


Nice! First time I've heard of this sub, and I really dig the idea behind it. I'll join in for this and add some straight up push-ups back into my gym routine for the remainder of this month.


Just make sure you combine push-ups with pulling exercises so you don't end up hunched over.


Active duty army. The proper form push up is hands shoulder width apart, pinch your shoulder blades together (don’t curve your back) like there’s a bug there and the only way you can get rid of it is to squish it with your shoulder blades. Look straight ahead of you, this naturally keeps your spine straight. If you look down, your form will start to suffer as you get tired. Keep your body in a generally straight line. The way I do this is I kind of push my butt out, you will feel it when it’s right, if not you can ask someone if your body is straight. Tighten your core to help keep your body straight. Then, lower your body as a single unit, keeping your straight form, and keep your elbows in. It will feel weird at first, especially if your triceps are weak, but eventually you will get used to it. As you go down, inhale. Once your upper arms are parallel to the ground, raise yourself, exhaling as you go up. Obligatory ‘now watch this demonstration’. If you need any clarification, feel free to ask. And if you really want to hate yourself, I can talk you through hand release pushups


Tighten your core and your flutes while doing push ups. It promotes a straight back which the pushups easier to do. Also, face forward, face downward towards the floor. That also promotes a straight back and makes push ups easier.


I know that bleu cheese dressing is supposed to be not so good for you, but come on, a snack of raw cauliflower florets dipped in dressing is really hard to beat! And you could just use olive oil and vinegar and lemon juice, too. (8/15/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Wtf is that price of cauliflower. Can get it for like 70p in the UK


I like mixing some sour cream and avocado for a creamy veggie dip! Or homemade hummus 😋


Healthy low-fat blue cheese dressing recipe - mix together in a food processor until creamy: 1 c. Low fat cottage cheese, 1/2 c. plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons bleu cheese, 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder (or to taste).


Bring on the strong full fat cheese for me. Flavour and satisfaction.


Bolthouse farms makes a great low calorie bleu cheese dressing! Eat your heart out!!


jogging is increasing my lifts? Wtf? (8/11/2019) ~ Fitness

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The anti cardio brigade are morons, for a start. At the very least you’re improving your work capacity and you’re improving your recovery. Even if it did mitigate strength gains I still think it’s worth it because of how important cardio is to your overall health and, let’s face it, not many of us are doing this for more than a hobby haha


"I've only heard bad things about cardio in terms of gains". There is nothing wrong with doing cardio. It is good for you and can help you increase your lifts like it's done for you. You just need to make sure that you're eating more to compensate for the calories it's burning otherwise it will hinder your goals.


Weight lifters who speak against cardio are, to put it politely, fucking morons. Cardio is going to give you more energy, make you more well rounded in your fitness, and by changing up your routine you can come back to lifting even stronger than before.


You’re increasing blood flow.


> I've only heard bad things about cardio in terms of gains You're listening to the wrong people. The "Cardio kills gains" statement is so unfathomably dumb that it has been a recurring joke for at the very least the two decades I've been lifting weights. If you have somehow managed to *only* encounter people that believe in that particular tooth-fairy, then it is time to reassess where you get your information. Or get ready to be disappointed about Santa Claus, I guess. Cardio and conditioning work is a critical part of getting stronger and more fit.


Does anyone have any idea what meals/snacks I could make with just and a microwave and kettle? (8/13/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Being a poor student is so real. While it may seem like a lot of money (for me, at one point $50 to spend on a crock pot was unthinkable) I suggest trying to get a slow cooker and a rice cooker. You can make pasta in a rice cooker as well as rice, quinoa, etc. You can make ANYTHING in a slow cooker. The one I got back in the day was an investment that has paid off. If you’re looking for something a little more manageable, try your local thrift shop or Goodwill if they have them in your area. People discard perfectly functioning kitchen appliances all the time and since it’s second hand, it’s at a fraction of the price. I scored a rice cooker for $7 doing this. Good luck!


You can make really good baked potatoes in the microwave! Just stab the potato a few times and plop it in for 6-10 minutes (depends on size of potato/strength of microwave). I like to top mine with chili or tomato based soups to make it a full meal.


You can do anything in a microwave, as long as you don't expect grill marks or a crispy texture. You can cook fish, make pasta, rice, eggs and omelettes... When the microwave oven was a new thing people used it as a replacement for the oven so most things are possible. Search the web for microwave cooking! Don't forget about canned food that you can easily reheat. Examples: - pasta with canned bolognese sauce and steamed vegetables - rice with steamed fish and veggies - canned tomato soup with added noodles and fresh garlic bread (store baked)


Not sure where you are, but a lot of international food shops have indian food packets for about a dollar fifty you can microwave. eat em with some naan and youre good to go


Get a microwave steamer/rice cooker. And microwave egg poachers, things like that. They should expand your repertoire somewhat!


Gym Story Saturday (8/13/2019) ~ Fitness

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Walking through a park on my way to the gym a homeless guy gave me a high five. On the way back, a different homeless guy yelled I had nice tits. (I'm a guy). So kind of a mixed day for me.


Went to use ab machine the other day, had someone elses sweat on it. I grab a wipe, wipe it down, and in the time I throw the wipe away an older man goes on the machine. I wait and after his set I ask if I can work in. Old man: Work in? Me: Yeah like can I share the machine with you in between sets. Old man: *Confused* No. Me: Really? Old man: Why would I let you do that? I only have 10 more reps Me: K ill wait. This man proceeds to lighten his weight to the absolute minimum on the machine (10 lbs) while he stares me directly in the eyes while completing his reps. Also, I shit you not he pry did 80 reps. just to piss me off. Some people man.


Got asked about my program today by a guy who probably started working out I guess a year ago? Not sure if he's inconsistent or just works out at various hours. Anyways... I was writing out a detailed post but it's all too much, I think my post would need chapters. Here are some of the things he told me during our "conversation": "I want to get big... But like, not TOO big" "I need to change programs every two months or my body just adapts too quickly." "You worked legs twice a week when you did PPL? I think that's too much, sometimes I'll push back my leg day because I want my upper body to grow more, that's my focus" "Oh no, I don't need to eat more, that's not why I'm not getting bigger. No, I don't track macros or anything I just eat more than I would usually" "Why would I track my workouts? I remember more or less my weights and reps, I just increase them when I feel like it." During this ~6-7 minute conversation, he also mentioned: the anabolic window, fasted cardio, keto, the meatarian diet or whatever it's called and asked me about what supplements to add to his "stack" (gainer, casein, carb powder, pre-workout, creatine, bcaas, fat burners, and a few other things I can't recall.) Guys, I tried. I really did. I didn't think anyone would come up to me and ask for advice... And then proceed to ignore every single thing I said. I have so much knowledge to give...


Today, I've reached all the milestones! I have lost 112lbs, which is a British hundredweight, or 8 stones, or 50.9kg! I got funny looks in the gym when I took my 2 plate photo, but I don't care, I like my comparison method!


I actually hit the top of my head with an EZ curl bar while doing skullcrushers and now I have a bump...


What is the easiest, fastest way to prepare a chicken breast? (8/14/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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flatten chicken with a mallet. fry both sides in a preheated pan. until golden cooking time is reduced to less than 10 min


Baking the easiest just throw it in at 440 for about 20-30 means and you can go about preparing everything else. You can also make a ton at a time


meal prep and george foreman grill.


Frankly, I prefer thighs because you can slow roast them with a dry rub - amazing. Might give it a shot, super simple. Also, if you're on a crunched time schedule, almost nothing beats nuts for total calories and a good deal of protein.


Active time or nonactive time? Instant pot can cook it in something like 10 minutes total, including heating time.


Rant Wednesday (8/13/2019) ~ Fitness

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A guy with headphones grunting while lifting next to a girl with headphones moaning while lifting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an entire gym full of people trying so hard not to laugh.


is it even worth the rant about people not re-racking weights anymore? It's almost so common that its normal and expected. I used to get so wound up about it, but now I almost dont even care so much. what has this life done to me.


**Setting**: Small gym with 1 squat rack, and 1 deadlift area. **Cast** (in order of appearance): Bro1 Bro2 Bro1 steps up to the squat rack, and throws 2 plates on to claim it. He then proceeds to do 10 minutes of stretching, checking his phone and other non-squat activities. Then he walks away, without doing a single squat. Bro2 waits untill he leaves the room, then drags a bar over, and starts deadlifting in the squat rack. (there is initially a 3rd guy using the deadlift area, but he soon leaves) He gets through his warmups, starts lifting, and eventually Bro 1 returns. "Bro, I need the rack." "I just have 2 more lifts" Bro1 storms off in a huff, and Bro2 resumes deadlifting.


Don't pickup dumbbells off the rack and immediately start doing your shrugs/curls whatever, blocking everybody else's access to the rack! WTF is wrong with you? That is all.


Why does bread have to taste so good???? And cheese??? Who gave it permission??


(5’6/135 lbs)What happens to my gains if I start a big growth spurt (8/15/2019) ~ Fitness

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You're going to have to eat A LOT keep up with both a growth spurt and muscle growth. For example, lets say your arms become longer; they'll need to be thicker as well to look the same or similar amount of muscular-ness, it's just how ratios work. As long as you're eating a lot and exercising well you should stay pretty proportional though. And no worries if you feel like your gains look a bit smaller; if you're young enough to have a growth spurt, then you've got plenty of time to get gains throughout your lifetime 🙂


You will simply explode.


They'll likely look smaller as the muscle will just stretch


Honestly don't stress about it, being taller is worth losing a little bit of width (Imo)


You will turn into Gollum


Healthy pre-made foods to grab while stuck in a hospital room? (8/14/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Are you staying with your dad for moral support/company or is this a situation where he needs you there? If you're needed there, ask a nurse for a visit with the hospital's social worker. Some hospitals will provide cafeteria vouchers for situations where a family member is effectively living in the hospital with a patient. Ask the social worker if there are any options to offset that cost. You may also be able to order a tray meal to the room for a low cash price, or a nurse/HUC may be able to order you trays for free. These aren't always the height of cuisine but they're healthy enough. Edit: I scanned your post history - definitely talk to the social worker, your dad's nurse, and the HUC at the nurse's desk in your dad's ward about caf vouchers & tray options. You're an important part of his care team.


Rotisserie chicken will give you several meals if you have access to a fridge. It’d be hot for the first one and then you could put in on your salads cold. I’d also recommend veggies that you like to eat raw. For me that’d be cucumbers, carrots, cherry tomatoes (yeah yeah technically fruit), avocado. It’s a bit odd but you can just eat them without cutting them into pieces except the avocado which can be cut with regular silverware.


Yogurt, cheese, not just fruit but veggies, hummus, deli meat, peanut butter or almond butter, my not so healthy but not lethal cheat is salsa and chips. I work at a hospital and sometimes they have a nourishment room with a fridge that you may be able to put some food in. Or buy a cold pack and insulated lunch box


Cut-up vegetables and dip, cheese strings and fruit, and hard boiled eggs are all options (if your Walmart carries them). Don't forget to hydrate! Sending good thoughts to you and your dad.


Packaged salads from Walmart are actually not bad.


Breakfast baked goods (8/11/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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I haven't tried this, but I feel like zucchini muffins (or pumpkin, or banana) would be a good breakfast food! I've actually made 4 loaves of zucchini bread in the past week because my garden is finally producing way too much zucchini.


My fav is to take some very ripe bananas and mash them up until it is a thick liquid. Add peanut butter, cinnamon, dried fruit, chocolate chips, and whatever else! Then slowly stir in raw oats until it is a thick consistency. Put them In the oven At about 350 and cook until the banana isn’t mushy anymore! Could be done in cupcake tins or as a cake


Homemade biscuits. Make the dough in bulk and freeze up to three months. You can bake the biscuits in the morning straight from the freezer. Veg butter substitute or gravy (veg version is on you) is nice but not required. Homemade bagels is a good rainy afternoon project. Freeze, defrost in fridge overnight, toast. Pies. Back to fruit but work pretty well, last a week, and canned fillings while not as good as fresh made are okay. Fall is coming - think pumpkin, apple, and cherry. Cornbread. Polenta.


It’s a little more work, but using frozen fruit can help cut down on costs when you’re going for fancy stuff like berries or cherries. I think a really good option is a “Morning Glory” muffin/bread. It’s a carrot and zucchini muffin with raisins and seeds like flax and sun flower. I can get the seeds cheap from my grocery store’s bulk section, but you can omit if you can’t. You can also make apple and oatmeal muffins. Apples are usually pretty cheap where I live so it’s easy to get a bunch for baking. Have you thought about making a big batch of pancakes with frozen berries or bananas for the week? They’re easy to make from scratch but you can buy a cheap “just add water” mix at the store for a couple bucks. I always add some quick oats to the batter and let them soak for a minute to soften up. Just make them and keep em in a ziplock or Tupperware during the week. In the morning pull one out, smear some peanut butter on it and you got breakfast. They also freeze well.


Hear me out: toast. Coffee and toast has become my daily routine, and I think it's something that will last me a long, long time. It's an amazing "simple pleasure" way to start the day. Get up when it's still quiet, put on a small pot of coffee, spread something on hot toast so it just melts in, then look out the window for a bit before the rest of the world is awake. It's extremely easy. It's very low cost. When I don't feel great in the morning, it's not some huge burden that I have to climb over. The variety of breads and spreads keeps it fresh. There's almost always a fancy bread and fancy spread on sale or clearance at the store. You can check the expiration dates on a bunch of breads and get something that is as far in the future as possible, or you can freeze the rest of a loaf and still toast the slices just the same.


Victory Sunday (8/11/2019) ~ Fitness

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**TLDR: Fucked my wrist up with potentially serious long term consequences. Cancer took my dad. Suicide took my friend. Ensuing depression took my happiness. I'm taking my life back.** Almost 7 months ago i fell of my bike and had a very, very serious wrist injury. Broke the shit out of my scaphoid and ruptured the scapholunate ligament in my dominant hand, fractured the ulnar styloid and strained all the ulnar sided ligaments and tendons of my left. I needed three surgeries on my right wrist and may need one more. I was told i'd only have 75% of my right wrist back after all was said and done. Within a few hours of being told this, i was told my dad was very ill, but it wasn't hopeless. Three weeks out of my cast, my dad died. He went from perfectly fine to dead in less than three days in hospital. My plane hadn't even left its previous destination. Two weeks later, on the coach back from the airport, i learnt that a friend hung herself. I broke. I spiraled. I stopped working on my phd, i had to get psychological and psychiatric therapy. I had multiple mental breakdowns, panic attacks, i had insomnia, would not shower for days at a time. I'd stay in my room for days at a time, only coming out to buy food from the corner shop. But for five months i did rehab every two hours, and i'd eat well and nutritiously. Sets of wrist exercises with elastic bands, flexbars, passive stretching, squeezing putty, giro balls. Five times a day. It's all i had. Over 60k repetitions of wrist curls, extensions, ulnar and radial deviation and 60k reps of various types of putty squeezing, pulling and twisting. Over 200 hours of stretching. Unable to write or use my right hand to cook or grab things. For four months i lived without my right hand. I was told i was making unprecedented progress by my physical therapist and the consultants who were following my case. I was given blue putty---the hardest of them all---they'd never given it to anyone inthat particular centre. I watched them unwrap it. I still felt like shit, but i kept going. I fought out of spite for ice on cycle paths, out of pride in myself, out of the promise i made my dad, and because it's all i know. A week ago I did pushups, only two reps, regular and diamond. I sat on the floor and cried, i fell asleep slumped at the bottom of the stairs exhausted and in tears. This was the day before i went in for an orthopaedic evaluation. Another possible surgery, more bad news were all i could think of. I went in broken. The orthopaedic surgeon who lead my surgery (I had plastic and orthopaedic surgeons work on me) showed me my xray and CAT scan. He was the one who told me i could only hope for 75%. I showed him my pushup video. Told me to forget what he said, to do that four years after such a devastating injury is unheard of, much less in six months. I cried again. He told me to go back to training, that he wasn't going to tell me what i could or could not do because i'd proven him very wrong. He told me to train hard but smart and to keep stretching it, that we wasn't going to tell me i wouldn't be able to do handstands again. He told me to try. I left his office with tears streaming down my face, and a massive smile on it. I went outside and sat on the garden as I sobbed quietly. A nurse came, asked if i was ok. I said no, but that it was the best i'd been in six months and that i was going to be ok, that i'd lost a lot but was going to get what i could back. I was back at the gym the next day. Retested my 5 rep maxes, bench was very uncomfortable. I lost between 50 and 30% of my strength. I had to wear wrist wraps on all my lifts but deadlift. My right arm is significantly atrophied compared to my left, and since i also broke my left wrist in the fall, it's also achy, so i have to wrap it too. I could barely move the next two days. Then i tested my most important accessories. Dips were very uncomfortable, even in wraps, but i could do 3 unweighted ones. I could do 3 pullups. Two days later---this tuesday---I restarted nSuns CAP3 with the accessories of my choice. Bench wasn't so uncomfortable anymore, but i could not even do a single tuck dragon flag. I used to do full dragon flags for sets of 10, I couldn't even do the most basic of front and back lever progressions. The next day, dips weren't so bad anymore and i managed some tuck l-sits for 5 seconds. The day after, i managed to to 5 pullups instead of 3. On friday i did calf raises, and boy am I paying the price today. Bench was good yesterday, i did some without wraps, i managed to do some toes to bar and i held tuck front and back levers for 3 and 5 seconds respectively. This is my victory, it's a small one. And i'd rather none of it had happened. To deal with so much loss so quickly and to have your outlet and agency denied for so long. I was crushing it. I had all my shit together, i was writing papers, sleeping and rising early, was about to start dating someone. For the first time in my life i was in complete control and totally satisfied. All it took was a little bit of ice, a little bit of cancer and a little bit of rope. But they're no match for a little bit of stubborness.


On a first date in a little dive bar, some random guy acted as a wingman by saying to my date, “if you don’t take him home tonight, I will.”


In a bar. Man and woman walk up. "Hey we just wanted to say you have a nice ass, keep doing what you're doing and keep wearing skinny jeans." I'm riding this high till' the day that I die.


Found out I don't have cancer yesterday 🙂 Can't squat for another 6 weeks 🙁


500+ squat; 1.98 x BW Not bad for 50+ old guy.


Are there any benefits to being in ketosis vs just a simple caloric defecit? (8/15/2019) ~ Fitness

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Keto is just a way to lower your caloric intake. Some people find it easier to eat less when they're in ketosis. There's nothing magical about keto with regards to weight loss


As someone who did Keto for about 4 months earlier this year and lost a good bit of weight, I'll weigh in. Some people say ketosis gives them more mental clarity, I didn't experience any of that. I do feel like it cut down on my hunger cravings. And the mindset I was in helped a lot in avoiding certain junk foods like chips and beer. It helped me, but I've also been continuing to lose weight by just eating in a caloric deficit since going off Keto. Keto did give me really bad keto shits for like the first week or so every time I started up.


It's been a little over 4 years, so I have some notes on the matter. Aside from making a calorie deficit a little more comfortable to maintain by regulating my blood sugar, here are some other things I've experienced: * my palette changed, sweetness is much more pronounced in food. Dark chocolate and coffee are rich, not bitter, and fruit really is candy. Also, french fries are only good because of salt, so salt the shit out of your broccoli and enjoy. * I don't get that 2-3pm mental wall anymore in my workday, and I have had a few days where I have worked 15 hour days at events without breaks with no mental or physical fatigue (with the assistance of a couple of cups of black coffee, tbh) * my endurance for LISS is double what it was in high school, which was my previous best-shape-of-my-life. I am also able to handle fairly long distances with just water and not have to re-fuel mid run. * I learned to cook. If you're serious about carb restriction, you rule out a LOT of processed foods, so I make a lot of my sauces, dressings, and marinades from scratch * I learned that I fucking LOVE vegetables! When I first started, I was having a creative block on what I wanted to eat, so I found a notebook and wrote down every non-starchy vegetable I could think of, and every time I went to the store, I would make mental notes about vegetables I wanted to try. The sentence "I forgot about eggplant!" has crossed my mind several times. * if you're NOT tracking your calories - keto foods make it extremely easy to eat well above your TDEE if you are the type of person that eats when you're not hungry (hi, that's me!) Just my experience. I know that for performance and muscle building, it's not ideal, but I find that the elimination of mental fatigue is really worth it to me, so I keep on keeping on.


In studies where calories and protein are equated, there is no advantage to keto in terms of fat loss or body composition.


Yes. Some think it helps with satiety. That's about it


Physique Phriday (8/16/2019) ~ Fitness

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Damn everyone here lookin joocy af feelsbadman 😔


Can I just point out the first link in the post body is a deadlink


M20 6’3 currently about 240 Just looking for some advice on how to get rid of belly fat and thigh fat my calves and arms aren’t too bad from playing sports but I had a bad diet and didn’t work out as much as I would like but I’m turning all that around currently in the gym 5 days a week and also still playing sports Im currently play baseball and football if it matters


M 37 170 cm (5’7”) currently 143 lbs / 65 Kg - I am unable to exercise due to neck surgery recovery for awhile, but would love to get ideas after I am cleared to work out. Anyone here lost alot of weight? Around minimum 50 lbs. I do acknowledge I have loose skin, but I can still definitely tell I have stubborn subcutaneous fat in my torso and tricep/arm area that does not seem to go away. I went from 200-135 at one point and still had saggy arms, chest and ab area. It is mot the typical loose skin you see that is pure skin, but definitely fat. My question is, are there stubborn fat accumulated due to being obese at one point? I can definitely feel little balls of fat in the area mentioned, bigger than other parts of the body. I used to do crossfit, bjj and muay thai, and honestly never really had a strict meal plan. I just ate healthier, and did not count macros. I lost weight from sheer workout volume I think. I would love to learn from some of you who have been successful at body fat loss!


New to nutrition: In what time period do you need to be in a caloric deficit for to lose fat (8/13/2019) ~ Fitness

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This is actually a solid question I've heard debated by some sports scientists lately. There seems to be some potential for weekly or even daily manipulation of calorie surplus/deficit to perform mini cutting and bulking phases throughout a month or even week. That said, this is third hand information coming from me, and the research is still very preliminary to my knowledge. The consensus of the day would seem to gravitate toward a weekly measurement of calorie surplus or deficit, and physiology perhaps not being sensitive enough to say eat in a surplus 3 days a week to build muscle then cutting into a deficit for the remainder of the week.


Think about it as a weekly average. The way you do it, your glycogen stores will literally make everything moot point resulting in you spinning your wheels


You are making it too complicated. Track daily macros and hit weekly calorie counts. Your body digests nutrients at different speeds and muscle protein synthesis happens over a couple of days +/-. Fasting one day and eating at a caloric surplus the next typically doesn't encourage better results than just maintaining a sensible diet. If you are worried about a few hundred calories here or there on a daily timescale, consider that nutritional labels have 20% margins of error. If you really want to dial things in, experiment with diet and get blood/urine tests done regularly to measure your hormone levels.


If you're asking if you can bulk & cut every other day, no, not really.


This answer really comes down to “perfect is the enemy of good enough” If you are new to this game then honestly you can go by weekly. Then as you get fitter try and hit your daily goals, then when you are fuckin shredded and stage ready then you can go by hourly. The answer is it doesn’t really matter and it’s going to change depending on who you ask. Most people kinda aim for daily. Dr mike isreatel is a pretty big proponent of carb timing and going carb heavy before workouts then deficits on your off days. Find someone you want to listen to and just do what they say. I trust anything mike and chad Wesley smith and Quinn henoch put out from juggernaut


What is the minimum list of foods that have the widest nutritional spectrum? (8/11/2019) ~ Nutrition

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Just an fyi as someone who's been religiously strict to a diet for months on end for bodybuilding purposes, when you don't vary your foods any more than this, those rare times that you eat a piece of pizza, a couple donuts, hamburger, whatever, basically anything you're not used to, your gut will be trashed for a couple of days afterwards. Enough time and consistency with a narrow diet like this changes your gut biome to handle just these foods very well and none others


You don’t have many vegetables - and you don’t have any red/orange vegetables. You may want to consider adding some in.


Some of the most nutritionally dense foods as determined by phytonutrient content include purple cabbage or kale for vegetables and blackberries, acai berries, or amla berries for fruit. Flax seeds (ground up) and turmeric (consumed with pepper for maximum absorption) are also extremely anti inflammatory and nutritionally dense. Honestly you could find hundreds of foods that fit the "super healthy" bill that could be combined to make numerous ideal food combinations.


This is a very good list! It would be nice if you could have more ongoing diversity in your diet. Diversity is how you get all your nutrients in. You have millions of bacteria in you gut microbiome so it's really really really important you get a variety of foods to ensure you are feeding all the good bacteria in your gut. Most of my diet consists of pretty much every vegetable available to me (except starchy ones), wild caught fatty fish, lean proteins, seeds, nuts and nut butter, good quality olive oil, fruits, lentils and beans. That doesn't sound like a long list but it does encapsulate a lot and I rotate everything as much as possible. I find this works for me, maybe it's easier for you to just have a set list- I just thought I would give you what I do.




Short‐term feeding of a Ketogenic Diet induces more severe liver insulin resistance, compared to an obesogenic high‐fat diet (2018) (8/16/2019) ~ Nutrition

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I would love to know why their keto diet mice were fed a 90% fat diet...if they are looking for the translation to humans protein intake should be higher than 10%, no human eats a 90% fat diet that is a crazy number.


The study did not address fatty liver. The study did show that the ketogenic diet (KD) did worse at the glucose tolerance test because elevated insulin levels did not slow down the endogenous production of glucose (EPG) by the liver (insulin resistance in the liver). In the discussion the authors suggest that EGP by the liver was not slowed down because the KD may cause physical adapations that are intentionally glucose sparing, meaning the body intentionally causes the liver to not react to the elevated insulin levels to intentionally keep the liver producing glucose. Remember that the function of the liver is to buffer glucose and on a KD the liver must produce glucose or the body will die. edit: spelling


No body wonders what this “ketogenic diet” the mice met was? Well I wondered, so here you go: Casein 173.3 DL-Methionine 2.6 Vegetable Shortening, hydrogenated (Crisco) 586.4 Corn Oil 86.2 Cellulose 87.97 Vitamin Mix, Teklad (40060) 13.0 Choline Bitartrate 2.5 TBHQ, antioxidant 0.13 Mineral Mix, Ca-P Deficient (79055) 20.0 Calcium Phosphate, dibasic 19.3 Calcium Carbonate 8.2 Magnesium Oxide 0.4 Formatting im on mobile but you get the point.


This is a well-known effect *for mice*. It hasn't been replicated in humans AFAIK and I think there are a lot of studies that could have replicated it but didn't.


Bad day to be a mouse, it sounds like.


What are foods that you actively try to avoid even in moderation for one reason or another. (8/14/2019) ~ Nutrition

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Corn tortilla chips, I can’t count chips, we end up counting baskets.


Candy. It's been a month of 90% clean eating and my taste buds have finally been tricked into craving fresh fruit, and I don't want to get back into the habit of buying candy to snack on and finishing the bag in too short a time.


Pop. Sugar is horrible for you. Avoid it at all costs


Chips/puffs/crackers/packaged cookies. Not a single bag has ever come into my home that hasn't been eaten entirely in one sitting. ​ On the plus side, I know that I can pack away Doritos like a greedy hamster saving baby carrots. So... if my life depended on it, I could eat my way out from under a factory-sized pile of Doritos long before I ever suffocated under the weight of it.


Nuts. They’re “healthy”. You eat more than a handful and easily 300+ calories. It’s nuts.


What really are artificial sweeteners? Just don’t understand how they are “sugars” but “not sugars” (8/16/2019) ~ Nutrition

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Artificial sweeteners are synthetic (lab made) chemicals that have very similar chemical structures to naturally occurring sweeteners. Because they share a similar structure, they active similar pathways in our bodies. However, the slight change in structure results in our body’s inability to digest/absorb them for metabolic use. Thus, they carry no energetic (caloric) value. There is a lot of mixed research as to what exactly they affect within the body. I’m on one of these research teams. It appears that in moderation, they are safe. Though they may have upregulation and downregulation effects on some metabolic pathways in the human body. Much more extensive research is needed to identify a sound answer. Many of the studies you will come across today used “supersaturated” concentrations of these sweeteners on mice (think drinking 40 diet cokes in a day) and can be misleading to the layman. TLDR: more research is needed


Well sucralose is sugar except it was an extra molecule connected to it so you can’t digest it


also do they trigger an insulin response? what about natural sweeteners like stevia? i'm interested for intermittent fasting purposes


I can't speak for all of them but my understanding is that some of them work by activating the taste receptors for sweetness, as sugar does, but do not contain nutritional value or calories, like the glucose that is broken down from carbohydrates and sugars.


some artificial sweeteners do resemble sugar(s) but others absolutely do not, like the aspartame example mentioned below- yes it is composed of two amino acids but is not a normal didpeptide at all, since it not joined with the same type of peptide bond that we do see between aminos in nature. In fact amino acids are in the protein family, and not the carb' sugar family at all. As your body metabolises aspartame, not only phenylalanine is released (one of the aminos) but also methanol, a type of alcohol which is poisonous, also called wood alcohol. Splenda or sucralose is a tri chlorinated sucrose molecule making it an organochloride, and a close chemical cousin of many pesticides. The tri chlorination renders it about 200x sweeter than sugar, so only minute quantities are needed to provoke a sweet reaction on our taste buds. Even in tiny quantities it seems to kill good bacteria in our gut. Not surprising for an organochloride. There are many chemicals, both natural and synthetic which taste sweet yet are not sugars at all. Licorice root, stevia herb and monk fruit (lo han guo in Chinese) all have very sweet non caloric compounds. I have seen research on stevia that it actually promotes healthy blood sugar, fighting diabetes and hypertension.


eggs as a meat substitute (8/11/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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You can absolutely replace the meat in your diet with eggs if you want. You may find other protein sources cheaper and more flexible, like beans and lentils, and you should do some research if you're going vegetarian so you don't end up feeling crappy or having health issues. If it's purely budgetary, there may be meat sources that have more protein per dollar in your area, and it's so different regionally that I'll leave it to you to google, comparison shop, or check with a nutritionist. Just note that you will likely experience some unpleasant gas and indigestion if you suddenly start eating eggs every day. The usual caveats - make changes gradually, YMMV, etc. . . Good luck!


yeah, def. im cheap and eat like three strips of bacon a weak, most of my protein is vegetable sources and eggs


Eggs are a healthy fat in moderation, but they can be high in cholesterol. Be sure to eat other lean proteins like legumes.


Beans and rice will give you the necessary proteins. You don't have to eat them at the exact same time, though they often go well together. Rice in the afternoon and beans at night, or vice versa, are just fine. Lentils are also good protein sources, and are really cheap. They're especially good for you if you sprout them, but be sure to cook the sprouts, as it's easy for nasty bugs to grow along with the plants. If you're trying to be truly vegetarian or vegan, as opposed to just reducing the amount of meat you eat, you should do more research to make sure you're getting everything you need. You can definitely do this and stay healthy, but it takes some attention, where we tend to maintain pretty well on most omnivorous diets.


I think which meal you use eggs for most often has to do with habits picked up from your family growing up. I know a lot of folks that use egg in lunch and dinner dishes. The thing is that in terms of how much protein you get from a typical large egg, and depending on how much you need, you'd want to use 2-3 eggs per meal. They are pretty inexpensive, but that adds up. Also, they are not a completely balanced food, so you'd want to vary your protein sources anyway. From what I gather, if you're not vegetarian, then a week of protein sources without overdoing any particular source might go something like Mon=chicken/turkey/egg, Tues=beans/lentils/split peas, Wed=fish high in omega 3s, Thu=chicken/turkey/egg, Fri=beans/lentils/split peas, Sat=fish high in omega 3s, Sun=red meat (treat day?)/more beans (if you're being cheap + a monthly-only treat day?) Or something like that. I forget where I found the basic idea, just some throwaway nutritionist interview article, but it ensures you're not missing something by limiting your sources too much. tl;dr = yes, eat some eggs to save money, but not only eggs so you get a balanced range of proteins.


What are your favorite sandwich wrap recipes? (8/14/2019) ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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I love hummus, avocado, spinach, grilled chicken, and tomato on mine!


I got you on this. Step 1: save yo bacon greeze. Step 2: Cherry tomato's in a pan in bacon grease garlic salt saute down to jam. Step 3: Roast brocolli, saute brocolli grill brocolli. Step 4: any sort of meat in the world yano pork, chicken, ham, steak anything. Optional step 5: grate some cheeses. Step 6: do all this on a Sunday. Step 7: Every day use a different meat with ya tomato jam, brocolli mix some protein fuck smash some chick peas that will be good. All this will last in some plastic containers in your fridge all week so whenever you want a quick wrap you throw them in and eat. If you want to take it the extra mile through it in one of them toastie presses for panini goodness. Eventually you can start mixing it up, use roasted cauliflower instead of brocolli, smashed kidney beans instead of tomato's but I love the tomato's. Oh and I see you like lettuce add that if you want.


Here's one I love: whole wheat wrap, smoked salmon, thinly sliced red onion, thinly sliced cherry tomatoes, cream cheese (neutral flavor or garlic), avocado, salt and pepper.


you could do some sort of grilled seasoned chicken, high fiber tortilla, avocado spread, and then whatever kinda veggies you want


Shredded crock pot chicken, spinach, roasted red pepper, a bit of pesto, and some shredded mozz. Or spinach, feta, balsamic glaze, and diced tomatoes. Or avocado, pico, rice, black beans, tomatoes, and sour cream or cheese for a thicc boi-rrito.


Daily Simple Questions Thread – August 13, 2019 (8/13/2019) ~ Fitness

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i'm new to reddit and this is my first post. i read the wiki and didn't find an answer to my question (i hope i didn't just miss it), so i guess i'll ask it here. two years ago i changed my life and diet and cut down from 170kg to ~70kg. that took about 11 months. afterwards i held my weight for a while but then decided to gain some muscle and started lifting. been doing that for around 8 months now and i bulked myself up to 88kg. now i want to lose some of that fat i gained during my bulk and i obviously know how to lose weight... but how do i lose fat and retain as much muscle as possible? meet the daily dietary protein and fat requirements - check. continue working out - check. is there any more i can do? should i change the way i lift? should i add cardio? take any supplements etc.? please help a fellow out that just wants to look good for once in his life.


If my weight is going down, but my lifts are going up, should I just keep going until I plateau and then raise my calories a bit?


To the people who does full body 3x a week or every 48 hours, what do you do on your rest day? Do you do cardio? Abs? Actually rest?


Could you help me out with replacing PHUL excercises with their dumbbell alternatives? Specifically struggling with leg day, because I'm not sure which deadlift and squat variation with dumbbells would be the better option. I can do squats decently with the dumbbells to the sides, but I kinda struggle with balance during goblet squats also..


My mom started going to the gym today and the trainer, predictably, gave her the most boring workout: a million reps with 1kg dbs and like 60 minutes of cardio. I know she's going to get bored of that sooner rather than later. Seriously, who wouldn't. She's 60, would it be crazy if I gave her one of the routines recommended here?


Monthly Fitness Pro-Tips Megathread! (8/14/2019) ~ Fitness

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* If you have **lower back** issues that make squatting and deadlifting painful, try front squats and sumo deadlifts. They allow for a more vertical torso position which reduces the shear forces on your lumbar spine. * Do your **cardio**. It won't kill your gains, in fact it will probably increase your work capacity over time, as well as making you healthier. Increased work capacity => more volume => more progress * **Quit drinking**. Or at least scale back dramatically. You'll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes for your training, and how much easier it is to control your diet when you are hydrated and don't have those wasted calories * Drink more **water**. Unless you make a point of it, you probably are slightly dehydrated. Staying completely hydrated will help you stick to your diet, will improve your strength, and endurance.


Consistency. Be consistent. Be disciplined.


Discipline and consistency. Stop fucking overthinking everything. Seriously - stop it! Go to the gym. Eat well. KEEP DOING THAT INDEFINITELY. You'll improve. No secret hacks necessary.


If you have to ask the question "Is my program good" to anyone but yourself, you will probably be better off running a proven program instead.


Weight loss should first be achieved through a caloric deficit over energy expenditure. General rule for weight loss would be to eat in a minor caloric deficit, lift heavy weights (to maintain strength and muscle), and add moderate cardio. Do this consistently for weeks until goal is met. This sounds simple, because it is. It just takes a lot of hard work and discipline to accomplish.


Dear time efficient lifters : What are your preferred super- (or giant-) set combinations ? And your rest intervalls in between ? (8/15/2019) ~ Fitness

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60-70 minutes is plenty in my opinion. You can do a lot of different programs with that timeframe. That said I usually superset bench with rows, squats with pullups and deads with ab wheel rollouts. I also superset all the accessory movements (like facepulls/tricep pushdowns etc)


Bench + 1 arm DB row + hammer curls Anything in the squat rack + chin ups + hanging leg raises Deadlifts + barbell ab roll-outs I usually don't take any rest until after the last lift of the rotation, where I'll give myself ~60-90 seconds


I like Brian Alsruhe’s style of lifting with antagonistic giant sets. Usually going something like: 1a. Pull-ups 1b. Shoulder press 1c. Intense short cardio 1d. Core work Rest 30s-1min and repeat for 4 cycles. It’s very efficient. He’s a big proponent for doing those antagonistic movements as heavy/nearly as heavy as your main lift. For example, I’ll do rows as ant. on my bench day, and if I do 275 x 4 on bench, I gotta do 275 x 4 on rows. Obviously, not everyone can do rows as heavy as they bench right away, but trying to work towards that is a huge benefit. I attribute all gains I’ve made in bench, squat, and deadlift to having a stronger upper back. Secondly, it’s hard to find an antagonistic movement for squats and deadlifts, so aim for something explosive that mimics and primes those movements: kettlebell swings or snatches, box jumps, broad jumps, etc. Might just seem like more cardio, but it’s still useful.


Every training day is a giant/superset for me. Currently goes: >Press day: * Superset between strict press and lat pulldown * Giant set of strict or behind the neck press, dips, DB lateral raise and band pull aparts >Squat day: * Giant set of a squat (buffalo bar, safety squat bar or SSB front squat), atlas stone lap+extension and reverse hyper >Bench day: * Superset flat bench, close grip bench and incline bench with standing ab wheel >Deadlift day: * Giant set of deficit axle deadlifts, reverse hyper and front or buffalo bar squats


When I started running into time issues I switched to 531. Been running FSL and it's been easy enough to fit it all in. Upper: Bench/OHP 531 + pull ups + band pull aparts Bench FSL + Hammer curls + lateral raises Pressing accessory + lunges + ab variation Lower: Squat/Dead 531 + press accessory Squat/Dead FSL + press accessory (continued) + abs Rows + leg accessory + face pulls If I'm working hard enough then the whole workout will usually take between 45-60 minutes. I've been trying to push it closer to 45. So adding in warmups it fits well within the 60-70 minute range.


Is three days a week enough? (8/11/2019) ~ Fitness

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You'll definitely see progress with 3 days a week as long as you put in work and eat right. You Could walk and do bodyweight exercises on your days off too.


Eat a fuck ton, find a good structured plan and follow it. That simple, Motivation is irrelevant, be dedicated. Been lifting for about 6 years and can honestly say im very rarely motivated to get to the gym, once that first rep happens it all goes away though and you just end up in a flow.


3 days of lifting a week is enough to get bigger and stronger. However, there exists options other than 3 days a week and daily. I like 4 days a week myself.


a consistent 3 days a week routine is a million times better than going everyday for a fortnight then quitting because it was too much. get into the habit of a regular gym routine first and then build up from there 🙂


Probably perfect especially for a beginner. You could probably get away with 2 high volume days, if you wanted to be efficient, and still see fairly great results. Depends how your workouts are programmed.


Does anyone have a link to something which you can read for everything you need to know when you want to start eating healthier (8/15/2019) ~ Nutrition

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I took a course called health and fitness 01 for summer semester (5weeks) and it opened my eyes food wise from what we NEED to eat daily for our body to have energy, function, grow at the rate it needs to grow, eat for working out etc. Even for specific illnesses it states what needs to be consumed and how much it's so specific and has helped me in my weightloss journey , a very good guide. The book she linked was called " Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition 5th Edition" this is my humble opinion tho but good luck overall (:


1) any lecture by Robert Lustig on YouTube 2) the book “How Not to Die”


You won’t find anything that isn’t in some way influenced by a partisan belief in the validity of nutritional information, that’s just how nutrition is.


This subreddit's FAQ, and there is "Suggested Reading" on here as well. Those might take a while but I like to watch youtube videos and just google things when I'm curious. Always read multiple sources though, there's a lot of varying info about the same question/topic online. To start, I say learn about "macronutrients" and "micronutrients". To answer your specific question, if you feel the need to snack, then you are probably hungry, so a fruit is a delicious and nutritious way to satisfy your hunger. The only reason you shouldn't snack at all is if you are trying to eat fewer calories in order to lose weight. Another thing to consider is your nutrition goals. An apple is mostly carbs, so if by eating the apple you pass your carb limit, then the apple wouldn't be a good snack; you might go for some nuts or an egg instead, because those would satisfy your hunger but not cost you too many carbs. Being healthy doesn't necessarily mean losing weight or eating a certain amount of carbs each day, but as you learn more about nutrition and set health goals you can decide on your own whether to snack or not. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions. Good luck!


I use Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen, a free app with a tracker list of healthy foods to include in your daily diet. Each item has in “i” next to it which links to videos about why each food item is important based on scientific studies.


What is your favorite, most nutritious thing to cook using an air fryer? (8/12/2019) ~ Nutrition

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Frozen vegetables in the air fryer are amazing. I dump the bag in, sprinkle on some seasoning, and turn it to the highest heat setting on mine (450F) and roast for about 10-15 minutes. Also, it’s really good for tofu. I do essentially the same thing as the veggies. If I want something “breaded” I’ll just toss it with a very small dusting of corn starch and toss it in there with a tiny spritz of oil spray. Crunchy chickpeas are amazing. Same with edamame. Also, this isn’t a recipe, but I reheat everything that isn’t a liquid (like soup etc) in my air fryer because it legitimately doesn’t taste like leftovers.




trader joes cauliflower gnocchi is greeeat in the airfryer. I usually toss it in their vegan pesto, or just parm cheese and capers, or sometimes I get wild and toss it in buffalo sauce.


Mixed vegetables. Usually broccoli, capsicum, baby corn, mushrooms. I first cut the veggies and mix them together. Add some salt, pepper, crushed garlic and some chicken tikka masala powder. Put them in air fryer, put some olive oil over the veggies and cook them. Takes around 10-15 minutes.


Can I ask why you decided on that particular brand? I’m looking to get on the air fryer bandwagon but feeling overwhelmed by the different brands.


Should I lift upper back if work absolutely kills it? (8/13/2019) ~ Fitness

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Yes. In my experience there are no better ways than making those 40lb lifts feel like baby weights. Just don't smash it hard, especially in the beginning.


I’ve done a lot of that work. I don’t know what your age is, but if your back is murder then buckle up cos that’s not going anywhere. Try doing a deep squat every time you lift something. It’ll look stupid but way better to have sore legs than a back that’s all twisted into shit.


If you don't work every day and have 2 days off in a row, it may be good to take that 2nd day off as a back day at the gym. That way you're rested going in to the lifts but can see some progress and hopefully make work easier as well.


How long have you had this job? Are you still in the getting-used-to-it phase? If so, I'd say skip it at the gym, eat enough, eat healthy, sleep well, etc. If you've been doing it at least a few months, then it's probably in your best interest long-term to work it out at the gym. As sucky as it is, the fact that you are able to do it all day means it's not gonna be enough to build up strength (at least, not after you've been doing it for a bit), and building up strength is what's gonna make your job easier, and you less likely to get injured at it


I wanna start off by strongly advising you to always listen to your body, if you're feeling pain from your movements the top priority should be to heal and protect yourself. Second, if it's just your back that's hurting after all this you might want to examine your form and lifting technique. There's a chance you could be putting excess stress on that part of your body when you could be utilizing other muscle groups to help out. I had a few jobs that included lifting, pulling and pushing automobile parts and bins of various sizes. I started to feel some painful twinges in my shoulder, it progressed up to a constant burning and then sharp pain whenever I tried using my right arm. Turn out I got Tendonitis from the repetitive movement! Thankfully it went away after some treatment and modifying my posture when moving. To sum it all up, while exercising to build up the muscle will help, if you don't give your body the time and care it needs to repair you'll end up burning out only the faster. Hope this helps, best of luck!!


High quality research on whether vegetarian diets are healthier (8/15/2019) ~ Nutrition

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You're entering a war zone.


Welcome to the jungle. The majority of the evidence in this area comes from observational studies. The problem with observational studies in nutrition is that the effects that they are trying to find are smaller than the likely confounding effects, which means they end up measuring the confounders rather than what they are trying to measure. John Ioannidis has written about this state of affairs. Whenever asking about diets, the real question is always "what exactly are the diets that are being compared?" For a meat-containing diet, do you mean a whole-food diet with meat, or do you mean a typical american diet? What kind of meats are included, and what is the carb level? For the vegetarian diet, what are the set of foods that are in the diet and how much care is it constructed to get an appropriate mix of nutrients? All of these are important, which makes it hard to generalize results even if they are from RCTs. It will also be important to consider the patient population... For metabolically health people, I think the vegetarian diet can be healthy though I notice my vegan friends spend a lot of time talking about specifics - what supplements they eat and what particular foods they eat to get specific nutrients. I don't know if that is just about their nutritional approach or whether it's inherent in vegetarian diets; I suspect it's a little of both as the nutrient density in vegetarian diets is much lower. For metabolically sick people - those with insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, or type II diabetes - it's pretty clear that the low-fat high-carb diets - even the WFPB ones - significantly underperform keto diets when you look at results; none of the vegetarian trials come close to what Virta Health has achieved. I think there are sound biochemical reasons related to what is going on with insulin resistance that explains the difference. I would in fact frame your question the opposite way; given that we know that the nutrient density of foods like eggs are so high, what evidence is there that diets that omit animal products are healthier?


Eating vegetarian is not more healthy than eating meat or any other diet. I can eat solely french fries and be vegetarian, still wildly unhealthy. Making points like this distracts from the real questions and gives people who eat an unhealthy, meat heavy diet an excuse. Eating healthy and/or eating vegetarian is a choice and absolutely possible, even if you have little time and like your food to be tasty.


Something to be aware of is some vegetarians just eat candy, chips, and ice cream. Make sure whatever studies you review take into account the quality of food the participants are eating.


Definitely read Weston Price’s ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration’. It covers in detail and with photos what key nutrition should look like and what happens if specific needs are not met. The meat vs no-meat argument is just crazy, individuals should learn what is local to them and can meet their needs and then that should be their diet.


Is it possible to stop doing regular bench press, and only doing incline bench and OHP? (8/11/2019) ~ Fitness

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Someone who likes the OHP. you are one of a kind!


You have our permission to do what you want. You can always do other exercises for your chest, like dips.




Yeah you can drop it. Depends on your goals though. If you’re trying to develop your push muscles a lot more, don’t drop it. If you’re trying to focus on your back, sure.


I haven't done flat barbell bench in about 16 years. For chest I mostly do DB incline. I've competed in bodybuilding competitions a couple times with this training method for chest and have done well. It has not had any effect on my gains.


/r/GripTraining is hosting a 1-Hand Hook Grip Deadlift Challenge for August! (8/13/2019) ~ Fitness

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Alright, it's been a while since I've done one of these. Anyone that beats me can get custom flair of their choosing in r/fitness as a prize too.


Is this safe?


I'll probably give this one a go, though it seems like more of a deadlift competition than one for grip strength. I've never had hook grip limit my deadlifts before, but then again I haven't tried max weight single-handed.


Youtube tea for this subreddit (8/13/2019) ~ Nutrition

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I have yet to listen to the podcast, but as a someone who considers oneself as very interested in nutrition and biology and every effect that impacts your health and well-being, there is one thing that comes to mind and that is vitamin D. Just based on anecdotal evidence from hearing people talk about it online and based on ONLY two books "The Power of Vitamin D," by Zaidi MD, Sarfraz, and "The Miraculous Results of Extremely High Doses of the Sunshine Hormone Vitamin D3," by Jeff T. Bowles, which is a personal account of his experience with experimenting with high levels of Vitamin D, I can only surmise that you cannot get the adequate amount of Vitamin D from a well balanced diet. And this is just one example of a very common vitamin deficiency that many Americans suffer from without even realizing it. And I must make clear that you can attain vitamin D from sun exposure. Yet even with daily sun exposure you can still be deficient in vitamin D which many Americans are even if you are living in a particularly sunny place like southern California where Dr. Sarfraz treats and diagnose his patients. So overall, I do not think it is a ridiculous statement to make by Joe Rogan. I just gave you one example of just one nutrient from which many Americans are deficient in even with sun exposure and a balanced diet. It would not surprise me at all if there were other vitamin, or essential mineral deficiencies that many Americans have. The best way to solve this problem is to simply go to a doctor and get a full panel blood test done. Cheers!


Joe Rogan's into a bunch of bro-science. I wouldn't take any of his nutritional advice to heart.


I tend to agree. The USDA recommendations have refined grains because of the fortification with nutrients to compensate for deficiencies. That isn't as well absorbed as from real foods. So, I suppose this is the same argument as to what "balanced" means.


Um, false. Most people eat like crap, so I guess people can have deficiencies. Vitamin E is actually one of the few things where it's hard to get enough of from food alone. But by all means, take a multi and piss it all out! There's also evidence that vitamin supplements can have negative impacts on health. There are exceptions, of course.